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Timmy and Kurt went back to Timmy's room, and found William sitting on the floor playing solitaire in his underwear. "Who's winning?" Timmy asked the boy.

"Not me at the moment" William answered, and went back to his game.

"Do you need a shower?" Timmy asked Kurt.

"Yeah, I could use one." Kurt said.

"Come on, I'll get you a towel, and show you where everything is." The boys left the room and Timmy showed Kurt where the towels were kept and asked him if he needed to run laundry. They cleared a drawer in the bathroom for Kurt's toothbrush and personal items, and Timmy turned the shower on, and left. Kurt stripped and got in the shower and let the hot water run on his hair and body. He felt like the water was rinsing off evil and bad things...This was the first time he had ever spent a night at someone else's home, or had been invited to do so. He applied shampoo to his hair and immediately recognized the smell of apples. He wondered why that was so familiar, before he realized he had smelled that the day of the altercation...He had smelled that fragrance on Timmy. He rinsed his hair out and remembered Timmy standing in briefs this afternoon, changing into shorts after school. His thin five inch long boyhood began to stiffen as he recalled the bulge in Timmy's briefs in his mind's eye. Kurt slipped back the foreskin on his uncut organ and rinsed the pinkish glans beneath. His thirteen year old hormonal urges soon took over, and he began to stroke himself in the hot water. His erection reached full rigidity quickly as it does in the young, and Kurt climaxed a minute and a half later. After his penis went soft, he slipped the foreskin back and rinsed the semen out. He dried off, brushed his teeth and slipped out of the bathroom to the spare room with the air bed and his clothes. William got up from the floor in Timmy's room where he had been playing cards when he heard Kurt leave the bathroom. He watched Kurt close but not shut the door and knocked on it.

"Just a second, Timmy" Kurt said pulling on a pair of underwear.

"Um, It's William, actually." the boy said, as Kurt opened the door.

", you can sleep in there with Timmy if you don't want to be alone....I can sleep in here...if you want." William offered. Kurt hadn't given much thought to sleeping arrangements, and didn't know until now that William had been bunking with Timmy.

"I thought I was kicking you out of this bed, William." Kurt said, a bit confused.

"I had nightmares at first and had to sleep with Timmy. If you have nightmares, I'm better now."

Kurt cleared the clothes off of the bed, then sat as he asked

"William, what happened to you? Why are you here?" William stood there for a second, then sat down on the bed and looked down in his hands.

"My mom got a boyfriend and moved him in with us. He was mean to us and we didn't like him. He did some bad stuff and Wesley knew about it and told mom. She tried to throw him out and he beat her and Wesley up real bad, they like almost died and stuff.

I'm here until they get out of the hospital."

"Who is Wesley?"

My brother. He's twelve. The cops came and had to shoot the guy to keep him from killing us."

"Like dead?" Kurt asked. William's eyes were huge dark pools as he nodded. "Oh, Jesus," Kurt said. It was all he could say.

"So this one cop in a suit knew Isaac, and brought me here that night. I couldn't sleep and the dreams wouldn't stop."

"William, you went through all that, and you're worried about me?" Kurt asked. William looked up at Kurt, then back down at his hands again.

"I'll stay with you if you want, Kurt." William said. Kurt had never slept in a bed with another person, and had no idea how that would work, but then again, maybe William didn't want to be alone, truth be known.

"I think I would like that." Kurt said. William smiled and stood up and crossed the hall to Timmy's room.

"I'm gonna stay with Kurt in case he has bad dreams." William said.

"That's really thoughtful of you, William. Thanks." Timmy said, as he stepped out of his room in a pair of briefs. Kurt's eyes again checked out the basket in Timmy's briefs. he hoped he hadn't been too obvious.

"Kurt, is there anything I can get you before we go to bed?" Timmy asked.

"Nuh-uh, I can't think of anything...Thanks."

"Okay, good night, you guys." Timmy said as he went back in his door.

William closed the door, and turned off the light, before getting between the sheets, and holding the sheet back for Kurt. William snuggled in against Kurt's arm and put his small hand on Kurt's thin chest. Kurt lay on his back with William at his side as tears began to flow down the sides of Kurt's face. William wasn't aware of this until he felt Kurt's chest heave under his hand and the sniffling noises began.

"Um, I'm sorry, Kurt...Am I..." William stumbled as he pulled his hand away.

"No, no, you're good....don't stop." Kurt said as he found William's hand and put it back where it was, and pulled William to him more tightly.

"No one ever gave a shit how I felt before....I'm just not used to this...maybe this is all starting to hit me now." Kurt admitted. The two eventually fell into a fitful sleep. Kurt woke three times in the night, and woke William the first time. He seemed disoriented and only relaxed when William reassured him

"It's me... William. We're at Timmy's house, Kurt. Go back to sleep." Kurt mumbled something, turned on his side and curled into a ball. William pulled the sheets closer around Kurt and soon fell asleep again.

The second time Kurt woke, he saw William's face on the pillow next to his. The boy's eyes were closed and William was fast asleep. Kurt ran a finger over William's cheek as he listened to the small noises of the ten year old's breathing. The touch of Kurt's finger brought a smile to William's face, but the child didn't wake. Kurt drifted back to sleep.

The third time he woke up, was just before the house would wake for school. Kurt could not fall asleep again, so he lay still so William was not disturbed, and waited. He thought about the people in this house, the strangers that had not known him before he came to this house, and how they had taken him in. He wasn't sure what the plan was, but Isaac seemed to have one. He pulled William to him, and the sleeping boy draped himself over Kurt. William brought his leg up across Kurt, and almost kneed Kurt in the balls. Kurt reached down and lifted the knee just enough to avoid contact. William's leg now had Kurt's morning erection trapped against his stomach, and Kurt could feel William's hard little spike in his hip as well.

Just then, Timmy came in the room and said softly "Time to get up guys...." shaking Kurt and William awake. Timmy left and went in the bathroom to start a shower. Kurt left the bed and went into the bathroom and slipped his penis out to relieve his bladder. As his five inch erection began to soften, William padded into the bathroom and stood next to Kurt as he pulled his briefs down freeing two inches of circumcised boyhood. Both boys looked each other over, and William said

"Isaac's has that too." pointing to the foreskin. Kurt was used to being the only intact boy or one of a few in a group, but it seemed he wouldn't be the only one here...

