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Ben to Bella

His name was Ben.

I caught him staring at me in the gym, doing my usual curls. When I work out I go into a trance and hardly pay attention at all; but here was this hot little number, trying to be crafty about checking me out. The gym I go to is known for being a popular cruising spot—it wasn't uncommon to walk in on a couple of fellas having a quickie in the locker room.

While he eyed up my 6'4”, 225 pounds of thickly muscled frame I took note of his slender appearance. He must've only been about 5'7”, weighing in at a whopping 135 pounds, if that. Dark-blond hair, medium in length, with large brown eyes and the most luscious pink lips I'd ever seen. I was already half-chubbed, blood pounding from lifting weights. Ben could obviously see my package in the tight mesh shorts. He quickly looked up and blushed when he realized I'd caught him. I grinned back.

He escaped to the locker room and after a minute, I followed. Found him rummaging in his locker, a little disoriented so he didn't hear my approach. I got up real nice and close behind him.

Hey.” My booming voice made him jump and he twisted around, coming face to face with my obscenely packed shorts. He swallowed reflexively.

Um....h-hi....hello.” He was nervous, I liked that.

Looking good out there.” Just to be devilish, I casually leaned against a bank of lockers and crossed my ankles in front of me. This made my bulge even more pronounced. His eyes widened and breathing got a little hitched. You too.” There was a lovely pink color creeping up his cheeks.

Come get a drink with me.” It wasn't an invitation, but more of a command. Keep 'em off their toes.

I'm not old enough.” He admitted, embarrassed.

Don't worry about it, grab your stuff.”

I showered (he was too timid to join me, and hadn't really worked up much of a sweat anyways). I led him out to my car and drove a few blocks over to a bar a good friend of mine owns. I nodded to the guy at the door, Mike, who waved me through without checking his ID, a sly smile on his face. Mike knew me well. The place was packed—it was Thursday night, after all—and the majority of people were guys. This was one of the lower-key gay bars around, a good place to meet all kinds of people. Justin, the tank-top wearing, studly bartender caught my eye and flashed me a smile. We'd fucked a couple of times, but were too much like each other to really have a go of it. I got a beer for me and a margarita for Ben—on the house, of course—before ushering my new companion to a quiet corner. He was looking around nervously, maybe worried about getting in trouble, but my reassuring arm draped over the back of the booth seemed to relax him a bit.

Over the next hour, I learned that he had just moved to the city, was barely 19, and this was the first time he was away from home. We were constantly interrupted by friends dropping by to say a quick hello, and Ben was taking large gulps of his drink. In fact, he was on his third not long after we arrived. Guess he was more nervous than I thought.

You've got a pretty tight body.” I whispered in his ear, gently nuzzling him with my chin. He shivered deliciously. The bar was much more crowded now, and he'd started to relax against me, cuddling under my arm.

My cock was definitely interested in this boy, straining against the zipper in my jeans. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time tonight to play with him the way I wanted, and his slightly-glossy eyes put an end to this evening's activities. I wanted him completely sober when we had our fun.

A few minutes later we were outside, a cab waiting to take him home. After paying the driver, I wrapped him up in my long arms.

Tomorrow night, my place.” Again, not a request. I gave him the time and my address and then bent down and gently bit him on the neck, right below his ear. He shuddered and moaned as I gave him a swift lick and then deposited him in the cab.

* * *

The next day at work I had a hard time concentrating; my mind kept bringing up images of Ben at the gym and bar. Good thing I was able to trap my cock in the band of my underwear or everyone at the office would have known something was up. My assistant, a cute twink named Alex, certainly took notice. He'd tried to entice me a couple of times when he first started here, but I have a strict no mixing work with play policy.

At the end of the day I felt like my pants were going to rip from the pressure. I raced home and thought about jerking off but nixed that idea. I was saving my load for Ben. The rest of the waiting period was spent getting things ready for later.

Ten o'clock rolled around and there was a knock. Perfect timing. Opening the door, I found my boy looking a little shaky in a pair of super-tight jeans and t-shirt; I gave him an appreciative once over before moving aside just enough for him to squeeze by—and rub against me.

You've got a really nice place.” He was turned away from me, trying to get his bearings. We couldn't have that now. I grabbed him, whirled him around and shoved him up against the wall.

