Authors note: This story is a work of fiction, and the characters in it are not real persons. The physical birth differences described for Timmy are real, and the plot devices of this story are loosely based on the experiences of the author. Those who are simply looking for titillating adolescent sex (although there is nothing wrong with that at all) are likely to be disappointed. This story is about trust, freindship, honor, shared secrets and overcoming less than ideal circumstances in life...and some sex.

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They spent the next hour draining the oil out of the old car and cleaning the strainer assembly, and Isaac showed Timmy how to seal the gaskets so the strainer would not leak. After the oil change, Isaac showed Timmy how to fill the freshly cleaned carburetors with gasoline so they would not have to crank the engine over excessively to get it to start.

After a few pops and stutters, the little air cooled engine roared to life, and the boys watched over it carefully until it warmed up and they were sure it was running properly. Isaac motioned for Timmy to shut his door and buckle up, while he did the same. "We should get fresh gasoline in the tank and besides, its pretty close to empty", Isaac said as he backed out of the garage. "Now you can say you rode in a Porsche" he told Timmy, grinning as he went through the gears. Ten minutes later, they pulled into a neighborhood station and Isaac gave Timmy a couple of dollar bills. "Go in and get me an A&W root beer, and get you whatever you want to drink, wouldja?" Isaac said to Timmy as he ran his card through the gas pump. "Sure", Timmy replied, and went into the convenience store.

Several minutes later Timmy came back to the car and noticed Isaac's attention focused on a couple of teenage boys several bays over in the pump islands. "Kinda cute, ain't they?" Timmy said, creating a huge blush on Isaac's face,

"Wh--what?" Isaac began to protest.

"You were staring, Isaac" Timmy chuckled, pointing fingers at his eyes in the "I see you" gesture.

"Guess I was..." Isaac conceded.

Timmy had noticed several things about Isaac that was drawing him to a conclusion about his friend; he never talked about girls or made remarks and innuendo that so many boys did at his school, and when he noticed other people in public, it seemed it was always males. On the way back to the house, Timmy decided to come right to the point.

"Isaac, if I asked you something, would you always tell me the truth?"

"Yes, I would never lie to you, Timmy. What`s up?"

"Are you gay, Isaac?"

This hit Isaac like a sack of cement. He always knew this question might come up, he just didn't expect that it would be so soon in their relationship.

"Timmy, is our friendship in danger depending on how I answer that?"

"I don't care either way, I just want to know the way it is, that's all" Timmy said.

"Yes, I am gay, Timmy. I have known it since I was like three years old. I hope that doesn't change things for us".

"Nope, it doesn't. Thanks for being cool and telling me, Isaac".

Wow, what a mature little dude, Isaac thought. He took that very well and accepted it without any issue. He really is a remarkable kid. "Thank you for being so cool about it, Timmy".

"Hey what are little brothers for, eh?" Timmy said with a wink. Isaac sped up and headed for Timmy's favorite fast food outlet, as both of them were getting pretty hungry. They were both enjoying the looks the old car, and they were receiving from the people on the street and the other drivers.


Timmy laid awake that night thinking about the conversation he had with Isaac, and realized, the Isaac too was a bit of a mystery in some ways, the same as Timmy seemed to Isaac. Part of that is in the getting to know someone at more than a superficial level, and if Isaac was prepared to accept Timmy without reservation, so was Timmy ready to accept Isaac into his life unconditionally. There were things that Timmy was not ready to share with Isaac yet, but he knew that if he did decide to entrust Isaac with some of his secrets, Isaac would not betray him.



Timmy had never seen another boy or his father nude, at least that he could consciously remember, although he did sleep nude himself, and had the encounter with one of his fathers' female "homework assignments" from the local bar. He had always been admonished not to allow anyone to know he was "a freak" although he never had been given an explanation as to why his father would say this to him. He had also been beaten for messing the bathroom floor, so he sat to urinate under all circumstances, even at school.

What was to be a defining moment for Timmy came one day as he was in a stall in the bathroom at school and two boys came into the lavatory. Timmy was able to see who they were through the gap in the stall partition, and recognized them as being in the grade he was in last year. He watched as one of the boys challenged the other to a distance contest. The challenged boy accepted and unzipped his pants and pulled his briefs down releasing a smooth, circumcised penis about 3 inches long, resting above a hairless scrotum with two grape sized testicles, which were plainly visible hanging over the elastic waistband of the boy's underwear. The glans of the penis was an almost perfect acorn shape, and of the loveliest light purplish gray hue, with a tinge of red right at the hole that Timmy was just able to discern.

