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Boys in the hood.


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This is a future event that happened in the year 2376.


The boy is called Rylan. He is 12 years old and has a portal in his bedroom. He can travel back in time but not into the future. So where does Rylan live. He has a special home in the city of Armdramada. The world is not as it was until a time when a comet hit the earth and changed how it looked. The portal was formed when the comet hit earth and after a long time opened a portal into the past for Rylan.


Why was he picked to have a portal is unknown. But Rylan had a special person contact him explaining why he and only he is able to use the portal. It took some time for Rylan to get used to the portal and now has visited different years in the past and has seen things that would feel so different to him. Today Rylan is going to what was called the United States. The city is called New York. When Rylan travels back into time he is given clothing and cash that he will need. Also he can adsorb food that he has never tasted until his first visit back in time. Today he is travelling to the year 2010.


Last chapter ended with:


"Then let's start." Cody replied as he got on top of Rylan and sucked in the three inch hard cock into his mouth. Rylan sucks in Cody's cock feeling the ridge of the helmet rubbing his tongue. The circumcision scars on both boys have an effect as it makes the boys cum faster when rubbed by a tongue.


Chapter 4 How to train your boyfriend.


Rylan was busy washing his body with a sonic cleaner. Then after washing up he was ready to walk to the portal and head to the year 1999 where he was going to see a group of boys living in a boarding school. It was in the state of Maryland. The town is called Wilkinsburg.


"It's nice and clean here." Rylan said as he walked out of the portal. Smelling the fresh air had him sniffing the air filling his lungs as he stood by a large acorn tree. "You must be Rylan." The prefect said as he shook Rylan's hand.


"Yes, I am Rylan. Nice place you have here." Rylan grinned. "It is part of the town since the year of 1890." Robbie remarked as he and Rylan head to the dorm room. There 20 boys are undressing ready for their daily intake of boy batter.


Yes this school is an all boy's sex school that installs the way of all males have sex as their schooling. All of their dads have been through the same process since the school began in 1890. "I can't wait to start my lessons." Rylan grinned as he felt his erection in his boxers.


"I have 20 boys waiting to give you their blessings and it should take a few hours to do it." Robbie remarked as he walked Rylan to the blue dorm. In what time it took Rylan to walk to the dorm he was already dripping pre-cum and could not wait to be fucked 20 times. How did Rylan find this place. Well-being in the future Rylan had his connections to the main computer that held all the info of North America.


"This is your dorm so get undressed and stay on this bed until you have finished your lessons." Robbie said as he checked on the younger boys getting undressed. 20 circumcised boys all stood by the bed that Rylan had sat on and checked his cut cock seeing he had some pubes.


"Nice dick you have there I will be the first to fuck you and fill your ass with my hot young cum." Toby said as he wiped his hard cock with lube and then went behind Rylan and slid deep into Rylan's hole. "Oh yes, I do feel your helmet deep inside me." Rylan moaned.


"I will make him cum." Trent said as he took his turn slipping his cut knob deep into Rylan as he started to kiss Rylan on his lips. Rubbing Rylan's boy nut had Rylan gasping for air. He wanted to cum at the end of his fucking lesson. "Sorry you won't make me cum just yet." Rylan chuckled as he waited for the next boy to fuck his ass.


It was at the last hour before Rylan had his fill of boy cocks. The last boy to fuck him is a boy who likes to fuck boys while singing to them. Rylan had never had a boy sing to him while he was being fucked. "I was really enjoying your singing as you fucked me Steve, your cock was filling me as you sang your sexy song." Rylan said as he gave Steve a deep long kiss and thanked him for his boy butter.


A few weeks later Rylan returned home filled with cum and enjoyed his lessons from the sex school. Rylan has a new boyfriend. His name is Max and he is 13 years old. As Rylan has just turned 13 he is ready for a boyfriend that will love him. "Max come in and bring that big bag with you." Rylan said as he asked Jeeves to clean up his bedroom for the arrival of his boyfriend.


