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Innocent Eternity
Short Story about Memories
by Benjamin J. Conner

Moments can change your life – everybody knows that. They can be there with you for as long as your heart willingly pumps inside your chest. They can represent a second, a minute or an hour – an image, a scent or a sound. They can remind you of someone special, a taste, a feeling, or something that you did or denied. They can appear in so many different ways and so many different intensities that one is not able to tell about the strength or the nature of a single moment.

However, they all have one thing in common that has made them all time memories and makes them live forever – they have touched our heart or came across our life’s journey with a true and deep experience. Something new, something honest, something that we wanted to hold on for as long as possible. Something that we want to have back all the time - even when our hair turned gray or when we fight with the last breaths of our existence. And why? Because it has made us feel good, it has made us feel complete. It revealed a piece of our true identity. It showed us who we are – and that’s what we truly love.

I experienced such a moment when I was in my early 13’s. I had a long-time friend. His name was Dennis and he was one year younger than me. A British boy living in our neighborhood in Germany. He was smart, mid tall and had a sporty appearance – dark brown hair and eyes. I liked him from the very first moment that we saw. Of course, I had no idea why – he just seemed friendly and was a good companion. You could fool around with him and be who you are. Together we were the boys in the hood – we did everything that free boys do: play war in the woods, playing with model cars in the sand, role playing Miami Vice (of course the blond boy had to be Sonny Crocket – that was me then…) and all that stuff.

He was the boy with who I first saw a porn video – good old Theresa Orlowski – and with who I saw the original of “The Evil Dead I” - AT 13!!! We have done all sorts of things in our young lives, sports, biking, watching TV or preparing bacon and eggs.

Sure, there were other remarkable things in my young life as well. Things this memory is not primarily about, but have been part of my first and most important physical, emotional and sexual imprint.

Dennis has been the first boy who has touched and jerked my 13-year-old penis. He was the first boy who I experienced an orgasm with. The first boy who was sitting on my lap pinning me down, wiggling his buttocks on my crotch threatening me to spit into my face while I beg him to do anything with me he wanted – ANYTHING, but spitting. The first boy who opened the fly of my pants while I was statically lying there telling me what he was going to do to check if it was okay. The first boy whose penis I touched, felt and jerked.

The first boy whose young boy jiz I felt between my fingers while we were jerking each other on the roof top of their house – yeah, on the ROOF TOP, who’d believe this. The first one I had next to me experiencing a climax which I only recognized because of his slippery glans. The first one who had given me a blowjob, even if I can’t remember any second of it or the feelings I had – I had just been to excited about it AND, more important, I’d offered to pay him for doing it. But that was more greed and lust for experience than desire caused by my premature contact to porn videos. That I offered to pay him – you won’t believe it…50 cents….50 CENTS - still produces a bit of emptiness inside my heart looking at it from today, because it takes away a bit of the magic around it.

But this memory is more about another special moment in my life which happened before all of the above. One that still produces this tingling feeling I had experienced during this time – I guess it was the moment that I felt something like an emotional bond to another human being for the very first time. And I don’t mean friendship….

Of course, it involves Dennis, my 12-year-old best friend and not to forget his 6-year-old brother. He was a sweetie, but I never became friends with him, don’t even remember his name – he was just too young and stood in the way almost all the time. But he is part of the memory. Why? This will be revealed later on….

Let’s start with one of the most incredible moments…..memories of my adolescent days.

It was just an ordinary day that I decided to meet with Dennis. We met at their house – I have no idea what day it was and if we had school or not, but I can remember that the sun was shining and it was satisfyingly warm outside - we only wore shirts and long jeans. As we were just boys, there had no plans been made for what we were going to do – we just met and saw for whatever came across our way. Even now, while I’m telling you this story, I can’t really remember a lot of facts around this day….around this memory. I can’t tell you why we met, what time it was, if we had been playing anything else that day or if we met outside and decided to go inside the house. I only know that we were alone….and that “He-Man” from the Masters of Universe was one of the coolest figures we had that time – whether on TV or as a toy.

My memory starts when I said something to Dennis that made him get angry….well, not really pissed off in that sense but in a lovely and funny way. I don’t know what I said to him, but I was a bit cheeky. And because he tried to jump me as a reaction to that, I ran away from one room to the other. I guess it was the parents sleeping room on the first floor where we had been playing or talking and he chased me towards his room. I’m sure that it was his’ room we landed in without any specific intention. It has just been the last room on the first floor right in front of the stairs. Nobody else was in the house, so we had been free to scream and yell as much as we wanted to.

Arriving in his tiny and messy room – nothing seemed to be in order there - I jumped on the pile bedclothes and cushions that were non-verbally asking for a jump into it. So, I did landing on my back, noticing a slightly damp scent, watching what Dennis was going to do. He, being a boy of action, did not hold back a second and jumped on me trying to grab me to beat the shit out of me in a friend’s way avoiding to really to hurt me.

