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Nathan’s Nipples

by Gamin Paramour

May, 2019

Jeez, Nathan, look at those things!” Tommy jeered. “And here I thought the first kid in our class to grow tits would be a girl!”

I’ll never forget the hot flush of humiliation that filled my face as the guys exploded in laughter. I had been so looking forward to seeing them after almost the whole summer away, only to be the butt of a major put down the very second Tommy skidded his bike to a stop in front of us. And for something that wasn’t my fault!

Leave me alone, Tommy!” I said, trying to come across threatening but sounding, even to my own ears, pleading.

I knew Tommy was only teasing me, not seriously cutting me down. He had been my closest friend since kindergarten, when we were the founding pair of a tight-knit group of friends that had since grown to four. It was his idea for all of us to meet at the park that morning a week before the start of sixth grade to officially welcome me home from my family trip to the coast of Maine. I had endured five whole weeks of utter boredom while my Dad the big-deal college professor wrote some dumb paper about probability or whatever it’s called, and I couldn’t wait to see the guys again.

The trip sounded great when my folks first told me about it: spending the summer in a hundred-year-old stone cottage fifty feet from the ocean with a beach for a front yard and deep woods for a backyard. But then we got there and I found out that there were no neighbor kids for miles, the beach was all rocks instead of sand, the ocean was as cold as a tub full of ice cubes and I wasn’t allowed to go into the woods. And on top of all that I got yelled at for making noise if I watched TV or played video games while my Dad was trying to write, so I ended up spending most of the summer sitting on a rock looking out at freezing gray water and wishing I was back home with my friends.

Be careful what you wish for, I guess.

What the heck happened, man?” asked Richie with only a bit more charity than Tommy. “Did you spend the whole summer snarfing Oreos?”

No!” I insisted, although I was in fact feeling pretty fat right then, with my newfound titties straining at my t-shirt and the smirks of my friends tearing at my heart. When you’re bored out of your skull on the coast of Maine snarfing cookies is something to do, at least.

He doesn’t look fat anywhere else,” Evan piped in, surveying me head to toe. He was the youngest and smallest, but unquestionably the smartest of our group, a budding little scientist who sometimes took it upon himself to explain things to the rest of us like we were a bunch of dummies. It pissed us off sometimes, but he didn’t intend it in a mean way, and he was almost always right. “Do your clothes still fit, Nathan?”

Yes,” I said, clinging to this small truth to salvage what I could of my dignity. “These are my same shorts from last year and they still fit.” True, my Mom had bought them a size larger so they would last two summers before I outgrew them, but even so…

OK then,” Tommy pressed, never one to let things go. “So how come all of a sudden you have boobs?”

I didn’t know precisely why I was so embarrassed by the changes happening in my eleventh year. They had hinted to us about impending adolescence last year in fifth grade, though we hadn’t really understood what they were talking about. I had been dimly aware that something was getting ready to happen, but I never dreamed it would be tits!

I looked from one to another of my three friends with their flat, boyish, normal chests. I guess it freaked me out because I was the only one, and at that age fitting in with everybody else seems like the most important thing in the world. They were all staring at me expectantly, so I reluctantly plunged into it.

My Dad says this happens to some boys when they start to grow up,” I said sheepishly. “He said my body is starting to change.”

He means puberty,” Evan explained. “That’s when...”

We know what puberty is!” Tommy cut him off tersely. “We all saw that cartoon they showed in school.”

I didn’t think Tommy was nearly as clued in as he let on, though, as the cartoon had left a lot of questions unanswered. Come to think of it, my Dad had left a lot of questions unanswered too, and I made a mental note to ask Evan for the lowdown the next time we were alone.

So you’re gonna have tits like a girl?” Richie asked incredulously.

Only for a while,” I said softly, my eyes down. “My hormones are out of balance, but when they get back in balance again the tits will just go away.” I didn’t mention that my Dad had looked it up and said they often go away in six months but they can last for three years. Three years! I’d be in high school by then, taking showers after gym and all that stuff. It was too horrible to think about.

And boy, look at those giant nipples sticking through your shirt,” Tommy said, still in teasing mode.

I blushed deeply again.

Richie laughed. “When my Mom’s nipples stick out like that my Dad always says she has her high-beams on. Then she hits him on the arm and he laughs.”

What are high-beams?” I had to ask.

Evan, of course, had the answer. “The bright headlights on a car.”

What does that have to do with tits?” Tommy asked.

Evan had to consider for a moment, then pronounced, “I guess ‘cause they’re real noticeable when you see ‘em coming the other way.”

Suddenly Tommy got a naughty look in his eye. “Let’s see ‘em!” he blurted with an evil smile. “Show us your tits, Nathan!”

My jaw dropped open and I reflexively crossed my arms over my chest. “No!” I exclaimed. “Are you crazy?”

