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Genre: Harry Potter Slash
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Chapter Thirty-Four -- Hogwarts Under Siege

"The Elder Wand?"

The Dark Lord shrieked in disbelief. His red, serpentine orbs flared, at the reverberation of his own response in the empty chamber.

"`The Elder Wand!'" Voldemort repeated aloud; the high pitched screech of incredulity sent a shiver down young Draco Malfoy's spine.

The foul creature fixed the terrified youth with those vile excuses for eyes, intent on raping the boy's mind for what was surely a deception, a ploy on Draco's part.

But the boy was surprised by the fact that the Legilimency was so brief and so mild. He managed to mask his surprise; his own powers of Occlumency seemed to be withstanding the assault.

They were alone in the chamber, except for the Dark Lord's familiar, Nagini. She seemed to be floating in a protective sphere, above and behind the Dark Lord's throne chair.

Suddenly the magical orb, that sheltered Voldemort's personal Horcrux, floated down towards the terrified young blonde. In a matter of seconds the sphere encased Draco's head and shoulders.

The boy was totally defenceless, now face-to-face with the monstrous beast! Its gaping maw bared its frightening fangs; its serpentine twin tongues flicked and flared about the boy's pallid cheeks, now so devoid of colour that they were as white as marble.

Just as suddenly the massive serpent withdrew. Its cage-like orb now hovered behind Voldemort. The Dark Lord gripped the boy by his shoulders and was literally in Draco's face.

This tactic was clearly one of intimidation, aimed at terrifying the sixteen-year-old wizard, to shatter his concentration and weaken his defences. Draco's earlier fear that he might soil himself, yet again, was almost a reality, even without being subjected to the Cruciatus curse.

But the youngest Malfoy braced himself. He had prepared for this moment; this was Draco's time, his test of strength, of courage, of resolve! This was literally DO OR DIE!

Voldemort's first foray into Draco's mind had been nothing more than a diversion, a false flag, to lower his expectations and imbue him with false confidence. The boy now endured this renewed Legilimency onslaught for an eternity, until the Dark Lord finally relented.

The insane monster released the traumatised youth completely. He backed away from the boy, as he examined the wand more closely.

"The Elder Wand!" the monster shrieked, seemingly convinced of the efficacy of the boy's claim.

The cackle that erupted from the foul beast, despite its shrill attack on Draco's senses, bathed the youth in sweet relief. But the boy managed to suppress and conceal that from the vile, dark warlock.

Voldemort waved the wand to and fro. Sparks and flashes of bright light, in a variety of stark colours, danced around him.

Draco could feel the Magic that pervaded the room.

"Serpensortia!" Voldemort cried, with a flick of the Elder Wand.

A huge snake, almost as massive as Nagini, appeared on the floor in front of Draco. It reared its massive head, up from its coiled torso, and bared its fangs, as if to strike.

"Evanesco!" the Dark Lord flicked the wand again, and the conjured serpent disappeared in a brilliant flash of light.

"Wingardium Leviosa," accompanied the madman's next flick of the wand.

Draco suddenly found himself floating, in mid-air, before the monster.

"Imperio!" quickly followed.

The young blonde was now euphoric, barely aware of what was transpiring. He leaned in towards the revolting creature and engulfed the monster's vile mouth with his own.

Before the boy knew what was happening, Voldemort's serpentine tongue had penetrated his mouth. It was so deeply embedded in the handsome youth's throat that, had Draco been fully sentient, it would have tripped his gag reflex.

The effect of the Unforgivable curse was driving Draco to new heights of carnal euphoria that he would normally be horrified to even contemplate.

As Voldemort plundered the beautiful boy's mouth and throat, he wormed his cold, skeletal digits into the youth's robes and eventually insinuated them into Draco's pants.

The sinister paedophile worked Draco's well-endowed cock into an erotic frenzy, while his other hand teased the boy's balls and arse.

Then Voldemort was spreading the boy's smooth, hairless cheeks apart, while Nagini had slithered out of her protective cage and made her way across the floor.

The giant serpent coiled her massive torso behind the frenzied youth. She raised her head and teased the boy's sensitive sphincter with her huge, forked tongue. Nagini probed the well-used anus with her split tongue, until she reached depths that not even Salazar Snape's massive cock had penetrated.

Draco had no conscious perception of these events, other than the sublime euphoria of what would normally sicken him. Time was an irrelevance.

