~ by Billy Wright ~

This story draws heavily from my own REAL LIFE EVENTS. (I'm a college student so you'll have to forgive me if I don't upload that often). I'm always open to talk about anything and everything:



I wonder if this is as exciting to you as it is for me. I mean, the story of how I was brave enough to be seen naked and hard by a bunch of older boys, isn't that great? I mean, I was a shy kid, well maybe not shy but a quiet one so things like that hadn't happened to me before. Still, no matter how perfect the story sounds, there are a lot of things that I regret not doing that summer... well, regret is not the word but there are definitely things that I would've done differently.

If life was a fairy tale, the story would go one like...

After that day Mahomes and I became best friends. Not only that, we also both became brave, fearless and unafraid, embracing our new ability as if it was a super power. We were naked on the locker room everyday of the rest of the course. And, after it was done, we visited each other's houses and spent hours naked on each other's rooms. Eventually, we also started going naked to the beach, making out in public, our erections out in the open for the world to see. We didn't care what anyone would say.

It sounds perfect, right? Like a movie-like ending. Maybe a little too perfect to be honest but, like all things in life, perfect wasn't what really happened. Why? Well, because of two things:

First, that moment when Mahomes and I started to get changed in the locker room and not the stalls didn't happen at the beginning of the summer course. Nor at the middle, it happened in the penultimate week. Yeah, talk about leaving things to the last minute. So... I didn't get to spend much time like that.

And second... well, you'll see.

I was happy.

No, really. It wasn't only about the locker rooms. Yeah, of course I enjoyed being naked with the entire swimming team, they always made me laugh and, even though I never said much, they seemed to like my company. But I also started enjoying the rest of the summer course more.

"Nuh-uh, Spideman is the best!"

"Batman could totally kick his ass."

"Didn't you see that train scene? The We will keep your secret thing? Everyone loves spiderman!"

"But Batman doesn't need superpowers to be cool."

"No, only make-up and money."

Mahomes and I started to talk a lot more. He was a little bit silly but loved movies as much as I did. Maybe he was a little too loud and enthusiastic but back then, that was precisely the thing one wanted on a friend. We laughed during paint class, during gym class, and even in the final show we were having on the last day.

Red and Blue also started talking more to us both. They made jokes during the swimming classes, told us funny stories about the swimming team, and we all had a pretty good time together. I actually learned how to swim better too.

One day I even got brave enough that I got a brilliant idea!

See, after my father woke me up (yeah, I was still in my underwear but this time I wasn't wet, just hard as every morning) I had a brilliant new idea: "What if I go downstairs like this?"

Immediately a part of me got excited and, naturally, another part of me got scared.

"That's a horrible idea, they are going to laugh at me," the scared part of me thought.

"My sisters may laugh," replied the excited part. "But that's because they are kids."

"Dad is going to laugh," scared insisted.

"No he isn't," excited said. "He may look at me funny but he isn't going to laugh."

"Which is worse, he is going to get mad."

Okay, so the scared part of me had a good point. However, I had seen my father in his underwear going to and from the bathroom. My sisters too but they were little. No one in my family ever stayed undressed without a purpose, "but no one said you can't."

I looked at myself. Yeah, maybe going to the kitchen in just my underwear was a little too extreme, I mean, my father saw me like that every morning but it was only for a second and I was always in my room and asleep. This was different.

"Okay," I thought, trying to calm down. "Don't go just in briefs. It's too soon for that, why don't you take it one step at a time?"

And God that's what I did. I put on a shirt and my sleepers, looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and I started walking downstairs. I was just pantless -my briefs exposed- no big deal, right?

This may be a little hard to understand if, while growing up, your family was more open about being naked than mine but, if you, like me, grew up in a house where no one was ever naked... then you know that taking the first step to change that can be nerve-wracking.

I took one step, then another. I felt cold in my legs, so cold. I kept moving forward.

"They won't say anything." I was halfway there.

"No one is going to get mad." Five steps left.

"It's not that big of a deal," three steps.

"Is it?" Two steps left.

"Oh shit." One step.

My father was in the kitchen while my sisters were at the table having breakfast. I kept walking, no one had yet looked at me. I tried to act as if nothing was happening, as if my heart wasn't about to beat out of my chest.

I took out the cereal, the milk, sat down, served it and then I started eating. To my great surprise, my sisters didn't even look at me. They saw me, of course, but they didn't care, their brains didn't even process that something was new or different. My father on the other hand looked at me for a second or two longer than usual and then kept making his breakfast.

