***This story is a complete work of fiction involving professional basketball players Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors. This story in no way attempts to question either man's sexuality. Readers should be 18 years of age or older.***


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Steph turned the shower handle, stopping the refreshingly hot water from falling all over his exhausted, golden-brown body. He let out an audible sigh, saying to himself, "Damn, I can't believe it's over. The winning streak is over." He picked his towel off the rack and began drying his face and body before making his way back to his locker. He walked with his head down, replaying in his mind the many things he and his fellow Golden State Warriors could have done to prevent the Boston Celtics from breaking their 54-home game winning streak. That was especially depressing because, had they won the game, they very likely could have gone on to being undefeated at home for the entire season. And then there was the NBA record for winningest team in the regular season. This loss meant that they could only afford to lose one more game if they wanted to break the Chicago Bulls' two decade-old 72-10 record.

The reigning MVP began rapping the lyrics from OT Genesis' "Coco" to himself, before spotting his teammate and fellow Splash Brother.


"Klay, what'chu still doing here? I thought everyone had already left."

"Just trying to gain my thoughts. I can't believe we lost that game," Klay said solemnly. His tone was one of both sadness and defeat.

"All we can do is move on. That game is over, it's the past. Gotta just pick ourselves up so we can close this season out by breaking the Bulls' record and winning another `ship. That's all there is to it."

"Yeah, I know man, I just..." Klay sighed.


Steph walked over and sat next to his teammate, but not before readjusting his towel around his waist to make sure his modesty was covered. He wanted to put a reassuring hand on Klay's shoulder, but Klay was still in his uniform and still drenched in sweat from the game. Klay had usually waited until he was the only one left in the locker room before showering. As a rookie, he had been ruthlessly teased by the older guys on the team for his insanely busy pubes and huge mammoth cock. "Dick Fro" and "Schlong" were the nicknames he was given, and although he had never cracked a joke himself, Steph nevertheless used to laugh along with the rest of the guys, which in a way, honestly did hurt Klay's sensitive feelings.

The duo sat in silence, caught up in their own thoughts for several minutes before Steph stood up and began collecting his gear. Klay looked out the corner of his eye at the white cotton towel that firmly held Steph's butt cheeks in place. He turned his head in the opposite direction, slightly embarrassed to be looking at the ass of his captain and "brother."


"What'chu got planned tonight," Steph asked inquisitively.


Klay turned his head back around to answer his MVP but was caught off guard as he saw Steph standing stark naked, save for a pair of Nike sandals, as he fidgeted around in his bag for his bottle of deodorant. Like Klay, Steph never undressed in the locker room. He wasn't shy or embarrassed, but the senior executives of the Warriors had always advised him against doing so, conspiratorially paranoid that the media or cleaning crew would snap nude photos or rig his "locker" with hidden cameras. This wasn't simply due to the fact that he was the team star and arguably the best player in the league, but rather because everyone knew how religious Steph was, and he more than anyone else was most likely to be embarrassed about nude photos being leaked.


"Umm...I uh...um, I'm not sure," Klay said, struggling to find a response. I guess I'm just gonna go back home and rest."

"Yeah, me too. You wanna come over tomorrow for brunch? You already know Ayesha is gonna hook it up in the kitchen," Steph said, referring to his beautiful wife who was known for her amazing cooking skills.

"Yeah cool, that sounds like a plan. Thanks for the invite."

"Eh no problem man. Yo, are you gonna shower? I'll wait for you and we can roll out together."

"Yeah, I better go do that. It's getting late," Klay said, as he stood up and lifted his jersey over his head. He flung it on the ground and then struggled to lift his sweat-drenched black compression shirt over his big head.

"Whew, it's chillier in here than I thought," the 6'7 co-Splash Brother said, as the cool air hit his exposed torso and instantly made his pink nipples hard.

"Yo are you talking about my dick," Steph inquired.

"Huh? What," Klay asked, both confused and caught off guard at the question.

