Carly stopped short in the hallway and ducked her head through the open door to Dori's room, not believing her eyes. She felt a strong twitch deep in her pussy followed by a drop or two of her juices oozing down the inside of her thighs.


She took a couple of steps into the room, one hand roughly fondling her left tit while the other slipped down between her legs. She couldn't believe how wet she was becoming.

Oh hi Carly,” the ten year old blonde girl gasped nonchalantly from where she lay naked on the edge of the bed, her feet dangling to the floor.

Dori! What...what are you...doing?” Carly asked the little girl incredulously.

Playing with Melo,” the girl answered, “or actually Melo is playing with me. In any case, it feels so good.”

Melo was Carly's sister's family dog, a ninety five pound chocolate Labrador Retriever. At that moment, his nose was buried between the prepubescent girl's widely spread thighs, hungrily licking the smooth pussy lips Dori held open with her fingers to expose the delicate pink inner folds and the swelling hard nub of her clit.

Another, even stronger, twitch erupted deep in Carly's cunt. She sat down next to her young cousin, her nipples so hard they ached. Dori threw her head back, grabbed Melo's ears and thrust her cunt hard against the dog's wet rough tongue, moaning lowly as she writhed.

Then, with a loud cry, Dori's knees clamped around the dog's head and she thrashed about wildly, cumming intensely in a way Carly couldn't remember being able to do at her cousin's age. After a few moments, Dori pushed the dog's head away, telling him to sit. He did just that, panting heavily with his tongue lolling to one side, his angry looking red and purple cock half way out of his furry sheath.

Carly's eyes were locked on that cock and the dog's hairy balls as she absentmindedly dropped her hand between own her legs and split her wet pussy lips. Her ten year old cousin turned to her and pinched her left nipple hard.

He has a really beautiful cock, don't you think?” the little girl murmured innocently as Carly's nipple stiffened in her fingers.

I...I've never seen one...that looked like...that,” Carly moaned softly.

It gets a lot bigger, and harder too, when you touch it,” Dori added, scooting over until her hip pressed against Carly's.!” Carly gasped in surprise, turning for a second to look at her young cousin before her eyes went back to the dog's throbbing cock.

Sure, lots of times, but it feels different than Pete or Donnie or Daddy or Poppy,” Dori responded referring to her twin, older brother, father and great grandfather in turn. “C'mon, give it a try. What can it hurt to just touch it.”

With that, she climbed off the bed and knelt down next to the big dog, reaching beneath him to place her hand on the still emerging dick, her small hand not big quite enough to reach completely around the thick shaft. At first, Carly was horrified but quickly grew more aroused when the first droplets of the dog's precum dripped to the floor.

Her pussy clenched the same way it did when she saw Poppy's cum spurt from his cock on to her face or tits or cunt. Carly lowered herself to the floor next to the ten year old.

What do I do?” she asked hesitantly.

The same as any other cock like Poppy's or Pete's,” Dori grinned at her. “I know for a fact you know all about stroking or sucking a guy's cock. I've watched you. This is not all that different, just bigger with more hair.” mean you've put your mouth?” Carly exclaimed while tentatively placing her hand on Melo's emerging shaft.

Of course...he licks me until I cum so I do the same for him,” Dori explained casually while thumbing some of Melo's precum from the blunt tip of his cock with her thumb. “He does taste different though than Poppy or Daddy or Pete.”

Carly just looked at her prepubescent cousin for a moment until another realization dawned on her. The dog's warm cock throbbed in her hand. don't...fuck you?” she whispered hoarsely.

No, not yet anyway,” Dori giggled without any qualms, bending forward to lick another drop of the dog's precum from his blunt tip, “Mommy says I have to wait until after I start to bleed.”

You mean... Shelley...your mother...fucks this dog and...and...lets you watch?”

Sometimes,” Dori said coyly moving her hands a little faster on the dog's shaft as he squirmed and stomped is feet “but she always makes Daddy watch then lick her clean like he does when Poppy or her other boyfriends come over to fuck her.”

Carly felt another, much stronger twitch deep in her cunt. She knew her slovenly older sister was a both a nasty bitch and completely uninhibited slut. She also knew Shelley's husband Harv was a total cuckold for her, having repeatedly seen the way Shelley berated and humiliated Harv while their grandfather Poppy fucked her.