Timmy looked out from the shower and said, "Anyone want the water next?"

William asked "I do...would you wash my hair?" as he pulled his briefs off.

Timmy replied "Sure!" and held the curtain back so William could climb in. The boy wetted his hair and Timmy applied shampoo and massaged William's scalp as Kurt watched through the gap in the curtain. Neither of them had any concern that Kurt was peeking.

"Do you guys always do this?" Kurt asked.

"No, just when he asks me to...Pay attention, Kurt...this takes skill and technique!" Timmy said in all seriousness as William grinned. "Be careful, white child! You get-um soap in mouth!" William laughed and blew air at imaginary bubbles, as Timmy massaged the boy's scalp.

Kurt wasn't just watching the suds on William's head. He also snuck a good look at Timmy's thick member. Timmy had expected that Kurt would, given his interest yesterday. Timmy was also sure that Kurt's curiosity would carry things further in time as well. But this morning there were busses to catch, so when William rinsed his hair, it was time to get out and dry off. Ten minutes later, teeth had been brushed, deodorant had been swiped on, and clothing donned. The boys sat to breakfast and ate while waiting for the busses. Soon the house was empty.

Isaac called Roger around 8:30.

"Roger, This is Isaac Daniels."

"Good morning, Isaac. How is everything so far? Is William all right? How is Timmy?"

"Oh yes, we are all doing just great. Thanks again for all you did to help us make it happen."

"That's what we're here for. What can I do for you?"

"Timmy brought a kid home yesterday who asked him for a place to stay. He's covered with bruises, and the mother has been beating him. I let him stay here, and I intend to do that for the near future until this kid's situation is stable. Am I on safe ground, Roger?"


"Can this woman come after me for kidnapping her son or whatever?"

"The law protects a good Samaritan acting in good faith in cases of child abuse and neglect....Let's say you call CPS on your neighbor. They cannot sue you for doing that in ordinary cases, unless your intent was malicious. And it's not kidnapping since he's accepting an invitation to stay of his own free will, and he's free to leave if he wishes. Did you try to let her know where he is?"

"I had this kid call home last night, and she hung up on him after telling him not to waste her time. I recorded the conversation in case it's needed."

"Sounds like you did all the right things. If she isn't interested in where her son is, can't make her care. If anything happens, call the cops...Any other concerns?"

"Not really, she doesn't know where we live. The kid came home with Timmy on the bus with all of his clothes."

"Isaac, this sounds like an investigation is warranted on the kid's mother. What's a good time to come by?"

"We should all be home around 4:30 at the latest if that works for you."

"Okay, Isaac, I will try to be there around five.. thanks for looking out for this kid."

"Thanks, Roger, bye."


Isaac and Roger ended the call. Everyone went about their day as usual, the boys in school, Isaac in lectures at Technical College. Timmy and Cathy drove to the hospital and met with Wesley for his last tutoring session in the hospital. He would be going home in the morning and it was decided that Claire and Wesley should settle in a bit and get used to being home again for a few days. Wesley had worked hard and was only several lesson sheets behind his class now. They would let William stay with Isaac until the weekend. Claire had gotten some referrals for crime scene clean-up services from the detectives and the carpet and walls had been replaced and painted in the dining room. Homeowners insurance had also replaced the furniture, which was in the garage. Claire had asked Isaac if he could put the dining room set together and bring it in from the garage, and of course, Isaac had agreed. Since Timmy could get to Wesley's house by bicycle, it was no longer necessary for Cathy to drive him, and they went back to their normal schedules at school.

This coming weekend was also when Dennis and Debbie would begin moving in to their new house. Things were going to get busy.

Kurt came home with Nicky on the bus, and the boys went to Nicky's room to relax and goof off until Sharon came home. Nicky didn't have any homework today, since he wanted time free to spend with Kurt and did his assignments in class. Once in his room, Nicky began to undress and asked Kurt if he wanted to borrow shorts, as he stripped to his briefs and pulled on a tee shirt and gym shorts. Kurt followed suit, and was much more comfortable, he had to admit.

Nicky logged into his email account and caught up some messages from his friends, and began to receive some instant messages. He got a few of those every day as other kids from school got home and logged in before the evening meal. He giggled as he typed responses and said

"Hey, this is a girl, Kurt, want to chat with her?" Clearly, this wasn't someone Nicky was serious about.

"Nah, wouldn't know what to say to her anyway", Kurt replied, laying on Nicky's bed, watching Nicky kicked back with his chair on two legs, his bare feet on the edge of the desk and the keyboard in his lap.

"Well, you're no fun....pffft!" Nicky said, giving Kurt a raspberry then a big grin.

"You got a girlfriend, Nicky?" Kurt asked.

"Yeah...wanna see her?" Nicky replied, a huge grin on his face. Before Kurt could answer, Nicky had pulled up a picture of a dark haired porn star with an obviously enhanced pair of breasts, and a shaved pubic area. The photo was extremely intimate and graphic...

"Holy Shit...!" Kurt said, his eyes wide as he stared at the image. "Where'd...." he stammered.

"Come on, you never surf porn?" Nicky said with a "butter won't melt in my mouth" look on his face.

"Um, no, I don't have a computer, and the ones at school ..." Kurt trailed off.

"Are nanny blocked, yeah...Well, don't tell my folks, and you can surf on this one if you're careful." Nicky said.

" what do you do with the pictures?

"You know, " Nicky said, making the fist motion familiar to every living adolescent boy on earth. "Afterwards, I delete them."

"Worried your mom will find out?"

"About the pictures, yeah...I'm sure she knows I beat off. She would worry if I didn't."

Kurt thought about that for a minute. He wasn't sure if Nicky was pulling his leg, so he asked

"How often do you, you know..." Kurt asked.

"Just about every" Nicky answered

"Um, not that often...couple times a week, I guess." Kurt replied.

"You ever see those guys where you live do stuff?" Nicky asked.

Kurt nodded. "Yeah, one time."

"What did you see?"

"Um, One day I was home sick from school, and I was peeking through the blinds and saw two of them in the trailer next door."

"What were they doing?"

"One was sitting on the couch and the other was kneeling in front of him." Kurt replied. Nicky had put the keyboard down and turned the chair around to face Kurt, who was laying on the bed.

