Authors note: This story is a work of fiction, and the characters in it are not real persons. The physical birth differences described for Timmy are real, and the plot devices of this story are loosely based on the experiences of the author. Those who are simply looking for titillating adolescent sex (although there is nothing wrong with that at all) are likely to be disappointed. This story is about trust, friendship, honor, shared secrets and overcoming less than ideal circumstances in life...and some sex.

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The week went by fairly quickly it seemed, and Timmy rose early on Saturday and went to Isaac's room to get him up. Timmy had moved into his own room after the first week at Isaac's, and was settling into his space. Isaac had let Timmy decide on his own colors, and the boys spent two days painting and made a trip to the thrift stores to find a desk and chair. Later in the summer, when school started, Isaac would buy Timmy a computer of his own.

Isaac and Timmy usually took their morning shower together, as they both enjoyed the intimacy of starting the day together. There had been no further sexual activity between the two, as Isaac hoped that Timmy

would find a mate his own age, and Isaac himself had decided to start dating around a little too.

They left the house at just after seven and began the trip to Overton, a farming community where the Ag show was on this weekend. They arrived and followed the stream of cars and parked, and got out and began to look around.

There were quite a few vendors and exhibitors showing various craft and food items for sale, and the air was filled with strange hissing and popping sounds, and the boys went to investigate the source. Soon they arrived at the stationary engine exhibit, and saw rows and rows of old engines with huge flywheels. Some were running, and one very large and finely restored old engine was making all the noises they had been hearing.

It seemed to fire about every four seconds with a big "Whump!" and then it would spin making a zoop zoop zoop noise, before firing again. Timmy watched this in total fascination and looked at the man attending the antique, who could see the questions in the boy's expression.

"This is called a hit and miss engine" The man said, leaning close to Timmy's ear to be overheard. "Every time it fires, it overspeeds and the governor disables the intake valve. When it slows down again, the governor lets the valve open and it fires."

"So how fast is that wheel spinning?" Timmy asked the man

"About 250 times a minute". The man answered. "A hundred years ago, these engines would run generators on a farm for electricity".

"How do you find these engines?" Timmy wondered. He had never seen one before, and there must have been a hundred on display.

"Old farm sales, mostly, but all the exhibitors here know each other, and we trade leads and information with each other. I had to buy several engines and pieces to get enough parts to finish this restoration."

"It's really beautifully done" Timmy said.

"Thanks, son. It's about ten years work, off and on." The man said.

Timmy watched for a few minutes before he and Isaac reviewed the rest of the old engines, talked to a few other owners briefly and made their way over to the tractors on display.


There were tractors of all colors and brands lined up, and some had just been brought to the show directly from the barn or field, while others were clearly not used for farm work anymore. Some of the latter were parked together, and had very professional paint jobs, chrome wheels and stacks and pinstriped lettering that said "Wiedemer Farms". Timmy and Isaac walked around each one, admiring the well kept machines, and quietly surmising between them what the function of some of the items were.

A boy about Timmy's age walked up to them, and flashed a metal filled grin and stuck his hand out. "I'm Scott, how y'all doing?" He was about three inches taller than Timmy, had brown hair that like Timmy, needed a trim badly, glasses, blue eyes and freckles. He was slight and lanky, not skinny, but not like a boy who had begun to fill out either. He was in cutoff blue jeans which ended about three inches below the crotch, and a muscle shirt. His legs were absolutely smooth and there may have been the slightest wisp of hair in the boy's armpits.

"Hi, I'm Timmy, and this is my brother, Isaac" Timmy said. He was beginning to notice how cute Scott was, who was still wearing a grin. They both shook hands with the tall boy.

" Good to meet ya's...So you guys like tractor pulls?" Scott asked.

"This is our first time, actually" Isaac said.

"Well, then, if you want to, you guys can sit in the pullers area with us...It's a lot better than sitting in the bleachers in the sun." Scott offered

"Thanks, that's very nice of you" Said Isaac.

"Well, these four belong to my family, and we will be pulling today" Scott explained. "Do you guys know how it works?"

"Since you're a puller, give us all the inside scoop!" Isaac said, making Scott and Timmy laugh.

"Well, we pull a sled down a dirt track...the sled gets heavier and harder to pull as it moves forward. So, eventually you will spin out, and your run is over. The tractors run in different classes, based on weight.

You get judged on how far you pull the sled, in your weight class." Scott explained.

"Sounds pretty simple, distance wins..."Timmy observed.

"Yup, Exactly!" Scott said, "Hey, would you like to climb up and try the seat out?" he asked

"Are you sure its okay?" Isaac wondered.

"Sure, you bet" Scott said, mounting the tractor and sitting on the fender. "Come on up!" Timmy went first and climbed the step and settled into the seat after stepping over and around the gearshift, which was now between his feet.

"Whoa, this is cool" Timmy said, as Scott grinned.

