Author: John Sexton
Genre: Harry Potter Slash
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Chapter Seven ... The Second Betrayal

Harry, Tommy and Jerry shared one of the bottles of soft drink, as they lazed back on the dilapidated lounge, and recovered from their exhausting sexcapade. It had been exhausting for Harry, if only thrilling for the two older lads.

Harry was still totally naked and his beautiful cock was draped down over his pendulous bollocks, as he lay back on the lounge with his legs spread slightly.

"Shit," Jerry wailed as he reached down and squeezed the massive slab of prime, black cock, "you're still bigger than either of us when your donkey-dick is dead, Draco, you little fucker."

"'When your donkey-dick is dead, Draco?'" Tommy teased Jerry, "nice alliteration, luv."

Then he turned to Harry and laughed.

"Try saying that with your mouth full of cock!"

Tommy pecked Harry on the tip of his nose, and lamented coyly, "but sad to say, he's right, luv, you put both of us to shame."

He squeezed Harry's bollocks playfully, then laughed again.

"Mind you, neither of us is really complaining."

Harry laughed, then sat up perkily.

"I want another crack at the bong," he declared enthusiastically.

"I think we should eat first," Tommy replied, "munchies!"

"Yeah, me too!" Jerry concurred, "but leave the crisps... let's duck out for some Chinky chow, I could eat a horse and chase the bloody rider... I'm so famished."

The lads were both two-parts-wasted by now, but Harry was really pissed that he'd still had no reaction to the dope. They explained the concept of munchies to Harry, as they made their way up towards Brixton Road for some curry at the local Chinese takeaway.

They passed a newsagent on the way, and Harry stopped when he saw a headline poster outside the shop that read: "Invisible Man Strikes Again!"

"What is it, Draco?" asked Jerry.

"That headline," Harry replied absently; his mind was teeming with the implications.

"What a crock!" Tommy laughed, "typical of The Sun... load of old cobblers."

"Yeah," Harry agreed as he started walking again.

He knew in his heart that it was far from a load of old cobblers. It broke his heart to think that some thieving Muggle, probably some horrible turd, like Dudley, was wreaking havoc with his father's cloak.

But there was nothing Harry could do about it, so he decided to let it go. Like every other part of his former life, it was gone, never to be revisited.

They had decided to eat their tucker in the little park opposite the Ritzy Cinema, then they meandered their way back to their squat, via Electric Lane.

It was late evening now; the light had all but faded. Harry was bitterly disappointed that he had still to experience any reaction to the dope.

"We did warn you, Draco," said Tommy, almost apologetically.

They passed another newsagent on the way home, and the invisible man newspaper poster was on display there as well. But what really sent a chill down Harry's spine was the headline poster right next to it, which read: "Teenage Murderer Still Free!"

Harry did not dare give it a second glance, not wanting to draw the lads' attention to it. But it was a chilling reminder that he was still Harry Potter, the murderer that everyone was looking for. While his appearance was significantly different, he was still on the run, and it was his head that had a price on it.

As soon as they were back in their squat, Harry cajoled Tommy to pack another cone.

He was gaining confidence, and even held his second toke in for a few seconds, maximising the chance of a hit. He breathed it out through his nose like an expert... or, he rather preferred to think, like a dragon... an Hungarian Horntail!

He became a little maudlin after that, and merely slumped back onto the lounge between Jerry and Tommy, who were equally quiet. All three lads just "chilled out," as Jerry had described their moment of serenity.

They'd bought another couple of bottles of soft drink on the way back from Brixton Road, and shared one between them as they relaxed.

Harry could not believe that it was just forty-eight hours since his world had imploded. It seemed like an eternity; indeed he had experienced so much in that short time that he felt it would take another lifetime just to recall everything that had happened to him. He'd undergone two massive personal transformations in that short space of time, for Merlin's sake. He had become a new person, twice!... in as many days.

"I need the loo," Harry finally declared, as his bladder suddenly provided the means to distract himself.

"I need to go too," said Jerry, "I'll show you where it is."

"I'll wait till you get back," Tommy decided, "save locking up the place."

Jerry pulled the door closed, and they headed towards the loo.

Harry had taken no more than half a dozen steps along the corridor when he stopped dead in his tracks.

"Wow!" he exclaimed.

