LeeROY Brown

Gerald Austin

Chapter 1

My Nanna didn't raise no fool. When my ho mama took outa th' hospital, leaving me laying there in that incubator, two months premee, it was my Nanna, took me home finally, and give me a name. leeRoy, which means, the king, I know, 'cause I looked it up in one of those name your baby books down at the Woolworths store. When I was a chile, I used to think it was right, I was the king. A tough little snotnose if ever there was one, but now that I'm growed up, I guess it might have been a little bit the wrong sex. Maybe, leeROYette, mighta been better. I do look fine, all dolled up in my red shimmy dress, and my spike heels. My Nanna, helped me get my kinky hair straight, an we dyed it red, and my light skin so pretty with my red hair and shimmy red dress. Girl some heads do turn!

Nanna say, I'm prettier than Michael Jackson, course, I never seen him in no shimmy red dress neither. But, I am small like him, pateet, Nanna says, sooo fem. Not a butch bone in my body. We loves each other, my Nanna an' me. We's all we got, but she gettin' mighty old; eighty-three this year, and retired from the ho house. Nanna ain't been no ho for years an' years, and to hear her talk, maybe never was one. But my mama sho was. Course we ain't never had no idea who my daddy was, cause my mama never had no regular bo.

Phoenix, ain't never been my idea of a first class town. Minds me a that ol' spiritual song 'bout Washinton D. P., it a bougewah town. The white folk treats a colored girl bad, an' sometimes it makes you just want to spit. Likeferinstance. How cum I got my little fem ass outa that place lickydesplit after I got out of that ol' tent city jailhouse Sherif Harpeo an' his bunch a hooligans throwed me in.

I was only tryin' to save a few dollars cab fair, gittin' home after a late night party over in Scottdale. Niggas don' wan' ta be traipsin' 'roun too late over there. "Specially in no shimmy red dress an' spike heels. I seen that hack driver givin' me the eyeball in his mirrir. Winkin' an shit. I tol' myself. Honny, I said. This here cab driver wonts to give you a free ride home. I smile at him. He smile at me. In his mirrir you unnerstand. He pull into a dark alley, ans shut off his engine.

"Huuny," I says. "This here ain't my house."

"Hunny," he says. "I got somepin' big an' tasty for you up here in my lap."

"Hunny," I says. "You gonna take me home when I's through?"

"You bet." He says. So I got out the back seat, and got in the front seat wid him, an sho nuf he had a big ol' thang in his pants fer me to go down on. An' I did. Course he didn't get no chance to pop off 'fore the cops caught us. Them sunabitches must a seen him pull his cab inta 'at alley, cause they snuk up on us wid they guns out.

One of them offisahs of th' law shine his light on me wid that big ol' white dick in my liddle ol' red lipstick mouf, an' say freeze. I never seen a dick go down so fucking fast. That big ol' thing look like a pumpup falsy got a hole in it. He was pushin' me away, and tryin' to zip hisself up, an' judgin' from the screach he let out, he did.

Them two offisahs, hall my ass outa that taxicab an' tole that driver hit th' road, and he leff black marks on the dirt spinnin' his wheels getting outa that alley. After he was gone, them two lawmens shined they light up an' down on me, and they eyes bugged out when they see juss how sweet I is. I figger I might have a chance to get out of this mess, if they willin' ta play.

I steps a little closer ta the one holdin' the gun on me, and I strokes his other gun wid my han', an' I say, why don' you put that thang away an gets out yo' other pistol? He look over at his partner, and I kin feel his pocket pistol gettin' innerested.

"I'm gonna let her," he says to his partner. He put his gun away, an' pull his ol' zipper right down. I haul him out, and wish they han't run that hack driver off. His piddly lill ol' thang almos' not wurth botherin' with. Not much biggern' my little finger, an remember, I's pateet. I figger I didn' have nuthin' to loose, so I's down on my knees tryin' to fine that morsel o' pork, when he let out a grunt, an squirted all over my shimmy red dress. 'Bout made me mad, him cummin' all over me like that. His buddy thought it was funny, and he haul out his johnson, and it a little mor 'spectible, and pretty soon I gots another moufful, and he got better control. Took me ten minutes, gettin' him off, and he don' waste a drop squirtin' my dress neither.

