The starting point for this stand-alone story is a painting by the American painter, Stephen Scott Young. If you've never seen his paintings, I highly suggest you check them out. I was recently inspired by a painting by him called Two Boys Playing. You can find a copy of the painting here:

It portrays two black Caribbean boys playing a game of checkers. The story takes place in Honolulu in a modern setting. The boy on the left I have chosen to name Kendrich and the one on the right Ezrah. Ezrah, having more than friendly feelings for his best friend, tries to seduce Kendrich after their leisurely game.

This is a work of fiction and does not portray real events or characters. Comments are gratefully received at The main theme of the story is underage romance if this material offends you (or you are not the appropriate age to read it) proceed no further.

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When A Friend Gets Checked

James Jenkins 2021


The warm humid air coupled with the comfortable breezes kissed the dark skin of two twelve-year-old Honolulu boys sitting across from each other on a wooden bench, a self-designed checkerboard supported on both of their legs. Both eyeing each other with lion-like determination, trying to stir doubt in the other. Though perspiring under the May heat, Kendrich and Ezra both aimed to enjoy this day as they decided to play a round of checkers outside of the housing complex, they both lived in. Their brains in a constant race to out strategize the other.

A beat, the two boys break out smiling at how ridiculous they looked with their sweat-shiny faces and almost grumpy demeanors much like the old drunk man they often saw walking down the street in the afternoon. Their hearts beating under the heat. It still was a godsend over having to waste hours reading schoolbooks all day.

Kendrich broke the silence as he wiped his brow clear with his left forearm. "Did you like it?" he asked, while considering his next move.

"Eh, not really..." the more tough looking of the duo said regarding the last game they played, chess.

"It's hard at first, but all you gotta do is learn the moves," Kendrich responded thinking back on how many rounds he lost practicing with his grandfather. He noticed Ezrah looking at him oddly.

"What?" Kendrich asked as he fiddled with one of his red chips.

"I know checkers is kinda boring... where people look at each other till their faces freeze." The boys both chuckled.

"So, you ever play checkers for real?" Kendrich asked through parched lips. He really could use a glass of lemonade after this game.

Ezrah shrugged his shoulders and smiled guiltily. "Do you know the rules?" Kendrich asked, not wanting to believe this was his friend's first time at it.

"A little bit," Ezrah said while not admitting he didn't have a clue.

Not being a jerk, Kendrich decided this was the right time to show some of his moves off to Ezrah (also compliments from his Dad and grandfather).

"Just to do something cool. Just to have fun," Kendrich said as he and Ezrah cleared the board and rearranged their pieces for a new round.

"Can I show you some moves I know?" Kendrich asked.

"Yeah, sure.' Ezrah said as he reset his pieces with tingling fingers. I'm gonna show him a thing or two this time! He thought already picturing the look of defeat on his friend's face.

Suddenly Ezrah suggested "Let's turn it over?"

The question did take Kendrich aback, though the other end was less dirty with chipped paint and dirt. The board was a prize possession of Kendrich's, one he and Ezrah always had their closest talks over.

"Sure," Kendrich thought nothing more of it and flipped to the cleaner side having moved the checkers off.

"The closest rows called the "King Row"," Kendrich said pointing it out to his friend. "So, let's set her up."

"Thanks for the tip," Ezrah cheekily responded giving his mocking smirk Kendrich couldn't help but be amused by.

"Still going to kick your ass though," the slenderer boy shot back.

"My grandfather taught me. I'm practically a master," he couldn't refrain from boasting.

"Wow," Ezrah said with mild impression though not doubting his friend exaggerated as he liked to do sometimes.

"Yeah, and I didn't lie about it." Kendrich knew he was something of a Showoff but at the same time felt amazing when he earned something all his own.

"I've got a bad feeling about this," Ezrah said as he turned away to rub his nose with the back of his hand.

"No, don't be like that," Kendrich said not wanting the fun to end before it got started.

"I won't give in," he said catching Ezrah's hopeful glance.

"Really?" Ezrah knew his friend as if they were brothers and learned after many a circumstance how tricky Kendrich could be.

"Well maybe," his flaring confidence starting to dim.

"It would be sorta harsh if I turned out better than you," Ezrah tried to tell his friend by not sounding like a shit.

"But not after the first round and not two times in a row," Kendrich wiped the sweat away from his eyes as Ezrah laughed.

"I'd be proud of your student if I were you." Ezrah just couldn't help chiding his friend as he reached over and playfully punched Kendrich's right shoulder.

Ezrah then boldly got up and sat down to the right of Kendrich. Grinning like a satyr, he suddenly kissed Kendrich on the cheek while stroking his short hair. Pursing his lips, Kendrich wasn't sure why his friend was treating him like his mother whenever he used to come home with scraped knees or a swollen eye. Ezrah's right hand barely an inch away from his crotch also added to the rapidly confusing but oddly tempting jolts streaming under his skin.

"I don't know, I'm a bit nervous."

"Don't be," Ezrah replied and kept on teasing his pal.

"I don't like when you worry."

"Maybe I'll lose again," Kendrich said trying not to look scared in front of Ezrah yet unable to deny how good his touches felt.

