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Boys in the hood.


This story is not real. It never happened.

All said is fake, you know make believe.



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This is a future event that happened in the year 2376.


The boy is called Rylan. He is 12 years old and has a portal in his bedroom. He can travel back in time but not into the future. So where does Rylan live. He has a special home in the city of Armdramada. The world is not as it was until a time when a comet hit the earth and changed how it looked. The portal was formed when the comet hit earth and after a long time opened a portal into the past for Rylan.


Why was he picked to have a portal is unknown. But Rylan had a special person contact him explaining why he and only he is able to use the portal. It took some time for Rylan to get used to the portal and now has visited different years in the past and has seen things that would feel so different to him. Today Rylan is going to what was called the United States. The city is called New York. When Rylan travels back into time he is given clothing and cash that he will need. Also he can adsorb food that he has never tasted until his first visit back in time. Today he is travelling to the year 2010.


Last chapter ended with:


"It is time for me to leave and here is your payment for your time.' Rylan said as he hands each boy an envelope filled with cash. Rylan then tells the boys to leave and thanks them for their time. After paying for his hotel room and hands a cash payment to the front desk he heads to the portal door and heads home.


Chapter 2 Living the high life.


Rylan laid on his bed thinking how lucky he is to travel back in time. He also likes what he does with boys his age. Yes sex at 12 years old is the high life for a teen boy. His lust for sex is how he enjoys his sexual nature with boys his age.


"How are you Rylan?" His servant asked him while he ate his dinner. "It was great Jeeves, I had a lot of fun and I am ready to hit the town and have some great sex with a few boys." Rylan grinned. "I see and where are you heading this time?" Jeeves the robot asked. "I am heading to Las Vegas, it was a city where you could gamble and enjoy loads of fun things there and I found a private all boys sex club there." Rylan said.


"A private sex club, what happens there?" Jeeves enquired. "It's where boys hang out at a top rated hotel and all the boys there are 12 years old and enjoy having sex." Rylan replied. "The year that this is going on?" Jeeves wanted to know. "2022, it was a great year for sex." Rylan sniggered.


"Ok then enjoy your time there son." Jeeves said as he rolled to his service station and recharges his battery. Ryan goes to his room and then gets ready to head to the portal. In a flash Rylan is outside the Billing Hotel for boys. "Welcome to the Billing's hotel, just head to the main desk." The front door man said as he tipped his hat.


The front doorman didn't allow any one in who was not 12 years old. All the staff are older teens but didn't deal with the boys in a sexual way. "Welcome to the Billing's hotel may I take your security card please." The teen boy asked Rylan. Rylan did some research on the Billing's hotel and had all the required things he would need to stay at the hotel.


"Your room is on the top floor, here is your room card." The manager of the hotel said as Rylan grabbed his bags and headed to his room. There he undressed and relaxed on his bed seeing photos of all the boys who entered the hotel. That is where you can book a boy for sex and ask if the boy is interested in some fun.


The large TV screen is blinking as new boys faces were seen on the TV. His own image is now blinking on the TV screen and he chuckles as he sees himself on the TV. A few boys have put in requests for Rylan to some boy fun. "Hi my name is Cody and I would love to meet you sometime." Cody said in a message to Rylan.


In the photo is a boy naked and hard. He is circumcised and his penis is 4 inches hard. "I will get back to you real soon Cody." Rylan said on the message system. Rylan wanted to check the naked boys in the pool so he grabbed his card and headed to the pool at the top of the hotel.


There he grabbed a long towel and sat in a chair seeing loads of naked boys enjoying their time in and out of the pool. "Here is your drink sir, please enjoy the snacks." A teen boy said as he hands out drinks and snacks to the boys who just arrived at the pool. The pool attendants are naked and Rylan sees all are cut like him.


"Hey there, you look a little lost." Remy said as he sits next to Rylan. "Just seeing what's here." Rylan replied. Remy is cut and has a few pubes around the top of his penis. "So do you like what you see?' Remy asked. `I do and it looks like I will enjoy myself here." Rylan grinned.