"There you go boys," I says, getting up off my knees. My nylons full a holes, an' a runs clear up to my tape job from both knees. "I'll be mosyin' on home now I guess."

"You ain' goin nowhere bitch." The one wid the flashlite says. "It'a slow night, an we's gonna hall your ass in fer solicitin'."

"I wasn't no solicitin'", I says. "I was jus' tryin' to save cab fair. 'Sides, what 'bout you boys?"

"We's offisahs o' th' law," he says. "Who you think a Judge gonna beleave? Us or some two bit black ho." They puts the han'cuffs on me, and feels my ass up pushin' me inta they back seat. They took me straight ta the tent city jail, cause they said it was after night court, and the Judge done gone home to bed.

They book me on suspition of prostitution, an' turn me over to this here big fuckin' woman look 'bout like a deesil dyke the size of a Mack truck. When she got her han's on me, she took me by the neck bone an' haul my ass inta the wimmin's section. When she slam th' door, I could hear them cops laughin' they heads off out in the front. Wuddn't long before I figgered out why. That big ol' bitch, drag me down a hall an' throwed me in a cell an' tole me strip.

"Hunny, I cain't strip in fronta you." I says, tryin' ta be reasonable, spare her broad ass some 'barrassment over findin' out I ain't no wommens, but then she ain't none neither. She pop the top button on her pants, and pull them suckers down, and grab my head by the ears, and start sliddin' my face all over her stinkin gash. Whew tha' ol' sloppy hole stink.

"Lik my twat," she say.

"Hunny," I was gaggin'. "I don't licks twats, but she only use me talking to stick that funny little qtip thing she gots at the top of her gash into my mouf.

"Lik my clint," she say. Her little clint as she call it, was gettin' bigger than the fust offisah's whole dick got. I figger if I don't wan' ta suffacate, I better pretend to like this clint thing of hers, and get her off. I took it into my mouf, and went to town, my chin gettin' all sloppy with twat slime, and it running all down my neck, into my shimmy red dress, getting my falsys soaked. My eyes watterin' from the ol' ded fish smell, smell like her golfish died and wouldn't flush down the toilet.

Finally, she pull on my ears hard, 'bout pullem out by the roots, and grunt loud, an a whole bunch a stuff gush outin' that twata hers. Fuckin' A! She flood the whole fronta my shimmy red dress with that twat shit, an' I smell worsen sompin' dead on th' side th' road.

"Sweet jesus!" She shout, humpin' my mouf, and gushin' to beat th' ban'.

"Yeah, an' holey shit," I says, spittin' 'at stuff out cause it tasse' so bad.

Anyway, when she finnish, she zip her pan's up and tole me ta strip. I tole her I was a man, an' I wasn't gonna strip in fronta her, or any other wommens. That riled her up good, an' she cuff me up side th' head, with onea them big beefy han's a her's.

"Fuckin' fairy," she shout.

"Fuckin' dyke," I shouts. She hits me smack on the mouf wif a fist, and kicks my butt with her boot.

"Getcher faggot ass out of here!" she chase me back down the hall to the front and kick me through th' door where the mens cops side is.

"This here's a fuckin' fairy," she scream at the cops. "Keep his ass outa my site!" All them mens cops was laughin they heads off, and she slam the door hard, an' glare at 'em hard through the little glass window with chicken wire on it.

"What happen ta you?" The big cop say, lookin' at the big wet stain on my shimmy red dress.

"That bitch made me suck her twat, and gush all over me. At's wha' happen. She gonna pay to clean my dress?" They all start laffin' again, slappin' they legs it so funny. I figger they ain't gonna make that bitch pay neither.

"Get in there," the cop wid th' big dick said. He point me to a door on th' other side. Another cop waitin' in there, told me to strip.