"Rylan, I have been waiting for you to return home. I will get my stuff unpacked and then you can fuck me." Max said as he removed his jumpsuit and unpacked his clothes ready to live with Rylan. Yes the boyfriends had to live with their partners and will stay together until the end of time.


"I will love to make love to you Max." Rylan said as he walked to the kitchen and told Jeeves to leave them alone for the rest of the day and return to normal duties the next day. "Come in and make love to me." Max said as he laid on the bed with a tube of lube in his hands.


"Nice hole you have there." Rylan grinned as he hardened up and began to lube his cock and then fingered Max's hole. It was not that long after Rylan had taken his boyfriend's hole that Max had his turn fucking Rylan's hole filling him with his spunk. "That was an awesome fuck Max." Rylan said as both boys headed to the kitchen grabbing their meals and sat down and enjoyed their time together.


As the weeks went by Rylan and Max had fucked each other every day. That day Rylan decided that he was going to take Max on one of his trips had Jeeves concerned. "I must say that you have been told not to take anyone with you on your trips sir." Jeeves said. "I know but Max is my boyfriend now and he needs to be with me." Rylan replied.


So it was decided that both boys would head to an island that was filled with sexy boys and that island is Australia. The year is 2234. All the boys live on a small island that Rylan has visited many times and now he will be bringing his boyfriend there. "Get ready for plenty of sex my love." Rylan grinned as he opened the portal door showing Max the island that will be their home for two weeks.


"Rylan you have returned and who is this sexy looking boy with you." Trev said as he quickly boned up showing off his 3 inch hard erection. "Hi Trev, this is Max, my boyfriend." Rylan quipped as he and Max headed to the large outdoor dwelling. It has a straw roof and a mud brick wall.


"This place will smell of sex in a few hours as it is time for these sexy boys to get it on." Rylan announced. A young boy arrived with flowers that he will hand out to Rylan and Max. Then after a quick cool drink Rylan and Max get undressed and head to the large hall that has all the native boys waiting for their guests to arrive.


From another smaller island a group of native boys arrive in small boats and land by the large jetty and walk to the great hall. "Welcome the boys from Alkane " A young boy yelled out. The boys all walk naked to the center of the hall and bow to all the boys sitting in their seats naked and all hard.


"You will see these boys fucking all day long." Rylan said to Max as the two boys watched on as one boy from each island connect and head to a bed and begin to 69 each other. "So is this what you have been doing on your quests?" Max asked his boyfriend.


"Yes I was not allowed to show another person where I travelled to but the owners have allowed you to travel with me back in time as you are now my boyfriend." Rylan explained. "I will never forget this Rylan." Max said as he gave Rylan a kiss on the lips.


Then as each islander boy finished his cum suck all the boys then welcomed Rylan and max with a penis rub. It was so sexy seeing cut boys rubbing their knobs together. Then around 20 minutes later a bell rang and sounded that lunch is ready to be served. Yes it was a large island filled with boy's but robots served the boys and looked after them and that included security.


"Come and eat with us, we are having roasted pork meat for lunch." Kon said as he wiggled his wiener towards Rylan. Rylan knew he had to sit next to Kon. Kon is the tribal leader. "This is how you all eat?" Max said seeing the roasted pig on a spit.


"Yes, we have this meal once a month." Sev replied as he sliced a piece of pig skin to Rylan. "You try our pig skin, it will melt in your mouth Max." Kon grinned as he rubbed his finger over Rylan's eye hole. Precum now slipping out of Rylan's pee slit.


"You are boyfriends now Rylan?" Coni asked as he ate his slice of meat. "Yes, I met Max a few weeks ago and decided that he was the one who would make me whole." Rylan remarked as he rubbed his sticky finger over Max's balls. "I love how you are into each other." Sev said as he went down on a boy's hard cock and sucked on it for a few minutes.


After lunch all the boys went for a swim in the sea and enjoyed some fondling in the water. Each tribal unit was ready for a game of sex it. A game where a boy gets fucked by 10 boys and has to guess the size of their cocks. Being blindfolded meant that the boy could not see what the size of the boy's cock was.