I stayed the whole breakfast in my briefs with them. No one said anything. Really! It was like they didn't even notice. I sighed in relief. When we finished, my father sent my sisters to get their swimsuits from the washing machine. Then he stopped me.

"And what happened to your pants?" He ask, casually. "Don't tell me you are so lazy that you didn't bother to put it on."

I looked at him, petrified, not knowing what to say. He was waiting for an answer but the seconds passed and I was unable to say another thing. He must've noticed that because he laughed and said:

"You can stay like that if you want," he smiled. "Just don't do it when we have visits or things could get awkward." And he left. Just like that!

I'm sad to say that this moment was the only one that I spent with my briefs exposed at home. Yeah, I know. To be honest, you'll see why in a minute but don't be disappointed. About a year later I started to wander naked around the house when no one was around and I even once, when there was only my father and me in the house, spent the day in my underwear with him. He was fully dressed and I was next to him, watching TV but that's another story.


The summer course kept going and, on the first day of the last week Aidan came back. When I saw him enter the room I was a little surprised.

"Hey," his voice was sleepy.

"Hey Aidan!" Mahomes greeted him exitedly. "You have no idea what you missed."

"Hey there," still barely able to talk.

Yeah, I mean, I guess he wasn't going to stay sick forever, he had taken about four days off plus the weekend. It was natural to think that he was better now.

"What did I miss?" Aidan turned towards Mahomes, intrigued.

I immediately got nervous. The images of the last few days -me and Mahomes showering naked with the swim team, with the soccer moms, I don't know why I was so afraid of Aidan finding out but, for whatever reason, I wanted to keep it a secret- but Mahomes actually mentioned the swimming techniques Red and Blue had taught us and how we were now able to dive into the bottom of the pool.

The rest of the day we kept doing the summer course activities. Gymnastics, painting, pottery... yet it all feel off. I had gotten so used to Mahomes cheerful personality that having Aidan -so much more gloomy and cool- made me long for the days he had been sick.

"Okay everyone!" The course leader spoke up suddenly. "As you all know, this is the last week of the course."

The smaller kids -including my sisters- made sad faces, the course leaders did so too. Mahomes twisted his lip in a sad gesture, Aidan rolled his eyes.

"But the good knews is that the end-of-the-course show is almost here!" The little kids cheered. "And for the final show, we are all going to be in constume like real movie stars!"

All the little kids got super exited after hearing that. I -not a fan of coustumes- wasn't that much. Not even Mahomes was. I glanced at Red and Blue who were looking at us, probably imagining how we would look in our costumes but their joy didn't last because just in that moment.

"And there's one more surprise! We-" the course leader pointed at himself, at the other course leaders and at Red and Blue, "are going to perform with you!"

That final show was surely starting to build into something.


When we finally got into the pool the classes got back to how they were before Aidan had left. No new techniques, no playing around, I even noticed Red and Blue being a less chatty than before.

The pool was used by other people, not just us in the summer course, mostly adults who had a subscription on the fitness center and even though they rarely paid any attention to us, today I couldn't help but notice there were more of them.

When the class ended we all got out of the pool and started walking towards the locker room. I started to get nervous. Aidan was back, would that mean Mahomes and I would step back into the old routine or were we going to fight the system? I peeked at Mahomes but he seemed as happy as ever, not concerned one bit. That only made me feel like I was the crazy one.

We three, along with Red and Blue, crosed the wooden swinging doors into the locker room. The swimming team wasn't there. I looked at the clock, we had finished the class a little early.

I grabbed my towel close to my chest and waited. One second, two...

"Come on guys," Aidan made a gesture with his head, pointing at the stalls.

To his surprise -and frankly to mine as well- Mahomes and I stay still for a second. Doubting.

I looked at Red and Blue waiting for them to say: "aren't you guys coming to the showers with us?" Or maybe, "hey, come on, let's take a shower." But no, they didn't say a thing, they just walked to the showers, got rid of their swimsuits and started to take the chlorine off their bodies.

Aidan started walking towards the stalls. It wasn't until he reacher his that he noticed we weren't behind him. "Guys, come on. What are you doing?"

I looked at the floor, shame in my eyes and price, and followed Aidan.

Yes. That day we got changed on the stalls again.

