Compromising Situations
(Mind Control, T/T)
Copyright 2005 by Bambino Rojo
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The author would like to extend his sincere thanks to fellow writers Lloyd311 and O'Melissokomos for their help, support, feedback and collaboration in writing this story.

This is a work of fiction intended for adult readers and contains explicit descriptions of male-male sexual activity. Those who are offended by such things should read no further.

Although the events described herein involve sexual activity the author in no way supports, encourages or condones any kind of real life sexual activity between anyone for any reason whatsoever.

This story may not be distributed to minors by anyone, for any reason, in any manner whatsoever.

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Compromising Situations
by Bambino Rojo

I figured the guy for a fag when he moved in. He was single, dressed nice, I dunno, I just figured he was. Got the vibe, you know?

Josh felt the same way; he's just not the kind to do anything on his own. That's why I had to convince him to egg this guy's house.

We did it. Messed his place up real good. No way the guy knew it was us, even though we walked past his place everyday on the way home from practice, no way he'd know.

But it was after we did it that all the weird stuff began happening.

Josh and I'd had a pretty tough workout the afternoon it started. Coach Miller had put the whole football team through the wringer and even though we were seniors just a few months away from going to college, he didn't see any need to go easy on us.

Now Josh and I have been best friends like, forever. He was my bro; big guy, good lookin', with blond hair and blue eyes, classic All-American boy shit, and we did a lot together. Hell, we'd even lost our virginity to the same girl on the same night, banging Lisa Tubman in the back of Josh's Ford pick-up truck, up on the hill like, two years ago. We pretty much had the same views on everything too, like school, politics, and fuckin' homos movin' into our neighborhood. So it was easy enough to get him down with the idea of egging this guy's house. Of course, he'd be down with pretty much anything I'd tell him to do. Let's face it, somebody's gotta be the guy in charge, and in our case, it was definitely me. Josh always did what I told him.

So, we like, did this fag's place on Saturday night and messed it up real bad; did the front, his car, the works man; made a big mess for him to clean up. Then come Monday we were walkin' past his place on our way home from Monroe High when we see the homo lookin' out the window at us. The way he was lookin' it was like, he knew somehow.

I could see Josh gettin' worried, and he starts in with, "What the fuck, Matt, you think he knows it was us did it?"

I told him to chill and just keep on walkin', but suddenly the guy comes chargin' out his front door and starts walking toward us with something in his hand.

At first I think he's got a gun and Josh does too, so we're ready to bolt! Then I see it's like, I dunno, something else. He aims it at us and I'm like, "What the fuck is that?" Then there was this FLASH, really bright, and everything just went totally blank.

Next thing I remember I'm startin' to come around and I didn't know how long had passed. I felt like I was floating or something. I mean, I felt really good, all over, even though I didn't know where I was or what I was doing.

I had something in my mouth that tasted just great, like the best, most delicious thing I'd ever tasted. In fact, that's exactly what I keep thinkin', that this is the best thing I've ever tasted and I want more of it. The good feeling is growing more intense inside me when it's like, I hear this voice calling me from the distance.

I recognize it's Josh's voice, but it sounds like he's a bazillion miles away, and he's saying my name over and over like he's tryin' to wake me up or something. I just keep feelin' better and better, drinkin' this sweet stuff in my mouth, and then, all at once I hear him say something like, "What the fuck are you doin' man!?" It feels like someone wants to take away this wonderful stuff I've got in my mouth, but I won't let 'em, it's just too good and I just gotta have more of it. And then all at once, the sensation hits me.

I cum. I like, totally cream myself in the biggest, hottest fucking orgasm I've ever had!

I feel myself shooting my load over and over and it just keeps coming and coming and it feels so awesome, I just close my eyes and enjoy how great it feels as it rips through my whole body. I cum all over my hand and I rub it all over my cock and my chest and everything. But when it's over, I mean, once I finally stop cumming and it's like REALLY over, it's like I wake up from a dream or something and realize where I am.

As soon as I realize what the fuck I'm doing it's like... HOLY SHIT!

I'm naked, down on my knees, in front of Josh, who's also naked, sittin' on the edge of his bed in front of me with his legs spread wide and I've got his fuckin' dick in my mouth, sucking him off!

"FUCK!" I scream and push myself away, falling back on the floor in Josh's room.

Now I'm lyin' there all naked and flat on my ass, looking up at my naked best friend and he's sitting on the edge of his bed with like a major fuckin' boner stickin' way the fuck up! It's big as hell and all shiny wet with spit and cum dripping down it. And I realize, shit, I just had that cock in my mouth!

Now I know what that stuff I'm tasting in my mouth is and I think I'm gonna be sick! I roll over spitting, trying to get his jizz out, but I've already swallowed most of it and what's left is just dripping out the corners of my mouth. I can feel his spunk on my face too. I go to wipe it off with my hand but when I do, fuck! I just get MORE cum on me! I've got cum all over my hand -- my own cum!!

I look down at myself. There's my hard, eight inches of teen cock pointing up and still pulsing, with my cum oozing out the end and drippin' down onto my washboard abs. I've just shot my load everywhere! There's cum all over the floor in puddles! It looks like, while I was on my knees sucking Josh, I was jerkin' myself off too. Now I'm lyin' on the floor, on my back, and I've got hot jizz like, all over me, all over the floor, all over my hands, on my cock, my chest, my stomach, and even all over my mouth and my face and I'm like thinkin', how the fuck did I get here? What the hell happened?

"What the fuck were you doin', man?" Josh asks me.

I try to think but, shit!

"I... I dunno, man. I don't remember. How the fuck did we get here?"

I'm lookin' up at him from the floor and Josh is still sitting on the edge of his bed with his legs spread and his big ol' naked boner stickin' up. It was startin' to go soft an' all, but it was still fuckin' huge as it hung there, and I couldn't help lookin' at it. I guess he could tell I was starin' at it 'cause he like, pulled a blanket over his crotch to cover up, then tried to think what happened. Turns out he couldn't remember how we got here either.

Last thing either of us remembered was walkin' past that fag guy's house, and him walking toward us. Then, there was like a big FLASH and next thing either of us remembers, we're here in Josh's room and I'm suckin' on my best friend's cock like we're havin' some kind of fuckin' fag orgy. Shit, if the team ever found out they'd totally fuckin' kill us!

