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Thankful for a cousin

                                                by Sam The Ham



     Colin hated going anywhere for Thanksgiving. The break from school was welcomed by the eleven-year-old boy, but he didn’t look forward to visiting his aunt and uncle. They lived in the city which was another thing he hated. His impression of urban life was people living like cockroaches on top of each other, with no room to roam about. He wasn't crazy for the outdoors like camping or anything like that. He had done that and found it only fun if he was with the right group of friends. But he did enjoy walks in the woods and staring up at the night sky. There was a solitude that could be found on a few acres of land that the city just couldn't match. That was one of the reasons he could have skipped visiting his aunt and uncle. The other was their son Victor, two years older, a dark-haired boy with a slender frame. They saw each other a couple times a year and the older boy was nice enough, but weird. Colin couldn't quite put his finger on why. Perhaps, it was puberty that made him all different?

Victor was waiting outside on the porch as Colin in his parents’ car pulled into a driveway. Standing on the porch, Victor gave a little wave to Colin. It wasn't a normal wave, he held up a hand and wiggled his fingers. Feeling a little awkward, Colin gave a half-hearted wave back to his cousin before getting out. It was drizzling a little, but Colin had a hat on. He was barely damp by the time he made it to the porch with his bag. Victor opened the front door for his parents, but as Colin started to walk in, Victor casually reached out and stole the hat, spilling out Colin’s red hair.

"I see you haven't cut your hair. It looks good on you." Victor said, handing the hat back to Colin.

Colin shook his head, letting his long hair bounce around before taking the hat back. His dad referred to it as a mop, but his mom thought it was cute. "Thanks, I like it long," He said.

His thirteen-year-old cousin smiled and followed him into the house. "Are you going to sleep in the living room again or would you like to share my room?"

There was something in Victor's tone that sounded odd to Colin. Some sort of emphasis on the word share, like it meant something else. "Living room, I get the TV then."

Victor made a disappointing sound. "Well if you get scared, feel free to hop in my bed for comfort..."

"I'm not a little kid!" Colin snapped back.

Before Victor could respond to that, Colin’s mother spoke up. "Colin! Voice!"

The rebuke was louder, and Colin felt himself start to blush as everyone looked at him. "Sorry." He said to no one in particular.

At least for the rest of the day, Victor didn't act as a weirdo. The two of them played video games while everyone else prepared the food, the large turkey meal taking about an hour and another half hour to clean up. They were spending the night there so Colin’s mom could do the Black Friday shopping thing. That meant the parents were settling in for the night and the boys lost the PS4 in the living room. Victor offered the computer in his room and for a while they passed time showing each other different YouTube videos. After a while, Colin reckoned he was enjoying hanging out with his cousin when he wasn't acting strangely. Then, Victor turned to him and whispered, "Have you seen the naked pictures of Bieber and his girlfriend?"

"No." Colin said.

"Do you want to see them." Victor said and smiled grandly.

"No." Colin peeped, looking away. Feeling his embarrassment was showing on his face, he started to suggest maybe switching over to Netflix when Victor's phone beeped. The older boy stared down at the screen for a moment before typing a message back and smiling. "I'll be back in a little bit. If anyone starts looking for me send me a text. Thanks." Victor said, taking to his feet.

"What? Wait, where are you going?" Colin asked, feeling abandoned.

"Just to the garage. Don't worry, I'll be back." Victor said with a little grin before leaving the room. "I know you will miss me."

Colin stared in shock at his cousin rushing away. What was going on? Who had sent that message? Those were the two main questions that went through his head as he sat there wondering what his cousin was up to. Why would Victor be meeting up with a friend, now of all times? Did he have a secret girlfriend? What else could it be?

Colin briefly wondered about drugs, but he just couldn't see Victor doing that. Curiosity got the better of him and he started down the stairs, exiting through the back door. His shoes were at the front of the house, there was no way to retrieve them without saying why he wanted to go out. It was already dark outside, but there was enough ambient light that he could see the cement driveway that went to the back garage. A little patch of grass was the only sign of any nature nearby.

Colin felt the cold cement beneath his feet, his thin socks providing little protection. He moved a little quicker until he got to the side of the garage where there was a door. There were also windows, but they had long since been painted black after a break-in several years ago. The job wasn't perfect, and he could see a light on the inside but nothing beyond that. Tilting his head, he stuck his ear to the door trying to hear something. He could discern that there were people inside, but that was it.

For a moment, Colin considered retreating back into the house. It really wasn't any of his concern. Colin knew he wouldn't like it if somebody was snooping on him. Still, Victor had made a pretty big production of leaving. Like he was shouting I have a secret!! Heck, Victor could have said he was going to hang out with a friend for a bit and Colin would not have cared. It was almost as if Victor had wanted him to follow him. Then again, maybe his cousin was just being weird again.

If that was the case it was only Victor's fault for getting spied on. With that thought in mind, he put his hand on the doorknob and slowly turned it. The door opened. He tried to keep it to just a crack, but he couldn't see anything at first just a cardboard box blocking his view. So, he opened it a little more and that was when he saw Victor standing there facing him, arms crossed. Instead of being mad, Victor just smiled widely. "Well, don't just stand there Colin, come in and lock the door behind you."

