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Stories by Extremely Prolific Net Authors

Alex Carr / Julyguy / Jlyguy / Writersparody

Andrej Koymasky

Ann Douglas

Bald Hairy Man (Bob Archman)

BawdyPen (Roderick Stafton, Roderick Shafton)

Carl Dickson

Chartoe (Analslave , Ccdeshaholmes)

Chris Reed (Numlfl, Nudcjul)

D One

Daniel Blue

Dude Sweet

G Cutter (Gary Cutter, GCutter66)

Henry Brooks (Hankster1430)

Jack Santoro

Jan (Jan May, Jan None, Jan 0)

Jay Roberts

John O'Connor (Coltrane)

Joseph Farrin

Julian Obedient

JustJames (James Robinson, James Jones, JacanaKid, The Fisherman)

Kevinmjo (Kevin Kelly)

Marie LeClare (Of Blessed Memory)

Marky Rickitt

Mike Loggerman

RimPig (RimPigFL, Bobby Michaels) (Of Blessed Memory)

Rob Hoek (Bob Hook, Storyguy22)

Shawn/Boysexstories/Daddyshawn/Sndcouch/Shawn Couch

Tag Michaels (Tague Michaels)

Timothy Stillman

Vince Water (Of Blessed Memory)

WetShvdPusy (Danni, Danni Girl, Hottiegirl)

Wolf Pomo

Xavier Lancaster (Xavier L)

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