The Chance

This is a work of fiction, any resemblance is purely coincidence. If you are offended my women in love, please don't continue. If this is illegal to read in your country, please do not proceed. Otherwise, enjoy the story. Any feedback and comments are welcome.


Urghh no, another boring day at work, just wish it was 12 already, I just want to get home, luckily this is my off weekend. I can just relax this weekend and start fresh Monday morning. Well, that was what I thought, the walk home did me well, although it wasn't a far distance, it gave me time to clear my head.

My name is Maxine, I am a 19 year old female, with an average build, well for me it was average, and everything about me is average. I have long light brown hair and green eyes. I was in my first Lesbian relationship, and everything was still new to me. Although I knew a long time ago that I was a lesbian, I never came out of the closet. Even now, during my relationship, I was still in hiding.

I think that is the point I need to focus on more. I think that my family knows that I am a lesbian, but I can't bring myself to admit it to them, I guess it is for fear of being rejected even more than I already was.

My relationship with Chris was relative easy, seeing that it was a long distance relationship, I didn't really have to introduce her as my girlfriend to anyone. We've been together for about two months now, and if anyone asked, I referred to her just as Chris. A really simple name that can be taken as either a boy or a girl that helped me a lot. Chris was a bartender, and part time dj. We met over the internet, and curiosity to experience what it was like to be with a girl, I guess got the better of me. Although we never met face to face our relationship was holding on.

Who knew that in a matter of hours everything that was so simple would become one of the most complicated situations of life...?

I was home for about an hour when I received a text message from one of my friends, inviting me to a party. At first I declined, thinking a relaxing night with a movie is just what I needed. Chris was DJ' ing at some or other party, so talking to her was also not an option tonight. Another text from my friend changed my mind, coming out might just do me well.

I arrived at their house at about 4, there were already a few people there, and it seemed to turn into a nice get together. I was introduced to a few people, and some other people who I knew was also there. My friend's cousin was also at the party, and although I didn't know her very well, I knew that she was a lesbian just like me. She was a year younger than me, and we instantly hit it off, I tried calling Chris's phone, but just got voicemail. I told her that I was out for the evening and that she should let me know when she got home, as I don't think that I would be staying to late at the party. We all sat around the pool, just relaxing, as I was sitting there her cousin Jade came to sit next to me. She asked me if I would go with her to pick up her girlfriend, who was also invited to the party. I agreed and we left to go pick her up. Unfortunately, her girl was working later than we thought and couldn't come to the party.

As we arrived back home, everyone was sitting on the swing chair so we decided to join them. There wasn't much space and Jade had to sit on my lap, it started getting cool outside, so we pulled a blanket over all of us, and just enjoyed the evening sky, while drinking and smoking a bit of hubbly bubbly. I don't know if it was too much alcohol, or maybe to much smoking, but I suddenly felt the urge to hold Jade's hand and hold her close to me, well underneath the blanket obviously. As soon as anyone moved we pulled our hands apart, just so they could come back together when everyone settled down again. I received a phone call at the exact moment that there was a ring at the door. Most of us stood up, me to answer the phone, and Jade and them to answer the door. I suddenly came back down to earth as it was Chris on the phone. I felt guilty for holding another girls hand and for wanting to hold her close to me when I was in a relationship with someone else. I finished up my conversation with Chris saying that I understand that it was late, and that I was going to head of to bed, and that we'll speak tomorrow again. I know a lame lie and excuse, but I didn't have words at that moment.

As I looked up I saw that Jade's girlfriend was the one at the door, and the look on Jade's face I assumed looked exactly like mine... Her girl just came by to say apologize for not attending the party, but said that she was tired and was going to head home. She gave Jade a kiss and I felt extremely jealous at that moment. I think my friend noticed as she called me to one side and asked if I was okay.

Once again I made up a lame excuse, saying that I was just tired, and think that I should be heading home. She tried to convince me that I was in no right mind to drive and that I should sleep over here, and I could leave early the next morning when I feel better. Jade overheard this, and she to tried to get me to stay. I guess I was out numbered, as I hesitantly agreed. I tried to keep my distance from Jade the rest of the evening, but as soon as I saw, we were either standing or sitting next to one another. When it came time to get to bed the next problem showed up. The only place for me was in Jade's room as some other people were also sleeping over. I decided to sleep on the ground just to get the night over. But Jade would have none of it. She argued that there was enough space for both of us on the bed, and that nothing would happen. She would keep to her side of the bed and me to mine.

We laid there listening to music and basically just talking when her cousin text her to come watch Step up 3, at first I didn't want to go, but she talked me in to it. As she climbed of the bed and pulled me up, something just came over me, instead of her pulling me up, I pulled her down, and our lips met in a soft tender kiss. As the kiss ended we both were out of breath. She texted her cousin back that we would not be joining them for the movie as I was already asleep, and she didn't want to wake me. Whether or not she believed Jade, I still don't know to this date.

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