The narrow passageway seemed suddenly spacious and, as he and Jerry walked towards the stairs, the corridor stretched out before Harry like one of the immense hallways at Hogwarts.

"Oh... wow!" Harry repeated, "this is fucking brilliant!... freaking scary as all hell... but abso-fuckin-lutely-brilliant!"

He looked at Jerry, and grinned like a loon.

"I heard one of my mate's cousins... one of my cousin's mates!" he corrected himself, then burst into an uncontrollable fit of the giggles, "talking about..." he struggled unsuccessfully to stop laughing hysterically... "getting spaced out..." he completely lost it... "on dope."

"Finally kicked in has it?"

Jerry grinned at Harry, who immediately started to giggle again.

"Yeah," Harry laughed again, "I never knew what he meant... you know... until now, you know... but it's fucking brilliant!... you know?"

"Yeah, Draco, luv," Jerry replied affectionately, "I know."

As Harry walked towards the stairs at the end of the corridor, it seemed as if the broken windows and graffiti, on either side of him, were gliding towards him and floating away as they passed him. He knew, at least he thought, he was walking at a normal pace, but the walls and windows were gliding towards him so slowly. He felt like he was floating in space.

"That's it," Harry declared ecstatically, "spaced out! There's no other way to describe it. Oh wow!"

He turned to look directly at Jerry, then giggled uncontrollably.

"Wow!" he declared again.

He took another few steps forward, then turned to face Jerry again.

"Did I just say `there's no other way to describe it,' or was I just about to... was I going to say that?"

"No, Draco," Jerry laughed, "you just said that, luv, and you're whacked out of your tiny little brain."

"Too fucking right I am," Harry giggled again, "and it feels fan-fuckin-tastic!" he declared vehemently.

"What was I just going to do?" Harry asked seriously, "oh, yeah," he said almost immediately, "I need to take a piss..."

He burst into hysterics once again.

"Where are we going?" he asked.

"We're gunna take a leak, Draco!" Jerry laughed at him.

Just then a train raced by on its way to London. Harry stared at it in awe.

"Oh wow," he declared, "that is sooo wicked," he cried, "it's going so fast, yet it's going soooo slooowww," he burst into another fit of the giggles, "and it sounds like disco music is playing on its tracks. This is sooo great!"

When they reached the loo at the bottom of the stairs, Jerry let Harry go first.

But when Jerry emerged from the loo, after his turn, he found Harry standing in front of the broken mirror over the old wash basin.

There was barely any light in the room, but a street light in the distance cast just enough of a glimmer, through the broken window at the side of the mirror, to illuminate Harry's face.

Harry was mesmerised by his own faint reflection.

"I'm black," Harry said to Jerry, as the tall, dark-eyed lad stood next to him. "I'm black and I'm beautiful!" he said in utter amazement.

It was as if he had just seen himself for the very first time. In fact he was seeing his true self; the beautiful youth, the youth he truly was, right through to his beautiful soul. He was suddenly at peace with himself, and he was in a sort of dream world, where everything was as it should be, and that peace was embraced by all.

Jerry moved behind Harry and slid his arms around the beautiful boy's waist, then dropped his chin down onto Harry's shoulder, so that they were looking at each other's reflections.

"Yes, you are, Draco," he whispered.

"So are you," Harry declared vehemently, as he reached up and caressed Jerry's cheek with his soft fingers, "you look like an angel!"

"I'm really black," Harry whispered again, with an air of incredulity.

"I think I love myself," Harry postulated.

But his voice had taken on a new tone, and he was almost in awe of his own reflection.

"I never realised I was this beautiful before!"

Harry started to cry, as he became mesmerised by the sight of this unfamiliar visage, this angelic creature that stood before him.

"It's okay, luv."

Jerry squeezed him so tight that Harry swore he would crush him.

But Harry leaned back into the embrace and squeezed equally tightly on Jerry's powerful arms. He felt loved and protected, and best of all, he liked what he saw. He especially loved his own reflection.

They stood there for what seemed like hours, still as statues, except for Jerry's kissing of Harry's neck and cheek, and the occasional nibbling of the lobe of his ear.

Finally, Harry turned around to face Jerry, and giggled.

Then his eyes boggled and he gasped with a sudden realisation.

"Hey," he cried in a fit of giggles, "we'd better get back to Tommy," he teased, "or he'll think we're up to no good."

