Disclaimer: This is a fictional story involving consensual gay sex between two adults. I am in no way suggesting the characters, or the actors who play them, are gay. I have no knowledge of the actor's personal lives. The characters involved are copyrighted by ITV studios and Emmerdale.


Aaron's Slutty Adventures Part One


Aaron woke up horny.

It was another sunny morning in Emmerdale village, the light seeping in through the bedroom curtains as Aaron groggily rubbed his eyes. He tried to remember what he'd been dreaming about that had woke him so suddenly, but the thoughts were creeping away from him. Something to do with Robert, which helped to explain his morning erection currently tenting in his boxers.

It had been months since Robert had been locked up in prison, and the string of one-night stands had done nothing to scratch the itch that was left when his husband left. Ex-husband, Aaron reminded himself, thinking back bitterly to when he received the divorce papers from Robert.

Absentmindedly, Aaron grabbed his dick and started wanking off, trying to think of anyone but him. He tried to think of the few men that had come after his divorce, but that wasn't doing it for him. He thought of the fit men around the village that he wouldn't mind getting closer to. There was shopkeeper David Metcalfe, who reminded him of David Beckham with his muscles, tattoos and god-like jaw. He imagined licking that jawline as he was pounded by the muscled stud. Newcomer Jamie Tate was another one that came to mind, specifically his perfect bubble butt that he would love to bend over and spank one day. Luke Posner, who he'd seen at a gay bar not too long ago, would undoubtedly be a fantastic shag with that physique. Plus, the ginger hair was HOT. He imagined being surrounded by all three of them, sucking their dicks one by one, being spit-roasted by them and being fucked by them all.

Aaron was close now, imagining himself being whored out by the hottest men in the village. `Ughhhh yes' he grunted as he pumped his dick faster. Flashes of Robert then appeared to him: sucking him off in the porta cabin at the scrapyard, fucking in the Woolpack toilets, being rimmed by him behind the cricket pavilion on their picnic. `Ohhhh fuckkkkkkk' Aaron panted as he came, ropes shooting on his chest and in his beard.

Fuck sake, Aaron thought as he grabbed a towel to wipe the cum off him. He wished he could stop thinking about Robert, especially every time he had a wank or a shag. He'd give anything to stop thinking about him, because he was gone, and he'd made it perfectly clear that he didn't want Aaron to wait around for him.

As he made his way downstairs, it took him a moment to remember that Liv had gone to visit her mother, so had the house to himself for a few days. The pile of washing up, the empty takeaway boxes and general mess of the house made that obvious. With a sigh, Aaron put some music on and began to clean.

A couple of hours later, and Aaron had cleaned the house, had a shower and made breakfast and now he was bored out of his mind. Days off were overrated, he thought as he tried to decide what to do. He thought about going to see his mum and Paddy, but they would be at work. He could go and visit Victoria and the baby, but that would just be another reminder of Robert and he couldn't deal with that today. Just as he was contemplating going to work himself just for something to do, the doorbell rang.

Aaron opened the door and his jaw dropped.

"Robert?" his voice trembled as the figure stood before him was none other than his ex-husband, who was supposed to be in prison. "What- I don't get it- you..." he trailed off as tears started to cloud his eyes. How was this happening?

"Hi Aaron" Robert said, his crooked smile melting his heart. He looked amazing. His hair was a bit untidy, but still the same amazing blonde hair. His freckles dotted around his face made you want to get close to him and count each one. His piercing eyes were staring at Aaron, full of warmth as he waited for Aaron to say something to him.

"You- how are you here?" Aaron asked. His initial shock was disappearing and now he had a million things he wanted to say to him.

"I appealed. And won. Said it was self-defence. Said I wasn't thinking properly when I plead guilty. Combined with the DNA test that proves Victoria was telling the truth about Lee. Aaron, I- I'm so sorry for everything I put you through. The divorce papers, everything. I...". It was at that moment Robert grabbed Aaron's face and kissed him so passionately, so full of love and desire and need.

"Robert- this is, this is insane" Aaron whispered as they held each other in the doorway.

"I know. Can I come in?" Robert asked, his trademark smile back.

"I...I..." Robert didn't wait for an answer as he grabbed Aaron's face and kissed him again as they moved together into the living room. Robert's hands were on Aaron's hips as he guided them both to the sofa and pushed Aaron down.

"Let me make it up to you" Robert groaned as he kissed Aaron's neck and lifted his t-shirt up and tweaked at his sensitive nipples, just how he knew Aaron liked.

Robert undid Aaron's belt and pulled his tracksuit trousers down, fishing out his growing erection. "Let me take care of you" he said as he took Aaron's cock in his mouth, sucking up and down with such vigour Aaron could barely think straight.