Voldemort and his snake continued to rape and stimulate the youth, until the vile creature flicked his new wand and intoned... "Finite!"

Draco was immediately fully cognisant of the abuse to which he was being subjected. But he barely had time to react before the Dark Lord pointed the Elder Wand directly at the boy's highly aroused genitals...

"Crucio!" the monster cried in a high-pitched whine that threatened to puncture Draco's ear drums.

Still suspended in mid-air, the petite blonde's supple body flexed and contorted in intense agony, under the second Unforgivable curse. The pain was more intense than any previous version of this curse inflicted upon his tender flesh, and there had been many in the past.

In a perversely ironic twist, the intense pain did not cause him to soil himself, as it normally did. Voldemort's and Nagini's ministrations and the Cruciatus now rendered his escalating climax imminent. The boy was engulfed in a mind-numbing crescendo of sexual ecstasy and unimaginable pain, beyond anything he had hitherto experienced.

Draco's ear-splitting scream merely added to his excruciating torture; he felt as if his lungs were bleeding.

Before the boy had time to take stock of his predicament, let alone rationalise this latest explosion of agony, Nagini forced her massive tongue even deeper into his overstretched bowels. At the same time she clamped down with her powerful jaw, and punctured the boys buttocks and groin with her sharp fangs.

Then, with the youth in the paroxysms of this new wave of exquisite pain, Voldemort gripped the boy's head and peered into the traumatised youth's eyes, only to launch an even more concerted assault on the child's mental defences.

Even so, despite the blinding pain, the almost-delirious blonde mustered every ounce of his strength. Draco drew on every resource that he had developed over his recent months of intense training, to withstand the Dark Lord's assault on his mental defences.

Eventually, the young wizard surrendered under the vicious attack. He yielded the information that the Dark Lord sort. The boy collapsed into a near-comatose delirium, as soon as the cruel monster relented.

Voldemort almost shrieked with delight with the information that he had extracted from the boy.

"So, Our pretty young thing, you have been resourceful in your attempt to redeem yourself in Our eyes. You have succeeded most admirably and you shall have your rewards!"

Despite being in the paroxysms of unimaginably excruciating agony, Draco Malfoy's mind was remarkably sharp.

The foul monster waved his newly acquired wand into the air, wordlessly bathing the wretched youth in a series of spells.

As this was happening, Nagini returned to the safety and security of her protective cage.

Under the Dark Lord's tacit incantations, Draco found himself bathed in euphoric relief. The injuries from the serpent's attack, and the pain and even the humiliation of the trauma that had been visited upon him was gone.

When the boy eventually stood and looked up at the monster before him, he wordlessly enquired... "rewards?" with the emphasis on its plurality.

"Yes, Our sweet young thing..." Voldemort hissed, "you have earned the honour of bearing Our Dark Mark!"

As the Dark Lord spoke, he reached out and gripped the blonde's wrist firmly. He brought the point of the Elder Wand down onto the boy's pale, smooth forearm...

The black skull was burning into the vulnerable young wizard's flesh, disfiguring the alabaster skin for all time.

The pain was excruciating, but insignificant in light of that which he had endured over the last half hour. The Malfoy heir bore the discomfort with dignity.

"You, Draco Malfoy, have earned the honour of being the first to receive Our Mark, from this legendary wand, which has finally found its true master. You shall have your revenge, your heart's desire...

"I have seen the pain that Salazar Snape has forced you to endure."

"Thank you, Master! With this wand you will surely vanquish Harry Potter, My Lord!"

Voldemort stared hard at the youth. Draco could barely distinguish between the look of anger and that of intrigue, as each emotion flittered across the dark monster's deformed visage.

The silence was stark and pervasive... and disturbing.

Draco decided to take up the challenge and strike while the iron was hot...

"I was told, by my father, about your wand's behaviour against Potter's wand, Master... and I have discovered the reason. They are brother wands, My Lord, their cores having come from the same beast.

"The Elder Wand will surely prove lethal to Potter, My Lord!" the youth proudly and confidently asserted.

The Dark Lord smiled wickedly, then hissed his sibilant reply...

"You have exceeded Our expectations, and have surely erased the shame of your previous shortcomings.

"Rest assured, Our pretty, the Snapes shall die... both of them, as soon as Hogwarts has fallen and Harry Potter is Ours! The Elder Wand demands that it be so!"

Draco drew a deep breath and steeled himself.

"If I may be so bold, Master. I have prepared an even greater offering than the Elder Wand, My Lord..."