Timmy stared at this scene through the gap, and the boys were totally oblivious of his presence. He saw a golden stream spurt out of the tip of the kid's penis, and travel at least five feet to the urinal. When it was over, the other boy took his turn, and Timmy could see the other boys' genitalia was pretty much the same as the first, as far as development went. Timmy could see that neither boy had any pubic hair, in contrast to his own wispy starts of light brown down just visible above his stiffening penis.

For the rest of the day, Timmy was unable to get the images of the two boys' penises and testicles out of his mind, and he saw them in his daydreams on a frequent basis. There were so many questions moving through his mind, but foremost in his mind was that each boy seemed to have two testicles, and the piss was coming from a place on their glans that wasn't the same as Timmy's. How were those boys able to piss so far when Timmy basically sprayed all over himself if he didn't sit? Was this what made him a freak? He knew he wasn't going to ask his father...

Timmy had been unusually quiet and subdued the next week and half when he was with Isaac, and Isaac could tell he was bothered and preoccupied with something inside. Finally he decided to turn Timmy's own tactic against him, and asked

"Timmy, if I ask you what's bothering you, will you tell me the truth?"

"It's that bad, huh?"

"I don't know if its bad until you tell me, but somethings been bothering you for a good while now".

"Yeah, I guess so"...It took Timmy a long time to begin to speak, but Isaac waited patiently, as he could see the kids face working as he screwed together what he was going to say.

"I told you how my dad called me all sorts of names and stuff, and maybe I get it now, what it means. ".

"How so, Timmy"? Isaac coached.

"Ummm, how many boys have you seen naked, Isaac?" Timmy asked. It was obvious to Isaac that Timmy wasn't ready to give up too much information, by the careful and halting way he was making inquiries.

"In the showers at school and the pool and stuff, I guess quite a few, why?" said Isaac.

"Do they all have two balls"? Timmy asked directly. If Isaac was taken aback at this question, he gave an Oscar nominated performance at not outwardly letting it show...

"Uh, I assume that they did, ..uh, do, yes...sometimes its hard to tell if someone is really hairy and stuff".

"Have you seen any boys that didn't have two?"

"No, I haven't but you know about some people who have had cancer...I'm sure there are others who are born that way too, Timmy. Anyway, its kinda of hard to tell for sure unless you stare at the guy or he has a real pair of hangers". Timmy was caught up in thought over that answer, and took a bit longer to ask his next question.

"Isaac, do all boys pee out of the tips of their dicks?" Timmy asked, looking off to the side at the ground.

" All the ones I know of do" said Isaac. "Why are you asking all this kind of stuff? Is everything okay? Anything you want to tell me about"?

"No, it's okay, I'm good, thanks" Timmy said, and with that, the conversation closed. Isaac knew that this chat wasn't over somehow.



The next week seemed to go uneventfully until Friday afternoon, when classes were dismissed at Timmy`s school. Isaacs' cell phone rang and for a brief second, Isaac almost gave in to panic when he saw the caller was Timmy.

"Isaac here...Timmy?"

"Isaac, can...can you come get me! Please!?" Timmy was crying and trying his best to be coherent on the phone, but was losing the battle.

"I'm on my way, little buddy, where are you?"

"School, on the front steps, hurry!"

Isaac arrived at the middle school less than ten minutes later, and found Timmy exactly where he expected him. What he didn't expect to see was Timmys face beginning to bruise, his shirt torn and abrasions on his knees and elbows. He got out and walked his little friend to the car and buckled him in for the trip home.

"What happened to you?" Isaac asked

"Some dudes sucker punched me and kicked me when I was on the happened so fast..." his voice trailed off.

"Do you know who? What started it?"

"Does it matter?"

"Uh, YEAH it were assaulted, Timmy!"

"Just me being there started it! Those assholes didn't need a reason... Nobody can do anything about it now anyway"

Isaac did not say anything more until they were in his house. "Lets get some ice on you and clean up these injuries so you don't get infected, ok?" Timmy just nodded as Isaac went to get his supplies. When he came back, he had Timmy lay on the couch, and took out his cell phone again and began taking pictures of Timmy's face, elbows and knees. He laid a bag of frozen peas on Timmys' face and told him to leave it on as long as he could stand it, as it would lessen the bruising. "Are you okay? Want the TV on?" Isaac asked. He then began tending Timmy's scrapes and cuts with the peroxide and NeoSporin.