"I gots to blow you too?" I says, dropping down on my runny knees.

"Hell no! You don't gots to blow me! I hates faggots, but I gots jus' the place ta put your ass outin' th' tents. Now get that dress off."

After I stripped off, and he made me pull the tape off my dick and balls, he say "I bet you glad you shave yer dick 'n nuts ain't you." I was glad, cause usually I soaks the tape off in the hot bath, not no ripping an tearin' on my sensitive pateet skin.

He made me take a shower, and flung some lice powder all over me, and give me a pair o' pink undies. Well, this don' look too bad I was thinkin' when he han' me a suit wid big black 'n white stripes.

"Say man," I says. "I gots to wear this suit?"

"You got a problem?" He glare at me like he jus'a soon hit me up side th' head as look at me.

"Well, it look so fey. Them stripes goin' the wrong direction. Make me look fat."

"Look hunny," he said. Well he never said hunny, but he did esplane how it was the latest thang in prison wear. Pink undies, and black an' white stripes All the boys wearin' it this year. Sherif Harpayo unnerstands your knees. I wondered if he was gonna give me a new pair of nylons cause of the runs I got in mine, blowin' the cops.

I put them thangs on, and he push me through another door, and we went out into the yard. They was big tall wire fences with barby wire rolled along the top, and big bright lights like a football game at night. We went through a gate, and he locked it behind us. Then we went through another gate, which had a little guard house with a cop sittin' in it watchin' us come through.

"New fish for tent sisty-nine." They both laughed, and just wished they'd drop the joke about smellin' like a fish. It wasn't me that done it. I cain't hep it if that ol' dyke smell so bad.

I was tryin' to make the best of the situation, and tried to fix my hair a little. I still had my eyelashes on, and most of my makeup. I straightened mysef up the best I could, not havin' nothing to do it with, 'cept my fingers and han's an a little spit now and then.

That jailer man, led me through a lot of big tents, he said could hold twelve mens each. They were nearly all full too, an none of 'em had seen pussy for weeks an' months, and I better wach my ass if I was smart. We got up to tent sissy-nine, and he pushed me inside, an' said there was a extry bed. Then he turned an' went back out to the gate.

It was so fuckin' dark in that tent, I couldn't see my han' in fronta my face. I stumbulled around, and fell over some guy sleepin' on a cot. He grab my hair, and I scream out real lady like, and tell him stop it, it was a accident. He say I can make up for wakin' him up by suckin' him off. I say what th' hell, and pull his ol' hard johnson out a his pink shorts, and go to town.

He was a noisy sonobabitch. He started yowelin' and groanin', stuffin' my face with his big ol' peter. Wasn't long 'fore somebody else woke up. He yelled for us to hush up 'fore the guards cum back. Pretty soon, he cum over, and pulled my striped pants down, and my pink undies, and start in on my brownie with his tongue. It was gettin' to feel pretty good, and 'fore long, he beggin' everybody in the tent fo' a rubber. Somebody musta give him one, cause I hear him snap it on, and the next thing I know, he hip deep in my asshole. I nearly bit th' first guy's dick off it hurt so much.

"Yeaow bitch! Don' bite! Don' bite!" I tried not to, but it hurt like hell. Well there I was, gettin' plowed and suckin' dick, an' not makin' a penny for th' trouble. My Nanna would be ashamed of me, working so hard fo' nothin'. I could jes hear what she'd say to me like she was bawlin' out Fanny or Rosie, fo' lettin' they john's cum twice, and payin' for onct. I's jes glad ol' Nanna wasn't there to see it, cause 'fore it was over, all eleben of those mens, an more than one or two from some other tents, had they dicks in my asspussy fo' free.

Sheeit! The way I figger it, the state a Arizona owes me at lease $300, bucks at $20. bucks a pop. My hole was so slick wid cum, I done slid off the toilet the next mornin'. An' that don' even count the number of times them mens cum in my mouf.