C’mon, man,” Tommy implored. “I’ve never seen tits before.”

What are you talking about, Tommy?” Richie jumped in. “You showed us, like, a million tits that time on your Dad’s iPad.”

Those were just pictures,” Tommy said. “I want to see real tits!”

But they’re not real tits,” I insisted. “Only girls have real tits.”

Close enough!” Tommy said. “Just lift up your shirt, Nathan. We’ve all seen each other without shirts before.”

Yeah, but now it’s weird,” I complained.

You know,” Evan began in his professorial tone, “they probably look just like a girl’s tits. I mean, we already saw their size and shape through your shirt, and you’re only eleven so you don’t have any hair on your chest or anything, and your skin is probably just as soft as any girl’s. I mean, if it looks like a tit and it’s shaped like a tit and it’s soft like a tit...”

Oh, you gotta show ‘em to us now, Nathan!” Tommy said far too loudly, and a couple of little girls playing hopscotch fifty feet away turned and looked.

Shut up, Tommy!” I hissed, and the boy got an embarrassed grin and brought it down about twenty notches.

C’mon, Nathan,” he pleaded quietly. “What’s the big deal? We’re gonna see ‘em the next time we go swimming anyway.”

I thought for a second. “I can wear a t-shirt in the pool,” I said, adding in my head, maybe for the next three years.

No!” Tommy whined. “I really want to see! C’mon Nathan!” Then in sudden inspiration he stripped off his t-shirt in one fast motion and said, “Here, you can see me first.”

I rolled my eyes as Tommy revealed the smooth bare chest I’d seen a hundred times before. We four friends had never been shy around each other, changing for swimming and sleepovers and sometimes wetting the same concrete wall side-by-side when all of our bladders were full at once. It wasn’t modesty that gave me pause that day, but the new and obviously lecherous way Tommy was now thinking of my chest. It was different and weird and singled me out from the group, and I didn’t like it.

That’s when I realized the intensity of Richie’s interest as well, as the tall, skinny redhead muttered, “Please, Nathan,” and pulled his shirt up to his hairless armpits. I felt distinctly stupid standing astride our bikes in a circle in the park with two boys showing me their chests, when of course there wasn’t a damn thing to see on either one of them.

The four of us were actually very different, each our own distinct physical type. I had always been a little bit rounder than the others, not obese by any means but with softer contours and tending a bit toward baby fat. Tommy was robust and very athletic, solid and trim without even a hint of fat, baby or otherwise. Richie’s chest looked downright skeletal with twin rows of rib bones protruding through his skin like a pink xylophone.

Little Evan didn’t show his chest that morning, but of course I knew what he looked like. He was smaller than average for his age, which was actually a full year younger than the rest of us. Three years earlier Evan had skipped second grade to parachute directly into our third grade class, where Tommy and Richie and I immediately took him into our group as sort of a mascot or something. We thought we’d be helping him survive among the big kids, but he turned out to be one of the smartest and most self-assured kids in the whole school. After third grade the principal wanted to skip him another year but Evan refused, which I always took as a testament to our four-way friendship. We liked and respected the little guy, and his opinion meant a lot.

You’re embarrassing him, you guys!” Evan said. “Go on, put your shirts back on.” They didn’t look happy, but both complied.

It isn’t fair,” Tommy groused. “Why won’t you just let us see, Nathan? It don’t cost you nothin’.”

What does Nathan get out of it?” Evan asked, sounding for the world like my defense attorney. “You get what you want but he doesn’t get anything. How is that fair?”

I showed him my chest,” Tommy said sullenly.

So what?” Evan countered. “He didn’t ask for it, and besides there’s nothing there to see anyway.”

Well, what do you want, Nathan?” Tommy asked. “What would make it fair?”

I don’t know,” I said lamely.

I have an idea,” Evan said much too brightly, and I suddenly realized that this whole defense attorney thing was Evan taking his own shot at seeing my tits! He was just as intent as the others.

It’s not fair to Nathan,” Evan went on, “because he has to show us something that embarrasses him, but we don’t have to be embarrassed at all.” He looked at me for a second and when I didn’t respond he prompted, “Isn’t that right, Nathan?”

Yeah,” I said. “I guess so.”

But if we had to be embarrassed too, that would be fair, right?”

I didn’t know where this could possibly be going, but I saw no reasonable answer except yes, so I nodded.

OK,” Evan said with finality, “then here’s what we have to do.” He leaned in and spoke softly, and we all ducked our heads together to hear. “The three of us get all the way buck naked, without one stitch of clothes on, and Nathan gets to look at every single inch of us for as long as he wants.”

Tommy and Richie spoke simultaneously with identical indignation.

Are you crazy?” Tommy said.

