The following story is a work of fiction based upon the actors appearing in the ABC/Capital City/Disney series Speechless. This story in no way implies any knowledge regarding the sexuality of either Mason Cook or Micah Fowler. The fictitious version of both these people present them during the close of the second season when each are of legal age in the United States (Cook, 18 years; Fowler, 20 years).

This story depicts sexual acts between two consenting adult males. Please be aware of local laws or ordinances that may prohibit the reading of such material.

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Acting on the same television series often leads to close friendships. For Mason Cook and Micah Fowler they are no exception. When Mason hears Micah become frustrated with a daily routine, he steps in to lend assistance. One thing leads to another and they both help one another out.


Not Quite Speechless

by D O'Shae

Mason heard the grunt of frustration coming from Micah's dressing room. He walked over to the door, and gently tapped on it. Micah did no answer, but he continued to make noises indicating a rising level of agitation. Mason knocked again on the dressing room door. When he received no response for a second time, he took further action.

"Micah? You okay?" Mason asked his disabled co-star and a person he happened to like very much.

"No," Micah finally replied. He could speak, albeit with some effort, unlike his non-verbal television character. "Can you help me, Mason?"

In the two years since the series began shooting, Mason grew up. He stood five inches taller than at the beginning, and he looked more adult than his sixteen-year old character. His dark hair and dark eyes gave him a sultry appearance, despite his pale complexion, he learned to use to his advantage. His looks became pronounced than when the series started, and Mason liked the attention it drew to him from many directions. At the moment he forgot about himself and went into the room to assist his co-star.

"Where's Pat?" He asked and looked around for Micah's personal assistant.

"Break," the young man in the wheelchair replied. "Can you lift me up so I can change my pants?"

"Sure," Mason readily agreed. "I'm getting good at this, aren't I?"

Micah flashed him a million-dollar smile of thanks. Perhaps unbeknownst to the disabled actor, Mason found him attractive. With auburn hair, hazel eyes and somewhat chiseled features, Micah turned many heads. Moreover, Mason never met someone with such amazing talent and a work ethic that made others try harder. Plus, and most viewers would never know, Micah possessed a natural comedic side. Thus, any request for assistance met with an immediate yes.

"Yeah, those are from the last scene," Mason said as he stood over the young man. He undid his co-star's pants and hauled down the zipper. "Lift and I'll slide them off."

Micah braced his hands on the armrests and hoisted his body upward. Thin by both condition and nature, plus graced with strength from leading an active life, Micah easily propelled himself upward. Then he held himself steady. Mason reached around the trim waist, got his hands on the waistband, and pulled down and outward. Micah's pants slid off his body, revealing skinny (but sinewy) legs and knobby knees.

"Thanks," he said in relief.

"Not a problem," Mason rejoined. "What happened to your boxers?"

"Only for the show," Micah told him. "Boxer briefs don't roll up into my crotch. That gets really uncomfortable."

"I bet."

Mason continued to gaze at Micah's groin. He saw his co-star naked by accident once and felt he did not get enough of a good look. The bulge in the seated actor's crotch seemed enticing. He heard rumors in the past when the series began to air that Micah, because of his condition, tended to be very fluid in a number of personal situations and not easily embarrassed. Mason wondered how fluid when he noticed a happy accident.

"Oh, man, sorry, Micah. I rolled your underwear half way down your butt. Lift up again," Mason requested.

Micah looked down, saw his friend told the truth, and once more lifted himself on the armrests. At the same time Mason got down on his knees and reached around his friend's waist. His hands grabbed the errant elastic band and two other things.

"God, you've got a skinny butt," he said. "Firm though. Probably from all hockey you play."

"Mason?" Micah slowly said. "Are you fixing my underwear or feeling me up?"

"Um... maybe a little of both," Mason rejoined and began to adjust the disabled man's underclothing. "Sorry, couldn't help myself. I've seen your tush before."

