His comment caught me so off guard, I was dumbfounded with anything to say for a second. I’d been picking at Neal on the school bus on the way home and he finally decided to pull out his secret weapon. We weren’t fighting or anything, just doing what boys do, especially on a long school bus ride. We were some of the last kids dropped off on a forty minute journey to the middle of nowhere. So when he blurted out “Oh, yeah? I heard you tried to hump Benny.” My mind went blank. Since we were just about to our stop, I let the conversation end and turned my head to look out the window. Once off the bus, I made my way to the van I had parked at the bus stop for my ride to the farm. I was sixteen, lived and worked on a thoroughbred horse farm about two miles down the dirt road so the owner would let me drive an unused farm vehicle to the bus stop to catch the bus. I jumped inside and took off before Neal could bring up the subject of me and Benny again. It had been a couple of months since it had happened and I really didn’t think Benny had told anyone about it. Apparently, he did as Neal came to the farm to visit quite often. Neal and Benny were the same age, 12, but he mostly came to see me as I’d known him for over a year since I moved to the middle of nowhere. I’d actually had a very large crush on Neal since I first met him but never actually told him about it. He had just turned 11 when I first met him, short brown hair, brown eyes and quite a babyish face. He was now 12 and hadn’t really grown out of the baby face stage yet. He was also very petite down between his legs for a boy his age, I’d seen him naked once at the shower at a fish camp we had gone to. He almost made me laugh when as he was undressing. He had stripped to his underwear and was about to pull them down when he looked at me and said “Don’t laugh at me. My wanger danger isn’t all that big.” I’d never heard a penis called that before but as he slid his briefs down his smooth hairless legs I saw he wasn’t lying at all. His penis was just a nub with his scrotum pulled up tightly between his legs nestling his undescended testicles. I wasn’t necessarily gifted down there but I did have a normal size package for a boy my age and had grown a decent amount of pubic hair and; unfortunately after seeing him naked, I was semi hard when I undressed for my turn in the shower. It had no hot water though, so the erection quickly faded as I washed. We had to share a very tight bunk that night in the small camper and we were nut to butt as we slept that night, one that I remember very fondly.

As for the ordeal with Benny, it really was a bad judgment call on my part to have let it happen. Benny was the middle boy of the three kids on the farm. He had on older step brother that lived with his mother for the most part and a younger sister that lived on the farm. And he was gorgeous, blond hair, brown eyes, a slender body and a beautiful face. The farm was relatively new and the owners had a modest single wide trailer to live in just big enough for the family, much less a hired hand. I had somewhat of a bunk house in the horse barn, sort of an apartment, but used the bathroom facilities in the trailer as the barn had none. My bed was suspended from the ceiling, not one you want to roll out of while you slept. Benny thought the bunk house was cool and slept out there with me on weekend nights on several occasions. Although there was another single bed down below, he liked to sleep in the bunk bed with me. That’s what made the bunk house cool. It was on one of those nights, I made the bad judgment call. I had restrained myself from touching Benny while we slept but on this night I just couldn’t help myself. I was in awe of his beautiful young body, his flat hairless chest, smooth legs and very cute round butt clad only in his underwear lying next to me. I laid there listening the soft breathing of his sleep till I could resist no more. I put my hand to the underwear covering his cute little butt cheeks and was in love of the feel of the round globes in my hand. He never stirred a bit as I felt his bottom. Getting more daring, I slid my hand inside the cotton fabric covering his butt and caressed his cheeks, running my hand down his crack to his small boy hole. Then, I made the mistake of getting just a bit too brave. He never stirred as my hand held his little rear end so I thought he would sleep through what I did next. I was wrong. I raised myself from the bed and pulled my own briefs down and off my legs then moved over the top of Benny. I lowered my 4 ½ inch, very erect, penis down to his butt and softly began humping on the boy. Even through his underwear, it felt wonderful to be atop the small butt I’d been staring at since I began working on the farm. But, I must have put a bit too much weight on his butt and he awoke. When he realized what was happening he let out a soft “Stop.” Heeding his request, I did stop and rolled off of him to my side of the bed. After giving him some time to fall back to sleep, I masturbated furiously shooting streams of semen all over my chest. I always kept a rag beside the mattress as it wasn’t the first time I had jacked off in my bed, but the first after being atop the round globes of a 12 year old. I used the rag to clean myself up, retrieved my underwear to dress back into them and fell fast asleep. Benny never said a word about the ordeal, nor did anyone else on the farm so I assumed he never told anyone. He must have told Neal on an occasion when he visited the farm so I really wasn’t sure who else he’d told. After a month had gone by, the whole matter was forgotten about. Or so I thought, once again.

Summer vacation came and we were all finally out of school for a two month break. It wasn’t much of a two month break for me as it left me more time to get work done on the farm and maintaining a hundred acre horse farm was a lot of work. The kids on the farm were also assigned chores to do on a daily basis which took some of the work load off of me, but fences needed repaired often, grass had to be cut, paddocks had to be mowed, new fences had to be built and horses had to be fed. The owner and I did all of the big work which mostly required the use of the farm tractor while the kids kept mostly to the barn helping keep stalls cleaned and such. The daily routine wasn’t back breaking but most days were long enough to tire a sixteen year old out pretty well. Two weeks into summer, the owner came to me on Tuesday to inform me he and his wife would be taking the kids on a small get away for the upcoming weekend and I’d have the farm to myself. All he expected me to do during their vacation was to feed and attend to the horses and would pay me extra for the week to keep the farm running while they were gone. They were to leave early Friday morning and wouldn’t be back until Monday afternoon. Not that I disliked the kids on the farm, but I was enjoying the idea of having some time away from them. Benny could be a pain in the butt sometimes, as 12 year olds can be, and his sister was even worse. So, a four day vacation for them was a four day vacation from them for me.