"Well if you want any fun just look me up and we can get it on." Remy grinned as he showed off his erect dick that is bobbing up and down. "Thanks, I sure will." Rylan said as he sipped on his drink. The only way for a boy to ask for sex is via the computer where you put in your request.


That way you could see the boys and see if they turn you on. Boys could say they are interested in some fun but can't say sex in front of a boy. It's a weird way of doing things but it is the best way of dealing with a boy. After Rylan has relaxed by the pool he heads back to his room where he sees that 20 boys have put in requests for sex and have shown their boy toys erect and soft and with shots of cum.


"Oh wow, that is a powerful shot of cum that boy has." Rylan said as he watches all the videos of boys who want to have sex with him. Rylan had made his own video he sent to the hotel where all the boys staying there could he how his penis works and how much cum he can make.


"Hi Cody, you are welcome to come and visit me?" Rylan said on his video chat. In a few minutes Cody is standing outside of Rylan's room and heads in seeing Rylan with a hard on. "I see that you are ready for some fun.' Cody said as he sits on the bed and asks Rylan if he can feel his hard erection.


After a quick feel the two boys sit and watch a few videos of boys enjoying some boy sex. All the boys send their videos to the private channel where all the boys can watch some dirty fun. Rylan was thinking if he wanted to send a video of his sexual fun with a boy.


"You have a nice cut dick there Rylan' I would love to have it in me sometime." Cody said as he started to jerk Rylan's cut cock. "Oh you will my friend, just enjoy playing with my dick for now and I will get it in you real soon." Rylan moaned. Rylan then jerked Cody's cock for a while and then said it was time for some fucking.


A quick squirt of lube and Rylan is ball's deep in Cody's hole. He sure loved it when a boy asked him to fuck his ass. "Yes, oh yes, you sure know how to fuck a boy." Cody gasped as he felt Rylan ram his boy hole. Rylan can hold off squirting and he has fucked a boy for 20 minutes before sending his load deep into the boy he is fucking.


"Please fill me Rylan, cum in me." Cody pleaded. It was 15 minutes later where Rylan cummed and shot his load. Cody could feel his ass filling with hot teen cum. Rylan has just turned off the camera and thanks Cody for his ass.


It was two hours later that Rylan turned on the computer and pressed the button saying he is now available for some sexual activities. Over 100 boys had put in requests after seeing the video Rylan sent to the main viewer and he watched about 20 videos before seeing another boy for some sex.


The next boy to visit Rylan is Rex. He is a cute boy that Rylan wanted to have sex with and sent Rex a welcome visit to his room. As Rylan sat on his bed a waiter arrived with some food and drinks.


There Rylan checked his dick seeing it was clean and ready for more sexual activities. "Hi there you must be Rex, come in and sit down." Rylan said seeing the blonde head boy walk into his room. His cut dick is dangling between his legs and is about 4 and half inches long. "I have ordered some food as I am a bit hungry." Rylan remarked as he grabbed a sandwich and sips on his coke.


Rex does the same and his eyes are looking at Rylan's cut member. A drip of pre-cum is dribbling out of Rylan's pee hole. Rex quickly puts his finger onto Rylan's pee hole and swipes the clear cum and licks it off his fingers.


"Oh wow, you sure have some sweet cum there." Rex announced. "Wait till you get a mouthful of it." Rylan giggled. "I can't wait to taste it." Rex quoted. After the two boys finished their snacks Rex got onto his knees and in a flash sucked in Rylan's pecker and sucked hard for 5 minutes. Rylan felt that Rex is doing a great job of sucking his dick that he sends his load of cum down Rex's throat.


"Kiss me please' I want to have your lips touch mine." Rylan said to Rex. "You are a sexy boy Rylan' I would love to kiss you." Rex said as both boys laid side by side and enjoyed a ten minute kissing session. Rylan loved how a boy kissed and Rex is one boy that Rylan wanted to fuck. "You want to stay with me tonight?" Rylan asked Rex.