"Those are your gears, Timmy, and you don't shift them like a car. You pick your ground speed with `em."

He then pointed out the throttle lever by the steering wheel, and the hydraulic controls on the right side of the seat. "Clutch pedal on the left there, and the brakes are on your right, one for each rear tire"

"Wow, I bet this is cool to drive." Timmy mused as he gave the steering wheel a tug.

"Actually, the big ones at the farm are way more awesome for farming than these old ones." Scott said.

"Old? they look brand new" Isaac said, surprised.

"We spent a lot of time and money on the restorations" Scott said, "This one here was made in 1955" giving the fender under him a whack with his palm.

"You did this yourself?" Isaac asked

"My dad and uncle did most of it. I learned mechanics and how to paint helping them do these four tractors" Scott said.

"Isaac is an aircraft mechanic, and we work on his old car project" Timmy said.

"Actually, I will be an aircraft mechanic, when I graduate" Isaac corrected.

"Umm, you don't go to the Technical College, do you ?" Scott asked Isaac

"Yes, I do" Isaac confirmed.

"So does my cousin Bradley Clements! His mom is my dad's sister!" Scott's grin was off the charts now, and Isaac was afraid his braces would fall out or something else dire would happen if the kid was to get any happier..

"That's crazy, what a small world" Isaac said, shaking his head. One of his classmates was this kid's cousin, a boy they had just run into at random in a town half an hour from theirs.

Just then, two men walked up the roadway. They had been off looking at the other tractors and talking to the other pullers. They walked up to Scott and Isaac, who was now sitting on the tractor, and Timmy, who had gotten down to let Isaac up on the machine.

"Hey Dad, and Uncle Ray! This is Isaac and Timmy...Isaac goes to school with Bradley!" The men shook hands with Timmy and then Isaac and introduced themselves. Scott's father was Don, and his uncle was Ray. Together, they and their families owned Wiedemer Farms. Their main business was raising 6000 acres of soybeans, and the pulling was a fun way to advertise the farm and socialize with other pullers and farmers. Surprisingly, there were also pullers that lived in town and did not farm. They were enthusiasts of the tractor pulling sport, just as others raced cars and motorcycles. Other pullers were in the machine shop and engine building businesses and sold parts and services to other pullers and tractor restoration buffs. Some of these folks competed with highly modified tractors.

Scott and his family only pulled in the antique stock classes, where engine or chassis modifications were not allowed and tire sizes were restricted. Some of the most radically modified pullers were really low speed dragsters, or the kind with multiple engines, or jet engines out of helicopters. There were two tractors at today's event that had high performance car engines installed in otherwise standard looking tractor chassis.

Scott told his father that he had invited Timmy and Isaac to sit with them in the puller's shelter, and Don thought that was a capital idea. Isaac walked around a bit with Don, asking him questions and getting more familiar with what they did on the farm, while Scott had hijacked Timmy and took him on a tour of the concessions stands. Isaac made sure Timmy had enough money to eat and perhaps buy a souvenir or two.

After about forty five minutes, both young boys showed up and Timmy asked Isaac for the keys to the car so he could put some items he had bought inside, rather than carry it around all day. Isaac gave Timmy the keys and said "It has a mean shake if you go over ninety" teasing Timmy. Scott grinned a bit more when Isaac said this... He and Timmy ran off to the parking area to find the VW.

When they returned, Don told Scott they had only a few minutes before the safety meeting for the drivers.

"Come on, I'll show you guys where we sit." Scott said and led Isaac and Timmy to seats under a pavilion. Thank goodness we will be watching in shade, Isaac thought. Scott went with his Dad and uncle to the drivers meeting. A man from the organizing committee began the safety brief, which lasted about two minutes, and handed all the drivers a list, so they knew when to line up. Scott came back to the boys and sat down and studied the list. "I'm going to pull in the 4000 pound class, and again in the 7,000" he said. "Dad and Uncle Ray will pull in 6,000 and 8,000."

Soon the pulling started and the smallest tractors began to start up behind them and make a circle around to the starting box, off to the right of where they were sitting. The first tractor came out on the track, pulled up in front of the sled, and backed up. One of the committee members motioned for him to stop, and the driver took his machine out of gear, put his feet on the brakes and raised his hands to show that no controls were being touched. The committee man stepped behind the tractor and put a pin in the hitch on the sled. He stepped away and made eye contact with the driver, and gave him the go ahead. The driver throttled up, and put the little machine in gear and was soon in motion, slowly.

As the tractor moved down the track, a large box on the sled moved forward as well on a set of rails. There were wheels on the back of the sled, but the front was resting on a large skid plate. Soon, the little tractor began to labor, and at mid track, the front wheels were off the ground. After about 15 more feet of travel, the wheels began to slip and a committee man red flagged the driver, who pushed in the clutch pedal, put the tractor in neutral and raised his hands again. The flagman stepped in, pulled the hitch pin and spoke to the driver briefly, and the little tractor drove off to the left.