Harry was still giggling madly when they reached the squat, and Tommy merely laughed, "finally kicked in, eh?"

"Did it what!" Harry giggled again, "it's fucking brill... is what it is!" he declared as he flopped down onto the lounge.

"That's great," Tommy grinned, "I'm off to the loo, back in a jiff," then he stopped at the door and winked, "don't start without me!"

"We won't," Harry promised, "I'll just pull another cone while you're gone," he laughed hysterically, "or is that against protocol?"

"That is against protocol," Tommy admonished him, "but you two share a cone if you want, and I'll be back before you know it."

"How about if I pack this one?" Harry asked Jerry enthusiastically.

Jerry nodded, "if you want to," he answered, "just don't pack it too tight, that's the trick."

This time Harry really pulled on the bong, and held his breath for as long as he could before exhaling. Then he handed it to Jerry and collapsed back onto the lounge.

"Fuck!" he cried, as Jerry took his toke, then passed the bong back to him, "my face has gone numb!"

"Then you'd better leave the last toke for Tommy," Jerry declared.

Just then the blond lad returned and bolted the door behind him. Tommy duly finished the cone, then put the bong aside.

"Come on lover-boy," Jerry cooed as he led Harry over to the mattress, "let's get down to some serious sex."

They removed each other's clothes, until they were all completely naked.

Harry reached over to each of them at the same time, and stroked their hard cocks, as he knelt on the mattress and the two boys stood in front of him.

"You've both got such beautiful bodies!" Harry declared.

He took the head of Tommy's cock in his mouth and savoured the salinity of his cocksnot. He worked the head of the blond boy's prick furiously, as his mouth filled with saliva.

Harry then turned his attention to Tommy's smooth, hairless ball sack; he fondled it with one hand and stroked Jerry's erection with the other.

Then, without warning, Harry slid the blond's huge cock down his throat all the way to the root of his shaft, in one smooth motion.

Tommy simply groaned, then went completely boneless and collapsed onto the mattress.

Harry removed his glasses, and put them on top of the box by the bed, then turned his attention to Jerry's cock, while Tommy took the head of Harry's cock in his mouth.

By now Harry was leaking copious quantities of precum, and Tommy lapped it up avidly, pushing the tip of his tongue into Harry's piss slit as he did so; the sensation drove Harry wild.

As Harry took Jerry's cock to the root, Jerry collapsed onto the mattress, pulling Harry down with him, and the three lads formed a three-way, with Harry still deep throating Jerry, while he took Tommy's cock in his mouth and Tommy continued to tease Harry's piss slit.

Eventually Tommy gave up trying to deep-throat Harry.

"There's no way I'm ever going to be able to take you all the way, Draco, it's way too big, way too big!" he lamented.

"See what you can do, Jerry," he urged his mate, as he rummaged the mattress again for the dildo's. "I've got another idea," he grinned lasciviously at Harry, and his blue eyes twinkled in the candle light.

As Jerry swung around to attempt to take Harry's cock into his willing orifice, they slid into a sixty-niner, and Harry went back down on Jerry's impressive weapon.

Jerry rolled onto his back, pulling Harry on top of him. He gagged on Harry's cock, as the young black lad pushed his massive appendage down into the back of his throat.

Harry, on the other hand, was nuzzling into the musty softness of Jerry's ball sack, which was dusted with a fine layer of sparse dark pubes. Harry had the dark-haired lad's cock buried to the hilt, and was biting hard on the very root of the shaft, as he wiggled his head from side to side, and nuzzled further into Jerry's scrotum.

The effect of the dope was driving Harry to new heights of sexual arousal, and he was eager to explore every dimension of this three-way bond with these beautiful lads.

Suddenly Harry felt Tommy's hard cock sliding along the crack of his arse, but the fit blond was not attempting penetration. Instead Tommy slid up and over Harry's arse and continued to rub his genitals into the small of Harry's back.

Then Tommy lay his torso lightly along Harry's body, and nestled his mouth against the back of Harry's neck. He reached in front of Harry and held the poppers against his nostril, and closed off the other at the same time.

Harry snorted the aroma into each nostril in turn, like there was no tomorrow, and swooned as the rush was exacerbated by the effect of the dope. His sexual awareness soared to hitherto uncharted heights. He merely groaned and went down on Jerry's cock with renewed vigour.