Max was asked if he wanted to play the game. Rylan said it was ok to play the game. "Its ok to play it Max." Rylan grinned as he played this game the last time he visited the boys. Max is quickly blindfolded and bent over a large chair and then the fucking began. 10 boys quickly filled Max with a load of cum.


By the time the 10th boy had entered Max all the boys yelled and clapped as the blindfold was removed form Max's face. "So did you feel the smallest cock enter you Max?" Viv asked him. "I did and it was small around 2 inches." Max announced. "That is right Max. You can get your reward and fuck that boy." Viv said as a small boy sat in front of Max and grinned as he checked Max's cut 4 inch hard on.


So after a long dinner all the visiting boys returned to their island and the other boys relaxed as their robot servants arrived with desserts on large trays. "This is the best coconut ice-cream I have ever tasted." Max gasped as he finished his second bowl of ice-cream.


"It is a special ice-cream that we make once a week." Sev announced. "I would love how to make it." Max asked. "Maybe we will share it." Sev said as the robot servants removed the dirty dishes and returned to the large kitchen.


As everyone relaxed and waited for their dinner to be digested the boys watched some movies that were made 100 years ago. "This is what was called a movie Max, until a few hundred years ago movies were made at least one a month around the world." Rylan explained as the boys sipped on cold drinks and ate some snacks.


"That is why we have not seen these things in our time then?" Max enquired. "True but we can find most in the archives via the computer." Rylan announced. "Oh never thought about checking them there." Max quoted. "Next time we have some time we will check them out at my home." Rylan grinned.


"Rylan, have you and Max made a commitment yet?" Turo asked. "Yes, we have at this time in a month we will fuck for four hour straight until we can't cum anymore." Rylan said as he rubbed his fingers over Max's cut knob. "Wow' that is a long time to fuck each other." Turo gasped.


"Yes but that says we will be commented for life." Rylan remarked as he lowered his head towards Max's cut cock and sucked on the helmet tasting some pre-cum. "Oh wow Rylan' that feels so fucking good." Max moaned as he rubbed Rylan's hair.


The movie ended and all the boys then headed to bed. That night Rylan fucked Max with gusto.



The following days quickly went by and after Rylan and Max said their goodbyes the two boys returned home seeing Jeeves busy cleaning up the house. "My son you are home." Jeeves said as he quickly rolled towards Rylan and Max and gave both boys a long hug.


"Oh gee Jeeves, that was way too long of a hug." Rylan moaned. "But it sure felt great though." Max grinned as he dropped his jumpsuit into the containment chamber. Then Jeeves hooked up the bag of special herbs that is fed into the boy's butts and cleaned out any impurities.


"I love this Rylan, I have never had a butt clean until I met you." Max quoted as he jerked off feeling the tube rubbing his boy button. "I remember my first clean and it made me cum many times." Rylan said as he removed the tube and waited for the herbs to take effect in his butt.


Jeeves had towels at the ready for the boys to take their sonic showers. "Now that you have been cleaned out and all that spent cum out of your butts make sure you have protection for a few days." Jeeves told the two boys. Jeeves made sure that the boys are well looked after.


A week went by and Rylan is ready to take his boyfriend back in time to a place he loves and that is San Francisco. The year is 2010. "Jeeves we are heading out now." Rylan said as he and Max headed to the portal room.


"Ok boys please stay safe and look after one another. Jeeves remarked. The boys headed to the portal and closed the door. Then Rylan placed the date and year and the place he wanted to travel to. Max is holding Rylan's hand as they travel back in time.


"We are here Max' please stay close to me as I know this place since I have been here a few times." Rylan explained to Max. Max is now wearing clothing that was worn in that time line. "Oh what is that smell?" Max gasped as the boys had arrived in the wharf area. That is cooked crab my friend. We will grab some but for now I need to show you the place we will be staying in." Rylan grinned as he looked at Max's face seeing Max looking around where he stood.


The hotel is close by and Rylan had booked the top room and paid for it using cash. Jeeves had sent a request via the portal so that the boys had no problem booking a room. "Now this is called a hotel room Max, we can order any food we like and have a time watching movies and TV shows." Rylan noted.