The idea her sister was so depraved as to fuck a dog was almost too much to seriously consider...yet her heart was pounding in her chest and her pussy was steadily leaking her juices down the inside of her thighs.

Would you like a taste?” Dori said cheerfully, breaking Carly's spell.

She looked over to see her ten year old cousin pointing the dog's rigid red and purple cock at her, a string of Melo's precum stretching toward the floor. Dori's lips and cheeks were smeared with the viscous fluid and Carly didn't need the younger girl to open her mouth to know her tongue was coated with the dog's jism as well.

Without another thought, Carly leaned forward, sticking out her tongue to brush over the blunt tip of the dog's rigid cock. She immediately savored the acrid sour milk like taste of Melo's precum. With a knowing nod from Dori, Carly wrapped her lips around the head of the dog's dick, feeling it pulse against her tongue as he filled her mouth with his watery jism.

You know, you'll cum a lot harder with his cock in your pussy.”

Carly hastily pulled away from the dog, looking around in surprise, her face flushed with embarrassment. Poppy, her seventy four year old grandfather, was standing above her, grinning devilishly. Dori jumped up and ran over to him, throwing her arms around his waist until he bent forward to give his great granddaughter an open mouthed, tongue lashing kiss.

I...I don't...,” Carly stammered, wiping her lips with the back of her right hand while pushing herself to stand up with her left.

You don't have to say anything or be ashamed,” Poppy chuckled as he fondled Dori's smooth ass cheeks and the young girl fumbled with the belt and zipper of his jeans. “You looked like you were enjoying yourself and I thought I might make a suggestion for making it even better.”

You mean I should let that animal fuck me?” Dori murmured, surprising herself that she was not instantly repelled by the thought.

Why not?” he continued jovially, kicking his shoes to the side as his jeans fell around his ankles and Dori urgently pulled at his boxers. “You already lust after little boys and girls and fuck me, your underage nephews and anyone else I tell you to, so why not Melo. Your sister's been training him for the last three years and quite well I might add.”

I don't know,” Carly whimpered, knowing full well she would do whatever Poppy wanted her to do, “that seems depraved.”

It most certainly is,” Poppy laughed, putting his hand on Dori's head as she took the head of his stiffening six and a half inch cock into her mouth, “but then again just another perverted thing to add to your growing list. I am sure you will enjoy this one as much as I will watching his long thick dick and hot sperm filling your cunt when he makes you his bitch.”

Carly sat quietly mulling over what he said for a few moments, her eyes flashing between the dog and Dori noisily sucking Poppy's now fully erect dick. The thought of being the dog's bitch excited her more than she cared to admit to herself. She waited until Poppy's back arched, his thighs trembled and he grunted his cum into the ten year old girl's welcoming mouth.

OK, what do I do?” she asked, pinching an erect nipple in one hand hard enough to wince.

As he directed, she sat on the edge of the bed while Dori went off to find some lube. A moment later, Poppy came over and gently fondled her left tit then called Melo closer. The dog instantly obeyed and sat when told, his muzzle just inches from her knees, with still more of his watery precum dripping toward the floor. Carly had to grudgingly admit her pig of a sister had trained the animal quite well.

Relax,” Poppy told her cheerfully, “This is going to be one of the most enjoyable things you've ever done and you certainly will have the most intense orgasms of your life. Just lay back, open your legs as far as you can and use your fingers to spread your pussy lips apart.”

Carly closed her eyes waiting for what came next while starting to slip into the hazy semiconscious state that sometimes happened when Poppy took her to the adult arcade and theater to suck and fuck the many strange men there. The first touch of the tip of the dog's warm rough tongue dragging through her spread pussy slit from her asshole to her clit caused her to flinch and moan lowly.

She was completely aware and focused from that very first touch. She raised her head as far as she could to look down over her pancaked tits with their erect nipples to see the top of the dogs head as he hungrily licked her.

The familiar tightness, akin to the way she felt when lifting a heavy object, engulfed her body, quickly followed by a shiver that morphed into a warm body spanning tingle. She began to pant, the fire in the deepest recesses of her cunt exploding into an out of control conflagration.

She shrieked, her entire body quivering uncontrollably. She grabbed the dog's ears, pulling his muzzle against her pussy while pushing her hips out as hard as she could manage. A second orgasm surged through her body before the first even seemed to end when the dog's rough tongue plunged a short way into the entry to her cunt. Melo, tasting her juices, frenetically penetrated her deeper and faster. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she surrendered to yet another, even stronger, climax.