Tommy nudged Harry onto his back, with Jerry now on top of Harry. Tommy held the poppers to his mate's nostrils, so that he could share in the rush.

Jerry immediately increased his efforts to swallow Harry, and managed to take about five inches of the young wizard's cock before he moaned in defeat, but kept deep-throating regardless, content to take as much boy-meat as possible, without suffocating.

Harry, on the other hand, was more than happy for Jerry to pound his hips into the mattress, driving his rigid prick as deep into Harry's throat as was humanly possible.

Tommy eventually rolled the boys over until Harry was back on top, then offered Harry another rush of Mr Stiffy, which he was only too eager to accept.

Harry's eyes widened suddenly, as he felt the cool slick lubricant on Tommy's fingers. The slender blond lad slowly began to probe Harry's willing hole.

Tommy tapped Harry on the shoulder with the poppers bottle in his other hand, and handed it over to the young wizard, who accepted it enthusiastically.

Harry took another hit, just as he felt Tommy's thumb join his four fingers to spread him open. Then Jerry push Harry's hips upwards, giving his mate even greater access to Harry's willing flesh. This also gave Jerry the opportunity to start to work on Harry's cock with the palm of his hand.

Unlike earlier in the cottage, this time, he had Harry's cock pulled back between Harry's legs, so that it was strained to the point that it was as hard as steel. He began to rub the bulbous head of Harry's cock over the lube-smeared softness of Jerry's own hairless chest.

Tommy had moved back and was now lining up the smaller of the two dildo's against the receptive opening of Harry's cave of wonders. This rubber cock was about the same size as either Carl or Jerry's hard cocks, in both length and breadth, which meant it was somewhat smaller than Tommy's own considerable appendage.

But with the effect of the rush from the poppers and the dope, Harry's arse opened to the intrusion with ease.

Within a few strokes, Tommy had the entire dildo buried to the hilt, and was soon pounding it into Harry with all the force he could muster.

All Harry could do was moan deeply around Jerry's throbbing cock, only occasionally releasing the monster from his throat to beg Tommy to keep pounding away.

"You might like another hit, luv," Tommy suggested.

He withdrew the dildo, only to replace it with the larger version. This cock, rubber or no, was bigger than anything Harry had ever seen, let alone experienced.

Jerry wrapped both hands around the shaft of Harry's cock, stretching it back so far that it was pointing straight at him from Harry's underside.

Harry thought that it felt more swollen than it had been through the glory hole, back at the cottage. He screamed as Jerry began to suck on the bulbous knob, and snorted the poppers again, as he felt the head of the rubber cock push against his opening.

"Don't stop," Harry ordered the lads.

Then he deep-throated Jerry's cock once again.

He lost track of all time and space, and gave himself over to the multiple stimuli that assaulted his senses. This second dildo was at least fourteen inches long and as thick as Tommy's wrist.

Harry bucked and writhed as Tommy forced it to the very base repeatedly, with a relentless rhythm.

Eventually, Harry released Jerry's cock, and half-turned to Tommy.

"I want you in me," he begged, "please Tommy."

Tommy withdrew the dildo with a loud plop, and lay on his back, lubing his own rock-hard appendage, in preparation for Harry's assault.

Harry crawled off Jerry, and straddled Tommy's hips, then lowered himself onto the perfect mound of flesh, and dropped his own hips until Tommy was buried deep inside him. Harry began to rock backwards and forwards, raising and lowering his hips in a vigorous and relentless assault upon the twenty-year-old's cock.

He rested on Tommy's hips, with the blond's cock buried to the hilt, while he took another snort of the poppers, before he handed the bottle to Jerry. Then Harry began to ride Tommy's cock like he was breaking-in a stallion.

His prostate was on fire, and he broke stride, just enough to lean forward and take the lad's mouth in a bone crushing kiss that took both their breaths away.

Just as Harry was about to resume his wild ride on Tommy's cock, he felt Jerry's hands in his back, pushing him forward into another kiss.

Then, just as his and Tommy's mouths locked for another tongue-thrashing kiss, Harry felt the head of Jerry's rock-hard cock pushing against his arse and Tommy's already firmly embedded prick.

Harry couldn't believe what Jerry was attempting, but the thought of it, set his own cock on fire.

"YEEESSS!" Harry roared.

He took the poppers from jerry and snorted another hit. His head was reeling, and his arse and cock were on fire.

