Authors note: This story is a work of fiction, and the characters in it are not real persons. The physical birth differences described for Timmy are real, and the plot devices of this story are loosely based on the experiences of the author. Those who are simply looking for titillating adolescent sex (although there is nothing wrong with that at all) are likely to be disappointed. This story is about trust, friendship, honor, shared secrets and overcoming less than ideal circumstances in life...and some sex.

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Monday came, and Isaac and Timmy made a run to the parts store, arriving just after it opened. The boys had jacked the old Porsche and removed the wheels and brakes, and Isaac had made a list of what they would need to freshen up the brake system on the old veteran. The car wasn't unsafe to drive by any means, but Isaac had never had the brakes on this vehicle apart, and any one in aviation knows that surprises at the wrong moment can kill.

Timmy watched Isaac and the young man behind the counter work down the list, as the high school senior ran the items in the computer and made several trips to the stacks to retrieve what Isaac needed. This particular store catered to older imported makes, and the owner, a heavy-set man with a beard and wild hair came up behind Isaac, and said in a loud voice

"Peter said some young pain in the ass was giving him a hard time about parts for some rusty, raggedy-ass old Skoda...or was it a Porsche 912? Oh, who cares, they're the same damn thing!"

Isaac turned around and replied, "I got your rusty Skoda hangin' from the rafters!" as he shook the man's hand. Timmy was completely confused by this whole exchange, and couldn't tell if he was arriving for a friendly chat, or a fist-fight...Lord knows he had witnessed a few at close proximity when his dad had hosted "parties".

Isaac continued, "Keith, this is my little brother, Timmy!" ... addressing Timmy now, "Keith owns this den of thieves...I mean fine emporium"

Keith and Timmy exchanged a handshake, and he told Timmy it was good to meet him and to make sure that Isaac didn't put the wheels back on upside down...Keith chatted with Isaac for few moments more, before going back to what he was doing. Timmy got the impression that Isaac and Keith often played this routine with each other, and that Keith probably knew Pat as well.

Timmy gathered from Keith that Peter was the boy working the counter, and was pretty sure Peter didn't mind Isaac "giving him a hard time" about anything, judging from the way he looked at Isaac and the way Isaac was checking the boy out... Peter was drop dead gorgeous, slender, with long red hair, skin whiter than Isaac's, which took some doing, and green eyes. He had never used a razor in his life, and Timmy and Isaac both wondered if there was any hair on Peter's body either. He was dressed in a flannel shirt, jeans and work boots, and both boys were enjoying watching him stride back to the stacks for the parts. Peter knew that they were watching, and was enjoying giving the two a show, as much as he could without being completely obvious. When the list was finished, and the parts were rung up and paid for, Peter took the receipt tape out of the little printer, and wrote a short note on the bottom of the slip, then bagged everything and put the slip in the bag. With one final exchange of smiles and a "Thanks for your business" from Peter, it was time to go.

Once they boys were in the VW, Isaac pulled the slip out of the bag, and read what Peter had written

Call me after 7...Peter


Oh, Hell, Yes I will! Isaac thought to himself as he stuffed the slip in his pocket. "Hey, Timmy, What do you feel like doing today? "

"Peter is pretty hot, isn't he?" Timmy asked, smiling like he had the winning lottery numbers.

"What makes you say that?' Isaac tried to dummy up...

"Isaac, my God! They have to mop the place now, the way you were drooling in there!" Timmy was practically cackling in laughter as he finished speaking, obviously enjoying the hell out of Isaac's blatant case of goggle-eyes for Peter.

"Was I that...?" Isaac began, before Timmy broke in "Oh! ...Shut it off! ...Make it stop!...You're killin' me!"

Timmy was in hysterics by now, leaning his head against the door, with his hand over his face, trying to regain his composure and stop laughing. The boy was shaking the car, his chest was heaving so hard.

"Damn it! I think I peed myself a little! Timmy declared.

"Well, go back in the store and pee, then! The floor is already wet!' Isaac said, which just tore Timmy up worse and he collapsed back in the seat, laughing harder.

"And yes, you little shit, he is definitely hotter than a coal mine fire!...Now...what do you want to do today?" Isaac asked again, as he messed up Timmy's rat's nest hair. "How about we go and get you cut and trimmed?"

Timmy mimed a horrified expression and plunged his hands over his crotch..."It ain't much, but I'd like to keep my foreskin, thanks!" Timmy teased.

Isaac just rolled his eyes and said, "You need a HAIRcut, and when we get done with that, what do you say to a movie?"

"Yup, sounds good...Are you going to call him?" Timmy was enjoying keeping Isaac on the topic at hand.

"I don't know...well, maybe...probably ...most likely...Shit!...Uh... Yes, I'm going to call him, what the hell would you do"?

"I would call him, yes" Timmy replied, giggling.

"Oh, you would, huh?" Isaac teased.

"As your attorney, I strongly advise my client to call him..." Timmy said with a huge grin.

"I definitely think you have too much insulation overheating your brain" Isaac said, as they started to drive to the Mega- Cut place in the mall.

Once they walked into the hair salon, a teen-aged girl greeted them and handed Timmy a menu of styles to choose his cut from; There were several laminated pages of pictures of men with different hairstyles and Timmy pointed to one picture of a black man with Jeri-Curls..."This is cool...' Timmy mused absent-mindedly

"It's also a lot more money than a cut, and it takes about two hours, too. That's a perm" Isaac said.

The girl nodded her approval and said "Wow, you know a bit about this stuff!" Isaac smiled, but Timmy broke in before he had formed his reply

"What's a perm?"

"Permanent" The girl explained "When you make hair stay in a style it doesn't usually take, you have to put chemicals in it to straighten it, or make it curl, and that's called getting a perm.' With that, she left Timmy to peruse the menu some more. After flipping through the pictures a few times, Timmy was narrowing the field on his options.

"Isaac, what do you think of this one?" Timmy asked. Isaac nodded his approval, and pointed to another one as well. "Either one would be good".

Timmy took the menu over to the girl and pointed to the one Isaac had suggested. He really didn't have a strong preference, and pleasing his best friend and big brother was his priority when he made his selection.

"Oh, that will look fabulous on you! Take a seat and we'll start on you in about 10 minutes." she said

After a short wait, Timmy was shown into a chair and once comfortable, a lady in her early twenties draped Timmy, and cranked the chair back into a sink, and she wet his hair and shampooed it. Her fingers felt like magic on his scalp, and he could feel various nerves being stimulated. He was not concerned about it, since he was draped...

The hair dresser remarked that Timmy's hair had some split ends from sun exposure, and told Timmy that she would give his hair a basic cut, and then finish with a razor trim for a super smooth look. Timmy didn't know what a razor trim was, but was enjoying the attention he was receiving from the fingers in his hair.