Colin had frozen at the sight of his cousin staring at him, almost as if he had been waiting and maybe he had been. For as long as Colin could remember, the garage had only served two purposes, storage, and a playhouse/hangout spot for Victor. There was no need for the boxes to be piled up so close to the door unless you wanted to stop someone from just getting a quick peek. Knowing he had been caught, Colin decided to go with it. Pushing the door open all the way, he stepped inside with his face turning red. His heart began to pound when he got an eyeful of what was going on.

At the back of the garage there was a little loft area and tied to one of the posts was a black boy. He was completely naked. The boy was a bit taller than him and a bit older, but he was still hairless, down there. A piece of rope, wrapped around his chest in many loops, secured him to the post. His wrists were also bound behind him with another piece of rope, as well as his ankles.

Colin kept staring at the black boy in disbelief as Victor headed past him to lock the door. Some very distant part of Colin’s surprised mind realized that he was trapped. Despite the cold air, Colin felt sweat trickling down his back. The black boy was standing on top of a blanket protecting his feet from the cold floor. His skin was dark brown. He didn't appear to be in any distress despite being tied-up. In fact, he was smiling albeit bashfully.

"Victor, are you sure?" The captive boy ventured.

"Yes, Jamie I am sure." Victor said, wrapping his arm around Colin's shoulders.

Before the redhead knew what was going on, he was being brought closer to the other boy. "What's going on?" Colin asked, finally stepping out of the trance he was in.

Victor's arm slid off his shoulders and he raised a hand. "Shhh, you really need to work on your indoor voice. This is my friend Jamie. He goes to a rival dance studio, but we're friends. He is lotsa fun."

"Why is he naked?" Colin asked, his eyes desperately not trying to go down to the spot they were being drawn to.

"Colin, I'm not saying you're gay, but I know the way you look at boys. When we went swimming at the public pool last summer, you could barely keep your eyes off all the dicks and butts you saw in the changing room. It's more than just curiosity. I know you were checking everyone out. I've hit on you, but I think I'm a bit too old for you. When Jamie and I started messing around I thought he might be a bit closer to your liking. He's only ten months older."

Colin listened to the words and realized his little secret wasn't so secret at least to one person. He remembered the last summer and the public pool. He remembered looking around and getting hard, then being glad that Victor didn’t notice. The cold water of the pool had been very welcome that day.

"But, why is he naked and tied up?" He asked again.

"Because I like it," Jamie pointed out. "And Victor thought it would keep your attention."

"Now Jamie you make it sound like you don't like to be tied up!" Victor said, walking up to the black boy and taking a hold of his chin. "You're always so excited when the ropes come out." He added, leaning down to give the boy a kiss on his fleshy lips.

Colin stared at them. He had never seen two boys kiss before. After a few seconds, Victor broke the kiss and Colin wondered out loud, "Are you two boyfriends?"

Victor chuckled. "No, we just like to mess around with each other. Jamie and I are always looking for some more fun and thought we might as well let you join in."

Colin blushed, but he also felt his excitement growing. "What? Just like that?"

Victor shrugged. "That's up to you. I'm not going to force you, but I think you would like it. I'm not your type, but you showed how much you love dark meat at dinner." He said, his hand going around Jamie's penis as he spoke. The black boy inhaled and muttered something that caused Victor to laugh. "Can you make up your mind Colin? He's getting a little impatient."

Colin hesitated but finally stepped forward a little to get a better look. As he approached, Victor's hand fell away. Colin took over, his hand touching the tied boy’s brown dick, at first just holding onto it, feeling it stiffen between his fingers. Jamie jerked his hips forward demanding more stimulation. The whole situation was surreal, but if it was a dream, Colin didn’t want to wake up.

"Come on, don't leave me hanging. I'll suck you if you get me off." Jamie offered with a grin.

Tightening his hand around the shaft, Colin looked up at Jamie. "How did you guys start doing stuff?"  He asked as he started to move his hand back and forth. He had masturbated frequently, but it felt backwards doing it on someone else.

Jamie shut his eyes, obviously enjoying being touched that way. "Victor has a good gaydar and it's not like he hides what he wants." He said.

Colin spared his cousin a look who smiled and shrugged. "I've been hitting on you for a while. You just never responded well." Victor reminded him.

Recalling the times he had felt awkward with Victor, Colin could see that now. It had been just too unexpected coming from his cousin. Then again, he didn't exactly want to be tied up even if Jamie seemed happy with it.

"You should give him a taste Colin, I'm sure he would like that." Victor suggested.

Still rubbing the black boy’s hard-on, Colin confessed with a shy squeaky voice. "I've never done that before. Barely thought about it."

"It's easy," Victor said, giving him a pat on the back. "You need a first anyways. I mean it's going to happen sometime, right?"

Colin didn't respond to that, blushing again.

“He doesn't shoot." Victor divulged.

"Victor!" Jamie exclaimed.

"What? You don't think he's going to find out?"

"It's not that, just don't tell people that, okay?" Jamie said.

