Getting Raunchy With Rex



I don't know who to confess to, I apologized to Rex, but he was indifferent. If Rex felt I took advantage of him, he never complained. And now, he sits over by the TV, occasionally looking up at me --- contented. It's the kind of thing you should tell a priest about --- confess what you have done. I can't do that.

I guess it is something you get off your chest by telling a friend. But friend who I told this, would likely think I am a pervert. Probably because having sex with Rex was a perverted kind of thing. No matter how willing he was or the fact that he prompt our sex.

I can't tell any one, so I have this post here --- anonymous --- but I have to tell someone. To get it off my chest.

All I know is right now I feel filthy, hot and disgusting. I normally would go for a swim, but how I look, probably would announce to the world what I just did, if anyone happened by. And it's not just the guilt written across my face. I probably should take a shower

For that matter, what if someone show up here at this house, right now as I type this. I am house sitting and baby sitting Rex, but I don't think that the Mrs. Petersen expected me to be intimate with her little darling. I thought about calling my friend Daniel, he talks about sex all the time and maybe he would understand. I don't want to take the chance though.

I just had a frightening thought. Mrs. P told me that her sister might check in some time while Mrs. Petersen is gone to see how things were going. If she would have stopped by while Rex and I were doing the deed, man it would have been really bad. Like now --- in my mind --- I put some of the blame on Rex, because he is the one that put his paws on me first. I didn't start it at all. In fact in a million years would I have thought of taking advantage of Rex. Even when he was walking around me with a hard-on, I was thinking, 'no.' Regrettably, I didn't act on those thoughts.

First off, I know that I am suppose to keep Mrs. Petersen's bedroom door closed and locked at all times, but I guess this time it wasn't latched. Part of the problem is it is summer time, and it must be around 90 degrees inside and out. When it is that hot, I am hornier than I usually am, and can masturbate like up to five times a day.

I just love laying on her bed and masturbating. It's so girly in the room. I had laid a big beach blanket on the bed. It's so much like a woman that I get horny just walking by the room.

This time I was really getting crazy. I took some Crisco, greased up my behind, and was sticking her hair brush handles up my ass. Then I started wondering how big a thing I could shove up there.

I figured with Rex napping I was okay. He was still sleeping when I went to the pantry and got a hammer. I wrapped the hammer in plastic wrap and greased it up with the Crisco. I was amazed I had gotten it in my butt and started stroking my cock. The trip for the hammer must have been when I forgot to close the door all the way.

I was getting really close to another orgasm, but it gets a little harder when it is your fourth or fifth of the day. Right then the door swung open and Rex barged in. It scared the crap out of me and without thinking I yanked the hammer out of ass and that kind of hurt.

I don't know who was more startled: me or Rex. Right then I should have told him to get out of there. I probably could have made up some story about what was going on and I just should have yelled at him.

At least it wouldn't be as bad as it is now. At that point I was only embarrassed, I had not actually did something with Rex. First, he just stared at me. Maybe he was guilty for being in the forbidden room, if that was so, it didn't last long because he quickly jumped up on the bed.

This is kind of stupid, but my first thought was: "If there is even one sign that Rex was in here I am in trouble." I didn't even think of the fact that I was laying there naked with him looking at me. That is when he licked my cock.

I know it is so wrong, even now I feel like the police are going to barge in here and arrest me.

Unfortunately the worse thing about what happened was the fact that I totally loved it. Even sitting here confessing, I kind of know it will be hard to not do it again. Mrs. Petersen isn't due back for another week and that is way too much time to think I am not going to be carnal with Rex again.

But the guilt gnaws at my insides, like the scratches that sting on my back.

Actually, as I think about it, what is worse, letting a dog screw you once or letting a dog screw you 10 times --- either way you are a dog fucker. No two ways about it, and no one is going to listen to me when I say it was kind of me getting raped. Seriously! I mean I would never do a dog in Mrs. Petersen's better, considering how many times she told me to keep him out of there. Even if I was thinking of having sex with a dog, I would have taken a cold shower first, to forget about the idea.

At the very least I would have turned on the air conditioning, because when it is 90 degrees out, the last thing you think about is having a hairy German shepherd clinging to your back. Part of the reason I am not taking a shower now or jumping in the pool is the thought that all the hair will clog up the drain, or worse just be floating around the pool like a hair soup.

Let me go back to the beginning. There I was, a hammer coated in Crisco, up my ass and I was wanking away with my cock covered with more Crisco. The door swings open and I am in a near orgasmic daze and shocked that I had not closed the door all the way. I didn't say anything, maybe that was a big mistake, because Rex must have thought he had gotten away with something. As I was pulling the hammer out of my butt, he bounded onto the bed.

Of course the first thing he did was lick the grease on my dick, which kind of made me laugh. I mean it tickled some, but I also was thinking it was funny that he found it tasty. I guess I didn't know that at first, but he really started to like it. This was where I was ready to put a stop to this debauchery. I grabbed his head and said, "no."