A much larger tractor pulled up to the back end of the sled, and pulled the sled back to the starting position. The next contestant was then moved up, and the process repeated, until all the tractors in the weight class had pulled. During a few of the pulls the crowd became excited and started to cheer the driver on, as he continued to pull, but inevitably the wheels would begin to spin and the pull was over. Every driver wanted to make a "full pull" or go 300 feet.

Soon, the 4,000 pound class was called, and Scott was third in the line-up. He excused himself and went to start the families smallest entry, and get in line. The first tractor in the class pulled the sled 248 feet, which was a good showing. The next entry bested that by four feet, coming to rest at 252 feet.

They watched Scott pull the red and white International onto the track, line up with the sled and back into position until the man shouted "HO!" Scott shifted out of gear, put his feet on the brakes and held his hands up to show the man it was safe to move behind the machine. "OK, kid, you're got to beat 252."

"Thank You Sir!" Scott said with a grin, and put the tractor in gear when the man gave him the go-ahead. He pulled the throttle open about three quarters and let the clutch out. He began moving steadily, watching the ground under the front wheels and making sure he was going straight. After what seemed like a long time, the steering wheel twitched, and the front wheels came off the ground. Scott knew he would have maybe another fifty feet before he spun out, and he stepped on the clutch just as the man was raising the red flag...he could feel the slip almost as fast as Isaac and Timmy could see it from their vantage point just off the track to Scott's left. He shifted out of gear and held brakes with his hands in the air as the men unpinned the sled from his tractor and measured the pull.

One of the men leaned over the left tire and told Scott he had pulled 264 feet. It was one of Scott's better showings on this machine. He had first driven in a tractor pull at the age of ten, and the Wiedemer's usually traveled to eight or nine county fairs during the summers if they could schedule them.

Scott pulled off the track and parked the machine and rejoined the others. They all congratulated him on his showing, and they watched the rest of the competition. When it was time for Don to participate, Scott walked out to the parking line with him. Soon he returned and sat to wait for his father's pull. Scott said to Timmy and Isaac "I asked dad if it would be okay for you guys to come out for a visit to our place."

Isaac and Timmy readily accepted the invitation, and it was set for the next day, Sunday. Scott's uncle gave Isaac directions to get there, and after that, they had to start loading up for the trip home. Scott's father and uncle had each driven a semi-truck and lowboy trailer to the tractor pulls, and Scott asked Timmy if he wanted to ride a fender while Scott ran a tractor out to the trailer. His father and uncle each drove one as well, and within 20 minutes they had loaded the collection and were ready to move out. Before they left, Timmy wanted to see the inside of the Kenworth, so Scott gave him guided tour of the business end of the huge truck. Timmy had never seen so many gauges in his life, and could only imagine having to shift 13 gears.


It had been a long, hot day, and Timmy and Isaac were pretty tired and ready to kick back when they got to the house. They each took a shower and did not bother to dress to watch TV. Isaac reviewed the directions to the Wiedemer farm and decided to turn in. He said goodnight to Timmy, and Timmy looked up at Isaac from the couch and said "I had a great time today, Isaac. Did you like it, too?"

Isaac "I did...and the best part was spending time with you, little buddy". Timmy smiled and said "Oh, I forgot, I got you something today." Timmy went to his room and came back with the bag from the ag show. He reached in and gave Isaac a Bentley key fob, "For the Bentley" Timmy joked. Isaac laughed and said it was perfect. Timmy also gave Isaac a small wooden plaque with a brass plate that was engraved "World's Best Big Brother".

"Aw, you little turd!..." Isaac said, pulling Timmy into a hug. "That's really nice, Thanks, big guy".

"Love you too, big turd...Good night" Timmy said, as his nude butt wagged down the hallway to his room.

With that, they both retreated to their rooms for the night. Timmy lay in bed for a while, preoccupied with Scott, and his long, lean body. He touched himself as he wondered what Scott must look like unclothed, and took his time working himself to erection and eventual orgasm. He was now beginning to make a bit of ejaculate, which was still thin and clear, not thick and opaque like Isaac's semen had been. He marveled at how his testicle had started this session loose and hanging in his sack, moved up tight under his penis up to and during his climax, then had loosened and dropped back down again as his erection waned and he became flaccid again.

Some residual semen continued to issue from his urethra as his penis shrank back to its normal size, and Timmy fingered the slit under his glans and gathered a bit of the cum on his fingertip. He brought it to his tongue and tasted it. It had a strange but not unpleasant flavor. He wondered if Scott's semen had a taste, then considered the possibility that Scott didn't ejaculate yet...Something else to consider. He rolled over and went to sleep.




Sunday arrived, and again the two boys got up and showered together, while they discussed breakfast and the trip to the farm. Once dressed, they drove to IHOP and had breakfast, then set out for a 45 minute trip to the Wiedemer farm.