"Then what?"

"The guy kneeling unzipped the other one's pants and pulled his cock out. It was really long, too. Then he put his mouth on it and started to suck it."

" how big was it?" Nicky asked.

Kurt held his fingers 8 or 9 inches apart. "Like this, I guess. I couldn't believe it either."

"Shit!" Nicky exclaimed. The conversation topic had aroused both boys by this time. Nicky pulled at his shorts to adjust his payload, and Kurt slipped his penis sideways under the waistband of his borrowed shorts.

"What happened then?" Nicky asked. It was pretty obvious that Nicky was completely focused on Kurt's eyewitness account, and had slipped his hand inside his shorts. He stared at the tent in the borrowed shorts Kurt was wearing.

"They kept at it for a while, then the boy sucking sped up, and the kid with the big dick laid back and I could see his belly go up and down, then they stopped and the other boy got up and spit in the yard. They went somewhere I couldn't see after that."

"Did you ever see anything like that again?" Nicky asked.

"Nope. Just that once...Um, when do you usually..." Kurt wondered.

"After school before mom comes home." Nicky replied.

"Oh, uh...should I go?"

"Ever thought about doing it with someone else?" Nicky asked.

"Are you going to freak on me if I'm honest?" Kurt responded.

"I guess you have then, right?" Nicky asked. "You're my friend Kurt. You can tell me anything." Kurt nodded.

"I think about it quite a bit."

"Want to? Just between us."

Kurt nodded, and Nicky stood up, and slipped the shorts and underwear off and stepped out of them, revealing a neat four inch circumcised penis, almost white in color with a grayish acorn shaped glans and a light tan circumcision scar, about an inch back from the corona. It stood about twenty degrees above the horizontal, and pulsed slightly with Nicky's heartbeat. Nicky had a small ginger colored bush at the base of the shaft, still in the mostly downy and silky stage.

"I didn't know you had hair, Nicky." Kurt said, pleased with what he saw.

"Yeah, it started a few months ago. Mom decided I couldn't run around naked anymore."

Both boys chuckled, and Kurt slipped his shorts off, and Nicky saw Kurt's intact five inch penis for the first time. Uncircumcised boys were in the minority at school, and Nicky had seen uncut penises before but not many, and never in intimacy like this. Several dark blue veins ran the length of Kurt's member. Being a brunette, Kurt's pubes were dark, almost black.

Nicky stepped over to the nightstand by his bed and retrieved a small bottle of baby oil. Nicky was not tightly cut, but liked the feel of oil on his exposed glans when he masturbated, and did not enjoy doing this dry.

"What's that?" Kurt asked.

"Baby oil, it feels great. Do you use anything?" Nicky said as put oil on his fingers and began rubbing it onto his boyhood.

"No" Kurt replied, as he stroked his thin organ, rolling the foreskin back and forth over his glans. Nicky sat in the chair facing Kurt, watching the motion of his foreskin. He could see the moistness of the mucous membranes under the foreskin and the glans. Kurt stroked with a steady rhythm, then paused as he pulled back the foreskin and enjoyed the stretching sensation in his frenum under the head of his penis before resuming his strokes. Nicky watched this cycle intently and asked

"What does that do?"

"It feels awesome, Nicky."

Nicky's frenulum had been removed, an unfortunate casualty of his circumcision which left him with limited sensitivity under his glans. Of course, he had no way of knowing how rich the sensations in Kurt's frenulum were. By stroking faster and using a firmer grip, he was still making good progress on a climax and put his feet on the bed next to Kurt's side. Kurt noticed Nicky's testicles seemed quite large, and watched with some interest as they bounced as Nicky stroked himself. Kurt reached a finger out and gently touched Nicky's scrotum, and Nicky exhaled with a loud "ahhhhh". Kurt continued, and Nicky cooed breathlessly

"That feels great, keep doing that....yeah." No other person had ever touched Nicky like this, and the sensation was electrifying.

Kurt began to caress and brush his fingers on Nicky's scrotum with more confidence, and Nicky purred with delight. "Oh God, that is awesome. Scoot over, Kurt" Nicky said as he stood up and sat on the edge of the bed. He lay down with his feet next to Kurt's head, and put his right hand on Kurt's testicles and began to return the favor. Kurt spread his legs slightly to give Nicky access, and the boys settled into the first mutual masturbation session either of them had ever had.

Soon, each boy's fingers moved up to explore the others phallus, and Nicky poured more oil on Kurt's fingers, as he copied Kurt's stroking with intermittent stretches of the older boy's foreskin. The thin penis felt long in Nicky's hand, and Kurt was doing all the right things for Nicky. The eleven year old had experienced his first dry orgasm about six weeks ago, and the now familiar feeling was beginning to build in Nicky's groin above his testicles. The head of his penis was becoming very sensitive now, and Nicky wouldn't hold out much longer.

For Kurt, the excitement of his first sexual encounter with another person was almost too much, and his climax was building rapidly as well.

Kurt's feet and legs bucked and twitched next to Nicky's head as the thirteen year old reached climax. Two thin shots of semen arced through the air and landed on Nicky's hand and Kurt's abdomen. Kurt had enough sense not to stop or change his rhythm on Nicky's rock hard boy cock, and moments later the smaller boy had an intense dry orgasm. Both boys lay back panting, and after recovering his breath a bit Nicky rolled off of the bed and found a tee shirt in the hamper to wipe himself off with. He threw the shirt to Kurt, who wiped the oil off his hand and semen from his midsection.

"Wow...I, um...I didn't expect us that." Kurt said, putting on his shorts.

"I'm happy we did....I wanted to do that like forever." Nicky said. "Did you like it?"

"Oh, hell yes! I know I want to do that again....I mean....if you want...of course." Kurt stammered.

"Only all the time, dude" Nicky replied. "Want a snack?" he asked as he left the bedroom with Kurt in tow. They stopped at the kitchen sink to wash their hands.

"Yeah I could eat the ass out of a dead rat!" Kurt said, and Nicky turned around and looked at him.

"Man, that's totally' gross!" Nicky said, and they both giggled. "Let's see if we have any rat's ass in here." Nicky said as he pulled a package of salami out of the refrigerator. "All we have is wheat bread, dude."

"Hey, that's cool. Thanks for the snack." Kurt replied.