Nex' morning, them Jailmens cum an get me out of the tent. "Here you cocksuckahs, leave 'at bitch alone. She done been sprung." When they gib me my shimmy red dress back, and my heels, the dress was stiff from that ol' bitches slimy cunt juice all down the front. I smel strong, wearin' it. Coulda smel me clear to Arkansas. But it was all I got to wear, so I did my bes' to look presentible. I ast the jail guard who done sprong me, and he said he didn' know. When they finally put me out on the street, I's a mess for sure, but they was a taxi waitin' fo' me. It was the same ol taxi cab mans that got me started the night b'fore.

He gots out an' open the do' fo' me, real gennimens like, and ast me if I wouldn't like to cum home wid him an' clean up a little. I was gon tell him to fuck off, but he bein' so nice, and treating' me good, 'sides payin' my bail, I tell him awright, and get in the cab. He don' live too far off, and pretty soon, he park the cab in a driveway, and open the do' just nice an' gennimens like, an' invite me inna his RV.

He make a pota coffee, and ast me did I want some bacon'neggs. I tole him I wanted to clean up, and he say take a shower, while he cook some brackfass. I tried to wash that ol' fish smell outa my shimmy red dress, but all it done was make the pretty color run. Look like that dress bleedin' to death in 'at sink. Made me wanna cry. I paid good money fo' 'at dress an them matchin' heels.

Ol' Polley, that cab driver heard me bawlin, an' cum inta see what happen, an' fel' awful sorry for my new dress. He say he's gonna buy me a nuther one, after we wakes up from sleepin'. He feed me his bacon'neggs, and little roun' piecesa toast he call Ninglish Mofos. He say they good with grape jelly on 'em, an' they sho was. I et four or fivea them. He gib me a big cupa coffee, and then we went to bed.

His bedroom have a big ol' television, and he ast me did I wanna watch a hot movie. I said it might be nice, an he put on a tapea these two wimmens suckin' and lickin' they twats an' tiddies. I tole him they wasn't doin' a thang fo' me, cause it hasta be long 'n hard to get me goin'. He got up an' change the movie, an when he start it up again, it 'bout this here drag queen, 'tend she a ho on th' corner, an a taxi cab mans stop for a customer, an' pick her up. She get in th' front seat wid the driver, and blow him while he drivin' to his customer's place. Soun' familia?

At the john's house, the john invite 'em bouf in, and they soon all necked an swingin' on each other johnsons. The queen got the biggest dick of all, an she end up fuckin' 'em bouf fore it's over. My cab driver, layin there watchin' th' movie, and lickin' all over my body. Feels pretty good, after all the rough trade I hada put out for in the tentjail. Well, the lass thang I 'member, is ol' Polley stickin' his thang in my butthole, and fuckin' the shit outa me 'fore I sound asleep. I musta been tried, cause I dream I's drivin' somewhers ina boat. Kinda made me seasick, course, I never been on no boat, so I reckon I don' really know how seasick make you feel. All I know is when I wake up, we ain't in kansas no mo' Toto. I heard 'at onct, and thought it was funny. But we wasn't in Phoenix no mo' neither.

My cab driver, was sittin' in the driver's seat of that there RV, and he wasn't wearin' no clothes. When he see me awake, he yell at me, cum here you bitch an suck my dick.

"I ain't gonna suck 'at dick while you drivin'--get mysef kilt, and maybe bite your ol' cock right in half, you have a accident. Where we goin' anyways?"

"We's movin' to Quart Site. I ain't a lettin' you outa my site baby! yous one fuckin' hot number, an yous all mine now!"

"Hell I is! You better turn this thang 'roun, and take my ass right back to Phoenix. My Nanna gone be worried 'bout me."

"Fuck you Nanna! You mine now!"

"Lissen' here you honky sonabitch. Abraham Kennedy freed th' slaves, an' 'less sombody wants to of they own free will, you cain't keep no slaves no more. I think theys a law 'genst it.