Josh said he'd cum just before I did and it's like, that woke him up, and he says that's when he realized where he was and what was happening. Anyway, he wakes up and first thing he sees is me down on my knees going to town on his cock like a hungry homo, suckin' him off and drinking his freshly shot cum and shit. He tried calling to me but he says it was like I was lost or something. He says he even tried to push me off but I wouldn't let go of his cock, wouldn't stop sucking on him. Then  I came, shot my load with a big smile, sendin' my jizz all over myself and his floor, and a moment after that it seemed like I just suddenly snapped out of it, just like he'd done after he came.

So I'm still lyin' there naked on my back and I look around his room. It's really bright with the setting sun coming in. I can tell it's been like, hours since we left school. The curtains are pulled back and the blinds are all the way up on his window, that's why it's so bright. It's wide open and just as I look up I think maybe I see something at the window, but it's gone before I can tell for sure. Shit, I hope no one saw us doing this fag shit!

Now we're both freaked out. We don't remember anything and have no idea how the hell we got here. Our clothes are scattered on the floor like we just walked into his room, ripped 'em off and got to what we were doin', but neither one of us can remember doing any of that shit.

Good thing we're at Josh's place. His house is always empty in the afternoons. If we'd ended up at my place we'd have had my little brother to deal with.

We don't know what the fuck happened, but we both wash up in the bathroom and get dressed as quick as we can.

We don't know what he did, but we know that fag guy did it, and I'm thinkin' we oughta go over there and mess him up real bad, but Josh is like, scared or something. Now he's not bright, that's why I'm always the one in charge and I do the thinkin', but he's a big guy, good lookin' strong and muscular as hell 'cause he and I work out all the time, but I've never seen him scared before. I can't believe he's scared of a fag, but he's like, no way, he doesn't wanna go anywhere near that guy's place ever again!

Well, screw that shit, I tell him! I'm pissed and somebody's gonna pay. I tell Josh I'm goin' over to mess that guy up bad and he'd better come with me if he knows what's good for him.

Suddenly Josh does something he's like, NEVER done before! He actually grabs me by the shoulders and says, "No, we're not!"

I look down at his hands on me and he knows he fucked up, so he takes 'em off real quick, but he doesn't back off and just repeats, "Look, Matt, there's no way we're doin' that! Okay?"

I ask who died and made him boss of me? I can't believe he's tellin' ME what to do. I figure he'll back down and remember who's boss, but he doesn't.

"Dammit, Matt, will you listen to ME for once! I don't feel right about that guy and I'm tellin' you, we're NOT going!"

At first I can't believe he thinks he can tell me what to do, I mean, he's never done anything like that before. But then, something inside tells me maybe he's right and I should just do what Josh says. It seems funny because he's never stood up to me like that before. So I figure I will, I'll do what Josh tells me, just this once. In the end we agree the best thing is just to try and forget it ever happened and never, EVER let anyone fucking know about this.

I'm totally down with that.

That night, I have the weirdest fuckin' dream!

In the dream, I don't know where I am, someplace dark, but Josh is there too, and we're both fuckin' naked! For some reason we're both doing all this fag stuff to each other, like huggin' and kissing and makin' out like we do with our girlfriends, only were doin' it with each other! I mean, I can see us in my mind, two hot, ripped, muscular jock guys doin' it to each other, and we can't help it!

In my dream, it's like there's other people there too, but I can't see 'em. I feel there's someone telling us to do all this shit, and we just do it to each other without even thinking. But the really fucked up part is that it's like I'm there, and I'm not there. I'm like, hating that I'm doing this fag shit, but inside, I'm also LOVIN' it and I can't stop myself because I'm just so fuckin' hot for Josh. It's like there's two of me in my head and the regular one can't control the other!

It seems so real, but when I wake up, it all goes fuzzy on me again the way dreams do, and I realize how crazy and unreal it was. I can't remember any of the details anymore.

The next day I try to act like nothing happened, but I can tell Josh is having a hard time too and he's lookin' weird all day.

At lunch we're sitting off by ourselves and I ask him if he's alright. That's when he says he doesn't want to talk about it. I'm totally down with that man, I don't either, but then he says he had a really fucked up dream last night, and that I was in it and...

He doesn't say anymore and to be honest, I don't want him too. It's gettin' too scary. We just both know we want nothin' to do with that fag guy again.

Normally, we walk home together after school, but today we don't feel like it. We talk about maybe gettin' with our girls and hittin' the Burger King or something. We just don't wanna walk anywhere near that fag's place.

I think about just goin' home. My parents are gonna be gone till real late anyway and my dorky, twelve year old little brother has his dumb Little League practice all afternoon. I'd have the place to myself and, right now, I like the idea of being alone. But I feel like, I need to be with a chick again too, ya' know? So instead of going home I call Cindy on my cell and tell her Josh and me are gonna meet her at the Burger King. I like the idea of gettin' together with my girl after all the weird shit. I'm even thinkin' I might try to sneak her back to my place and bang 'er for a piece of ass. That sounds great. I'm gettin' horny as hell thinkin' about doin' her, but then for some reason, after I set up to meet her and all, I decide not to go to the Burger King at all.

I don't know why, but the more I walk, the more I keep thinking about that guy's house. I can't believe what he did to us and I get mad at myself for letting Josh talk me out of goin' over there and fixin' him good! After what he did? That's fucked up, man. I just can't let it go and I ain't afraid of no fag.

Before I know what I'm doin', I'm actually standing in front of the guy's house again, and when I look around, FUCK, there's Josh, too!

"What the hell are you doin' here?" I ask him, and he looks at me all blank for a second then says, "Well, what the fuck are YOU doin' here?"

I figure we must both be thinkin' the same thing, that someone needed to teach this fag a lesson or something... at least I THINK that's why we're here.

Next thing I know the two of us are all pissed off and walking up to this guy's door. I pound on it, ready to confront him, and when it opens, there he is.

I never paid much attention to him before but now I see he's actually a pretty good lookin' guy. Not as old as I thought he was, he's maybe in his thirties, and in really good shape too. He's dressed in jeans and a sharp lookin' shirt that really shows off his muscles. Shit, I guess fags work out too, huh?

"Ahh, there you boys are, right on time," he says.

"What?" I look over and I can see that Josh is lookin' all weirded out. I mean, HE wanted to walk up here too, didn't he? But now, it's like he wants to run away, only he's not going anyplace. Funny thing is, I know that's what he's feelin', 'cause that's what I'M feeling! I'm trying to act tough, but inside I'm suddenly scared shitless. I don't know what the fuck I'm doin' here, why the fuck did I come back? I feel like it wasn't even my idea now and I wanna turn and run away fast, but my feet won't move.