"I guess so", Timmy said, not really caring one way or the other. Isaac knew that Timmy was probably hungry and since it was close to five o'clock, he decided to pursue dinner while Timmy rested on the couch.

Thirty five minutes later, the meal was ready and Isaac called for Timmy. Getting no response he looked in the living room and saw Timmy asleep, the bag of peas on the floor. Shaking Timmy awake, he said, "Supper's ready, come and get it".

They sat down to eat and after a while, Timmy said, "Isaac, can I stay here with you? I don't want to go home and get into it with my dad over this" pointing up to his eye.

"Shouldn't you let your dad know where you are? He doesn't even know what happened to you" Isaac said.

"He'll know I got my ass kicked, and I'll probably get more because of it...he says I'm a just pussy scared of the dark and stuff..." his voice trailed off.

"Scared of the dark?"

"Not really, but I have nightmares a lot and can't sleep good".

"About what? Do you remember them when you wake up?"

"Most of dad trying to kill me, mostly. Sometimes other people, you know how dreams get mixed up and stuff..."

"And after what happened today, I guess I can't blame you," Isaac said. "I still think you should check in with your dad so he doesn't worry".

Timmy laughed, and said "Worried, what time is it?"

"Six ten" Isaac said. "He's on his way to the bar about now" Timmy predicted. "He won't be back until he picks someone up or the place closes".

"Ok, but tomorrow you have to go home and check in, okay?"

"Okay...thanks, Isaac"

They spent the rest of the evening watching TV and playing Isaac's video games, until they decided to turn in around 11. Isaac brought some sheets and a pillow for Timmy and made a bed for him on the couch, they said their goodnights and Isaac went to his room and got in bed. Isaac really didn't get to sleep at all, and after about an hour and a half heard noises from the living room that sounded a lot like someone in distress.

He got out of bed and went to the living room and found that he could see quite well from the outside light filtering through the blinds, and saw Timmy quite clearly engrossed in a vivid nightmare. He moaned and thrashed and raised his hands like he was fending off an attacker that only he could see. Isaac grabbed Timmy's wrists to keep from being struck accidentally by the sleeping boy and sat on the edge of the couch and firmly called to him "Timmy...Timmy! Wake up, Timmy, it's a bad's a bad dream, wake up...Timmy!

Slowly Timmy swam back to conciousness, and began to recognize Isaac.

"Are you alright?"

Timmy shook his head no, breathing quite deeply and rapidly, and said, "Don't go, Isaac...will you stay with me?"

Isaac pulled him up to a standing position and said "Grab your pillow and come in with me" leading him gently to the bedroom.

Timmy followed Isaac into the room and noticed for the first time that Isaac was clad only in a pair of briefs. Timmy still had his clothes on, as this was a new experience for him, sleeping in another person's home as a guest. Isaacs body was smooth and trim, and other than a mat of hair under each arm, and a light happy trail ending at his navel, was devoid of hair above the waist. He had a light amount of hair on his thighs, which became heavier below the knees. All in all, he appeared to be several years younger than he was. Timmy found his mind wandering into unknown territory here, and his recent nightmare was fast receding from his thoughts. He gave into the temptation to wonder what was in Isaac's equipment inventory for just an instant, and felt guilty for doing so. This was his friend after all.

"Is it okay if sleep in my undies?" Timmy asked

"Of course, no worries" Isaac said, as Timmy slid off his shorts and shirt, and climbed into bed beside Isaac. They turned to face each other and Timmy put his face in Isaacs chest and snuggled as close as he could get to his friend. Isaac pulled the blanket over them, and listened to Timmy breathe until they both fell asleep, Timmy in Isaac's arms.

Early the next morning, the sun woke them up, and the instant realization that they both had horrible morning breath and piss hardons prompted Isaac to roll over facing away from Timmy before slipping out of bed and heading to the bathroom to pee and brush his teeth. Timmy's eyes were still closed, but Isaac acted out of an abundance of caution nonetheless. When he finished, he went back to the bed and said good morning to Timmy, and offered him the use of his toothbrush.

"I'm sorry, but its what we got for now. I'll swizzle it out in alcohol so its not gross" Isaac offered, as he disinfected the toothbrush and rinsed it under the faucet. Timmy came into the bathroom and Isaac excused himself to make breakfast.

Both boys were still clad only in underwear as Timmy padded barefoot into the kitchen, and paused to watch Isaac crack eggs into a skillet.

"How did you sleep?"