It didn't take nearly as long to cut his excess hair off as Timmy expected, and after a few more adjustments, the stylist put down the scissors and picked up a plastic handled with a slotted, flattened square head on one end. Timmy could see a double edge razor blade inside the tool, and the stylist used it on the ends of his hair and worked around the side of his head to the back and the other side, stood back and looked at her work, took a few more swipes with the tool, and took the drape off of Timmy and had him move to another chair under a dryer. So lowered the dryer over Timmy's wet head, and flipped a switch. Timmy flipped Isaac a thumbs up like he was about to be launched into space, and Isaac laughed. There were several magazines on the table between the dryer chairs, and Timmy found an issue of a teeny-bopper entertainment magazine, and went through it ogling the pictures of boy bands for a few minutes, until it bored him and he spent the rest of the time watching other people being processed.

Soon his time under the dryer was over and he was paroled. The stylist put the last touches on him with a comb and brush and showed him where to stand in a small space lined with three mirrors so he could see his new 'do. Isaac intoned that this was a vast improvement, and that he had been convinced that Timmy's case was hopeless. This cracked up the stylist and Timmy, and she said they could come back for more miracles any time they wanted. With that, Isaac paid the tab and tipped the stylist and they left, making their way down to the cinema. There was a new movie out about a scientist who was turning an island off the coast of Costa Rica into a theme park with live dinosaurs cloned from the blood of mosquitoes trapped in amber.

After they got their tickets to the showing, they stood in a line in the lobby, waiting for concessions. This was a large theater with eight cashiers working the concession stand, and the line moved pretty quickly. Timmy spotted a trio of girls his age, standing off to one side of the lobby out of the traffic flow. They were looking at Timmy, and one of the girls pointed to him, and said something to her friends, holding her hand over her mouth, as if to keep anyone else from seeing what she was saying. Her two companions looked Timmy up and down and smiled.

"I think you're attracting female attention, stud!" Isaac said in an aside to Timmy, and Timmy turned quite scarlet. He didn't say anything, but the girls were getting fairly animated now, with one of them shaking her head and hiding her mouth behind her hands, and the three of them burst into giggles every few seconds. The one in the middle seemed to be the ringleader, and event though the boys could not hear anything but crowd noise and audio from some of the other shows, it was obvious that the two other girls were reacting to things the leader was saying.

Suddenly, Miss Ringleader started toward Timmy and Isaac, and the other girls tried to pull her back, of course giggling the whole time and making a scene in general. The boys could see that the girl had long brown hair and braces, and was not too far along in physical development, either that or she was destined to be tall and thinner in life, with modest breasts. She broke free, and walked over to Timmy and Isaac and said

"Hi! ...Me and my friends think you guys are cute, but they're too chicken to talk to you...I'm Angie"

"Isaac" "Timmy" the boys introduced themselves. "You aren't a bit shy, are you?" Timmy asked

"Nope" Angie giggled.

"What movie are you ladies watching?" Isaac asked. She told them they were here for the dinosaur flick as well, and Isaac invited them to join him and Timmy. She waved her two shy and reluctant friends over, and introductions were made again. The other girls were Brittany and Dawn. Brittany said she couldn't believe Angie just did that, and Dawn said "I guess you guys don't bite, I hope."

Angie replied, "Well, maybe if they bite just a little bit." and the girls broke into shrieks of embarrassed giggling. It was clear that Angie was the instigator, and had a bit of a dirty mind as well as a sharp sense of humor. Timmy decided that he liked her impulsive streak for some reason.

When they entered the theater, the five of them sat down, with Brittany between Isaac and Timmy, and Angie beside Timmy and Dawn beside Isaac. They began to talk about school and the usual things; the girls went to a private school together, and were a year ahead of Timmy's grade. They were all 13, and Timmy told them he would be 13 in December. They were surprised to find out Isaac was in college, as they had pegged him for a junior or senior in high school. Timmy told them that they were brothers, very close in spite of the six years between them, often did things together. Brittany asked Isaac if he flew airplanes when she learned what he was studying, and Isaac said, "No, but Timmy has". The girls were quite impressed by that. It turned out that Angie lived about five miles from Isaac and Timmy, an easy bike ride.

The conversation became more intimate and quiet after the movie started, and Angie asked Timmy if he saw anyone, and smiled when he said he didn't. She asked if she could see his phone for a moment, and Timmy handed it over, indulging her, even if he didn't know why she wanted it.

Angie pulled up Timmy's contact list to add a new entry, and put her own number into the phone with her name. She noticed that the only other numbers in the list was for a "Mom" and Isaac. "You don't use this phone much, do you?" she asked, as she keyed her number into Timmy's contact list. She got her phone out and put Timmy's number into her much more massive database of numbers.

"I've only made like one call on it" Timmy admitted, thinking back to the day Isaac had come to get him after he was attacked by the bullies at school. "I don't really have any one to call, anyway". Scott didn't have a cell phone...the farm trucks and tractors had 2 meter FM commercial band radios, so the need for cell phones had never been a priority for the Wiedemer's. Sammy or Don could have called the boys from the house, but Sammy wanted to meet Timmy the day he came to the pond and collected the younger boys for the mid-day meal. He also had his own agenda for the cute 12 year old, and checking out Timmy's assets was the top item. He knew Scott would already have had Timmy skinny dipping at the pond, so his scheme went quite to his satisfaction.

In the theater, Timmy was enjoying Angie's company...since he wasn't as sure of his orientation as most boys his age, he didn't feel that he had any pressure to try to "Score" or do anything other than have a good time watching a movie and talking to her, like he would talk to any other friend...that is, if he had friends to talk to. Angie at first thought he was playing hard to get, but after talking to Timmy a bit, she knew that was an inaccurate assessment.

Timmy looked very much like the twelve year old he was, but seemed older and wiser, and not a total retard like most of the boys that Angie knew at school, who seemed to be 13 going on 8. Little did she suspect that Timmy's mature nature was born of a necessity to survive and provide for himself from a young age. He never had the luxury of being a dorky, care-free and immature boy. It wasn't that Timmy wanted to drive people away, because he desperately wanted to make friends and be liked, but his cautious nature had nurtured a very keen sense of character in people. He would keep others at arms length, and wait until they had history with him before he trusted people. Isaac and Scott had showed him that they could be trusted, and he had invested more of his heart in Isaac than in any other person in his life. He didn't quite know what to make of Angie's boldness and the way she engineered spending time with Timmy, but he decided he would let things take their course, instead of following his natural instinct to wall up and man the battlements...This was the influence of Isaac's love in his life. He looked over at Isaac, who was talking to Dawn, seated on the outside of the row, closest to the aisle. She was laughing, so Isaac must have been telling her jokes or funny stories.