"Man quit playing, you know our dicks shrivel up when it's cold. This ain't my normal size," Steph said with a laugh, as he gently tugged his cock, which indeed was smaller than it usually was due to the cool air.


Because he was taking forever to get dressed, Klay had noticed that's Steph's hairless sack, which was interestingly about 3-4 shades darker than the rest of his body, was completely shriveled up, desperately trying to keep the invaluable Curry testicles warm inside.


"Oh, I wasn't talking about that. Didn't even notice to be honest," Klay said awkwardly.


The taller and younger Splash Brother pulled off his uniform shorts and quickly took off his musky socks too. He hesitated and looked out the corner of his eye to make sure Steph wasn't watching, before lowering his sweaty black compression shorts. His impressively large limp cock jumped as the cool air hit it, before slightly shriveling up and retracting into itself. He took his left hand and moved it around his unkempt tuft of wiry dark brown pubic hair that was glistening with sweat. His concentration broke as heard Steph laughing.


"Yooooo Klay, you still ain't shave yo dick?! Damn" Steph said, as he put his hands up to his flat stomach and belted out an over-the-top, if not forced, laugh.

Klay blushed.

"We do need to talk about that, though. Real talk. Like, why don't you shave? Or trim it at least?" Steph inquired in a half-joking, half-serious tone.

"I don't feel the need to. I'm a man. We're supposed to have hair. Why shave it?"

"I mean, come on man, look at me and look at you," Steph said, using both of his hands to point down at his own package.


The flesh of Steph's yellow-brown body was as perfectly smooth as a baby's bottom. There wasn't a hair in sight. His bi-colored dick, which was about 5 inches long and slightly darker than the rest of his body, had a noticeably dark brown circumcision ring just below his interestingly colored reddish-pink glans. In a way, it looked unsightly, but nevertheless, millions of people around the world wouldn't dare be put off with the sight of it if they were standing in Klay's shoes at this very moment and staring at Steph's nude body.

Conversely, Klay's bushy dark-colored pubes contrasted with the rest of mostly hairless pale body, with the sole exception of his equally hairy armpits. And unlike Steph, Klay's circumcision scar was barely noticeable. An impressive 6.1 inch schlong hung between the tuft of hair at the base of his penis and his equally impressive balls, which were, interestingly enough, completely shaved. Steph pointed out the anomaly.


"Oh, so you shave your balls but not your dick," the MVP said sarcastically.

Klay blushed. He knew he was caught up. And why was Steph talking about this anyway?

"Umm, well yeah, cuz when I used to get head, girls would always complain about getting hair in their mouth when they licked my balls." I've just shared too much information, Klay thought to himself, but Steph didn't appear to be affected one way or another.

"Don't you have the biggest dick on the team," Steph inquired, changing the subject.

"Nope. Draymond and Bogut are both bigger."


To his credit, Klay's cock was the "prettiest," since it was proportional in both length and girth, unlike most of his teammates' dicks which were just long and skinny. Surprisingly, Steph's was one of the smallest on the team.


"Oh yeah. Well from what I heard, you put it down real nice. Have those girls squirtin' all over the bed and whatnot." Steph let out another laugh.


Klay blushed again. It was true, he was good at sex and he knew it. And yes, he did make a lot of girls squirt their juices all over his bed, but how the fuck did Steph know this? How was he supposed to respond? Was he expected to respond? He kept mum before his thoughts were interrupted by a comment Steph made.


"I'd like to try some of that dick myself, to be honest," the MVP mumbled, but loud enough for Klay to hear.

"What," Klay asked, not sure if he had actually heard what he thought he heard.

"I said I want to try some of that dick myself," Steph said, raising his voice.

The MVP walked over to Klay, and took his Splash Brother's hung limp cock in his hand. Unintimidated, he stared his taller teammate dead in his face. Klay was shocked and confused, and broke the stare, casting his eyes downward to Steph's brown hand fondling his fleshy white meat. Steph smirked mischievously.