"Better with you, thanks" Timmy sat at the table, and Isaac stood at the stove, and looked at each in silent acknowledgement of the nights events, and Isaac began to crack up and laugh. Timmy, totally confused, mouthed a silent "what?" as Isaac pointed at him said "Your hair is major crazy, little dude!"

"So is yours, Isaac!" Timmy laughed.

"Well, after breakfast you get a shower, then you have to go check in with your dad, like we talked about".

Inwardly Timmy was hoping Isaac would have forgotten the previous evenings conversation, but he knew that in the end, Isaac was right and he would have to go home sometime.

"How's my eye?" Timmy asked.

"Its not bad at all. I think the peas helped. Of course its gonna get worse before it heals".

"I know".

Isaac sat looking at Timmy for a few minutes before he spoke again. "Timmy, you know who roughed you up at school yesterday, don't you?" Timmy kept his gaze down, and Isaac gently reached across the table and raised Timmy's chin until he was looking directly into the boys dark eyes. "No secrets here, right?"

"Y- yes, I know who they are".

"Timmy, I am going to do something about this, okay?"

"Isaac, you can't! Please! I'll get --"

"Shhhh, no you won't. I promise nothing will happen to you, okay?" Isaac saw the fear in the boys' eyes, and continued "Timmy, sometimes things like this only stop if you say something. Keeping this a secret only gives the bullies and creeps more opportunities to keep doing this to you". Timmy knew Isaac was right, and he also knew Isaac enough by now to give him the benefit of the doubt and to risk trusting him.

Timmy gave Isaac the names of the boys and Isaac wrote them down. "Timmy, you did the right thing. Its going to be alright. Come" he said, motioning Timmy to him. He gave Timmy a quick hug, and a peck on the forehead. They both enjoyed the warmth of their skin in contact, and the closeness of their bond of friendship.

"Isaac, you're the best brother I never had" They both broke into laughter, and hugged a moment more, tighter this time. They parted after a moment and Isaac asked, "You want the first shower?" Timmy had a fleeting impulse to ask Isaac to take a shower with him, but that innate fear of exposing his most private areas to anyone stopped the thought almost before it formed, and he simply said "Sure, I'll go. Don't worry, I won't take all the water".

He wanted to ask Isaac if he liked being nude, and wondered if Isaac did so like Timmy did much of the time at home when his father was not home, was asleep or passed out. Timmy had always liked the cool freedom of nudity, maybe partly because his father seemed to be so hung up about Timmy never letting anyone see his genitalia...Up until lately, nudity had never been a sexually stimulating thing for Timmy,

but in the last several months Timmy had noticed changes occurring between his legs. He wasn't completely certain what was going on, but he had heard enough of the boys talking at school to figure it mostly correctly. He knew that the testicular enlargement and beginnings of pubic hair meant that he was becoming a man. He also knew that he was beginning to enjoy how his penis felt in the morning, when he woke up and had an erection. It somehow felt better and more vibrant to touch his penis than it used to. He found himself "experimenting" with it more, as changes in its sensitivity became noticeable. He knew that there was a sex education class at school, but his father had never signed the permission slip to allow him to attend. He had heard from other boys that the class was pretty lame and didn't teach the kinds of things the boys really wanted to know anyway. He could have forged his father's signature and taken the instruction, but preferred in the end not to do it.

Timmy had been masturbating several times a month since he turned ten, and enjoyed laying in his bed and rubbing his palm over the bottom of his penis, feeling its slight downward curvature thrust out against his hand as he held it against his stomach, restraining it from its normal position pointing straight ahead. These sessions felt good and enjoyable, but nothing had ever happened aside from the pleasant feeling of tumescence in his penis, and the touches and caresses of his fingers. Now, he was beginning to notice a change in the course of his nocturnal recreations, as he could feel a heightening sensation seem to build up somewhere above his scrotum when he masturbated. Nothing would happen, and eventually he would grow tired and lose interest before dozing off. From hearing the other boys talk, he knew that eventually, "it" would happen, even though he wasn't quite sure what "it" was. He knew that there would be a totally different substance coming from his penis when "it" happened. He also knew that this substance is what makes babies happen to girls, in his basic grasp of fundamentals.

Another thing that he was aware of was an increasing interest in the boys around him, an interest that was only heightened by the scene that played out in the boys bathroom several weeks ago. He found himself daydreaming at odd intervals during the day, contemplating his classmates and what they must look like nude. His own sense of isolation deepened as well, as he replayed the scene in the boy's room in his mind and realization dawned on him that he was different, different at least from the two boys he had observed.