Angie took Timmy's hand in hers and said "Well, now you have someone you can call, and she would like that". Timmy looked over at the face leaning in to his and realized what she wanted. He bent over towards her and kissed her on the lips. It was a brief and awkward kiss, and not nearly as electrifying as the ones he had given Scott, but he was nervous about the dental work in her mouth, recalling the minor injuries Scott had sustained from his retainer. It was also the first time Angie had kissed a boy, although Timmy didn't know that. He didn't quite know what to do after the kiss, and half expected her reaction to me more dramatic, but she just smiled at him, turned back to the movie and caressed his hand. She explored each of his fingers with hers, and traced the veins on the back of his hand, and the creases in his palm. He wondered what her fingers would feel like on his penis, and tried to suppress those thoughts from his mind. He had learned to trust Scott and Isaac, but sharing his secrets with a female was a totally different thing. He was certainly enjoying the feel of her small, soft hand, and did wonder what things lurked under the cover of her garments, but a crowded theater was not the place to indulge himself...

"You don't have a boyfriend or something?" Timmy asked

"Or something?" she giggled at his whispered question. Timmy groaned silently and thought I can't believe I did that again ! although he was relieved that she found that as funny as Isaac had.

"Nope...I've had a few crushes, but never had a real boyfriend...the coast is clear, Timmy" she said, looking right into his eyes...

Holy Cow, are all girls this direct? Timmy was thinking. "Okay, then I am going ..." His head was suddenly pulled towards hers by her free hand on the back of his neck, and he was kissing her again..."to call you" as they broke the kiss. "Definitely!" he said.

"You better!" she said, giving his hand a squeeze.

They continued to make small talk as the movie went on, and Timmy wasn't catching more than a third of the story. Angie tried to press more out of Timmy, about his parents, and Timmy told her what he knew of Pat and Lizabeth, although he didn't go into his real history with her...As far as she knew, he was just a suburban kid with two parents and an older brother, whom he was very close to. She could tell from the way Timmy talked about Isaac that his older brother was also his best friend and meant everything to him. She thought about her own eleven year old brother, and wondered if she and him would ever be as close as these two boys were. She had always had a very civil relationship with Jamie, but they lived separate lives and ran in different circles, which wasn't all that unusual. She felt that there was something special about Isaac and Timmy, and that appealed to her.

Soon enough, it was time to leave, the credits were rolling, and the five stood up and waited for a break in the aisle traffic to exit the theater. As they walked out, Dawn and Brittany thanked Isaac and said they had a great time, and Angie hung close to Timmy and asked, "Do you think you might like to come over to my house sometime?"

"Yeah, I would like that, Angie" Timmy said in reply.

"Okay, I will let you know when I can have you over, then." She said. "I really had a good time talking to you, and I would like to continue our chat in the future."

"I would too, Angie...thanks" he said and with that, they were gone and it was time to head home.


On the way back to the house, Timmy was in a pensive mood, and Isaac decided to take Timmy to a place with high back booths and great steaks, so they could spend some time and talk. They arrived, placed their order and received a pitcher of iced tea to drink, and Isaac said

"Looks like we both have some dating prospects, huh?"

"I guess so...I'm not sure I'm into guys or girls now, Isaac" Timmy admitted to his confusion.

"Maybe it's both...that's the way it is for a lot of people, know?" Isaac offered.

"I suppose that could be...what should I do?' Timmy wanted some advice, he was in a part of the jungle he didn't recognize here...

"What do you want to do?" Isaac asked. "That's the only thing that matters...let your heart steer you in the right direction, Timmy."

"I think I'm going to call her and see where it goes, ...that's what I think I want to do..." Timmy said.

"Then that's what you should do, little buddy." Isaac said. "See where this goes. If you don't, you will always feel bad that you didn't, and regret it."

"That's what you told me about Jack, too, and you were right...I don't want to have regrets about anything, Isaac."

Isaac smiled and said "How in the hell is anyone so young and small so damned wise?" fully enjoying Timmy's reaction to the back handed compliment.

"I got your "small" stuff hangin', buddy!" Timmy declared, cracking them both up. It was becoming Timmy's catch phrase, and Isaac loved his little brother's new found confidence and bravado.



Timmy's ultrasound appointment was scheduled in the morning, and they decided to go home and relax before going to bed. He and Timmy undressed and Isaac laid down on the living room floor in front of the couch, while Timmy sat cross-legged beside him and read e-books on his laptop, and scratched Isaac's back with his left hand. He loved giving Isaac back scratches and massages, because he could grab and caress Isaac's ass cheeks all he wanted, and Isaac didn't mind. He respected Isaac's feeling about sex play between the two of them, although he was disappointed that he wasn`t able to pleasure Isaac. He understood that Isaac had his safety and emotional well being as the top priority, and that Isaac would feel that he had taken advantage of Timmy, even if Timmy had initiated the intimacy. Soon , nature was calling and Isaac got up to go to the master toilet, in his bedroom. He brought his phone with him and closed the bedroom and bathroom doors for a measure of privacy, and called the number Peter had written on the parts store receipt.

"Hello?" the redhead answered, and Isaac's heart misfired on a few cylinders.

"Hey, Peter, this is Isaac, from the store today." Isaac broke the ice.

"I'm so glad you called...I'm a bit nervous and embarrassed and if I'm out of line asking this, I'm sorry and I won't bother you again...but would you like to go out sometime and just hang out with me?"

Holy Shit! Here it is! My hottest fantasy wants to go out!

Isaac almost dropped the phone in the toilet between his legs. He was sitting to pee to leave his hands free, and mute the sounds of urination..."Uh, yeah, Peter, I would like that a whole lot...Sure, when, uh, and where..." he trailed off.

"I'm off work at 7 most nights, and have two days a week off I can pick as long as I work at least Saturday or Sunday. I got tomorrow off this week."

"I'm pretty much self employed and out of school for the summer, so my schedule is free unless I'm taking Timmy somewhere, Peter. So why don`t you set a time that works for you and I will be there". Isaac thought of something else and said "Timmy and I are the only ones that live here so there is plenty of privacy."

"Yeah, that can be a problem for me sometimes at home." Peter admitted.

"Live at home still?" Isaac asked.

"Yeah, until I start college in the fall" Peter said.

"I go to Technical College, for Aviation Maintenance" Isaac said.

"That's where I am starting this year, too" Peter said. "Cool!"

"So you're going to be in the class behind me, then?' Isaac asked

"Yup, seems like that" Peter said.

"Awesome" Isaac replied. "Why don't you come over to the house sometime tomorrow in the afternoon, around three or so?" Isaac offered. "If Timmy and I are still out on our errand tomorrow, I will call you to come later, kay?"

"It's a date, Isaac" the beautiful redhead replied.

Isaac gave Peter his address, and Peter said that he knew Isaac`s street quite well, as he didn`t live far from there.

"Thanks, and bye" Peter said.

"Bye, Peter!" Isaac ended the call. Holy Shit! Did this just happen, or what? he was thinking.

On his end of the conversation, Peter was just as ecstatic...he had been checking Isaac out every time he came into the store, and now he had leapt in with both feet and survived initial contact. He wouldn't sleep at all tonight. He needed a cold shower right now.