"Yes oh yes, I would love to stay with you tonight." Rex grinned. "Right then we can do more but for now I want to swim in the pool and grab some balls." Rylan told Rex. "That's fine with me." Rex said as he licks the drops of clear cum off Rylan's helmet. The two boys head to the pool and jump in seeing 100 naked boys enjoying the cool water.


Some ass grabbing is going on and Rylan has a feel or two of hot boy's balls. "Hey are you Rylan, I watched how you kissed a boy and I was shooting my load into my friend's boy hole." A boy said to Rylan. "Thanks, I do enjoy kissing a boy." Rylan replied.


Time flew by and it was time for the boys to head in and grab some dinner. There in the main dining room is 200 naked boys enjoying their meals. Talking about their sexual activities is now on as the boys tell their friends on what they have done so far. Rylan hears all about his first video he sent and how the action had many boys squirting their loads of cum.


"Oh man, I am so hard just looking at you." Steve moaned as he checked Rylan's soft cut member. "You will get it on in no time as a lot of boys here would love to take you on." Rylan said to Steve. "Yes and I would say that it has been a lot of fun so far." Steve grinned as he stroked his cock a few times and then allowed his cock to soften.


Dinner is almost over when a teen boy grabbed the mic and said that a lot of hot boy sex videos have been sent and no more can be sent until the next day. The announcement over Rylan and Rex walk to the games room and play on a video game for an hour before heading back to Rylan's room.


"It's my turn to suck you off Rex and I want to taste your cum." Rylan said to Rex. "Ok, let it rock and roll." Rex sniggered as he quickly boned up and felt Rylan's lips around his stiff cock. Rylan has many memories about his fun times sucking cocks and his lips have done him justice.


Rex is panting as he feels his cum about to explode. "Oh fuck, I am about to cum Rylan." Rex groaned as he fucked Rylan's lips feeling his cum exploding out of his dick. Rylan loves how cum tastes and he sucks in all of Rex's load. The sweet taste of cum now down his throat Rylan relaxes with a drink while he feels his balls filling with cum.


The night of sex is what Rylan enjoys and he said to Rex that he would love to visit him sometime in the coming months. The next day Rylan checks his computer and is seeing over a 100 requests for sex. He sees that the boys have sent him videos of their sexual activities and he feels his cock getting hard.


"Oh man, this place is full of sexy boys." Rylan said to himself as he heads down to grab some breakfast. Boys all aged 12 years old are walking naked to the dining room and sit down ready to eat some breakfast. A few boys tell Rylan that they have enjoyed his sex videos and said that they all had exciting sex that night.


"Hi Rylan, how is your stay here." The manager said to Rylan. "It's been great so far." Rylan replied. "That's great, we have been blown away with all the requests for your body so we have had to put a limit to your requests as you will be busy having sex all day and night if we allowed these boys to have sex with you so you can block or hold off requests for now and catch up on the boys you like." The manager said as the computer has been over worked dealing with all the requests for Rylan.


"Yes, I have had many boys asking me for sex and it would take me months to do them all." Rylan joked. The manager then stopped all requests until Rylan resettled his requests. After breakfast all the boys went to the pool or to the games room to relax before their day of sex begins.


A boy stood out to Rylan. He is uncut and only a few boys who are not cut are staying in the hotel. He sends a request to the boy seeing his video of docking with cut boys blowing a ton of cum. In seconds the boy sends his reply that he would love to see Rylan and have some hot sex with him.


"Here is your lunch sir, I will come and take your dishes after you have finished." The room service waiter said to Rylan. It was then that the uncut boy arrived and entered Rylan's room. "HI, I am Tony and thanks for the request." Tony said in his British accent. "Your welcome, come and sit down as I have ordered some lunch." Rylan announced.


"Thanks, I love that you sent me a request as I have sent you over 20 requests and I was told that your request is on hold at the moment." Tony told Rylan. "Yes, I have been sent so many requests that I am overwhelmed with them." Rylan said as he ate his lunch.


After lunch Rylan gets his fingers onto Tony's foreskin and slowly peels the skin back seeing a bright pink knob appear. "Wow, never seen a knob that pink before." Rylan said as he rubs his finger over Tony's pee slit. A small amount of clear cum slips out of the pee hole and Rylan gets his first taste of Tony's cum.