It took her a few seconds to realize the dog was no longer licking her pussy. While still breathing raggedly, she propped herself up on one elbow to see Poppy smiling down on her while he held Melo's collar. Dori lay on her back under the dog with the head of his cock in her mouth as she stroked his enlarged shaft with both hands.

Ready for the main event?” Poppy chuckled, letting go of the dog's collar and sitting down next to her on the bed.

Give me a few seconds,” she huffed, flopping on to her back and squeezing her tits with both hands.

Poppy laughed again, squirted some lube on his hand and spread it across her sensitive mons before working it into the entry to her cunt with two fingers. She moaned lowly, then stiffened as she felt the tip of the lube bottle slide inside her, the cool slippery fluid filling her cunt and coating the walls of her canal.

Trust me, you'll thank me for filling your pussy with the lube,” Poppy told her, leaning down to give her a tender kiss on her cheek, “his cock is a lot longer and thicker than mine or any other you've taken so far, at least that I know about.”

After having Carly hold her hand over her pussy slit to keep the lube from leaking out, Poppy helped her stand, then get on her hands and knees on the floor. She put her head down on her hands with her ass in the air, her legs spread wide so her pussy gaped open. She was in the position for only a few seconds before Poppy gave Melo the command to mount her.

The big dog leapt forward, his forelegs wrapping around her torso with his dew claws digging into the sides of her tits as he frantically humped her trying to find the entry to her cunt. Carly heard Poppy tell Dori to guide the dog's cock into her a second before the thick blunt tip of Melo's shaft split her pussy lips.

Carly screamed, her back arching back as she was filled in a way like never before. Almost immediately, she could feel the first of the dog's hot watery cum spurt inside her. His balls slapped directly on her clit with every thrust, rapidly bringing her to the verge of another orgasm.

She screamed again.

Melo's tennis ball sized knot spread and split the entry to her cunt even further until he was lodged inside her. Her eyes rolled back in her head feeling the tip of his cock punch against her cervix with every thrust, the thick vein running the length of his cock pulsing against her g-spot and his hot cum, trapped inside her by the knot, filling her more than any man or group had ever done.

Her orgasms surged through her like the waves crashing on the shore in a storm, one after another before the last was even done. She shrieked her burgeoning pleasure while losing track of anything but the constant pounding in the deepest recesses of her pussy.

After what seemed like hours, but in reality was only six minutes, Melo stepped back, pulling his deflating cock and shrinking knot out of her with an audible pop, followed by a veritable river of his cum and Carly's pussy juices. He casually walked away to lay down and lick himself clean.

Even with the dog's cock out of her cunt, Carly's orgasm continued for a few more moments before slowly ebbing away. The gooey mixture of the dog's sperm and her own juices streamed steadily down the inside of her legs, forming a sticky puddle on the floor around her knees.

With the pounding in her chest and her ragged breathing started to return to normal, Carly raised her head upon hearing a loud moan. Dori was on Poppy's lap, facing away from him with his cock completely buried in her tight cunt. He had his hands under the little girl's arms, his fingertips pressing against her hard ball bearing sized nipples while slowly bouncing her entire body up and down on his rigid cock.

He raised her up until the very tip of his six and a half inch cock was still barely inside the entry to her pussy. Then he lowered her down slowly, letting her tight entry and canal expanded to take his entire length and girth as deep inside her as he could manage.

As this was happening, ten year old Dori's eyes remained closed. She continually moaned lowly, letting out a sharp cry each time Poppy's cock reached deepest inside her cunt.

Carly rolled on to her side, unaware of, or uncaring about, the puddle of dog cum in which her right ass cheek rested. She watched her grandfather and ten year old cousin intently, the aftershocks of her multiple orgasms slowly waning away from her body.

Poppy whistled lowly, calling Melo over to them. As soon as he reached them, the big dog immediately began hungrily licking the young girl's slit and Poppy's cock and balls. Carly could see Melo's cock begin emerging again from its furry sheath, another few droplets of precum leaking to splatter on Poppy's feet.

