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Bringing out Martha



Petra was an experienced lesbian by the time she graduated from college. She had started making love to girls her own age almost as soon as she entered puberty. When she entered college she has a number of relationships with roommates and faculty so having sex with older women was not a taboo for her.

After graduation she was not about to return to her parents home because they would not allow her to bring home her girlfriends. She struck out on her own. For all the good her diploma in business did she might just as well have skipped college and sought employment right out of high school.

Eventually she did land a job in a national retail chain in middle management. At the start she thought it was an opportunity to advance to higher positions within the company. She was full of ambition and willing to do what ever she was asked, thinking she was going to be promoted quickly because she was sure that hard work would be rewarded.

On paper she had a good income. If you took the salary of the hourly employees and multiplied it based on a forty hour week she made more money than they did. But she was paid a flat salary. She found out that when the stock needed to be replenished or the floor needed to be straightened up if she asked her salaried employees to work overtime she would deplete her budget in no time. She wound up working 12 and 16 hours a day to do it herself. It didn't take her long to figure out that she was actually working for less than the State minimum hourly wage. If she complained about her operating budget she was threatened and her hours were changed so that she would not get 8 hours between shifts and she would be called in to clean up the floor hours before her shift was scheduled. Any more arguments led to her being written up for refusing to do her job. The threat was always there that she would be fired and never be able to get another job with that company.

In effect she was slave labor. The reason the company treats middle management like this is that it keeps their labor costs down and their profits up. When they burn out the young kids they know that there is a new batch of business graduates every 6 months. There is no union or government agency policing labor practices in that portion of the work force.

Her only outlet was to spend her free time on the computer her parents bought her. Eventually she found a lesbian chat group and flirted with women in there. Most of the women she chatted with lived in locations thousands of miles away.

Late one night she found a woman that was very pleasant to talk to. She was an older woman that professed to never having a relationship with another woman. She was interested in finding a woman to introduce her to the pleasures of a lesbian relationship.

She was a widow and had a boyfriend much older than her. He was hardly able to get a hard-on anymore and when he did he wasn't able to keep it up long enough to bring her to the climax she so desperately needed. She was growing bored with him and about to end their relationship because she needed more from a relationship than someone to warm her bed.

During their chatting and E-mailing each other Petra learned a lot about this person. She had three grown children and a half dozen grandchildren and she lived only 200 miles away from her.

They called each other on the phone and talked to each other several times. She sounded her so sexy over the phone that Petra wanted to meet her even though she was much older than herself. They made a date for her to come down to her house and meet her but at the last minute they had to cancel it.

Later that day she called to make another date to meet. She said that her grandchildren were spending the summer with her and she would have to wait until they went home to get ready for school. Petra was not sure she was telling the truth but agreed to wait until the kids were home.

When the big day finally arrived she drove down State to meet her. She felt funny about knocking on her door. After all she had only seen pictures of her on the computer. Were they recent photos of her or were they years old.

When the door opened she was pleased to see that she looked just like her pictures. She had dressed up for the occasion and put on makeup. For a woman in her fifties she did look good. Martha was a blonde but her roots were much darker and she was a little over weight.

She came out onto the porch and kissed and hugged her like a long lost relative. When they entered the house it was obvious that no one on the street could see into the windows. They were dark enough to block a lot of the suns rays and the drapes were sheer enough but from the street they could see nothing.

They talked about everything but sex for the longest time. It was still early afternoon when Martha nervously asked if she would like to watch a lesbian video to get in the mood. Petra was all for it so she slipped a video into her VHS and they sat together on a couch in front of the television. As the video played Martha slid down to the floor next to Petra and placed her hand on Petra's lower legs and started stroking her nylon clad leg.

In an attempt to put Martha at ease Petra leaned over and kissed her on the neck. Martha's reaction was to leap back up onto the couch and cover Petra's face with wet kisses. She pulled Petra to her feet and led her to her bedroom with the video still playing on her TV.

Martha undressed herself completely without taking her eyes off of Petra as if she was looking for approval in her eyes. Petra wrapped her arms around Martha and kissed her lovingly on the mouth.

Petra parted her lips with her tongue just like boys did to Martha when she was a girl. Petra sucked on her tongue while she played with Martha's breasts. When she took her mouth away she had to bend over a little to take one of her breasts into her mouth and suck on the nipple.

Martha had not been treated to such loving foreplay in years. She stroked Petra's hair lovingly. Petra stuck her leg between Martha's and pressed her thigh against Martha's vulva. She was rubbing her cunt with her thigh and she was surprised to feel just how moist she really was. She laid Martha on her bed and did a striptease for her.

Martha watched the younger woman remove her clothes and marveled at her natural beauty. She could not believe that a woman like her would find her sexually attractive.

Petra knelt by the bed and lifted Martha's legs up and placed them over her shoulders. Martha actually cried when Petra started licking and sucking on her pussy. It was tears of joy. As exciting as it was to have the woman sucking on her clitoris she all but pissed when she lifted her hips up and moved her mouth down between her legs until her tongue made contact with her asshole. No one had ever touched her asshole as an act of love let alone stick their tongue into her private place. She held her breath until she almost passed out. Petra made love to her until she not only had one climax but she kept it up until she had a second one that left her as limp as a wet dish cloth.

It took Martha awhile to recover and when she did she sat up and held Petra's head between her hands and kissed her on the mouth as she told her, "That was better than any man has ever made me cum before."

They took a break and had drinks of Rum and Coke. The sweet drink invigorated them to return to the bedroom where they resumed their exploration of Martha's sexuality.

Martha had always been dominated by first her boyfriends and for years by her husband so she was not comfortable taking charge. She felt more at home letting Petra assume the lead. She was old enough to have been sexually active before the pill and anal sex was the option use as birth control. It had been awhile since her last anal penetration and she actually asked to be fucked in the ass when Petra produced a strap-on dildo.

What shook her world was that after Petra had fucked her to a climax she knelt behind her and licked her asshole clean. Feeling that woman's tongue probing at her anus was driving Martha crazy when the phone rang. It was her daughter on the phone. She sounded like she was out of breath because of what Petra was doing to her asshole. She had to give some silly reason like she had to run to answer the phone. Petra would not stop licking her and she had another climax while talking to her daughter and she had to come up with an excuse for her reaction. She told her that she had stepped on a tack.

Martha did every thing she could to convince her to stay longer than just the weekend but Petra had had a hard time getting off to visit her for a couple of days. They used their remaining time together by experimenting with one another's body and didn't get dressed until Petra had to leave for home.

Eventually Martha worked up the nerve to taste Petra's pussy after she made love to her breasts for the longest time. Petra held her by the head and ground her pussy into Martha's face like she was grading cheese.

When Petra rolled backwards until her knees were resting by her ears she pushed Martha's head downwards until Martha's mouth was making contact with her asshole. Martha didn't think she could actually lick an asshole but Petra held onto her hair so tightly that she opened her mouth in pain and found her mouth being pressed against Petra's puckered anus. Surprisingly she didn't find the taste or smell unpleasant. After that she found herself alternately tongue fucking Petra's two holes.

When it came time for Petra to leave for home she was broken hearted and begged her to move in with her. Petra knew that it would not be wise. The woman could never tell her family about loving a woman sexually. They would just have to meet whenever Petra could get away from work.

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