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Harry's After School Daze

By James Jenkins


Sitting on his grey chair looking into the mirror, twelve-year-old Harry alone, but not in his thoughts. He allowed his hands to caress his white skin and awaken his yearning as his crush-actor Taylor Lautner would, small fingers trail across his skinny body, his mind arouses all hungry senses and Harry yearns to feel that pleasure again. He thought of nothing else as his cock started to pulse and ache, a feeling combined with his lips, which moisten up as they swell and bulge with pleasure. This is his naughty, dirty solo, his pre-teen masturbation story and the pleasure is all Harry's.

How did Harry allow himself such salacious indulgence, a confirmed gay boy as he is? Is it right that he feels so aroused that he sniffs at his clothes to touch and feel his body? But Harry's never enjoyed such intense pleasure on his own, as he did that evening. Such a toxic combination of fantasies, lust and physical sensation, he let go of what seemed right, and allowed his boyish indulgence to wash all over his body with such a strong sexual urge.

Rushing to get ready one evening just in time to devote time to his crush: Taylor Lautner, Harry didn't seem to concentrate so much on his homework but focused too much on his sweaty briefs...  slipping his hands carefully into each leg. Harry began stretching the fine mesh of fabric over his delicate fingers before inserting each foot carefully in, allowing his toe, foot and thereafter long leg to ease itself into the structure of his white underwear. Warm, smelly, they fall and cling instantly onto his body, bringing shape and smoothness to his long limbs. Ah, Harry admitted his legs did look good in them, he loved to feel the texture on his skin and see the effect they gave him.

Running his hand and fingertips up the length of his leg, Harry feel the cotton softness and took pleasure in the feeling. It's his touch, but still a beautiful touch to receive. As Harry stroked and adjust his tights, he stood and bent before the mirror, squatting up and down, easing and adjusting more leg into the delicate fibers, drawing and stroking delicately up and down his leg until the effect is concluded, his briefs perfectly in place. As Harry watched himself, his mind has a naughty laugh as the realization of my lack of clothes allowed him to feel his delicate freckled skin pressed up against his tights. Harry's right hand lingered a little longer over his penis as he enjoyed the sensation, the texture rubbing against him too satisfying as he sat and allow the brain-blasting sensual opportunity to be such a pleasure.

Without hesitating Harry instantly thought of his favorite actor, as his hand slipped into his briefs. How Taylor's hand would touch him, how he knows just where Harry would burn with pleasure, his feelings swelled as Harry started to twitch with increased desire. Harry allowed his touch to focus clearly on his cock. Ah the pain, the sweet sharp pleasure, as he stroked his cock and fingered his hole, feeling the dampness start to build on his fingers. His mind all the time thinking of Taylor and how he would enjoy Harry. The boy grinned at the actor's photo he pulled up on his computer.


As Harry sat back against the wall, he let himself think of that movie, the one he watched last time Taylor fucked him. Hmm this s private time's all for me, replaying The Adventures of Sharkboy & Lavagirl in his head just merged with his fantasy, of being touched again and ejaculating so hard on Taylor's fingers that Harry's juices ran down his hands.

As the sounds and voices bounced in Harry's head, his mind wandered, his senses all aroused and come together so harmoniously. With his head back Harry continued to tease his sensitive burning cock, stroking with such intent, the feel and passion he was creating as Harry sat alone is becoming incredibly intense. Harry's hand continues but struggles to keep up with his feverish need. Without thinking, his reaction was just to rip at his briefs, Harry wanted them away from his burning cock, he wanted to feel free to explore and torture his hungry ass. The boy needed more, wanted so much more. Taylor will give me way more I know when I see him again. With my briefs ripped away I can explore and keep having fun.

As Taylor opened the buttons of his Batman t-shirt further it slightly slipped off his left shoulder exposing his nipples. Taylor's hand would slip in there too and pinch his nipple to make Harry moan. Just as Harry thought of that time, his left hand reaches for his right nipple, pulling and tweaking as his ass ached with its own post pleasure.

Without stopping, Harry lifted his right leg across the edge of the chair and stretched his legs wider so he could rub and massage his overheated ass lips. At first the touch of his fingers directly onto his ass is a teasing comforting relief that quickly turns to that of horny adolescent pleasure. But the feeling continues to arouse Harry further and takes his turn-on to another level, as he slid his fingers down his hole, letting them delve inside, burying them between his virgin sticky pink lips. Fuck the feeling's so delicious, as his memory of Sharkboy kept arousing his mind and Harry sank back into the chair, the waves of pleasure continually building. He carried on sliding and pressing his fingers along his wet hole, every so often letting them penetrate inside his backdoor.

With a sudden movement, Harry plunged through his ripped and ragged briefs into his now over aroused body, he takes his time to enjoy how each movement felt. His mind continued to pick up his fantasy play and let him imagine Taylor here, inside him, taking Harry fully as he does, deeper and deeper consuming all the boy has, Taylor's fucking is relentless but it pushes Harry into a place of delicious, sweet, adult desire. Just as the actor does Harry feels his waves of pure deep boy meat force itself within him. Harry knew what was coming and how much he's craved it, he didn't stop the pulsing of his wet slippery penis, he wanted to feel the ultimate pleasure he's worked obsessively at receiving. More and more Harry played and teased his cock until it started. The full, sheer ecstasy of that feeling works its magic and he continued if he could, struggling to keep his hand in place while he saw how long it can last. Taking no more, Harry relaxed and withdrew his perverse influence and his body calmed but still could feel some of the pleasure he just received. He sat quietly for a moment, pulling his mind back into order. Then calmly Harry released his penis and finger before straightening his legs for another time and stood up. Adjusting his black button shirt but felt now wasn't the time to remove his sexy hidden ripped underwear. Harry didn't want to remove them just yet, as they were a memento to all this desire, and didn't yet deserve to be removed, nor did Harry want them to be, allowing him to enjoy the thoughts a little while longer. With his shirt brushed down, what is seen looks pure and innocent, who would know anyway what lurked further inside his mind, but Harry and his erotic little crush.

As Harry considered these thoughts, he decided that he would leave well alone but imagined Taylor as they'd laid facing each other in bed in a few hours' time just what Harry had been doing before he fell for the actor, and let Taylor discover the ripped briefs he hide underneath. Maybe Harry might find himself enjoying feeling the handsome actor's fingers expose his licentious butt lips and stroke his eager dick again.