Voldemort leered even more incredulously at the stunning youth, and merely nodded permission to proceed.

"If you summon the Snapes to appear before you, I can assure you that the results will far exceed any expectations that you could imagine, Master."

The Dark Lord peered into the beguiling youth's grey irises, and was delighted with what he perceived. He immediately bared his spindly forearm and jammed the point of his newly acquired Elder Wand into the heart of his own Dark Mark. The skull tattoo instantly darkened.

Within a matter of minutes three figures Apparated into the chamber and immediately slumped to their knees.

There before the Dark Lord, knelt the naked, bloodied, battered and barely conscious bodies of Severus Snape, Salazar Snape AND the elusive HARRY POTTER!


As the older members of the Gryffindor common room prepared to move off to their respective dormitories for the night, there was considerable consternation amongst the seniors. None of them had seen Sals since before dinner. In fact, neither he nor his father had been sighted all evening.

Furthermore, although he had been at dinner in the Great Hall, there was no sign of Neville Longbottom since then either.

Tensions had been high for the last fortnight. However, despite being a Saturday, the expected air of relaxation had not been evident anywhere in the castle all day.

The Quidditch match between Hufflepuff and Slytherin had been cancelled without notice or explanation. To compound the mystery, nobody had seen hide nor hair of Draco either. Greg and Vincent were as ignorant of his whereabouts as the Gryffindors.

Hermione and Ginny speculated as to whether this had anything to do with the cancellation of the game. But they had little to go on.

Hermione tried to be upbeat about the unexplained disappearance of Sals and Draco. But the added absence of Professor Snape merely increased the fear that it was a portent of something ominous.

Despite their misgivings, and with no other options available, they bid each other a good-night, and trundled off to bed.


Barely six hours later, at precisely three o'clock on Sunday morning, a baker's dozen sleep-deprived Slytherin seniors, led by Adrian Pucey and Draco Malfoy, assembled in the Slytherin common room.

Draco cast a silencing spell, with a flamboyant flick of his wrist, then glared at the assembled Death-Eaters-in-waiting. He held up his arm, slid his robe's sleeve down, to display his newly acquired Dark Mark, and waited for the gasps and murmurs to subside.

"Okay, listen up, Slytherins!" He eyed each individual youth sternly. "You have been called by the Dark Lord, this night, to perform your duty. This morning we take Hogwarts for the Dark Lord and for Slytherin."

A murmur of bravado and a frisson of anxiety pervaded the room. Draco was not prepared to tolerate any distraction; he pushed on emphatically.

"In less than an hour from now you will be responsible for guiding one thousand Death Eaters into Hogwarts via two secret passages. Three of you will be stationed at each end of the passageways. Your job will be to ensure that the troops are assembled and waiting for the cue to attack at dawn.

"You will assist the Death Eaters to take Hogwarts from the inside, while the Dark Lord assembles his remaining forces on the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Stay alert and follow your instructions to the letter."

Draco glared at the nervous yet excited Slytherins before delivering his final instruction.

"Pucey will direct you to your posts, where he will issue your orders. Be on your toes; tolerate no interference."


Panic and chaos gripped the dormitories of all four houses of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at six-fifty-five that same morning. The castle reverberated with the sounds of Voldemort's initial attack upon the school.

The wards held firm against the assault; but the terrified students scrambled into their clothes as they stumbled out of bed. They raced haphazardly to gather in their respective common rooms. Their confused teachers and head boys and girls struggled to assemble their charges for instructions.

The terrifyingly shrill voice of the Dark Lord echoed throughout the corridors and chambers of the castle, throwing the already petrified students into renewed panic.

"Residents of Hogwarts," the foul monster's magnified voice shrieked, "your day of deliverance is at hand. Look to the East, and observe the demise of your Chosen Ones! Their imminent deaths will mark the dawn of a new era in the Wizarding World.

"You have until sunrise to lay down your wands and submit to Our Will. Resist and you will all suffer the same fate as the Boy-Who-ONCE-Lived.

"At dawn's first light any and all resistance will be crushed."


A howl of horror and disbelief flew from Minerva McGonagall's throat, as she looked towards the hill on the Western edge of the Forbidden Forest.

"Magnificat... amplio!" she cried and waved her wand in trepidation, only to have her worst fears verified, as the view from the Astronomy Tower was magnified.