They arrived at the farm and turned onto a very long white gravel road that cut through huge fields of green crops. They saw large metal buildings and huge blue grain bins before they actually saw the house. They pulled up and parked in front of the house, and got out of the VW. Scott ran out to greet them, his grin and braces leading him like a shock wave. "Hey, guys come on in! Didja eat yet? You guys thirsty or anything?" talking at a mile a minute.

His dad appeared next, and said, "Whoa, slow down, Scotty, let 'em get a word in edgewise, son!" he said, smiling.

"Oh, yeah, forgot" Scott said, grinning.

"We're really glad to see you too!" Isaac said, ruffling Scott's hair. They all laughed and Scott blushed from the attention. They went in the house for a glass of ice tea, and Don gave them a bit of the history of the farm and a bit about the family. Scott's mother had passed from breast cancer four years previously, and Scott had an older brother, 15, Sammy. Scott told Timmy and Isaac he was 13, and Timmy responded that he would be 13 as well, in December.

After chatting a bit, Scott asked his dad if he and Timmy could be excused so Scott could give Timmy a tour. Leaving the house, they walked to the buildings and went inside. Timmy was in awe of the size of the equipment that was parked in the shop. The tractors they farmed with were huge, with twelve tires and enclosed cabs like offices. They climbed up onto one of the Steigers and Scott let Timmy sit in the seat and look out over the expanse of tires. "Serious acreage under cultivation requires serious equipment" Scotty said.

"Do you know how to drive all this stuff?" Timmy wondered.

"I'm learning it, yeah. I will be doing this with Dad probably next year".

"Wow" Timmy said.

"So what do your mom and dad do, Timmy?" Scott asked.

"Oh, I don't have a mom and dad, only Isaac." Timmy said.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't go into your personal business" Scott said.

"It's okay, I never knew my mom and my dad was a drunk and threw me out on the street. Isaac took me in and I live with him now." Timmy explained.

`So, Isaac's not your actual brother?" Scott deduced.

"No. He's so much more than that to me. He was there to step in when my own family wasn't there, Scott. I didn't have clothes that fit, or food to eat. He changed all that. He takes me places, does things with me. He makes me feel like I matter...We are both only children so it's natural for him to just be my big brother." Timmy said.

"Then he really is your brother and that's all there is to it." Scott stated, and grinned. "And you do matter, Timmy...we all matter."

"Now you sound just like Isaac!' Timmy exclaimed.

"Hey, come on! There's more to see" Scott said.

"So you don't have like a barn and animals and stuff?" Timmy asked.

"No, this is a grain animals. But we do have ducks at the pond, and the dogs and cats and such."

"So what are these huge blue round things, Scott?"

"That's storage for the beans after we harvest and before we go to market with the crop." Scott said. They walked over to a pickup truck and Scott said, "Get in and I'll show you the rest of the place". Timmy got in, and Scott started the pickup and they drove off further down the farm road. They went past another house, not as big as the one Scott, Don and Sammy lived in, and Scott said, "that's Uncle Ray's place. My cousins are older and in college this year". Timmy was getting the idea just how much land 6000 acres was, as they kept driving. Off in the distance was a grove of trees that seemed out of place in the flat expanse of bean plants. As they got closer, Timmy could see that the grove was actually a ring of trees, and in the middle was a large pond.

Scott pulled up to edge of the trees and shut the truck off. "This is my favorite place to be in the summer when its hot, like it is now." He got out of the truck and Timmy followed, and they walked to the edge of the pond. "Feel like a dip?" Scott asked, grinning that permanent grin of his.

"I don't have anything to swim in" Timmy said.

"Neither do I...I never wear anything in there" Scott said. Timmy felt like someone had smiled down on him from on high; he had such lurid thoughts about this boy only last night, a boy who was offering to bare all with him, and flashing that grin in a way that just made Timmy want to melt. "We can leave our clothes on the hood". With that, Scott walked back to the truck and took his shirt off. His body was absolutely smooth and while Scott was strong and healthy, he lacked much tone or definition. He was still very much a boy on his way to becoming a man. Next, he unbuttoned his shorts and let them fall to his shoes. He was in briefs and it was obvious to Timmy that Scott was endowed nicely, if the shape in his briefs was any indication.

Timmy had his shirt off now, and was watching every move Scott made, and not embarrassed that Scott could see that Timmy was definitely checking him out. Scott was actually enjoying this, and wanted Timmy's reaction to what came next. Since Scott had begun puberty, he had found it to be be an ego stroke to have others watch him undress and comment on his penis.

He pulled his briefs down to join his shorts, and slipped them over his shoes and laid the clothing on the hood of the truck. Timmy gasped...Scott's member was at least five inches long flaccid, and rather skinny, somewhat like Isaac's member. It was circumcised and set in a nice patch of pubic hair. The tidy scrotum was devoid of hair, and about the size of a plum. Timmy had never seen a soft penis that large and this was a boy only a few months older than he was. Timmy removed his shorts and briefs and exposed his short, thick boyhood.

