WARNING, NOTE & DISCLAIMER: Must be 18+ to read this and other Nifty stories. "Dark Skies" (2013) is one of my favorite films and I shipped Jesse Barrett (Dakota Goyo) and Kevin Ratner (L.J. Benet) since first watching it. This story takes place prior to the movie while they are in school. The anonymous boy is my own original character and not based on any other from the film. Also, this is a standalone piece. I do not own the rights to Alliance Films "Dark Skies" or its characters or claim to know the actors sexualities. This story is 100% FICTION!

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Zero Hour in the Stall

James Jenkins 2020

Twelve-year-old Jesse Barrett could see his friend Kevin Ratner's brown eyes peering at him hungrily from the slightly ajar door to the BOYS restroom. Kevin flashes a smile as Jesse left the bathroom, and he reached out and crooks a finger calling Jesse over to him. Beyond reason Jesse felt drawn to Kevin but was confused, as he'd never been in a situation like this before.

Jesse's confusion clearly showed in his blue eyes as Kevin just lets out an exasperated sigh that pushed a golden blonde lock of hair from Jesse's face. The cap-wearing teen looked into Jesse's eyes as he reached out and grabbed him by the front of his black Villains shirt and pulled Jess into the restroom.

Immediately Jesse could feel Kevin's body pushed up against his, the stronger boy's torso against his chest, his hips grinding into Jess, the warmth of Kevin's mere touch flashed along the starstruck boy's whole body. Kevin laid one hand on Jesse's shirt, moving it up to the back of his neck and he pulled Jess over slightly as he stretched up to kiss the blonde with a passion Jesse didn't know boys could share. After a beat Jesse came to terms with his surprise, and his arms left his sides, one reaching behind Kevin's neck, to the spot where it meet with his strong jaw, while the other one found itself in the small of his back pulling him towards Jesse even closer.

Kevin moans as he felt Jesse's hands moving along his body. Jesse's right hand on his neck grabs the back of Kevin's head and Jesse pull him firmly and slowly backwards, baring Kevin's neck as Jess broke their kiss. Jesse bent down and bit gently down on the sensitive spot where his friend's neck meets his shoulder, eliciting a very delicious low moan from Kevin's gaping mouth.

Jesse let Kevin fall a degree away from him as he pulled back and watched Kevin's eyes return from the course they made into the back of his head when he felt Jesse's teeth on his throat. Kevin calmed quickly as Jesse looked around the rest room, seeing the layout for the first time. He could see three stalls and a sink with a mirror on the other side of the room.

Jesse look down at Kevin and placed my hands on his hips and walk backwards towards the middle stall. Kevin resisted at first, but then a touch of reassurance washed across his face. The cropped haired boy moaned a little bit.

"Oh fuck... yeah dude..." he said as Kevin pushes Jesse back, hard into the open door.

Jesse stumbled back through the stall door and he fell onto the seat of the toilet.

"Mmm this should be awesome..." Kevin said as he licked his lips. His arms move behind his head removing his hat as he knelt before Jess. Kevin smiled as he ever so slowly, unzipped Jesse's jeans, and pulled out his half hard cock. Excited, he looks up from the rapidly hardening 6" cock in his sweaty hand.

"I love this part in porn... fuck more then I should..." Kevin whispered as he lowered his lips and brushed them across the tip of Jesse's cock. His smile disappeared as he filled his mouth with the first inches of Jesse's maturing manhood.

A wave of numbing pleasure washes over Jesse as Kevin began moaning and taking as much of his friend's cock as he could into his mouth. Jesse felt himself becoming overcome by maddening lust as Kevin's head bounced in his lap. The sounds of him slurping up his very cock drove Jesse wild. His moans as he tries to take as much of the blonde's length as possible were the sickest and most incredible sounds the boy ever heard.

"If you aren't cool, I'm gonna go insane." Jesse said as he felt himself becoming more amorous. Kevin let Jess cock pop out from between his lips and looked at his friend with a look of mock content.

"Oh? So, you want me to stop with the fun?" Kevin's teasing face changed its character as he saw the spark of desire in Jesse's eyes. The brunette's lips spread into a devilish grin and he reveled in the tortured moan that escaped Jess as his lips slowly, torturously slow, traveled down Jesse's length until Kevin couldn't take anymore.

Jesse let out a sound almost like a low growl, as he let go of what little control he had left over his natural horny impulses. His hands moved to the back of Kevin's head and roughly grabbed him by his buzzcut brunette head. Jesse then started to fuck his face at the rate he wanted. At first, Jess roughly pulled Kevin's head up and down on his thrusting cock. Kevin gagged slightly with every thrust, but he didn't even try and stop, his hands were on Jesse's thighs, but he didn't push him away, Kevin tried to pull Jess in deeper with every thrust. As he continued to deep throat Jess rigid cock, spit slid down the blonde's shaft and started to soak into Jesse's pants.