"Now, Jerry, luv."

Harry leaned forward to accommodate the bigger lad's penetration. Then he roared obscenities, as Jerry slid his cock hard against Tommy's already buried prick.

They both pushed until both cocks were buried deep inside Harry's overstretched colon.

They lay like that for some time, while Harry grew accustomed to the massive invasion. Then Harry started the first movement, as he slowly began to ease himself forward and off the double penetration.

Both lads remained rigid as Harry slowly set up a rhythm, until he was eventually slamming his arse back onto his lovers with relentless aggression.

Harry slowly stopped, but remained leaning forward, and waited for both lads to begin. They started off out of synch initially, and that set up a whole new raft of sensations that took Harry to new heights of sexual stimulation. However they soon worked themselves into a rhythm that increased their simultaneous penetration of Harry's cavity, and the young wizard thought they would tear him apart, but he was too far gone to care.

Finally Harry manoeuvred the lads onto their backs, and managed to get their groins so close together that their cocks formed one tower of hot flesh. Harry took one final hit of the poppers, and lowered his arse onto the brace of pricks, and set up a rhythm that sent him over the edge, and brought both boys with him.

He was facing Tommy when he erupted, and the first shot hit the wall above the bed, while the second and third ropes of white-hot cum hit the blond square in the face. Tommy managed to catch most of the latter in his hungry mouth.

Harry continued to ride their cocks as the beautiful boys came together; their twin loads oozed and squelched out of his arse and over their balls.

When Harry eventually dismounted, he immediately spun around and took the heads of both of the lads' cocks in his mouth, sucking all that he could from their flagging erections, then he nuzzled their balls and sucked up what remained of their combined loads.

Jerry lapped up every trace of Harry's load from Tommy's hairless chest and face, before they crawled over each other and exchanged the collected semen in a riotous three-way kiss that lasted several minutes.

Finally, sated and utterly exhausted, they curled into a mass of torsos and limbs, pulled one of the blankets up over themselves, and drifted into a deep sleep.

Harry awoke in terror, he was being held down, and someone powerful had their hand over his mouth, forcefully stopping him from breathing. He panicked and tried to struggle, but the brute was holding him down, even more aggressively, now that he was awake, and clearly had no intention of letting him go.

Harry tried to scream, to cry out to Tommy or Jerry for help, but it was pitch black, and he had no idea what had happened to either of them.

"Shhh!" came a familiar voice.

Harry recognised it immediately as Jerry's. However, it was not harsh or cruel, but soothing and loving. The powerful youth released Harry slowly, then Harry heard Tommy's soft but anxious voice and felt his gentle touch on his other side.

"Are you okay, luv?" asked Jerry, who was gasping for breath as heavily and desperately as Harry, "you frightened the shit out of both of us!"

"Fuck!" cried Harry in angry relief, "you frightened the shit out of me! I thought you were trying to suffocate me."

"Sorry, Draco, luv," Jerry apologised sincerely, "it was the only way I could get you to stop screaming and thrashing around. You had us both at our wits end."

"We couldn't wake you up," Tommy explained, "and you were screaming so loudly and crying. We were worried that you were going to do yourself a mischief! I've never seen anything like it! Sure you're okay?" he asked reassuringly.

"Crying?" Harry asked rhetorically, as he reached up to his cheeks and felt the evidence of the blond lad's statement.

"You were screaming at someone to stop what they were doing, and you kept calling out your own name over and over again, as if you were calling to someone else! It was weird... has this happened before?" asked Jerry with urgent concern.

"Yeah," Harry admitted, "but not for a while," he lied, "maybe it was the dope."

"Maybe," Tommy conceded, "but I seriously doubt it," I've always found it suppresses nightmares... and dreams in general for that matter, rather than cause them."

"Yeah," Jerry agreed, "sure you're okay, luv?"

"I'll be all right," Harry reassured them both, but failed to placate himself. "I really need a drink."

"Stay there, luv," Jerry pecked him on the cheek, and attempted to wrap one of the twisted blankets back around Harry, as Tommy jumped up and lit the candle next to them.

"Yeah, stay put, Draco, luv," the tall blond tried to reassure him, as Jerry hugged Harry tight, "I'll get one of the soft drink bottles."

"No, don't bother," Harry replied gratefully, "I'll get a drink from the tap down in the loo, I need to take a leak anyway."