Tuesday morning came, and Isaac got Timmy up and began his shower. Soon Timmy joined him in the shower and they went through their morning ritual, soaping each others back. Sometimes they would wash each other's hair, but this morning Timmy was nervous about his appointment at Doctor Selden's. Isaac tried to soothe his fears, but it was just something Timmy would have to bear up to on his own. Isaac had never been affected by needles, but he knew some people would rather be gored by the bulls of Pamplona than sit for shots of any sort...he wasn't sure if Timmy wasn't one of those.

They reported for the appointment and Delilah told them they would be the next patients seen. After a further 20 minute wait, the door opened to the back office and Delilah showed them to an exam room. A large cart with a hi-def monitor and PC stood next to a comfortable looking padded table. The RN came in and took Timmy's vital signs and asked him to remove his shirt, shoes and pants. He could remain in his underwear. Timmy complied and undressed, and the nurse had him lay on the table and she placed drapes over him about the size of beach towels, but these were green surgical garb material.

She asked "Do you understand what is going on today, Sweetie?" Timmy said "I think so" and the RN continued. "We're going to send sound waves through your body, that you can't hear, and this machine will show us the echoes as the waves bounce off things inside you, Timmy. This will happen on your abdomen, on the left side. The ultrasound probes need gel to work, so there will be some slippery stuff smeared on wipes right off, so don't worry".

Timmy noticed tubes of gel in a container of water, on a warming plate. He hoped the gel wouldn't be cold.

In a few minutes, and very pleasant older black lady came in and said, "Hello, my name is Connie, and I'm going to do your ultrasound today." She smiled at the boys and they smiled back and said "Hi" almost in unison. "I'm Isaac and your patient there is Timmy" Isaac said.

"Isaac...Timmy," she said, shaking their hands. "Do you have any questions for me before we begin?"

Isaac shook his head, and Timmy said "The other lady told us about sound waves and the echoes, and the gel stuff".

"Okay, Timmy, but if you have a question, you just ask...lets get started, shall we?" Timmy nodded.

Connie stood next to the table and arranged the drape to cover Timmy except for a six inch by six inch square to the left of his navel and groin, and spread some gel on his skin, and more gel on the probe. It looked like a white plastic electric razor without any grills or blades, or whatever it was that electric razors had. Timmy had never shaved in his life. Connie sat down at the computer cart and loaded information about Timmy in, from his chart records. His name popped up in a title block on the screen, along with the date and his date of birth and gender.

Connie moved the probe over the surface of Timmy's lower left abdomen, and made periodic adjustments as she went. From where Isaac was sitting, it seemed that she was working in layers and adjusting the depth of the probes sound beam deeper before repeating the pass, in order to build a 3 D record of Timmy's internals, in slices. After about 40 minutes, she was done, and the boys asked her if she had seen anything of interest.

"Well, I would love to tell you what I think, but this scan will have to be checked by the doctor. I'm not qualified to read the images, so I can't really talk to you about them. If I gave you information that was incorrect, that could be real bad for everybody," she began to laugh "Real bad!"

"We understand, thanks" Isaac said. "How long does it usually take to interpret your images?" Isaac asked.

"Umm...Doc should have something for you in less than five days" Connie replied.

"Well, as long as you didn't see a baby in there, I guess we can wait" Isaac joked. Timmy rolled his eyes and Connie laughed. "Trust me, if there was a baby in there, I would be telling the media!" Connie teased.


Soon, Timmy was dressed and they waited for the nurse to come back with Timmy's inoculations. She came in with a handful of capped hypodermic injections and laid them on the counter. Timmy just looked over and groaned "Oh, God, oh God, oh God."

"Honey, it sticks for just a bit...I'm real sorry, but it don't hurt that much for very long." she said.

"I'm gonna die, I just know it!" Timmy said, and Isaac began laughing, which confused the nurse, who was genuinely concerned about her young patient. "You are such a drama queen...suck it up, Mary Beth!" Isaac said.

"Am I being that wimpy?" Timmy wondered. "Oh yeah" Isaac said. The nurse just looked on. It was clear that these two were enjoying getting a rise out of her.

"Okay, ...Mary's the first", she said, still grinning at Isaac's comments as she stuck Timmy's right shoulder and pushed the vaccine.

"AH! That stings!" Timmy said. "One down, three to go" she said as number two went in.

"Oooof!" Timmy panted. Now it was time for the TB vaccine, the kind with the little plastic tool with the spikes on the round disk part...Timmy's eyes went wide as he saw the number of points on the device.

The nurse prepped the vaccination, and pressed the little tool against his shoulder. It should have hurt a lot more than it did, Timmy thought, and then the nurse removed it and Timmy saw a small grove of bleeding pin holes on his shoulder. The nurse applied an alcohol swipe, and placed a Telfa bandage on the site.

"Ok, one more to go, and you will probably hate me for the rest of the week; This one goes in the cheek, Mary Beth...roll over for me" When Timmy was in position, the nurse asked him to pull his shorts down a bit, and stuck Timmy's smooth white ass cheek with the shot. "AH! GOD!" Timmy hissed through his teeth as the vaccination went into the muscle..."I know, Sweetie... intramusculars are not fun at all." she said. "That's the last, all done. You did pretty good...I'm prouda ya" she said, as she collected the sharps and put them in the disposal box.

"Gee thanks! Man, my ass hurts..." Timmy grumbled. Isaac and the nurse chuckled as she left the room.




On the way home, Timmy was quiet and Isaac offered him another penny,

"Want a penny?" he asked again, meaning "a penny for your thoughts" Timmy remembered.

"I guess I'm not sure how I will feel if there is a testicle in there." Timmy observed. " I think I would be pissed off to think that no one bothered to fix it when it could have been fixed... If it's there, it's going to have to come out after all this time..."

Isaac put his hand on Timmy's knee and patted him. "Let's cross that bridge when we get there...we don't know anything just yet."

"Yeah, I know... thanks for being there with me, Isaac." Isaac gave Timmy's knee another pat while making a stop for a four way intersection. Suddenly , the VW made a small screech, followed by a hard thumping bang, and the engine died.

"What in Sam Hell..?" Isaac wondered. He still had the clutch pedal pushed in for the upcoming stop sign when lights on the dash came on announcing that the engine had died, and they coasted to a stop at the curb. A faint smell of burnt rubbed began to be noticeable, and the boys got out of the car and propped the hood open on the rod.

The smell of rubber was stronger under the hood, and Isaac surmised that something had gone on with one of the belts.

"Put her in 5th gear and take the brake off, Timmy. Make sure I turned the key off, too" Isaac said. Timmy moved past Isaac and ducked into the drivers seat, as Isaac visually studied everything underhood, looking for his new gremlin.

He could see the shift linkage move in the engine compartment as Timmy moved the gearshift, and Timmy said "Done"

Isaac rocked the car back and forward, and in 5th gear, the engine would bump and turn slightly, and Isaac could see that most of the belt driven items were not seized. "Turn the key on, Timmy but don't start the car."