Scott said, "That is one thick dick, Timmy, wow! Sorry if you find that too personal or something" Scott said.

"It's cool, and I've never seen one that long before, either" Timmy confessed.

"How many have you seen, you think?" asked Scott.

"Five. Mine, Isaac's, these two boys in the bathrooms at school, and now yours" Timmy said.

"You've seen Isaac's?" Scott asked, obviously wanting details. Timmy didn't really want to share that he and Isaac had done things, as he wasn't sure how Scott would react to that.

"We live in the same house, and sometimes we don't get dressed" Timmy explained.

"Oh yeah, me and Sammy do that too, and sometimes Dad" Scott added.

"So are they big like you, too?" Timmy wondered. They walked to the water and waded in.

"Yeah, they are both bigger than me, Sammy's probably eight inches, maybe" Scott said.

"Holy Cow, Jeeminy Christmas! Eight inches! That's totally friggin huge, dude!" Timmy said, unbelieving.

"I watched him measure it one time, it's the real deal" Scott said.

"Well, how big is yours?" Timmy asked

Scott grinned and said, "We can find out!" as he got back out of the pond and trotted over to the truck naked, and retrieved a tape measure out of the cab. Timmy could not keep his eyes off Scott`s smooth backside. "This tape is always banging around in the there, lets' put it to use." he said, re-entering the pond, until he was knee deep in the water. His penis was beginning to react to the attention, and he saw Timmy looking at it. "Would you like to touch it?" He asked, and Timmy nodded. He reached out and took Scott's penis in his hand and felt it begin to stiffen. He stroked it gently and Scott sighed and purred..."Mmmmm that feels good Timmy, so good." Scott reached for and took Timmy's penis and began to feel and stroke the wide organ..."Wow, so thick, Timmy". He felt the flap of foreskin on Timmy's glans and said "You have a foreskin?"

"Well not exactly, but yeah, I'm not circumcised" Timmy said. Scott looked kind of confused, and Timmy explained briefly that he had been born with hypospadias and had an incomplete foreskin due to it. He showed his glans to Scott, who was completely captivated by this. "Timmy, I never saw one like that before" Scott admitted.

"How many have you seen?" Timmy asked.

"Dad, Sammy, my cousins, and a bunch of kids from school" Scott said

"Well, Thanks for not freaking and laughing at me about it." Timmy said.

"Timmy, I hope this doesn't offend you , but I think its pretty hot, actually...Don't get mad and think I'm hitting on you or something, please." Scott said. "And my dad would kick my butt if I made fun of someone for the way they were born."

"That's really cool and I'm not offended...I hate to tell you this but I thought about you last night..." Timmy admitted. He was getting the same feeling that he could trust Scott, that he had with Isaac.

"In what way?" Scott asked, grinning of course.

"Thinking about this" Timmy said, as he stroked Scott's long penis. "Is it about there?" Timmy asked.

"Uh, yeah..." Scott replied, pulling out about a foot of yellow tape out of the measure, and laying it across the top of his penis.

"Six and a half" Timmy read. "Wow, you're still gonna grow too." He worked his hand down and caressed Scott's scrotum, and Scott sighed, eyes closed. "you have nice balls, Scott."

In response, Scott's hand probed Timmy's walnut, and gently felt it. "Birth defect or ...?" Scott asked simply.

"Born like that, too" Timmy said, as the two boys continued their explorations of each other.

"One of the boys at my school has one ball" Scott said.

"How do you know that?" Timmy asked.

"Timmy, I've done this before a few times...I think I'm and him have messed around some, and that's how I know...' Scott trailed off, feeling a bit embarrassed.

"It's okay. I'm all right with that, don't worry...I won't go running off screaming to your dad" Timmy assured him.

"Thanks...for being cool about this and doing this with me too." Scott said. Timmy smiled.

"So what kind of things do you guys do?" Timmy asked.

"Let's go to the truck and I will show you" Scotty said with a wink. They walked back to the truck in nothing but wet sneakers, and Scott told Timmy to sit sideways on the seat on the passenger side, and lay back if he wanted. Timmy got comfortable, and Scott took Timmy's wide 5 inches into his mouth and began to work Timmy's shaft and piss slit with his tongue, and bobbed up and down on the slightly curved member. He gently caressed Timmy's testicle with his fingers, and tickled at the smooth sack while Timmy groaned and moaned in ecstasy. This was Timmy's second blowjob, and Scott was every bit as expert as Isaac had been. Timmy had been surprised to see that Scotts dental appliance was removable. He had been concerned that the braces would cut the insides of Scott's lips as he opened his mouth to accept Timmy's unusual member. Scott could sense when Timmy was close by feeling the tension on Timmy's nut drawing it up tight, and back off a bit on his oral ministrations to Timmy's penis. He was edging Timmy to make this last and give Timmy an explosive climax. He could discern a slight taste of precum in Timmy's piss slit, and wondered what his load would taste like, if he had a load. He wasn't yet 13, after all. The naked boy humped on the seat and tried to fuck Scott's mouth as he got closer to orgasm. Timmy wasn't ready to let this end just yet, so he said " Want to trade places for a while?" and Scott raised off of Timmy's hard cock and smiled, as the two boys traded places. Timmy admired Scott's smooth, lightly tanned ass, as he moved behind him, to let Scott get in the seat. He looked at Scott's perfectly shaped helmet, and long slender shaft. Scott had gotten the length already, but the girth would come with further maturation. "I've never done this before" Timmy confessed, and Scott replied