Wh-what are you doing, Mark?” He was breathing quickly, looking around wildly.

Why are you here, Ben?” I growled, my large body overwhelming his smaller one.

I-I-I dunno.” There were tiny beads of sweat on his upper lip, even though my apartment is always kept at an even 68 degrees.

I think you do know. Why did you come to a relative stranger's house? You must have had something in mind.” His obvious fear was exciting me, and my cock was responding accordingly.

Mark, let me go. This was a bad idea.” He still thought he had some measure of control here. We'd have to get rid of that silly idea.

Nobody forced you to come here, did they? It was your choice.”

Mark, let me go. Now!” His voice was too high, trying to be firm while afraid. I gripped his upper arms more tightly, until he made a small protesting noise.

But the fun's just getting started darlin', you don't want to miss that.” I worked a leg between his, rubbing my meaty thigh against his growing dick. I started kissing his neck.

See, you're enjoying this too.” Despite his fear, his body was responding to me and the situation.

Mark, please don't—” he cut off with a groan when I nibbled on his ear. It's very important to keep them distracted, you see.

That's a good boy. Now you gonna behave if I let you go?” I continued to gently lick and bite his neck until he acquiesced, nodding meekly.

Soon as I moved back, he tried to make a break for it, like I knew he probably would. I grabbed one arm but the little bugger was faster than I'd anticipated. He managed to swing his other fist up and land a glancing blow off my jaw before I could subdue him. The hit barely stung, but he was going to have to learn a lesson.

That was a very bad idea.” I stated calmly, twisting his arm up and behind his back. Not too far—I didn't want to injure him—but enough so he could feel the strength in my arm, just how easy it would be to break his bones.

Ow...I'm sorry, Mark, I'm sorry. Please don't hurt me.” He pleaded in a small voice, edged with just a hint of pain. I pulled him back into my chest, making sure not to overextend his arm.

I'm not gonna hurt you, unless you make me. Understand?” I kept my voice calm and soothing, expertly hiding the excitement I felt. God, I loved the boys with a little fight in them!

Yes, yes, I'm sorry.”

I know you are, but now I can't trust you.” I pulled a pair of handcuffs from a table in the hall (I like to keep props around, never know when you'll need them) and quickly slapped them on both his wrists, making them just a little too tight. Not enough to hurt, but he needed a reminder of what could happen if he wasn't a good little boy for me.

Now that my prey was subdued, it was time to move this party to the bedroom, where the real action would start. I prodded him along, and after a quick, sharp slap to his ass he stopped dragging his feet. I tossed him on the bed and followed, laying my body on top of his, nearly smothering him with my weight but holding myself aloft.

Now, Ben, if you obey me we can both have a very good time.” I purred in his ear, feeling his body shiver. “But if you try anything like back there in the hall, it's going to go very badly for you.” I jerked his arms slightly, eliciting a whimper which turned from pain to pleasure when I stuck my tongue in his ear.

You gonna be good for me?” I slid my hands beneath his body, pinching his nipples through the soft gray t-shirt.

Mmmm.” He moaned, his hips trying to move underneath me, but I was far too heavy for that.

Yea, that's right. You're my good little girl, ain't ya?”

I'm not a gi—mmmhm—girl.” I licked the edge of his ear and bit the lobe, pulling it between my teeth.

Yea you are, darlin'. My sweet baby girl. I could tell the first time I saw you at the gym. I can smell it on you.” Now I was grinding my cock into his firm ass, ever so slowly.

N-no, I'm not a girl.” But there was no force to his words, and he was trying to buck back to meet my slow grind.'s ok to be my girl. You get excited when I pinch your tits, huh?” I squeezed his nipples harder than before, and twisted till he groaned. “And you little clitty is hard, isn't it baby?” My big paw rubbed his hard little cock lightly through his jeans.

Nothing wrong with being a girl for a big guy like me. Your tight body and long hair fuckin' turn me on so much. And I know you want my dick, you were staring at it enough yesterday. Just give in, baby, and I'll make sure you have the best night of your life.” If I gave him a chance to think about it, he might've decided to leave. But there was no way I was letting him get away from me, and me pinching his tits and massaging his ass with my crotch kept him from thinking too clearly.