"Well you looka here asswipe. They ain't no law 'gainst a sex slave, and thass just what you is now. You my sex slave. You gots to do what ever I tells you. Now you got it clear who th' boss?" I thought about it fer a little bit, and realized I didn't have much choice, My dress was ruint, and my undies was gone, and I shos hell wouldn't get far 'crost that fuckin' desert in my red satin heels. They's snakes an' things out there, bite my ass or somethin'.

"Awright baby. Whatchew wan' me t' do?"

"Thass better. Now get over here and suck my dick."

"Baby, cain't you pull over or somethin', scared me to death you drivin while I be suckin' you off."

"Not on your life bitch. It's onea my fancies have my dick suck while I'm drivin' down the road."

"Awright baby, you jes drive careful, you hear?" I got down on my knees, and comenst suckin' on he dick. He had that RV goin' backwards and forwards 'crost that highway, an' pretty soon, he tole me to stop, an get him some pants or somethin', cause theysa smokey after he ass. I don' know what no smokey was, but I stopped suckin' his dick, and went an' got he pants. He pulls over to the side, and tells me to go get under the covers, and stay put.

The smokey, turns out to be another cop. He pound on the RV do' and say open up! Polley open the door, and the cop climb up the step, and ast to see somethin' Polley's got. Only Polley ain't got it. So he yell out, hey honny, you see my billfold back there anywheres?"

I looks aroun', and see it layin on the flo'. "Yeah," I yell, I sees it."

"Then get you ass in gear 'n bring it up here fo' this nice policemens." I didn' have a stich on, 'cept my heels, but I got out from under the covahs, and pick up his billfol' and start up the front to gib it to the cop. The cop stan' there wid his mouf hanged open down to here, an' a big ol' lump growin in his pants.

Ol' Polley, see the cop innerested in somepin', and he rub he chin real sly like. "You know officer, she was givin' me one hellofa blowjob 'fore you stop us. She suck the paint off a doorknob she get your dick in her mouf."

"Now Polley," I hit him wid his billfol', and said. "I ain't never suck no paint off no do'knobs." The cop lick his lips, and pull on his dick in his pants.

"Haul it out," Polley say. "I'll look the other way." He turn his head, and I see he watchin in the side mirrir on his RV. The cop haul out his pecker, and he got a pretty nice piecea meat, and I go down on my knee, an swallow him right down to the curlies. He grab hol' my head an comence to fuck my mouf with his big ol' dick. I's doin my best to make it good fo' him, so he don' gib Polley no ticket fo' speedin, and 'sides, I ain't quite truss him, 'memberin' what those two cops done to me after I gib 'em bouf blowjobs the night before.

Well, I had that cop a hunchin' and a humpin', shovin' that dick a his down my troat, bout ready to spray he cum, when ol' Polley get up 'hind him, and whacks him over th' head wif his big ol' flash lite. That cop say oooohhh, an' cum all over me while he fall down on top of me.

"Get the hell up" Polley says. "Get his clothes off of 'im. Gib me he handcuffs." We strip his clothes off, and Polley tookin' his han'cuffs, and clipped him to the leg of the built in couch.

"Polley! What you doin'?" I's startin' to freak out."

"We cain't let him go 'til we safe. I's wanted in three states."

"What fo?"

"Keeping sex slaves like you."

"I thought you said it wasn' 'gainst th' law."

"Ain't far as I know, but some o' them tol' a pack o' lies 'bout me when I got tired a they asses an let 'em go. I cain't afford this cop get a holta them warrents. Have my ass in jail fastern a speedin' bullit."

"Well, what we gonna do baby?"

"We's gonna drive out in the desert and turn him loose, so we can get away before he gets help." The cop moaned on the carpet, and Polley got back behind the wheel, and started the RV up again. He pulled away, an' I could see the cop car through the back winda with its lights all blinkin' jes sittin' there goin' no where.

"Now," Polley said, back on the road again. "Get back over here and finish suckin' my dick. Watchin' you suck that cop made me hornnyern hell." I done like he tole me, and pretty soon I had me another mouf full o' his nutjuce. When I was through, I looked over at the cop, laying there necked, and he was watchin' me with a hardon too.