I’m not doin’ that!” said Richie.

Wait, I’m not done,” Evan said, and maybe it was just curiosity for whatever lunacy might come out of his mouth next, but all of us turned rapt attention to him.

We don’t just get to see his tits,” Evan went on. “We get to feel them up for as long as we want.”

The light of understanding glowed in Tommy’s eyes. “If it looks like a tit and it’s shaped like a tit and it’s soft like a tit...”

Then it’ll feel just like a real girl’s tit!” Evan finished with a satisfied grin.

I stood dumbfounded, my mind a maelstrom and my gut a whirl of emotion. You see, I kind of left something out when I described my five weeks in Maine. All that boredom and free time and privacy in my upstairs bedroom while my Dad was downstairs writing and my Mom was baking or gardening or painting her watercolors or whatever, and the bare wooden stairs that squeaked horrendously when anyone came up and gave plenty of warning… all that led to a lot more than snarfing Oreos.

At eleven I was certainly no stranger to the fun a boy can have when nobody is around, though it hadn’t been a huge thing in my life up until then. But that summer as my chest began to swell my tiny pink nipples also tripled in size, and seemed to always be standing up at full, sharp attention. I quickly discovered that the tiniest flick of my fingertip across either of those sensitive points sent a shiver down my spine such as I’d never known, and instantly – and I mean instantly – produced a rock-hard boner. Just the friction of the t-shirt across my nips was enough to rev me up, and that only got worse as my titties expanded and pressed ever more firmly against my clothing. Three, maybe four times a day all summer long the intensity of this stimulation sent me frantically up to my room, where I simply had to tear my shorts down and my shirt up, furiously pounding my hairless three inches and tweaking and twirling and titilating first one, then the other, exquisitely sensitive nipple until I bucked and shuddered and heaved as though my very soul was bursting out through my dick.

Nothing actually came out, mind you, having just turned eleven in the spring and showing absolutely no sign of development other than those weird, embarrassing, yet undeniably wonderful boy-tits. I had achieved a dry orgasm before – exactly once – and had always hoped to get there again someday, but the addition of nipple-play all but guaranteed that I would cum, and quickly, too, if I so desired. I could also stretch it out half the night if I wanted to, bringing myself oh-so-close and then backing away from the brink time and again until finally I had no choice but to either let it flood over me or lose my mind, and those were the best orgasms of all.

So there I stood in the middle of the park surrounded by my three best friends, this new and totally alien concept piercing into my brain like an ice pick. I knew without doubt that, as wonderful as my self-stimulation was, it would feel infinitely better if someone else was doing it. Though I had honestly never looked at my friends in a sexual way before, the thought of their small, soft hands caressing me and flicking and pinching and teasing my inflamed nipples had me raging stiff in exactly four heartbeats. The words gay or queer or homo never even entered my head, but I know it wouldn’t have mattered if they had. Like throwing a switch, in that one second I could no longer deny that I wanted this to happen more than I’d ever wanted anything before.

How could we do that?” Tommy asked Evan, shocking me out of my thoughts. “I mean, where could we do that?”

It would have to be someplace super private,” Richie said.

Actually, I have an idea about that, too,” Evan said. “Tommy, didn’t your Dad just buy that old white house at the end of the cul-de-sac, to flip it?”

Flip it?” Richie asked. “You mean, like, turn it upside-down?”

No you idiot!” Tommy scoffed. “It’s like those shows on TV where they buy some crappy old house and fix it up and sell it for, like, a million dollars. That’s called flipping houses.”

Oh, yeah,” Richie said, “I’ve seen that. That’s where the husband does all the work and the wife just picks out curtains and throw pillows and stuff.”

Wow,” Evan said, shaking his head. “You better never say that in front of any girls, or you’ll never get a date.”

That’s a great idea, Evan,” Tommy said. “My Dad bought that house but he’s super busy right now finishing up the one they’re working on over by the Middle School. I heard him tell my Mom that they won’t be able to start the new house until next month.”

Perfect,” Evan said. “If we can get in.”

Easy,” Tommy said with a smile. “He keeps the keys in his desk in his study. I’ll ride home and get ‘em and meet you guys there.”

Right now?” I asked timidly. I was tremendously excited, but shit was rapidly getting real.

Yes, right now!” Tommy insisted. “We’ve got, like, three hours before we have to get home for lunch. Plenty of time.”

You know how they say people gulp when they’re scared of what’s going to happen? Turns out it’s true.

Let’s meet in the clearing a little ways behind the house,” Evan said. “Remember where we set up that jumping ramp that one time and went off it with our bikes? And ride there through the field, not down the cul-de-sac. If somebody sees a bunch of kids ride up to an empty house they might call the cops or something.”