Yea....I'm your girl. God...ugh....please!” He was almost wordless in his pleas now.

I lifted my torso off his back, keeping him pinned with my legs and got a pair of surgical scissors from the bedside table. I used these to quickly cut his shirt off. Once that I was done, I flipped him over and immediately went down on his tender little breasts, sucking on the nipples and biting them. He was going nuts, thrashing his head from side to side and moaning like a bitch in heat.

I used the distraction to unbutton his jeans and pull down his zipper. It was delicious peeling those tight pants off of his slim, nearly hairless legs. His prick was rock hard in his white briefs, a damp patch at the head. It must've been about 6” long, and average thickness. When I skinned those little briefs off his body and that perfect peach cock sprang out I had to bite back my own moan. Musn't get too eager; we had lots of work to do first.

Oh yea, your clit is hard for Daddy, huh baby?” I lightly ran my thumb and forefinger up his smooth length, pinching the skin just below the piss slit.

Uh....yea, Daddy, it's so hard, just for you.” He moaned, head thrown back.

That's right baby, give in. We're gonna have a good time, me and you. But first we gotta shave that pussy, make sure it's ready for Daddy.”

I jumped off the bed and flicked his cock lightly.

Don't you dare fuckin' move or you're gonna be in deep shit.” I growled, enjoying the fear that was still there in his eyes, buried beneath the desire. I quickly moved to my en-suite bathroom, and collected the necessary items.

When I got back to my bedroom, I was pleased to see that he hadn't moved an inch (not that he could have escaped my locked bedroom anyways, but it was better for him this way). I soaked a washcloth in the bowl of warm water and used it to wet the dark golden curls surrounding his cock. Next, I spread a generous amount of shaving cream all over his pubic mound.

You're gonna want to stay real still, girl, or this is going to be painful.” I advised, showing him the razor. He whimpered but lay back and allowed me to get on with my work. God, I love shaving these boys, turning them into the little cock-hungry sissies I know they are. When finished, he only had a thin strip of hair running vertical right above his crotch—just like a real girl!

Turn over.” My voice was already a bit husky, anticipating what was coming. He struggled a bit to turn over with his cuffed hands but managed without my help. My cock started leaking precum when I got that first look of his beautiful ass. It was high and tight, not too big, just how I like 'em. Spreading those pale cheeks, his pink cunt was winking at me shyly, and he had absolutely no hair in his crack. I bit each of his cheeks and gave a sharp slap; he jumped.

Damn baby, you have the finest ass I've ever seen.” Two deep dimples rested just above the swell of his ass, driving me wild. “Fuck, baby girl, I can't wait to get in that pussy.” I kneaded his ass roughly, pinching them to leave them pink and even more inviting.

Moving around the bed, I grabbed a handful of his hair and shoved my crotch in his face. By this point it must have been sweaty.

You like sniffing my crotch? Huh? Smells good, don't it? A real man for a pretty girl like you.” Ben squirmed uncomfortably at my words—too bad, he was gonna get to love it soon enough. “You want my cock?” He hesitated a bit, then nodded a little.

You're gonna have to do better than that, or do you want me to give this cock to someone else?” Now he was nuzzling his cute face against my rock hard dick, moaning and rubbing his nose against the thick tube of flesh.

Please....please give me your cock.” His voice was kind of breathy, I knew he'd be into this.

Uh-uh, you want this cock, you gotta beg for it. Beg like a girl who wants a big dick in her.”

Oh...please, please.....Daddy....give me that cock. I need it, I want to be a girl—your girl!”

That's it baby girl, tell Daddy what you want. I'm gonna make all those fantasies you were too afraid to own up to come true. But first,” I grinned evilly “we gotta give you a girl's name, so I know what to call you when I cum in your pussy.” I chuckled at what this must be doing to him. He flushed, embarrassed, and mumbled something that I couldn't quite hear.

What's that? You don't want this dick?” I pulled his hair, bending his neck back so he was looking up at me.

Bella.” He whispered, not looking away from my gaze even though he flushed a deeper red.

Bella, I like that. Pretty name for a pretty girl like you.” I shoved his face back into my crotch, gently rocking my hips back and forth. He moaned like a little bitch.