That Friday morning, as I was mixing feed for the horses, they packed their travel bags into the car and with a waves from the car windows as they drove by the barn, they were on their way. I waved back, finished mixing feed and fed the horses. It’s normally about a 45 minute wait for all of the horses to finish their feed before returning to each stall in the barn to turn those horses out to the paddock and driving to the other paddocks to turn the rest loose from their fenced stalls. They have to be fed separately or the more dominate horses will steal from the others. The only way to maintain their proper nutrition was to feed them in their own stalls. I drove the tractor back to the barn and sat on a bale of straw in the shed row waiting for them to finish their breakfast. I looked down the long drive coming from the dirt road and saw the familiar white Chevy pickup coming towards the barn. Neal was only 12 but on this dirt road, almost everyone drove before the age of 11. The only people driving this road were farmers and a few scattered city folk that had moved to the country to get away from the madness of traffic on city roads. So, it was no surprise to see Neal driving a farm truck to the horse farm. His family was into beef cattle farming over 1500 acres. As he parked the pickup at the end of the shed row, he climbed from the truck and walked to where I was sitting on the bale of straw. He grabbed one from the stall we had it stacked in and set it down with me planting his blue jean clad buttocks on top of it.

“Where is everyone?” he asked in his very boyish voice.

“They went on a short vacation to the beach. Won’t be back till Monday,” I replied with an evil grin on my face.

“Holy cow! You’ve got the whole farm to yourself for four days?” he asked loudly.

“Yep! No Benny, no Tammy for four whole days,” I replied, the grin getting even bigger. “And to top it off, Nancy left me a little surprise in the fridge inside,” I said proudly, the grin now ear to ear. Nancy, the owners wife, would occasionally allow me to have a beer with the adults, after all I was sixteen, and had taken the opportunity to leave me a case of Budweiser for my own little vacation with the rule I drank none of it while operating any equipment on the farm and I was not to drive any of the farm vehicles out of the driveway if I had even a sip of one. The rules continued that if I had any company over the weekend and they consumed a beer, they were to give me their keys so they couldn’t drive and would have to spend the night on the farm. But, it wasn’t supposed to turn into a free for all beer blast for all to enjoy. I agreed to the terms whole heartedly and promised the rules would be followed. As I explained the rules to Neal, I saw a slight hint of desire on his face to possibly help me consume a couple of those Buds. I’d already decided that, had he shown up, I’d invite him to stay as much as he wanted over the weekend. It wouldn’t bother me at all if it was just the two of us killing that case of beer if he was interested in helping.

“Can you stay over sometime this weekend and help me out with the case?” I asked. Although I’d had the occasional beer, I’d never had more than just a couple at one time and by myself I’d have to drink eight a night to polish the case off alone.

“My mom is going off for the weekend too and I’m supposed to stay with my cousins. But she did say that I could stay down here as long as I had permission. That’s why I came down this morning. She has to leave this afternoon so I had to get an answer quick so she’d know where I was going to be staying,” he explained.

“When will she be back?” I asked.

“Sunday afternoon,” he replied.

“Well, Nancy said I could have a guest as long as they didn’t drive if they drank anything and she actually suggested you. She knows you’re allowed to have a cold one every now and then,” I told him.

“Great!” he shouted. “I’ll go back to the house and get some clothes and be back in a bit!”

“Okay. I’ll get the horses turned out and get fishing poles ready while you’re gone. We can go out back and fish for a while till it’s time to feed this afternoon,” I told him as we both jumped from our straw bales. Neal half trotted to his truck and was soon pulling out of the drive for the two mile trip home and back. That would leave me time to get the horses out before he got back. I turned the brood mares out of the barn, leading each of them to their paddock, walked to the yearling paddock and turned them out then drove the tractor to the back paddock to the mares out there and released them from their solitary confinement and returned the barn. I was picking the stalls in the barn, a twenty minute job when the horses are just in to eat, when Neal returned. I dumped the bucket on the front loader of the tractor on the manure pile behind the barn and parked the tractor. A quick raking of the shed row and we were ready to head to the four acre pond at the back of the farm for some midday fishing.

We drove Neal’s truck out back and parked near the pond. Grabbing our poles and tackle boxes, we made our way to the john boat at the edge and loaded everything inside. Once off shore, we paddled to the far edge of the pond where the weeds supplied cover to some very large large mouth bass. I’d caught several in the pond above five pounds and knew there were even larger fish in the pond, more like a small lake. Unfortunately, it was a bit late in the morning for too much action and the fishing was slow and unproductive. It didn’t matter to us, we were fishing and that’s all that mattered. It gave us some time to talk and we chattered on about different things for about an hour when Neal suddenly became very quiet.

“Did you fall asleep on me back there?” I asked from my end of the boat.

“Naw, just thinking.” He replied.

“That’s dangerous.” I responded with a half giggle.

“Scott, can I ask you a question?” he softly said.

“Sure. Ask away.” I said.

“Is it true, you know, what Benny said you did?” he asked.