"Just go slow and take as much as you can. You'll get the hang of it" as Timmy licked Scott's shaft and caressed his scrotum like Isaac had done to him...Now Timmy was in the other position, applying what he had learned. Scott moaned as Timmy took the first two inches of his cock, and began working the glans with his tongue. Scott's circumcised member had little taste, other than a slight tanginess right at the hole. As Timmy was able to take more of Scott's penis into his mouth, he gently jacked the long shaft with his thumb and finger, and Scott just moaned and said "Oh, God, Oh, that's so good..." clearly totally absorbed in Timmy's ministrations. Scott's testicles struck Timmy as small compared to the cock next to them, and he found the compact nutsack very sexy. He explored the sack and its two inhabitants, and gently played with them as he worked more of Scott's cock into his mouth. He had gotten the technique down and could almost go to the pubes, before the gag reflex made him back up. For Scott, the exercise was pure ecstasy, and he moaned loudly each time Timmy went deep. Soon, Scott's small balls were pulled up tight, and he gently pulled Timmy's head off his cock and said

"Want to get off together?

Timmy said he did, and Scott instructed Timmy to get in the truck with him, as he scooted over toward the drivers door on his back. He had Timmy get on all fours on top of him on the bench seat and put his knees on the seat touching Scott's shoulders...Timmy resumed his attention to Scotts cock, while Scott had Timmy's organ in his mouth, in the classic 69. Scott reached between Timmy's smooth, creamy thighs and gently caressed his lone testicle. He wondered if Timmy would like to meet his friend Eric, the other boy he knew with a single nut.

Soon, Timmy's nut was tightening, and after a few moments more, Timmy said, "Scott, I'm gonna cum!" Scott just went at things a bit harder and faster, and soon he felt the strong spasms of Timmy's adolescent cumshot and tasted thin semen being pumped into his mouth. Timmy grunted and moaned, but was not that vocal, although he was breathing very hard through his nose, with Scott's penis in his mouth. Soon the spasms stopped, and Scott allowed Timmy's penis to relax. His own pending release was about to arrive and he told Timmy he was cumming. Timmy continued to suck, and Scott pumped five quick shots of cum into Timmy's mouth, with loud expressions of sexual relief.

"Lets go for a swim?" Scott suggested, and Timmy climbed back off Scott and they got out of the pickup.

Before Timmy had a chance to take a step, Scott took his hand to stop him, and leaned in close to Timmy's face and kissed him. It like nothing Timmy had ever had...he couldn't remember being kissed, ever. Isaac had never kissed Timmy, even though they had hugged and cried so many times since they met, this was much different. Scott broke the kiss, looked into Timmy's eyes for a long moment, and said "Thank you. I wanted to do that with you since we met...I think you're totally hot, Timmy."

"I feel the same way, Scott. I thought about you every night last week... wondering what it would be like to do what we just did" Timmy replied. "Wondering if you would want to do stuff with someone like me."

"Someone like what?" Scott asked.

"You, know, like the way I was born." Timmy suggested, his eyes down.

"Timmy, I don't care about all that...Sorry, that came out totally wrong...I do care about how it affects you , but I'm just glad you were able to let go and have fun with me, without that stuff getting in the really turn me on...and I hope you liked it as much as I did.

"Scott, it was awesome...I've never kissed anyone before, and that was my first time going down on a boy, too."

"I don't know what to say... I'm honored and any time you want more, I'm game."

With that, the boys entered the pond and swam for awhile, horsing around and enjoying themselves until the sound of another vehicle put them on alert.

"Who is it?' Timmy asked

"Could by Dad or Sammy or Uncle Ray" Scott said.

"Shouldn't we get dressed ?" Timmy wondered

"Nah, they all come here to skinny dip too" Scott answered.

It turned out to be Sammy, Scott's older brother. He parked next to the truck Scott and Timmy had driven, and got out. He was the same height as Scott, but somewhat heavier, and had only a pair of cutoffs and cowboy boots on. He took the boots and shorts off, exposing a body similar to Scott's but with a bit more hair on his pubes, and a light dusting of hair on his calves. His penis was circumcised, like Scott's, and like his brother, was very long flaccid. Timmy guessed 6 inches at least.