"I love the taste; it's not that sweet but tasty." Rylan grinned. "I have a lot of cum in my balls and ready for you to enjoy." Tony said as he feels Rylan's cut knob and said it feels so soft on his fingers. "I want to dock with you and shoot my cum into your foreskin and then suck you off." Rylan quoted.


"Yeah, I heard that you Americans sure love uncut boys." Tony said as he skinned his foreskin back a few times to stretch his skin to dock with Rylan. "It's how you skin it back that gets us going." Rylan said as he lined up his helmet ready to be covered by Tony's foreskin.


Then Rylan began to dock with Tony's foreskin, he pushed his helmet in and out of Tony's skin. He sure loved how it felt to have a foreskin on his knob. He said to Jeeves that he loves heading to countries that has uncut boys there.


It was 10 minutes later that Rylan sucked the mixed cum and tasted his and Tony's cum. Tony is licking Rylan's helmet and licked the knob clean. That night Rylan fucked Tony for a good hour enjoying his time with the British boy. The week flew by and Rylan is ready to head home. He paid for his room and all the food he ate and said he sure enjoyed his time at the sexing hotel.


"Oh look at my sexy son, he's home again." Jeeves said as he welcomes Rylan home. "It was a blast Jeeves, I cummed a lot and now I need to relax and refill my balls." Rylan grinned as he removed his clothes and put them into the portal to be sent back in time.


"Your dick is looking well after what you have been doing, can I check it for you son?" Jeeves asked. "Yep, take a look." Rylan said as Jeeves pulled out a thin tube and inserted into Rylan's pee slit and inspected the inside of Rylan's penis. No infections could be found. No sexual diseases are found so Jeeves pushes some fluids into Rylan's dick soothing the insides and making sure nothing is in there.


"That feels great Jeeves' I do like it when you finger my insides of my dick." Rylan said as he looks on seeing the small thin tube being removed from his pee slit. "I do want to make sure you don't catch any diseases as you never know who you are fucking." Jeeves said as he gets Rylan a drink.


A few friends of Rylan have left some messages for him so Rylan sits down to see who is sending him messages. "Hi Rylan, how are you, I have missed seeing you so when are you home again." Cooper said in his message. Rylan sends a message to Cooper telling him that he is home.


The viewer then lights up and Cooper's face appears. "Hi Cooper, how are you?" Rylan said as he sips on his drink. "Great that you are home, can I come over to visit you." Cooper asked. "Sure just come in without knocking." Rylan quoted. In 10 minutes Cooper arrives and walks into the house. Jeeves made sure that the door opened when Cooper walked to the door.


"Hey baby boy, what's up?" Rylan said after he kissed Steve on the lips. Both boys are naked and rubbing peckers together as a welcome sign. "Just missed being around you baby." Steve panted as he felt his erection rubbing on Rylan's erection. "Ho, what's going on here?" Jeeves said as he rolls in seeing the two boys rubbing their cocks together.


"Just rubbing one out Jeeves. Rylan giggled as the boys sat down showing off their hard on's to Jeeves. `I can see that so you better lock those sticks of yours before you poke someone's eyes out.' Jeeves sniggered as he placed some drinks in front of the boys.


"I sure like being with you Rylan, I know you have been away but why do this portal thing?" Steve wanted to know. "It's how I can see other boys and have some fun. It is like having sex with different boys in different times and wow have I enjoyed some yummy cocks." Rylan quoted.


"Yeah and I have missed sucking on this." Steve grinned as he rubbed around Rylan's helmet feeling the wetness of Rylan's pee slit. "I will be doing some work around the house so you boys go and play outside." Jeeves said as he started to vacuum the floors. "Looks like Jeeves will be busy so how about we go for a walk to see some of the guys at the center?" Steve asked Rylan.


"Sounds great to me." Rylan remarked. The two boys put on their outdoor clothes and headed to the center. It is a place where boys can hang out enjoy some sex or play inter galactic games. After a short walk both boys undressed and placed their clothes into the storage lockers and then headed to see if any of their friends are in the sexing room.