I was in trouble here. I adored Neal, almost could say I was in love with him. But I could never reveal my adoration for him as I was afraid I’d lose my friendship with him. Now he wanted to know if I’d tried to have sex with Benny. “I don’t think I can talk about that.” I replied quietly.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it. I just wanted to know. I just kind of wondered, you know, what it was like,” he replied quietly back.

“Well, in that case, it is true. I was horny, he was there.” I replied very scared at where this conversation might be going.

“He does have a cute butt,” was Neal’s response, laughing nervously.

“Yes, he does,” I said with my own nervous laugh.

There was a long silence between us and I wondered if the conversation might be over with. “Is he the only boy you’ve ever tried something like that with?” Neal asked almost below a voice that could be heard.

“Yeah. But he’s not the boy that I really wanted to do it with. I mean, you know, on a regular basis,” I said as I took another nervous cast with my rod and reel.

“Who have you wanted to do it with?” he asked rather quickly.

I was really scared now. If I told him the truth, that I was infatuated with him, have been for over a year, he might just jump out of the boat regardless of the number of gators we knew were in the pond. “Someone very close to me.” I responded very quietly myself.

“You mean like someone in this boat?” he asked.

“Yeah,” was all I could say.

“When?” he asked after a short pause.

“As soon as you want to,” I shot back quickly, maybe a bit to quickly.

“Like, maybe tonight?” he responded just as fast.

“Sure, if you want to,” I replied.

There was another long break in the conversation and I feared I might have gone past the point of no return. We both took several casts in different directions catching no more fish than we’d already caught, which was none. We hadn’t even had the first hit on our lures, it was just too warm for the fish to bite.

“I do want to,” I heard the boyish voice say from the back of the boat and we let the conversation end there. My head was reeling as fast as my fishing reel was now. There was no way to catch a fish now unless he could swim a hundred miles an hour. The boy I’d adored and craved for over a year had just agreed to a sexual exploration of our bodies and he wanted to do it tonight. The thought alone of being next to his naked body had my penis rock hard inside my jeans. I cast a few more times wondering what was going on inside his pants as he thought about what we had decided to do as well. After a few more casts we decided to give up on fishing and head back towards the barn. It would be time to feed the horses shortly and I think we were both dying to get the afternoon chores done and see where the night would lead us.

The afternoon feeding took no time at all with two of us and we quickly had the horses fed. I came back up from the back on the tractor and parked it in the shed row of the barn and climbed down. Neal was already sitting on his bale of straw, so I took my place on mine as well. We both sat nervously in silence as we listened to the horses munching on their combination of oats and sweet feed. Without a word, Neal rose from his bale of straw and came to mine and sat down beside me. He stared briefly at his feet and then turned his head towards mine; looking deep into my eyes.

“Can I kiss you?” was all I could manage to say. Neal nodded his head slightly and I leaned my head towards his. Our lips touched together and it was like fireworks going off in my head. The first kiss lasted maybe ten seconds but it seemed like a lifetime. I pulled my lips from his and drew my head back a little bit. We both smiled; our faces blushing a deep red. I put my arm around his shoulders and pulled him to against my shoulder. “I’ve been wanting to do that for a very long time,” I told him as he put his arm around my waist.

“Scott, what all are we gonna do tonight?” he asked shyly.

“Whatever you want to do,” I replied.

“I just don’t want it to hurt,” he said sheepishly.

“It won’t; I promise,” I said hugging him tighter and planting a soft kiss to his boyish cheek. Feeling the peck, Neal turned his head and we pressed our lips together again; this kiss much more passionate as we explored each others mouths with our lips and tongues.

Before we knew it, it was time to turn the horses out. I pulled away from Neal as I stood to finish the afternoon chores; trying to adjust the erection that was raging in my pants, and began letting the mares out of the barn. Neal went to the front paddock and turned out the yearlings and we both rode to the back on the tractor and let loose the horses there. After parking the tractor, we climbed down and returned to the shed row. Reaching the door to my room, I grabbed Neal’s hand and turned the doorknob to enter. With the door opened, the two of us stepped inside and took off our boots. Without a warning, I turned to Neal and wrapped my arms around his shoulders pulling him to me. He was a good five inches shorter than me so I had to lean down just a bit for our faces to meet eye to eye. I put my lips to his; pressing against his face a bit more firmly than we had done in the shed row. Neal put his arms around my lower back and pulled us together even tighter. The feeling of our lower bodies pressed together was way more than I needed to become fully erect. Because of our height difference, the bulge inside my pants was pressed against him right at the height of the waistband of his blue jeans. We continued to kiss each other while Neal brought his right hand from behind my waist. He pulled his waist back just a bit to reach in with his hand to adjust what was going on in his underwear. I pulled away from the kiss and looked down to see how he’d been able to adjust things and saw that his penis was as hard as a rock. I let my right hand roam down the back of his shirt as we once again put our lips together and began to kiss again. With my hand to the beginnings of his blue jeans, I rubbed up and down lightly; letting my hand go just a bit further each time and finally made it to the round butt cheeks tightly stored in his pants. Neal moaned softly feeling my hand caress his young ass. When he didn’t resist me feeling his butt; I let my left hand roam down the side of his shirt to his waist and slowly moved it around to the front of his pants cupping his erect boy package. Being touched there, Neal moaned louder as he broke our kiss so he could look down to see what my hand was doing to him.

“I want to do something for you,” I whispered to him as he watched me massage his erection.

“Will it hurt?” he asked timidly.

“No, it won’t hurt at all,” I answered.

