My First Experience as a Bitch (M/animal)

For quite some time I have had a sexual attraction toward male dogs. Something about the extreme visibility of their maleness hanging underneath their bellies is incredibly erotic to me. My first sexual experiences with male dogs consisted mainly of my finding a nice dog and masturbating him to orgasm. The first moment that I touch a dog's sheath and feel the dog cock hiding within it was always incredibly powerful. Feeling his prick swell as I slide his sheath up and down its length turns me on incredibly, and when that beautiful pink shaft comes into view my heart starts to race and my mouth starts to water.

Eventually I began to wonder what it would be like to take a dog's cock into my mouth. When I first did, it was incredible. Just the mere knowledge that I actually had a dog's penis in my mouth was such a turn on that I just about came in my pants. I was particularly turned on by the humiliation aspect of what I was doing. At the first moment his shaft slipped past my lips and into my mouth, I knew that this was something I would do again and again. I loved the taste of his maleness, and the delicious depravity of the act that I was committing. However, I soon decided that giving head to my doggie friends was not enough. I decided that I wanted to give them more.

My first canine lover was a beautiful greyhound named Max. He belonged to some neighbors and would occasionally roam the neighborhood. I had masturbated him and sucked him off before, so he was very fond of me. Recently he had started trying to mount me and would nip at me when I didn't co-operate. I knew that he wanted to fuck me and I had started thinking about letting him, but the opportunity had not arisen. Then, one fateful summer night, I was given the opportunity to submit to my canine lover, and he consumated our relationship.

I was lying in my bed with the windows open when I heard the jingle of a dog collar in my driveway. Looking out the window I saw Max. I think that I knew then that this was going to be the night. I went outside and called to him. He came running, and when I reached under his belly to touch that maleness that I so desired I found him already stiffening. I led him into a secluded area of my back yard and began to stroke him. Soon his gorgeous prick was jutting out and he was jumping up and putting his paws on my shoulders. I knew that he was ready, and so was I. I stripped off my shorts and t-shirt (I later discovered that I should have left the shirt on) and got on my hands and knees, presenting him with my rear end. He briefly sniffed my balls and gave my ass a lick, then with no further ado he mounted me. I cannot begin to express the excitement I felt the moment that wonderful dog laid his weight on my back and gripped my sides with his paws. He immediately began thrusting and I felt his cock hitting me repeatedly as he tried to put it inside of me. Then, with shaking hands, I reached back and took hold of his prick, guiding it to my virgin asshole. As I put the tip of his maleness inside of me I realized that I had reached the point of no return. I couldn't believe that I was actually doing this! Did I really want to get fucked in the ass by a dog?

Fortunately for me, the decision was quickly taken out of my hands as Max rammed himself into me, taking my anal virginity and claiming me as his bitch. It was incredible! Here I was on my hands and knees, I had just been mounted by a dog and now he was fucking me! And oh man, what a fucking. I wont lie, it hurt at first, but soon I was loving it. It was beyond a doubt the most erotic experience I had ever had. His haunches were thrusting like crazy as he slid his wonderful doggie cock into me over and over again. I had a tremendous hard-on and I was moaning and begging for I didn't know what. This dog had made me into his bitch and I loved it. Before Max entered me I hadn't thought about how I would keep him from tying with me, and as soon as he put that beautiful cock inside of me all practical thoughts were banished. As a result I didn't take any steps to keep him from forcing his knot into my ass, something that he quickly did. When I felt a sharp pain and his strokes dramatically shortened, I knew what had happened. I could feel his knot swelling to it's full size inside of me, and I knew that we had tied and that I was about to have a dog come inside of me whether I liked it or not.

I felt a spreading warmth inside of me and knew that Max was pumping me full of his sperm. It was wonderful. My wildest fantasy was being fulfilled as that magnificent animal possessed me totally. Max had made me his. At that moment I was just a bitch dog, stuffed with doggie cock and getting pumped full of doggie sperm. For fifteen minutes Max kept his cock inside of me firing his cum deep into my body. For fifteen minutes I had no choice but to stay there, on my hands and knees, while my body was used as a receptacle for his seed. Finally his knot grew small enough for him to pull out of me, and I whimpered as his maleness slid out of my well used ass. Max then thoroughly licked my face and trotted home. I sat there for a moment contemplating what I had done as his cum drained out of me. Eventually I went back to bed. The next morning when I looked in the mirror I was confronted with evidence of Max's possession of my body when I saw the scratches that his paws had left on my sides.