So yeah, now you know. This is the second reason why this story is not like a movie. Because this happened in real life. If this had been a movie then this would've been the moment were I should've stood my ground and do as I pleased, taking my clothes off in front of a cheering crowd. I really wish I would've done that. I'm a different person now than what I was back then, as a kid and preteen you have many more insecurities and other worries that now don't make sense but, back then they seemed so big.

So yeah, the last week and instead of seizing the moment and getting changed in the locker room with the boys, I got change in the stall that day. Same with the next day and the next. Aidan, without even being aware of it, had set back my entire process of becoming fearless.

Now, that is unfair of me to say. Kinda. Aidan set me back, yeah, but only because I gave him that power over me. The fault was mine for not speaking up and saying what I wanted to say when I needed to say it.

However, the story isn't over yet.


On the penultimate day of the course, the second-to-last day, something happened.

No, it wasn't something I did. Actually, it was something Mahomes did. More accurately, something he said.

I don't know what Mahomes and Aidan were talking about before but I remember that, suddenly, Mahomes mentioned the day when Aidan was sick and he and I took a shower with the swimming team. Aidan was confused.

"You showered with those guys?" Aidan seemed genuinely perplexed. "I thought you didn't like them see us naked."

"It was one time," I lied. I don't know why I said that.

"And what happened?"

"Nothing," Mahomes shrugged with a smile. "We just took a shower, talked a bit and got changed."

Aidan didn't seem to believe it. "That it so weird!" Then he looked at us, somewhat worried and somewhat dead serious. "I'm glad it was only one time."

I couldn't speak. I tried to but I couldn't. To me, Aidan's words sounded like a warning.

Again, Mahomes was the hero. "I didn't mind."

He said it as if it was nothing, just a regular thursday for him. Oh, Mahomes, always so enthusiatic and cheerful. I wanted to be like him.

I thought Aidan would say something but he stayed quiet, he was clearly uncomfortable with the subject and rather serious about it. But we kept on with our activities and forgot about it. Or at least they did, that conversation never left my mind.

I didn't mind, Mahomes had said. Did that mean that he wanted to get changed with the other boys again? If I did, would he join me? For some reason, it made it easier to know that I wasn't alone.

I spent the rest of the morning deep in thought.

We were having our final classes as well as the final rehearsal before the final show next day.

"You are all going to be star boys and girls!" the course leaders didn't seem to get tired to repeat that, as if performing in the auditorium made you a rockstar or a movie star.

At the pool, Red and Blue explained to us that after the performance in the auditorium we were going to be showing our parents what we had learned in all our time swimming. They walked us through what we would be doing the next day. We would be showing them how we could swim from one end of the pool to the other without stopping (hey, it was impressive for us) and we would show them that we could swim to the bottom of the pool, retrieve something, and back up again.

"But I don't know how to do that!" Aidan complained.

We all looked at him. He was right, he had been sick when Red and Blue showed us how to.

"Don't worry," Blue swam next to him. "We will show you today."

That last class wasn't a class, Mahomes and I played waterpolo (as good as boys our age could) while Red and Blue tried to teach Aidan to reach the bottom. I say try because after the first, second, third and hundreth attempt, Aidan wasn't able to do it.

Mahomes and I tried to ignore it but it was obvious that Aidan was getting angrier and angrier with every attempt he failed. I don't know why he couldn't do it but I knew that he getting mad only made it harder.

When the hour was up, Aidan still wasn't able to do it so Red and Blue said that he would instead be diving from the diving platforms. Not a bad substitute but Aidan was still angry.

As we got out of the pool, Aidan had smoke coming out of his ears.

"Don't make fun of him," Red warned Mahomes and I as he walked past us. Behind him Blue gave us a look that said: "listen to him."

Mahomes and I both nodded. However, my mind was elsewhere. As soon as we entered I remembered Mahomes words: I didn't mind. For some reason those words kept coming back to my head. I didn't mind.

As Mahomes and Aidan went to Red's locker to get our stuff, I just stood there, thinking.

That had been our swimming class, the last one! That summer I had discovered the amazing sensation of being naked in front of other people, the brotherhood in the lockers, I had found how pointless and stupid shame was. And what had I done about it? Instead of enjoying it, I had spent the entire summer course cowardly changing in the bathroom stalls instead of doing what I wanted.

I didn't mind, Mahomes words echoed.

I was mad at myself.

Who cared what happened? The course was about to end. If I didn't get to enjoy the entire summer, then at least I was going to enjoy today.

So, I walked to Red's locker and said: "Today I feel like taking a shower."