"Sure" Nicky replied. Both boys made "sammiches" and went into the living room to eat and watch TV. Nicky pulled paper towels off the roll to catch crumbs, and gave one to Kurt. "Want a soda?" Kurt nodded and said

"Yeah, thanks" and Nicky grabbed two colas out of the refrigerator and passed one to Kurt as he sat down on the couch. The boys finished their snack and put their cans in the recycling bucket in the garage.

Sharon arrived home about ten minutes later, and was greeted by the boys as she came in. She kissed Nicky and hugged both boys, and asked them how their day went, and asked Kurt how he had slept. He told them how William had spent the night at his side, and talked to him when he woke up in a strange place in the middle of the night.

Nicky's father came home next, and greeted both boys, giving Kurt a handshake, then a hug. He and Sharon had talked about Kurt last night after Sharon left Isaac's and they had some privacy while Nicky played cards with Kurt. He was aware that Kurt was fleeing abuse at home, and asked Kurt to stay for dinner, which was lasagna.

Before plans could play out, Timmy knocked on the door, and Nicky answered it. Timmy came in and met Jerry Jarvis, and said that Isaac sent him to let Sharon and Kurt know that Roger from the county family services was coming shortly.

"Jerry, you should probably come with us, too." Sharon said. Kurt wasn't sure what was going on, but Timmy assured him that Roger was a friend. They were walking down the street as Roger's car pulled to the curb and Roger got out. Isaac heard the car pull up and was standing at the door, as the whole crowd came in.

"Thanks for coming, Roger" Isaac said. "Let's sit at the table and we'll get introduced."

Isaac introduced himself to Jerry Jarvis, and introduced Kurt and Sharon and Jerry to Roger. Now Roger knew Sharon from her work in adolescent mental health in the county, and had a face to put with the name.

Isaac asked Timmy if he could take Nicky and William to Sean's for a while, and a few moments later the house was much more quiet. William gave Roger a big grin when he asked the boy how things were going, and laughed when William flashed two thumbs up as he flew out of the house.

"I understand William is going home next week? Roger asked.

"Yes...we are going over to help Claire get back in the house, and do a few chores...and that will be it."

"Was the reimbursement from the county sufficient?" Roger wondered.

"I opened a bank account in William's name for him. The check went in there." Isaac replied. "We didn't have to buy much of anything for him."

Roger got the meeting going by addressing some of the things Isaac had related in his call. "Kurt, you asked to come here because of things happening in your home?" Kurt looked down in lap and nodded.

"We're here to help you, Kurt. I know you probably don't want to talk about this stuff, but it's important. You're important, and we have to make sure that stuff stops. Who was hitting you, Kurt?"

"Mom" Kurt admitted, almost in a whisper

"Does she drink, or is it drugs?" Roger asked gently.

"She's a drunk."

"Does she hit you when she's sober?"

"I don't know what sober looks like on her." Kurt whispered quietly. "She hits me whenever she feels like it."

Isaac put the prints of the pictures he took of Kurt in front of Roger. "This was last night. I want to play back something for you too." Isaac said, pulling up the recorded message on his cell phone. He played back the short conversation Sharon and Nicky had walked in on for Roger. Jerry looked on in horror.

Roger shook his head and made a few notes. He put the pictures away in his valise and looked at the group before he spoke.

"Kurt, what is your full name and address?"

"Kurt Eugene Aaron. Shangri-La Mobile Estates, trailer 12"

"What is your mother's name, son? And do you have other family, aunts, uncles...?"

"Marie Lester and no, mom is an only child."

"Are you an only child, Kurt?"


"And your father?" Roger asked.

Kurt shook his head. Roger was quiet for a few minutes, then said.

"I'm going to remove Kurt from his mother's custody for his safety and well being. I have enough here to keep her away from Kurt pending a full investigation of Kurt's living situation."

"We're concerned what happens now...does he disappear into the system?" Sharon asked.

"Not if there is an approved home that Kurt prefers to be in." Roger replied. Sharon and Jerry looked at each other, and then at Roger.

"I am background checked and bonded with the state and county as a therapist. So is Jerry through the school district. We have talked this over, and we'd like to volunteer to be responsible for Kurt." Sharon said. Kurt looked up and broke into a wide smile, and looked at Jerry and Sharon as if to ask "Is this real?" Nicky's parents both nodded at Kurt.

"Kurt, I'm sensing some hesitation?" Roger said, and it took the boy a split second to figure out he was being teased. Sharon and Jerry chuckled, and Roger smiled at the confused look that crossed the boy's face.

"Oh, n-no, Sir!"

"Kurt, I do have to ask you some things in private. Could we step out on the patio for a moment, please? Folks, bear with me, this will only take a second." Roger and Kurt slid the door open and closed again and stood on the patio next to Isaac's pool.

"Kurt, has anyone offered you anything to answer my questions a certain way?"

"No. Why would they do that?"

"Sometimes parents will bribe kids not to say anything to us. I know that's not the scene here, but I have to ask." Roger explained.

"Mister, can I stay here? Please don't send me somewhere else. These people actually want me around, even after what I did." Tears began to well up in Kurt's eyes. Roger put his fingers under Kurt's chin, and gently raised the boy's head.

"Do they know what you did?" Roger asked. Kurt nodded. "Then they forgave you for that, didn't they?" Again Kurt nodded. "Feeling like telling me about it?"

"Will I get in more trouble?" Kurt asked.

"Nah...If you were going to be in trouble, I think you would have been there by now."

"Okay...a couple days ago, I tried to beat Nicky up at school...I didn't even know him or Timmy. Timmy made me stop, and Nicky got away." Roger patted Kurt's back. There was more to the story of how they all got here...

"What happened then, Kurt?"

"Timmy said I was crazy to do that, and I need help. I cussed him out, and he let me go when I cooled down some."

"Did you and Timmy fight, Kurt?"

"No. He grabbed me from behind and squeezed the shit out of me, I couldn't move. He just kept talking to me, you know? All I could think of the whole weekend was him saying he would help me if I asked. I didn't know what he meant, but when we went back to school, I took as much stuff as I could get in my gym bag with me. Timmy said I was coming home on his bus and that was it. Nicky was on the same bus and I told him I was sorry and we made up."