He heard from other friends and on the streets how wonderful it was to get some, mostly from a beautiful woman. The flashy imaginative and often blasphemous acts Kendrich fantasized about, he found himself wanting to explore, feel and cherish-only it was Ezrah who filled the space of his lover. Now as he ran a hand up under Ezrah's shirt to pinch a nipple, Kendrich let the fear raised by guilt and church teaching flow away like dust brought up by speeding tires. As their lips met, Ezrah began to unlatch Kendrich's belt. His eager cock popped out from his white slightly smelly underwear as Ezrah grasped it in hand, admiring the size and prominent pink tip. His strokes sent Kendrich into a state better than when he'd lay on his back in the sea and listen to the sound of the waves he floated above. Throwing his head back the minute Ezrah swallowed half of his cock inside his mouth. Ezrah's hand didn't rest moving up and down his friend's dick while sucking and licking round the tip. Only slight mews escaped Kendrich's lips but not one coherent word. This was his very first blow job, from his best friend no less and he couldn't give a cat's shit if it was wrong. In two minutes, he felt an almost exploding impact set off inside his cock and tapped Ezrah's right cheek for him to stop. White teeth showing from a racy smile as Kendrich summoned the bravery to take the kingly position now. Winking with a nod of his head, motioning Ezrah to lie back on the bench. Casting off his white underwear, blue sandals and brownish-gray pants- Ezrah cocked his head sporting a challenging smirk as he leaned back, feeling the rings of the wood and cold sweat tickle his back.

Kendrich threw his clothes down beside Ezrah's and slowly crawled over to him like a crab inching up a sand bank. Fondling his friend's long and surprisingly thick manhood, Kendrich took a deep breath taking in the aroma which was just distinctly Ezrah before lowering his mouth down to devour it, letting his taste buds pander in his friend. Alternating between Ezrah's cock and sweat-slick anal hole, Kendrich couldn't imagine how unbelievably delicious another boy could be this way. He had to have more of him. Ezrah held his hands behind his head, gasping in a pleasured mantra over the sweet tremors Kendrich's mouth brought about him internally.

Deciding it was time for the crowning moment, Kendrich rose on his knees and lined his cock up at Ezrah's hole. A beat and with slow steeled resolve, he pushed down inside Ezrah. The near crushing sensation of Ezrah's tightness round his prick brought Kendrich into a bliss he only ever felt daydreaming in class or imagining adventure stories before bed. Only this was better than either. Each wanton groan coming from Ezrah's mouth added to Kendrich's wish, need and desire to be his friend's first. With his right leg bent and laying off to the side and left on one of Kendrich's shoulders, Ezrah smiled into his grouse as Kendrich's upper body leaned partly over him. Their eyes locked on one another as the dominant boy began to grind on his friend faster, more bound to Ezrah's tight warm sanctum than he previously thought. Wincing from the painfully tinged pleasure, Ezrah came to within an inch of blanking out as Kendrich's thrusts grew slower but didn't end just yet. This turned Kendrich on as his increasing tempo sent Ezrah lying to the right side, Ezrah wailed on Kendrich's cock filling him again. He bounced upon his friend's penis in an uproar of favor. They share a kiss as Kendrich pulled out of Ezrah, neither of whom were spent. Leaning over the bench with an arm held behind his back, Ezrah's ass espoused Kendrich's cock again as he gave him one thrilling whack after another.

Releasing Ezrah's arm, Kendrich cuffed the warm now broken hole which still put up something of a fight. Honestly, it made Kendrich's blood surge faster than he could recall, and it had him laughing mid groans. Ezrah's left hand resting on Kendrich's hands pushing down on his hip. Wanting to have a riveting end to their debarred yet addictive coupling, Ezrah sat on his friend's lap as Kendrich laid back, licking at Ezrah's nipples while reaching the final round to orgasm. Their pre-teen cries of sexual dolor were equally matched as Ezrah raised his torso up, not wanting to miss seeing the look on Kendrich's face when he'd soar to Kingdom Come. Before Ezrah realized it, he was facing away from his friend but still webbed into Kendrich's thrusts, gaping as he stroked himself off to a numbing outburst. Their merged body scent and Kendrich's eleven fervidly final thrusts brought them both to unleashing ice-cream like hot spurts. Some flew from Ezrah's cock and landed on the checkerboard. The sight made the two boys laugh with what strength they had left to stay conscious. Laying back on Kendrich's chest, Ezrah didn't show reluctance as their faces brushed against one another, allowing them to exchange a congratulatory kiss.

Kendrich snickered and grinned while wiping his eyes clear. "Still think you don't got lot to learn?" he posed to Ezrah as he licked a finger covered with his seed clean.

"Shit, if learning more is this great, I'd really be head of the class." Ezrah found himself shying away but unable to deny how heart stopping Kendrich's dark night skin looked gleaming in the available light covered in their now cooling sperm. "Would love to play another round sometime."

The last sentence was enough for Kendrich to hold Ezrah tighter as he rubbed his itchy nose a second, enjoying the aroma of his friend on his palm. For sure, shaking hands and roughhousing would be different-a change which he only sought to learn more about no matter where it would take them.

"Count on it, maybe next time you'll finally King Me." He humped Ezrah to make his point clear prompting the latter to slap his friend's right cheek.

Laughs followed as they took the moment to let their brains and bodies meld into the aftermath of their first time. As it started to grow late and they'd have to rush back home to bathe before their parents caught a whiff of them, it was a risk neither put up an excuse or cursed themselves for. Kendrich knew he was Ezrah's from this day and for years to come and the same truth burned into Ezrah's heart as it beat in time with the friend and brother, he'd now have to get used to calling Boyfriend. With the gifts and skills Kendrich had, he figured it always be worth their usual checker contests.