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Love Halloween

by shadewing55@yahoo.com.au


(g/F, oral, dress up, con, toy)


It was one of a child's favourite times of the year: Halloween, dressing up as anything you want to be and going around your neighbourhood collecting candy and junk food from all the different houses.


Little Jasmine one such child, at 12 years old she wasn't really a child but wasn't really a teenager but she still loved Halloween and every year she dressed up for it, this year she was going to wear her best outfit yet. After watching Aladdin a few weeks ago she had decided to dress up as princess Jasmine this year and spent the last few weeks working on her costume with her mum helping with the sewing.


"This is going to be my best costume yet" smiled Jasmine as she watched her mum sew the outfit together,

"You will look so beautiful in this Jas" said her mother "but I'm still not sure about it being so revealing around your hips"

Jasmine smiled

"Don't worry mum" she said "it just makes it that nicer".


It was Halloween morning, the entire street was decorated with jack-o-lanterns, skulls and other Halloween stuff and Jasmine was trying on her costume for that afternoon. Her outfit was laid out on her bed just waiting to be worn, stripping off her normal clothes; she stood naked in the centre of her room, her slim body was covered in a full body tan from sunbathing nude by their pool, Jasmines slim figure made her look younger than she was, her chest showed signs of growing breasts which measured about an A-cup.


Jasmine's mother was very relaxed about clothing in the house and since they had a high privacy fence being nude in the yard was no problem. Jasmine slipped a pair of white panties up her slim bronzed legs, over her smooth hairless pussy and small tight ass. Then young girl then pulled the sky blue tube top over her head and under her arms to rest it over her budding breasts, Jasmine's nipples made slight impressions on the top but not enough to be really noticeable in the evening.


Jasmine pulled the see through blue baggy pants over her legs, once in place it sat nicely on her, the pants tightened again around the ankle to sit it in place; you could see her tanned legs through the material and her white panties. Going out to her mother Jasmine showed off her outfit,

"My, you do look good in it" her mother said" now let's add the final touches".

With her mother's help Jasmine attached 2 thin strips of the see though material to the front sides of her top looped around her arms and attached to the back of the tube top, a nice headband was placed on the little girls head with a fake sapphire in it.


"Do I look like Princess Jasmine now mum?" asked Jasmine twirling on the spot showing off her outfit.

"Oh yes" she replied "almost a spitting image",

to complete the outfit Jasmine's mum tied her long black hair like what princess Jasmine had in the movie, for the rest of the morning Jasmine and her mother filled several bowls with candy and sweets for that evening and made sure the decorations outside the house were all set up. Several people passed by and commented on Jasmine's costume saying it was creative but slightly revealing for one so young, even with these comments the young girl didn't care, she was sticking to her current costume.


The evening came and the families with young children were moving about now, going door to door getting candy. Jasmine grabbed her candy bag and headed off down the street, planning to go from one end to the other, as she left her mum was handing out candy to some kids who had rang the doorbell. Skipping down the sidewalk Jasmine said hello to the other neighbourhood kids that walked by and the two parents that followed them, some looked surprised by how revealing her costume was but others complimented her on it.


Over the next half hour Jasmine went from house to house collecting candy and sweets, receiving many comments on her costume, she could tell that the men liked it since they all seemed to get a boner when looking at her. Especially when she swayed her hips as she walked away teasing them but she had no interest in them, Jasmine soon arrived at the one house she was really looking forward to, her ex-babysitter Mary's house.


Ringing the doorbell Jasmine waited for Mary to open the door, she heard the lock go and the door open

"Well, well, well" said Mary opening the door wide, revealing a 15 year old red headed girl wearing a bat girl costume "such a cute little princess"

"Hiya Mary" greeted Jasmine " trick or treat"

Jasmine added the last line with a cheeky smile,

"Mm, I got a nice treat for you but I can't give it to you out here" said Mary stepping aside to let Jasmine in.