OK!” Tommy called exuberantly as he tore off on his bike, standing on the pedals and riding for all he was worth.

Are we really gonna do this?” Richie asked.

It’s up to Nathan,” Evan said, and they both looked at me with hopeful question marks in their eyes.

I hesitated, but it was mainly for show. I knew I had to either do this or rush home and whack off, and there was really no question which option would win.

OK, I guess,” I said, trying not to appear too eager. From their grins I knew that both boys were just as excited as I was.

Keep away from the windows, you guys!” Evan stage-whispered as we slipped quietly through the kitchen door of the empty house. The place actually looked fairly nice to my eleven-year-old eye, and still had furniture and pictures on the walls. I felt a bit uneasy, like we were sneaking around somebody’s house when they weren’t home, but Tommy assured us that the furniture and everything had been left behind and would be sold or thrown away once his Dad got started.

Where should we do it?” Richie asked. “There’s an awful lot of windows in this room.”

Upstairs,” Tommy said. “I was with my Dad when he inspected the house, so I know the perfect place.”

In the rear of the house on the second floor was, indeed, the perfect place. It was a large bedroom that faced the open field and trees behind, with curtains on the side windows so the neighbors couldn’t see. There was a queen-size bed, albeit without sheets or pillows, that would serve admirably for our purposes. We all smiled in excited anticipation, even me. I had decided it was a little late to be playing demure.

OK, what now?” I asked directly to Evan. Demure, shit. I was ready for the show to get on the road.

Like I said,” Evan replied, “the three of us strip naked and let you look all you want.”

Not all at once, though, right?” Tommy said. “We… I mean Nathan… should get to, you know, take his time and concentrate on what he’s looking at.”

Then you go first,” Richie said to Tommy.

OK, I will,” Tommy said, and for the second time that morning whipped off his t-shirt and stood bare-chested. After only the slightest pause he kicked off his sneakers and sat on the bed to remove his white socks. He stood and faced us, smiling with just a hint of embarrassment, then hooked his thumbs into the waistbands of both his shorts and underwear and tugged them together down and off.

I had seen Tommy naked a couple of times over the years, changing for swimming or into pajamas on a sleepover, but I’d never seen him like this. His hairless dick was fully erect, jutting up his smooth, flat belly and straining toward his navel. It was big, too, certainly thicker than mine and longer by an inch or more, and I thought I could actually see it quivering with excitement. Below hung a pair of nuts a little smaller than I might have expected given the dimensions of that stalwart cock, but it did nothing to blunt the impact of his naked magnificence. My eyes moved over his truly beautiful body, noting the prepubescent muscle tone of a young athlete and, I was elated to discover, small dark nipples just as erect as mine ever were. He nearly took my breath away, and I could practically feel the hormones pumping hotly through my veins.

Tell me what you want,” Tommy said, and when I looked at him stupidly he added, “Should I just stand here, or do you want me to bend over or lay on the bed or what?”

You get to pick, Nathan,” Evan said, never taking his eyes off of Tommy.

Um, come closer, I guess,” I said, and Tommy dutifully stepped to within a foot of me. He never tried to cover himself or evade my gaze in any way, and if he was embarrassed to exhibit a gigantic boner to his three closest friends he certainly didn’t show it.

Wow, Tommy,” Richie said, clearly impressed. I noticed that his gaze was locked on the young stiffie as well.

Lay on the bed,” I said, beginning to enjoy my role as director of this extravaganza. “On your back, wide open.”

He knew exactly what to do, and assumed a spread-eagle pose, smiling up at us. We stared at Tommy, amazed at how free and relaxed he was as we intently perused his nude body. Although this display was ostensibly for me and not the others, no one objected when Evan leaned down and examined that pulsing boy meat from inches away.

I can feel your breath,” Tommy said.

Evan’s eyes popped wide and he jerked quickly away as Tommy giggled.

It’s OK, Evan,” Tommy said. “You can look all you want.”

I took my turn at the close-up view. I was entirely too horny for lame pretenses, and besides it seemed social conventions were already pretty much out the window. I broke the tension a bit by bending to place my face an inch in front of Tommy’s and making a goofy face, making us both laugh. Then with both of us relaxed a bit I moved on to the pointy objects of my recent obsession. His chest rose and fell easily as I inspected each ardent nipple, nearly close enough to brush them with my eyelashes. They were magnetic to me, and I desperately wanted to tease them and flick them and run the pads of my thumbs over them and find out if a surge of erotic energy would rocket through Tommy’s strong body and straight to his aching cock the way it always did for me. My own nipples buzzed with sympathetic excitement and my gut ached for release. I knew somehow that Tommy wouldn’t protest if I did touch him, but I still wasn’t absolutely certain of Richie and Evan, and I sure didn’t want to scare them off and never get touched myself!