"Come inside boys," the guy says.

I don't want to. I wanna get the fuck outta here quick. In my mind it's like a struggle and I can feel I'm losin'! I can't move, and that's startin' to scare me! It's like I can't control myself.

Suddenly Brian... (shit, I suddenly know this guy's name is Brian?!? How the fuck do I know that?) Brian gets like real angry and says, "I told you to GET INSIDE! Do it NOW before someone sees you!"

Seein' him all mad like that really scares me and next thing I know, Josh and me are steppin' into his living room and I have no idea why.

Now I know something's up, he's done something to us and this ain't right! I'm really scared but that just makes me more pissed off, and in my fear I start tryin' to act tough.

"What the fuck did you do to us, you goddamn faggot!?" I shout. And this Brian guy gives me this really snide look.

"Careful, kid!" he says, holding a finger up in my face. "You're just one word away from your worst nightmare, boy!" and he starts poking me in the chest. "One word from me, and you'll find yourself in the worst situation you can imagine."

Look, I admit I'm scared, but this just gets me more angry. No fuckin' way I'm gonna let this fag asshole talk to me like that.

"Look, ya' fuckin' faggot dickweed," I shout, "I don't know what the fuck you did to us but I'm gonna kick your ass so far into..."

And then he said something. Just one word, and I can't remember what the fuck it was! But that was it.

Next thing I know I'm waking up to my own moans of pleasure as I'm feelin' the rush of an oncoming orgasm that's, like, the best damned cum I've ever felt in my life!

I'm moanin' and playin' with myself and sayin' stuff out loud when I feel it just rip through me like nothin' I've ever felt before. My cock just shoots and shoots and shoots. I can't explain it but it feels like I've waited a lifetime for this, like it's taken forever for this load of cum to rise and shoot and I'm so grateful to *finally* have it happen.

It's not until the feeling slowly subsides that I start to open my eyes.

Shit! It happened again! Total blackout, no idea where I've been or what I've been doing, just waking up as I cum.

I'm looking at my bedroom window. I'm in my own bedroom but I have no idea how I got here. The sun is setting outside so it's been like hours, at least, since I blacked out! But what happened?

I look at myself. I'm on top of my sheets, naked again, and I'm still clutching my throbbing dick in my cum-soaked hand as the last of my load of jizz leaks out. I've got cum blasted all over my stomach and chest, all the way up to my chin! Shit, I think I even got some on my face! I must have shot like a fuckin' geyser when I finally came.

And then I look over to my door, and I see I'm not alone.

"Fuck!" I shout as I grab my sheets and pull them up to cover me, "What the fuck are you doing here, ya' little shit?"

Rusty, my twelve year old little brother, is standing in the doorway staring at me. His mouth is hangin' open like he's catchin' flies and I have no idea how long he's been watchin' me doin'... whatever I've been doin'.

"Me!?" he says, surprised. "I just got home and, damn Matt!"

Shit, I'm thinkin', what all did the little fucker see me doin'?

He went on, "Charlie's dad dropped me off and when I came inside I could hear you moaning and shoutin' all the way downstairs!"

I can feel my face turning red in shame and embarrassment.

"So you just came walkin' into my bedroom?" I yell at him.

"I came upstairs and your door was like, totally open, and then I saw what you were doin' and heard what you were sayin' and..." he stops.

"And what..?"

He looks really nervous, "You were like, pumpin' and playin' with your thing like you were outta your mind or something. I didn't know what to do. I thought somethin' was wrong with you and started callin' your name, but it was like you didn't even hear me or anything; like you were outta your mind or something. After I called your name you got like, even louder, like you went nuts and then... all that stuff started coming outta your dick and shootin' all over you, man!"

I looked over at the little shit. I was so mad at him but then...

Seein' Rusty standin' there in his little league outfit it suddenly hit me that, damn, the little guy sure looked cute. I don't know why I'd never noticed before what a hot little man my brother was turning into over the last few years but seein' him now, he really was a turn on.

Rusty had the same reddish-brown hair my dad did, cute little lips, soft, beautiful eyes, and these really rosy-red cheeks that looked so boyish. But, oh man, there was somethin' about that tight baseball uniform he was wearing that was just... I dunno. Sexy? Was that really the word I was lookin' for? Yeah, that was it. Those pants were so snug on him, hell, you could see everything! And guess what? That little perv brother of mine was sportin' a boner in there! Can you believe it! The kid's dick had grown a lot in the last few years and I knew he'd started sproutin' hair a few months ago, but this was the first time I'd really noticed how hot he'd gotten. You could see his stiffie in those little league pants almost as plain as if he'd just been standin' there in his BVD's. Little homo musta got off lookin' at me playin' with myself! Sure would be nice to see him outta that uniform, I thought, and I got to wondering if there was a way I could take him swimming or to the gym or someplace where I could get him alone and undressed. I bet he's got a hot little body and a cute ass and thinkin' about him I suddenly just wanted to drop to my knees and...



This was not just another guy I was thinkin' this shit about, this was my own damn little brother!? I'd never had a fag thought before in my life and now I was, getting' a bone for my freshly adolescent little brother!

What had that fag done to me!?

I needed Rusty outta here right now!

"Look, Rusty-man, promise me you won't say anything to mom and dad?"

He looked at me and I could tell he was thinkin' something.

"What's it worth to you?" he asked.

Fuck, the little shit was gonna blackmail me! Part of me wanted to kick his ass but, layin' there naked in bed under the sheets, covered in my own cum, I didn't really feel I was in a good place to argue.

"What do you want?" I asked.

He thought about it for a minute, then...

"No more Indian burns," he said.

"Okay," that was easy.

"And no more wedgies," he added.

"Alright," I agreed.

"And sometime, you gotta do something I tell you to do, no matter what."

"Get the fuck outta here!" I said.

"Do it, or I'll tell what I saw."

Goddamned little shit knew he had me. I burned and swore I'd get even, but for now.

"Fine. Now get the fuck outta here."

Rusty just shook his head sadly, lookin' at me. "What you were sayin' man, when you were doin' it, I mean..."