Micah laughed. Mason thought it might be better to just do as he promised. He leaned forward some more so his arms could reach around. Once he stopped moving, Micah pushed down on his arms. His action sent his lap into the younger star's face. He laughed again, and for several reason. Mason nearly complained but stopped when he felt a lump growing against his cheek. His eyebrows went up in surprise even though no one could see it.

"Ah, Micah. Are you doing this on purpose?" He asked, and his voice came out muffled.

"Maybe," Micah replied and snickered.

Mason twisted his head a little to the side. The expanding length under the thin fabric got nestled between his lips. He opened them and exhaled, and his warm breath heated the entire area.

"Ooh!" Micah cooed. "Hot!"

Mason exhaled again, and the erection against his face pulsed. A new thought entered his mind.

"Alright, enough playing around. Let me fix this for you," he said as though the moment passed.

His hands fumbled with the waistband. Once sure of his grip, Mason began to rise. At the same time he pulled forward. Micah's boxer briefs slid down and around his butt. His erection, however, got caught by the waistband and stood upright. It effectively halted any further progress.

"Ow," Micah grumbled.

"Oops," Mason burbled.

His hands rose up over the slender hips, slid under the elastic band, and then kept rising. Micah's hard-on sprang back to his lap with slap. Mason did not stop and removed the garment. He stood and glanced down at his half-naked and fully excited colleague.

"Damn, nice piece, Micah!"

Micah's broad smile grew even wider, and then he said: "Guess how thick it is."

"Um, let me see," Mason nearly hummed the words.

He dropped down to his knees and bent forward. With his left hand he grabbed his friend's stiff meat, held it up, and brought his mouth down on it. Micah sighed when Mason's lips closed around his hard pecker. He learned during his teenage years that guys could give as good of a blow job as girls, and often better. He also knew males could be a lot of fun in many ways. Mason's first action, deep throating the entire fleshy tool, told the physically handicapped young man to expect a good time. He carefully let one of his slightly spastic hands rest on the dark-haired head bobbing up and down in his lap.

Mason did like Micah's cock. It extended to over six inches with a decent girth. His mouth clamped over it, and he sent his tongue for further exploration. He could feel couple of veins on the underside branching outward from the distended urethra. His tongue tickled the underside of the glans, and it made the young man in the wheelchair squirm. The plump head scraped along the top of Mason's mouth as he stuffed it completely into his face again. He sucked on it, and Micah let out with another giggle. After half a minute, Mason stood up on his knees and faced his friend.

"You're good," Micah praised him.

"Not my first time, you know," the young said through a smile. "Um, are you comfortable in your chair?"

Micah's head jerked back, he paused for a moment, and then shook his head back and forth while he grinned.

"You didn't look comfortable. Let me help you," Mason intoned in a knowing fashion.

He squatted and slipped his arms under the half-nude young man. At a little less than one-hundred and fifty pounds, Mason easily lifted his friend. Unlike most stars, a day bed (actually a futon) occupied one wall so he could relax between takes if not needed on sets. A beanbag chair sat to one side that allowed him to comfortably sit for long periods. Mason, however, deposited Micah on the futon.

"You should get more comfortable," Micah told him with a wink.

"Don't mind if I do, but got to see one one thing first."

After his response, he turned and went to the dressing room door. He flipped the magnetic sign on the front from open to occupied. It told others not to bother the disabled star for a while. Mason then closed and locked the door. As he walked back to the day bed, he unbuttoned his jeans as he kicked off his trainers. Micah watched him with keen interest. Thus, Mason put on a small striptease act for his friend. He shimmied out of his pants, revealing long legs dusted with dark hair. He grabbed the hem of his polo shirt and slowly lifted over his head. Mason's pale skin accentuated the small trail of black hair that rose over the waistband of his briefs and aimed at his navel. Dusky nipples set in developing pectorals appeared next. Finally, he removed the garment from around his head.

"You're cute," Micah heaved out the words.

"Me? You're the sexy one," Mason sighed the words. "You are so fucking hot, Micah."