Isaac heard a click or two as relays and the air conditioner clutch engaged, and Timmy said "Done."

Isaac rocked the car again and this time the engine didn't turn at all, but rocked in its mounts. The air conditioning compressor had seized solid. "Well..., ain't dat sum shit!" Isaac muttered as he pulled the electrical connector off the compressor clutch, and heard a loud click as the clutch released. He dropped the hood closed and went to the driver's door, letting Timmy out.

"So what went bad?" Timmy asked, as he circled the car to reclaim the passenger seat.

"I think the AC compressor is locked up." Isaac said. He got in the car and turned the key. The trusty little four cylinder started right up, and they rode home, now with the windows down. He wasn't all that mad, considering that he had cobbled the air conditioning back together on the little Golf with junkyard parts; he had probably gotten much more life out of that compressor than the ten bucks he had paid for it would suggest.



Peter would be coming over in a couple of hours, so Isaac stopped by the store and picked up charcoal and some things to grill for tonight, and they headed home. Isaac put the bratwurst and buns on the counter, and the steaks in the refrigerator. He would grill which ever meat Peter preferred. He had tea, lemonade mix and several bottles of soda on hand, and some beer that Pat had left him from last week.

Peter pulled into the drive right at 3, in an old Datsun 240Z that had a pretty decent yellow paint job, and a set of aftermarket alloy rims. Timmy and Isaac went outside to greet Peter, and they stood around admiring the two seater for a few minutes, until Peter said he had to get out of the sun, and walked into the garage. He began looking over the old blue Porsche, now minus its wheels and brakes. "So this is her, Isaac?" he asked. "Sweet!" he said, running his hand over the blue fender.

"Yeah, that's it...hey, you want a cold drink? Got tea, lemonade, soda, even some beer". Isaac said.

"You're old enough to buy beer?" Peter wondered, forgetting to choose a beverage.

"No, but my parents were here over the weekend" Isaac said. "I'm 19 by the way."

"Just turned 18 myself" Peter said.

"You graduated a couple of weeks ago?" Isaac wondered.

"Yup, I are gradjitated from Pubbic Skrewl, and I has the dilemma to prove it!" Peter joked, sending Timmy and Isaac into laughter.

"How about you Timmy, what grade are you in now? " Peter asked.

"I will be in the 7th this fall when we go back" Timmy said.

"Did you go to Central High, Peter" Isaac asked.

"Yup, you too?" Peter replied

"Yeah...but being a year ahead of you and there was 2100 kids in that place, I guess its not weird we didn't run into each other" Isaac said.

"Sports?" Peter asked.

"I went out for track freshman and sophomore years but never got on the team, Peter" Isaac said. "You?"

"Nah, I can't go in the sun for long periods, and even with SPF from hell sunscreen on, I'll burn like a biscuit. I run at night under the lights at the school sometimes when I get off work. and I swim at the social life, I guess..."

Isaac had some ideas on that last one...

"I like to go to the batting cages on Martin Street, and they have lights for night play...It's great to go there after sundown when it begins to cool down." Isaac suggested.

"Really, that does sound like fun..." Peter said.

"Isaac, my ass still hurts like hell, I'm going to go lay down for a bit...nice to meet you, Peter" Timmy said, leaving Peter with a puzzled expression on his angelic face.

"Timmy got his back to school boosters shots today" Isaac explained as the kitchen door closed behind him, leaving Isaac and Peter to talk in the garage.

"Oh jeez, the poor kid!" Peter said. "He seems like a great kid, Isaac. Is it just you boys in your family?"

"We are both actually only children" Isaac said. "I am Timmy's legal guardian. I took Timmy in when his father couldn't care for him and basically put him out of the house. He's been with me for five months now."

"What about his mom?" Peter asked.

"We found out last week that she had been murdered almost eleven years ago, after she disappeared and left Timmy with his dad. He grew up in an abusive home, and now his dad is dying of liver cancer. So yeah, I made him my little brother, and vice versa...he is awesome, Peter...awesome." Isaac said.

"Jesus Christ...that's a lot for a little kid to go through...What about your parents?" Peter wondered.

"Mom and Dad are about four hours from here, Dad's on assignment with his company. I work for him as the property manager for the rental houses we own here, and I have my classes at TC." Isaac said.

"Wow, I wished I lived alone sometimes, too." Peter said. "I have three sisters, all younger. I am just glad I have my own shower in the boy cave!" Peter giggled.

"Meaning a boy lives there, or that you lure boys into your cave, like a spider!" Isaac teased.

"Mostly both!" Peter crowed. "Ummm...Are you...uh..." Peter began

"Gay? Yes, I am" Isaac mercifully finished for Peter, who was quite red. "You don't need to be on guard. Timmy knows I am, and he's pretty sure you are too, Peter, if that was bothering you. He got a kick out of watching us in the store."

"Really, were we that obvious?" Peter asked.

"He thinks so, yes..." Peter was standing very close to Isaac, and the two teenagers moved into an embrace and kissed. Peter's smooth face and lips were very soft, and his lips parted easily to allow Isaac's tongue to gently probe Peter's own tongue. The tongues took turns tangoing in and out of each other's mouths and their hands ran up and down each other's back. "Mmmm you taste so nice," Isaac breathed into Peter`s mouth.

"I had a tic-tac on the drive over." Peter said, divulging the secret. "God, I have wanted to do this since I first saw you in the store, Isaac."

"Me too, Peter. You gave me such delicious evil thoughts every time I went down there to buy parts. You caused more than a few wet dreams." Isaac said.

"You have wet dreams?" Peter asked, incredulous.

"Yeah...Don't you?" Isaac asked.

"Never" Peter replied.

" often do you..." Isaac probed.

"Two or three times a day! I'm constantly horny all the time!" Peter said, realizing he was being redundant with "constantly", and "all the time".

"Jeeminy Christmas, no wonder! Your poor nads can't keep up!" Isaac said, shaking his head and chuckling at Peter. He ran his hand down the front of Peter's shorts and felt a long, thick shape along the inside of Peter's right thigh. Isaac raised his eyebrows and whispered "Wow", and Peter smiled back at Isaac.

"You can have, oh, about an hour to stop that!" Peter said, as Isaac continued to survey Peter's erection by Braille. Peter returned the gesture, rubbing Isaac's crotch as Isaac began to breathe heavier. After several minutes, Isaac broke the embrace by saying "We have all day, no need to rush this, right? "

"Right" Peter replied. "Got that lemonade?"

Isaac invited Peter in and asked if he wanted brats or sirloin on the grille. Peter picked bratwurst and Timmy went for steak, so Isaac put a second steak on in case anyone was still hungry. Isaac wadded up newspaper and covered it with easy light charcoal, and lit the fire. In about twenty minutes the coals were almost ready to cook on, and Isaac had made a salad, and was ready to butter and toast the bratwurst buns on a skillet, as soon as the meat was ready. There were baked potatoes wrapped in foil ready to go on the grille and soon everything was cooking.