I didn't want to get out of bed, didn't want him to see my dick was still throbbing from thinking of what he'd look like if I ripped that pretty uniform off his little sexy little body, but I couldn't remember anything I'd said and...

"What... What was I sayin'?" I asked.

Rusty just shook his head.

"I don't wanna say."

"Come on, bro', please. I wanna know what you heard."

"You know what you were sayin'!"

"Goddamnit just tell me what the fuck you heard me sayin'!?"

He didn't say at first, then, without any feeling...

"You kept sayin', 'fuck me,' over and over, like you were beggin' someone to do it to you."

"What?" I couldn't believe what I was hearin'. No way I'd ever say somethin' like that!

"Bullshit, ya' little liar!" I said. "Now you're just makin' shit up!?"

"Am not!" Rusty shouted. "That's what you said man, over and over, I swear, I could hear you all the way downstairs man, you were cryin' for it. You just kept sayin' 'fuck me, please, fuck me, Josh, I want you to fuck me, I need you to fuck me, I want..."

"What!? I said Josh?"

"Yeah, you said Josh. I thought he was in here with you the way you kept callin' his name and all!"

My stomach started to tighten and I felt like puking. This couldn't be happening.

"Matt?" Rusty asked, and now his voice was real weak.


"You and Josh, you're not like, secret, fag lovers or homos or some shit, are you?"

I felt tears, hot and burning, running down my cheeks. I couldn't look at him anymore, the shame I felt, and the fucked up desire every time I looked at him. I just had to be alone!

"Get the fuck outta my room, ya' little shit!" I grabbed a football trophy from beside my bed and heaved it at him.

He jumped back and pulled the door shut just in time to avoid being hit. My trophy hit the door and broke into a dozen pieces as I heard him run down the hall to his room.

For a moment I just lay there, sobbing to myself. What the fuck was happening to me! What had that guy done? Why was I feeling all these fucked up homo feelings? I hated homos! I couldn't be one!

I tried to remember what had happened, how the hell I got here, but try as I might, I couldn't remember anything after Josh and I walked into Master Brian's house.

Master Brian? The words were in my head. When did I start thinking of him like that?

Looking around my room everything seemed so normal yet everything in my life had turned so completely upside down over the past few days. My clothes were scattered on the floor, like I'd just walked into the door, stripped 'em off without thinking, got on my bed and started beatin' myself off.

I realized I had to piss so I started to get up. As soon as I lifted my legs I felt this aching pain in my butt and a sensation like I had to take a dump really bad!

"Ahh, fuck," I muttered. My ass hurt!

I was able to stand up but I walked funny as I made the way to my bathroom. I was grateful I didn't have to walk down the hallway to the family bathroom where my little brother could see me like this. I got into my bathroom and sat on the toilet.

I tried to poop but it was like something had been shoved up my butt! I reached down and felt part of it sticking out, so I grabbed and tugged on it. At first I thought it was stuck or something! Finally I was able to pull it out, but even when I did my asshole still felt sore, like it had been really stretched or something.

I looked at what I pulled out and it was like, some kind of big ass butt plug or something! It was all smooth, skin colored, plastic and it was, like, totally covered with jizz!

What the FUCK!?

After the plug was gone I suddenly had cum drippin' outta my ass; lots of it!

That's when my cell phone started to ring. I could tell from the ring it was Josh because I had a custom ring programmed in there for him. I washed my hands real quick and saw myself in the mirror. There were like, these red marks around my throat, but I couldn't remember how I got them. Anyway, the phone was ringing so I answered it.

"What the fuck happened?" Josh asked, and I could tell he was really scared again. I'd NEVER known Josh to be scared before this shit started, hell the guy was a linebacker, built big as a brick shithouse and tough as they come, he'd never had anything to be scared about before.

"I dunno," I said, "I just woke up and..." I was gonna say how Rusty had caught me playin' with myself, but decided not to. "I don't remember how I got here or anything."

"Me either," he said. "Last thing I remember, we were steppin' into that guy's living room and then... I'm waking up at home all naked in bed with a..." he stopped.

"With what?" I asked, and I was afraid of what he was gonna say.

"Matt?" he said, and I could tell he wasn't sure he wanted to say this. "When you woke up, did you... like... find something?"

I knew what he was asking, but I was as embarrassed about saying it as he was. Hell, I didn't want to admit to that shit, but...

"You mean like... did I find something... someplace... weird?"

"Yeah, did you like, find something...." He trailed off again.

"You found something stuck in your butt too, didn't you? " I finally finished what neither of us wanted to say.

For a long time he didn't say anything, then...

"Holy shit," he said, "You had something in your butt?"

'Ahh, crap, I thought.' That wasn't what he'd found! Shit! I thought he'd found the same thing or I never woulda told him! And now he, like, knew I'd had somethin' shoved up my ass! Damnnit!

As bad as this shit was at least, I'd thought, I wasn't alone. I figured he must be doin' the same things to Josh he was doin' to me. But instead...

"Well, what the fuck were YOU talkin' about?" I yelled, angry that I'd embarrassed myself.

"I had like, this big cock-ring tight around my dick. Big leather thing with studs on it. And it looked kinda... dirty."

I had another fucked up dream that night.

This time I dreamed I was a dog, or at least, that I thought I was a dog. I didn't LOOK like a dog, I looked like me; brown hair, nicely cut; tough, muscular, buff jock body, but I couldn't talk or say any words, I could only bark like a dog and I couldn't stand up on my feet, I could only crawl around on my hands and knees. And I had a collar around my neck and someone had me on a leash too. I felt trapped but whenever I'd get too aggressive or try to fight my way out they'd pull on my leash and collar and tug at my neck to keep me in line.

I remember I felt so horny I couldn't think straight. All I could think about was how much I wanted to cum so bad, but I couldn't because I didn't have my master's permission! Like, I couldn't fuckin' shoot my load without someone's say so, even though my body wanted to more than ever!?

Then, in my dream, there was another dog and suddenly he was mounting me, just like I'd seen my own dog do with some bitch in the front yard one time. Only it wasn't a dog in my dream, it was Josh; big, muscular, blond haired, blue eyed, All-American jock boy Josh, the boy who always does what I tell him to do. Only, he was acting like a dog too and he was fuckin' my ass!