"This is too much for me but I will sure get used to it." Max announced. Rylan was feeling the same when he first arrived back in time to America. "You will get used to it Max, just stay close to me and I will look after you." Rylan said as he kissed Max on the lips.


It was close to lunch time and Rylan wanted to show Max the Chinese area of San Francisco and have some Chinese food there. "This place I am taking you to is real old and a lot of people live there and you will see that their faces are different to ours." Rylan said as the boys took a trolley ride to the Chinese area and then walked to where Rylan wanted to eat.


"Oh fuck it sure smells real nice here." Max moaned as he and Rylan entered a restaurant and found a seat to sit on. A Chinese woman took the boys orders after Rylan told Max what to order. Drinks of sodas were taken and in ten minutes time their food arrived.


"Ok, so slowly eat this as you have never eaten this type of food." Rylan told Max. Max used a spoon to eat his sweet and sour deep fried pork. Yes it was a bit hard to eat but after Max had tried a few balls of the deep fried pork he got used to the texture of the deep fried pork.


"Now take a mouthful of the white stuff, that is rice and it has been fried and it tastes real good." Rylan told Max. Max used his spoon to dig into the pile of rice and then placed the spoon into his mouth. He chewed the rice and then gasped tasting different types of food in the rice.


"So did that taste real good?" Rylan said. "It was great Rylan' we have to get more of this food." Max quoted. "We will but we have more different food to taste while we stay here." Rylan said as he ordered more food to take out back to their hotel room.


A microwave is in their room. "So now we take a nice walk around this area and see the sights." Rylan announced. Both boys walked around China town and spotted some sexy looking boys. "I wonder what they have between their legs." Max asked.


"You might get to see soon enough." Rylan quoted as the two boys headed to a department store and headed to the restroom where they found some urinals. As the boys stood by one another two Chinese boys walked to the urinals and stood next to Rylan and Max.


"It's real busy here today?" Chi said to Rylan as he wiggled his uncut wiener around to get Rylan's to look at his cock. "Nice cock you have there, mine is cut." Rylan said as he dropped his hand away from his cock to show Chi his cut knob. "Oh wow you have a nice cut helmet there dude." Thu said to Max after checking Max's cut knob.


"It sure is different to yours." Max said as he watched Thu pull his foreskin back exposing his red bell end. Chi did the same showing Rylan his purple red knob. "You like boys have sex for $10?" Thu said to Rylan.


"Yes but not here, you have someplace we can go to?" Rylan asked. "Yes, just around the corner we have a place we can do it." Thu said as he zipped up and headed to the door. The other boys followed Thu to his house that was behind the department store.


"We go in here." Thu grinned as he wiggled his butt to Max. After checking that no one is home Thu gets the boys to his and Chi's bedroom and quickly gets undressed. "Put money here and then we have some fun." Chi said as he holds a sock in the air. Rylan puts $10 in it and then gets undressed, Max does the same and in minutes both boys are looking at the Chinese boys naked and hard.


"So this is what we call a brothel." Rylan asked as he watched Chi pull his foreskin back showing thee wetness of his knob. "Oh we knew you are tourists." Thu said as he stood in front of Max and began to rub his wet knob all over Max's dry knob.


"I like this skin thing." Max said as he pulled on Thu's cock skin and watched as the skin rolled back over the reddish knob. "We dock now and you cum." Chi announced. Rylan had docked with a few uncut boys and know what was going to feel like. It was the first time for Max to dock with a uncut boy.


After joining cocks both Chinese boys began to talk in Chinese but didn't know that Rylan could speak Chinese. It was after 5 minutes that all the boys had Cummed and that was the time that Thu said it was time to go now. "Rylan' that was a blast." Max said as he pulled his undies back up.


"It sure was." Rylan replied in Chinese as he looked on the two Chinese boy's faces. "Ok. You speak Chinese." Chi moaned. "I do and when we leave you stay here." Rylan said as he dressed and walked out of the room with Max in tow.