Timmy left for his house mid-morning, and found his father just beginning to stir from a late night. He was alone, which could be good, or bad depending on the womanizing went. He packed several days clothes in the back pack Isaac had given him and left it on the floor behind the door to his room. He was making decisions lately, decisions that would insure that he wasn't beaten or abused any more. He knew he would bolt for Isaacs house if things got ugly, and that it wouldn't be long before his situation was exposed. He almost hoped for it. Even though he still had some semblance of love for his father, he was just about done with that too. He wasn't a small boy who still adored his daddy anymore. He was seeing things as they were more and more. He was just glad he was an only child and didn't have the welfare of siblings to have to consider in addition to his own well-being.

"Dad, do you care if I spend the weekend at a friends house?" Timmy asked softly, so as not to aggravate the hangover in progress...

"You have friends?" he said, making an ugly snorting noise..."Knock yourself looks like someone tried to already"

"Thanks" Timmy said, already reaching for his bag and heading out of the house. He spent the rest of Saturday and Sunday with Isaac, and saw a movie that they had both wanted to catch. They spent Sunday at a place that had a full service restaurant and arcade games that gave tickets for prizes. Timmy hoped Isaac wasn't going broke showing him such a good time. Later that evening, Timmy went home and got ready to begin his next to last week of school this year, and went to bed.


Monday after Isaac's classes released, Isaac drove to Timmy's middle school and asked to see the superintendent, whose office was in the building. After waiting a short time, a trim older woman in a gray dress and red glasses came out to show him into her office.

"Isaac, is it?" she asked,

"Yes ma'am, Isaac Daniels"

"I'm Betty Clark..Its nice to meet you"

"Likewise, Ma'am, thank you"

"Would you please have a seat, Mr. Daniels...What brings you to see me?"

"Well, Uh, Mrs. Clark, a neighbor of mine is a student here, and I'm here to report that he was assaulted after school Friday afternoon..."

Mrs. Clark nodded slowly, like she had seen this movie before...

"On campus? Who is the student, Mr. Daniels?"

"Yes ma'am. It was Timmy. I'm sorry but I don't know his last name, but I have pictures of his injuries, taken Friday evening after I picked him up here."

"You picked him up? Were his parents notified?"

"Timmy called me when it happened or just after...Its "parent" in just the father, and that situation is problematic, Mrs. Clark. That's why I am here" Isaac said.

Isaac laid a thin folder on her desk, that contained ink jet prints of the pictures he had taken on his phone.

"Timmy Billings" she muttered half to herself. Isaac had never stopped to think that they had never exchanged last names...

"Did Timmy tell you who was responsible for this?" she inquired.

"Yes ma'am, he did" Isaac replied, giving her the note with the names he had written down. "I don't want to involve the police in this incident, but I need an assurance that Timmy won't face retaliation because I came forward. He didn`t want me to get involved" Isaac said looking Mrs. Clark in the eyes.

"Wow, I'm surprised you were able to get him to name those boys...Most kids won't say peep"

"And" she continued, "that isn't going to be an issue here in this case, because I also have a witness who came forward earlier today, whom you have just corroborated , Mr. Daniels" she advised.

"Timmy certainly owes that witness a debt of gratitude. Where do we go from here?"

Mrs. Clark raised a finger to request a pause, and picked up the phone. "Officer Edwards, could you round up the following boys for me, and have them gather their personal items. I will need you to hold them in conference in my office until their parents arrive" She gave them the names on the list and put the phone down.

"The boys who did this will be expelled from this school. They will attend school at a diversion campus, where they won't be bothering Timmy again. The campus security officers are getting them out of classes now. Thank you for coming in on behalf of one of our pupils, Mr. Daniels. I am sorry that you had to miss work and all".

"Oh, ma'am, I'm a self employed college student, it didn't change my schedule at all to come in" Isaac said, giving Mrs. Clark a gentle handshake. "My contact information is in the folder as well if Officer Edwards needs me."

"Isaac, in these cases its standard procedure for the juvenile court to charge the boys with assault, and suspend sentence while they are in diversion school, sort of an incentive not to re-offend. After 18 months of best behavior, the slate is wiped clean...what this means is that Timmy may be deposed, that is, he might have to write a signed statement for the court. It's a simple document and it can be done at home with a notary from the court."

"That sounds pretty simple" said Isaac

"Yes it is" she replied. "Have a good day, Mr. Daniels"

Isaac nodded and said, "And a good one to you and thanks" and left the office. He was pleased that he would be able to give Timmy some good news and closure in this incident.