A Casual Encounter

By Pink Panther

Just a little snippet for you. I had thought of including it in my Tim & Nicky series, but decided that it would add a complication I didn't want, so here it is as a stand-alone story. There could be another chapter or two to follow if there's sufficient interest. If you'd like this little story to continue, please email me at archimedes294@hushmail.com and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

For those of you unfamiliar with the English education system, children here start school at the age of five. This means that the year numbers are one ahead of the equivalent grades in the American system. For example, Year Five is the same age-group as Fourth Grade.

All the usual disclaimers apply. This story depicts sexual activity involving under-age boys. If that is not what you want to read, please leave this page now.

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On a warm, sunny day in late September, it was morning break at Linden Valley Prep, a boarding school of more than a hundred boys aged from eight to thirteen. As the other pupils headed out onto the playground, nine-year old Jamie Thompson purposefully made his way through the rambling buildings.

Jamie was in Year Five, his second year at the school. Although still a month short of his tenth birthday, he already stood 4'6". That made him the tallest boy in his year by several inches, although being very slim, he was of barely average weight. His blue eyes, regular features and clear skin were complemented by smooth, blond hair that covered the tops of his ears and brushed his collar.

With his slim, three-inch penis throbbing in his underpants, he headed past the art room and into the toilets beyond. Stepping up to the urinal, he unzipped the fly of his grey school shorts. After pulling down the front of his white briefs, he took out his painfully hard prick and began to stroke.

With encouragement from his brother Paul, who had left the school a few months earlier, Jamie had spent much of the long summer holiday engaged in boy-on-boy sex. He'd taken to it effortlessly, quickly learning how to suck and to swallow. Some two weeks into their holiday, Paul had taken his cherry. Initially, Jamie had found it quite painful, but within a matter of days, he had found himself itching to have his older brother's cock inside him again.

Towards the end of the holidays, one of Paul's classmates, a very good-looking boy called Gavin, came to stay with them. Early on the first morning of Gavin's visit, the two thirteen-year olds crept into Jamie's room, just as Paul had told him they would. Waking up, Jamie was delighted to see that Gavin's penis was a real beauty, bigger than Paul's and topped by a neat crop of dark, curly hair.

Shortly afterwards, Jamie's underpants were off and Paul was bumming him, just as he usually did. As soon as Paul withdrew, Jamie was excited to have his bum-hole stretched by a full five inches of hard teen cock. Barely two minutes later, he had his most powerful dry-cum to date as Gavin's creamy spunk spurted into his boy-tunnel.

Over the reminder of Gavin's stay, Jamie simply couldn't get enough of it. Out in the woods, the older boys spit-roasted him, Paul cumming in his mouth while the athletic Gavin pounded his bottom. It felt as though this was what he'd been born for. Being bummed by an older boy was, without doubt, the most exciting thing he could imagine.

On his return to school, Jamie had been keen to find a good-looking older boy to have sex with him. Gavin had told him that these particular toilets, so far out of the way that hardly anyone used them, were where he would have the best chance of meeting one.

But it was by no means a certainty. On some days, an individual that he didn't find at all attractive would show up. When that happened, he'd immediately zip up and leave. On other days, nobody would arrive at all. But sometimes, one of the nice-looking older boys would appear, on the lookout for sex.

On this occasion, Jamie didn't have long to wait. Another boy entered and took up a position a couple of feet to his right. Jamie glanced across. The new arrival was Andrew Lennox. While he was roughly the same height as Jamie, that was where the similarities ended. While Jamie was slender and willowy, Andrew was powerfully-built, his muscular thighs filling out his brief grey shorts. His fair hair, which he kept fairly short, was neatly combed.

In Year Seven and having just turned twelve, Andrew was already a star of the school rugby team. Playing at scrum-half, he was quick, strong and highly competitive. He was a useful cricketer too, his bowling accurate and surprisingly fast.

Having never seen the lad there before, Andrew's presence took Jamie by surprise. The boys he'd hooked up with previously had all been in their final year at the school, not their penultimate year as Andrew was.

Allowing his gaze to wander downwards, Jamie smiled. The older boy's penis was as hard as a rock, roughly four inches long and at least twice as thick as his own, around half the head sticking out beyond the lad's foreskin.

Andrew smiled back and nodded. As soon as they'd zipped up their flies, Jamie led the way into the further of the two stalls. Within seconds, their shorts and underpants were around their ankles. After fondling each other for a few moments, Jamie sat on the toilet. Leaning forwards, he took Andrew's cock into his mouth, sucking it hungrily.

As it was a little smaller than he was accustomed to, Jamie found taking the lad's full length remarkably easy. Coming up occasionally to work his tongue over the small, shiny head, Jamie used his fingers to sensuously cradle Andrew's balls and stroke the twelve-year old's perineum. After about half a minute, he let the lad go.

"Can you cum?" he mouthed.

Andrew grinned and nodded.

"Do you want to bum me?" Jamie asked, "or cum in my mouth?"

"I want to bum you!"

Taking the small tube of cream from the pocket of his shorts, Jamie smeared some over the older boy's prick. Getting to his feet, he turned around and positioned himself over the toilet, his hands resting on the seat.

Almost immediately, he felt Andrew's dick probing his boy-hole. As he relaxed, it slid right into him in a single, smooth movement. Jamie was ecstatic, revelling in the wonderfully warm, full feeling of having an older boy's penis right inside him.

For a few seconds, Andrew savoured the tight little sheath that was gripping his cock. He'd never felt anything like it. He'd been eager to bum one of the younger boys for some time, but hadn't had any idea how to find one. But the previous day, school rugby captain Neil Dorrington, who had used Jamie's services a couple of times, had let him into the secret.

It had all worked out exactly as Neil had told him. At the first chance he had, he'd gone to the art room toilets, and found this skinny but very cute nine-year old just waiting for an older boy to have sex with him. So here he was, with his hard prick right up the lad's bum.

It was not an opportunity he intended to squander. Holding Jamie around the tops of his thighs, Andrew began fucking the lad with the same vigour and enthusiasm that he applied to everything he did. Jamie could hardly believe it. Although Andrew was not the biggest, the sensations were unbelievably intense, the twelve-year old's penis thrusting repeatedly over his knobbly little sex-gland.

"Rub my dick!" Jamie whispered.

Reaching down, Andrew wrapped his fingers around the younger lad's throbbing spike and began to wank him off. After just a few seconds, Jamie bucked violently. With his prick swelling and pulsing in Andrew's hand, his starfish clamped tight around the older boy's cock.

It was all that was required. Resuming his grip on Jamie's thighs, Andrew slammed right in, several jets of his watery boy-cum spurting into the nine-year old's bottom. After a few seconds, he carefully pulled out. He was exultant. Although he'd known it would be good, the reality of what he'd just done had far outstripped his expectations.

For his part, Jamie couldn't stop smiling. After a succession of barren days, Andrew had given him a quite wonderful fuck, his bum now filled with the twelve-year old's spunk. But that was not all. Neil Dorrington and the other boys he'd met were all prefects, and in their final year at the school. Each of them had a younger friend, selected from either Year Six or Year Seven, that they had sex with on a regular basis. For them, he was just an occasional bit on the side.

Andrew, not yet being in his final year, did not have that privilege. And Jamie, being only in Year Five, was considered too young to be involved in such goings-on, at least officially. But now he and Andrew had an opportunity. As long as they kept it quiet, they could sort it out for themselves.

"Would you like to meet me again?" he asked eagerly.

"Sure!" Andrew replied, grinning from ear to ear. "Tomorrow evening, straight after supper?"

"I'll be here!" Jamie assured him, smiling back.