Tyler Gets Lucky, a story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Tyler Gets Lucky With Ronnie 🏳️‍🌈

There's a group of boys at my school that I'm really jealous of because they're out of the closet. I want to be out too, but I'm too scared to tell my mom and dad I'm gay. I don't know why it happens, but every time I try to get up the courage to tell them, my legs start to burn and my tummy twists into knots. Then I chicken out.

There's really no reason for me to be afraid. Mom and dad have a lot of friends who are gay, lesbian and trans. They drink wine together and meet up for coffee, and we have them over for dinner and movie nights all the time. But mom and dad still don't know they have a gay son, and for now I'm going to keep it that way. I might tell them when I turn 12 in a few months but we'll see.

One of the kids that's out of the closet is Ronnie. He's super cute! He's in seventh grade and just turned 13 last month. Sometimes he smiles at me in the hallways at school and it always makes me blush. He has light brown hair and green eyes, and braces that take my breath away! He's a little bigger than me and he has a really nice bubble butt. He has a pride button on his backpack and wears pride shirts and bracelets, too. He even has a trucker cap with a pride flag on it that he wears to his locker every morning.

Last weekend mom went out of town for a "girls only" getaway so dad and I were on our own. I have a lot of fun when it's just me and dad because most of the rules go out the window. We hang around the house in our undies and burp and fart and eat junk food. Mom knows what we do when she leaves but doesn't mind as long as the house isn't wrecked when she gets home.

On Sunday afternoon dad and I went to Wendy's for lunch and he let me order a large order of fries and a chocolate frosty to dip them in. While we were eating our lunch Ronnie walked in with his mom and dad and he looked so cute! He was wearing a pair of shorts and a dark red hoodie. He had his pride bracelet on and a giant button hanging off his hoodie with a pride flag on it. When we made eye contact he smiled at me and waved. I probably turned three shades of red but luckily dad was getting a refill of his soda and didn't see. I waved back and smiled sweetly, then I blushed and looked away.

While we were eating I kept stealing glances of Ronnie sitting at the table with his mom and dad and they looked so happy. I felt really bad about not being out of the closet, and even a little ashamed of keeping something like that from my mom and dad. I even thought about coming out later on once mom got home from her getaway but I chickened out like I always do.

Before we left I went to the bathroom to pee. While I was washing my hands, Ronnie came into the bathroom and smiled at me.

"Hey Tyler," he said with a sweet inflection in his voice.

I was blushing hard when we made eye contact, but I managed to answer him with, "Hi Ronnie."

"What are you doing later?" he asked me, and I shrugged, looking bashfully down at my feet.

"Just hanging out with my dad while my mom's out of town," I said, then I felt an instant rush of cringe wash over me because I sounded so lame. Trying to rebound from my faux pas, I asked him, "What about you?"

"I was gonna ride my board later," he said casually as he stood behind the mounted divider for the urinal and peed. "You wanna hang out?"

"Okay!" I said eagerly, then I blushed again because I was scared it was obvious that I had a crush on him.

I watched him finish his leak, then he put his junk away and I realized I was leaning against the wall, staring and being creepy.

"You want me to send you a text?" I asked him, trying to sound cool, calm and collected.

"Sure," he smiled, and once again, his braces made my heart flutter.

About an hour later I sent him a text but he said his parents were taking him somewhere and they wouldn't be home until that evening. I was super bummed out but then he texted me again and asked if I wanted to hang out at school the next day! I was so excited that my fingers were trembling when I texted my reply. "yeah!"

The next day we sat together at lunch and my heart was pounding in my chest. I wanted to come out to him so bad but I didn't know how to start the conversation. Luckily I didn't have to because another boy at our table, Simon, blurted out, "You guys look cute together."

Before I could muster a response, Ronnie put his lanky arm around my shoulder and used his phone to take a selfie with me. He kept his arm around me and we looked at the pic together, then he texted it to me. Instead of taking his arm away, he kept it where it was and I spent the rest of lunch period with butterflies in my tummy. When the bell rang for 5th period, we shared a smile and I got lost in his eyes. Then, in front of everyone at the table and anyone walking by at that moment, Ronnie quickly kissed me on the lips and I sighed.

"Did you like it?" he asked, and I nodded with stars in my eyes. We got up from the table and I floated all the way to 5th period science. When the last bell rang, I hurried to my locker and loaded my backpack up with my books, then I slung it over my shoulder to walk home. I was planning to send Ronnie a text but when I closed my locker, he was walking up to me with a hopeful smile on his face.

"Will you walk home with me?" he asked, and I quickly agreed to this arrangement.

As we walked out of the gate and off of school grounds, I blurted out, "I'm gay."

He gave me a sweet smile and I breathed a sigh of relief that I was brave enough to say it out loud to someone I go to school with.

"Do you have a boyfriend already?" he asked, and I shook my head no. "Me either."

"I wish I had a boyfriend," I said in a small voice, then we made eye contact and this time we both blushed.

"Do... do you like me?" he asked with a pensive tone and an unsure expression.

"I think you're really cute," I admitted with a blush, watching as a smile spread out across his face and his braces sparkled from the glaring sunlight.

"I think you're cute, too," he said in a voice so small I could barely hear it over the sounds of the cars that were passing us by. "Do you want me to carry your backpack?"

"If you want to," I said, feeling my heart flutter as he reached for my bag. I handed it to him and he slung it over his left shoulder as we walked side by side into our neighborhood. I felt his hand brush against mine so I surreptitiously slipped my hand into his. When he laced his fingers with mine, I sighed.