"Ohhhh my god yes" Aaron groaned as Robert's head bobbed up and down. He grabbed on to Robert's golden hair and guided him through the blowjob. "Oh yeah suck it" he moaned as he felt his cock hitting the back of Robert's throat.

By now, Robert had pulled his dick out and was wanking himself as he pleasured Aaron. Pulling himself up, he grabbed Aaron's legs and lifted them above his shoulders and shoved his tongue straight at Aaron's hole.

"Ohhh fuck Robert" Aaron squealed as Robert probed his tongue into Aaron's sweaty hole, determined to please his lover. Aaron was in ecstasy.

"Let me love you, Aaron" Robert whispered, poking his head out as he wanked his cock, looking for lube. Aaron, reading his mind, got up and grabbed some from the drawer and lubed up his hole. He applied some to Robert's cock and lay back on the sofa, waiting for Robert to work his magic.

"Come on Robert...fuck me" Aaron pleaded as Robert towered over him, lubing up and wanking his nine-inch cock.

Robert decided to tease Aaron. "You want this dick?" he asked. He saw the beads of sweat forming on Aaron's forehead as he looked at him with his puppy dog eyes.

"Please...please fuck me. Stick your dick in me. NOW." Aaron barked his order to Robert. He had gone too long without Robert's dick inside him.

"Okay baby...your wish is my command". And with that, Robert stuck the tip of his huge dick in Aaron's well-lubed hole. The feeling was amazing; it brought both of them back to their first time, in the garage in a customer's car, full of need and lust.

As Robert pushed more of his dick in Aaron's arse, Aaron panted and groaned and begged for more. "Please Robert... I need it all..." he begged as he wanked his own seven-inch dick. Pre-cum leaked from Aaron's dick onto his stomach. Robert scooped it up and stuck his fingers in Aaron's mouth.

"Yes boss... now lick it up" Robert commanded. Aaron didn't hesitate in licking Robert's fingers clean as more of his arse was filled up by the gorgeous blonde.

"Oh fucking hell Rob" Aaron could do no more than cry out in pleasure as he was penetrated. Robert suddenly pulled out and sat on the sofa, wanking his cock.

"You going to come and ride this or what?" Robert asked as Aaron started lustfully after him. Aaron didn't need to be asked twice and positioned his arse above Robert's glorious cock. Robert teased his hole for a few seconds before slamming into his lovers' arse, sending waves of pleasure to both men.

"Oh yeah baby... oh god I've missed this" Robert groaned as Aaron rode his cock. Aaron couldn't get enough; he bounced up and down as Robert grabbed his cock and wanked it nice and slowly.

Robert knew he wouldn't last long. He didn't get many opportunities in prison for release, and hadn't been intimate like this since the last time he and Aaron had sex, so he was ready to explode at any moment. Hearing Aaron's cries of pleasure was only making him closer to orgasm.

Aaron felt fantastic. Robert fucked him like no one else could, made him feel things that no one else had ever done. Each thrust into him felt electric, god how he'd missed it. He was pretty sure sex this good should be illegal.

"Oh Aaron... I'm close...I'm gonna.." Aaron only increased his movements, jumping up and down even quicker until he heard Robert yell.

"I'm cumming... oh god yes... oh yes Aaron... FUCKKKK" Robert yelled as he shot at least seven loads inside Aaron.

"Oh yes...yes...fuck yeah Robert" Aaron groaned as he felt Robert's cum shooting deep inside him. He wanked his cock furiously, and in no time he was cumming on Robert's chest in one of the most intense orgasms of his life.

"Oh my god... that was amazing" Robert exclaimed as Aaron collapsed on the sofa next to him, cum dripping from his arse and sweat dripping from both of them. Robert panted as he and Aaron locked eyes. Robert stroked Aaron's cheek affectionately and kissed him, tongues dancing with one another.

"Robert, that was great. It was. But, that doesn't change anything." Aaron said as he jumped up to find something to wipe them both clean with.

"What do you mean?" Robert asked

"I mean, we're divorced for a start. You didn't even tell me you were out of prison and you expect to just come back and everything to be normal again? I need time to think about this." Aaron sighed as he looked at Robert.

Robert knew where Aaron's head was at. He could read Aaron like a book by now, he knew he needed time before he was allowed back into his life again.

"Oh. Okay, I mean yeah of course. I can stay with Victoria if that's what you want." Robert got cleaned and dressed as Aaron tidied up the mess. On his way out, Robert turned back to Aaron.

"Aaron, I meant what I said. I'm back and I'm not going anywhere. Please, let me love you. I won't screw up again. Please, think about it." Robert left and shut the front door. Aaron smiled as he pondered his next move.