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This is a future event that happened in the year 2376.


The boy is called Rylan. He is 12 years old and has a portal in his bedroom. He can travel back in time but not into the future. So where does Rylan live. He has a special home in the city of Armdramada. The world is not as it was until a time when a comet hit the earth and changed how it looked. The portal was formed when the comet hit earth and after a long time opened a portal into the past for Rylan.


Why was he picked to have a portal is unknown. But Rylan had a special person contact him explaining why he and only he is able to use the portal. It took some time for Rylan to get used to the portal and now has visited different years in the past and has seen things that would feel so different to him. Today Rylan is going to what was called the United States. The city is called New York. When Rylan travels back into time he is given clothing and cash that he will need. Also he can adsorb food that he has never tasted until his first visit back in time. Today he is travelling to the year 2010.


Last chapter ended with:


"Ok what's the game then?" Rylan askes his boyfriend. "It's called how to fuck your boyfriend." Quin giggled. "Oh I see, yes I have been real busy not to fuck you so after we play this game I will have my way with you." Rylan said as he sits down and grabs the controller and fights his way to a win on the Games station.


Both boys are naked and hard as both boys head to Quin's bedroom and in a flash Rylan is balls deep into his boyfriend's hole fucking hard and not stopping until he empties his balls. That night both boys enjoyed their time together and had plenty of hot teen sex.


Chapter 3 Rylan's funny moments.


Rylan is back home and has been talking to his butler Jeeves all about his visits to the countries he has been visiting in the past. Jeeves said that he has been worried about Rylan going out back into the past and said he was glad when Rylan returned home.


"I understand Jeeves' I just go to places that I know are safe as I do Gamble on the computer to find any info on Gamble about the countries I am visiting." Rylan replied. "So where are you heading this time?" Jeeves asked his son. "To the year 100 BC." Rylan grinned as he looked at Jeeves's face.


`You are not son' that is way too long in the past to visit." Jeeves announced. "I know Jeeves' I was just pulling your leg." Rylan chuckled. "Ok well where are you heading then?" Jeeves enquired. "To China, I know it's a country you would not want me to visit but I will be in the year 2100 so it's now safe there." Rylan remarked.


"I will wait till your return son, be safe and well there." Jeeves said as he rolled to his docking station and turned off awaiting Rylan's return. Rylan then heads to the portal and sets the dial to 2100 and where he wanted to be transported to.


The city of Yeung. It's about 200 miles away from the capital city.


"Rylan's translator is ready to translate anyone's voice from Chinese to English and back to Chinese. His ear piece is hidden so he can only feel or see it. He also can talk in Chinese via his translator so he is able to speak to anyone there in Yeung.


"Looks like this place is well cleaned and smells great." Rylan said as the portal appears behind a local store. Rylan's com=link he wears keeps tracks of his movements and has the portal door at the ready to open in a flash in any dangers. Some local boys see Rylan and ask what he is doing here in Yeung.


"Hi, I am here to find my long lost uncle." Rylan fibbed. "What's his name?" Wi asked Rylan. "His name in Chinese is Wang ti Chen." "Never heard of him." Wi replied. "He lived in a white brick house somewhere around here." Rylan remarked. The actual owner was indeed Chinese but not the man Rylan is looking for as he does not exist.


"Ok, I know the house but my friend's dad lives there." Cui remarked. "So take me there so that I can tell if that is my uncle then." Rylan said in Chinese. The boys take off and head to the large brick house and Rylan sees that the boys quickly talk to the owner and then report back to Rylan.


"So it looks like your uncle has not been in this house for many years as this man has been here for almost ten years now." Cui reported. "Ok, I will no longer look for him, so maybe you can tell me where I can find a place to sleep for a few nights?" Rylan asked. "You can stay with me my friend." Wi grinned. He has never had a non-Chinese boy stay in his house and looks forward to seeing Rylan naked in the hot pools.


"Oh Wi' you are so lucky." The other boys moaned. "You have to be quick to offer a place to stay here." Wi remarked. So Rylan and Wi head to a large house just a short walk from the brick house and Wi told his dad all about Rylan and why he is visiting the town.


"Ok, take your friend to your room and I will have dinner ready in a few hours' time." Wi's dad replied. Rylan has his small carry bag with him and it holds some changes of clothes. Due to the year his clothes are sorted out by the portal so he will not stand out wearing clothing not the year he is visiting.


"My room is your room." Wi grinned as he sat on his bed and patted the right side of the large bed. Rylan sits down and soon is snogging Wi on the lips. Both boys knew they wanted to have some sex and in seconds both boys are naked and hard. Wi is checking Rylan's cut cock and soon has his foreskin rolled back so he looks like he is cut.