"I'll come down with you," Tommy offered, as he held out his hand to pull Harry up.

"No, it's okay, really," Harry reassured them both, "I'm fine, really!" he repeated, "I just need to clear the cobwebs and get myself together, the walk will do me good," he hopped up and headed for the door, "back in a tic!"

"You sure?" the lads chimed together, clearly unconvinced.

"I'm fine, really," Harry repeated, "everything's tickety-boo," he assured them, as he unbolted the door.

"Well at least take..." Jerry called out, as Harry pulled the door closed behind him.

Harry shivered, as he made his way along the corridor, and he wasn't sure if it was because he was starkers ... which he'd only just realised ... or if it was from the trauma of the nightmare. He decided that it was both, but the more he recalled from the dream, the more he realised that it was the main cause of his discomfort.

The fact that Harry had been calling out to Malfoy, and calling him Draco! rather than anything else, had been alarming in itself. The details of the dream were coming back in fits and starts now, brief flashes... like objects suddenly made visible by lightning, over an open field during a storm.

He realised that it'd been just that, a dream. A nightmare, to be sure, but nothing more sinister, and not a connection to Voldemort. But Draco? ... and there was concern, and fear... fear for the boy he'd fought and loathed for as long as he'd known that he was a wizard.

As Harry made his way down the rickety stairs, he realised just how sticky and squishy his arse was... and his bollocks and cock were not much better.

With no wand to swish and flick away the remnants of his wild escapade with the lads, Harry decided that he needed to give himself a quick once over with some wet toilet paper. Fortunately the lads had a roll stashed away in the loo.

The cracked, dilapidated mirror caught Harry's attention once again, as he stood in front of the chipped and rust-covered hand-basin, after rinsing his hands, flushing his face and slaking his gut-wrenching thirst.

Without the earlier drug-induced hallucination affecting his perception, Harry was pleasantly surprised that he still found himself very attractive. It was, nevertheless, mind-numbingly bizarre, to say the least!

But he was really surprisingly relaxed with his new persona. He wondered if it was because it afforded him a relatively secure disguise, or if the change was symptomatic of something far more profound, a physical and psychological metamorphosis?

For the very first time since he'd fled Privet Drive, barely two days ago, Harry found himself contemplating, whether he still had his Magic...

Somewhere, at his very core, he wondered if he was the same person that left Hogwarts on Friday.

He looked hard at his face, in the faint glow of the distant street lamp, and wondered if he even had his scar. He dabbed at the Second Skin on his forehead, and marvelled that it felt as if it was holding up well.

Suddenly a chill flew up Harry's spine... his silky black flesh prickled into goose flesh, and his teeth chattered... because... as he took in his faint reflection once more, he was struck by a frightening realisation... he wasn't wearing his glasses!

"Sorry," Jerry whispered, when Harry jumped at the sudden awareness of his presence, "I was worried," he explained, "we both were... you've been gone so long."

"Oh!" Harry apologised, "I was lost in thought... lost track of the time."

"Thought you might be cold," Jerry added, as he draped the blanket over Harry's shoulders, "can't have you getting a sniffle. You left this upstairs."

The fit lad stood behind Harry and wrapped his powerful arms around him lovingly, just as before, and kissed the back of Harry's neck, and nipped the lobe of his ear affectionately.

"Penny for your thoughts."

"Oh... I," Harry baulked, "I just can't believe what a weird twist my life has taken."

He had answered honestly. He stared at the dim reflection of the beautiful face that was draped over his own shoulder, once more.

Then Harry turned to face Jerry and wrapped the blanket around them both, and was surprised to find that the older lad was nearly as naked as him. Jerry was wearing just his pants, Muggle boxer briefs.

Jerry leaned down and took Harry's soft lips in his own, and Harry responded with a passionate kiss. The sap rose quickly in his massive weapon, and he could feel the bulge in Jerry's pants growing just as rapidly, as it pressed against Harry's stomach.

"Come on," Jerry cooed, showing incredible self-control, "let's get you back into the warm embrace of our lover, before he gets jealous," he said jokingly, "and we start something neither of us will be able to stop!"

They walked slowly back up the stairs, with the blanket draped around them both, and their arms around each other's waists.

"I was beginning to wonder about you two," Tommy teased them.