Finally I couldn't wait anymore; I unbuttoned the first button of my jeans (button-fly is so much better than zipper), then the second. Now tufts of my nearly black pubic hair were sticking out.

Yea, you like that, Daddy's big dick. I've been hard thinking about you all day; that make you feel good baby?” He moaned and nodded, licking the bit of skin he could get at. With a low growl, I quickly got the rest of the buttons undone. Now my sweaty, sticky cock sprung up from confinement, slapping against my firm belly.

I didn't wear any underwear today, got my crotch nice and musky for ya. Go on, take a whiff.” I jammed his nose beneath my balls, where the scent would be more concentrated. I could feel his tongue trying to reach my balls, but he didn't have the right angle. “You gonna suck Daddy's dick like a good girl?” He looked me in the eye and nodded enthusiastically.

All right, then. Here you go.” I pulled his head back and, as soon as his mouth was open, I stuffed my cock in. Damn, his mouth was hot and wet, and though he gagged a little at first, he started working on my thick shaft with his tongue, keeping his lips tight around my meat.

Damn baby, you know how to suck some good dick. You ever had a cock this big before?” I've seen bigger cocks than mine before, but it's still impressive. 8.5”, nearly as thick as a beer car, with my meaty urethra bulging on the underside and a nice vein running along the top of the shaft.

Get on your back. NOW!” I barked, when he didn't immediately comply. This would give me a much better angle for deep-throating. And I was getting in that throat, no matter what!

You're gonna take this dick all the way down your throat. Just relax and listen to my instructions, you'll be fine.” His head was now off the edge of the bed, a straight shot. I had to bend at the knees and rock my hips back and forth. Good thing I spent all those hours at the gym!

That's it, girly, little more.” Each time I pulled out and pushed back in, he took a little more of my cock in his hot mouth. He started gagging when my cock head was poking at the back of his throat.

Easy now, sweetie. When you feel like you're about to gag, swallow and I'll get in there.” It took a couple of tries, but eventually I felt his throat constrict and—pop!—I was in. “Ah fuck, I knew you could take it. My big dick is in your throat.” I could see his eyes and nose running a bit when I pulled out, but that was normal. After a few more minutes of his agile tongue working the underside of my cock and his throat constricting around the head, I was ready to blow.

Here we go, Bella baby. Nice, deep breath. You're gonna need it.” With that, I rammed my cock all the way in, till his lips were touching my abdomen. Watching my thick meat disappearing between his pink, puffy lips sent me over the edge and I started cumming, right down his throat and into his belly. Even though I was in ecstasy, I had to treat my girl right, so I pulled back and allowed the last couple of shots to fill his mouth. Girl's gotta get all her protein!

Make sure you swallow all of that, or I'm gonna be angry with you.” He dutifully locked his lips and swallowed every drop, even milking the last bit out of my cock.

Damn girl, that's just what I needed.” He was coughing a little, a couple of tears on his cheeks, but I could also see that my compliment made him happy.

You get a treat for that performance.” I gently lifted him so that he was kneeling on the bed in front of me, and unlocked the cuffs from his wrists. Once that was done, I grabbed him up in a fierce kiss for the first time. I took possession of that hot mouth, swirling my tongue around, exploring his teeth, crushing our lips together so hard they were in danger of bruising. After a few minutes of this intense passion, we pulled apart. He looked dizzy but very pleased. He smiled at me.

Told you this would be fun for both of us, darlin'.” I gently brushed my hand over his face, and he melted into the caress.

Now, you're gonna go to the bathroom and clean up. Shave your pits completely—everything you need is by the sink. I've also left you a present in there, so you can look more like the beautiful girl I know you are.” I leered at him, imagining what he'd look like in the outfit I picked out.

But, Daddy—” I cut him off with a light, but firm slap to the face.

No questions, do it now!” I barked. “And make sure your pussy's clean for me, or else!” He practically fled to the bathroom. While he was off getting ready, I popped into the kitchen for a beer. I needed to calm down and keep my focus. This hot bitch was getting me too excited!