As we were preparing to cross the road, he let go of my hand to push the button to change the signal. With the button pushed, he looked around as if to check if anyone else was around. Suddenly, he leaned over and kissed me on the lips, then he reached for my hand again. My heart was beating fast as I gave it to him to hold, then we shared a smile and waited for the crosswalk signal to change.

By the time we got to my house, I had a full blown erection in the front of my undies. It was standing straight up and pressed tight against my bald pubic bone. As usual my mom was home, so we snuck into the backyard and hid on the side of the house by the gate. I carefully closed it so the latch wouldn't make too much noise while Ronnie put my backpack down on the concrete walkway. We gazed into each others' eyes for a long moment, then he puckered his lips and leaned in. I quickly reciprocated, leaning in for a kiss that felt electric when our lips touched. I felt his moist saliva against my mouth and parted my lips, then our tongues met. I tilted my head to the right and wrapped my arms around his neck while he held onto my shoulders.

I could feel my 4'5" body burning with passion and pleasure as we made out. My little boner was throbbing and dancing in my undies while my rear end sizzled with desire. I wanted to let Ronnie know that he was in total control of our kiss, so I moaned submissively and leaned into his bigger body. He responded by tightening his grip on my shoulders with one hand while he brushed my long bangs out of our eyes with the other, making my bubble butt tremble even harder. When he finally broke our kiss, we gazed into each others' eyes and he spoke to me in soft, sweet tones.

"What do you feel like doing?" he asked me tenderly.

"I want to play with your dick," I told him with a shudder, then we both looked down at his teenaged bulge. "Can I take him out?"

He nodded, so I used my trembling fingertips to unbutton his fly and work his zipper down. I reached into his briefs and found his big boy boner by wrapping my hand around it, then I smiled up at him and pulled it out.

"That feels good," he whispered as I tightened my grip around it. I responded by slowly stroking it for him while he hissed in front of me. I looked down at his 13 year old boyhood and sighed with contentment, feeling my ass shiver hard. He reached out and caressed my cheek with his thumb, and when I cast my enchanted eyes back up to his face, he rewarded me with a sweet kiss on the lips. There was no tongue this time, but I didn't need it to feel a swell of affection in my chest for my cute suitor.

As soon as our lips parted again, I went to my knees and rubbed my cheek against his bare thigh. I was at eye level with his dick and balls, and I loved how I could smell the musk of the day rolling off of them. I took my hand away from his shaft so I could take the time to appreciate its beauty while the warm skin of his leg glanced off of my cheek. His dick was about 3 ½ inches long and was standing at a 45 degree angle. His pubic bone was still hairless, save for a couple of wisps that were growing at the base. His balls were smooth and hairless, too, and they were pulled tight in his scrotum. I could see a network of tiny blood vessels just under the taut skin while his seam separated two robin eggs.

I smiled up at him and leaned forward, nuzzling my cheek into his boner with a moan. I felt the head brush against my lips and sighed, then I planted a kiss right on the end while he locked his fingers behind his head and smiled back at me. His braces glistened with sunlight and a small string of spit, taking my breath away and making my insides jump as my desire started to swell. In a moment of sheer need, I gripped his thigh with both hands and gave the end of his boner a French kiss.

"It feels so good," he whispered while my tongue swirled around his glans. "Do you like it?"

Without pulling my mouth off of his dick, I nodded feverishly while I rubbed up and down his inner thigh. My head was spinning with pure pleasure as I dared myself to go further down on his boyhood, taking it all with a moan and feeling my lips press into the base. My nose was buried in his warm pubic bone and my lower lip was being tickled by the seam in his sack.

I cast my gaze back up at him and saw his chest heaving up and down under his shirt. He reached down and ran his fingers through my hair with a nod, so I took that as my cue to enjoy myself. I shut my eyes tight and explored his budding package with my mouth, taking the time to savor the heat that was rolling off of it and the luscious, sweet aroma that was pouring into my nose. My tongue was running up and down the underside of his dick while my lips traversed its length.

When he started to hiss loudly, I gazed back up at him and saw that his eyes were closed and he had a blissful smile on his face. I moaned with satisfaction and kept at it, bobbing my head up and down while he hissed a little harder each time. Suddenly, he let out a quiet moan and his hips thrusted forward, then his face scrunched up and I felt the warm goodness of his emission. It shot from the end of his dick in the form of a single rope of cum, and I knew right away what it was. He opened his eyes and looked down at me in a panic, but when he saw me smiling up at him with bedroom eyes, his panic turned to relief. Knowing that I finally had a mouthful of cum, I sealed my lips around his boner and swallowed it.

He reached down and I gave him my hand, then he helped me up and held me while we both basked in the afterglow of our tryst.

"How did I do?" I asked, gazing up at his smiling face.

"You were incredible," he marveled. "Sorry I came in your mouth."

"It's okay," I assured him. "I wanted you too."

"You... you did?" he asked me, and I quickly nodded into his chest. "Do you want to do it again sometime?"

"Yeah," I said with a shy smile. "I like you."

"I like you, too," he told me, and I felt my heart flutter. "Can I kiss you again?"

"You never have to ask," I told him, then we both puckered up and shared a long French kiss.

When we broke our kiss, he pulled his pants up and I couldn't help but ogle his bulge. Even though he came, his dick was still rock hard. He saw me looking at it and batted his eyes at me, then he picked my backpack up and handed it to me.

"Can we hang out later?" I asked him with a hopeful smile. "I really want to suck it for you again."

"Okay," he agreed, then we shared a final kiss on the lips before I opened the gate and let him out.

🏳️‍🌈 The End. 🏳️‍🌈

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