“Okay,” was all he had to say as I pulled back from him to separate our bodies. I put my hand to the top button of the shirt he was wearing and began to pop them open. When they were all unbuttoned down to his jeans, I pulled the shirt loose from its tucked position and popped the last button open. With his shirt open displaying his hairless chest, I put my hands to the front of his pants and popped the button loose on those as well. Holding the top of his pants, I grabbed the zipper of his jeans and pulled it down. His jeans were now wide open as I looked inside to see the bulge he was sporting inside his white cotton briefs. Moving him towards the extra bunk on the floor, I pushed him back carefully to get him to sit down. Once he was seated, I grabbed the backs of his knees and guided his legs up over the bed. Neal put his head to the pillow on the bed while I spread his shirt open to see his beautiful chest. Leaning over him, I began to kiss the soft skin around his nipples and ran my tongue over the top of both of them bringing a new set of moans from Neal. While I kissed his small nipples, I ran my hand down his stomach to the waistband of his underwear. Flattening out my hand, I slid it inside his tighty whities and down to his small erection. Cupping it, I massaged his tight nut sac as the boy moaned loudly feeling his boyhood touched by somebody other than himself. As I fondled his hairless scrotum and penis, I slowly began kissing down his chest; working my way down to what I was playing with in his underpants. When I kissed his belly at the waistline of his underwear, he instinctively spread his legs a bit and arched his midsection to get what was inside closer to my face. After pulling my hand from his underpants, I moved my kisses to the front of the cotton fabric inhaling the scent of his fresh undies while kissing up and down his three inch erection inside.

“Do you want to pull 'em down?” I asked looking up at him. Neal didn't respond at all. He just simply raised his butt off the bed and allowed me to grip the waistband of his pants and underwear to slide off his midsection. With both down to his thighs, he lowered himself back down to the bed as I put my face back to where I'd just been kissing cotton fabric. Now, I was kissing the naked flesh of his rock hard slender erection. Running up and down the stretched skin, I spent some time licking his young ball sac drawn up tightly between his legs. Neal moaned as I worked my way back to the purple head of his circumcised erection and tongued it bringing him to hump into the air slightly. With my left hand, I reached down to his boyhood and pointed it up into the air. Before he could protest, I lowered my head and took his entire three inches into my mouth. The warm feeling of my mouth on his penis was more than the boy could handle. He thrust his hips up off the bed with a loud moan. I took the opportunity to put my hands under his round ass and slid my hands down far enough of his crack to let my two forefingers play with his tight boy hole. Not wanting to freak him out too much, I didn't try to penetrate his little pink grommet; just ran my fingers over his hole lightly to let him know my fingers were there. His focus was more on my lips running up and down the slender penis that was in my mouth. Without much of a wait, Neal reached a dry orgasm as he humped his waist up high off the bed. I held his little cock in my mouth; feeling the pulses of the little head throb in my mouth shooting nothing as he moaned very loudly. After several thrusts of his hips, Neal's orgasm faded; as did his erection. I felt his penis going limp as he lowered his naked butt back to the bed and let out a long breath. Knowing the head of his softening little dick was going to get very sensitive as the skin loosened, I let it slip out of my lips and fall on his pubis. I watched as Neal regained his normal breathing with his eyes barely open. He finally looked up at me and gave me a slight smile.

“I've never felt anything like that before in my life,” he said. “I could jack off for the rest of my life and never feel anything like that.”

“Well, I'm glad I did it right,” I said. “I've never done that to anyone else.”

“Really?” he asked.

“Yeah, really,” I responded. “I'm glad you were the first. I've kinda wanted to do that for you since I saw you naked in the shower at the fish camp.”

“But, it's so small,” he said quietly.

“It'll start growing before too long,” I told him. “You're only twelve. Mine didn't really start growing that much until I was thirteen. And then, it didn't seem like it was growing all that fast.”

“Six months away,” was all he could say about his still small boy package. Benny wasn't that much younger than Neal and I'd seen his little tool a couple of times when we'd take a pee break; one of the perks about living in the country, you just whipped it out and pissed when you had to. Judging by the size of both of them, I'd say that they were normal sized for their age and both probably wanted what they had between their legs to start the growth stage of puberty. Being in high school, I had to shower after PE class and tried my best not to compare myself to other boys going to and from the showers naked, but it was a bit unavoidable. There was one boy; the same age as me, that was way behind the growth curve for boys our age. He sported the beginnings of pubic hair but not anywhere near as much as the rest of us and his penis wasn't much more than a nub attached to his pubis while the rest of us at least had enough that let our dicks hang down a bit. I hoped; for Neal's sake, that he wouldn't be as much of a late bloomer. Nobody picked on the kid, he was fairly popular in school; and very cute. But, I couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for him. It was Neal's voice that brought me out of my thoughts back to the bed we were on.

“Uummm...I guess...I need to do the same thing...for you?” he said. It was more of a question than a statement and I wondered if that would be the best thing for us to do.

“I'm not sure you want to do that,” I told him.

“Why?” he asked. “You did it for me.”

“I shoot cum when it happens,” I told him. “I don't want you to freak out if I end up shooting in your mouth.”

“It doesn't seem fair that you did something for me and I can't do something for you,” he responded.

“Maybe you can just do it with your hand instead of your mouth,” I suggested.

