Authors note: This story is a work of fiction, and the characters in it are not real persons. The physical birth differences described for Timmy are real, and the plot devices of this story are loosely based on the experiences of the author. Those who are simply looking for titillating adolescent sex (although there is nothing wrong with that at all) are likely to be disappointed. This story is about trust, friendship, honor, shared secrets and overcoming less than ideal circumstances in life...and some sex.

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When Timmy came by later that afternoon, Isaac took his bicycle in the garage and locked it inside.

"Come on, Champ..Road trip!" He chirped..

"Where we going?" Timmy asked, confused but excited.

"Got a surprise for you" Isaac said. "Ever been to a batting cage?"

"Er, no, what's that?" Timmy was now even more confused.

"You go to a batting cage to practice hitting baseballs...Ever batted balls before?'

"Nope, I suck at that stuff. I hate sports" Timmy declared.

"Don't knock it til you try it. We can set the ball speed real slow at first until you get the hang of it, then its fun"

Soon, Timmy and Isaac had protective headgear on and were in the cage where Timmy watched Isaac set the machine and take the first few warm-up swings. Isaac was pretty good, managing to hit more than half the balls coming out of the machine, but this was one of Isaacs favorite things to do in his off moments, so he got almost as much practice hitting as he would have had he actually played baseball, which he did not.

He set the machine at its lowest setting to give Timmy a chance, and told him "I can only describe what you should do, but you have to do it to get the motion and timing down correctly. If you miss you are swinging too early or too late probably. Work on your timing, and bring the bat to the sounds simple but its not!"

Timmy swung and swung and after a good twenty tries, managed to tip a ball. "Getting closer" Isaac said, hoping Timmy would not get discouraged and give up before finding the success that Isaac could tell was about to happen.

"Don't get bummed out now, you're just about to get in the groove, little buddy." Suddenly, Timmy hit one solidly into the back of the cage, and then another! He grinned from ear to ear and shouted "Yesss!"

"Hey I like this Isaac!" Timmy beamed, "But I think my arm is giving out, I gotsta stop"

"Okay, we'll knock it off for now. We don't want to overdo things your first time" Isaac said putting his hand on Timmy's shoulder. "You did great, little buddy. You're a natural at this".


"Uh huh...let's get out of here and find some dinner".

After they left the batting cage concession, Isaac asked Timmy if he liked Mongolian Barbecue, and Timmy told him he had never had that. Isaac took him to a place called Sun's and they decided to do the buffet line. It was one of those places that had the Chinese zodiac signs printed on the place mat, and they both had fun finding their animal signs, based on the year of their births. After they loaded plates and sat down, Isaac took a long drink of iced tea and looked at Timmy.

"Timmy, I got some news to tell" Isaac said.

Timmy looked to Isaac with a mouthful of food and raised an eyebrow. "I had a chat with a Mrs. Clark today at your school and the trouble you had last Friday has been taken care of". said Isaac. "Some people from court may come to your house and want to take a statement from you, if it comes to that".

"Court? What does that mean," Timmy inquired

"Those boys are in some trouble now in Juvenile Court because of what they did to you" said Isaac

"Am I going to have to, you know, ... ?" Timmy asked.

"Testify?" Isaac broke in

"Yeah, what you said" said Timmy.

"I think all you do is write down what happened and sign it". Isaac paused, "It might not even happen if they don't need your side of it. There was a witness."

"Who?" Timmy demanded, his eyes wide

"Mrs. Clark didn't tell me, Timmy. The witness might have insisted on being anonymous."


Timmy didn't know what to say or how to feel. He was amazed and blown away that someone took a side and stood by him like this witness. It was frustrating to know someone out there had decided to come to his aid, but he didn't have a clue who this person was...He was also relieved to know he wouldn't have to face the spotlight of going to court.

"I guess I have more than just one friend in the world" Timmy mused.

"Sure looks that way, little buddy" Isaac said..


After they finished eating, Isaac noted that they had a bit of time before the 7:15 shows at the CinePlex, so the pair decided to kill time checking out the hobby shop and tool store in the shopping center before catching a show. When the movie let out, it was getting late and Isaac went back to his house and loaded Timmy's bike in the car and dropped Timmy at his house. He had never been here before, and while the block that Timmy lived on was older and far more modest than Isaac's neighborhood, it wasn't blighted or run down either. They unloaded the bike and Isaac watched as Timmy pushed the bike into the garage and closed the door.