"Looks like Wally is banging all the boys here." Rylan sniggered as he feels a teen boys balls while checking out the action in the sexing room. Steve is boned up and wants a younger boy to drain his balls. "Hey Rob come and suck me off will you?" Steve said to Rob. Rob is 11 years old and loves to drink boy cum.


He can't make any cum just yet but loves to drain older boy's cum. "Yep, sit there and I will take you." Rob said as he wipes his lips clean ready to suck Steve off. It was quite busy in the center as a lot of boys are ready to have their balls drained. Ages of the boys in the center are 10 to 14 years old. All the boys are cut and have no pubes. Yes the boys don't grow pubes as it was affecting the boys and in a way that the scientists had developed a way of stopping boys growing pubes.


"How are you Rylan, nice to see you here, have you been busy." He asked Wally as he finished pulling out of a 10 year old butt hole. "Yep, just plugged my 5 hole and my cock needs another hole to fill in so how about you give me your hole?" Wally asked Rylan. "Not today Wally but you can have me some other time." Rylan said.


Rylan wants Steve to fuck him and won't have any other boy fuck his until he has had Steve in his hole. So the two boys head back home and Jeeves is waiting for them with a drink and asked what the boys did at the center.


As Rylan enjoyed his time with Steve, Rylan wanted to visit some countries that he wanted to see. He made sure that Jeeves has been sent to the robotic center for a full work-up. That means that Jeeves has had some upgrades and has been updated. That took a few day to retro-fit the latest attachments to Jeeves. Rylan stayed with Steve for those days.


"Jeeves I am going now so you relax and enjoy your free time while I am away." Rylan said as he headed to the portal and waited to be transported to where he wanted to go. Quin' Rylan's boyfriend was away with his robotic friend visiting a nudist resort. So Rylan will check on him in a weeks' time.


"The year 2020, the place is Stockholm Sweden." Rylan said to the portal. In a flash Rylan arrives in Stockholm Sweden. There he meets up with a local nudist club that has a bus ready to transport all the boys to the newest nudist camp.


"Welcome to Camp Swen, this is an all-boys nudist camp so wait by the bus while I call your name." The camp leader said as he shouted out boys names and told them their cabin numbers. Rylan gets his cabin number and heads with other boys to cabin 5. There Rylan sees that the room had 20 beds and he grabs the bed on the top bunk before anyone else grabs that bunk bed.


Rylan was now naked and checking all the other boys there seeing that most of the boys are uncut. Only 5 other boys are cut like himself. "Hi, you are Rylan, how did you end up here in Sweden?" Benny asked him. "I won a prize to attend this camp." Rylan replied. Benny is checking out Rylan's cut knob and licks his lips seeing a cut boy in front of him.


"Ok, get your towels and come with me as we have to do a swim check first." Fred said. He is the camp training leader for cabin 5. The large lake front is where you can use any water craft or use the outdoor pool built in the lake.


"Now those who can swim please line up and swim 10 meters for me please." Fred asked the boys. All the boys quickly entered the water and swam the required length. After all the boys received their swim badges the boys hooked up their tags on the large board and then took off to grab a boat or go for a swim. Rylan decided to have a swim first due to the hot weather.


"Hi, you are in my cabin." Jalon said as he swam next to Rylan. "Yes, I did see you close by my bunk bed." Rylan remarked. Jalon is uncut and has never seen a cut boy until now. IT is his second time at a nudist camp. His parents are nudists and have shown Jalon how it feels to be a nudist ever since he was born.


"I enjoy coming to nudist camps as you get to meet new boys and enjoy a lot of fun with them all." Jalon grinned. Rylan knew what fun Jalon was talking about and knew he would end up in Jalon's butt very soon.


"Yes I won a prize here and it's my first time visiting Sweden." Rylan told Jalon. "Cool, you will like it here." Jalon said as he feels a hand on his bum. It was a boy he knew from his last visit to this camp. "Yordie, you dirty boy." Jalon said as he swam away from Yordie. Both boys played in the water and asked Rylan to join in the game of tag. Another boy called Vanward also joined in and all the boys played tag until it is time for some lunch.