Twenty minutes later, I was laying back on my king-sized bed. I'd replaced my jeans with a pair of tight mesh shorts (still no underwear) and a sleeveless muscle tee. When the bathroom door opened and he stepped out, I absolutely knew I'd made the right choice with this one. Bella was wearing a tight black and rose corset, with the tiniest pair of black satin panties (a special pouch kept his cock under control). Black stockings with lacy tops covered his long, slim legs and a pair of black satin heels rounded out the outfit.

A low growl trickled from my lips, and my cock got hard so fast that the tip pushed out from the leg-hole of my shorts.

Fuck, Bella, you're perfect!” He blushed at my compliment, but again looked pleased. “Get over here.” Putting a little sway in his walk (can I pick 'em, or what?), he sauntered over to the end of the bed, gaining confidence with each step.

I got off the bed and moved around behind him. The way those beautiful cheeks peeked out from the lacy panties should be illegal! I put my big hands on his teeny-tiny waist. My fingertips could almost touch! Damn, his body was amazing.

There's my girl. Daddy's beautiful girl.” I kissed and bit the back of his neck, sliding my fingers down the back of his panties to fondle his ass cheeks. Couldn't wait to get my cock in that pussy! I picked him up quickly—he giggled—and tossed him on the bed.

Mmmhm, damn girl, let me look at you.” Bella bit his bottom lip shyly, arranging his legs so that they both invited you to discover the secrets between them and also keep you from seeing the entire show. One hand was pinching his left breast slightly, while the other was playing the edge of his panties, high up on his inner thigh. The strip of flat tummy that peeked out between the panties and corset was driving me wild.

With a roar, I launched myself on the bed, landing with my arms out to support me. I stared down into his large, brown eyes for a few minutes. This guy who pretended he wasn't a little girly had found and applied some eye shadow and shiny pink lip gloss. Goddamn those lips looked inviting! I licked my way down his neck to his tits where I chewed on his rosy nipples. Bella squirmed and put his hands on my head. Now, that wouldn't do!

I moved his hands above his head, nipping a quick kiss on the way.

Leave 'em there!” I ordered, before returning to his chest. Once again, his hands—almost without his thinking about it—wandered back to my head. I growled a warning, and wedged both hands beneath the small of his back. “Am I gonna have to handcuff you again, Bella?”

No, Daddy. I'm sorry!” He bit that full bottom lip of his again and pleaded with those huge eyes.

Good girl. Now let Daddy get back to work on your tender little breasts.” I went back to chewing on them, stopping to blow cool air across his wet tits. Bella moaned, but kept his hands where they were. From there I made my way to that delightful strip of tummy and spent a good five minutes tracing the indentations, dipping my tongue into his tiny belly button, something that he obviously enjoyed. Next, I suckled all around the edge of his panties. Bella was groaning in frustration by now, with little stimulation to his cock other than the silky satin.

I laid my head down on his inner thigh and gazed up the length of my girl's body—stunning!

You ready baby,” I edged my tongue under his panties. “Ready for Daddy to fuck you, make you my girl?”

Oh...ah....Daddy yes, but I-I....I've never done it before.” He whispered, turning his face away so that I couldn't see his shame.

Never?” I inquired. It was hard to believe that this incredible girl had never lost her cherry!

No, Daddy. I tried it once, but it hurt so bad. And the guy, he wasn't gentle about it. I told him to stop and left.” He was on the verge of tears now, and something in his voice stirred something within me. I was gonna get to take his cherry!

That's all right, baby. That's his loss, but my gain. I'll make it really good for you, precious girl. Damn, I should take you out and show you off in that outfit. All the guys would be jealous!” I could see it now, all heads in the bar turning to look at Bella, wishing they were the ones she was going home with. But she was mine! And I had no intention of giving her up anytime soon.

Oh no! Daddy, please,” he was really crying now, fat tears overflowing those pretty eyes and spilling down his cheeks. “They'll all laugh at me, and I-I couldn't stand that!” Now he was hiccuping, he was so upset by the idea.

Shhhh, baby, shhh. It's ok. We won't do anything of the sort,” I hugged him carefully, his sleek blond head resting on my big, hairy chest as he cried. After a minute or so, I put my finger under his chin and lifted until I could look him in the eye.