Dori let out a louder moan as her body began to tremble. Poppy's face screwed up, his thighs quivering as he grunted his sticky cum into the young girl. She continued riding him, a frothy cream forming around the edges of her entry hole and coating the length of Poppy's shaft. After a few more moments, Dori slumped back against his chest and Poppy's deflating slick dick glistened as he slipped out of her.

With another command, Melo turned away to lick himself clean again, with his partially stiff cock remaining visible. Despite all she had done, Carly felt her own arousal growing again. She crawled over to Melo, taking his emerging cock in both hands and wrapping her lips around the blunt tip. She could immediately taste the acrid flavor of his sperm on her tongue and in the back of her throat.

Poppy, can Melo put his cock in me...please...please?,” Dori whimpered from behind Carly, pleading in a way she knew her grandfather could not resist despite Shelley's prohibition.

Didn't your mother say you had to wait...until...until you are a little older?” Poppy countered weakly, knowing such an argument held little sway with the precocious Dori on any other account.

But I'm ready now,” Dori whined, falling on her back and pulling her legs up and apart to display her gaping entry hole and Poppy's sperm seeping out of her. “Melo's not a whole lot bigger than you, Poppy, and you can see my pussy is already stretched and coated with your cum.”

She's got a point, Poppy,” Carly chimed in, taking her mouth off the dog's hard dick with some of Melo's precum dripping from the corners of her mouth., “and besides I think it will be really hot to see her get fucked by the animal and you know you would too.”

A wicked grin spread across Poppy's face, one Carly recognized from other times he pursued some truly perverted idea. He looked at Carly and then to little Dori.

If you think you really are ready, then let's do it,” he grinned.

Dori jumped to her feet, hugging him fiercely and thanking him profusely. Carly smiled and crawled over to get the lube bottle on the table next to the sofa.

You go ahead and lube her up,” Poppy told Carly, “and then guide the dog's dick into her sweet tight cunt. I want to watch.”

Let him lick me first,” Dori requested, getting on her hands and knees and lowering her head to the floor.

Poppy grinned wickedly then gave the command. Melo rushed forward, furiously licking the little girl's asshole and tight slit. Dori's body tensed almost instantly, groaning loudly with the dog's tongue attacking her cunt. Less than a minute later, she shrieked her orgasm, her body trembling until she collapsed on to the floor.

Carly pulled the dog back, spreading some of the lube on his cock and stroking him harder while Dori recovered. Surprisingly quickly, she got back in position and looked back over her shoulder at her older cousin.

I'm ready,” she gasped, opening her legs as wide as she could manage.

Carly crawled over to her, her pussy clenching seeing the way the young girl's entry hole gaped open with some remnants of Poppy's cum still seeping out of her. She dribbled some lube on Dori's pussy slit and rubbed it into the tight folds. Then she squirted more lube directly into the girl's cunt and swirled two fingers around inside her, stretching her open even more.

When Carly nodded, Poppy released the dog. Melo leapt forward and wrapped his forelegs around Dori's torso, humping wildly until Carly guided the dripping tip into the ten year old's cunt.

Dori shrieked as the dog's cock rammed into her with one swift thrust, thrashing wildly with his cum beginning to fill her tight young cunt. Like Carly, the dog's balls slapped against Dori's developing clit, sending her to her next orgasm within seconds.

That climax simply released the torrent that flooded through her body for the next few minutes. His knot was too big to penetrate her, so some of his hot cum leaked out of her as fast as he could shoot it inside her pussy.

Carly sat back watching the truly depraved sight intently, her own arousal growing as one orgasm after another surged through her young cousin. She glanced over to see Poppy frantically stroking his once again erect dick with droplets of his precum flying in every direction.

When he was done cumming, Melo casually pulled his cock out of Dori and walked away. Her orgasm continued for a short time after the dog pulled out of her cunt and then she collapsed on to her stomach panting raggedly.

That's one of the hottest things I've ever seen,” Poppy commented with several strings of his cum dribbling down his chest and belly.

Carly was sitting in a pool of her own juice, her pussy still quivering from yet another self induced climax after the dog walked away.

Please, Poppy...please...can we get a dog all of our own,” Carly pleaded as she crawled over to her grandfather to lick his deflating cock and fondle his drooping ball sac, “I'll do anything you want...anytime you want...if we can get one.”

Anything...anytime?” Poppy asked her with an evil grin.

Oh yes, Poppy...anything...anytime....with anyone.”

Poppy just smiled enigmatically.


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