The young girl stepped into the house and walked into the living room as Mary closed the front door,

"So where is my treat?" asked Jasmine smiling,

Mary grinned and sat on the couch, spreading her legs and pulling her skirt up Mary revealed a shaved pink pussy that glistened with her naughty juices in the light of the living room.


Jasmine licked her lips and got on her knees and crawled up to the wet pussy in front of her

"Mm pussy flavoured my favourite" moaned Jasmine leaning forward.

The young girls tongue slowly swiped up the older girl's pussy licking up a lot of the juices that were leaking from the excited hole.


Mary moaned as Jasmine's tongue ran up and down her pussy

"Mm so nice my little princess" she moaned "lick the pussy you love so much",

Not needing to be told twice Jasmine increased her effort, pushing her tongue between Mary's folds and licking the inside of her old babysitter's wet hole.

Jasmine's own pussy was getting wet leaving an obvious wet spot on her sky blue panties, reaching between her legs the little princess began to rub her pussy through the panties, making them wetter.


Mary saw this and quickly said

"No little princess, you are not to touch your pussy yet"

The young girl reluctantly pulled her hand away from her crotch silently loving Mary telling her what to do,

"Yes ma'am" she said before continuing to lick the hole in front of her,

"Ma'am?" asked Mary with a smile "I like that".

Jasmine continued to eat out her ex-babysitter for the next few minutes making the older girl moan and gasp in pleasure

"That's it baby I'm so close" she soon moaned holding the back of Jasmine's head, pushing the younger girl into her now soaking wet hole.


Suddenly she started to quiver and shake

"Oh I'm cumming Jasmine" she cried out "I'm cumming"

Jasmine didn't t miss a beat and continued to eat out Mary with gusto.

Stars and blots of white light exploded in front of Mary's eyes as she came, squirting girl juices into the mouth and face of the younger girl who licked it all up happily,

"Best treat ever" smiled Jasmine with girl cum all over her mouth and dripping from her chin,

Mary leaned over and licked Jasmine's chin

"You can have it any time you want my little princess" she said planting a kiss on the girl's lips.

The two girls French missed for a minute feeling each other up in their respective costumes,

"I got one more treat tonight baby" said Mary finishing the kiss "go to in my room, strip naked and wait on my bed for me".


Eager to obey Jasmine got up and headed into Mary's room, when she arrived she immediately stripped out of her costume; first the see through pants came off allowing unrestricted view of the girls tanned legs, followed by her tube top which scrapped against her stiff nipples making her shiver and gasp. Finally came the panties, Jasmine hooked her thumbs under the waistband of the very soaked panties and pulled them down, bending over as she went.

Mary returned to the room in time to see Jasmine bend over to take her panties down, allowing her to see the girls smooth pink pussy and dark brown asshole,

"Ready for the next treat baby?" Mary asked as she watched Jasmine climb onto her bed.

Jasmine turn to look at the older girl, her eyes widened and a gasp escaped her mouth, Mary stood in the door way still wearing her Batgirl mask, gloves and boots but what made Jasmine gasp was the 6 inch black strap-on she was wearing.


"Tonight you will be taking my Bat-cock" she said smiling slowly sliding her hand up and down the sleek black shaft "now on your back and spread your legs nice and wide".

Jasmine did what she was told and laid on her back and spread her tanned legs opening her pussy a bit as well, Mary walked into the room swaying her hips slightly as she went,

"Mary I don't know if I can fit it in me" said Jasmine nervously looking at the object that was about to be inside her,

"Don't worry my little princess it will fit" reassured Mary picking up Jasmine's panties and climbing onto the bed between the younger girls legs.


Holding the soaked panties to her nose Mary too a big whiff of them inhaling the strong aroma of Jasmine's 12 year old pussy that had soaked the material,

"You smell so good princess" she said before saying "open your mouth".

Without a word Jasmine opened her mouth and watched as Mary pushed the panties crotch first into her mouth creating a gag to muffle Jasmine's voice, the young girl tasted her own pussy on her tongue as she was gagged,

"We don't want you to alerting the neighbours do we?" said Mary in a half question.