"He come and sit with us Rylan." Jalon said to Rylan. "Ok, I will." Rylan grinned seeing that all the boys liked him and he would enjoy his time with these boys. Lunch is meat with cheese and a salad. Orange juice and apple juice is handed out and all the boys enjoy their meal.


"So how do you like our special camp Rylan?" Vanward asked him. "I love it, I like the lake and I will go boating real soon." Rylan replied. "Yes we have loads of small boats here and you will need someone to come with you as you will need a partner so ask me anytime." Vanward said.


Rylan said he would ask him if he wanted to go boating. All the other boys said the same thing to Rylan so he just needed to ask any of them to be his partner. Lunch now over Rylan and the other boys walked to the canteen were you could grab some candy or cold drinks and enjoy them in your room or outdoors.


"You will love our candy here as it is locally made." Benny said to Rylan as the boys grabbed what they wanted and returned to the cabin and relaxed enjoying their candy. In the nude I some of the cabin boys pulling on their foreskins. I didn't believe that these boys would do this in the cabin. Then Benny sat close by me and said that those boys have to pull on their foreskins a lot due to they have tight foreskins and need to stretch their skins.


"I can't do that as I am circumcised." Rylan said to Benny. "Yeah I noticed that." Benny chuckled. He told Rylan that he had to do the stretching exercises on his foreskin when he was younger but now he said that his skin can slide all the way back without any problems.


"10 more minutes exercising your foreskins' make sure you stretch your skin as far as you can go." Fred yells out. Rylan keeps his eyes on the boys seeing their red knobs appear and then get covered up by the foreskin. He gets hard and has a hard time not moving his head while the boys fiddle with their foreskins.


"You like watching boys pulling on their skins?" Jalon asked Rylan. "Uh, what did you ask?" Rylan said as he quickly looks at Jalon face. "You were staring at the boys doing their exercises stretching their skins, did you like watching them pulling on their foreskins?" Jalon asked Rylan.


"Oh wow did I, it's something I have not seen before." Rylan gapped. His hard on is now bobbing between his legs. "How about we take care of your problem in the bathroom?" Jalon said seeing that Rylan is hard. "Oh yes, I think I will need to do that." Rylan remarked as the two boys headed to the large bathroom and stood in front of the urinals and began to jerk off.


"You can play with my foreskin Rylan." Jalon said as he waited to see if Rylan is gay. Rylan in a flash grabbed Jalon's dick and gently pulled the foreskin back. There he spotted that Jalon's knob is purple looking. His knob is bullet shaped. "Grab mine and jerk me off." Rylan said as he began to Jerk Jalon's foreskin and enjoyed seeing the purple knob appear and then get covered by the loose foreskin.


"Oh look at those boys fiddling with their dicks. "Glover said as he stood next to the urinals. "You do this every day with Bryon so get a grip Glover." Sven said as he pulls his foreskin back ready to pee. "Yes but we don't do it in public." Glover replied as he too skins back ready to pee.


"Faster Jalon, I need to cum." Rylan said as he continues to jerk Jalon's foreskin. In minutes both boys cum and squirt their loads onto the urinal wall. After getting soft the boys go and wash their hands and then head back to their beds.


It is now dinner time and all the boys walk to the large hall were dinner is waiting for them. "It smells like meatballs and hamburgers for dinner." Benny said as the boys find a table and sit down. All the boys sing the national anthem before eating. Then food is brought out.


"I hear that you and Jalon had it on in the bathroom?" Vanward asked Rylan. "Yes we did as Rylan was hard seeing those boys skinning back doing their exercises." Jalon responded. "I do get hard at times, it happens a lot to me." Benny said as he ate his hamburger. "It happens to all boys you dummy." Yordie announced. "See here look at me, I have a boner right now." Vanward said as he showed off his erection to all the boys.


Rylan could see that Vanward has a shorter foreskin when hard and that his helmet is sticking out of his foreskin. His pee hole is on show. "Oh god Vanward put that thing a way, no one wants to see your knob poking out of its hiding place." Jalon said as he hit Vanward's dick getting it to go down.