The young man on the bed smiled at the compliment. He knew other men with cerebral palsy who detested their bodies and sometimes saw themselves as incapable of receiving physical love. Micah got fortunate in that he made a friend in his young teen years who never saw the disability of Micah's body. They enjoyed both an emotional and physical relationship for almost a year until the boy moved away. Brokenhearted, Micah turned to another friend, a female, and they, too, became physically involved. He enjoyed the sex with her, but she remained emotionally detached for the duration and acted more like a caretaker than a lover. Afterwards, Micah dabbled with both boys and girls until he moved to Los Angeles to forward his acting career. Thus, to hear Mason speak passionately about his physical form brought him a tremendous amount of satisfaction.

Mason smiled. He stood before his friend dressed only in a pair of Tommy Hilfiger low-rise white briefs. His erection strained the material, pushing it outward. With no fanfare, Mason hooked his thumbs on either side and gradually slid them down. His bent for hid his eighteen-year cock from the young man lying on the futon who did not blink once. When he stood, not quite five inches of thick young dick pointed at the ceiling. While half an inch shorter than Micah's, it appeared at least half as much wider in girth. Pallid skin covered over the shaft with a pink scrotum dangling below while it terminated in short, broad head with very little flare on the glans. Mason swiveled his hips back and forth, and his hard-on swayed in counter tempo.

"Never saw it like this before, huh?" Mason playfully inquired.

Micah shook his head back and forth while saying: "Saw you jerking off a month ago. Didn't close your door all the way."

The standing teenager blushed.

"Watched you cum. Nice!"

Mason blushed a little more, but he privately enjoyed the idea his friend spied him him during an intimate moment.

"Come here and lay down," Micah requested.

The ambulatory young man did as asked. When he sat on the edge of the futon, Micah touched his right hip several times. Mason though he understood, so he pivoted as he began to lay down. Carefully he situated himself so their groins aimed at their respective faces. Mason wasted no time in pouncing and sliding Micah's cock back into his mouth. It took Micah more time, and he felt pleased Mason did not offer to assist as he slowly managed to move his left arm and get some sort of handhold on Mason's erection. He used his not-to-inconsiderable strength to angle it level with his face. He opened his mouth and lunged forward.

It did not bother Mason in the slightest when he felt a set of lower teeth brush against the side of is stiff pecker. He sighed around the dick in his mouth as one closed around his pecker. Micah made up for his physical limitation with immense gusto and passion. His errant muscles did not allow him to perform the same techniques as Mason, but what he could do he did with dedication. In certain ways his disobedient tongue worked in his favor when orally satisfying another male. He let it flail and twitch on its own while he tried to suck. The rather thick member in his face also helped Micah in his efforts since it meant his mouth did not struggle so much to work on it. After a few moments, Mason's gently squirming hips announced his success.

The two young men spent almost ten minutes slurping on one another. Mason considered whether they should just spew in each others mouths, but he wanted more. Since getting to know Micah early on, he discovered Micah preferred frank, honest, and open conversations. Thus, as much as he wanted to continue, he pulled his mouth away from the dick in front of him and slowly retracted is his hips. Micah glanced down at him with jerky movements.

"How far do you want to go?" Mason politely asked me.

"We can fuck," Micah bluntly replied, and he grinned when he saw his friend's response at the use of a vulgarity.

"Both ways or... what?"

"We can do each other."

Mason's eyebrows went up in surprise.

"Got to be a little careful," Micah admitted, "but I can do both. I like it both ways."

The non-disabled young man felt his face break into a huge smile. Micah returned it with a dazzling one of his own. They still needed to talk over a few details.

"So, ah... to, um... well, to fuck me, do you lay on your back and I climb on top of you? Do I lay on my back and help you get positioned. How, ah, do we work this?"

"Either way, but I like to be between your legs. Me on top. You on your back."

It took a half a minute of imagining before Mason managed to figure it out. He slowly nodded his head. Then he smiled again.

"I think I know what to do," he confidently stated.

"Some lube in my dressing table. Left drawer. Condoms, too. Can't be too safe," Micah said.

Mason's mouth fell open.

"Not the first time having sex in here."

"Dude! You player!" Mason chimed.