In the next few days, Isaac and Timmy did some chores around Isaac's place that needed attention and they spent an entire afternoon mowing the yards at the other rentals. Isaac had Timmy do the minor amount of weed eating while Isaac mowed. On the way to the house, Isaac told Timmy that he had plans for the following evening, and wouldn't be available. He apologized to Timmy and said he would occasionally have other priorities to attend to. Timmy said it wasn't an issue and not to worry over it or worry about him. He wasn't ready to let Isaac off the hook so easy, either.

"You got a date, don't you?" Timmy said, grinning. "Come on, tell's a date, right?"

Isaac sounded exasperated and struggled to get away from the conversation "Timmy, ...damn it, ..." which just made Timmy giggle harder and press in closer

"Tell me and I'll stop, I swear"

"You're too young to swear anyway, and what difference does it make?" Isaac protested.

"'cause! I want to know!" Timmy declared

"Why, are you jealous if I do?" Isaac asked, teasing Timmy.

"Maybe...maybe a little!" Timmy said, pressing his case, although it was obvious to Isaac that Timmy was just being nosy now that his curiosity had been piqued.

"Timmy, dearest..." Isaac said, emphasizing "dearest" like one would when speaking to a small child, "You are always my little buddy, and even if I were going on a date with someone, it doesn't change that".

"Maybe I don't want to share you" Timmy said, smiling, aware that he was pushing the conversation into uncharted ground...

Isaac could see where this was going, so he said, "Even if the relationship I have with you is not the same as one I would have with a ...a um, significant other?"

"Say like a boyfreind" Timmy suggested.

"Yes" Isaac replied

"So what kind of stuff do boyfriends do with each know, in private...?"

"Are you asking me about sex?" Isaac wondered, as both boys felt themselves begin to stiffen a bit in the crotch.

Timmy nodded. "Well", Isaac began, "there's a lot of touching, and feeling and caressing." Isaac looked to see if he had Timmy's attention and found him eagerly awaiting his next words. "There could be licking and tasting and sucking."

"Like dicks?" Timmy wanted to know.

"Dicks, nipples, balls, fingers, scrotums, toes...whatever your partner wants and you are willing to do" said Isaac.

"What know..." Timmy asked, making the classic poke the donut gesture with his fingers.

"Its called penetration" Isaac offered.

"Doesn't that hurt?" Timmy inquired.

"It can at first, but if you take your time and go gently and your partner isn't too big, its not that difficult."

"Have you done that stuff, Isaac?" Timmy had a lot of curiosity built up, and wanted to know as much as he

could find out.

"Once or twice" Isaac said, not wanting to encourage Timmy.

Timmy sat silently considering what Isaac had told him, for a few minutes, before he spoke again.

"Do you remember me asking you what some of the boys you'd seen looked like?" asked Timmy.

Isaac nodded his head "Yes, I remember, sure."

"Well...before that I saw these two boys at my school in the bathroom, and they didn't know I was watching but they had everything hanging out, and since then I keep thinking about boys and sex." Timmy explained.

"I see, and you are trying to figure out why you feel the way that you do, am I right?" offered Isaac.

"Yes, and also why those boys don't look like me, either".

"What exactly do you mean they don't look like you?" Isaac was confused. "Everyone looks a bit different, no two people are the same, you know".

"These two were...they looked the same, but not like me" said Timmy,

"You mean they were circumcised or not?" Isaac probed.

"I don't know what that is" Timmy admitted. "Does that have to do with your balls or where your pee comes out?"

"No...its whether or not you have a foreskin covering the end of your penis...its like a tube or sleeve of skin that covers over the tip" Isaac said.


Now Timmy was totally confused, but knew he had not seen anything that resembled that, and the description did not fit his own penis...

"I can't get this stuff out of my head, Isaac. Does that make me gay?"

The car turned onto Isaacs street and in a moment, they were parked in the driveway.

"Its completely normal for a kid your age to be super curious and unsure about a lot of things" Isaac said. "I don't know if you're gay or not Timmy. You probably do, and you can think back as long as you can remember and tell if it was boys or girls you were attracted to. A lot of times boys your age are not into girls at all, and then it changes when puberty really gets going."

Timmy said, "I don't remember ever being interested in girls at all."

"Its kind of nature's way of keeping life simple so you can just be a boy, until you are ready for the next step. In that time, you hang with your buddies, and wonder if your normal and is puberty starting on time and all that stuff . The stuff you are worried about now."