Next thing I know he's on top of me and I can feel his fat cock forcing its way into my backend. He starts humping me like I'm some bitch and he's breeding with me. I swear, it's like I can actually feel his fat cock going deeper and deeper inside me with each thrust, and suddenly I'm like, loving it and whimpering in pleasure. He starts slammin' my ass, poundin' me, and there are all these lights, flashing, like flash bulbs on cameras going off, and I can't tell if it's real or just how it feels in my head. It feels like someone, maybe a lot of some-ones, are watching us. I hear laughing, and I'm so ashamed of myself, but I can't stop what I'm doing or how I'm acting, and I wanna cum so bad because I know it'll be over when I cum, but I can't cum, I want to so bad but I can't, and then, finally...

I shoot a load, big time, and that's when I wake up!

It's the middle of the night and I'm home in my own bed and I just made a mess of cum in my boxers that's spilled out all over my sheets! Shit, mom will have a fit when she sees this in the laundry!

I just had a fuckin' wet dream! Damnnit, I haven't had one of those since I was thirteen years old and never about fag shit like this! I can't believe I just cummed in my sleep!

Just like before, as soon as I wake up, the dream fades until I can't remember any of the real details, just the big stuff. It seemed so real when I was dreamin' it, but now, it just seems like another impossibly weird ass dream.

I get a washcloth and wipe up my sheets, then change my underwear and go back to bed, but I have a hard time fallin' asleep and feel weirded out by it all the next day.

Josh avoided me all day until lunchtime, and then I had to practically chase him down.

When we started talkin' he wouldn't look me in the eye or anything.

"Look, Josh, man, I don't remember what the fuck happened, but I've been havin' some really fucked up dreams," I tell him.

Josh just nodded and I knew he'd been having dreams too.

"So, we're not like gonna tell anyone about this, right? We're just gonna keep all this shit to ourselves, okay?" I ask him.

He looks up at me like I'm outta my mind. "Of course we gotta keep it to ourselves," he said, "what the fuck, you think *I* want anyone to know about this shit!?"

"No, Josh... shit!" I can see I upset him and feel really bad that he's mad at me.

He shook his head, "We never shoulda egged Brian's house, man. This never would've happened if you hadn't talked me into that."

"Me!?" I shouted back, then caught my voice when I noticed heads turning in the cafeteria, so I took it down to a whisper, "It was *your* idea, man."

That's when he gave me this fucked up look and insisted *I* had been the one to say we do it.

Suddenly I felt confused. I just couldn't imagine me telling Josh what to do, it just didn't feel right, I mean, didn't I always do what Josh told me? Wasn't he the one who was always in charge?

"Why would I want to do something awful like that to Brian?" I said, defending the obvious logic of my situation. "He's our master and I'd do anything for him."

No sooner had the words left my mouth then I felt the chill of realization at what I'd said and saw Josh turn white.

What had Brian done to us! What the fuck had that fuckin' fag man done to our heads!

I knew now I couldn't trust my own brain anymore. I couldn't trust what I remembered or how I felt. He could do anything to us and there was nothing we could do about it. The only thing we could do was stay away from him. We had to be sure we never went anywhere near that guy's place again.

That afternoon Coach gave us an especially hard workout. I tried to do my usual job, but for some reason I kept fucking up. Fortunately Josh was there for me. He kept telling me what to do and I listened to him, like always, because he watches out for me. I was really grateful for a friend like him who could take charge of me and tell me what to do and help me through stuff. I knew I'd be totally lost without him.

I played much better after that, although I had to struggle not to walk funny 'cause my butt still hurt.

All through the game I kept finding myself staring at my teammates like I was seeing them for the first time. We were all bent over in a scrimmage line, and damn, I'd never noticed what a great bunch of asses they all had! Fuck, my teammates were hot lookin'!

In the shower after practice I found myself glancing around at all the young, hard bodies of my teammates. I glanced over at Josh from time to time, only to see him look away quickly. Each time it seemed like he was staring at my ass, and I swear he was startin' to get a hard-on lookin' at my butt.

I'd never noticed before how good lookin' Josh was. And his cock? Fuck, he was the most well hung boy I'd ever seen. His dick was beautiful. Lookin' at it I remembered having it in my mouth and, for some reason it didn't seem so disgusting now. In fact, lookin' at it hangin' there, so thick and hot and handsome, I thought about having it in my mouth again, and instead of getting sick, I started getting really turned on and I wanted to...

SHIT!!! There I was doin' it again! What the fuck was wrong with me!?

All day, every time I'd see another good lookin' guy I'd suddenly start havin' all these queer thoughts for 'em!

Why did I feel this way when I never had before? And why had I never noticed what a great bod Josh had? How could I not have noticed that? The dude was a fuckin' stallion!

As he kept lookin' over at my butt I kept lookin' at his dick and saw it start to grow and get harder. Abruptly he cut his shower short and dashed out lookin' real upset. I wondered what was goin' through his mind?

I turned and looked around the shower and, suddenly it felt like I was in some kind of wild sex fantasy. There I was in a hot high school gym shower, the steam rising and me surrounded by all these beautiful, naked, sexy young teen stud boys! I don't know why I'd never noticed but damn, my teammates sure were a hot lookin' bunch of sexy, young guys.

I found myself looking at Adam, he was this real young freshman kid; blond hair, beautiful face, baby-soft lookin' skin, and he had this long, slender, soft looking teen-boy cock that hung beautifully down between his milky legs. He didn't have a lot of hair on his body yet and seemed so smooth. I kept staring at his handsome, boyish dick and, for some reason, I started to feel funny in my ass lookin' at it, like, I dunno, hungry in my butt or something. It was a feeling I'd never known before but now...

My hand found its way to my own hardening cock as I looked at him and without thinking, I began unconsciously jerking myself in the shower.

"What the fuck are you doin'?" Adam suddenly shouted at me, "What the fuck are you lookin' at, ya' homo!?" he said.

"Holy shit," I heard one of my other teammates, Charlie, call out. "Matt's strokin' a big ol' woody!!"

Suddenly I was jarred back to reality. I was in a shower with the whole fuckin' football team and without realizing what I was doing I'd not only gotten a goddamn hard on, but I'd started playing with myself while staring at some freshman boy's dick! I was masturbating in a shower full of high school football players!


What the fuck was wrong with me?

I was so fuckin' dead, and I knew it!

Suddenly I felt Terry, our big ass quarterback, grab me from behind, takin' the arm I'd been jerkin' with and twisting it behind me.

"What the fuck, Matt, you goin' all fag boy on us?"

I felt his naked skin pressing against my bare back as he pushed into me.