While Micah laughed at the compliment, Mason got up and went to the dressing table. He searched through the drawers and found the needed supplies. He also found a rather interesting toy. He held up the rather generous silicone dildo.

"And who do you use this one?"

"Couple of people... and me."

"You are just full of surprises today, aren't you?" Mason rhetorically inquired with a nod.

"Handicapped doesn't mean impossible or uninterested," Micah defiantly replied. His eyes gleamed. "I like sex."

"You and me both!"

Mason put the dildo away, and it answered one question in his mind as he trotted back to the futon with the goods. He set them next to the bed before laying down as though he intended to sixty-nine with Micah again. However, a new plan emerged in his brain during the short jog. He grabbed the bottle of lubricant, one made for silicone toys, and lifted his legs. Micah watched him with an air of puzzled interest.

"Need to get ready," Mason said as he flipped open the lid on the small bottle.

After squeezing out a small dollop on his finger, Mason smeared it around his butthole. Then he gradually inserted the middle finger of his left hand while his right hand held a butt cheek to the side. Micah snickered at the display, and it sounded licentious to the young man who prepped himself. Mason saw the lewd smirk on his friend's face as he pushed a finger in and out of himself. One he felt himself start to loosen, Mason began using two fingers after adding more lube. As he probed himself, he also spread them apart. His asshole stretched, and it caused him to sigh in delight. The show continued and he soon added a third finger. His anus relaxed and got slicked at the same time. Mason half thought about jerking off while he fingered himself, but refrained.

"That looked so cool," Micah told him when Mason spun around on his lower back until they lay side-by-side.

"Felt good, too, but not as good as it's gonna feel," his co-star and friend rejoined.

With that Mason flipped over onto his side to directly face Micah. He scooted closer until their bodies touch. Mason then worked one of his knees under Micah's slightly crooked legs. After which he wrapped his arms around the slender but strong figure of disabled man. A year spent going to a gym as he grew into young manhood, because Mason wanted to both feel and look good, aided him in his current quest. He hugged Micah and began to roll onto his back. Micah easily rolled on top of him. Their erections pressed together and it told Mason he perfectly executed his action.

"You done this before with someone else with CP?" Micah kidded.

"Oh, yeah. I'm constantly cruising West Hollywood looking for guys in wheelchairs. I like a guy who can give me more than one kind of ride," he teased back.

Micah laughed at the response. He loved the way Mason felt at ease to joke with him about what others might consider a sensitive topic. The sense of intimacy deepened as they laughed together. Then, a surprising but welcomed act took place. Mason lifted his head and planted his lips on Micah's mouth. Micah quickly followed suit. Few people kissed him with passion, and it proved anew what an extraordinary young man he found in his co-star. The kiss lingered. Micah involuntarily twitched from time to time, and it caused their hard males poles to slide against each other. Their kiss reluctantly ended.

"Okay, Micah," Mason said in a quiet and husky whisper. "Now fuck me like you kissed me."

Micah tried to relax his body as much as possible while Mason preformed a rather gymnastic and impressive move. The younger young man started to lift his butt into the air while holding onto the slightly curled body on top of him. Micah gradually slid downward, and soon his felt his penis hit the slick spot. His knees stopped his slide when they landed on the bed. Mason then spread his legs further apart as he reached between them. He fished around for Micah's cock.

"Can you push up a little with your arms?" Mason requested.

Micah made the attempt, and only somewhat succeeded given the current position. It proved enough for Mason to complete the next task. Spaced opened between the two bodies, and Mason quickly angled the hard cock in his hand downward. The head slid across his pereneum until it landed in the soft spot. Mason arched his back a little more, and Micah's pecker popped into a ready and waiting asshole.

"Oh, fuck," Micah sighed with pleasure as his dick gradually got buried in his friend.

"No shit," Mason agreed and wiggled his bum.

It only took a few seconds before Micah's flat stomach pressed against Mason's balls. All of his cock lay nestled in the tight, warm interior of the younger man's gut. They rested and luxuriated in the feeling for several pleasurable moments.

"So, um, what do you think you can do?" Mason asked after the wonderful pause.

"This," Micah answered.