"Did you do it too?"

"Sure, I worried and was curious about my friends too."

"Did you check them out?"

"Oh yeah, every chance I got, still do!" Isaac laughed and Timmy chuckled.

"I've never checked anyone out until those boys in the bathroom" said Timmy.



"Well,...if you are gay, its likely that you have been all along, Timmy. Sometimes people don't want to face that, and they spend a lot of time being lonely and trying to hide it."

"What about you, Isaac?"

"I always knew, Timmy, and so did my folks...I told them when I was 12, but they already figured that out."

"How did they take it?"

"They just said, "Oh, we knew you were gay a long time ago", and that was pretty much it."

Timmy considered that for a long moment before saying "They would never find my body if I ever told my dad I was gay."

Isaac said something that Timmy had not considered up to this point, "He probably knows it already or suspects."

They got out of the car, the conversation apparently over for now, and Timmy helped Isaac get the mower out of the hatch, then reached in for the gas can and weed eater. The VW Golf wasn't as cool as the Porsche to be seen in, but it was a lot faster and had good air conditioning. Isaac had gotten a good price on it because the interior was about shot, but for hauling his mower and getting around, it fit the bill. The college boys Isaac was interested in wouldn't be put off by the ratty ass seats and lack of a headliner anyway. The pair had worked up a sweat mowing the yards, and the ride home had cooled them off, so now they were no longer hot, but just dirty. They parked the mower in the middle of the garage beside the Porsche, leaving a car space clear.

"Go ahead and catch a shower, Timmy. We'll get cleaned up before we eat something and relax."

"Can I throw these clothes in the wash, too?" asked Timmy.

"Oh sure. You know how to run the machine?"

"Yeah, I do it at home..."

With that, Timmy went inside and started his shower. Isaac stayed in the garage a few more minutes before closing up and coming inside. Isaac began to watch television and waited for Timmy to finish his shower. After about ten minutes the water stopped and soon Timmy emerged wearing only the towel around his waist. Isaac got up to go for his shower, handed the TV remote to Timmy, and said, "Hold up on starting the washer until I turn the shower off, ok?"

"Sure thing" Timmy said, taking a seat on the couch.

The bathroom door closed behind him, Isaac took his clothes off and dropped them on the floor on top of Timmy's things and got a fresh towel out of the vanity, and caught his shower. He did not loiter this time, as he was getting hungry and knew Timmy would be as well. The shower was just what he needed, and he stepped out, dried off and wrapped himself in his towel. He picked up the small pile of clothes on the floor and came out of the bathroom to find Timmy waiting on him.

"Let me put these in with the rest of the dirties and slip some shorts on." He said, as he began to turn down the hallway.

"Ummm...can you wait a bit on that?" Timmy asked.

"Uh, yeah, sure, I guess" Isaac said, somewhat confused. "What's up?"

"Do you ever just go naked? Like here in the house and stuff..." Timmy asked.

"Yeah, like before getting dressed and after showers and times like that, and when your away." Isaac admitted. He sat down on the couch next to Timmy, as he could tell the boy had something on his mind.

"I do too. Mostly when I'm by myself. My dad always told me not to let people see me, because they would say I was a freak and deformed..." Timmy was looking down, not meeting Isaac's eyes.

"I'm tired of hiding and not even knowing why, Isaac. I want you to see me, Isaac. I don`t want to carry a secret anymore."

"Are you sure you are ready to do that, and me that far?" Isaac wondered.

"Isaac, you're the only true friend I got...if I can't trust you, I don't have nobody else."

"Timmy, whatever you decide is okay by me...I got your back no matter know that, right?"

"I believe you, yes.. Are you ready?" Timmy asked.

"Whenever you are, little buddy" Isaac replied.

With, that said, Timmy stood up and faced Isaac who was seated on the couch and took his towel off and let it drop. What Isaac saw was a pretty good sized penis for a kid Timmy's size and age. It appeared to be 3 inches long or so, and as thick flaccid as Isaac's penis was erect, which came as almost a shock to Isaac. He also didn't expect Timmy to have pubic hair, but there was a moderate thatch of straight downy brown pubes scattered sparsely across the base of his shaft. Further down was a darker, wrinkled flap of skin that halfway covered Timmy's round and broad glans, looking like a half closed eyelid on a pinkish purple eyeball.

"Whoa, Timmy. I guess I can't call you "little buddy" anymore. That's a big penis, kiddo" Isaac said, sincere in his compliment. "I'm almost jealous of you" he joked.