"You like to have a fun time with another boy Wi?" Rylan said as he plays with Wi's foreskin. "OH yes, I do sex with all my friends, that is why the other boys moaned when I asked you to stay with me as they all know we have sex together." Wi grinned. "You dirty little dog." Rylan remarked as he lowered his head down over Wi's groin and sucks in the three inch uncut cock to the ball sack.


`You have done this to a lot of boys Rylan?" Wi gasped as he felt his orgasm arrive. Rylan just sucked harder until he felt no more cum squirting. "Oh yes I have done this a few times Wi." Rylan grinned as he showed his erection to Wi and nodded that it was his turn to be sucked off.


After a long night of love both boys woke up feeling a little hungry. Wi's dad is checking the food in the chiller seeing he has some eggs and ham. "Wake up sleepy head we have to get up as my dad is cooking us breakfast." Wi muttered as he removed his hand off Rylan's cock.


"Oh man that was a great night." Rylan gasped as he got out of the bed and walked to the bathroom and emptied his bladder. Soon both boys sat down and grabbed some breakfast plates and then added some food to the plates. "Nice to see that Wi has friends over for a sleep over." Wi's dad announced.


"I do have friends over dad but most of my friends want me to stay with them most weekends." Wi replied. Dad nodded his head as he passed around some fruit he just cut up. The meal now over Wi and Rylan head outside and walk to the small village and meet up with some of Wi's friends.


"Hi Wi' who's the new boy?" Cho asked. "This is my friend Rylan' he was trying to find his uncle who once lived here in our village." Wi replied. "Ok, well we are going fishing so if you want to join us then follow us to the lake." Cho remarked. Rylan has never fished and wanted to try and catch a fish.


In an hour all the boys had caught a cat fish each saying it was a fun day out at the lake. Wi and Rylan return home and Wi's dad sorts out the fish for dinner. "Thanks for taking me fishing Wi' but tomorrow I have to return home since I could not find my uncle." Rylan announced.


Wi is sad but knew that Rylan would have to return home. The portal opens when Rylan returns and sets the date for home. Jeeves is there waiting to see Rylan arrive and gives his son a long hug. "Nice to see you son, how was your time in China?" Jeeves asked. "It was great Jeeves, I made a lot of friends and I caught a fish and ate it." Rylan grinned.


"I see well it's time for your cum insertion so go to your room and get ready son." Jeeves said. Rylan has to have cum insertions from donor boys. Rylan can't go a week without having cum inserted in his boy hole. "Is Charles coming over today?" Rylan asked as Jeeves inserted a tube into Rylan's hole.


"He is, he will be here after you have had a long nap." Jeeves quoted. "OK, I'll go and take a nap then." Rylan replied. A few hours later Rylan is in the lounge room and soon sees Charles arriving at his front door. "Charles come in and sit down." Jeeves said as he rolled to the counter and grabbed some drinks and snacks.


"Nice to see you Charles, I have not seen you in a long while?" Rylan told Charles. "I have been away in Longworth city with my uncle." Charles remarked. "Gee that is a place I have never been too and I might never go there." Rylan replied.


"Yes I know about the abduction and that you were about to be sent to Longworth city for a sex experiment and my uncle is the chief of security there so I felt safe there." Charles announced. "Well come in and get comfy and remove your suit." Rylan grinned as he watched his friend remove his blue suit and sees that Charles is erect and hard.


Jeeves is in his charger and shuts down. "Can I see your portal as I would love to see it." Charles asked. "Ok but don't touch anything or you might end up in a place you can't return from." Rylan told his friend. Charles enters the portal and sees a red button.


"So is this where you start the portal?' Charles asked as he pointed to the red button. `It is but I have to punch a few other buttons to where and when I want to go to and then I arrive at the start point." Rylan remarked. "OH wow that is awesome." Charles said as the boys returned to the lounge room and watched some old videos that Jeeves had downloaded.


Lunch is now served and both boys enjoy eating outside in the fresh air. Jeeves is busy sorting out the boy's dinner as the two boys sit outside and play some video games together. "So have you had some boy sex in your travels?" Charles asked Rylan. "I have, I have had some uncut boys and we docked wieners and it was fun." Rylan grinned.


Charles has Rylan explain what docking was and he said he would love to find a uncut boy to dock with. The rest of the night the boys cuddled with one another and made love for a few hours. "Wake up my son as you have some chores to do?" Jeeves said as he rolled out of Rylan's bedroom and had some food ready for him to eat.


"I am awake." Rylan moaned as he got out of his bed and took a long piss. Not bothering to dress Rylan sits down and enjoys his breakfast. After eating Rylan heads out to the spare parts depo and finds the spare parts that he needs to pick up. Jeeves could have had the spare parts delivered but he wanted Rylan to have some exercise.


"It sure is nice out." Rylan said to himself as he walked around the store seeking out the spare parts for Jeeves. The house robot needed the spare parts for the house and was tapping his feet as he waited for Rylan to return.