Mason again felt his eyes grow wide in surprise at the inventive capability of the man in him. Micah seemed to flex several muscle groups at once, and it caused is buttocks to inch backward. When he relaxed, he slid forward. He repeated the actions many times in a row.

"God, you do know how to fuck," the young man on his back cooed. "Keep going."

The disabled young man complied, and Mason began to question what really constituted a disability. Although it took concentration and strength to do it, Micah did want to do it. He felt one of the only real ways to express his appreciation to Mason came in giving his co-star what he appeared to want. Micah made his body move that only years of practice allowed him to do. In the back of his mind he thought about the fact Mason forgot to put a condom on him. However, his condition meant a routine series of tests, and he always got checked for sexually transmitted infections since he did lead an active sex life. He knew himself to be clean as he pumped away on and into his friend.

"Jesus, you're good at this," Mason mumbled in happy delight.

Although not sure at the start how much Micah could accomplish, Mason lay on his back with his feet in the air and marveled at the way Micah pummeled his hole. The handicapped man's cock slid in and out of him in sure if somewhat erratic strokes. He could hear Micah begin to breath a little harder as he worked, and it dawned on Mason this might actually be strenuous for him. A bit of worry crept into his brain as the dick continued to fill him with pleasure.

"This isn't going to be too much for you, is it?" Mason cautiously inquired.

"Un-uh," Micah grunted. "Fun. Good... work... out."


Micah lived up to his word. He pressed his knees harder against the bed, and this helped give him more leverage. Although his legs wanted to straighten out from the exertion, the position he achieved stopped it form happening. In fact, as his body fought against the arrangement it aided in helping drill his dick into his friend. Micah started to sweat a little from the effort, but he thought it to be expected. Over and over he clenched muscles and then released them. Minutes passed as he fucked Mason. Mason's head swung back and forth, eyes closed, and he made small gurgling sounds. It pleased Micah that he could pleasure his friend. While the effort took it's toll, he felt other parts of his body got well deserved exercise, and especially the bit that dangled between his legs.

"Close," Micah announced after several more minutes of relentless humping. "Real... close."

"Christ, keep going," Mason mumbled and never opened his eyes.

He got entranced by the seer force of will Micah employed to ride his ass with such intensity. The odd and unexpected jerks of his body due to his condition only added another level of enjoyment. Mason concentrated on the feel of the hard organ penetrating him. Micah did such a good job Mason worried he might cum. In and out. In and out. In and out. His friend kept up an impressive rhythm. Following a couple of stupendous minutes, Mason wanted to compliment Micah, but Micah suddenly went rigid. Mason concentrated, and he could feel the cock in his ass pulsing.

Micah's climax hit him so hard it caused his body to go into momentary paralysis. It also caused him to shove his dick deep into the accommodating ass. His insides convulsed as his prostate took total control and emptied his nuts into Mason. Arms curled, thighs went into a spasm, his butt clench tight, and his breathing came in ragged gasps as he counted the number of times his erection spit its juice. After four big squirts his orgasm began to subside, and Micah willed himself to relax so his muscles would unclench. Bit by bit he could feel the tension begin to ebb.

"Oh... my... god," Mason heaved each word. "That was fucking awesome!"

"Nice... pun," Micah panted. "But... thanks."

"Un-uh. My butt thanks you."

Micah half-groaned at the continued pun, and he also laughed. The easy camaraderie he experienced with Mason made the moment that much more special. As he slowly sagged against his friend, a set of hands hooked under his armpits. Mason pulled Micah forward, and Micah's cock slipped out of Mason's hole. Three seconds later a set of lips crushed his. He returned the gesture. Their mouths slid together. A tongue probed at his lips, but Micah did not open up. Since his body continued to jerk form the aftereffects of his titanic orgasm, he did not want to run the risk of biting Mason's tongue. He pulled his head back.

"I might... bite by ac... cident," he forced out the words.

"Oh, yeah, right. Thanks," Mason said and felt stupid for not considering the possibility. "Micah, you were awesome. One of the best fucks I ever had."