I moved further down, hovering inches above Tommy’s smooth, flat belly with its golden summer tan. I drew his sweet boyish scent deep into my nose and found it intoxicating. A few inches further was his little “innie” of a belly-button with its curious knot at the bottom. I had never examined a belly-button up so close before and found it interesting, if not exactly erotic, but then the carnal vibe jumped into overdrive two inches farther on when the golden tan gave way to pristine, pinkish-white skin untouched by the elements – literally where the sun don’t shine. This white area barely encompassed his boy bits, like he was wearing a flesh-colored Speedo, and I was confused for a second because Tommy had always worn board shorts for swimming, almost to his knees. Then I remembered the beginning of the summer, before I left for Maine, when Tommy had announced with great excitement that he was joining the swim team at his parents’ country club. I realized that this year he had ditched the board shorts for an actual Speedo, and my thoughts turned momentarily to what that tiny swim suit must look like with Tommy’s substantial package stuffed into it.

And then, there it was: the gently rising and falling, deep pink head of Tommy’s engorged member. His cock was beautiful, strong, even majestic; words I’d never even considered applying to a penis before. The only boner I’d ever seen was my own, and I certainly never thought it to be it visually appealing, but this dick inches before my eyes was a revelation. I regarded its four-inch length, its impressive girth, and its sculpted, perfect shape, and I became almost giddy in a way I’d never experienced before. My mind was clouded in a sort of erotic fog, and I realized that the entire experience, especially Tommy’s intense boy scent, was uniquely sexual; some heady mix of sweat and funk and pheromones that simply wouldn’t allow one’s thoughts to wander anywhere except sex.

I imagined myself leaning forward – it would only take an inch – to touch my lips to that sweet, stiff thing, and I remembered Evan’s sudden panic and hurried retreat, and I wondered if he too had entertained such a fantasy. These were unprecedented thoughts for me, but they felt absolutely natural and fundamentally undeniable; something I had never known but always known. There was a lot more to figure out, but suddenly I fit better in my own skin than ever.

There was just one more thing I simply had to see, and then I needed to get this passion play moving toward the payoff.

Pull your knees up to your chest,” I commanded, and Tommy’s smile actually widened as he obeyed. We all stared in wonder as the most intimate part of our friend was revealed fully to our view, his puckered, dusky pink orifice relaxed and open for our inspection. I had glimpsed the butt holes of baby cousins on changing tables a few times in my life, but those had been dirty and gross and repulsive. Tommy was clean and fresh and pure, and all three of us stared unabashedly.

Wow, Tommy,” Richie said again, and reached down inside his shorts to adjust himself, forgetting to even try to hide it. I flicked my eyes over to Evan and he returned a bashful smile, as if to say, “Me too,” and it somehow seemed right and natural that all four of us were reacting to the heat of this moment.

Now I really had to get to the end of the preliminaries and get something happening! These feelings were new, but they were strong and they were authentic. I couldn’t suppress my lust any longer, and I was done trying anyway. I had to go with this now, let it be whatever it was going to be, even if it cost me my best friends.

I had an impulse to throw my clothes onto the floor next to Tommy’s, baring my sweet new titties and raging hard-on to the delightful ministrations of my friends. Eleven years of social conditioning is not so easily overcome, however, and my Pavlovian response was still to deny, deny deny; to keep up the straight facade. I finally convinced myself that holding back was the right thing to do, that this was much too important to take chances, so I decided to stick to Evan’s scenario and pray it got me to where I now knew I wanted to go.

I figured I could speed things up a little, though. “Both of you take off your shoes and socks,” I said to Richie and Evan, and they complied in a matter of seconds. Then I played a card:

You guys?” I said, “I know it wasn’t part of the deal, but what if you took each other’s clothes off?”

To my delight both of their faces immediately lit up. Tommy sat bolt upright on the bed, wide-eyed and grinning. “Yeah!” he exclaimed. “Do it, you guys!”

The boys looked at each other, quickly assessing the other’s response, which must have been positive because Evan turned quickly to me and said, “OK!”

We all grinned at each other for a second, then I said, “Richie, take Evan’s shirt off.” I had already seen Richie’s cadaverous chest. It was time to remind myself how cute my littlest best friend was.

Richie stepped forward and took the hem of Evan’s t-shirt. Evan compliantly raised his arms over his head like a good little boy, although to be fair any one of us would have automatically done the same thing. It hadn’t been that many years since we all needed help with clothing.

When Richie raised the shirt inside-out to skin it off, it caught on Evan’s chin, the neck hole a little too small to pass smoothly. For a moment Evan’s face was masked to the rest of us and we all laughed. Even in my laughter I noted the lovely soft hollows of the ten-year-old’s utterly hairless underarms, and just had to let my eyes travel over his beautiful exposed chest, narrower and softer than Tommy’s. I followed the delicate line of his clavicle, down his torso and over his slightly rounded tummy which gave him a sweet little boy look that suited him perfectly. I had never noticed his pretty little nipples before but there they were, small and brown and pin-point erect, and I couldn’t look away.