“Okay,” Neal said as he began to pull his pants and underwear up so we could swap positions. Once he was clothed again, he rose up from the bed giving me room to take his place. As soon as I was laying on my back, Neal began unbuttoning my pants. He could see how swelled up the front of my jeans were as he slid the zipper down and folded back the front of my jeans to see my underwear covered erection. He'd always wondered if I was semi-hard the day we took the shower at the fish camp and was immediately sure I must have been as he pulled the waistband of my underpants up and peered inside. Releasing the grip on my undies, he put his hands to my pants to pull them down. I raised my butt up off the bed allowing him to pull both my pants and underwear down as far as I'd pulled his leaving me laying there with my four and a half inch erection standing at attention. Neal was amazed by what he saw and started running his fingers over the slight patch of pubic hair around my pubis and then ran them down over my nut sac. He could feel how much more room there was for a boy's testicles once they started to descend after their scrotum enlarged. He looked up at me as he slid his hand back up to my erect penis and wrapped his hand around it. I moaned softly as he started slowly pumping his hand up and down my shaft. I was just long enough to have the head of my penis sticking out barely from his twelve year old hand as he jacked me off. He was amazed at how much different we were at our two different ages. When he masturbated, he could only use his forefinger, middle finger and thumb on his small dick. He now had his whole hand wrapped around something that felt like at least twice the size of his. Watching my reactions, he knew he was doing things the right way as I tried to spread my legs but was restrained by my pants being at my thighs. Having never had any other hand than my own on my penis, it didn't take me long before I knew I was going to shoot.

“Neal,” I said in between breaths, “I'm gonna cum!” No sooner did I get those words out of my mouth, I orgasmed; moaning loudly. The twelve year old stared wide eyed as the first shot of jizz squirted out of my penis and landed just below my shirt on my waist. After a second squirt landed a bit lower, he realized some of it might end up on his hand. He never stopped though as I went through the rest of my orgasm; the last two pulses of cum running off the head of my dick onto his hand. Feeling my body, and penis, starting to relax, he instinctively stopped jacking my penis and pulled his hand off staring at the white semen. I rolled to the side of the bed and grabbed a roll of toilet paper that I kept handy for my own sexual gratifications and pulled enough off to hand to him to clean his hand and then enough to clean myself up. At sixteen, I didn't shoot a lot of cum but, for a boy that had never seen it before, it looked like a volcano blowing up to the twelve year old sitting beside me.

“I can't wait until I can do that,” he said.

“Yeah, well, try explaining all of the missing rolls of toilet paper,” I said with a laugh. Neal laughed as well as I pulled my pants and underpants back up.

“What do you wanna do now?” he asked.

“Let's build a fire and roast some hot dogs,” I said. “And have a beer or two.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” he said as I sat up on the bed. We put our boots back on and left my room to start the next part of our evening together. As I lit the fire, I wondered if we'd do anything more when we actually went to bed that night. I'd have to wait until then to find out.

Being on the farm; with kids living there, there was always a good supply of hot dogs in the refrigerator. I'd heard the joke about hot dogs being made out of “lips and assholes” and for some reason it excited me to grab a pack from the fridge as we got things together for a cookout over an open fire. We grabbed the half loaf of bread that was on the kitchen counter, a bottle of ketchup, a bag of chips, a couple of paper plates and six of the beers from my stash and headed back outside to the backside of the horse barn. There was a fire pit there we could use for our cookout and we quickly gathered some firewood left over from the previous winters supply so we didn't have to go hunt sticks to get a fire going. With a little lit kindling, we put some firewood on top and had a really nice fire for roasting hot dogs in about half an hour. We'd both consumed our first beer getting the fire ready to cook hot dogs on as well as cutting some tree limbs and widdling them down just right for holding a hot dog over hot coals. In this part of the world, you weren't country unless you carried at least one pocket knife. Most boys; including Neal, had a knife holder that hung from the belt around their waist. I seldom even wore long pants working during the day settling for cuttoffs, no shirt and just a pair of worn out tennis shoes. Seen naked, my midsection would show up on doppler radar as white as it was compared to the rest of my young body.

We roasted our hot dogs over the fire one by one and wrapped them in a country boys hot dog bun; aka as sandwich bread, smothered them with ketchup, munched on chips and talked about everything but the weather, politics and religion. The effect of just the first beer in us had left us both uninhibited as our conversation rolled from one subject to another. After gorging ourselves in too many hot dogs, we decided to give up on food and go back to alcohol. We took the rest of the uneaten food back into the house before we cracked the second beer open and headed back to our fire. On the way, I stopped by the barn and retrieved one of those fold out beach chairs I knew was there. After putting a couple more pieces of wood on the fire, I folded out the chair and laid back in it. Neal eyed me enviously as he was still sitting the the hay bales we'd brought out as chairs while we popped another top.

“Doesn't seem right you're over there in a recliner while I'm sitting on this bunch of cut grass,” he said smiling.

“Well, there's room for two in this chair,” I responded, “if you wanna join me.” Neal didn't respond at all. He just got up from the hay bale he was sitting on and slid in beside me on the beach chair. It was a bit tight for both of us to fit into so I put my arm around his shoulders to give him more room. And, there we were; sipping our second beer and staring at our campfire. Neither of us said a word for what seemed like ten minutes before I decided to break the ice.

“Can I tell you a secret?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Neal responded as he turned his head to look at me.

“I've wanted to be like this with you for a long time,” I explained. “Actually, since I met you.”

“Really?” he asked.

“Yes, really,” I responded as I leaned into him and pressed my lips to his. Neal responded by opening his mouth a bit to allow his tongue to slip into my mouth a bit. We tongue wrestled for what must have been a full minute before ending the kiss and pulling back from each other.