He sat on top of me and looked like a gone-wild animal that was shortly before running its claw along my guts – still with a laugh on his face and imitating sounds. I can remember his looks – the round cheeks, his remarkable chin…..the tiny button nose….his flat hairstyle. In my view, he was perfect, he was a creature that only god can create. I still can feel the butterflies in my abdomen thinking of him…imagining his appearance. Having no mole or birthmarks in his face – some freckles were hardly seen above his nose – it feels like it happened yesterday. I can still hear him breathing hard from running around and jumping me. His legs were strong and pushed against my thighs and even though I was a a couple of inches taller AND older, he was stronger.

This meant I had to do something about his firm grip and wiggled around, grabbed him here and there, put my hands on his chest and pushed him away. He didn’t give up of course, pushed back in and slipped with his hand landing on top of me with his back.

Still being in fight mode and me not being able to free myself, I took the last possible weapon and with my right hand grasped for his crotch through the jeans fabric, before he could turn around and pin me down again – a smart but also mean step. I remember that I didn’t really plan to do it, but I was helpless in this situation. Dennis was just too fast and too strong for me so there was nothing I could do about it, but to free myself this way.

I don’t know what I expected to feel with my hand searching for his “emergency exit button”, but I can tell that it felt new, extraordinary, peculiar, unknown…but also charming, fascinating and sublime.

Of course, he cramped for me grabbing his dick and balls while I was slightly applying pressure to them and wiggled from one side to another, uselessly trying to get my hand away. His screaming got louder and he yelled like an 8-year-old. Not in pain nor in fear. It was more a loud laughing combined with begging not to grab any firmer, but there was something else in his voice that I didn’t understand. Anyway, now I was the one in control, but was not prepared for what happened next.

This was the moment, where it all began. The 43 seconds, 31 minutes or one hour – I can’t tell - which is burned into my mind so deeply and which make this memory so lively.

Dennis was still wiggling around on top of me with his back on my chest – back and forth, left to right. My hand still holding his genitals firmly to make him go away. He on the other hand tried to push my arm away and free himself so he could re-attack. But nothing seemed to work for him. He tried hard to get back into control, but was useless to my “grip of death”. So, Dennis gave up the fight. That was unexpected for me. I knew that he would have won if he just had tried long enough. If he had just tried harder. He could have done the same to me. But it was over, over and out. No fight anymore. No longer did he try to get away. No longer did he wiggle around on my body. No longer die he yell and scream. Instead, he fell silent from one moment to another. He stopped moving around or trying to push my arm away. He relaxed his body and leaned in on me with his body against mine.

I sensed the warmth of his body. His weight on my chest that I bore with no problem. Heard his breathing – felt his breathing. Felt closer to him as I have ever felt to someone else. The fabric between us seemed to be non-existent. For the first time in my life, I could feel a complete body touch - heavenly, harmonious and satisfying. All my sensors were at 100%. I noticed things I would never again notice that way. The smell of Dennis hair – an indescribable scent. And even if we haven’t had any bare skin touch during this moment, we couldn’t have been any closer.

While I noticed all this firework going on in my mind, I remembered where my right hand was still resting – the firm grip I had before was now loose. And without thinking about it, I softly and slowly began to move my fingers – just a little bit to feel what I’ve had in my hands for the last couple of minutes before I would let go. I was just curious. And curiosity mixed with all these new feelings and the new closeness we boys experienced at that very moment.

The sensation went on and I sensed Dennis’ dick. It was clearly noticeable through the fabric of his jeans. The little movement of my fingers didn’t seem to displease him in any way. He seemed to push his body in on me even more – but I can’t tell to be honest. All I felt was his dick at the tip of my fingers…still locked in his pants. His body so close to me…warm…relaxed. His breathing…so tender and calm…

What shocked and surprised me in a positive and similar way was that Dennis did obviously enjoy the touch of my hand. He just leaned back and did nothing, didn’t complain, didn’t encourage me to do something else or more, didn’t say anything. All the excitement of the fight before was gone – replaced by relaxation and this new emotional openness between us.

Since I still don’t know how long all this took and what happened afterwards, the memory ends here. It was filled with joy and happiness, new feelings and the most intriguing excitement I had experienced in my 13 years of age. I guess this was the day, when I first fell in love with another boy.

This memory still lives inside of my heart as lively as it was that day – sometimes I feel it even stronger than these days. Dennis, with his appearance, imprinted me for the rest of my life. During my childhood, he was the first boy I loved and the first boy who had sex with me. Unfortunately, the family moved away a year later – I never knew to where. The year we had was fantastic and full of love – boyish love though – sometimes sex, but mostly we just enjoyed to be together. This will never be forgotten and lives inside my heart forever…

One day, when I was 20 or so, I had moved to another city with my Dad, I walked into a local diner. Lightning literally struck me as I saw a boy in that diner who locked exactly like the younger brother of Dennis. I was absolutely sure that it was him – the age and his looks fit. I didn’t know what to do, but to look out who was with this boy, unsuccessfully. The boy left the diner alone with some takeaways and I didn’t dare to follow him. It left me stunned. I was in the same state of shock as I was when all of this happened. But of course, it brought back good old memories – the best memories ever and for these memories I’m very thankful.

Thank you, Dennis, for being part of my life! I still love you and everywhere I see a boy that looks a bit like you, I feel our deep and passionate bond again!

End of Story