Nobody has to know what happens, this is just for us, yea?” He nodded hesitantly. “Bella, baby, I never want you to be ashamed of what we do here. It's nobody's business, and all that matters is that I want you, ok?” His agreement was more enthusiastic this time, and I could see in his eyes that he believed and trusted in me. That look of adoration was some heady stuff! I kissed him tenderly before moving back into our roles.

Ok, now we get back to the fun part. Make you forget all about that other asshole, sweetie.” He grinned at me, and it was heartwarming. Fuck! I could already feel myself falling for him! Best to stay focused and in control, that's the way we both wanted it.

I moved back down, between his legs. Obediently, he spread them further so I'd have better access. When they want to obey you, it's so much better than force! I teased his hole through the fabric of his panties and he moaned and writhed on the bed.

You like that baby? You want Daddy to eat your pussy out?”

Oh god....yes Daddy, please, eat my little pussy.” I had him turn over and pulled down the back of his panties, immediately attacking that pink rosebud with my tongue. Bella moaned louder than ever—it was a safe bet this was his first rim job—and clenched the sheets in both fists. For my part, I couldn't get enough, He tasted clean and sweet, my tongue dancing along his pucker until he relaxed and let me in. I pushed my tongue as far up his pussy as I could, feeling those hot walls and muscles trying to strangle my tongue. I love eating my girls out, and he obviously enjoyed it as well over the next ten minutes or so. But it always got me so damn hot! It was time for the main attraction.

But first I had to loosen him up. Later, he'd be able to take me on spit with little or no prep work, but for his first time I'd tear the poor lass apart if I tried to shove it up him in one go! I stuck one finger in his mouth, which he quickly got wet, before I placed it at that sacred passage. While pinching his tits and whispering encouragements to him, I pushed my finger into Bella's pussy, gently probing him until he was ready. From there it was easy to find his prostate (I love how that girl moans!), and soon I had two and then three fingers pumping steadily in and out of that pink hole. Oh yea, he was ready!

Quickly, I laid my body on top of his, pulling his panties back up (I love the feel of them pressed against my cock as I pound away).

You ready for this baby? Gonna make you a real woman. Pop your cherry and make you mine. That what you want?” I kissed his shoulder blades and licked the nape of his neck, running my fingers through his silky hair.

Yes, please Daddy. I want it so bad. Please fuck me, I want you inside me. I need it!” Well, how could I say no that?!

I eased my hips back, pulled his panties to the side, and aimed my pulsing meat at his tight hole. After drizzling a large amount of lube on my prick I slowly pushed forward until I could feel his pucker kissing the tip of my dick. By gently exerting pressure I managed to work it in more and more until—yup, I was in his ass.

Bella groaned and buried his face in a pillow. I stayed just inside his ring for a minute, letting him get used to the feeling while I massaged his back and ass to help him relax. When the tension left his body I slowly slid my cock into that tight, hot tunnel. Shit, I wanted to ram it home so badly, but I must be careful! I didn't want to hurt my baby girl. Well, not in that manner, at least!

I'm all the way in baby. Your pussy is gripping my cock so fuckin' tight, I can't believe it.” I whispered in his ear, when my pubes finally pressed against those creamy cheeks.

Oh god Daddy.....I feel so full....but it feels good.” He moaned, wiggling that perfect ass. If he weren't so damn tight, I'd think he's done this before! I eased back out gently, then back in—loosening his cunt a bit so I could really get into the hard fucking. Bella absolutely loved this, groaning and bucking and moving with me, trying to keep my dick all the way up her pussy. I chuckled, thinking of the boy who wanted to leave not too long ago. Now look at him!

Now that I had loosened her twat, I could fuck the way I like to. I pulled Bella's hips back and up until her face was buried in the pillows and her ass was sticking up. By pushing on the small of her back, she arched her ass even more, offering that hole up to me as it should be. Now I grabbed her roughly by the hips and began long-dicking the bitch, pulling back till I was nearly out and slamming back in. Each time I bottomed out, she'd gasp in ecstasy. I didn't want her to get too complacent though, so I switched up techniques, pulling all the way out and teasing her pussy by rubbing my cock head around her hole. Bella whimpered at the loss and, being the nice guy that I am, I slammed back into her.