“Take me to bed,” he said softly staring into my eyes. The fire had died down to just embers as we both finished off our second beer before going to my room. As we started walking towards the shed row of the barn, I reached over and took Neal's hand in mine; intertwining our fingers together as I led him to his first full sexual experience; my first as well. When we got to the front of the barn, I stopped us and ducked into the feed room. There was a small jar of Vaseline that was kept in the barn in case of any injuries to the horses; rubbing it on an open sore would keep bugs away and allow the nick or cut to heal faster. I'd only used this jar once on one of the yearlings that had a small cut above his eye so I was sure it would be sanitary enough for what we'd have to use it for. When Neal saw what I had in my hand, he took in a deep breath wondering if what we were about to do was going to hurt or not.

Once inside my room, I climbed up the step ladder to my suspended bunk and pulled the pillows off and tossed them down on the bed below. The linens on the bed had been recently washed as Benny had spent the night with me but chose to sleep on the floor bed instead of in the bunk bed with me. His mother had him bring in the sheets so they could be washed and the bed remade for the next person that might want to use it. I grabbed my comforter off the top bunk and pulled it down with me as I descended the ladder. Neal stood by watching as I fitted the floor bed with the comforter looking confused.

“We're gonna sleep down here?” he asked.

“Yeah, it's the safest way I think,” I replied. “The top bunk might be fun to sleep in so far off the floor; but, if we moved around too much one of us might roll off of it.”

“I didn't think about that,” Neal said. “You're probably right. It would be hard for me to explain to my mom how I fell off the bed and ended up in the ER.” We both laughed a little as I finished making the bed and turned towards Neal. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and pulled him into me in a tight hug. Neal leaned his head on my shoulder as he wrapped his arms around my waist. I turned my head towards his and softly kissed his exposed neck and then worked my way up to his earlobe; softly nibbling on it and working it with my tongue. I heard Neal let out a soft moan of enjoyment, and horniness, as I let my tongue flip his earlobe around. Without warning, Neal pulled his head back and broke from our hug. He put one foot to his cowboy boots and kicked it off then did the same with the other. His hands immediately went to the buttons on his western shirt and began popping them open. One they were all unbuttoned, he pulled his shirt off and dropped it to the floor. Next were his pants as he undid those and pushed them down to the floor; along with his underwear, and stepped out of them. He lifted one foot; and then the other, to slide his socks off and he was now bare naked in front of me with his cute little peter standing at full attention. I did the same as him and before we knew it, we both completely nude. I went to him and pulled him into another tight hug as our boy parts touched each other. I put my arms around his waist for this hug and let my hands run down to the soft white globes of his rear end. Neal did the same for me as we were holding each other as close as we could get; our erections almost in direct contact with our height difference. I wasn't sure if Neal was so cooperative because of the buzz we both had from just a couple of beers a piece; but, I wasn't going to question it as we were so close to being in bed together.

“Who's gonna go first?” Neal asked quietly.

“You can do it to me first, if you want,” I replied. Neal didn't respond to that at all as he pulled away from our hug and took the two steps he needed to take to get in the bed. I followed right behind him and slid under the comforter with him. I slid over to him and, once again, our bodies were in direct contact. I moved over him and rolled him to his back and put my lips on his for some more tongue wrestling while I slid my right hand down to his boy parts and began massaging them. Neal returned the favor but was a bit shocked when he felt the wetness of the precum that was on the head of my dick.

“Did you do it already?” he asked shyly.

“No, it's just pre-cum,” I told him.

“I don't know what that is,” he said.

“It's what your body makes when you starting shooting cum,” I explained. “Sperm isn't like pee. It's thicker so your body makes pre-cum to lube up the pee tube so it doesn't get stuck in it.”

“I've got one more question,” Neal said a bit embarrassed. “If you do it in my butt, what happens to the sperm you shoot into it? I...can't...get...you know...pregnant, can I?” I had to stifle a laugh to keep from ruining the moment before I explained more about having sex with someone that produces cum.

“No, you don't have the parts to make a baby,” I told him. “There is a space between your butt hole and the end of your digestive tract. It's just kind of an open area. That's how you won't get poop on your dick when you fuck me.” Saying that answered a question the younger boy was afraid to ask and made him twice as horny as he was before I'd said it. Neal leaned over onto me and planted his lips onto mine with an aggressive kiss as he laid his left leg over mine while I rolled to my back. I put my left hand to his waist and nudged him a bit to my right. Neal took the hint and climbed up on top of me. Our erections were now in direct contact as Neal's horniness took on a whole new direction. He was grinding his midsection into mine at a pace I was sure was going to make him orgasm. Before he could, I pulled from our kissing and cupped my hands around his smooth ass.

“I want you inside me,” I said softly as we looked each other into each others eyes.

“I don't know how to do it,” he replied shyly.

“Raise up between my legs,” I told him. Neal got up on his knees like I told him as I grabbed the jar of Vaseline. With a dab of it on my finger, I reached down between my legs and rubbed some on my virgin hole as Neal stared at where he was supposed to stick his thing in.

“Move up this way just a little,” I instructed him. Once he was within arms reach, I coated his slender three inch erection with some lube and put the jar back beside the bed. Once I was laid back on the bed, I raised my legs in the air to allow the boy I'd loved since the day I met him easy entrance to take my virginity. With my legs spread open and feet in the air, my hole was opened up enough to at least give him a target to aim for. He recognized what he needed to do and leaned forward; putting the head of his beautiful penis to my butt hole. Neither one of us really had a clue what we were doing. We were just virgin boys trying something for the first time. As I felt Neal's dick head at my hole, I expected him to just be able to slide it in. When it wouldn't go in like we thought, he got a bit scared.