There, over on the Eastern hill, were the bodies of Salazar, Severus and Harry. They were still barely alive and quite obviously in excruciating agony. All three were impaled upon massive stakes, in the infamous style of Vlad The Impaler, better known as the infamous Count Dracula, ruler of Wallachia in the mid-Fifteenth Century.

The wooden stakes had clearly been driven through the victims' rectums, until the bloodied sharpened points had projected up and out through their shoulders.

Minerva and the gaggle of professors at her side could hardly believe their eyes. They dared not believe that even He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named could stoop so low.

"What can we do, Minerva?" wailed Professor Pomona Sprout. "What is to become of my Hufflepuffs?"

"We must bow to The Dark Lord's wishes!" cried Amycus Carrow, the recently appointed head of Slytherin.

"NEVER!" countered Filius Flitwick, "Ravenclaw does not cower before vile creatures like Tom Riddle!

"Besides, what do you think would befall the Muggle-born students in our care, were we to surrender to this monster and his hordes?"

"Exactly!" declared McGonagall vehemently. To your houses. Prepare your students to defend the castle. I will contact the Aurors!"


Voldemort stood before the three naked and bloodied victims, who were near delirium, as they struggled to remain conscious. Severus and Salazar Snape were hanging on either side of Harry Potter, atop the hill on the Western edge of the forest.

The scenario formed a contemptuous tableau of the famed fable of Golgotha: the Father, the Son and the Boy-Who-Lived. The mockery titillated the vile monster's sense of irony.

"You no doubt know of the implications of the transference of ownership and control of the Elder Wand, Severus. So the consequences of your decision to assume Draco's responsibility cannot have escaped your awareness. I find it deliciously ironic that, in so doing, you saved the life of the beguiling youth who would ultimately betray you."

The Dark Lord sniggered once again, and licked his lips salaciously with his serpentine tongue.

"So then, in order that the succession of the Elder Wand might pass to its rightful owner, We shall demand your death. The power and magic of the wand demands as much, since it was you who slayed Dumbledore."

None of the victims made any attempt to speak, which clearly angered the Dark Lord. However, he was even more incensed by the prominent display of the three prodigious weapons that hung limply from the groins of each of the captives. They were nothing if not impressive. That infuriated the foul creature, who was obsessively envious, due to the diminutive state of his own withered genitalia.

Voldemort approached Severus and sneered at the massive cock that was at eye level to his crimson gaze. He prodded the flaccid mass of flesh with the tip of the Elder Wand, then he sneered more bitterly.

From there he crossed to Potter and Snape junior, in turn, and repeated the torment of their genitals with the wand tip.

"It would appear that you are outgunned, Severus!"

Voldemort cackled at the Muggle epithet, as he strolled casually back to face the Half-Blood Prince once again.

"But never mind, We can remedy that!"

The cruel monster turned towards Potter and aimed the Elder Wand at the boy's prodigious weapon.

"Defluet et urere!" he cried; but the wand merely fizzled and sputtered a few red sparks.

Voldemort screeched in anger and frustration. His eyes flared, before he turned away in disgust. He paused momentarily, deep in thought, before turning back to Severus and grinning lewdly with false bravado.

"It would appear that the wand has not yet fully rendered its rightful ownership to Us."

He cackled again and sneered viciously at the Potions Master.

"No worry."

He then reached into his robe and withdrew Lucius Malfoy's wand.

Voldemort had used the same weapon to kill his former lieutenant, upon his release from Azkaban three days ago. Malfoy, along with the younger and elder Notts, had been amongst those Death Eaters pardoned by Pius Thicknesse, four days earlier.

The Dark Lord had decided to execute Malfoy senior, at his displeasure and as an example, for his failure at the Department of Mysteries last June.

"DEFLUET ET URERE!" Voldemort repeated, as he aimed the Slytherin's wand at Potter's groin.

This time a red flash incinerated the youth's genitals, reducing them to a charred cinder. The boy screamed in agony, and the cry was only eclipsed by the Dark Lord's shriek of delight and amusement.

"That's better!" cried the monster as he repeated the attack on Salazar Snape, with equally horrendous results.

"Now you have nothing to be ashamed of, Severus. Pity really, as none of you have any further use for your little toys. Such a waste of good meat!"

The Dark Lord aimed the wand at Severus's groin and reduced his genitals to a smouldering husk. The monster delighted in the man's agonising scream, before he lapsed into unconsciousness.