Shaking her head no, Jasmine watched Mary spit onto the strap-on and press it against her pussy's entrance,

"It will hurt a bit when it goes in but just bare with it my little princess" said Mary as she pushed forward.


Jasmine's pussy parted as the head of the strap-on entered her, she felt mild discomfort from it but no pain yet, Mary slowly pushed until an inch was inside the young girl before pulling out a bit and pushing back in sinking slightly deeper inside,

"I'm going to count to three" explained Mary "then I will push it in as far as it can go, ok baby?"

Jasmine nodded and gripped the sheets tightly in preparation.

Mary pulled back until only the tip remained inside,

"1...2...3" counted Mary,

As soon as she said three she pushed in hard, sinking 5 of the 6 inches into Jasmine causing her to scream into her panty gag, her hands gripped the bed sheets, knuckles turning white.

Mary held the young girl close letting Jasmine become use to the size of the dildo that was now stretching her preteen pussy to its limits.


"It is ok baby" Mary soothed "just bare with the pain a little longer",

The older girl gently petted Jasmine's head and tenderly kissing the younger girl's face and mouth.

After a few minutes Jasmine had calmed down

"I'm going to start moving now baby" said Mary "I will go slow"

Jasmine nodded her head removing her panties from her mouth,

"Ok go ahead" replied Jasmine dropping the panties onto the floor.


Mary slowly began to withdraw the dildo from Jasmine's pussy, the young girl had only ever had a finger or 2 inside her before now, either hers or Mary's, so the width of the strap-on had stretched her slightly more than usual and reached deeper than any finger has.

the ex-babysitter pushed the dildo in slowly and withdrew again, repeating this movement for several minutes allowing Jasmine to get use to the object now pumping in and out of her most private place.

Jasmine let out small gasps and moans as the dildo moved in and out of her

"I...It is starting... To... feel good" gasped Jasmine "it is so big".


Mary soon managed to fit all 6 inches into Jasmine as she made love to the younger girl, the 2 girls passionately kissed and felt each other up as Mary pumped into the preteen.

"Mary I'm gonna cum" cried out Jasmine,

The young girl shook as the orgasm over took her; she continued to cry out as the pleasure overloaded her brain.

"That was so good" she managed to gasp as Mary withdrew the strap-on from the young girls quivering, well used pussy,

"yes it was" replied Mary slipping the harness off along with the last items of her costume and laid down naked next to Jasmine "how about I call your mom and see if you can stay here for the night".


Jasmine agreed and Mary got up and went to the kitchen and grabbed the phone, dialling Jasmine's house she waited for her mom to answer, just when she thought it was going to go to voice mail the phone was picked up,

"Um hello?" came a question

"Hi Miss Karson, it is Mary" replied the teenager

"Oh hi Mary what's up?" asked Jasmine's mom,

Mary noticed a slight pant and possibly a muffled moan in the older lady's voice

'Is she getting lucky?' thought Mary but said out loud "just wanted to let you know Jasmine is with me and is really tuckered out, you mind her staying here for the night?"

"No it is fine" replied the mom,

Mary barely made out a voice on the other end of the line it sounded like it was a man

"Jane get back here right now and get back to work, my dick isn't going to suck itself"

Jane replied covering the mouth piece of the phone but Mary still heard her say

"Yes sir, I will be right there"

The teenager couldn't believe it Jane was getting laid the same time as her daughter

"Sorry I got to go Mary" said Jane "Jasmine will be fine with you, feel free to keep her till tomorrow afternoon"

"Ok Miss Karson" said Mary "see you then".


As Mary made her way back to her room she pondered what Jane was doing at home

'No point worrying about it' she thought as she walked into her room,

Jasmine was fast asleep on the bed, lifting her slightly Mary pulled the covers down and then over the young girl covering her naked form. Climbing in as well Mary snuggled up to Jasmine and whispered

"Happy Halloween, Jasmine"

Before falling asleep.