"They were going to rob us Max, but they didn't know I could speak Chinese." Rylan giggled. "Oh man they were going to do that to us?" Max remarked. "Yes but that was a close one." Rylan said as the boys headed back to their hotel. It was time to watch some movies and Rylan checked the TV guide seeing what was on the TV.


"This will do for now, it's a movie about four boys going on an adventure around a jungle." Rylan said as he removed his clothes and sat in the chair in just his boxers. Max also removed his clothes and sat next to Rylan. The air outside is now thick of a heavy fog. The lights are dimmed as the boys continue to watch the movie. Rylan rings the front desk for some snacks to be brought up to the room.


"I'll go and grab the snacks as I need to sign for it." Rylan said as he grabs a robe and puts it on. After signing the chit Rylan returns with the plate of snacks and sodas and sits on the bed and hands Max a coke and some sandwiches. "I like these what you call sandwiches Rylan." Max announced.


"Yes, it is cheese and dill pickles." Rylan said as he grabs another sandwich and sips on his coke. That night both boys had fucked and sucked until they had run out of hot teen cum. The next day Rylan was taking Max to the wharf area for sightseeing. The bay area sure has a lot to see.


A The ship is ready to take the boys to see the prison island that was closed many years ago. Rylan knew the island history. Max is happy to ride on a ship. Then after a few hours sightseeing Rylan takes max to a pace he likes to eat clam chowder.


Sourdough bread is placed in a deep dish and the clams and sauce is placed inside. Rylan knows that this is the first time that Max has tasted fish. "This is the best place for lunch Max." Rylan said as he puts his order in. iced tea is ordered and Max said it was not to his liking. Max grabbed a can of coke and quickly chugged it.


"This is way better than that iced tea." Max said. "Yes, it is a taste that not everyone likes." Rylan responded. Lunch now over both boys have a walk around the wharf area seeing the sights. Another day goes by and the boys are enjoying the sights and sounds of San Francisco. A walk around across the red bridge was a great way to exercise.


Then as day's went by both boys enjoyed their togetherness in a new and strange city. "This has been a blast Rylan." Max said as he rubbed his fingers over Rylan's hard erection. "Yes I love coming here." Rylan moaned as he felt his balls tighten due to his cum about to squirt out of his dick.


It was then decided to find some sexy boys to fuck as Max wanted to mount a boy from this time line. Rylan knew of some boys he met the last time he was here and called them saying he was in town. The next day two boys arrived at the boy's hotel and quickly entered the room seeing Max and Rylan naked.


"Terry and Quin welcome back to my room you sexy cunts." Rylan said as he wiggled his cut cock around. "I see you have brought a friend.' Quin said seeing Max with a hard on pointing upwards. "This is Max, he is my boyfriend and he wanted to fuck a boy from this area." Rylan grinned as he held two 100 dollar bills in the air.


Quin and Terry quickly get naked and hard and sit on the large bed ready to suck and be fucked. "Max you have to do Quin first as he has a nice butt to fuck." Rylan announced. So Max grabs the lube and fingers Quin's hole. Rylan does the same to Terry.


"This is going to feel so nice on my cock." Max quoted as he slid his cut knob into Quin's hole. It was a quick slip in. Rylan is bust fucking Terry and enjoyed his fucking time with Terry. "Oh yes that's it Max, rub your helmet in my boy button." Quin moaned.


Max quickened his pace with faster jabs in and out of Quin's hole. It was a good ten minutes fucking until Max said he was going to squirt his load. Rylan has just finished fucking Terry and looks on seeing his boyfriend doing Quin in his butt.


"Oh yes, I love it Max, fuck me harder." Quin moaned as he cum's hard feeling Max rubbing his boy nut. Both boys gasp as they cum together. It was then that room service arrived with snacks and drinks. Rylan signed the order and handed the attendant a $5.00 tip.


"Eat up as we'll all need our energy for the next session." Rylan grinned as he wiped some pre-cum off his helmet and sucks in the tasty treat.


HI all sorry but must end this chapter for now due to I have COVID 19 and not feeling very good. Will have to get back to you after I get well again. I don't know how long though. MAX.