"Wow, you guys aren't modest at all" Timmy observed, instantly feeling a bit hypocritical, given what he and Scott had done earlier...

"Nope" Scott said, as Sammy waded into the pond, submerging his enormous periscope.

"Hey, dudes" He said, and offered Timmy his hand "Sammy" He said, taking Timmy's hand, not waiting for introductions.

"Hi, I'm Timmy" Sammy smiled at Timmy and said

"I figured you guys would head for the best spot on the farm when you took off" He had the same habit of constantly grinning that his younger brother had.

"Yup" Scott said. "What are the folks up to?' he asked.

"Dad and Isaac are firing up the grill for lunch, they want you to head back to the house in a bit."

Scott decided to take advantage of his brother's nudity, and have a bit of fun at Timmy's expense.

"I told Timmy here that big ones run in the family, and he called bullshit when I said you had an 8 incher.." Scott said with a huge smile, watching Timmy for his reaction, which was one of shock,

"I, I did n-..." Timmy began to blubber and protest.

"That sounds like a challenge, little better go get that tape measure" Sammy said, with a big smile, looking right at Timmy. Timmy could tell he was being set up, so he decided to relax and enjoy the show that was unfolding.

Sammy was stroking himself in the waist deep water, and Timmy could make out flashes of his fist in the murky, muddy pond water, but couldn't see much else going on. Scotty waded back in, his own long penis flapping side to side, and the two younger boys waited for the 15 year old to finish working his organ to erection.

In a few minutes, Sammy said " Here goes", and waded into knee deep water. Timmy gasped as the brothers laughed. Scott took his brothers penis and held it out straight as he laid the yellow steel tape measure along the top of the member.

"Eight and a quarter inches" Scott announced, and Timmy just stared with his mouth agape.

"That's insane!" Timmy exclaimed. "How old were you when you knew it was bigger than normal?" Timmy asked.

`When I was in a baseball camp in the city when I was 12, and my cock was a big as the coaches and men in the showers." Sammy said.

Sammy looked down and noticed Timmy's own member, as they were now standing in shallower water, "Whoa, Timmy, you have a damned thick dick, dude! How big around is that hog?" Scott got out of the pond and plucked a long blade of grass, and carried it back to where they were standing and said, "Scientific research...we must have data!" with that, he wrapped the blade of grass around Timmy's shaft and "marked" the spot where the strip of vegetation overlapped. He checked it against the tape and said

"Wow, Timmy's as big around as I am long, hard". Sammy whistled, obviously impressed at Timmy's 6 and a half inch girth. The brothers checked their own measurements with Scott at 5 and a quarter, and Sammy at 5 and three quarters of an inch in circumference.

Timmy was still quite amazed at the lack of modesty and the easy way these brothers carried on together. Timmy wondered if there was more to this relationship than just being siblings. However, it was time to get back to the house, and the boys got dressed and Sammy left as Scott motioned Timmy to get in on the drivers side of the truck.

"Ever driven before?" Scott asked Timmy

"Nope, but I flew a plane the weekend before last" Timmy said, as he briefed Scott about the flight with Rick and Isaac.

"No shit? That's cool!" Scott gushed, obviously impressed "I guess this will be easy then"

With that, Timmy put the truck in reverse and stepped on the gas a bit hard, and the truck spun and bounced the rear end a bit before Timmy could recover and let off. The truck had started to move from the impetus, and Scott just said, "Roll into it with a steady squeeze of the foot".

"Gotcha" Timmy said, concentrating on the task. Soon they were on the way to the house, and Timmy was getting used to the steering, but the brakes were another thing, and the power assist was all too good at the job it does, making Timmy's first attempts to brake memorable. "I will have to practice that, I guess." Timmy observed.

"Well, if you come out and stay weekends with me, you can get all kinds of practice" Scott said, lightly gripping Timmy's crotch through his shorts.

"I definitely get that impression " Timmy replied with a huge smile. Timmy stopped the truck and said

"Kiss me again, Scotty" and Scott moved over and kissed his new friend, passionately, and let his tongue explore Timmy's lips, and enter the younger boy's mouth. Timmy didn't resist, and did some exploring of Scott's mouth as well. They enjoyed this intimacy a few more minutes before they broke the kiss and continued down the road to the house.

Don and Isaac were surprised to see Timmy at the wheel as they pulled up to the front yard, parked and got out. "So how did your student driver do?" Don asked.

"Oh, he did great, Dad!" Scott said, giving Timmy a knowing wink. "In my professional opinion as a driving instructor, he needs a lot more instruction!" Scott said, drawing laughter from everyone.

"I think he wants Timmy to spend some weekends with him, Isaac" Don said, reading his youngest son perfectly.

"I think that would be good for him, too." Isaac said.