Richie yanked harder until the shirt suddenly popped off, and we all laughed again. Evan smiled cutely, and with his hair messed up like that he reminded me of a tousled toddler. By that point in the summer his skin was tanned a deep walnut and his light brown hair was so sun-bleached that you could have called him blond. He blinked, calling my attention to his huge ocean-blue eyes, and I swear I felt my heart flutter.

Evan and I locked eyes, and I saw a trust and vulnerability that was incredibly endearing. I remembered this same look that first day three years earlier, when a tiny boy crept into our third grade class looking like a helpless, wounded bird fallen from a nest. He both needed and deserved protection, which is perhaps why the guys and I took him under our wing in the first place. My heart suddenly hungered for Evan even more than my body.

A long moment passed with our eyes fixed, and I became aware that both of us were tuned in to the same wavelength, both realizing the strength of our connection. I could feel it in Evan’s gaze and see it in his body language. We were both shocked back to reality when Richie spoke.

Take mine off now, Ev,” he said, and when Evan looked to me questioningly – since I was supposedly giving the orders – I nodded and smiled.

Evan pulled at Richie’s wildly oversized t-shirt, and the tall boy had to bend down a little so that Evan could tug it off over his head. There was that bag-o-bones chest again, which really wasn’t such a turn on for me, but my affection for Richie was strong and I found myself longing for him, too. He had such light skin that his mother wouldn’t let him out of the house in the summer without sun screen, and so unlike the rest of us he was barely tanned. He had large, pink nipples, the aureoles the size of quarters, and had always had the largest of us all until my recent renovation. I had never seen them erect, though, and they lay flat and lifeless even while his eyes shone with excitement and lust. I couldn’t wait to see if I could make them stand up with the techniques I had perfected on myself up in Maine.

Tommy’s impatient voice came from the peanut gallery. “C’mon, get naked you guys!” he urged, and we looked to find him slowly but urgently stroking his stiff cock. I had known Tommy for more than half my life and never entertained a single thought about his sexuality, but there was Tommy doing something that could not be misinterpreted. I looked at the others and they were gobsmacked, but also bursting with excitement.

Evan turned to me, seeking permission even still, and I nodded dumbly. Both boys immediately jerked their shorts and underwear down and off, revealing their own throbbing hard boners.

Wow!” Richie said, looking back and forth between his naked, horny friends.

Evan’s dick was small but beautifully shaped, angled sharply upward such that the little helmet head practically touched his belly. His proportionally small scrotum was tight underneath that turgid cock, with the clear outline of two precious little eggs showing through. I scanned him eagerly and marveled that the boy had not even one hair anywhere below the neckline to mar his perfection.

Richie himself was as skinny as skinny could be, except for one place where he carried considerable meat: a long, thick, sturdy cock that came in a close second to Tommy’s. I had seen Richie’s dick many times in non-erotic circumstances and never had a clue that it would attain these impressive dimensions when excited. The boy was the very definition of a “grower” versus a “show-er”, the tiny nub I’d seen in changing rooms and at urinals giving no hint of the long, thick pole that jutted into the room before him. Unlike Tommy, Evan and me, Richie’s boner stuck pretty much straight out rather than angling upward. His balls were big, too, and hung loosely between slim thighs that didn’t touch. Maybe it was the erotic fog, but he looked delicious to me, which really surprised me.

Then Richie gave me an imploring look. “Please, Nathan! Get your clothes off and let’s do something! I mean, whatever it is we’re going to do.”

I reached for the hem of my shirt, but Tommy stopped me.

Wait!” he said, and we all looked at him in surprise. He had been the one who started this whole thing. Why was he stopping it?

Take the shirt off last,” he said. “Then your tits will be the big final reveal.”

I decided not to debate his sense of showmanship right at that moment, with other things on my mind. I kicked off my shoes and tore off my socks, then without even a pause tugged down my shorts and underwear.

My cock was as big, as hard and as bright pink as I’d ever seen it. My nuts felt swollen and my breath came shallow and I knew I’d cum in seconds from the barest touch. I ripped off my shirt and threw it aside, revealing for the first time my completely bare self, the real me, both physically and metaphorically.

I ached for my friends to ravish me.

They were upon me in a microsecond. I couldn’t be sure whose hands were whose as they fondled and caressed and tickled and teased my fiery flesh. We moved as one to the bed, falling upon it with no hands to catch ourselves, since all were in use. I closed my eyes and tried to feel all the sensations at once, but instead they came to the front of my consciousness one at a time, each commanding my attention for a second or two and quickly replaced by the next.