What's happening, Klay thought to himself. This can't be real. Steph is straight. I'm straight! And what about Ayesha and their daughters? And our team. What would we do if they found out? Who could I tell? Who would believe me? Everyone knows I'm honest, but no one in the world would imagine that Steph molested me! Took advantage of me! He could have me kicked out the team, maybe even blacklisted from the NBA! A wave of questions and emotions ran through his head before he felt a familiar sensation on his dick.

He looked down, and found his captain and "brother" once again staring him in his eyes as he sucked his dick. Neither said anything, and Steph's slurping was the only noise in the room. I can't believe this, Klay said to himself, as he closed his eyes and tilted his head back, resting his hands on his hips. Steph was good; he for sure knew what he was doing. Klay felt the blood rush to his young manhood, and in literally less than a minute, the horny 26-year old's fuck stick had become completely erect and grew to its full 9.9 inches.


"Damn this dick is good," Steph said, finally breaking the silence. He took his friend's dick, which was salty due to all of Klay's sweating during the game, out his mouth and stared at in disbelief. It really was a beautiful sight to behold. "You like that shit huh," Steph teased. Klay remained silent.


The MVP took the whitish-brown sausage back in his hand and gently licked the piss slit at the tip, before twirling his tongue around the head, and finishing by deep throating it in one swift motion. Klay gasped. No girl he had ever been with had been able to take his whole dick in their mouth; it was simply too big. But now here he was, in silent euphoric bliss as he felt the vibrations in Steph's throat massage his member. For his part, Steph rested in face inside Klay's bush, which was musky and overtly reeked of his natural scent, which Steph didn't mind in the slightest. The wiry hairs tickled his nose, and before long, he gagged and had to pull himself off the dick.


"How am I doing, playboy," Steph teased.


Klay responded by grabbing his sack and sticking it in Steph's face. Steph took the hint and licked his friend's balls. He would take one testicle into his mouth at a time and suck on it gently, before pushing it out with an audible "plop" sound and moving on to the other. And, although they were practically the size of golf balls, Steph managed to get both of them into his mouth at the same time.

Steph licked the sweaty, salty skin of Klay's pinkish-brown ball sack before leading his tongue further south into the hairy jungle that was Klay's taint. The MVP tried probing his tongue around his friend's musky underside in search of his asshole, but couldn't get to it because Klay stubbornly wouldn't reposition himself in a more accessible way.


"Let me eat your asshole," Steph said in a somewhat annoyed, yet desperate tone.

"I'm too sweaty man," Klay said. Although that wasn't a complete lie, the real reason why he was hesitant to let his captain rim him was because he was extremely self-conscious about his personal scent since the jungle of hair around his opening trapped the musky smell.

"Man quick playing, let me eat that ass," Steph said, with a more serious tone to his voice. He even stood up and pushed Klay back into the chair before crawling back in between the taller man's lanky legs. "You don't gotta take a shit, do you," Steph asked, quite bluntly. Klay blushed.

"No, I don't. I would just prefer to take a shower since I stink from the game."

"We don't have time for you to take a shower, I want to eat that ass now. I don't care about you stinking. Lift those legs up."


Klay did as he was told and awkwardly took a leg in each hand lifted them towards his chest. Steph stared at the sight before him: two big, round, white butt cheeks, each with a fair amount of dark hair on them. The baller's crack was a different story, though, and was completely covered in curly dark brown hair. In fact, it was so hairy that Steph couldn't even make out Klay's hole. He stuck his face in further, and the sweat and body odor emanating off Klay reached his nostrils. After using his hands to pull his teammate's cheeks apart, Steph finally found Klay's sacred asshole, a beautiful light pink color, and every bit of virginal. He teased Klay and stuck his nose up against his asshole and inhaled the intoxicating fumes.


"You smell fine. Just like how a man like you should smell," Steph said.