"Look at that bone he's got, man!" Charlie shouted and everyone seemed to be looking at my cock and laughing, yet it didn't go down, it stayed hard and, fuck, if anything it got HARDER! Feeling Terry's naked body pressed against my own just made it worse and my dick bounced and throbbed more noticeably.

"Fuck you!" I shouted and tried to twist away, but he held me too tightly and all the contact, I swear, it was just makin' it worse. I could feel myself getting more and more turned on by this and I couldn't make it stop!!

"Naw, looks like you're the one who wants to be fucked!"

They all started to laugh again and Charlie shouted again, "Man, look at that bone bounce, I think Matt's got the hots for you Terry!"

The next thing I knew everyone was pointing at my dick and laughing. Normally I'm so sure of myself but now, I felt like an embarrassed little boy. I wanted to cry, and yet I couldn't stop this feeling of horny desire for my teammates that just kept growing stronger and stronger! My dick kept throbbing and I felt like I was gonna cum if I didn't get Terry off me. I could feel my dick start to pulse as our hot quarterback pulled me back, twisting my arm behind be but, in the process, pressing my skin against his.

'Please no,' I thought to myself, 'please don't let me shoot a load right here in front of the whole damned team!'

I couldn't understand what was happening to me! I'd never had this happen before.

I fought as best I could, but the more I struggled with Terry the more aroused I got and I could FEEL I was close to shooting a load. In the struggle I felt my ass push back against his pubes, felt his hair against my bottom, felt his dick touch my ass crack.

I couldn't help it, it pushed me over the edge and my dick started twitching, I was gonna shoot and couldn't stop myself! Suddenly...

"Fuck!" Charlie shouted as I fired a load of cum without ever even touching my dick! It shot out so far, so hard, I actually shot my cum on him!

"Shit!" Terry shouted, unable to believe what he was seeing, my cock furiously ejaculating hot semen before the startled eyes of my teammates. In total shock and disgust he loosened his grip on me and I quickly managed to twist loose and run!

Cum kept spewing from my hard cock as I tore down the locker room hallway to the toilet stalls.

"Geezus!!" I heard Charlie scream as I ran, "Fuckin' rump ranger spermed me!"




Their words echoed after me as I ran, still cumming, into the bathroom stall. I slammed the door shut and jizzed load after load into the toilet. I couldn't stop myself!

Images and sensations of those hot bodies in the shower kept filling my mind. My teammates, hot and sexy, swirled through my head in ways they never had before! I kept cumming and cumming as I thought of them laughing at my cock in the shower while Terry held me tightly in his grasp, my own naked skin pressed against that firm, muscular young body of his, the feeling of his warm cock pressing snuggly against my ass.

Finally, after what seemed forever, I stopped shooting and sat down on the toilet, exhausted and in tears.

I kept hidden in the stall as long as I felt I could, then I milked the last drop of cum from my long cock and came out to get dressed.

I headed to my locker. Shit, there were more people around than I realized or I wouldn't have come out yet. I'm sure my face was bright red with embarrassment. Josh was still there, over at his locker, but he was totally ignoring me. Not that I could blame him. There were still a couple other hot, naked football jocks around, and I felt myself starting to get aroused again. I tried to focus on anything else. I had to get dressed and get outta here before I did something else I'd regret. I tried to forget about all this weird shit!

That's when I found it in my locker; an envelope with nothing but my name on it. Someone had slipped it through the air vents on the locker door, I guess. I was scared the moment I saw it.

I opened it up, being careful not to let anyone else see what I had. When I saw what was inside I nearly died.


Of me.

Of Josh.

Pictures from my dream.

It was as if someone had been in my mind with a camera last night while I slept and had taken photos of what I'd imagined. How could that be possible? It was only a dream. But there it was. Me, in some kind of dark place, down on my hands and knees like a horny dog, naked save for a collar around my neck. My swollen cock, fully erect, hung down obscenely, showing how much I was enjoying myself as I smiled contentedly and sucked some guy's cock while my best friend, Josh, fucked me in the ass as if I was his bitch.

I felt my world turn upside down and once again felt a wave of nausea sweep through me.

There were more. Pictures that looked like they'd been copied from videotape. Of me, and Josh, in that same dark place, with me doing all sorts of things to him; kissing and sucking and licking his nipples and, fuck, just every gay, homo, fag thing you could think of!

And then there were the one's taken in Josh's bedroom. I could tell right away they'd been taken through the window the first day this shit had happened. We were both naked. Josh was sitting on the edge of his bed with his muscular legs spread wide and his head leaned back. He was smiling a broad, happy grin with his eyes closed in total ecstasy as I was down between his legs, sucking him off.

God, I wanted to cry. It couldn't be real, but there it was. Me, on my knees, jerking myself off in pleasure as I sucked and licked my best friend's big, hard cock.

Then, there was the note.

"I've got more photos and lots of video tapes to share with the world, unless you come by my place today. I'll see you both after practice."

I turned and looked across the locker room. Josh was still there, sitting motionless, numb, with his back to me. His head was hung low but as he slowly turned toward me I could see the tears running down his cheeks. In his trembling hand he held an envelope just like mine.

We met outside after we got dressed and argued. Josh told me we couldn't go to that guy's place again, couldn't go anywhere near there in spite of what it said in the note.

"Look," he told me, "This guy can make us do anything he wants when he's got us. Who knows what he'd have us do next if we showed up. The only chance we've got is to fight it, stay away. Don't give him a chance to make it even worse!"

Of course I knew Josh was right. He's always right, that's why I always listen to him and do what Josh tells me to do and of course I agreed and we both vowed to stay far away from the guy's place.

I guess it was no surprise when we both found ourselves standing on the steps of Master Brian's house a short time later. Neither of us had been able to resist some kind of urge to go.

There were a lot of cars parked around his place, almost like he was having a party or something.

When the door opened Master Brian was all smiles to see us.

"Ahh, the guests of honor have finally arrived. Come in, boys, come in. I believe you know your way to the basement."

Although I had no recollection of ever being there before I had no problem finding my way to his basement.

The room was full of men of all types, younger and older, fat and thin, muscular and not so, but they all seemed like the sort of people who had money and were used to having power and influence over others. I guess, perhaps, Brian had given them that.