"No way.." Timmy objected.

"Hey, I said almost" Isaac said grinning, and Timmy knew Isaac was teasing him to lighten the moment.

"You think it looks weird?"

"No, not really, ...should I?" Isaac asked.

In response to Isaac's question, Timmy ran a finger under his penis and lifted it to allow Isaac to see the underside of the head, where Isaac would expect to see a frenulum. In Timmy's case, the glans was split, and the split ended just at the junction of the head and shaft. Timmy had no visible frenum, and no foreskin on the underside of his penis. Isaac could see the edge of the roll of foreskin begin at either side of the hole under the glans and get longer as it went around each side of Timmy's glans, until the top of the glans where it overlapped the head of his penis the most, hence making it look like an eyelid. There was no indication of an opening for the urethra on the glans itself.

Isaac could also plainly see that Timmy's hairless tan scrotum was empty on the left side, and a walnut sized testicle was present, hanging off center to the right, against his smooth hairless inner thighs.

"You were saying something about not peeing like other boys?" Isaac asked.

"It comes out here" Timmy said, spreading the split in his glans open with one hand and pointing to the junction of the shaft and head with a finger. "If I'm not sitting, it sprays all over".

"You can use a urinal though, can't you?" Isaac inquired.

"Yes, but I usually don't in case someone can see me" Timmy said.

"If someone did see you from the side just pissing, how would they know anything was up?" Isaac wondered.

"The piss comes out a little downwards for one thing...they might be able to see that" Timmy said.

Isaac considered that a moment before continuing,

"Makes sense...Were you born with one nut, Timmy, or did something happen to the other one?"

"Had only this one for as long as I can remember...I think I was born this way. Its been getting a lot bigger lately. Dad didn't tell me anything about any of this stuff. I must be the only one."

"Hmm. Would you be okay with finding out what's on the internet about it? I don't want to get into your personal stuff if you're not comfortable with that, but you might find out that there are more people like this than only you...could make you feel better knowing that" Isaac offered.

"I think so...I would like to see if there is anything I can find out. I have wondered about it for so long now, Isaac. Thanks, big brother.

"For what?"

"For not making me feel like total shit over this".

"Timmy, this is nothing to be ashamed of, you were born like this. Its not like you had anything to do with it. Anybody who would make a big deal over this is really shallow and stupid...and not worth your time. You know that, right?"

Timmy shook his head yes, and continued to stand in front of Isaac, but now he felt secure and comfortable in his nudity, and finally knew what acceptance was, for who and what he is. There are no secrets when there is nothing left to hide, and Timmy felt good knowing that Isaac now knew everything...

"Timmy, thank you. For choosing me to be the one you shared this with. I'm honored. Really" Isaac said.

"You're welcome" Timmy said, followed by a long pause. "Isaac, I'm really nervous asking this, but would you do something for me?" Timmy asked.

"Your standing there naked after just telling me your most secret of secrets and you're nervous? Say it ain't so, kid" Isaac said in his best Humphrey Bogart impersonation. "Whatcha need?"

"Take your towel off for me."

Isaac had figured Timmy would ask him to do this, so he stood and let his towel drop. "Ta-da" he said as Timmy looked at his soft uncircumcised, slender 4 incher, protruding from a bed of coal black curly hair, his testicles each a little smaller than Timmy's gland, but together a slightly larger overall package. Isaac's penis looked longer than it actually was, if only because it lacked girth. He was also a "shower" in that his erect length was only about an inch more than his soft size. However, on Isaacs' petite alabaster frame, the entire package was gorgeous, like Michelangelo's David, with black hair and blue eyes.

Timmy was definitely confused by Isaacs covered phallus; it was distinctly different in appearance from the only other penises he had ever seen, his and the ones in the boys bathroom.

"That doesn't look the same as the ones I saw" said Timmy.

Isaac pulled his foreskin back exposing a pink, shiny and moist glans to Timmy's gaze. "Did they look like this?" Isaac asked.

"Yeah, more like that, but they didn't have to pull anything back like you did" Timmy observed.

"Those boys were circumcised. Their skin was removed as babies probably" Isaac said. Timmy bent forward to study the tiny hole in Isaac's glans, and asked Isaac to show him the underside. Isaac lifted his penis to expose the v-groove under the head and the well defined moist pink frenum under his glans.