After a few minutes, Jesse slowed his pace and proceed to move Kevin's face slowly and steadily up and down his shaft. After the rough face fucking, this rate was much slower and more soothing. Jesse took Kevin's from the head of his shaft all the way to the base and back again, slowly but directly. After he adjusts to the sudden change in tempo, Kevin began to enjoy the feeling of Jess cock moving slowly and unceasingly in and out of his mouth. His hands try to pull it in deeper and faster, but Jesse's grip on his head kept him at Jess desired speed. Kevin's moans sent pulsations along the length of Jesse's cock and filled with a Power House thrill.

When Jess had his fill of this sexual treat, he pulled Kevin's head all the way off his cock, and held him still so he could look into Kevin's captivating brown eyes.

"So dude, did you like that?" Jesse asked in a low growl that is his real voice when he's this deeply connected to his sexual side.

"Ah, fuck yeah." Kevin replied, his eyes half lidded, as his hand came up and wiped some of the spit and smeared pre-cum from his chin.

"Cool, now stand up and turn around."

"Oooh, taking charge, I like it."

Kevin stood up and ran his tongue along his teeth. Jess deftly spun him around and Kevin's hands came up as Jess pushed his left hard against the stall door. One of Jess hands traveled up the inside of Kevin's noticeably big thigh and took his shorts with it as it found its way to his huge ass. The other grabbed his now sweaty head once again and pulled Kevin's head back so that his ass is pressed back into Jesse's crotch with his cock nestled between those smoking buns.

"Sweet, then you're gonna love what comes next." Jesse bent over Kevin and whispered into his ear. His hand that had been fondling his large ass found that his ass and hips are completely bare.

"What a Bad Boy, you didn't even wear briefs tonight did ya?" Jess asked quietly. Kevin felt his friend's hand move down his ass and around to feel his dripping wet hole.

"Oh yeah man, I'm a Bad Boy. What'cha gonna to do about it?" he says as he turned his head as much as Jess allowed with his hand still holding Kevin's head firmly.

"I'm gonna make you into my naughty hot FUCKING slave. I'm gonna make you BEG me for my awesome cock. You'll be my little cum-slut when I'm done with you." Jesse whispered intensely in Kevin's right ear, as the words cause him to grind his ass back against the blonde's emboldened cock.

"Ahhhh damn oooohhhh" Jesse heard Kevin moan as he continued to try to grind himself onto Jess cock.

"Fuck me man! Gimme that super dick." Kevin says as Jess enjoyed the feeling of his friend's ass cheeks grinding along his length, Kevin's wet ass against the underside of the blue-eyed boy's shaft..

Jesse used his hand wrapped around Kevin's leg to rub his hard cock as Jess moved back a bit, just enough to position the head of the blonde's itching cock against the tight wet entrance to Kevin's ass.

"Do you want my cock Kev?"

"Oh HELL yeah!"

With his answer Jess pushed forward, the head of his cock pushing slowly into Kevin's tight ass. Jesse felt him stretch to accommodate his girth as Kevin moaned with pleasure. When the head was in, Jess stopped moving and just held it there as the subdued teen moaned and squirmed trying to push it in further.

"Beg for it..." Jess whispered in Kevin's ear.

"Gimme more!" he moans

Jesse pushed in another inch ever so slowly feeling Kevin's ass contracting around his cock.

"Oooooh... dude more!" he moaned louder, as Kevin felt Jesse's cock stretching out his dripping ass.

Jesse pulled out slightly and pushed further into his friend's ass stretching Kev as he did so.

"Shit mmmm... MORE!" Kevin practically screamed. His hips are grinding on Jesse's shaft as he gave him a little more each time he asked. Jesse kept this up until he finally pushed all the way in and felt Kevin's rose bud against the head of his cock.

By this point Kevin's an animal. The teen's long forgotten that they were fucking in the BOYS restroom and is begging for Jess to fuck him.

"Now that you've all you can take, what do you have to say for yourself?" Jesse asked in a deviant tone.

"FUCK ME! POUND my ass! Make me your BITCH, anything! JUST FUCK ME!" Kevin screamed, as his arms strained while he pushed against the door to get leverage and tried to fit more of Jess cock into his gyrating butt.

"Sure thing," Jesse said as he pulled his chubby manhood all the way out of Kevin. "Round 2 coming up." As Jess rammed himself all the way home once again, to the sound of a boy's pleasured moan and the slap of Kevin's ass against his crotch.