The MVP began his oral assault on Klay's young asshole, taking note of how the hairs on either side of his friend's opening lay down as the saliva from his tongue matted them to Klay's butt cheeks. Klay clenched tightly both his hole and toes at the unfamiliar tickling sensation. Klay was in euphoric bliss. The basketball star hadn't had sex in two weeks, and quite obviously, had never had any sexual experiences with another guy. Now, here he was, getting his very first rimjob in his very first gay sexual encounter with, of all people, his captain, teammate, idol, and friend.

Unbeknownst to Klay, this was Steph's first rimjob as well. His prudish wife Ayesha never allowed Steph to explore anything anal with her, and even the thought of her giving him a rimjob was far out of the question. In a less sexually intense time, and certainly almost to any girl, Klay's rancid smelling ass would have been off putting; but Steph had initiated this encounter and he wasn't going to stop now. The MVP went to insert his right index finger inside his friend's opening when Klay bore down even harder, as if that were possible, preventing Steph's finger from going past the nail.


"I'm not ready for anything in my ass," Klay said shyly. Steph didn't protest, but didn't hesitate to put the finger up to his nose to take in Klay's most private, personal scent.

"That's cool. Well how `bout you put that fat dick of yours in my ass," the MVP responded.


Both young men stood up, and Klay put his hands on either of Steph's hips and maneuvered his friend in front of him. He went to line up his fuck stick with Steph's opening before the MVP stopped him.


"You gotta lube me up. I'm ain't no girl. Ain't no juices gonna get me wet," Steph said with a laugh.

"Uh...I don't have any lube though," Klay said. There wasn't any need for him to carry any. The chicks he fucked were young and ready to go.

"Yes you do. Your tongue! Make me wet with that tongue like how you eat those groupies' pussies!"


Klay sat back down in the chair and moved Steph around in front of him. He took one of his friend's golden brown cheeks in each hand and spread them apart, revealing a perfectly hairless reddish-pink slit, that truly looked more like a vagina than an anus. Klay moved his face in, his large aquiline nose making contact with Steph's baby soft skin and inhaling the fresh, faint scent of soap. Klay's tongue met Steph's opening, and the MVP gasped and quickly bit his lip to hush himself. Klay flicked his tongue against and sucked on his friend's asshole, indeed just as he flicked and sucked on a girl's clit to prep her for taking his manhood. The young man raised his friend's leg to grant him better access, and Steph took his right hand and placed it on the back of Klay's head, urging him to go in deeper.


"Fuuuucckkkk that feels good! Yeah, eat my pussy. Eat my fucking pussy," Steph commanded, as he gently pushed his cute ass back into Klay's face.


Almost instinctively, Klay took his right middle finger and slide it inside his friend's warm, wet hole. Steph let out another audible gasp that turned into a moan. Klay took that as a sign to finger fuck his friend, which he did without hesitation. The star watched as his thick, long finger, glistening and coated with his own saliva, was swallowed up and pushed back out by his friend's asshole. For added affect, Steph would clench down around the finger while he jacked off his own circumcised dick, which was now standing fully erect at 7.7 inches. Klay moved his left hand, which had been until now firmly resting on Steph's left hip to hold him in place, across the MVP's front and in between his legs. While he was finger fucking his captain with one hand, he started rubbing the captain's taint with another, as if it really were a pussy.

Steph was thoroughly enjoying his first rimjob and fingering. Klay's finger and tongue had done wonders. Ayesha's a bitch, he thought to himself. She had been denying him this pleasure for years.


"Hey, why did you stop," Steph asked, welcoming the distraction from the thoughts that crept into his mind about his frustration with his wife's prudishness.

"I need to bust a nut," Klay said matter-of-factly.

"Well bust inside this ass then, playa!" Steph gave Klay a playful slap on his cheek. "You got a condom?"

"Yeah, hold on let me get it."

"Cool. I know how you be getting around with these hoes," Steph said with another over-the-top laugh.