"You want some more baby," I said to him, crawling over and takin' his big dick in my mouf. I looked up at his face, and he smilin" down at me.

"You got any rubbers hunny? I sho would like to feel yo' asspussy 'roun my dick. Been a coon's age since I had any tail."

"Say Polley, you got any mo' rubbers?"

"What fo'?"

"This here mans wants to fuck me."

"Goddamn it baby! You my sex slave, not ever Tom, Dick 'n Hairy with a hardon."

"Oh come on baby. You drivin' an' he horny, an' I's horny. What it gonna hurt?" He thought about it for a little bit, and then tole me the rubber's in the drawer by the bed. I got one, and put it on the cop. and hunkered down on his dick, and started rockin' and rollin' on his cock. I was takin' the opportunity to jerk mysef off at the same time. Soon 'nuf, I was squirtin' my cum all over his legs, and tighten' down wid my asshole on his cock, an I feel him shootin' a big wad o' cum up my butt.

Bout 'at time, ol' Polley turn off the highway, an' start bumpin' along a dirt road. We drive like that for a long time, and I sit tight on the cop's dick, feeling him with ever bump in the road in my asspussy. He gittin' off on it too, an 'fore long, he squirmin' and shovin his dick up my hole, an' start yellin, he cummin, he cummin! He cummin' awright, an me too again, wifout touchin' my dick. Polley get so horney lissin' to us screamin we cummin, he stop the RV, and whip his dick out, and stick it in my mouf an' say suckit bitch. 'Fore long he cummin' too.

Polley, got us way off the road 'fore it got dark, and when I look out, it some god forsaken place with nothin but RV's as far as you kin see. They lights startin' to cum on, so you know theys people out there. Polley says, they a buncha his friends from when he camp out there before. Buncha perverts, Polley says. He took his flashlite, an' tole me to stay wid th' cop, and went off to talk to somebody he seen.

The cop kep' astin' me to let him go. He said he could see it wasn' me that done nothin' to him. An' b'sides, he said, if he didn't have a wife 'n kids at home, he wouldn't mind havin' me for a sex slave neither. I ast him what he gona do if I let him go?

"Well, I gots to arrest Polley. Assaultin' a offisser, hittin' me wid 'at flashlite like he done."

"What about me?"

"Oh you hunny, I never seen you do nothin' that wasn't tryin' to make me feel better. I won't arrest you, but I will have to take you in till we know more 'bout you."

"Uh oh," I says. "I cain' let you go then. You'll has my ass back in 'at tent city fo' sho. I had enuf o' that fuckin' place. My ass still sore from the guys in there."

"Oh hunny, it won't be like 'at."

"I jes gib the cops blowjobs to let me go, an' they threw me in the tents. Likedt' got fucked to death 'til ol Polley got me off. I mean bail me out. Them cops make it soun' like it 'gainst the law be suckin' dick. It was they dicks I's suckin'. I didn' do nothin. "Cept suck Polley's dick first. But it wasn' in no public place like they said, it was a alley. 'Sides, I suck them in the same alley. An that ol' bitch made me suck her twat, smelly ol' dead fish thang. 'Bout make me gag. No sah, I ain't 'bout to let you go so you kin take me back there."

It didn' matter, cause Polley came back 'bout then, an' had two mens wid him. They bouf had guns in they pockets, and when they cum in on me an' th' cop, the both whistle a wolf call at me. It better not be at the cop-- hurt my feelin's.

"So I'll sell you the sex slave, and the cop. You can fuck 'em both to death for all I care, I just need some cash and time to get out of th' country. Say three days head start." He stood there, watchin' us all eye each other, and finally, he went over to the 'frigerator and got out som' beers. They all set 'roun arguin' and tryin' to meet a price they all liked. Finally, Polley sold Me an' th' offasah for forty dollars, and a case of beer. Them ol' redneck boys was sho happy. Look like ain't nobody fuck either o' them in years, and they's so happy cause tonight, they gonna make up for loss time.