"Would you hurt Nicky now?" Roger asked. Kurt looked Roger in the eye and answered

"Never in a million years. Ever."

"Are you okay with Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis's offer to let you live with them?"

"Y, Yes...I don't know what to say...Thanks!"

"Why don't you go in and tell them that, Kurt?" Kurt nodded, and went back in the house with a huge grin on his face. He hugged Sharon for a long moment, and then went to Jerry. The boy held on to him like a drowning person and Jerry had a huge smile on his face, but his lower lip was trembling. He often turned to blubber in situations like this.

Roger took a seat and waited until Jerry gave Kurt a few pats on the back and the embrace broke up. There were tears in both their eyes.

"What does Nicky think about this arrangement?" Roger asked.

"Let me go get him" Isaac said, as he got up and went out the patio door. He returned with Nicky a minute later, and the boy looked at his father and asked

"Dad, what's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong, baby...It's all good, son. It's all good." He brushed Nicky's cheek with his hand and smiled.

"Nicky, I need to speak with you in private for just a minute or two." Roger said as he stood and moved to the sliding door.

"You do? Me?" Nicky wondered. Roger nodded

"You're a big piece of this puzzle, son" Roger said as Nicky came out on the patio and Roger closed the slider.

"Nicky, has anyone promised or offered you anything to say certain things or to not tell me certain things?"

"No, Sir."

"Okay, I have to ask that. Um, Kurt told me about the fight at school, Nicky. Are there any problems between the two of you now?"

"No. He said he was sorry, and I believe him."


"He was crying when he said it, and he said the whole thing was bothering him so bad he couldn't sleep and stuff until he made up with me. I didn't know why he was on our bus that day, but Timmy said he needed help, and I couldn't stay mad at him after that."

"Nicky, what would you think about Kurt living with your family?" Roger asked.

"Um, I'm all for it...Whatever it takes for him not to get beat up and stuff. Kurt doesn't have a dad and I always wanted a brother. I say yes." Nicky said. Roger nodded, and


Nicky, you and Timmy may have saved Kurt's life by befriending him. You're an awesome kid, you know that?"

Nicky blushed and said "Thanks" as Roger pulled the slider aside and they went back to the table. Nicky was beaming and hopping up and down like he just won a new car on a game show. Everyone was laughing at his antics and Roger said

"Gee, I'm really sorry our little chat has him so depressed!" drawing more laughter.

"So how long until we know if this is approved?" Sharon asked.

"Talking to Kurt and Nicky was all I needed to's approved...fill these out please, and once you sign, you is foster parents." Roger quipped. "This is a spot placement, where a field supervisor, of which I are...can place a child in a home in an emergency". Everyone got a kick out of Roger's abuse of the rules of grammar, which he often used to get people to relax. "See, that wasn't hard, but the paperwork will be!" He passed out forms to Jerry and Sharon that conferred legal custody of Kurt to them, and other forms for county reimbursement of expenses.

Kurt and Nicky hugged and jumped up and down until Jerry gave the boys the "kill it" gesture, with a finger across the throat. They giggled, but obeyed, and stood on either side of him at the table. He embraced both of them briefly, before letting them go.



"What sort of work do you do for the school, Jerry?" Roger asked.

"Bean counter...I make sure the bus fleet has fuel and repairs, pay the district utility bills, administer the teacher's medical, dental and vision plans. District payroll, on and on." Jerry replied. "What about you, how many cases do you carry?"

"Anywhere from 125 to 180 at any given moment." Roger answered.

"Wow, we know there is a need, but damn." Jerry said.

"Well, you have just helped knock that need down by one boy. Thank you all for stepping up." Roger said.

Sharon spoke up next with a question. "I notice here that these forms are for temporary placement of a child. He's not going to be taken away arbitrarily, is he?"

"No, that shouldn't happen unless you or Kurt request that he be moved. See Kurt, you're not trapped in this arrangement, either. What temporary means is that we try to get children in foster care back in their own homes, and keep families together. In that sense all placements are temporary unless there is a final order of adoption. But no, getting back to your concern, there will probably be hearings and you may have to comply with court ordered visitation with Kurt's mother, but if things work out he won't be taken out of your home until final resolution of his case."

"Thank you." Sharon said.

"When you all fill those out, pass them back and I'll sign in my places. Is there a copier anywhere close?"

"We have one here" Sharon said "I'll go warm it up." She got up and went to the spare bedroom she used as an office and storage area for some of her files. Roger put the photos away and asked Isaac if he could take the recorded phone call. Isaac slipped the tiny SD card out of his phone and gave it to Roger. Roger signed the papers in his designated places, and handed them to Sharon to copy.

With the copies of the signed paperwork in hand, and the originals in Roger's valise, the main purpose of the visit was done. Kurt did not have to worry about his immediate far as his mother was concerned, the district attorney would make that decision.

Kurt remained at the table while Roger passed out his cards and made his exit. Nicky sped off as fast as he could back to Sean's house to tell Timmy, Sean and William the news.

"Guys! Guys! Kurt's staying! They did it...they signed a bunch of papers and he's gonna live with us!"

"Really?" was Timmy's reaction. "Cool!"

"No Shit, Nicky?" Sean replied.

"Awesome" William added.

"Yeah, no shit! That Roger guy said it was a done deal." Nicky gushed.

They wasted no time charging back up the street at full tilt and bursting into the house. Kurt was mobbed by the boys and decided to go for the ride rather than try to resist. They hugged him and cheered and made it very obvious how they felt. After a while, everyone settled down and Sharon noticed Kurt's eyes were tearing up and his lips were trembling.

"Kurt, what is it?" Sharon asked.

"I guess I'm scared right now...when Timmy said he wanted to help me, I didn't believe him, but I had nothing left to lose by trusting him, so here I am...Now, everything is different...I'm not sure I should have narked on mom."

"Boys, why don't you guys get a game going?" Jerry suggested. Nicky, William and Sean went back to Nicky's room to entertain themselves. Timmy looked at Isaac, who gave Timmy a "keep your seat" look, and said "I think Timmy should sit in on this."

Sharon reached over and took Kurt's hand in hers and began to speak.