"Sorry `bout con... dom."

"Crap! I forgot!"

"I get tested... regularly. Clean."

"Whew, good," Mason sighed in relief.


"Yeah. My manager started making me get tested two years ago when she found out I started having sex," Mason stated as he looked into Micah's searching eyes. "I mean, I've only ever been with four guys... five now, counting you..."

Micah smiled and snickered. His body wiggled as well. Semen continued to drizzle out of his pecker and it made a wet spot on Mason. The two friends regarded one another while the corners of their mouths curled. Mason thought Micah very handsome, and Micah found Mason cuter than imaginable.

"Just so you know, two are from home in Oklahoma, and two from here... well, three now."

Micah laughed again, and his whole face filled with mirth. They laughed together.

"So what now?" Mason asked and did not want to force anything on his friend.

"My turn... for you," Micah said and looked more serious.


"Um... let me lay on my back on your stomach. Then you can sort of fuck up."

Mason could not help himself when he burst into laughter. After a few seconds, Micah joined him when he realized what he meant and what he said proved mutually exclusive. The two enjoyed the moment of frivolity. In his mind, Mason pictured what Micah intended, and it made sense to him.

"Is that best for you?" Mason inquired when the laughter died down.

Micah bobbed his head. While he did that, Mason mentally rehearsed what he would need to do. After thirty seconds, he gently grabbed Micah by the sides.

"I'm going to roll you in three... two... one," he explained and counted down.

When he began to turn Micah over, Micah retracted his arms and legs, and it made the process much easier. Soon the young man with cerebral palsy lay squarely on the chest and stomach of his co-star. He started to feel a bit giddy since some time passed sense he last took a dick into his body. One thought crossed his mind.

"Do to me what you did to yourself before we got started," he requested.

"No problem, Micah," Mason readily agreed.

Mason's hand searched around the bed looking for the bottle of lubricant. He found it, opened it, and squirted some into is left hand. After closing it, he reached around Micah's thighs. His legs seemed to naturally draw up to his stomach due to his condition, and it made finding the hole fairly easily. This got aided by the fact Micah did not possess much butt of which to speak. Once located, Mason dipped a finger into the small puddle of lube in his left hand. Then he gingerly began to smear it around the anal opening. Micah squirmed a bit.

"Does it tickle?" The younger of the two co-stars asked.

"Little, but feels good. Push it in," Micah asked.

Mason did. He worked his slippery finger into the opening. Micah hissed once, but Mason did not hear pain. Millimeter by millimeter the finger went in and then out, always going deeper. In less than a minute the whole of Mason's finger got lodged into the skinny ass. He moved it from side to side.

"Yeah," Micah muttered. "More."

The finger plunged in and out of his butt several times. Micah sighed with pleasure. After a minute or so, Mason carefully began inserting two fingers. Micah hummed as both slipped in past the first knuckle. His body shivered with anticipation and want. With the exception of one other person, no one besides Mason treated him as a person capable of fully experiencing and participating in sex. It showed regard and respect from his fellow actor. He let out another small moan when the second knuckles glided in and further stretched his anus. It made him feel fulfilled. Soon, the two fingers worked their way in and out. Micah became deliriously happy.

Mason correctly interpreted his friends reactions as ones of enjoyment and not stress. He began to tell the difference between the random twitches and ones generated by his ministrations. Furthermore, Mason never quite realized how much Micah savored intimate physical contact. Despite his condition, the handicapped young man did not display any real handicaps when it came to understanding his body. Thus, it pleased Mason when Micah made blissful whimpering sounds when the third finger came into play. He felt the opening gently stretch and loosen. To be on the safe side, he kept at it for a few minutes until Micah's ass readily accepted all three fingers.

With his left hand Mason reached down and retrieved a condom. The packing crinkled as he tore it open. Micah turned his head and craned it upward. He stared at Mason.

"Just because I forgot doesn't mean you should run the risk," Mason told him.

"But you said..." Micah began to protest.

"Doesn't matter what I said, Micah," he interjected. "I don't know if those other guys were telling me the truth. Look, if it was six months or more since the last time I had sex and test came up negative, then I'd feel pretty safe. But I've had sex since then."