"Maybe he would like to do a camp-out with some of my other friends too" Scott suggested. He often had his friends over for camp-outs during the summer, and looked for Timmy's reaction to the suggestion

"That sounds interesting...never done that, but I'd like to" Timmy said.




While the boys had been at the pond, Isaac had filled Don in about Timmy's past, and told him he was glad that Scott had taken an interest in him, as Timmy had no real friends. Don listened to Isaac and looked off in the distance and said

"He seems to be a great kid deserves what he's been through. I would be bitter and pissed at the world, I think."

"He is a super kid...and I am working really hard with him to not be bitter. He's not ready to let go and forgive his dad yet, but he doesn't want this eating away at him either.. He knows. I'm just trying to show him what normal life is as much as I can. I really appreciate you inviting us over and giving him a chance to be with people his own age." Isaac said.

"Ah, it's really Scott you should thank. Since their mother died, I give the two of them a lot of slack, and let them make their own decisions and plans. Scotty and Sam are both mature enough that I let them take on responsibilities and activities I think they can handle, and I trust Scott's people senses. He liked you two at first sight, and wanted to invite you; I'm glad he did, too."

"I was impressed that he was driving yesterday, and I watched how the men seemed to accept him at his age." Isaac said.

"That's farm life. A lot of boys a lot younger than Scotty have pulled. If you can do the job, age doesn't matter." Don said. "Hell, you should see Scotty drive that Kenworth. He turned ten and rode my ass for a year until I finally let him learn to drive that thing... if he wasn't only 13 years old, he could take and pass the commercial drivers license test."



Now, with the boys back from the pond and all accounted for, it was time to eat. Burgers, brautwurst, corn on the cob, baked beans, BBQ pork chops, it seemed the men had gone all out. Everyone ate until they were stuffed. Scott's farmhouse had a large veranda on three sides, and there were two porch swings about six feet wide on the front of the house, one on each side of the front door. There were lawn furniture cushions on each swing, and the two boys each lay down on a swing and took a nap. After an hour or two, Sammy woke them up and said "Come on!" tossing an old football between his hands. Timmy and Scott followed Sammy into the yard, and Sammy said "okay, we each take a turn trying to get the ball past the other two...its full tackle" Timmy and Scott nodded and it was on. Sammy clutched the ball to his chest and said "Call Hike!, Scotty".

Scotty spaced Timmy about five feet off his right side and said "Ten!...Nine!...Hike!" and Sammy took off trying to get around Timmy and Scott, who whirled on him and dragged him down on the grass almost immediately. Scott sat on top of Sammy and tickled him, encouraging Timmy to join in. Sammy was shrieking and laughing hysterically, then the "down" was over and they stood up to re-form for the next rusher. Sammy tossed the ball to Scotty, and stood next to Timmy this time.

"Call Hike!, Timmy!" Scott said

"Thirteen!...Twenty-Four!...Six!...Hike!" Timmy bellowed, and immediately dove for Scott's legs, just missing a hold by inches.

He got to his feet and chased after Scotty who was trying to outrun Sammy, who had a grip on the back of Scott's belt and shorts. One giant tug, and Scotty ceased all forward motion, and went down in front of his brother and Timmy, who had just arrived at the scene. They tickled Scotty, who screamed and gasped through laughter, trying to protect his vulnerable ribs and armpits.

Now it was Timmy's turn...He received the ball from Scotty, and they lined up again.

"Sammy, call Hike!' Timmy said, and without delay or warning, Sammy screamed "Hike" and roared across the yard directly at Timmy, who dove between Sammy's legs and began to get up to run, when Scott intercepted him at half crouch and took him down. The tickling was merciless, and Timmy screeched like a little girl watching a Dracula movie, and cackled with laughter when the brothers found the places on Timmy`s neck that drove him crazy.

The game continued for another forty five minutes or so, until Scotty got tackled and tried to scream "Stop! during the tickling. Timmy and Sammy finally saw blood in Scott's mouth and immediately stopped and helped him sit up,

"Bro, what happened?' Sammy said, concern in his eyes for his little brother.

"Oh, shit! I should have taken out my retainer...Its my fault" Scott said.

"Man, I'm sorry if I hit you" Timmy offered.

"Nah, it happened when my face hit the ground during that tackle" Scott explained. "You guys didn't do anything, I'll be fine, It's just a cut inside the lip."

"Well, you should suck an ice cube to keep that from swelling up" Sammy said. "We should get some ice tea anyway".

With that, they went in the house and iced Scott's lip and made tea for three. It was late afternoon, and time for Isaac and Timmy to get back to the city. Plans were made to bring Timmy to the farm for a weekend stay, and they thanked their hosts for a wonderful time, and said their goodbyes.

As they drove away down the farm road into the early evening, Isaac looked over at Timmy, and said

"Did you have a good time today, Champ?" Timmy looked at Isaac and smiled and said,

"The best!" Timmy leaned over and gave Isaac a peck on the cheek "I had a great time, big brother!"