In stead of backing away, he wrestled against my head lock and he kept licking my dick. I was laughing kind of hard, which I have to say kind of weakened me. It was feeling so good and ticklish, but what was making me laugh was how he was hump my foot. At this point I wasn't thinking so much about how having sex with a dog was demented.. I should point out I am 18 and virgin, well I guess I was a virgin in some ways. Anything I think about sex with somebody --- just about anybody --- I am horny.

You can imagine how embarrassing it is to say you are a 18 year old virgin, about the only thing worse is to say you are not because a dog has screwed you.

I couldn't keep him off and felt kind of pathetic. I am not a wuss, however I haven't had much experience wrestling a dog, while I am naked and when that dog is licking my dick So I a getting licked by a German shepherd when I am about to cum on the dog's face and who knows what would happen then.

I had trouble keeping him back and I was so close to an orgasm and laughing harder than I had in a couple weeks. I had to find some way to stop him, so I rolled over to get his tongue off my cock.

Let's just say, that was not a smart move.

I thought he would give up and leave. Or at least I would be able to compose myself. That didn't happen because --- instead of leaving --- Rex started to lick the Crisco that was all over my ass. I couldn't believe how interesting it felt to have your butt hole licked. Rex's tongue is pretty long and it was going pretty deep inside me. When I say it was 'interesting,' I mean it was very good interesting.

Then I was at the point of lowest resistance. Physically for sure and mentally you don't always think right when you are in the middle of a sex act (planned or not) for the first time! It felt really nice to have my ass, then he climbed up on me and he was humping me. He had straddled me with his paws, two around my shoulders and two around my thighs. I was thinking what the hell, let him hump my ass. I know I can be pretty stupid, because I didn't think he would really be able to find my asshole.

Like I said, I can be pretty stupid.

Just as I was thinking that, that was when he somehow got his dick in my ass. I squeezed my sphincter, but it was so greased up and stretched out from the hammer that I really wasn't able to stop him.

You know those frozen flavored ice things plastic, and how when you are eating them and you get to the end and it pops out. Well that is what happened, only it was kind of the opposite. Rex popped right inside my ass and believe me it wasn't like ice --- it was really hot. From then on I thought I was in a dream. Rex started pumping his cock in me like I was a horny little poodle.

There seemed no reason to fight it at that point, just lay there and take it. His cock wasn't that big and actually fit nicely inside me. Since it was much smaller than the handle of the hammer and it really was feeling kind of good. His thrusts were rocking me back and forth, creating friction on my cock against the towel under me.

I was feeling really nasty. I thought I must be some kind of a tramp to do this, and that thought actually made me even more horny. And the cock going in and out of me actually felt very good.

I started coming and groaning. My balls where hurting some from coming so much today and in the last week. This seemed to get Rex even more excited, he started to yelp and hump me like he was running after a rabbit. He was in a fury. It was like he was in a frothy rage, though I was sure he wasn't angry. It was more like delirium.

I was really getting into being screwed by the nympho German shepherd, even though my balls were aching a little and I was kind of spent because of cumming on the towel. This was much better than sticking plastic cylinders up my butt. His cock was hard, but soft at the same time if you know what I mean.

He must have gotten tired, because he stopped pounding my ass. He started to thrust and push his cock into my butt. I am not sure what happened, but all of the sudden his cock doubled in size or something because I really hurt. I tried to push him back, but it was a pretty awkward position. Eventually I pushed him off and he turned to the side and tried to walk away. The weird thing was he was still in me. When he tried to walk away, he couldn't. He pulled my ass, but he couldn't drag me with him --- I was too heavy.

This was when I realized not only was it deviant thing to do, but now I was hooked to the dog and couldn't get free. I really started to get nervous, this is not the kind of position I wanted to be in. If anyone looked in the window it would be embarrassing and there would nothing I could do.

He couldn't get away and he was hurting my ass when he pulled. I could make my sphincter loosen up so he could get out of me. Since Rex couldn't get away, he got back on my back. I was all sweaty and his fur was coating my back.

He must have know how much it hurt because he started to lick the back of my neck and that kind of relaxed me. It felt nice, like the dog was comforting me. I know it sounds kind of gross, but I really felt like the dog loved me or something, even though I knew it was so wrong to be screwed by a dog.

But now that I have said that, I am looking at Rex and I am getting horny all over again. I balls ache and I don't know if they could stand another orgasm, but my cock is getting hard.

I've searched the internet and found out from that Rex had knotted in me. If I prevent that, it would be really cool to be a dog fucker again. Way cool. It probably is just as easy to clean dog hair off after a second screw as after one. Good, my ass is quivering just thinking about it. I just turned on the air conditioner and closed the blinds. I think it might be better to keep this little secret to myself.