"All right, Colin why don't you give it a try? I'm not sure if he shoots or not." Victor said, his tone laced with sarcasm. "I will give you some tips."

The little back and forth between the two made Colin relax. It was obvious that the two were friendly with each other and that made things a little easier. Victor gave him a crash course in sucking and a minute later Colin found himself on his knees, his tongue poking out to lick the tip, experimenting with the taste not that there was one. However, there was a difference between the skin on the head and the loose skin left from a circumcision. It took him a bit longer to get the courage to slip the head into his mouth and even then, he wasn't willing to go much beyond that. Jamie was thrusting a little which made him think that those bounds weren't as tight as he thought they were. On some hip thrusts, Jamie was able to get about half his erection inside his mouth before he pulled back.

"Urgh, come on, suck it more!" Jamie complained.

By the time Colin started to warm up to sucking another boy’s dick, Jamie was pushing in frantic thrusts and moaning. Colin tightened his lips, going down on the boy with more speed. Jamie reached his climax and shuddered. Colin felt the boy’s penis twitch between his lips. Wiping the back of his mouth with his hand, he was pretty sure nothing had spurted out of the boy’s dick, but there was a trail of saliva oozing down his chin.

"That took a while." Colin said not sure what else he should say.

"Yeah, you almost had me a couple of times. You just kept backing off." Jamie said, breathing heavily. "Victor, can you untie me, my wrists are starting to hurt."

"Sure." Victor said. It was only then that Colin realized Victor had undressed at some point. His cousin didn't have any fat on him but wasn't showing muscle either. He was just skinny, with a thick bush of dark hair and an erection pointing in front of him that was quite large to Colin’s eyes. Stepping behind the post, Victor allowed Jamie to pull his hand free. Each piece of rope had to be untied individually but eventually Jamie stepped out of the bounds. The black boy rubbed his wrist and rolled his shoulders a few times before looking over at Colin. "All right, are you going to undress or just want to do it like that."

Colin looked down at himself, realizing he was still fully clothed. Considering everyone else was naked and everything else that had happened, it seemed a little silly. He kicked off his shoes and undressed. Not having to hide his erection felt unusual as he laid down on the blanket. He put his hands behind his head and Jamie knelt next to him at his side.

"Oh, I like yours. Victor's is quite a mouthful." Jamie remarked.

Colin was about to say thanks when he realized he had just been called small. "I'm younger than Victor." He specified.

Jamie shot a huge grin at him and opened his mouth, gobbling up his boner. Compared to him, the black boy was not nervous at all about it. He started sucking it right away. Colin craned his neck to get a better look at Jamie's head bobbing up and down on his erection, his fingertips occasionally playing with his balls which was something Colin had never thought of. It felt good, almost distracting from the other pleasure.

It was only then that he wondered what Victor was doing. He pulled his eyes away and saw his cousin stroking his hard prick, pointing it away from them but twisting his head, so he could look down at them. For some reason, Colin felt exposed, but not enough that he wanted it to stop. Eventually like so often he just decided to ignore his cousin and closed his eyes, focusing on the pleasure he was getting.

His orgasm approached, seemingly swelling up from his bowels and exploding up his penis so intensely that his butthole clenched shut. Colin pursed his lips together as his dry orgasm hit him quick and hard. He twisted away from Jamie's fingers unknowingly exposing his butt. Jamie gave him a quick slap on the cheek. "You could thank me."

Colin giggled, moving away from the cold cement floor back onto the blanket. "You didn't thank me. So why should I thank you!"

"Because mine was good." Jamie said. "You're going to have to get a lot of practicing to get a thank-you out of me."

Colin smiled and slowly sat up, pulling his legs in front of him. He looked over at Victor who was still going at it, eyes shut, his hand sliding along his erection. He wondered what it would feel like to have his cousin’s big dick in his mouth and if Victor was better than Jamie at sucking. That thought would have never crossed his mind just an hour ago but now it was not so outlandish, in his post-orgasmic bliss. That string of thought was broken when Victor grimaced and started to grunt. The stuff that shot out of his dick looked different than Colin was expecting. It was a whitish color but clearer. His older cousin just shot on to the cement floor, the first spurt landing a little way out while the rest dribbled out, covering his hand as he continued to jerk, pinching the tip of foreskin and smearing the cum on to his hand.

When Victor regained his breath, he smiled and waved his slimy hand. "Anyone want to lick me clean?

"No, I don't know where your hand has been." Jamie said with a little laugh. "I got to get back home, text me tomorrow if you think you'll have some free time. Wouldn't mind Colin coming along. Maybe we could have a little more fun."

"Um, yeah." Colin said as Jamie jumped to his feet and started to get dressed.

Colin had a hard time realizing everything that had happened in the last twenty or so minutes. He had gone from keeping a secret from his cousin to sucking and getting sucked off by a boy he had just met. And it had been fun! Jamie’s invitation would have seemed overwhelming to the eleven-year-old boy, but now he felt giddy thinking about other things he could do with his cousin and his friend. And he knew for sure that he would always look forward to going to his aunt and uncle.

The End 

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