"Can you pack this stuff for me please." Rylan asked the robot behand the counter. "Yes sir that will be 100 credits." The store robot said as he placed the spare parts into a strong plastic bag. Rylan grabs the card and swipes it into the card machine and it beeps when the charge is activated.


Rylan then heads to see if his friend Jack is at his local spot playing shotball. It is a game that has four a side and you play with a floating ball. "HI Jack, its nice out." Rylan said as he sees his friend kicking the floating ball around. "Hi Rylan, you want me to visit you later on?" Jack asked. "Yep, be there for lunch." Rylan grinned.


"I will wash up and see you soon." Jack remarked as he kicked the floating ball into the goalposts. Rylan quickly returned to his house as he knew that Jeeves will be stamping his feet waiting for him to return home. In a matter of minutes Rylan hands the bag to Jeeves who quickly sorts out the spare parts and then starts to fix the things that needed fixing.


"You are having guests over today Rylan." Jeeves asked his son. "I am Jeeves; Jack is heading over for lunch so make us two of your best meals for us." Rylan grinned as he kissed Jeeves on the face. "I will do that after I have finished repairing the things that need fixing." Jeeves replied.



In an hour Jack arrived and walked in finding Rylan on the floor doing sit ups. "I see you are busy Rylan." Jack said seeing his friend naked doing sit ups. "Yes getting ready for you in my bed." Rylan grinned. "I see so it's just my body you want?" Jack remarked as he undressed. "He always wants boy's bodies." Jeeves announced as he rolled into the living room.


"Jeeves nice to see you again." Jack said as he sat down watching his friend finishing his sit ups. "It is nice to see you Jack." Jeeves remarked as both boys then sat at the table ready to eat some lunch. As the boys ate each boy told about his week and what they did.


Everyone was happy with their talk and soon it was time to give Rylan a few squirts of boy cum and that is what Jack is going to do to Rylan. "Come here and drill me Jack." Rylan said as he opened his legs waiting for Jack to fill him. It was not long before Jack pumped his boy goo deep into Rylan's boy hole.


"I am so thankful that you come and fill me with your cum Jack but I will give you a serve when I return." Rylan said as he thanked his friend for his services and then headed to his portal and quickly entered the date and time for his next adventure.


Rylan was heading to Wuhan China where he heard that a virus has been spreading across the world in the year 2020. His job is to find where the virus first jumped and find out who was first affected. "Man it's fucking stinky here, what is going on here." Rylan moaned as he grabbed a mask and tank from his back pack and put it on.


Rotting fish dead all around the filthy wet markets. Kids are trying to clean up the mess but it looks like the adults are not doing their jobs. "Hey what is going on here?" Rylan said in perfect Chinese. "We are cleaning up this shitty mess that the adults have made, it's a right mess here." Wan replied.


"We have to get this shit cleaned up or you will spread a killer virus around the world." Rylan replied. "I know but the managers are sticking to the rules that we have to clean up this shit." Wan quoted. "Go and wash up and I will get these shitheads to clean this mess." Rylan reported.


Rylan is big on rules but know all too well that adults are not always the ones to abide by the rules. He found the manager of the markets and had him sit down and showed him the videos that were taken at the time of the virus and said that this market has to be shut down and cleaned up or he and all the staff at the market will kill over 201,000 people around the world.


"What do you mean we are the ones who affected this virus?" Cho said as he spat onto the ground. "Here look at this news report from head of China's health office and you will soon see that it was you who started this fucking mess." Rylan yelled out. He was pissed off that this manager was not thinking about the virus but the money he would lose.


"I will get this mess cleaned up and have some men use hot water to clean up the floors." The manager replied. The boys wearing nothing but shorts were placed in a locked down room where they waited for the men to start disinfecting the killing rooms. Fish and old meat are quickly cleaned up while Rylan looked on.


He made sure that the affected area is cleaned up and no shit is left around the food areas. "So do you all work here?" Rylan asked the boys. "We do, our fathers all work here and we have to help out." Wu said. "That is going to stop right now." Rylan said as he pulled out a controller that would help the boys escape their bonds to the markets.


Rylan used his controller that Jeeves made using the best tech that he could get a hand on and made the controller for Rylan. "This will get your dads to do a better job of keeping things clean and you are all heading back to school." Rylan said as he pushed a few buttons that had an effect on the men in the markets.


After Rylan checked that he had stopped the virus from spreading out of China he quickly headed back to his time line where Jeeves had him move into a germ removing void and had fresh air pumped in while the germs are removed from Rylan.


This was made by Jeeves to keep Rylan healthy after heading to an area where a plague could affect him. "I DID IT Jeeves I went back and stopped the virus from killing all those people." Rylan said as he sat in the decom chamber making sure he didn't bring anything nasty back with him.