Timmy was laying on the couch nursing his sore hip, and Peter and Isaac joined him watching TV while the meat and potatoes cooked. Isaac was keeping an eye on the grille and Peter, who was also keeping an eye on Isaac. Both older boys had the same thing on their minds, and it was hard to pay attention to the TV. Timmy wasn't saying much, and Isaac had given him Ibuprofen to help with his soreness.

Isaac had warmed a hotplate, and when the brats were done, he brushed melted butter on the buns, and toasted them on the hotplate. He warmed some sauerkraut, and once the steaks were off the grille, it was time to eat.

After the meal, Isaac asked Timmy if he was okay, and that he and Peter would need some alone time. Timmy said, "I'm okay, and I have something I need to do anyway." he gave Isaac a wink, and left Peter and Isaac to their own interpretations of that gesture.

"Thanks, little brother...Good night." and with that, Peter and Isaac went to Isaac's room. Once inside, Isaac kissed Peter and asked if he wanted to take a shower with him and freshen up, which Peter accepted.

Isaac began to undress his friend, and take in the beauty of Peter's lean, white, smooth body. Peter lifted his arms to allow Isaac to remove his shirt, and Isaac could see very sparse red hairs in Peter's armpits. Peter had no happy trail either, and when he kicked off his shoes, Isaac could see a little red hair on Peter's lower calves, but his thighs were smooth.

He unsnapped Peter's shorts and slid them down his milky legs, exposing a pair of light blue briefs with a substantial bulge in them. Isaac began to stroke the bulge, and Peter responded by pulling Isaac's shirt up and off of his body, and ran his fingers over Isaac's chest and nipples. Neither boy had much body hair, and they both looked younger than they actually were. Peter's penis continued to harden and respond to Isaac's urging hand, and Peter released the snap on Isaac's shorts and Isaac now stood before Peter in briefs. Isaac's modest rod was hard as a rock, and tented Isaac's brief, gapping the waistband above his shaft. Peter slid his hand into Isaac's briefs, and rubbed the base of Isaac's shaft between his fingers, and caressed the sides of Isaac's scrotum with his fingertips. Isaac was melting and moaning, and pulling Peter's penis out of his briefs...It was enormous, easily every bit as thick as Timmy's cock, possibly thicker, and almost seven inches long. It was almost perfectly white with a pink glans and corona. Unlike Isaac, Peter was circumcised, but retained his frenulum, and a lot of skin. Peter's pee hole was large, round, and almost cherry red inside. His penis was set against a small patch of red pubes. There was no hair on Peter's scrotum, which encased two large testicles.

Peter was now caressing Isaac's smaller member, and Isaac was breathing harder and moaning a little into Peter's ear. This was a huge turn on for Peter, and he freed Isaac's uncircumcised organ from his briefs and gasped "You're uncut! Oh that is so hot, Isaac...I have such a fascination with foreskins...Mmmmm" Peter purred. Now that both boys were naked, they made their way to the shower and got started, paying the most attention to their hard organs. Peter kept Isaac hard as a rock, manipulating his foreskin and caressing his butt and thighs. They spent a lot of time in the shower, and finally got out and dried off, heading for Isaac's bed. Peter lay back on the bed and Isaac kneeled between his legs and took Peter's large organ into his mouth and began working the redhead's penis slowly, savoring his fantasy come true. He kept working the long penis until he could take it all into his mouth and throat and was rewarded by Peter's moans and groans of ecstasy. After working Peter's shaft, he moved down and took each of Peter's plum sized testicles into his mouth and began to suck on each one gently, while Peter writhed with pleasure.



Meanwhile, Timmy had decided to call Angie and went to his room for privacy and closed the door.

He punched in her number, and she answered "Hey! Timmy!"

"Hi, Angie!" He replied

"I'm glad you called...I been thinking about you ever since the movie." she said.

"Really, you have?" he asked...he had no way of knowing he had "starred" in a couple of hot bubble bath sessions with one of her mother's adult toys, a small dildo she had found and would sneak for her own pleasure on occasion. Since meeting Timmy the other day, she had needed its services twice.

"Yeah...What cha doing right now?' she asked.

"Ah, just talking to you is about it...been thinking about you too"

"Hmmmm...are you busy tomorrow afternoon?" she queried.

"Don't think so...whatcha thinking?' he asked.

"Want to come over and swim with me?" Angie asked.

"You have a pool?" Timmy wondered

"Uh huh" Angie answered.

"How many people are going to be there?" Timmy asked

"Just you...and me" Angie clarified.

"What time...and where?" Timmy asked. Angie told him her street and number and said about two o'clock.

"Sure, I'll be there...Two o'clock."

"Great, I'll see you tomorrow then! Bye, Timmy!"

"Bye" Timmy ended the call and lay back in the bed. He was thinking about what Peter and Isaac were probably doing, and wondered what the day at Angie's house would be like tomorrow. He was sore and tired and fell asleep on his bed in his clothes. He slept an hour and a half, then woke up and undressed and went back to sleep, under the covers now.

Peter and Isaac had now traded positions and Peter was working Isaac's slender cock with his mouth, his lips starting at the tip of Isaac's prepuce and working their way down to his black pubes. Peter's hand was caressing Isaac's modest testicles, and tickling his perineum, making Isaac gasp at the sensation. Peter worked Isaac's penis, edging him for about 15 minutes, before breaking things off and picking up his shorts. He reached into the pocket and retrieved a condom. He tore the wrapper open, and while Isaac watched, Peter rolled the condom onto Isaac's rock hard wet erection, and asked Isaac if he had any lube. Isaac said he had KY lube in the dresser, and Peter found it and applied it to Isaac`s wrapped penis, and himself.

"Have you ever done this?" Peter asked Isaac.

"Only once, and I was the bottom that time" Isaac answered.

"What is your preference?" Peter said "I like being the bottom, actually more than the other way around."

"Whatever makes you most happy is good for me, Peter" Isaac replied.

Peter knelt over Isaac's hard pole, and gazed down into Isaac's eyes as he lowered himself, pausing slightly as his pink spider made first contact with Isaac's penis and it began to slowly enter Peter. Peter had never been penetrated by a lover, although he had practiced with various items since his sexual awakening at the age of ten when puberty arrived. He had had only one other experience in his life with a partner; a customer in his twenties had seduced Peter into letting the man perform fellatio on Peter one evening after work. The man told Peter he loved sucking large young cocks, and they met several evenings a week for about a month until the man stopped showing up.

Peter, like Isaac, had known without question that he was gay, and the experience with the seducer had affirmed his orientation. Unlike Isaac, Peter hadn't felt safe enough to come out to his family. It wasn't that his parents would have a violent reaction if Peter told them, he knew that disclosing his secret would change things forever, and he wasn`t ready to take that step.