The MVP watched as Klay went to his bag and pulled out a condom. He admired his teammate's body, although he thought his own looked better. Klay was in good shape, but he wasn't toned. In fact, Steph thought, as did many fans, that if Klay had taken better care of his body overall, he would be a showstopper. His fashion sense was horrible and he desperately needed a tan. A nose job and teeth whitening would also be nice, not to mention some skin care products to get rid of the razor bumps on his face. But Klay was cool as hell. He was quiet and mostly kept to himself, but he was unwaveringly loyal and Steph knew he could count on his support both on and off the court. And now, both of them were about to have their first gay sexual encounter with each other.


"Aha! Here it is," Klay said, pulling the condom out of his backpack to show his captain.

"Put that shit on then. Hurry up, before your dick goes soft. Your shit is too big to get hard again...had my jaw hurting," Steph said with a smile and wink.


Klay did as he was told, carefully tearing the condom wrapper, pulling out the condom, and rolling it over his hard organ.

"Spit on your dick," Steph said. "For lube."


Klay hawked up two sloppy globs of spit and rubbed it all over the condom. As he approached Steph, the MVP also spat twice on the hard dick, and spat on his left hand and rubbed it over his hole, before getting on his hands and knees in the doggy style position.

"Go slow. I'm a virgin. Well, my ass is virgin, anyway," Steph said for preciseness.

Klay got down on his knees behind his friend and began lining his cock up with Steph's opening. He rested his left hand on the small of the MVP's back, and used his right to hold and guide his cock inside his friend. There was pressure a lot of pressure and resistance as Klay tried to push his bulbous head inside his captain. Steph winced.


"Push your asshole out, like you gotta take a poop," Klay instructed. That was something he learned years ago in college when he first did anal with a cheerleader from Washington State.


Steph did as he was instructed, and gasped as Klay's head made its way inside him. Slowly but surely, Klay pushed himself in, inch by inch. He only put in 6 of his nearly 10 inches before pulling out and pushing himself back in. It had taken a while for Steph to get used to the stabbing feeling. It hurt like hell, and the fact that Klay's manhood was so girthy honestly made it feel like one wrong move and Steph would be ripped apart. Klay also felt that Steph was super tight, definitely tighter than any girl he had ever fucked. But it felt good too. In a way, he wish he wasn't wearing the condom and could feel his organ directly up against Steph's bowels. But safe sex was important, and Steph was right: Klay did get around with the groupies.


"Spit on your dick again," Steph said through gritted teeth. Klay did as he was told, and pulled out slightly before pushing himself back in, watching as the fresh coat of saliva slid inside with his dick.

"Are you good," Klay asked.

"Yeah. Your dick is fat! What do girls say when you stick it in?"

"Ha!" Klay laughed and took that as a compliment. "Same thing as you, but they're usually super wet so it goes in a little bit easier.


After another minute or so, Steph slowly began bucking his hips and rocking back and forth on Klay's manhood. The pain was starting to turn into pleasure.

"Daaaaammmmmnnnnn this feels good," Steph said.


Interestingly, both basketball stars had been completely indifferent to the fact that they were having sex in the middle of the open locker room. If anyone had walked in at this very moment, they would see Steph twerking his firm, cute little ass on Klay's thick cock. Klay moved to put his hands on Steph's hips to provide both of them some stability to rock back and forth. He looked down and stared at his friend's toned muscular back, with its flawless golden-brown skin.


"Fuck me harder," Steph moaned in pleasure. "Harder! HARDER!"


Klay sped up, spitting twice more on his dick to provide more lube. He pulled out abruptly and stuck his face in his friend's asshole, licking around and inside his pink slit. Steph moaned.