“It won't go in,” he said looking at me worried.

“Just push slowly,” I responded. “I guess it has to be stretched out a little.” Neal did as I told him as he looked down at his hard dick trying to open my back door. I could feel it start to open up a bit after he pushed a few times and then felt the head of his penis finally make it inside me. There was a burning sensation coming from my bottom but I didn't care. Once my hole was opened to the head of his penis, the lube took over as he slowly pushed bit by bit to get his entire three inches up my butt. He let out a long moan once his tight little nut sac touched my ass and knew he was all the way inside. He moved his body over the top of mine and put his arms to each side of me and began to slide his dick in and out. We didn't know having orgasms earlier in the day would extend any other orgasms we might have later that night. My hole had become completely relaxed and; except for a slight burning feeling, his penis was a perfect fit inside of me. We were both moaning loudly as Neal now began to fuck me with his little dick completely free inside that area I'd told him about. I wondered if I'd be able to keep from having my own orgasm feeling him fucking me; but, he beat me to the punch. He raised up high on his arms and arched his back as he thrust as far as he could up my butt and moaned loudly. I put my hands behind him and grabbed his beautiful butt cheeks as I felt them clench tightly. Inside me, I could feel his dick spasm with his orgasm, the head swelling with each shot of dryness. His moans had turned into more of a high pitched squeal as he felt his penis throb inside my ass. With each thrust of his hips into me, he squealed a bit louder until, finally, his orgasm started to fade. Once he was finished, he almost collapsed down on top of me trying to catch his breath. I could feel his penis starting to soften as he laid there breathing like he'd just run a half a mile from a mean dog. I let him lay there as I massaged his butt with my right forefinger prodding his virgin hole. It was now my turn to take his cherry and I was so close to an orgasm after being fucked, I didn't know how long I'd make it when I fucked him.

Neal finally caught his breath enough to raise himself back up on his arms and look me in the face. He lowered his head to mine and pressed our lips together softly. It was a short kiss; his way of saying “thank you” for allowing him to penetrate my tight hole. Once he pulled back from the kiss he rolled over to my side and immediately laid down on his back; unsure if he was ready for what was coming. I rolled over to him and put our lips back together while I ran my hand down his hairless chest, down his stomach, over his pubis and in between his legs. It had been a bit difficult for him to gain entrance into my ass and; with a penis much smaller than mine, I had a feeling doing it to him was going to take a bit of time. I noticed when he was fucking me that my hole stretched out and relaxed after a short time and I wondered if I used my finger in his hole would help him along to being able to take my larger penis without hurting him. Neal lifted his knees and spread his legs feeling my finger prodding at his hole flinching slightly at the feeling of my finger trying to make an entrance.

“Use some Vaseline,” he said softly pulling back from our kiss. Of course; how could I have forgotten that. I dipped my finger in the jar of lube and got enough on my finger and went back to his tight pink grommet. I wanted to see everything that was going on down there and shifted my body to look between his legs. He shuddered a little bit at the cold feeling of the Vaseline being applied to his hole as I rubbed it all around the entrance of his ass. With a little force, the tip of my finger started spreading his bottom open. I was confused as to why something coming out of the hole didn't burn but putting something in the other way did. As my finger finally slid inside up to the first knuckle, Neal winced with a little bit of pain.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said between his clenched teeth, “it just burns a bit.”

“Yeah, I felt that too when you were doing it to me,” I told him. “It mostly goes away once your butt relaxes.” He nodded to me as I felt his grommet closed tightly against my finger. I slowly pushed more of my finger inside him up to the second knuckle and stopped once again for him to become adjusted to the larger size of that part of my finger before going further. Instead of trying to go further inside him, I moved my finger around inside his hole feeling the smooth walls of the empty passageway. Pressing my finger upwards towards his ball sac, I found something neither one of us knew existed. When the tip of my finger touched his prostate, he took in a deep breath and his eyes shot wide open. He let out a loud moan as his penis immediately started becoming erect again. The twelve year old spread his legs open further to allow me room to continue prodding his hole.

“Keep touching me there,” he almost yelled as he moaned loudly. I had no idea what I was touching. It couldn't have been one of his testicles, they weren't close enough to my finger. Whatever it was, he liked it. All I could do at that point was just tap it with my finger so I pushed a bit more and got more of my finger inside of him. His grommet had almost totally loosened it's grip on my finger allowing it to slide in easily. With all of my finger inside his ass, I went back to that thing that had excited him so much and now was able to rub all over the spot. It felt like a small bulge of something on the other side of his boy passage. Still unsure what it was, I massaged it as Neal's penis was once again at full attention. He began to rock his hips back and forth as his moaning got even louder. Without warning, his grommet clenched my finger as he orgasmed loudly; this time shooting a couple of drops of clear fluid out of the head of his penis and landing on his stomach. I watched as the head of his penis swelled with each pump as it tried to shoot out more. After at least seven pulses of his penis, he let out a long moan as his orgasm faded. His legs laid open wide as he laid there with his eyes closed. His grommet relaxed more than I'd ever felt it do so far as he began to gather his breath once again.

“What was that?” he asked quietly as he looked up at me.

“I don't know,” I responded, “but it looked like you liked it.”