High atop the Astronomy Tower, Hermione, Ginny, Seamus and Dean had joined Minerva McGonagall, to witness the scene being played out before them, on the hill to the East.

They were all traumatised by the utter brutality of what had unfolded before their eyes. It was made all the more visceral and ruthless by the intensity of Professor McGonagall's magnification charm.

However, the head of Gryffindor did not have the wherewithal to prevent the children from bearing witness to the atrocities being committed. This was partly due to her own trauma and to some extent because, as young as they were, they were about to risk their own lives resisting this monster. They had the right to know just what evil they would be defying and avenging.

As distraught as they were by the horrific events unfolding before them, the Gryffindors were still rational enough to give thought and concern to Draco and Neville. Now that the disappearance of Salazar and his father had been confirmed as tragic, the implications for the fate of their other two friends heightened their fears for their safety.


Back down on the hill below, the vile creature paced to and fro before his three victims, admiring the results of his vindictive revenge.

The Dark Lord's insatiable cruelty seemed to know no bounds. He squinted at the Eastern horizon and detected the first faint glow of the approaching dawn.

"Time to bring this escapade to its climax," he whispered to himself, while his horde of minions looked on through the waxing dawn.

"Enervate!" he chanted, as he focused Malfoy's wand on Severus. He wanted all three of his victims to be sentient for the final chapter of this libidinous saga.

Voldemort revived all three of his victims, before returning to face Severus Snape.

"Of course killing you will only partially ensure the passing of the Elder Wand to Us, Severus. Since your audacious son saw fit to act as an accomplice in rendering Dumbledore defenceless on the Astronomy Tower, he too will need to be eliminated to ensure that We remain the sole and rightful heir to the Elder Wand."

He turned towards Salazar Snape and pointed the Slytherin wand directly at his heart.

"Adieu, young Snape, such a waste. We would so wished to have slaked Our wanton appetites in your youthful flesh, but time does not permit. Never fear, young Malfoy will serve as a suitable substitute. AVADA KEDAVRA!"

A brilliant green flash struck Salazar in the chest, and his head slumped onto his shoulder.

"AVADA KEDAVRA!" Tom Riddle repeated as he aimed the wand at the boy's father, with the same result.

Lord Voldemort now stood before the almost lifeless corpse of Harry James Potter. He retrieved the Elder Wand from his cloak, then peered at it lustfully.

"Fifteen years We have waited for this day, Harry Potter! Now vengeance is mine. AVADA KEDAVRA!"


Minerva , Hermione and the rest of Salazar's Gryffindor cadre were shattered by the brutality and finality of the murders of their friends and comrades.

As suspicious as she had been of Salazar Snape, since his arrival at Hogwarts, Minerva could not forgive herself for the open hostility that she had exhibited towards him.

But this was not the time for remorse, this was a time for defiant action.

The Aurors and other members of the Order of the Phoenix had begun arriving by Floo. They were assembling in the Great Hall as quickly as the Hogwarts Floo network could accommodate them.

Minerva directed her charges to accompany her to the assembly with all haste.

Seamus and Dean were charged with remaining on the tower to watch and report any development to the Great Hall.

Order was beginning to emerge from chaos, in the assembly hall, under Kingsley Shacklebolt's direction when Minerva arrived. However the news was not good. Kingsley reported that there had been no response from the Ministry, despite numerous attempts to contact the Minister by Floo.

Furthermore, the news from the Slytherin dungeons was ominous. Only a handful of Slytherins had come to the hall, essentially only those seniors who were members of Dumbledore's Army.

Led by Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, Tracey Davis and Millicent Bulstrode, they had defied the new head of Slytherin, Amycus Carrow, who had directed all of his charges to remain in the Slytherin dungeons.

Even more disturbing was the news that more than a dozen of the most senior and least trustworthy of the Slytherin seniors had disappeared without a trace overnight.

Vince and Greg could shed no light on either the other seniors' overnight disappearance nor Draco's absence since mid-afternoon yesterday.

Suddenly the halls and corridors of the castle reverberated with the sound of Voldemort's shrill voice. Once again the already petrified students were terrified by the evil sound.

"Residents of Hogwarts," the foul monster's magnified voice shrieked, "your Chosen Ones are dead! With their demise and the approaching dawn, a new era in the Wizarding World is now at hand.

"You have until sunrise to lay down your wands and submit to Our Will. Resist and you will all suffer the same fate as your former heroes. Obey and live to see another day!

"At dawn's first light any and all resistance will be crushed."


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