For a minute everything was about my tits, the accident of nature that had started this whole adventure, and I discerned fondling, pinching and the gentlest tweaking of my electrified nips. High boy voices made sounds of pleasure and appreciation, oohing and aahing over my soft tittie mounds and my tack-sharp nipples. I soared to the heavens, and just when I thought I’d reached the absolute pinnacle, a small, soft hand encircled my straining boner and began the most exquisite squeezing and pulling, which slowly transformed into a gentle but firm jack-off. I gasped aloud, unable to speak actual English words but moaning in unmistakable relish.

And then came a true game-changer. A hungry, wet mouth clamped over my right nipple and began applying delicious, amazing suction. I felt a strong, slick tongue swirling and flicking my nipple and it was a hundred times better than anything I’d ever done to myself. Small sharp teeth ever-so-gently nibbled me for the briefest fraction of a second, and then it was back to suction and swirling tongue, and I was so overcome I felt I might pass out.

Some tiny functioning part of my brain recognized that this was a human mouth giving me sexual pleasure, and I knew it opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Mouths were in play now, and I would use mine as well in whatever way my loving friends desired. I would do whatever it took to keep these feelings coming, the macho straight-boy facade be damned.

And then my other nipple was engulfed in a different warm, eager mouth, the sensations distinctly different but equally intense. I cried out in ecstasy, managing to form the words, “Oh, yes! God damn it yes! Suck it! Please suck it!”

And that’s when I felt the third warm mouth, this time on my cock.

I began to cum, and oh my God, what a cum! I bucked and thrashed and every muscle in my body tensed and released over and over. My hands found the backs of the tit suckers’ heads and I held them there, moaning and crying, thanking them and thanking them, and even more whichever boy was pleasuring my dick in the way I’d only heard of on the playground, and had never been entirely convinced was an actual thing that people really did. The orgasm went on and on, and just when I thought the tidal wave had to finally break on the shore, those warm, soft lips that had merely held my pulsing cock began to pump up and down its bony length. Another surge rocketed through me and I throbbed and shuddered and came and came, until my poor little body just couldn’t take any more and I fell back to the mattress with my chest heaving.

Slowly the world came back into focus and I could make some sense of what had happened. I still held Tommy’s and Richie’s heads against my breasts, and they still happily suckled my still-hard nipples. Though logic wasn’t exactly my strong suit at that moment, I knew it meant the mouth that still gently pulled at my dick belonged to Evan, and I felt a new swell of love for him wash over me. I knew who would receive my very first oral pleasure, only a few moments hence.

I pulled myself back to consciousness by force of will and picked up my head to look down at the amazing tableau of my three best friends pleasuring my body. “OK, you guys,” I muttered through heaving gasps. “Stop, stop… I can’t take any more.”

One by one they released my sensitive parts, Evan holding onto my slackening boner for an extra few seconds then smiling broadly up at me. I put out my arms, gesturing for him to come to me for a hug, and he knew exactly what I meant. He climbed on top of me and fell into my embrace, his small, stiff cock jabbing into my belly and our mouths coming together in a sweet, yet sensual kiss. I held it a long time, and Evan crushed himself against me as well. I had never in my life even heard of French kissing, but some instinct told me to slip my tongue between his soft, moist lips, and he engaged immediately, our tongues wrestling back and forth first in his mouth then in mine. When we finally broke the kiss Tommy and Richie were staring with their mouths open.

Evan snuggled against me and I petted him from his slim, soft shoulders down to the small of his back. He purred like a kitten.

I’m so glad you sucked me, Evan,” I said. “I never even thought of that, but it was just perfect.”

Evan paused, confused, then said, “But it was your idea. You told me to do it.”

What do you mean?” I said, equally confused.

I was jacking you off and you said something like ‘Suck it, God damn it! Suck it!’”

I chuckled softly and hugged him tightly. “I was talking to Richie,” I said. “I meant for him to suck my nipple the way Tommy was.” I kissed the top of Evan’s head and said, “But boy, am I glad you misunderstood!”

We were silent for a moment, Evan beginning to tenderly caress one of my breasts. Then I found my mouth next to Evan’s cute little ear, and completely without direction from my conscious mind I blurted, “I love you, Evan.”

Wow!” Richie said, his most frequent exclamation.

Holy shit, Nathan!” Tommy said, and I could see the gears turning behind his eyes as he searched for some funny way to playfully cut me down – his default response to social discomfort – but then he abruptly abandoned the effort. This revelation was too momentous for even Tommy’s signature wit.

Evan pulled back to look me in the eyes and a smile formed on his lips. “I love you, too, Nathan,” he said in utter earnestness. “I have for a long time.”