A big screen video projector was playing in the corner and I felt sick when I saw what was showing -- the video of Josh and me, doing all those things I'd thought I'd only dreamed about, but there we were, up on the screen, just like the photos. I was a dog, with a collar and leash, getting my ass fucked by my best friend; I was in Josh's room, sucking him off and watching him cum in my mouth and on my face, played over and over, with me shooting my own load joyfully on my hands and rubbing it on my hard body, my face and mouth and all over my stiff cock.

On the video, each time we'd cum we'd wake up from our trance, startled and shocked at what we were doing. Each time the audience would howl with laughter at the confused reactions Josh and I had finding ourselves in one compromising situation after another.

There was other stuff I didn't remember doing at all, not even in my dreams. I recognized the dark place from my dream now. It was this basement. On the tape were me and Josh going at one another like two of the horniest fucking fags you've ever seen in your life. And the thing that hurt the most, it didn't LOOK like we'd been brainwashed into doing it. To see the video, you'd swear we were just two homos hot for each other in a big, heavy way. Two athletic, hot, jock studs, barely 18, ready to graduate high school and go to college, performing for the cameras and loving every minute of cock sucking, dick licking, ass fucking fun. You couldn't tell we'd been forced to do it.

Or had we been forced? I didn't remember being forced. No one ever held a gun to my head, did they? And I had enjoyed it, hadn't I? More and more I found I didn't trust my memory anymore but as I looked at the tape playing, it didn't look like we'd been forced at all. In fact, we looked very happy.

"Gentleman," Brian announced as we made our entrance down the basement steps, "Look who's here!"

All the men turned from the screen and clapped their hands in glee as we walked into the room.

"Matt and Josh, two former juvenile delinquents prone to such childish things as throwing eggs at houses, now reformed to be the kind of boys we'd all like them to be," he announced. "Here are the stars of our recent productions, ready to give you the live performance you've paid to see."

I wanted to turn and run, I wanted to bolt, but something kept me walking down those steps. It was like a nightmare, but I couldn't control myself. There was another feeling I couldn't fight, a feeling of pleasure that grew more and more as I descended into the basement.

Master Brian guided us to an area in the center of the room where all lights and many cameras had been focused. There was a bed there, and mats, and leashes, and collars and all sorts of other sex toys. Chairs were set around so the audience could watch, from any angle, the show we would be giving them. All the invited guests gathered about as Josh and I were led into the center.

"Strip," he said to us.

Inside a part of me screamed out, 'Fuck you!' There was no way I was gonna get naked and perform like some kind of trained animal for an audience of perverted faggots! But my hands had already begun moving and both Josh and I were peeling our clothes away, revealing our young, muscular teen bodies to the cheers of the gathered crowd. Soon we were both naked, every inch of our hard bodies fully exposed to the audience from every angle, standing rigidly on display for their amusement.

I looked at Josh and I can't explain how I felt. I felt such love for him, as my best friend, and suddenly we were in what surely must be a nightmare, and yet, it didn't FEEL like such a nightmare. That was what Brian had done to us that was so horrible. He made us WANT this on our deepest level! All my old feelings were gone now and new ones put in their place.

"Boys," Brian whispered in our ears, "This time, things are going to be a little different. I'm not going to just command your actions. This time, I'm gong to forever change your feelings."

I saw Josh go pale and begin to shake his head, his lips muttering, "" over and over again.

"Don't try to fight it. You already care for one another as friends so I just have to keep building on that love. And as you've probably figured out by now, we've already crossed all the physical barriers with you both. There's nothing I can't make you both do. Now, we're going to change only two more things and then I think your rehabilitation will be complete."

He turned to my friend and said, "Josh, when I give the word, you will want to be with Matt forever. You care for him not just as a friend, but as a pet and sexual lover. You always have, for as long as you can remember, ever since you were boys and took baths together and played games, exploring your bodies in the tub and in the bushes, you've ALWAYS wanted him, always taken care of him. He's yours to do with as you please."

"I've always wanted him..." Josh repeated blankly.

"It's been your secret all these years, only now, you don't care who knows anymore. You just want to be with him, to have sex with him, to fuck his ass and feel your cock buried deep in his body. That's what gives you pleasure, using him as your sex toy. You are in charge of him and whenever the two of you can be alone, you'll act on those feelings, for now and forever."

Josh's face remained blank, with no sign of resistance, and I knew the conditioning would hold. Master Brian had changed him completely.

"And Matt..." he said, turning to me, "You feel the same way, only you're not the alpha male anymore, you're not the leader, you are Josh's bitch to use. You want nothing more than to please your friend. You'll do anything for him, anything for the chance to suck his cock and feel his thick manhood deep inside you. You want to please him, to love him, in every way, and you don't care who knows anymore."

Suddenly, I felt a feeling deep inside my gut so intense and so strong it almost hurt. It was love. It was lust. It was just plain, horny desire! Fuck, it was all of those and more; all twisted up in one big knot for Josh. It was real! I truly felt it, and like anyone in love I couldn't do anything about how I felt! But, fuck, I was in love with a guy! My best friend, and now I wanted him to take me, sexually.

"Fuck me, Josh..." I heard my voice whisper in echo of the desire building inside me. "Please, fuck me, I want you to fuck me Josh, please," I found myself whispering repeatedly, unable to stop myself from truly wanting what I used to despise but had now been ordered to crave above all else.

The men watching laughed at me.

Inside I felt a part of me scream as it fell into the deepest part of my mind to be buried forever. The old me, the REAL me, struggled to regain control, but it was too weak under the power of my Master's commands. I felt the strong willed, arrogant teen I'd been fall away, replaced for the rest of my life by the weak little boy he'd turned me into. A little boy who'd be good and do whatever he was told for the sexual thrill of pleasing his friend.

"As always," Brian said, continuing, "when I allow you your final cum, you'll wake from the trance I put you under and continue your lives without recalling any of this, but the feelings will stay with you and grow more and more intense as time goes on."

I felt fear, knowing the things he had already made me do and desire in my normal life. Now it would only be worse!

"Of course, as we play you'll want to cum quickly to break the trance, more than anything, but you won't be able to. You can only cum when I give you permission."

I remembered this now. He'd done this to us before, only now I could remember the agony of it, of wanting to cum more than anything in life but not being able to because he wouldn't let me.

"no..." I whimpered weakly, remembering the intense sexual frustrations I'd felt each time.