Then Rylan wanted some fun so he decided he wanted to see a friend he liked and his name is Cody who lives in Texas. The year was 2000 and Rylan went to his cupboard and activated the portal. In seconds Rylan is in Westerville Texas. There he meets up with Cody. Cody is like a boy you want to love.


"Hi Cody' nice to see you again." Rylan said as he walks towards his friend. "Hi Rylan, it has been a year since I last saw you." Cody remarked. `Yes I have been busy my friend." Rylan grinned as he and Cody headed back to Cody's farm. Cattle is all over the large settlement.


"Dad said we can stay in the large barn as he has turned a large part of it into a bedroom/playroom." Cody quoted. "He sure did, it is like a huge bedroom now." Rylan gasped. "Yeah we decided that this will be my special room for friends to stay in." Cody replied.


The sun is out and Cody asks his dad to bring some drinks out for him and his friend. A servant arrived with glasses filled with ice and two large bottles of coke. "Come and sit down and tell me what you have been up to?" Cody said as he removed his clothes and sat in a comfortable chair. Rylan also is now naked and enjoys seeing his circumcised friend winking at him.


So after Rylan explained what he had done over the past year Cody told about the loss of his mother in an accident near his school. A drunk driver had t-boned his mother's car and killed her. Cody has now gotten over the loss and he and his dad are best of friends.


A brown dog walks in and wags his tail as he sees two naked boys in the large playroom. "Rod what are you doing in here?" Cody said as he waves the dog outside. "He's ok Cody, I don't have a pet so it's nice to see a dog." Rylan remarked. Rod then sat next to Rylan and waited for a treat.


"You want to have a swim as we now have a large pool in the back yard?" Cody asked his friend. "Sure, it is a bit hot out here." Rylan replied. The two boys walked to the back of the large hay shed and opened the glass doors to the swimming pool. "This was put in a few months ago Rylan, you will love it." Cody grinned. Both boys jumped in and started to swim around.


"I see that we are enjoying the pool." Cody's dad said as he stood by the pool gate. "We are dad." Cody remarked. The boys played and had a lot of fun in the pool. Then dad calls for the boys to head into the house for some lunch. Naked and dry the boyssit down while the chef serves them a hot lunch.


A pot pie is served with French fries and a salad. "I have never eaten a pie like this one Cody, it sure is tasty." Rylan said as he ate another piece of the pie. "Dad gets the best beef and gravy to put into the pie." Cody remarked as he thanked the chef for cooking lunch. Both boys enjoyed their meals and relaxed in the lounge watching some TV.


"Have you been up many boys this past month?" Cody asked Rylan. "Only a few, been real busy dealing with a few problems around the world." Rylan replied. "Oh wow, so do you want to do me later on?" Cody grinned as he spotted some pre-cum dribbling out of his pee hole.


"Yes, I was hoping you would allow me to fuck you." Rylan said as he licked the crown of Cody's cut knob tasting the sweet pec cum. Dad did his best friend when he was 12 years old and told me all about the times he fucked all of his scout friends at summer camp." Cody moaned as he felt Rylan's tongue licking his pee slit.


"Never been to a scout camp, might find one and see what happens there." Rylan remarked as he pointed to his stiff cock and had Cody licking the clear goo slipping out of Rylan's pee slit. `Hi boys just making sure you are enjoying your time here." Manfred said as he placed some cold drinks onto the side table.


"Manfred can you bring some snacks in a few minutes time." Cody said as he pointed to his stiff erection. Manfred knew that Cody is gay and has boys over many times for sleepovers and sex. "I will bring you some snacks in a few minutes time." Manfred said as he patted Cody's naked butt.


"We have to get our rocks off as I have waited a long time to have sex with you." Rylan gasped as he checked his friend's cut knob. He sure liked the adorned helmet shaped of an acorn. His own cherry shaped knob has been in many deep holes and he wants to shag Cody hard tonight in his bed.


Manfred returns with a plate of sandwiches. He sets it down onto the table and checks the two cut knobs on show. He would jerk off in his room tonight knowing that the two boys will be enjoying some hot sex tonight. "Thanks Manfred you can go now." Cody said as he grabs a sandwich and passes one to Rylan.


It is after 2pm when the boys head back to the hay loft and relax on Cody's bed. Rylan is ready to plunge deep into Cody's hole. "I want to 69 for a while and enjoy your cum." Rylan said to Cody.


"Then let's start." Cody replied as he got on top of Rylan and sucked in the three inch hard cock into his mouth. Rylan sucks in Cody's cock feeling the ridge of the helmet rubbing his tongue. The circumcision scars on both boys have an effect as it makes the boys cum faster when rubbed by a tongue.


So ends this chapter for now. Tired and worn out.


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