"Ouch, that hurt you dickhead." Vanward moaned. "Well no one wants to see your helmet poking out of its hoodie." Jalon giggled. "I do." Rylan said without any fear. "You will get to see loads of boys skinning back when we use the showers tonight." Benny quipped. "Yeah about 15 boys skinning back." Vanward responded.


So dinner is enjoyable with a sideshow of uncut boys fooling around. Rylan loves Sweden.


After dinner the boys walked to the camp fire area where singing is the norm. No skits were done, just singing. Rylan has never sung until now and liked his singing voice. "Gee that was so cool' you all sure like to sing." Rylan said after the camp fire. "We all like to sing just like all Swedes do." Benny said as the boys headed inside ready to take their showers.


The shower block is open and has 20 shower heads. The boys grab their kids and walk to the showers and start the water flowing. Soap and shampoo is flowing and so is Rylan as he checks the uncut boys washing their foreskins. He quickly bones up and doesn't care if anyone sees him hard.


"Stroke your cocks, stroke your cocks, everyone stroke their cocks. The boys sang and this made Rylan giggle as he too tried to stroke is missing foreskin. "This is the camp song we all sing as we wash our dicks before bed." Vanward said as he soaped his foreskin and pulled the skin back and forth to wash under his hoodie.


"Well that's sure made everyone happy." Rylan chuckled. It was then time to relax for an hour before the lights are turned off. The black curtains are closed over the windows even though the sun was still going down the time is now 9pm. Rylan never heard how the sun could be still be shining as it didn't feel that late.


The next day Rylan went to the bathroom to do his normal duties. After taking a dump he washes up and cleans his teeth. The smell of waffles and ham made him hungry. "Hi Rylan, sleep well?" Fred asked him while he took a shower. "Have to get used to the sun still being up after 8pm." Rylan said as he takes a quick pee.


"Yes that is why we have black curtains on the windows due to that we are closer to the north pole." Fred replied as he skinned his 15 year old foreskin back and used some soap to wash under his hoodie. That had Rylan trying not to bone up. He quickly left and grabbed his cap and waited for his new friends to walk with him to the dining hall.


"You want to take a boat out after breakfast?" vanward asked Rylan. "Yeah, love to do that." Rylan replied. The boys sat down and enjoyed their ham and waffles. Cold milk drank then the camp director told the boys what venues are open this morning. Boating will start after breakfast.


"You looked like you had fun last night; did you like our dick song?" Jalon asked Rylan. "I sure did, it was so funny to hear." Rylan giggled. "It has been the camp song for almost 20 years and all the boys who come here will quickly learn it after their first night here." Vanward said as the boys took their plates to be washed up. The short walk to the lake quickly went by.


All the boys grabbed their swim tags and grabbed a row boat or a canoe or sailboat and headed out. Vanward grabbed a sailboat and told Rylan what to do. All the boys went to the center of the lake and dropped anchor. "Suck me please Rylan, this is where all the new boys get to suck boys without anyone seeing what we are doing here." Vanward said as he opened his legs as Rylan lowered his head towards Vanward's penis.


Benny and the other boys looked on as they watched Rylan's head bob up and down on Vanward's penis. Rylan could feel Vanward's foreskin rolling on and off his helmet. He sped up feeling happy to suck off his new best friend. "I am cumming Rylan, oh fuck I am about to squirt." Vanward moaned as he bucked his legs as he cummed into Rylan's mouth.


All the boys cheered seeing that Rylan his just been accepted by all the boys. It was their best prank they had pulled on Rylan. Rylan just knew he had just been pranked. `Thanks my friend, you know how to make a boy real happy." Vanward said as he went down on Rylan's cut member and sucked hard.


The boats were returned after an hour and then all the boys went for a swim. "I think that Rylan will fit in here." Jalon said as he felt his foreskin slide back while Benny stoked his hoodie. "He's a great friend and he loves having sex with us all." Vanward said in Swedish.