"You can't fight it," Brian said, "You will want to cum more than anything and you'll do more and more, try every wild sexual thing you can think of to make yourself cum, but it'll only make you more and more horny. You will not be able to cum until I let you. You will not have any release, until I tell you that you may. I'm sure you will plead and beg me for permission to shoot your load, as you always do, and I will allow that because it amuses my friends and me, but only I control when you finally are permitted to cum. Do you understand me, boys?"

It was so painful, yet both Josh and I nodded, unable to help ourselves. No matter how horny we got, he had control of our ability to cum! It would be a torture of pleasure, but nothing we could do a thing about, our bodies would obey him no matter what we wanted.

"Good. And of course, Matt, even when you're not in trance, your sexual desire for other males will continue to grow. Anytime you look at a sexually mature male, you'll feel attracted to them and the more good looking they are, the more you'll want them."

I was fighting it so hard, I wouldn't let him do this to me.

"no..." I whined pathetically, "please... you can't... I won't..." my voice was trembling, quiet and powerless.

"Oh, you don't think I can make you do it? Take a look at this, Matt."

He turned me toward the video projector and a home video tape began to play. It was a little league game. Fuck, it was Rusty's game!

There was my little brother, looking so hot and sexy in his Little League outfit, pitching and playing the game. My cock went rock solid seeing him, I heard myself whimper with desire and my hand reach down and grabbed my dick as it hardened rapidly.

The men around howled with laughter as my cock grew stiff and I pined with noticeable sexual yearning for my own little brother.

"Now, if I can make you feel that way for your own 12-year-old baby brother, do you really think there's ANYTHING I can't make you desire?"

I hated myself for what I was feeling, but I couldn't stop it, I couldn't stop myself from feeling horny for Rusty! The bastard had made me want my own little brother!

"Now," Brian continued, having made his point, "you'd better be a good boy and do what I tell you, or I'll bring your brother in here and introduce him to our little games too. What do you think of that, Matt? Me turning you into a sex toy for your baby brother to play with?"

The thought of my adorable, hot little brother turned into my sexual master, and of me made into a mindless, erotic plaything for him to enjoy, both terrified me and aroused me.

I felt so powerless, so lost. He'd taken the most repulsive things I could have imagined and made me desire them, right to the point of wanting to have sex with my own little brother. And I knew he could do it to Rusty too, if he wanted, and he would, if I didn't do what I was told.

Knowing my brother's fate was at stake I let go of the last of my resistance and surrendered myself to Brian's will.

"Now, when I give the word, you will both return to the state I've programmed into you before. On the count of three. One... Two... Three... "

And then he said the word. Just one word.

I don't remember the word, I never have, I never will. He's hidden his control word from us both, but the moment he said it, the magic happened.

Instantly all the people in the room vanished. I have no idea how he did it, but suddenly they were all just gone and Josh and I were standing completely alone in the basement.

Now that we were alone the feelings I felt inside for my friend, my lover, the desire I felt for him, couldn't be contained.

"Oh, god, Josh," I sighed, happy to be alone with him at last. I moved forward and threw my arms around him, kissing him, holding him, caressing his hot, muscular body. He held me to him lovingly, and I felt his tongue pass my lips as we let our mouths explore one another. We kissed deeply and passionately, two 18-year-old athletes, alone to explore the pleasure of our bodies. I felt like a child in his strong arms and wanted to please him so.

How good it felt to have my best friend's tongue buried so deeply inside my mouth. I ached to have even more of him in me.

I kissed my way down his handsome body; so muscular, so firm, so young and so beautiful. I felt hungry looking at him. I nuzzled at his chest.

Josh and I had worked out on the weights together so many times and yet I had never noticed how big and well developed his pecs were. God he was beautiful!

His chest was smooth, almost hairless, with just enough to know what a man he was. I looked at his lovely nipples, the size of half-dollars, and extended my tongue to lick them, then moved closer in, biting at them lightly and playfully in hopes of pleasing him. His moans of delight told me I was succeeding and I felt warm inside knowing I had brought pleasure to my friend.

I worked lower, letting my tongue trip across the rippling muscles of his six-pack abs. I paused to kiss his navel, then continued down his treasure trail to his incredible, hard, handsome cock. I immediately pushed my face into his groin and began licking his balls wildly as I deeply breathed in his wonderful, musky scent. I was in heaven.

We laughed playfully, as lovers do, alone in our basement, giggling and touching like we did when we were little boys playing in the bathtub.

I found myself caressing his beautiful, thick cock as it rose in all its firm majesty before my hungry eyes. Why had I gone so many years without realizing its beauty? How many showers had we taken together after practices and games without my ever seeing the beauty of his body? What had been wrong with me? Now, it was all I wanted.

"On your knees, bitch!" Josh ordered, putting his hands on my hair and pushing me toward his cock. Of course, I obey. What choice do I have? I love him so.

"Go on, faggot!" Josh commanded. "Suck it! Suck my fat cock! You know you've always wanted it! Now suck it, bitch!"

It felt true. I had always wanted him, hadn't I? For as far back as I could remember, it seemed now that I had always wanted him. I mean, who wouldn't? He was beautiful, with the most beautiful cock a guy could have! Of course I wanted him. I was so lucky to have him.

I begin to suck on Josh's beautiful dick, happy we are alone, but not really caring any more who knew how I felt for my friend and lover.

An aching in my bottom tells me I need to be filled, and I turn away, lowering my face and shoulders to the floor as I reach back and spread my cheeks for him, offering him my ass for his use and pleasure.

He steps up behind me and caresses my bottom, and it's like a thousand fireworks flashing as he mounts me. I gasp in anticipation. He's so big, even after several times I know it will still hurt a bit. Lights flash and I can't tell if it's in my eyes or in the room.

My Master Brian puts my collar and leash on me as my best friend and lover Josh penetrates my pretty teen-boy ass, filling my insides with his wonderful manhood. He orders me to "speak," and I bark and pant like a happy puppy dog.

Again, there are flashes and, from somewhere, I hear laughter.

I whimper in pleasure as Josh moves in and out of me, so happy, so fulfilled. This is how I want to spend the rest of my life. This is where I want to be forever, and thanks to Master Brian, I know I'll have my wish come true. I don't want to go to college now. I already have what I want here and Master Brian is going to have Josh and me come here every day.

I will always love our wise and wonderful master, Brian, because he helped us find the truth of how we really felt for each other and gave us this private place where we can be alone to explore each other deeply.

Master puts his hand in front of me and I lick it happily in gratitude.

The End

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