"Don't you always use condoms?"

Mason thought back to the last three encounters since his last testing. He used condoms during each one. Yet the main issue remained.

"I do, but so what? I forgot with you, didn't I? Look, let's just be safe."

Micah nodded, and Mason continued with rolling the condom down his penis. Then he used the remaining lubricant in his hand to make it slick. He breathed in once, held it, and slowly exhaled.

"Ready?" He asked his friend.

"Yeah. More than ready," Micah gamely returned.

Mason curled is hips while he aimed his cock. It touched the backside of the young man lying atop him.

"Up," Micah told him.

He slid his penis further up.


He move it some more.

"Little more."

Both he and Micah giggled while he did so. Mason felt a change in the surface texture against his wrapped whacker. He paused.

"There. Push," Micah instructed him.

It only took a small thrust to get his dick to enter his friend. Micah let out a gargling sound. Mason clamped a hand across his friend's stomach as he continued to send his cock upward into the tight, hot hole. It seemed to suck in his hard-on. Micah's head swiveled around.

"Okay?" Mason quietly asked.

"Yeah, yeah. More in," Micah responded in a staccato voice.

As he tried to insert more of his penis, he found he could only go so far. Mason visualized what it looked like based on how it felt. He believed he saw the problem. Hence, he began to curl his upper torso. It forced Micah's body to simultaneously move up and downward, and that allowed more the erect member to enter into him. It did not take much to see where this would become limited. A new plan formed.

"Micah, we're going to roll onto our sides," he said. "This way we can really get into it like you did with me."

"Sure. Okay," Micah agreed.

The arm around his stomach moved up to his mid-chest. Then with care, Mason rolled them over onto their sides. Within seconds Micah understood why. Without really trying, more of Mason's cock entered into him. Micah smirked as his friend applied more pressure. The fat dick stretched his butthole open as the thicker base started to intrude. Micah groaned.

"Mmm," Mason hummed as his hips pressed against small, taut ass. "God, you feel great."

"So do you. Been a while. Kind of missed it."

"Well, that asks a question: fast or slow?"

"Let's start slow."

And Mason did just that. He gently pulled back, his cock glided out, and then reinserted it with the same easy pace. Micah's breath caught like he hiccuped. His body jerked from the pleasure of the of the contact. Mason gingerly rocked against him and created a smooth rhythm. His stout pole slid about without causing pain or stress. It showed him Micah rode a similar pony in the past. He also thought about the dildo in the drawer. The two writhed as one for a while.

"Faster," Micah said after three or so minutes.

Despite blasting a sizable load into Mason's butt, Micah felt his pecker begin to harden. The presence of firm dick in him worked like magic. As Mason began to pump faster, the head hit that special spot in his gut, and his penis continued to inflate. The tender care with which his friend conducted himself acted like an aphrodisiac mainly because it came about as care and not fear. When asked to go faster, Mason did. He increased his speed and Micah grunted with each thrust.

"Someone's into it," Mason sputtered in a voice gone hoarse from desire.

"Two of us," Micah joked.

Mason giggled at the word play. His hand caressed Micah's chest under his tee-shirt. He pinched a nipple and felt it grow hard between his fingers. Micah writhed a bit more. Mason slid his hand down to a stomach almost as tight as a snare drum skin. The muscles underneath rippled with their combined action. As his hand move further down, he encountered a real surprise.

"Damn, you're this hard this soon after coming?" He asked in amazement.

"Happens sometimes. Feeling horny with you in me," Micah answered. "Go a little harder."

Most people do not realize that with anal sex faster and harder become two different properties. Mason moved his left hand to Micah's hip and held on. Then on the upthrust he applied more force. He could feel the head of his cock hit a firmer area in his friend's gut. He knew what needed to be done, and aimed his member for it each time. Micah barked a couple of times when he did. Minutes passed as they sank under the spell of their motions.

"Don't know how much longer I can last. I was pretty horny when I got here," Mason admitted when he felt a stirring in his balls.