Both Mahomes and Aidan looked at me, equality surprised although I suspect, for very different reasons.

Then I added, "want to come with me?"

"No," Aidan said almost instantly. "You can take a shower at home."

I raised my shoulders. "I feel like taking one now."

Then I did the unthinkable. Right there, in the middle of the locker room, with several boys from the swimming team around us and with Mahomes and Aidan right in front of me, I moved my hands towards my hips, introduced my thumbs to the insides of my swimsuit and, slowly, I pushed them down until they reached my ankles. Then, I walked off them.

Just like that, I was naked in front of my two friends.

Both Mahomes and Aidan were looking at my semi-erect dick. I had caught them off guard and now, they were speachless, staring at every inch of my body.

"You know," Mahomes smiled. "I want to take a shower too."

And just like that, he too took off his swimsuit, right then and there. Soon, the two of us were bare ass naked except for the sandals in our feet.

"You are crazy," Adain turned around, taking his stuff.

I stayed quiet but Mahomes put a hand on his shoulder. "You can come too."

"No, thank you." Aidan replied.

"It's not that bad," Mahomes insisted. "Actually it's kind of fun. I know it may seem a little weird or scary but..."

"I'm not scared," Aidan shouted. No one said anything but I could tell that several boys from the swimming team were looking at us. "I'm just not weird like you."

That was an insult. I honestly felt a little bit bad but Mahomes didn't seem to get affected. However, in that moment he did something he probably shouldn't have done. He said, "oh, come on, you just need to try it," and he stretched his hand and grabbed Aidan by his swim suit.

I thought Mahomes was going to push Aidan's swimsuit down but Aidan was faster, he pushed Mahomes hand away and started screaming at us, his face red with anger. "Let me go! You are so weird!" He said, "no one should see you naked!" (I swear, those were his exact words).

All the guys from the locker room were looking at us, the showers were farther away but even they seemed to be looking in our direction. Aidan kept screaming until he paused for a second. I thought he would stop but then he said. "If you like it so much then let everyone see you!"

I didn't understand the meaning of his words but then Aidan moved his body backwards and, with all his strength, he pushed Mahomes in the shoulders. We were near the doors of the locker room (and if you have a good memory, you remember how those doors looked like: a double wooden swinging door that didn't reach the floor) so Aidan's intentions were clear: he wanted to push a naked Mahomes outside into the pool area. However, Mahomes was bigger than Aidan and wider too so Aidan's push only made him tumble a little but he wasn't able to make him move. That only seemed to make him angrier.

Then, out of nowhere, Aidan turned towards me. In that second I knew what was going to happen.

Aidan yell something at me before, with all his force, pushing me towards the swinging door. I wasn't as big or strong as Mahomes so you can imagine what happened.

I stumbled backwards, my back pushing against the wood. I have no idea how I managed not to fall on my butt but a second later I was no longer in the loocker room but in the pool area. I looked around, the people at the pool (only adults left) were all staring at me. At my naked 12 year old body. I was naked. Worse than that, I was semi-hard.

It only lasted two seconds, probably less than that, but I still remember that moment as I got up and, with a red face, I stood completely nude in front of 11 or so strange adults. They were all able to see my cock, my balls, my butt, my embarrassed face and, of course, my semi.

It embarrassed me a lot back then, a lot. But I'm not afraid to admit that that memory now turns me on a bit.

I rushed back inside only to find Red right next to the door, a towel in his hands. He gave it to me before heading to were Aidan was. Red confronted him. It was clear that Red didn't know how to scold a kid but he was also mad about what had happened.

I walked towards the showers and took a shower, naked. I was still embarrassed but I wasn't going to let that get in the way of me getting a shower. Needless to say, it wasn't as exciting. I dried myself up, got dressed and went home. Neither Mahomes nor Aidan said anything to me.

The next day was our final day. I wasn't sure I wanted to go but God, how glad I'm now that I went.

Some of you have told me that, if that had happened to you, you would've punched Aidan right on the nose. I woudln't have (and I didn't). I think maybe because I grew up with sisters and had no close male cousins I never played rough or violent games so, in general, I'm not one to react with my fists. Still, I totally understand if you would've punched him. He kinda deserved it.

When playing truth or dare, or never have I ever, or games like that, a regular question pops up: what's one of your most embarrassing moments in life? This story (well, this last part) is usually one of the answers I give. People usually open their eyes wide before laughing and then telling the stories of when someone saw them naked too. You have one of those stories? If you want to talk, you know where I am:

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