WARNING: This story contains graphic descriptions of acts of consensual zoophilic sex between a man and a male tiger. If you are under legal age to read erotica, or if you are easily offended, do not read any further!

This is a work of fiction. No resemblance between any of the characters and any human or animal, living or dead, is intended.

I take no responsibility for the result if you decide to try the acts described herein. Just don't try this at home (or the local zoo), kids!

Also, a selected part of the tiger's anatomy has been exaggerated to add to the story. I bet the tiger's behavior isn't really connected to reality either, call it artistic freedom! =)

Thanks to the guys and gals on #beastsex who've given me encouragement and inspiration for this story. This is the first time I've ventured into the realm of zoo fiction, so go easy on me, huh? ;)

'Nuff of this, on with the story!


Written by Carnivore, July 1997

The air was hot and damp. Quite bothersome in fact. But what bothered Joshua even more was the fact that he didn't know how he had gotten here. He wasn't really sure of where "here" was, for that matter. When he woke up, he noticed the faint sounds of the jungle, the smells and the outline of the treetops. As for the events leading up to this, not a clue. He judged it to be fairly early in the evening. If only it wasn't so damn hot!

After a few minutes, a new sensation intruded itself his awareness. Something with a sandpaper-like texture, soft sandpaper, drew itself over his stomach, leaving a cooling trail behind. Joshua couldn't place it, so he looked up. He almost wished he didn't. Standing over him, slowly licking at his stomach, was a tiger. Joshua could feel the chilling wave of panic spreading through his consciousness, leaving him paralysed. A single thought managed to break through the mental paralysis. He was going to die. The thought actually made the panic release it's hold on him a bit, as he accepted the situation. Then, yet another sensation kicked his mind into action. He had felt something tap against his leg. The tiger's erection.

Slowly his mind processed this new development in the situation. Maybe the tiger didn't intend for him to be it's prey. Could it be that it saw him as a potential mate. Now that his mind had cleared up, he noticed for the first time that the tiger was purring softly. But, why would it consider him, a human, as a mate. And another male, at that! Joshua's puzzlement has now driven the fear away completely, and another feeling was gaining strength. Excitement.

Joshua had always loved felines in general, and big cats in particular. And now, a big, beautiful tiger was licking him, sporting an erection. The whole scene seemed unreal, but he didn't really care. The cat's tongue sent ripples of pleasure along his nerves now. His mind made up, he decided to return the favor.

Sitting up, slowly so he wouldn't frighten the tiger, he reached for the top of the tiger's head. He felt the silky fur running through his fingers, and the tiger pushing back against his hand, purring. Obviously the tiger didn't consider him a threat, rather a newfound lover. Joshua carefully felt his way along the cat's muscled body, the purring varying as he went. Reaching under the tiger, he drew his fingers along the softer bellyfur, before finally reaching his destination. The hardness of the tiger's sex contrasted against the softness of the fur. Joshua could feel the bullet-shaped head, the spined shaft, and the sheath. In all, the tiger's penis was slightly shorter than a man's, but the exotic shape more than made up for that one shortcoming. As he gently touched his fingers to the underside, he felt the penis twitch every now and then, and the tiger's purring intensifying. Reaching the head again, a small drop of precum was smeared onto Joshua's hand. He brought the hand to his lips, and tasted the salty, musky, wild taste of the cat. The taste made his mind reel. Still stroking the tiger, he bent down and tickled the cat's sex with his tongue. More of the flavor presented itself. Taking it between his lips, he began to suck, massaging the underside with his tongue, feeling the head on the top of his mouth. The tiger was now breathing a bit harder. He pulled away so he was just sucking the head, then plunged back down. The feeling of the spined shaft on his lips was like nothing he had ever felt. But now, he wanted to explore some more. Wetting a finger in his mouth, he reached behind the tiger, under his tail. He soon found his mark, a tiny puckered hole.

Joshua felt around the hole in small circles. He stopped sucking to be able to concentrate better on this. The tiger was taken aback by this change of events, but the sensations coming from his rear weren't that bad. Gradually, the sphincter loosened up, and he was able to slide the saliva slickened tip of his finger inside. The tiger clenched at his finger, and he withdrew. Once again he pressed inwards, and this time there was less resistance. Going in to the second knuckle, Joshua could feel the velvety lining of the tiger's rectum. Pulling out and pushing back in, he got a little deeper. Finally in to the third knuckle, he began to wiggle his finger, elicting a kind of gasp from his feline lover. He rotated his finger, feeling again the velvet-like quality of the inside of the cat. Adding a second finger, feeling the opening adjust to the larger intruder. Adding finally a third finger, he started pumping ever so gently. The tiger's relaxed sphincter could now take the three finger without difficulty. Joshua increased his pumping, and the tiger's breath was in rhythm with his strokes. Stopping the pumping, he held his fingers still within the tiger. He got up on his knees behind the tiger, who by now had a glazed look on his eyes, and pulled his pants down with one hand. His own erection popped free. Very slowly, he withdrew all three fingers from the cat's anus. The still relaxed sphincter remained open, inviting. Placing one hand on the tiger's rump, and using the other to guide, he placed the head of his own penis at the feline's rear opening.