Raising up on my knees, I got the leverage to do quick, short, furious jabs that hit her prostate every time. She screamed like she was in pain, but her clitty was so hard it was about to shoot off!

You'd better not cum without my permission girl, or you'll be in huge trouble!” I warned, smacking her ass sharply a couple of times. She moaned, but nodded her understanding. Next, I started slowly filling her up, rocking my hips in fluid circles so that different parts of her inner walls were stimulated. Bella eagerly bucked and rocked back against me—but made sure not to cum against my orders.

Seeing my huge, veiny cock sliding in and out of that tight, pink hole was nearly my undoing! Her pussy gripped me tighter than anything I'd ever felt before, and the girl was learning—tightening and relaxing her muscles on my different strokes, squeezing my cock even more. I could've blown at any time, but didn't want it to end yet!

I withdrew from her tight cunt, Bella collapsing to the bed. You'd think she had already blown her wad, but I knew that wasn't the case.

Right, love, you're on top.” I laid back and watched as she scrambled to straddle my trim waist. She pulled her panties to the side and guided my cock back into that warm tunnel. I just laid there with my hands behind my head and enjoyed. Once I was back inside, Bella wasted no time in sinking all the way down to the base of my big dick. She even spread her ass cheeks to make sure I got all the way in that pussy. Now this girl knew how to treat her man!

Watching Bella bounce up and down on my cock, her hips moving entrancingly, I couldn't imagine not having this all the time. No way was I letting this one go! She put her small hands with their long, thin fingers on my big pecs and rode me for all she was worth. I could picture her with her nails painted a ruby red, some come-fuck-me-boots and that dark red lipstick that sluts are always wearing. But she was my girl! Nobody else was allowed in that pussy, or that mouth. And unless I wanted to share her (something which was not likely to happen), I would be the only one she'd be taking care of!

I didn't want this amazing fuck to be over, but I could feel the cum churning in my balls, wanting to get out. And this was only the first of many, many times we'd be doing this, I was sure!

I sat up, keeping Bella in my lap. She wrapped her limber legs around my waist, arms around my neck as I took back control and fucked up into her pussy and she pushed down with additional force.

Look at me, Bella.” I grunted, and her eyes snapped open to stare into my deep blue depths. She was moaning uncontrollably now.

You want me to breed that pussy, huh? You wanna take my cum up your hot fuckin' hole?”

Yes....oh, yes, Daddy, please give me your cum, I need it, please!” She gasped, sweat matting down that nice hair of hers. My chest was heaving with sweat, making our chests slide together, my nipples against the fabric of her corset.

Gonna make you my girl, baby. Gonna knock you up, make you carry my kid. You like that?”

She could only moan, and nod vigorously, her lip-glossed lips falling open and emitting sounds that turned me on even more. Just like a girl getting fucked!

You can cum when I do, baby. I want you to cream your panties, show Daddy how much you love his dick pounding in you!” She was making really high pitched noises—nearly screams now—it was a good thing my apartment has really thick walls (something I specified when I was looking for a place)!

Fuckin' take my load Bella, I'm breeding that pussy, fuckin' cumming in that hot cunt!” I shouted, and as my cum shot up my balls and out of my cock, I bit down quite hard on her shoulder, to the point where I tasted some blood. Bella gave one final scream and her already super-tight pussy spasmed around my pulsating cock, trying to pull the come up from my balls.

We collapsed back onto the bed—me on top, of course—trying to catch our breath. Finally I pulled out, exhausted and spent from the best orgasm of my life. Bella tightened her hole on my cock so as not to lose any of her Daddy's cum (the girl was learning!) and I went off to get some water and towels to clean off.

Once I'd washed the lube and cum from around her hole and gotten her a new pair of satin panties, we curled up under the thinnest of sheets. Bella's head was on my chest, and I stroked the hair away from her face tenderly, trailing my fingers down the sheer nightie I'd had her change into. She fit so comfortably under my arm, and I wanted to stay in this bed, cuddling and fucking for weeks.

Love you, Daddy.” She breathed, before drifting off to her pleasant dreams, a big strong man to look after her now.

Love you too, baby girl.” I whispered, though she couldn't hear me now. It felt right to say. I fell asleep soon after, a smile on my face.