Klay pushed his friend down onto his side and crawled up behind him, forcing his dick back inside and pumping a few times before his dick popped out. Steph bore down on his hole, feeling empty inside. Klay flipped Steph onto his back and hovered over him in the missionary position. Steph had his eyes closed and was slowly rocking his head from side to side in disbelief, letting a moan escape from his lips here and there as Klay pounded away. Klay was shocked to look down and see that Steph had lost his erection and had gone completely limp. So it must not feel good after all, Klay thought to himself somewhat frustrated. Steph had said it felt good, but clearly his body didn't think so.

Steph finally opened his eyes and was met with Klay staring directly at him. The duo stared deep into each other's eyes as though they were searching for the sole of the other. Steph smiled and bit his lips before puckering them and extending his face upwards towards Klay. Klay followed suit, and the two exchanged a long, passionate kiss with Klay not missing a single beat as he continued his assault on Steph's asshole with his cock. Their tongues fought inside each other's mouth.


"You kiss good," Steph said, with a sly, cheeky smile.


Klay smiled but didn't say anything. He sped up his pumping, and Steph stared in admiration at Klay's focus and stamina. He watched as a bead of sweat dripped from Klay's forehead and landed on his on face, dangerously close to his right eye which would have burned like hell. Just as he laid back down and closed his eyes, Klay pulled out.


"I'm about to cum," the top said with bated breath.

Klay quickly pulled his condom off, and jacked his dick with both hands until 11 impressive volleys of thick, milky white cum erupted from his piss slit and landed all over Steph's face and upper chest. One volley had landed on his left eye which he instinctively shut, and another on his left ear. Steph quickly got up and stuck Klay's manhood in between his pink lips, sucking the remnants of the baby making fluid that was still flowing from his engorged piss slit. He deep throated Klay and used the muscles at the back of his throat to vibrate Klay's dick until he felt it go limp. The pleasure quickly turned into pain for Klay, as his refractory period set in and his cock became too sensitive. He went to pull himself out of his friend's mouth, but Steph stubbornly stayed latched onto it.


"OOOOOWWWWWWW," Klay yelped. Steph finally let go and laughed. He laid back on the floor, while Klay got up and sat down in the chair that Steph had eaten his ass in minutes earlier, his hairy dick dangling off the edge between his legs.

"Something told me you knew how to put it down," Steph said with a smile as he wiped Klay's cum off his eye and sucked the juices from his fingertips.

"That was good," Klay mumbled.

"What was that?" Steph heard his teammate, but wanted to hear it again.

"I said that was good. Never fucked anything so tight before," Klay said, wiping the sweat from his forehead.


Steph stood up and bent over in front of Klay, spreading his butt cheeks as far apart as they would go.

"Oh, so you like this, huh? It's all yours, anytime you want it, homie. Especially now that I know that you fuck like that!"

Steph began to stand up and walk away, before he felt Klay's strong arms grab him and pull him back. Klay used his strength to force Steph to bend back over, and responded by sticking his tongue out and licking the MVP's worn out hole, which was now slightly gaping as a result of the assault it had just taken. Steph began jacking his dick again, and in no time, both young men were sporting full erections.


"Sit on my dick," Klay said seductively, and the Warriors captain did as he was instructed, completely unphased that Klay wasn't wearing a condom.


Both of their bodies shuttered at the feel of the other. For Steph, it was nice to directly feel Klay's throbbing cock pulsating deep inside his bowels; for Klay, it was nice to feel his captain's bowels. Klay playfully bit Steph's ear, before whispering, "I wanna fuck the shit out of you." Those words got Steph's juices going, and thick glob of clear precum emerged from his glans. The captain turned his face toward his subordinate, and they engaged in yet another long, sloppy, passionate kiss. After several minutes, Steph broke the kiss to stand up and reposition himself on Klay's lap from reverse cowgirl to cowgirl.


"You can fuck me, but you gotta let me return the favor sometime," he said, holding his friend's facial cheeks in his hands.


The duo smiled at each other and kissed again, as their hips began to rock back and forth in passionate sexual intercourse for the second time in less than an hour.


-The End-

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