"Kurt....Listen. You took a risk by making a decision. We all have to do that. I meant what I said when I told you that someone would die if things didn't change. You didn't betray your mother, Kurt. She was doing things no mother in her right mind would ever do, but she's not in her right mind. You're in serious and real danger in that home, and you deserve to grow up happy and free of these things in your life. You deserve better, Kurt. I know you fended for yourself mostly up to this point, but sometimes in life we can't do it by ourselves, and someone comes along to help you change your life. Those people are here, Kurt. Everything is feel like you set things in motion and now they are no longer in your control. There is going to be a lot of getting used to...we know that, and things will work out in time. You are going to have things to look forward to now, instead of things to fear."

Timmy put his hands on Kurt's shoulders and stood behind him as he listened to Sharon.

He then spoke to Kurt

"It was hard adjusting to how I live now, Kurt. Isaac was and still is my rock and the one I lean on, and he told me the same thing when I came to live with him. Let people love you, Kurt. I know it sounds hokey, but I was so used to defending myself it was hard to let Isaac in so he could help me. That's my advice to you, accept this for what it is. You have to receive love in order to give love."

"Timmy.....Why....why did you do it? You could have just beat the shit out of me and walked away."

Timmy swallowed hard and blinked back his own tears before they got started.

", I've been beaten really bad, Kurt. Broken ribs, all of that...If I would have taken everything out on you, then I'm no different than they were. A long time ago, maybe I would have done that. But a long time ago, maybe Nicky wouldn't have meant shit to me either, and I would have walked away from the whole thing. That's not me now. I don't hate and have that anger now...I guess the why is...because I took a chance on you. I thought if I could make you stop and think about what you were doing, there was hope..."

Kurt nodded and sobbed, as Sharon offered the boy tissues.

"You can do this, Kurt. It's scary and stuff, I know. You won't do this alone." Timmy said, as he sat next to Kurt and hugged him. Timmy and Sharon sat on either side of Kurt and rubbed his back as he cried it out.

"You don't hate? God, I hate her so fuckin' bad...Oh, sorry!" Kurt admitted.

"It's okay, Kurt. You can say that." Sharon said gently. She heard all sorts of honesty pour forth, even from second graders at times.

"You want to kill her, right? Have dreams about it, I bet." Timmy suggested. Sharon was surprised Timmy would say this. After all, she hadn't discussed any of this with Timmy. Maybe Isaac had mentioned this? Jerry had no idea this ran so deep in this boy. He sat back to hear Kurt and Timmy out.

"Oh, My God, the nightmares was the reason I came to you, Timmy. I couldn't take those any more...Holy shit, you really do know, don't you? I don't want to be like this!" Kurt was a blubbering mess at this point, and Timmy put his arm around Kurt and leaned in close to his ear.

"I know you don't, Kurt. Want some advice?" Timmy asked, and Kurt nodded.

"Do what it takes to get this out of your system, then forgive her and move on."

"There's no fuckin' way."

"Yes, there is. If you don't want to be like this, you can choose to do it. Once you do, you're going to be free. If you don't this poison in your soul will take over your life and make you miserable until you die. You want to spend a lifetime like this?"

"No...but I can't."

"You get a choice here, Kurt. You can choose to drop the load and move on."

Jerry and Sharon sat back and let Timmy work. He had the benefit of having been in Kurt's shoes...

"You make it sound so easy." Kurt protested.

"It's not easy...I wanted to hate...I had a right to hate! I thought it felt good to hate every one of those bastards, but in the end, the only one it hurt and made miserable was me. I had to keep it up...had to hate them every minute of every was my right, remember? But that right came with a cost...My happiness, my hopes, my damned childhood, Kurt. I'm supposed to be a kid...You're supposed to be a kid. That's what's been stolen from us. That's what it was costing me to hate those people that did that stuff to me. I couldn't keep it up anymore, just like you can't handle these nightmares anymore. Kurt, I know much you hate her, but you got to let it go if you want your life back. You know I'm right, dude." Timmy said, as he rubbed Kurt's back as the boy cried openly, all of his wounds were open and on display, yet Kurt had no shame. He was done, and had no one to hide from now.

Timmy needed to excuse himself and got up. "Sorry, I got to go bad...I'll be right back. I'm not leaving." Timmy left to use the restroom, and Isaac spoke next.

"Kurt, you may not know this, but Timmy's mother was murdered ten or eleven years ago. They solved the case this spring, and Timmy went to court to give a victim's statement before they sentenced the guy who did it. Timmy forgave the dude and told him that he was choosing to be happy and live his life while this guy spends the rest of his life in prison. He's not putting on an act...this is how he chooses to live."

Kurt shook his head and whispered "Holy cow"

"We didn't know anything about that" Jerry said.

Sharon asked "Isaac, did you tell Timmy that Kurt was having dreams?"

" No...I didn't. But Timmy had nightmares for weeks on end when he came to live with me. He's been through everything he's trying to help Kurt get through. He probably knows more about what Kurt feels than any of us."

"How did he know I didn't eat anything over Thanksgiving break?" Kurt asked. Sharon and Jerry looked at each other in disbelief. Isaac knew better. He had seen Timmy in the same situation, of course.

"Timmy hadn't eaten the first time I met him, either, Kurt."

Everyone was quiet for a minute, then Jerry spoke

"We aren't going to solve it all tonight, but we have plenty of time now to work on things...Isaac, is it okay if Kurt spends another night or two at your house until we get Kurt a bed and furniture and set up a room for him?"

"Oh, sure. There's no rush." Isaac assured them. Sharon looked at the time and announced that they should be going, since the lasagna should be taken out of the oven when they get back to the house. She called for Nicky and told him to come home for dinner.

"We should rustle something up here as well, I guess." Isaac replied as the Jarvis family moved to the door and took their leave. Sharon hurried back up the street to attend to the oven, as Jerry and Kurt walked slowly behind her. They didn't say anything, but Jerry put his hand on Kurt's shoulder and walked beside him. They would both bond over time, this man that Kurt would have in his life for the first time, and this boy who held so much pain, and whom Jerry would reach in so many ways in the time to come.

"Kurt, this weekend we will go out and get you a bed and something to move your stuff into...Until then, Isaac will put you up, okay?"

", thanks again for doing this...I hope it works...I guess." Kurt wasn't sure what he was trying to say.

"Kurt....Let's just take things one step and one day at a time....Look, I know you aren't used to being in a ....a family and it's going to take some getting used to. Don't worry about what that looks like to us....Just be yourself... Kurt?"