"So this is my foreskin?" Timmy asked, pulling back on the overhang of skin on his glans, exposing an area of glans and shaft that was as moist and pink as Isaac's glans.

"Must be, yeah" said Isaac, replacing the foreskin over his glans and sitting back down.

"Should we get dressed and make some dinner?" Isaac suggested.

"Do we have to get dressed? I kinda like it this way for now" Timmy said.

"As long as your cool being nakey, I don't care" Isaac said. "I'm going to start the laundry now" he said, getting up to retrieve the dirties from his room, adding the clothes in the hallway to the basket. He took it into the garage, and Timmy turned the TV on see if anything was worth watching.

When Isaac came back, he made eye contact with Timmy, and said "Oh, and by the way, its not a date"

Timmy seemed confused, having forgotten the earlier conversation, and gave Isaac a quizzical look.

"Its not because I have a date tomorrow that I won't be able to hang with you...I have some finals to take and then I am meeting my folks for dinner later. They are coming to town in the morning to check in on things."

" you have to study for your finals?" Timmy wondered.

"No, not at all, I got these tomorrow down cold. I could teach the course if I had to" Isaac said, and somehow Timmy knew that Isaac probably could do just that.

"By the way, what do you study?" Timmy wondered.

"Aviation Maintenance...I am working on my two year associate degree, and when I finish that they sign off for me to take my licensing exams for my Airframe and Powerplant mechanic's license."

"Cool, you mess around airplanes?" Timmy asked, clearly in awe.


"Maybe I could do that too" Timmy said.

"No reason you couldn't,, big guy" Isaac said encouragingly

"Is it hard to learn?" Timmy wondered.

"I don't find it difficult at all, Timmy" Isaac said. "It helps if you like science and can understand how things work, but there's no hard math and stuff like that. Weight and balance is probably the most math there is and its adding subtracting and multiplying, not calculus. There is simple geometry and algebra in there too."

"Oh that's okay, math is one thing I'm good at and I like science too" Timmy said.

"Well, you can look at some of my books sometime if you think you would be interested" Isaac said.

"Cool" Timmy declared, and with that, the two nude boys set about making a quick dinner. During the meal, Isaac looked over at Timmy, and asked "So do you feel better about everything now?" Timmy nodded and said

"Yes, but I do want to do some looking on the internet."

"We can do that as soon as we're done eating" Isaac said.

After the dishes were cleared, Isaac brought one of the kitchen chairs into the spare room his computer lived in, and both naked boys sat down and Isaac brought up a search engine. "So what should we search for...? Isaac said half to himself as he typed "penile birth condition" into the search window.

Almost immediately a list of web pages popped up, headed by a site titled "Hypospadias" on an online encyclopedia website. Isaac had used the site before and knew it was safe, so he clicked on the header and

In the article there was a photograph of a penis just like Timmy's. Isaac heard Timmy gasp, and felt Timmy's hand on his shoulder, as the younger boy leaned in for a closer look at the screen.

"Oh my God, Isaac...that's me,!...uh I mean its not me in the pic - "Timmy stammered,

"Yeah, I know what you meant...but yeah, that is exactly what you look like there" Isaac said in amazement.

They began to read the text; ... birth defect where the urethra is misplaced ventrally...1 in 200 boys...

...associated with a higher incidence of undecided testicles...condition corrected by surgery...cases can be as severe as urinary opening at, in or behind the scrotum...(Yikes, both of them were thinking). Foreskin is usually hooded... Timmy was thinking to himself, damn! They have everything down to a tee in this article...Hypospadias often associated with chordee...

"Hey, Isaac...look up "chordee" Timmy suggested.

Isaac nodded and murmured "On it".

Another article in the encyclopedia popped up "Chordee...Bending or bowing of the penis... congenital, often associated with hypospadias...corrected by surgery, usually as part of hypospadias repair...

"Is that you too?" Isaac asked

"Yup, Its got some curve when its hard" Timmy said.

Isaac gave in to the temptation to glance into Timmy's lap and saw a very soft wrinkled shaft and sleepy looking "eyelid". No chordee at the moment, he surmised. Timmy was too enraptured by all the information he was reading to notice Isaac had looked him over.

" we know it has a name, or names, I guess" Isaac stated. "So how do you feel knowing now that you're not the only one, anymore?" Isaac asked.

"I don't feel like a freak now, I guess" Timmy said.

"Oh, you were never a freak to begin're just a little more interesting than the rest of us is all" Isaac said, putting his arm around Timmy and giving him a squeeze.