Then he led Harry back to their warm mattress, as Jerry bolted the door to their squat.

"You don't think we'd start anything without you, luv," Jerry cooed.

He leaned over Harry and kissed Tommy affectionately. They snuggled up to Harry on either side, and were all soon sleeping peacefully once more.

Harry did not move when he awoke; both Jerry and Tommy's arms and legs were tangled with his. It had to be already well past sunrise, Harry figured. Neither of them was awake; despite the hour the room was still dark.

The noise of water cascading down the derelict drains and gutters of the abandoned warehouse, along with what little Harry could see through the thick plastic covering their one small window, told him that it was quite overcast and raining heavily.

Apart from the time spent in front of the mirror last night, Harry hadn't really had much of an opportunity to think too deeply about everything that had happened in the past two and a half days. He still found it difficult to take it all in. So much had happened in such an incredibly short period of time.

The fact that Harry was on the run in two worlds, for murder, seemed of little significance at that particular point in time. For starters Harry didn't think of himself as a murderer; he certainly had not meant for Vernon Dursley to die. But it was hard to feel regret either, the man was such a... NO! Harry stopped himself...

"I'm not going to go there!"

While Harry felt sorry for his friends, particularly Ron and Hermione, he was finding it hard to seriously feel any responsibility for the fate of the Wizarding World any longer. He already felt disconnected, and that, in turn, almost seemed like relief. It was relief, if he was going to be honest with himself.

Since the day Harry had discovered that he was a wizard ... and, more importantly, that he was the famous "Boy Who Lived!" ... he'd felt the weight of the Wizarding World on his shoulders.

It wasn't fair, damn it! It had never been fair. Worse still... rather than being thanked for the things he had done, he had, more often than not, been maligned and abused by the very people who were depending on him.

Little wonder that Harry now felt suddenly glad to be out of that rat race. And, now that he had anonymity in the Muggle world, he felt free from it as well, and free from the responsibilities that had been heaped on his shoulders, even before his birth.

However, despite these feelings of disengagement from his former life, there were still aspects that troubled and confused him.

He still had an overpowering feeling that he was somehow disconnected from his own Magic. Yet the changes to his hair; the successful masking of his scar, despite the fact that his skin was an entirely different colour; the stunning realisation that he no longer needed his glasses, all suggested that his innate Magic was somehow still active. It was giving him some form of protection.

It was all very confusing.

Harry was busting for the loo, and he had an exceptional, raging hard-on, more than just your average morning glory! So he decided that he'd best get up and deal with it.


"Oh fuck!" cried Tommy, as he collapsed back onto the mattress, alongside Harry and Jerry, "that was absolutely brilliant, Draco!"

"Amen to that!" cried Jerry with a laugh that was more like a rumble.

They were all still stoned out of their skulls, and still buzzing from the poppers, which all the boys had used heavily, especially in the last half hour.

"Oh, fuck, Draco," Tommy groaned, "if it wasn't for the Mr Stiffy, there's no way you could have done that to me. I still don't believe you did it... to both of us!"

"Yeah, me too," Jerry cried then laughed, "we've both partnered someone else to double-fuck each other before."

"And," Tommy took it up, "we've even done it to each other with a dildo."

"And two dildos together," Jerry added, while Tommy nodded.

"But your monster and that dildo," Tommy added, as he grabbed the offending weapon and stood it next to Harry's slowly flagging cock for comparison.

It was the smaller of the two dildos, but was still a fair size; yet, even at half-mast, Harry's cock was massive by comparison.

"You are one sexy little imp, Draco," Jerry made goo-goo eyes at Harry. "And..." he went on... "you've got a right Flobberworm there between your legs, as well."

"What did you just say?" was on the tip of Harry's tongue.

But he reined in his stunned expression and chose to try to ignore it. However, that was a stupid idea, Harry decided almost immediately... because it had not been an accident... a mere slip of the tongue... it had been quite deliberate.

As if to confirm Harry's suspicions, Jerry threw the tube of lube straight at Harry, who plucked it from mid-air, purely on reflex.

"And you've still got a Seeker's reflex," Jerry smiled triumphantly, "even when you're whacked off your pretty little face!"

Harry could not hide his terror any longer. He backed up against the wall, scrambling up over the pillows, but was still trapped between the boys on the mattress. His eyes were wide with fear and disappointment at the lads' betrayal.


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