He was happy to see that his first attempt at sex wasn't with a partner with a larger cock; Isaac was just the size Peter thought was perfect. Isaac was still big enough for Peter to take slowly, not so much for Peter, but he didn't want to rush Isaac's experience, either. Slowly and deliberately, Peter eased himself down onto Isaac's stiff, warm shaft, and within a minute or two Peter's bare scrotum was resting in Isaac's black bush. Peter's magnificent cock was hard and lightly tapping Isaac's chest, as Peter began to move up and down on Isaac's rod. Isaac motioned for the lubricant, and without a word, and Peter put the bottle in Isaac's hand. Isaac dribbled the clear liquid onto Peter's penis and worked the lubricant around the pink glans and corona, and began to gently stroke the redhead's long, thick penis. His strokes kept time with Peter's humping, and Peter said "Oh, God, just keep doing that, Isaac...don't stop." Isaac could feel the tension building in his groin as his impending orgasm became closer. He felt his testicles tightening, and almost lost his load altogether, as Peter leaned back and reached a hand between Isaac's legs to caress his scrotum.

"Ahh! Oh shit, that's good, Peter..." Isaac gasped as Peter gently ran his fingernails around Isaac's anus and perineum as he continued to ride Isaac's penis, faster now. Isaac had not stopped stroking Peter's cock either, and the combination of Isaac's penis harassing Peter's prostate every few moments, and Isaac's delicious hand work on Peter's rod was building to an inevitable conclusion. Peter began the climb to orgasm, and his body stiffened up, tightening his sphincter on Isaac's shaft, while his penis bucked and spewed three thick ropes of semen onto Isaac's chest as Peter panted " Ahhhh...Awww ...Aww ..Yes! Ohmigod! ... Unnng! ...Oh! And continued to breathe hard as he kept up the pace of his humping for Isaac.

In a second or two, Isaac came, filling the condom in Peter's rectum with semen, as Peter leaned forward and kissed Isaac passionately. It took Isaac another minute to soften, and Peter put his hand between his legs and gripped Isaac's shaft with two fingers to keep the condom from slipping off as he raised himself off of Isaac. Peter got up and grabbed a towel from Isaac's bathroom and returned to the bed. He removed the condom and wiped Isaac's penis gently, and toweled himself off, before putting the towel on the floor and the wet condom on the towel. His main goal was to get as close to Isaac as possible, and stay there forever.

They pulled the cover over them and cuddled close, kissing for a long time before either of them had anything to say. Peter kissed Isaac and said, "Thank you Isaac...for being the one"

"The one?" Isaac asked

"You took my cherry, dude!" Peter admitted. "And you were beyond awesome! You weren't this good in my dreams, Isaac..."

"Peter, I guess I don't know what to say, except you're welcome...and that was my first time as a top" He kissed Peter deeply and passionately and said "It was just as awesome for me too".

Peter asked Isaac about his other sexual experiences and learned that the boy that Isaac had invited over after school had returned on another visit, and he and Isaac had experimented with Vaseline and fingers before trying the boy's four inch penis in Isaac's chute. Isaac's immature organ was much smaller at the time, and he couldn't reciprocate the gesture, but the experience of bottoming and servicing the boy's cock orally cemented Isaac's orientation in his mind and he came out to his parents not long after that. Isaac had never lied, or kept anything from his parents in his life. Pat always taught Isaac that nothing was worse than lying. Nothing Isaac did couldn't be fixed, but lying destroyed trust, sometimes forever. True to his word, Pat never imposed harsh discipline on Isaac if he screwed up. His style was to make sure Isaac knew that he was disappointed, and to wait for the effect that had on Isaac to sink in. He was satisfied that the lesson took hold when Isaac would come to Pat and admit a mistake, feel bad about it, and tell Pat he would make sure it didn't happen again.

When Isaac came out and told Pat and Lizabeth he was gay, it was a turning point in their family. Pat and Lizabeth knew that they could trust Isaac with just about anything, and the 800 pound gorilla in the room had been brought to size. They had known that Isaac wasn't like other boys from an early age, and when Lizabeth had suspected that Isaac had entered puberty, she sat down with him and an illustrated book on human reproduction, and explained the process to him. She didn't know that she was a bit early, and Isaac did not yet have a concept of orgasm or ejaculation from personal experience, but the lesson was patient, loving and thorough. At the time, Lizabeth wasn't concerned that Isaac had shown little interest in the

female anatomy... although he expressed a lot of interest when they discussed circumcision. She had just chalked that up to a ten year old's focus on things in his immediate solar system, not an abstraction like female genitalia. By the time Isaac was twelve, she had become convinced that her son was gay. He never looked at girls in public, expressed any interest in talking to, or meeting girls the way she and Pat would have expected a boy to. It was not much later that Isaac had finally confirmed what they had suspected.

They were relieved that Isaac had told them; they had heard horror stories about gay teen suicides, and the thought of something like that happening had been the impetus for their frequent displays of affection for Isaac. Lots of hugs and reassurances of their love for him had been the environment Isaac grew up in, quite unlike the ugly, abusive, and frightening existence Timmy had led up to the time he met Isaac.


Peter's family was also a stable, two parent household that had given Peter security and met his every need. His parents were not as demonstrative with their love as Pat and Lizabeth had been with Isaac, but Peter did not doubt that they did love him and his sisters. Peter filled Isaac in on the basics, told him he was not yet out, and told Isaac about the man he used to meet for blowjobs after closing the store.

"Can you stay for the night, Peter?" Isaac asked.

"I'll call home and let them know" Peter replied. After Peter checked in with his mom, he and Isaac kissed and cuddled and feel asleep.

Early the next morning, Timmy got up and padded down the hallway to Isaac's room, where he found the door closed. He turned the knob and peeked in through the crack and saw Isaac and Peter spooned together under the covers, still asleep. He went back to his room and put on briefs, and quietly entered Isaac's room and slipped into the bathroom to take a shower. His toothbrush and other items were in there, and neither he nor Isaac had used the shower in the other bathroom since Timmy had moved in. The sound of the shower woke Isaac, and he gently disengaged with Peter and went in the bathroom to urinate. Timmy heard the sound and poked his head past the shower curtain and smiled at Isaac.

" Mornin`, Sunshine" Isaac said, as his erection faded with his emptying bladder.

"Mornin,' to you too!" Timmy said, as he grinned watching Isaac's subsiding erection. "Did you guys sleep well?" he teased.

Isaac flipped a drop of pee into the bowl and gave Timmy a thumb's up, which caused Timmy to giggle and close the curtain.

A few minutes later, Timmy heard sounds of liquid dripping into the toilet again, and looked out of the shower to see Peter standing there, his magnificent manhood stiff and dripping piss as he strained to empty his bladder. Timmy said "Wow!" and smiled at the sight of Peter's penis. Peter turned a bit red, but didn't make any attempt to hide his member or even act embarrassed about being seen by the boy. "That's a really nice dick, Peter!"