"You really think so?" Timmy said looking up into Isaac's eyes.

"Yeah I do. How boring would things be if we all were the same, eh?" Isaac messed Timmy's hair and said

"Lets see what they say about missing testicles".

Isaac typed "single testicle" into the search box and the next article "Cryptorchidism" appeared. They read...the condition of one or both testicles being absent from the scrotum...about 3% of boys...testicle(s) usually descend into scrotum before 18 months of age... term means "hidden testicle"...condition is distinct from monorchidism, which means to have only one testicle...

"Oh, this isn't good..." Isaac said almost to himself as he read " ...increased risk of testicular cancer in persons with undescended testicle, risk remains even if testicle is brought down into scrotum..."

"Timmy, are you sure your dad never told you about the testicle, or do you remember a doctor checking you to see if its still up inside?" Isaac asked.

"No, he never said anything, and I only remember going to a doctor once, to get shots..." Timmy said.

"Probably your school vaccinations, no doubt" Isaac observed.

"Yeah, I guess so" Timmy concurred.

Isaac excused himself to check the washer. Finding the load had finished, he loaded the dryer and set the timer for an hour and went back into the computer den. Timmy was still busy on the web, and Isaac went out to the kitchen to rinse the dishes and load the dishwasher. He would wait until he went to bed to run it.

He just finished that task when Timmy called for him from the den "Hey, Isaac, check this out!" Timmy cried.

Isaac came in and saw that Timmy had found an image of a hypospadic penis dribbling thick semen down the shaft, on some porn page. It seemed inevitable that two seconds after the net was invented, people began putting up porn...

"Isaac, is that...?" Timmy wondered

"Semen? Yes" Isaac answered.

"Wow...that's what it looks like" Timmy seemed in awe.

"I take it that you haven't..." Isaac began to say.

"Not yet" Timmy finished for him.

"Why don't we give this a rest for now, and catch some TV while the clothes dry" Isaac suggested.

"Ok" Timmy said, as Isaac logged off his ISP and shut the computer down. They went out to the living room and sat next to each other on the couch. Timmy snuggled up to Isaac and said "Thanks for being my friend and doing this for me". Isaac squeezed Timmy tighter with the arm he had around his shoulders. They watched TV like that until the alarm went off and Isaac slipped his arm off of Timmy and got up to check the clothes. Timmy enjoyed being nude with Isaac, and felt totally at ease. Neither of them had gotten an erection, almost like it would have been inappropriate for this time that they were sharing. Neither of them would have minded if that had happened, but they both felt that the time for that would come. They both knew it, but now wasn't the time to discuss that.

In a way, Timmy felt that events had been anti-climatic in that he no longer needed to imagine and fantasize about what Isaac looked like. He had now seen every inch of Isaac's body, and he knew that his solitary musings would evolve from passively looking at Isaac, to imagining himself and Isaac as sexual partners, even though he had no experience with, or concept of climax and orgasmic release.

Isaac felt truly humbled and grateful that Timmy had entrusted him with his most sensitive issues and fears, and that what they had shared together was therapeutic and beneficial to Timmy's self image. It made Isaac feel good that Timmy no longer suffered the isolation that he had been feeling for so long, and had started to shake off the shame that his father had tried to lay on him. He was a little boy growing up, in more ways than one.

Isaac held some curiosity as to what Timmy's erection looked like, with the curvature that Timmy had mentioned, and just how big Timmy really got...He realized that maybe he was giving in just a bit to a slight inferiority complex...Isaac knew that his penis was on the smaller side of average, although the few boys that he had been with had never complained or even said anything, Isaac never missed the fact that they had all been larger than he was...and Timmy was 12, not a late teenager like the boys Isaac had been to bed with.

Isaac stepped into a pair of warm shorts and extracted Timmy's things from the dryer load and brought them into the living room so Timmy could get dressed. "You and I both have school tomorrow, Timmy" Isaac said.

"Yeah, I should be getting home" Timmy agreed, pulling on his socks, leaving his underwear and shorts for last. Isaac watched Timmy's testicle flop around as he raised one foot, and then the other to put the socks on.

"What?" he asked, catching Isaac checking him out.

"Oh, just enjoying the view I have" grinned Isaac.

"Pervert!" Timmy laughed, rapidly flipping his soft penis between two fingers for Isaac.

"That's me!" Isaac crowed, as Timmy cackled with delight.