"Oh ugh... GOD... ugh. FUCK... yesssss" Kevin unleashes a loud stream of foul words, a new word for every amazing thrust. Jesse reached up Kevin's shirt and took joy in pinching his big hard nipples in between his fingers.

Jesse fucked him. Slowly at first, but he increased the tempo until he was pounding away at Kevin's stretched wet hole. Each full thrust elicited another growl, which drove Jess onward. The blonde released his pal's nipples and moved his hands to Kevin's hips. Each thrust produced a loud wet slap that filled the stinky restroom.

"You're my good little bitch, aren't you?" Jesse growled as he pushed into Kevin.

"Yeah.... uhh.... I'm your good loyal bitch.... mmmm" Kevin mewled as Jesse fucked him. Kevin's hips gyrate and drove Jess to deeper lengths.

"Tell me... ugh yeah... how much you .... mmmm ... like getting your tight fat ass pounded" Jesse moan softly into Kevin's right ear from behind.

Kevin moaned with each trust and pushed to meet Jess. His hands were on each side of the metal door, legs spread with Kev's cock between them. His shorts were pushed down, and Jess could see his handsome ass spread before him. Jess took Kevin's ass in both hands and push into his ass as he answered his friend.

"Aaah... God... I'm your fucking tight slut! Uhhh!... Yes!... I love taking your thick cock wherever you'll fuck me! YEAH...... Fuck me like I'm my sister!"

Suddenly Jesse heard the bathroom door open with a squeal. He heard the steps of sneakers echo through the room as he finished his thrust and Kevin's moan joined the dying sound of surprised boy's shoes.

Jesse pulled Kevin back by the shoulders as he sat on the toilet in their stall and whispered in his ear: "Show me how much of a bitch you really are." He let Kevin go.

Jesse saw a pair of red-black Adidas enter the stall next to theirs, as his handsome lewd brunette lover proceeded to slide down the length of his cock with only a slight throaty groan. The door next to them closed with a bang as Kevin pushed himself up again.

"Is that all you've got man? hmm... maybe you aren't as much of a bitch as I thought." Jesse teased quietly with a sarcastic smirk.

Kevin got up and turned so he was facing his pal, and Jesse could see his remark had sparked a fire in Kevin's eyes. His arms wrapped around Jesse's neck as he slid down the blonde's girth moaning audibly.

"Oh, I'll show you what a real bitch can do..." Kevin whispered in Jess ear and pulled back seeing his words had pleased Jess immensely.

"OH DAMN!" Kevin cried louder than before with a wicked grin, as he skewered himself once again.


"FUCK.... ugh.... YOUR.... mmmm... SICK... OooH.... CREEP!" Kevin practically screamed, his eyes rolling back into his head.

The boy next to them had to have been getting more than he bargained for as Kevin worked himself towards an incoming loud orgasm.

Jesse grabbed his ass and thrust up to meet Kevin every time his pal swallowed his cock. The sexual wet slaps merged with the sensual moans echoed throughout the room. The stall walls shook as he used them for leverage to pleasure himself right with Jess awesome manhood. Jesse notice the red-black sneakers next door were spread wide, and he swore he could hear heavy breathing coming from the boy they were attached to.

Jesse whispered this to Kevin and this seemed to drive him wild. His speed and volume quickly doubled as Jess hit his g-spot with every pound.

"I'm gonna cum." Kevin said with an almost predatory look flashing over his face. "I want you to cum with me dude..."

"Mmmm maybe if you convinced me." Jesse said with a guttural growl and wolfish glare.

Kevin continued to fuck himself on Jess rock hard cock and he leaned in, his mouth beside his friend's ear.

"Mmmm I'm gonna cum on your dick. Make me your freaking bitch like you promised. I want to feel you fill me up...... cum with me!" Kevin said as his breath came with a fevered tempo as he reached the edge of glory. He came with a shuddering moan in Jesse's ear as he let loose with a deep growl while grabbing Kevin's ass and thrusting up into him as his pal's orgasm overtook him too.

As the boys finished and came down from the heights of their individual orgasms, Jesse notice the boy next door stand and exit quietly from his stall. He heard the bathroom door open and close as Kevin rested his head on Jess right shoulder.

They rearranged their clothes and hair before leaving the BOYS room. Outside is that same pair of sneakers waiting for them, attached to a lanky ginger boy with a slight blush and bright green eyes. He handed Jesse and Kevin two pieces of crumbled notebook paper, each with a phone number written on them.

"Call me" the boy in front of them said as he walked away.

"Should we call him tomorrow?" Kevin asked with a slight smirk, Jess wet cum between his thighs make him push them together.

"Fuck yeah! The more the merrier!" Jesse said with a laugh as they left school to go home, looking forward to the evening's other sweet thrills.