It was an hour of fun swimming and doing some groping in the water. All the boys took turns to grab Rylan's butt and balls. He knew this was done with fun involved. Then it was getting close to lunch time. This lunch is special to most Swedish boys as a serving of pickled herring is enjoyed. That is not what Rylan wanted though as he did smell the pickled herring and said he would pass.


He did eat some grilled cheese sandwiches. "How was your fishy lunch, I did pass as I don't eat fish." Rylan told his friends. "We only do this one day at camp as the herring as almost gone in the seas so we only get to do this one time per year". Benny reported.


`I understand so do you also eat weird things as pickled herring?" Rylan asked. "No' just the fish now." Yordie remarked. "I did like the ham and waffles, they were the best." Rylan stated. "Tomorrow at breakfast we have pancakes and bacon strips for breakfast." Yordie announced. "Flapjacks as you Americans call them." Benny quoted.


"I can't wait to try them." Rylan grinned. Lunch now over the boys walked to the craft work area and sorted out what they were going to make. It was decided to make some new wallets to use. Rylan has never made a wallet so he did ask for some help.


As dinner time approached the boys finished up doing their craft work and relaxed for a few hours before heading for dinner. "I think we are eating a thick stew for dinner as I know it is one of our Swedish specials." Yordie announced. "He has a special nose that can smell an oily rag 20 paces away." Benny quipped.


"He can smell what boy who has cummed the night before and has not cleaned his dick." Vanward said. "That's true, I was by one boy who just cummed and didn't bother cleaning his dick and Yordie sniffed in the air and told the boy he just wanked off and had cum under his foreskin." Jalon noted.


"Now that's hard to believe." Rylan remarked. So the boys quickly put on a display and had one boy squirt his load and had Yordie and Rylan walk down the line and sniffed each boy. In the end Yordie said that the forth boy had cummed and Rylan tried saying it was the 2nd boy who had cummed. So all the boys skinned back and yes the forth boy still had fresh cum under his foreskin.


"That was so hard to believe that you could do that?" Rylan quoted. "Yordie is a spanker on spunk." Benny quipped. "Ok, well I think I will need to have a nap now as I am worn out." Rylan said as he walked to the cabin and quickly fell asleep. It was 8pm when the cabin leader yelled out for everyone to take a shower.


Rylan grabbed his shower gear and walked with his fellow cabin chums and took a long shower. It was 9pm and lights out was at 9.30pm. "Well this has been a great summer camp but I have to leave tomorrow as I have to be back home to see some of my friends so thanks for being my friend." Rylan told his special friends.


Rylan left the camp knowing he made a lot of new friends and he would look them up in a month's time. "I am home Jeeves." Rylan yells as he exits the portal. "My son has returned home and he looks fresh and happy." Jeeves said as he sets a drink in front of Rylan. The drink is a special mixture of herbs and juice that supplies Rylan with a protection from infections from things he has touched or eaten.


"I have been busy with your friends. They have been asking when you would be back home." Jeeves told his son. "Yes I know some of them have been missing me so I will make sure I catch up with them all." Rylan told the robotic butler.


After a sonic shower Rylan went to bed and slept for a few hours. Dinner is now ready and Rylan has eaten earth food from different times and still enjoys his food that his robotic friend makes for him. The next day Rylan heads to his best friend's home and visits Quin.


"Quin I here." Rylan yells as he opens the front door seeing Quin and his robotic butler playing a game on the large monitor. "Rylan you have to come and play this game with me, I just had it sent to me." Quin said as his butler gets up and heads to his docking station and recharges his batteries.


"Ok what's the game then?" Rylan askes his boyfriend. "It's called how to fuck your boyfriend." Quin giggled. "Oh I see, yes I have been real busy not to fuck you so after we play this game I will have my way with you." Rylan said as he sits down and grabs the controller and fights his way to a win on the Games station.


Both boys are naked and hard as both boys head to Quin's bedroom and in a flash Rylan is balls deep into his boyfriend's hole fucking hard and not stopping until he empties his balls. That night both boys enjoyed their time together and had plenty of hot teen sex.


End of this chapter.

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