"Do what you can," Micah encouraged him. "Feels real good."

"Yeah, it does."

As Mason continued to jab into his friend, the hard dick he encountered amazed him. Without being asked to do so, he wrapped his hand around it. He could definitely tell it belonged to someone else when he slid his hand up and down in counter tempo to his thrusts. As the dual motions commenced, Micah began to squirm in his grasp. The oohs and ahhs he let out revealed his pleasure, and Mason smiled at the thought he helped inspire it. Thus, he tried to ignore the building sensations in his body. A minute flew by and the pressure built in his lower abdomen. He never ceased his concerted efforts even though it became harder to concentrate. The fight to hold off his climax became as much fun as everything else he did.

"Squeeze! Squeeze my dick!" Micah pleaded with him.

With tremendous force of will Mason managed to do as begged. He jerked and squeezed on the cock in his hand as much as he could. The piece of rigid meat felt incredibly hard. It did not seem as though Mason could hold out much longer. In the midst of his struggle, Micah's asshole seized around his cock. The added constriction proved too much. Mason's orgasm erupted out of him. His mind went into a tizzy as he felt the heat of own secretion surround the head of his dick. Moreover, the tightness surrounding his member seemed to pulse. Mason let his head loll to one side as a strangled growl escaped him. His pecker throbbed and throbbed as it pumped and pumped. He rammed it as far into Micah as he could.

After what seemed like an hour, Mason's form collapsed around Micah's. He wheezed as he dragged air into is lungs. He also could not stop drilling into the young man in front of him. Moreover, Micah's ass felt like a vice. It took him a couple of second to realize the cock he stroked jerked in his hand. A few drops of wetness on the tip and on his fingers indicated what occurred. Mason brought his body back under control.

"Dude," he heaved out the word. "Did you cum... again?"

Micah laughed in a high pitched manner of one very pleased with himself.

"No way! That is insane!" Mason crowed and began to laugh as well.

He hugged Micah's thrashing body closer to his. His dick got squished around inside the asshole. Mason felt like he could stay there the rest of the day. On impulse, he kissed the back of Micah's neck. This calmed both of them.

"Thank you," Micah rumbled.

"No, I need to thank..."

"Don't say it," his friend commanded in a soft voice. "You treat me normal. This was good... real sex. Not be careful sex. That's why I thanked you."

"What do you mean treat you normal? You are normal. Who cares if you're body acts weird sometimes. This was some of the best sex I ever had!" Mason argued.

Micah leaned his head down and kissed the arm still wrapped around him. Mason pulled himself out of his friend and made sure his condom did not slip off. Then he edged away even when he felt the lips on his his forearm. Form there he rolled Micah onto his back while he slid over toward the edge of the bed. He looked down and saw a strange expression on the broad handsome face. He placed his hand on Micah's chest.

"Just so you know: this wasn't a pity fuck," Mason said and fixed the hazel eyes with his brown ones. "You don't need anyone's pity. Everything you got you worked for, Micah. I wanted to have sex with you because you really turn me on... and I don't think you realize how good looking you are."

Micah forced his left hand to grab hold of Mason's right wrist. Then he said: "You are the best, Mason. Cute, too."

They smiled at each other. Although neither thought a relationship would come of it, they both privately believed they would spend more time in bed together. Mason did not see a young man with a crippled body: he simply saw a young man he liked, respected, and found downright sexy. In the same vein Micah did not view Mason as pandering to him. The sex and the style of it proved that. True, Mason did make accommodations, but it did not feel forced, pitying, or unnatural. They simply worked with each other to achieve more than satisfactory results. Mason brushed his hand along Micah's cheek.

"So before you saying anything else, thanks. This was just what I needed," he told his friend.

"Yeah, me, too," Micah said. Then with effort he winked. "Never be afraid to, ah, come knocking at my door. I'll open it for you any time."

Mason looked at him for a second, considered everything he just said, and started laughing when the double-meanings became clear. Micah's face lit up like the sun, and burst into laughter as well. The two friend lay side-by-side and laughed until their stomachs hurt.