Nifty Archive Mission Statement

Provide a generally accessible, representative collection of the diverse hopes, dreams, aspirations, fantasies, and experiences of the LGBTQ+ Community as expressed on the Internet through stories and information as a resource for research, exploration, and scholarship.

The Archive is maintained by a group of volunteers and provided by the various mirror sites as a free service, in the spirit of the original Internet (née ARPAnet) community: sharing and contributing. The Archive is not operated by any of the mirror sites or their staffs. Activities of the various mirror sites do not represent the Archive or its volunteers.

Because of the above mission, the literary content of the collected works archived, and the lack of visual depictions of any sexual conduct (involving adults or minors), this site is protected free speech under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution by the following U.S. Supreme Court tests:

     A.   *Obscenity*, defined as speech that
     -    describes or depicts (in words or pictures) sexual
             conduct in a manner that is patently offensive under
             contemporary community standards,
     -    appeals to the prurient interest, *and*
     -    taken as a whole, lacks serious literary,
             scientific, artistic, or political value,

     is constitutionally UNPROTECTED.  You can go to jail for
     distributing it (though not for possessing it).  This
     category is fairly narrow, and excludes virtually all mere
     nudity, and most things that have any reasonable pretention
     to serious art.

     B.   *Child pornography*, defined as speech that
     -    visually depicts
     -    sexual conduct -- which might include sex,
             masturbation, and "lewd exhibition of genitals" --
     -    by actual children under the age of 18,

     is constitutionally UNPROTECTED.  You can go to jail for
     distributing it *or* for possessing it.

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