Having had three fingers up there, the head wasn't much of a challenge. Still, there was some resistance, but the head soon popped into the tiger's body. Again, a quick intake of air was heard from the feline. Joshua just sat there, savoring the feeling of the warm, moist passage about to open for him. Then, slowly, he began to rock back and forth, working himself inside. Inch by inch his penis was enveloped in warmth and softness, the tiger's sphincter being a hard reference point. He held onto the cat with both hands, feeling him push back, wanting the human to go deeper. Looking down, seeing his sex connecting him to the tiger, he pushed all the way in. The purring turned into a low, throaty growl. Joshua was now fully embedded within his lover. He pulled out until only the head was still inside, his nerve endings ablaze from having the sphincter squeeze along his shaft, and plunged back in. He withdraw again, slid in again. The tiger was matching his rhythm, pushing back as he entered, pulling as he exited. Faster, faster. Joshua draped himself over the tiger's back, feeling their bodies rubbing against each other, skin against fur. He spread his legs more to get a better angle and deeper penetration. The tiger's rumbling growl washed through his body, as he sped up the mating with his feline lover. The distinction between his body and the tiger's, which earlier was obvious, was now beginning to blur. He felt as if he was truly joining with the cat. His mind a mix of human/feline thoughts and emotions. In the back of his mind, he could feel the onset of orgasm. Building, each time he buried his sex in his lover's velvety rectum, each time he withdrew. It kept building, until it was a brightly burning star in his awareness. Then, he came. He let out a snarl of his own, blending it with that of the tiger. He felt his semen flow thought his penis, feeling erupt inside his lover's body, filling the tiger's bowels. He felt the orgasm slowly fading away, the tiger's anus spasming, milking more seed from his softening sex. Still lying against the tiger, softening, he pulled out with a plop. The tiger twitched as the human's penis left his body completely. Joshua, basking in the afterglow, lay down next to the tiger, panting heavily.

As his mind began to clear, full realization of what he had done began to set in. He had made love to a tiger. A tiger. Having always loved big cats, and secretly being a zoophile, this was one of his great fantasies. He had made love to a tiger. Made Love. His mind refused to give him memory full cooperation. Made love to a tiger. With that, his mind decided that this might be a good time for a snooze.

He woke again shortly after. What woke his was that someone was nudging his back. For a fraction of a moment, he didn't know what was going on. Then he remembered his lover. It seemed he wanted him to turn over. Then Joshua remembered that the tiger hadn't come yet. The rest came naturally. His pants were long since removed, so Joshua rolled over onto his stomach, turning his head to look a the cat. He smiled when he saw the cat move behind him. Getting up on his hands and knees, he assumed the classic position, his erection returning. The tiger sniffed at him, drawing his soft-sandpaper tongue over the human's anus. A shock passed though Joshua as the tiger repeated his lick. The feline stopped licking, and he could feel that the time had come. Joshua crouched down lower, his head to the ground, as the tiger stepped forward and covered him with his golden furred body. He felt the first jab on his thigh, then a bit higher, then between his sac and his anus. One more jab, and the tiger found what he was searching for. Joshua has been gentle when he entered the cat. The cat, however, wasn't. Joshua barely had time to register the tip of a feline penis touching his anus until the tiger had put his entire length in him. It was fortunate that his feline lover wasn't bigger than he was, but it was enough. His anus twitched around the spined shaft, his bowels adjusting themselves to the intrusion. A drop of precum dripped from the human's sex, a result of the pressure against his prostate. The cat then started to mate. Quick, small thrusts, almost vibrations, the sex rubbing the human's rectum. Their bodies pressed closely together, the tiger's rumbling growl again sounding. Joshua thought he could feel every spine, every detail of his lover's sex buried within him. He clenched down on the shaft, trying to match the tiger's quick rhythm. Despite having come not long ago, he could feel another orgasm coming into existence. It wasn't so much the anal stimulation that started it, but the very thought of what he was doing. The soft fur against his back, the powerful thighs against his buttocks, the jungle surrounding them starting to slip away from his consciousness, leaving only his and his lover. The growl suddenly turning into a full roar, the tiger stopped, and Joshua could feel the cat coming inside him. That, in turn, triggered Joshua's second orgasm. He arched his back, clenching even harder on the shaft, milking every single drop of cum from it, staring ahead with glazed eyes. Without warning the tiger pulled out, making Joshua jump as the spines raked his rectum. I didn't hurt that much, but still enough to pull him out of his orgasmic daze. Both man and tiger flopped down, exhausted and satisfied, aching and slightly stiff, but glowing.

His eyes stubbornly refusing to stay open, Joshua gently drifted into the state between wakefulness and sleep. He still hadn't regained his memories, but he had found a lover. That thought comforted his as he fell deeper, deeper into unconsciousness. Maybe things will seem clearer tomorrow, and if not, there is always yet another tomorrow...

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