"This will work, if all of us try to make it work, okay?"

"Yes, Sir. I hear you."

"There is only one thing that I insist that you do while you live here."

"What is that?"

"Do the best you can in school, Kurt. Succeed. We'll worry about everything else. I tell Nicky the exact same thing, and I intend to treat you no differently than I do Nicky. I expect him to try to do his best, and I expect the same of you. You're smart and capable of accomplishing anything Kurt."

Kurt had spent a lifetime being beaten down, dismissed and neglected. Jerry knew that building Kurt up would take hard work, patience and a lot of love. They turned up the driveway and went in the house.

Nicky came through the door a few minutes later, and went to the kitchen to wash his hands. Jerry sat Kurt at the table so they could talk about some practical things, while Nicky set the table and Sharon pulled the lasagna from the oven. She had Nicky make a salad, and soon they were all seated for the evening meal, their first as Kurt's foster family.

Jerry quizzed Kurt about medical issues, medications, allergies, etc. As far as Kurt knew, there wasn't a lot of things he could tell Jerry, since he didn't know any family. He had never known any extended family at all, and never knew his father. Talk turned to sports and Kurt had not been interested or enthusiastic about that conversation either. He was always one of the last kids picked and worked hard to keep to himself in PE.

His best subjects were the sciences and history. He often wished that he lived in other times and places. They continued to talk through dinner, and slowly began to peel back the guards that Kurt had in place. Like most kids who were street wise, he was tough on the outside, scared shitless on the inside. As Jerry probed in vain to find things that Kurt had done, he made a mental list of the things he intended to do with Kurt, things that he and Nicky took for granted, like watching football on TV together, fishing, camping and

car trips and vacations.

It was decided that they would take Kurt shopping for clothes and furniture over the weekend, and they asked Kurt to think about things he might want to do on Saturday and Sunday. Jerry and Sharon would also get Kurt an appointment with Nicky's pediatrician and have him checked up. Sharon also intended to visit school and talk to people who knew Kurt as a student.

Kurt had only answered questions as he was asked them, and for the most part sat silently if he wasn't responding to Jerry or Sharon. They weren't sure what was going through the teen's head until he spoke up to ask

"Um, what should I call you guys? You know..." he trailed off.

"What would make you most comfortable, Kurt?" Sharon asked in reply.

"Is it okay if I um, call you Sharon and Jerry?" Kurt asked.

"You better not call me Jerry, or him Sharon!" Sharon blurted out, as Jerry and Nicky laughed out loud. "Kurt, whatever works for you is just fine with us, honey" Sharon said as she laughed. Kurt smiled and laughed too.

"Do you have a nickname, or something you like to be called?" Sharon asked. Kurt shook his head...he had been called a lot of things, but nothing nice.

"Um, no, Kurt is um, good, thanks." he said softly. They talked for while more, then it was time for Kurt to head back down the street to Isaac's. Nicky walked with Kurt and they paused often to talk .

"Your mom and dad really ask a lot of questions, don't they?"

"They want to get to know you and try to make you happy, Kurt. You can say what you want, and you can ask them anything. I do."

"Did you ask them about....well, you know what...?" Kurt wondered.

"Sex? Stuff like that?" Nicky offered. Kurt nodded.

"Sure, of course. You can too, Kurt. You're not going to get in trouble if you do, okay?"

Kurt nodded. "Okay...I guess."

"Look, Kurt, the only thing my folks will really crucify you over is if you lie to them about something. They don't care if you screw up and do something dumb, if you're honest about it and don't act like they're stupid. I've only been spanked once, and that's the time I lied to my dad."

"What was it about?"

"I can't even remember now."

"How bad was it?"

"The spanking? Uh, it hurt, but the worst part was when Dad said he couldn't trust me. That hurt a lot. That really fucked me up inside. Kurt, there's a big difference between a spanking, and having the shit beat out of you. What was done to you was wrong, ...I don't know what that's like at all...Look, all I can tell you is...Mom and dad are in all the way on this. They care about you a lot...." Nicky said.

"I know they do....I know you have everything to do with it too, Nicky. I know what you asked your mom to do." Nicky put his hand on Kurt's shoulder as they walked.

"I got the brother I always wanted, even if its just for a little while." Nicky replied. He had struck a nerve in Kurt that ran just under the surface. Kurt wanted to relax and enjoy this spell of good fortune, but he was so afraid that it couldn't be real, or would not last. Things were to take place in the next few days that would test his emotions.

But for now, he walked up to Isaac's door. The porch light was on, and the door was open behind a closed storm door. Nicky and Kurt said their goodbyes and Kurt went inside as Nicky walked back up the street. William was on the couch with Isaac watching TV, and Timmy and Sean were playing chess in their briefs on Timmy's bed. The boys invited Kurt to play, but Kurt wanted a shower first. Kurt undressed to his briefs in the bathroom and put the clothes in the spare room. He took a quick shower and brushed his teeth before pulling on clean underwear and joining Timmy and Sean. They made room for him on the large bed, and he watched them play a game. Timmy asked Kurt if he played, and Kurt nodded. He occasionally would find old men at the park down by the river playing, and a few of them had taught Kurt the basics. Sean got up and made much of his full bladder, showing off a bit of a tent in his underwear as Kurt and Timmy giggled.

"I thought he was going to show it for a second there" Kurt said. Timmy nodded.

"I'm surprised he didn't just to shock you. He likes to put on a show, that's for sure!" Timmy said.

"So you've seen it?"

"Sure...He's my best friend, well, better than my best friend...more like another brother, if I had one." Timmy replied.

", uh, is it okay for friends to like, you know..." Kurt stumbled.

"Mess around, you mean? Or touch and stuff?" Timmy finished. Kurt nodded.


"As long as both guys are okay with it, I think it's all right, yeah" Timmy replied. Kurt visibly relaxed. "I would never do something Sean wasn't okay with, and he's the same for me, Kurt."

Sean returned from his comfort break and Timmy said "You had Kurt going there, Sean. He thought you were going to flash us." Sean closed the door.

"Like this?" Sean quipped, as he pulled the front of his briefs down, exposing his circumcised penis. Kurt blushed scarlet and tried to hide his grin in his hands.