I stared in disbelief. “Really?” I said. “Even before today?”

Evan shot a wary look at Tommy, but evidently decided the cat was out of the bag anyway. “I figured out a long time ago that I like boys,” he said softly. “And then I kind of figured out that I like you especially.” He paused in uncertainty, then added, “I, um, think about you when I’m, you know…”

Jacking off?” Richie finished, but not in an insulting way. He was just showing that he understood.

Evan dropped his eyes. “Yeah,” he said.

There was a long silence, then Richie offered, “I think about girls mostly. Like, I think Nancy Becker is really cute, and I jack off and try to imagine what she looks like without any clothes on. That’s almost every night, but sometimes I think about boys.”

Really?” Evan said, looking up at the tall redhead with relief in his eyes, like maybe he wasn’t the only queer in the world. Apparently he forgot that I had just kissed him like a French whore for five minutes and declared my love right out loud.

Yeah,” Richie said, and I felt him winding up his courage before he continued. “I think about Tommy sometimes,” he said, and looked directly at the surprised boy. “And now that I know what your boner looks like I’ll probably think about you even more.”

Tommy looked uncertain, a rare thing for him, and he softened his expression as he said to Richie. “What do you think about, when you think about me and jack yourself?”

I don’t know,” Richie evaded, but then made eye contact with Tommy again. “I guess I mostly think about you and me wrestling naked, and touching each other’s boners and butts and stuff.”

You guys could do that right now,” Evan said, back to being the voice of practicality.

Tommy and Richie looked at each other and started to giggle. Evan and I disengaged and slipped off the bed to give them room, and they tentatively approached each other on their knees. In seconds athletic Tommy had flipped skinny Richie onto his back and put a wrestling hold on him, but instead of trying to get away Richie reached straight for Tommy’s jutting hard-on and took it in his hand. Tommy gasped, then immediately took Richie’s straining tool in a similar grasp. All pretense of wrestling was abandoned about ten seconds into the match, and the two horny eleven-year-olds started awkwardly jerking each other off. In a few seconds Tommy settled into a rhythm on Richie’s dick and Richie imitated it on Tommy, and soon both boys were moaning in pleasure. I shot a grin to Evan, who grinned back, and by the time we looked back at the others we were astonished to see them each eagerly sucking the other’s cock!

Evan’s mouth opened in amazement. “Both at the same time!” he exclaimed gleefully. “That’s brilliant! You guys are geniuses!”

Evan and I made excited eye contact, and with zero hesitation we jumped into a similar position at the other end of the bed and for the very first time I slurped another boy’s hard dick into my mouth.

It was glorious and thrilling and felt so instinctive that I knew I was always meant for it. Evan’s small cock was steely hard and pulsed excitedly on my tongue. I savored the taste of him and the sensation of silky-soft skin stretched over an unbending core, with a small, rubbery helmet head that twitched and quivered as I moved my tongue across it. I sucked and slurped zealously, inventing technique as I went, and soon I was pumping my tight lips the entire short length of that amazing little prod.

Evan’s boy-sex musk was strong and enthralling with his hairless little balls a half inch from my nose, and I eagerly drank in his scent. Though I had already felt his little mouth working my boner minutes earlier it was different this time, both because of the position and also because he was attacking me with new vigor and confidence. Now that he knew I returned his affection he truly let go and went after my throbbing cock without reservation. I instantly knew joyous sixty-nine was destined to be a staple of our lovemaking.

Evan and I became officially – but secretly – boyfriends that very day. Though our group remained the Four Musketeers it became quickly clear that we had paired off into two couples. Evan and I were lovers in every sense, virtually inseparable, emotionally committed, writing each other love poems for God’s sake, while Tommy and Richie were pretty much all about the sex.

Tommy’s Dad unwittingly cooperated by continuing to buy rundown houses that sat empty for months before he began renovations, giving us uninterrupted privacy to practice our debauchery. Our playtime could better be called an orgy as we traded partners frequently and fluidly, engaging in every possible combination of four, three and two. I especially enjoyed the juxtaposition of my little lover, the tender and petite child-nymph, and Tommy, the hunky pre-adolescent stud muffin. My heart belonged to Evan, but damn I loved to feast on Tommy’s succulent cock!

My titties started to flatten out around spring break of that sixth grade year, and though the boys mourned their loss I was very relieved, especially since generous Nature had allowed me to keep my giant, keen, tremendously sensitive nipples. Evan got so good at pleasuring them that he could sometimes make me cum without ever touching any other part of me. I did get Richie’s nips to come out and play, and he said it was pleasant, but there were obviously no fireworks. Tommy and Evan both enjoyed nipple play but not to the extent that I did; no unassisted orgasms there.

Call me a freak if you will, but I consider myself the lucky winner of the Nipple Lottery.