“I loved it,” he responded taking a few more breaths. “I'm ready for you to fuck me.” I wasted no time after hearing him say that and pulled my finger from his bottom. I expected the hole to slam shut; but, it didn't close all the way. His butthole was still slightly opened and ready for something else to be put inside. I grabbed some more Vaseline and rubbed it all over my rock hard penis and moved down the bed a bit. Neal raised his legs high in the air as I moved in between them and looked down at the ass I'd wanted to fuck for a long time. I glanced up at him to see if he was ready and he just nodded his head to me. I pushed my erection down a bit so the head of my dick was in line with his hole still opened up. There was pre-cum dripping from my penis as it found the entrance as I moved forward with my hips and put some pressure on Neal's hole. The head was working inside as I heard Neal moan a bit in pain.

“Are you okay?” I asked him again; not wanting to hurt him.

“Yeah, stick it in,” was all he said as he stared at me. I pushed enough to pop the head of my dick inside him and gave him a bit of time to accept the intrusion of my penis in his ass. He took in a deep breath, let it out and then nodded to me again. With the head of the penis being the largest around, more of my erection went inside of him with less pain. He could feel my dick inside of his boy passage while more of it slid through his now relaxed grommet. Satisfied I wasn't hurting him, I lowered myself down to my elbows as I let the rest of my erection go into him as far as it would go. My small patch of pubic hair was pressed up against the rounds of his upturned buttocks as I began to slowly pull out and push back inside of him. Being younger than I am, his butt was a bit tighter on my penis than mine was on him; but, it was loose enough to allow me to fuck him comfortably. Unfortunately, after watching him have another orgasm while I fingered him had me incredibly horny. My testicles weren't going to take too much before they exploded. I wanted the first time inside of him to last forever but that just wasn't going to happen. Less than five minutes after I started pumping his beautiful little ass, I thrust my dick deep inside of him and shot my first squirt of cum. Sliding out and then back in, I shot the second as I moaned loudly. Neal knew what was happening hearing my moans and now feeling something other than just another boy's penis deep inside his ass. There was a liquid in there too and he realized his butt was getting filled with sperm. After the third and fourth shot of jizz in Neal's butt, my orgasm started to fade as I continued to pump in and out of him but not shooting anything further inside. Once I was spent, I slowly lowered myself down on top of him feeling the warmth of his ass still wrapped around my now limping penis. I laid there in total love of the boy I'd just had sex with. I didn't know if I could tell him that, but I truly loved Neal; more than ever before. It was then that I realized I had no idea where the cum I'd shot inside of him was going to go when I pulled out of him. I grabbed the roll of toilet paper by the bed and pulled off a big wad of it to, hopefully, keep the bed from getting soaked with my boy cum. When I pulled my softening dick out of him, I tried to catch as much as I could but it leaked out fast enough there was a good sized wet spot right up under his ass. We were going to have to do some laundry before anybody came home. I grabbed some more toilet paper and wiped up around his still stretched out hole as I watched it start to close up. As it did, it pushed out more cum and I wiped it up from his butt. He looked up at me nervously wondering how much cum might still be inside of him. I was only sixteen and it wasn't like I'd shot a gallon of boy jizz inside of the younger boy but I was amazed at how much was there.

“Maybe we should go in and take a shower,” I suggested to him smiling. He nodded to me smiling back knowing how much of a mess we'd made. The insides of his rear end still contained some cum we needed to get out and both of our boy holes were coated with Vaseline that we'd want to wash off so our butts didn't feel so slippery. Neal started to rise up from the bed before I stopped him.

“Look at your belly,” I told him pointing to the drops of clear liquid stuck to him.

“What's that?” he asked as he looked down his naked body.

“It's cum,” I said. “And, it's yours.”

“Wait...when?” he asked.

“You shot it when I was fingering you,” I told him. “You better start figuring out a way to hide toilet paper.” I gave him a big smile as he stared at the first drops of cum from his small testicles.

“I'm gonna shoot something in your butt the next time we do this,” he said as he continued to stare at his new found cum. Just the thought of him saying that had me almost horny again. Before I could get too much of an erection though, I grabbed his hand and pulled him up in bed. We needed to get cleaned up and get some sleep. I still had to take care of a bunch of horses in the morning and it was getting late. We walked naked to the house, as there was nobody to see us, so we didn't get anything in Neal's underpants that might give away what we'd been up to and went straight to the bathroom. I let Neal go in first so he could use the toilet and push whatever was still inside his bottom out with what his body was passing. After wiping his butt really well, he opened the door for me to join him inside. We got the shower the right temperature and the two of us stepped in to get ourselves clean and ready for bed. After drying off, we headed back to my room to get some sleep. We were going to have to sleep in my elevated bunk after all as the bottom bed linens would have to be washed. I watched as Neal climbed up the ladder with his naked ass pointed back at me. I climbed up behind him trying not to get too hard after seeing the bottom of the boy I loved so much and just had sex with earlier and laid down beside him. He had his back to me as I slid in behind him and put my arm to his shoulder. I loved how he smelled so clean, the combination of body soap and hair shampoo as I listened to him start to doze off. After a couple more minutes, I felt like he was asleep and leaned over to him. Planting a soft kiss on his cheek, I whispered “I love you Neal.” Laying back down and putting my head on my pillow, I was ready for a good nights sleep. “I love you too,” I heard a voice whisper from the other side of my small bed. And, with that, the two of us fell asleep. It was one of the best night's sleep I'd ever had; totally spent sexually, wondering what else might happen the rest of the weekend, and questioning whether I had a boyfriend. Neal thought the same things as he softly snored beside me.