Sean and Timmy giggled as Kurt gasped in surprise at the teenager's boldness. Timmy reached for Sean's member and lightly grasped the tip and shook it like a short jump rope for a few seconds. It was partially erect when Timmy released it, as Kurt shook his head in disbelief.

"You guys are..."

"Crazy horn dogs, yeah, we know" Sean said, finishing Kurt's sentence. His penis continued to enlarge until it was fully erect and the same size as Kurt's own organ, which was stirring in his briefs. Sean tucked the waistband of his briefs over the rigid member, and sat back down on the bed.

They finished out the game, and played a few hands of a card game Sean had suggested to teach Kurt and Timmy, then it was time for Sean to get dressed and head next door to bed. Isaac stuck his head in to tell Timmy that they would be going to William's house tomorrow to help Claire out, and urge the boys to go to bed. This would be William's last night with the Daniels, so Timmy asked him where he wished to sleep, since he had to share a bed with him or Kurt. As it turned out, William decided to take the air bed in the spare room, and Kurt ended up sharing Timmy's bed.

Timmy turned the light off, and the boys lay together quietly in the dark room. Each one of them relived his own recollection of the day's events, and eventually Kurt spoke.


"Uh huh?"

"You still awake?"


"Is it okay if I, um..." Kurt paused.

"What?" Timmy asked.

"Can I touch it?" Kurt asked, as Timmy realized what he meant.

He smiled, as he had been expecting this exchange ever since Kurt had riveted his attention on Timmy's package the other day as Timmy changed into shorts, and this morning in the shower as he washed William's hair.

"Sure." Timmy replied, rolling over on his side toward Kurt. In seconds, he felt fingers on his briefs over his penis and he adjusted himself to allow his erection to rise. Kurt caressed Timmy for several minutes before reaching inside the waistband on Timmy's shorts and gripping Timmy's thick and curved member. It filled Kurt's hand and was a good bit longer than Kurt's penis as well. Timmy arched his back and Kurt slipped the briefs off Timmy's thighs. He continued to stroke and carress the impressive phallus as Timmy lay back and enjoyed the teenager's curiosity. Kurt's fingers flew over Timmy's organ, and he lingered over the foreskin as Timmy let out a soft moan. Making a mental note, Kurt moved on and explored Timmy's scrotum next, and gently felt the outline of the hen's egg sized gland within. It registered on Kurt that Timmy had a single testicle, but he decided not to say anything at the moment. He was enjoying his task, and was in no rush to finish any time soon. Remembering what he had seen in the shower, Kurt moved to the rumple of skin atop Timmy's glans. He began to gently tug and manipulate the unusual foreskin as Timmy murmured in pleasure. Nicky had responded very strongly when Kurt had stimulated the boy's pee hole this afternoon, and Kurt decided to try this on Timmy as well. He searched the surface of Timmy's glans with a fingertip, looking for the orifice. After a few seconds, the friction became slightly uncomfortable and Timmy asked "Looking for the hole?"


"Down....More.....a bit more....Yeah, there." Timmy whispered as Kurt moved into position.

"But.....I'm under the tip now..." Kurt observed.

"Yup, I know." Timmy whispered in reply. "That's the right place."

Kurt continued his ministrations, digesting what his fingertips were telling him, like a blind person reading a face. He didn't quite understand, but felt that now was not a good time to ask Timmy about it.

"Kurt, don't stop what you're doing. You're really good at this." Timmy said as he ran a hand lightly down Kurt's side and leg, then back up inside the thigh, brushing Kurt's thin rock hard erection very gently over the boy's briefs.

"Well, um, I've only done this one other time." Kurt admitted.

"Practice makes perfect then....and we can never be perfect, can we?" Timmy teased.

"No!...I think I'm going to like practicing this." Kurt quipped. "Have you done this a lot, Timmy?"

"Some" Timmy replied. Kurt slipped his briefs down, freeing his penis for Timmy. Timmy in turn, began an exploration of Kurt's cock with his fingers. It was very much like Isaac's uncut member in size and shape, and extremely rigid due to Kurt's excitement.

"Will you teach me stuff?" Kurt whispered.

"As long as you're okay with what we do, yeah."


Timmy felt Kurt's foreskin, and ran a finger into the end of it, and brought to his nose. He smelled a trace of soap from Kurt's bath, but nothing else.

"I think you should have a welcoming present, Kurt." Timmy said, as he sat up and knelt on the bed.

"Uh, okay..." Kurt said, as Timmy began to position him on the bed. He complied with Timmy's arrangings, and waited to see what Timmy had in store, as Timmy knelt between Kurt's legs and licked his scrotum and shaft. He took each of Kurt's pecan sized testicles in his mouth in turn and gently sucked them, before moving up the boy's shaft. Kurt of course, was giving Timmy his undivided attention at this point and was completely preoccupied with the wonderful new sensations he was receiving. Timmy was nibbling and licking his way up and down Kurt's manhood, teasing the foreskin back a bit at a time until the moist red glans was exposed. Timmy began to lick Kurt's frenulum and Kurt moaned out loud. Timmy figured that must be a good thing, so he continued until Kurt began to shift and scoot around on the bed.

Taking the organ into his mouth, Timmy went all the way down until his lips were in Kurt's dark pubes, as the Kurt murmured "Oh my God..." and made involuntary grunts and twitches as various sensitive places on his cock were tongued. Timmy worked up a good amount of saliva and moved up to the head of the penis, and began to churn his tongue against Kurt's frenulum in a steady motion as he played with the small testicles in Kurt's sack. Kurt was barely hanging on to consciousness, and the tension in his loins was something he had never felt this intensely in his life. In a few more seconds, it all ended in a shattering climax. Kurt bucked and thrashed as Timmy took several shots of cum across the tongue. Kurt lay there panting, jerking once or twice as Timmy slipped the super sensitive penis out of his mouth and watched it slowly go limp, pulsing with Kurt's heartbeat. Timmy got up and spit the mouthful in the toilet and brushed his teeth before returning to the room.

He lay back down next to Kurt, and asked "Was that your first one?"

" was incredible. I never felt anything like that before. Thanks Timmy." Kurt whispered.

"Glad you liked it" Timmy said. "I guess we should get some sleep."

Kurt didn't answer. He had already drifted off. Timmy smiled and closed his eyes. Tommorow would be a busy day.