"Thanks" Peter said, as his stream strengthened while his erection faded.

Timmy turned off the water and slid the curtain back, exposing himself completely to Peter. Peter took in the view of Timmy's thick cock and nice flaccid hang and said " It looks like Isaac's little brother isn't all that little after all" the compliment bringing a blush to Timmy's cheeks as well. Peter reached out to Timmy and lightly ran his thin fingers through Timmy's newly cut hair and said "Good morning, sexy!" Timmy giggled and said "It's always a good morning when I can see two hot naked guys before breakfast!" as he stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel.

"Well, you're pretty hot too, dude!" Peter said as he left Timmy more room to finish drying. About the time Timmy was done, Isaac came back and asked Peter if he wanted a shower before breakfast. Peter jumped at the suggestion and they climbed in together and took their time, paying close attention to the tender places...Isaac worked his way down Peter's boyish chest and arrived at his manly cock, taking the large organ into his warm soft mouth. Working the redhead's glans with his tongue, he quickly brought Peter to full tumescence and caressed his testicles as he worked Peter's shaft in his mouth. Isaac had never swallowed seed before, and was curious what Peter would taste like. There was no taste from the penis itself, and Peter didn't have a lot of precum. Isaac tongued the large smooth circumcised glans and ran his tongue in the valley beneath Peter's tip. Peter did have a frenulum, which Isaac repeated attacked with his tongue, enjoying Peter's reflexes each time he touched it. Isaac knew from experience how sensitive this place was.

Soon, Peter's testicles were moving upward, as the boy's scrotum contracted in anticipation of his imminent orgasm. Isaac could feel Peter's penis enlarge a bit more, and the glans seemed to widen a little as well, then Peter's spasms began to rock through him. Isaac felt a slug of fluid enter his mouth, and then three more in quick succession. The taste wasn't objectionable, but Isaac had a mouthful with the large penis, and let the semen drip out between his lips, rather than try to swallow. Peter took a minute to regain his composure, and knelt in front of Isaac to repay his lover in kind. He played with Isaac's foreskin, studying it intently, like Timmy had the evening he and Isaac had shared themselves with each other. Peter rolled it back gently, observing the small round hole in Isaac's smooth bluish glans, and the frenum connecting the foreskin to the glans. Peter kept the foreskin retracted with his fingers as he took the organ into his mouth and began to suck the exposed glans and inner foreskin slowly and gently. "Oh my God, Peter!...that's insane...Oh, shit, that is so good..." Isaac said, afraid his knees might buckle. Peter continued to work the ultra sensitive tissue with his tongue as Isaac moaned in ecstasy.

Peter gently took hold of Isaac's testicles and caressed the bare scrotum as they reacted by moving up under Isaac's hard shaft. Soon, Isaac's orgasm was building, and Peter felt the penis in his mouth pulse as jets of hot viscous semen spurted into his mouth. Peter continued to suck the semen out of Isaac's penis until the spasms quieted. He swallowed most of Isaac's load, and found the taste to his liking. He had only tasted his own semen up to now, and knew he wanted to taste Isaac's often from now on.

The ended the shower with a passionate kiss, and talked while they dried off. "Timmy sure isn't shy, is he?" Peter asked. "He gave me a full show before you came in."

"Really...Wow..." Isaac marveled, noting the puzzled look on Peter's face. "I would never have expected that, as guarded as this kid was when I met him...he must really like you, Peter."

"Yeah, I guess he does...Isaac? Timmy circumcised? I couldn't really tell" Peter wondered.

"I should probably let him tell you about that" Isaac said, giving Peter one of those "there is a story to this" type of looks.

"Ah, ...right..but it is okay to ask him?" Peter said, understanding that Isaac wasn't sure he had Timmy's okay to say anything directly.

"Yeah, he will be cool with that" Isaac said. They made their way to the kitchen and Isaac was surprised to find Timmy in underwear cooking bacon and making toast for them. He had been teaching Timmy the fundamentals of cooking for some time now, and was pleased that Timmy enjoyed cooking as much as Isaac had. All the boy had needed was an opportunity to try it. Timmy asked them how they liked their eggs, and filled their orders perfectly when he served their plate.

"Wow, I never had such a hot cute boy make me breakfast before!" Peter said, causing Timmy to blush. "My brothers never had such a hot boyfreind to serve breakfast too, either" Timmy stated which made the older boys blush and almost choke on orange juice.

Timmy giggled at the effect this had on them, and turned the stove off and brought his own plate to the table. He sat down just as Isaac's phone rang and he got up and went in the living room to take the call, so Peter and Timmy could chat if they wanted.

Peter said "Thanks for making breakfast. It is really good. How did you learn to cook?"

"From Isaac" Timmy replied. "And thank you too, Peter." Timmy said, gazing into Peter's vivid green eyes.

"Me? Why?" Peter asked.

"Peter...Isaac...Isaac gives me so much, and I love him more than anything in the world... he's the reason I really have anything at all, food, clothes, and a place to live. I'm glad you did things to make him happy that he won't let me..."Timmy trailed off.

"I understand, Timmy...he loves you and won't do anything that might hurt you." Peter said.

"Do you love him, Peter?" Timmy asked. He wasn't sure if Isaac and Peter were'nt just having a quickie, since he had seen the parade of one night stands in his own house, but Peter wasn't of the same low caliber that his father had been attracted to, and Timmy held out hope that Isaac might have a relationship with Peter.

"Timmy, right now, I am so high on life...I don't know...I might be in love with Isaac, but I think we should take things one step at a time and see what comes next...I need to know how Isaac feels also. Like if he wants to take this further, too." Peter explained. "I hope he does, because I sure want to."

Timmy smiled at Peter and neither of them spoke for a moment.

Peter then got serious and said "Can I ask you something, and if it's none of my business, just tell me it's off limits, okay?" Timmy nodded and said


"I really loved your shower show, Timmy, but I couldn't tell...are you circumcised?"

"That's off limits" Timmy said, completely deadpan. Peter put up his hand and said

"Fair enough, no offense meant" as Timmy enjoyed toying with Peter for a moment.

"I'm just messin' with you!. I'm not circumcised, but I wasn't born with a normal foreskin, either. I have hypospadias" Timmy said, matter of factly.

Peter had a puzzled look on his face, so Timmy said "It's harder to explain it than it is to show you" as he stood up from table and pulled his briefs down. He lifted his penis and gave Peter a twenty second tour of his pee slit, and foreskin flap. Peter also noticed Timmy's single testicle now, a detail that had not been at all obvious in the shower.

Peter was totally captivated by this, and asked Timmy how it worked, where was it sensitive, and if it caused him any problems. Timmy assured Peter that his penis did everything it was supposed to. Peter said that he had heard of people with one testicle but had never known anyone open about it, or seen that before. He thanked Timmy for giving him the education, and Timmy told Peter he was welcome and pulled his briefs up.