by Tigger

Prologue 1. The Roommates.

"Look, Tess, this is all silly. You're going to get engaged to the man. You're going to marry the man. Why not just say the hell with it and jump his bones? Have you stopped to think that this is the nineteen nineties and not the eighteen nineties? It is all right for a woman to go to bed with a man before marriage, particularly when the man is the one she is going to marry?"

Theresa Donelli looked over at her slim, elegantly beautiful, blonde roommate and sighed. "The nuns simply did too good a job on me at the Home. I simply can't imagine not taking my virginity with me to my wedding bed. Besides, I think it's romantic, a special gift to the man I love."

Barb Sutton shook her beautiful blond head in confusion. "Then I don't understand this conversation, Tess. You want to stay a virgin, you stay a virgin. What am I missing here, besides the fact that the girl whose body makes every guy in our social circle at school drool, is a hopeless romantic?"

Tessa grimaced at the description of her physical attributes, the bequest of an Italian mother and father she did not remember. At five feet five inches tall, she was dark and voluptuous. The regular exercise of her physical education teaching program at college kept her trim and her body firm, but she was definitely round where girls were supposed to be round. Her breasts easily filled a 36 C cup brassiere and her fanny stopped traffic when she wore her too-tight jeans on the street.

She returned her attention to Barb. "It's just that I don't want to be inept on my wedding night. Just because I'm a virgin, that doesn't mean I have to be ignorant. Weren't harem girls trained, but still virgins at their initial presentation to the sultan? I want to be a sexy siren on my wedding night. A virginal one, but, really, I want to blow the man's socks off when we go to bed."

Barb crooked an eyebrow at her friend. "Not to disillusion you, darling, but most guys don't wear anything, including socks to bed with their women." Tessa looked at her friend and then blushed when she understood her joke. Barb threw her hands up in despair. "See, you can't even handle a semi-lewd remark without blushing like a virgin."

"I am a virgin, Barb. That's why I'm talking to you, even though I'd rather run and hide in the bathroom now. I want to get over that kind of reaction. I want to learn to be sexy, attractive. I want to learn to be a........" her voice trailed off as she seemed to gather herself, " A slut in the bedroom." She practically yelled the words to get them out. Then she seemed to wilt from the effort of the confession.

"It is rather hard to learn to be a slut when you insist on remaining 'virgo-intacto'." A thought occurred to Barb. She looked at the dark haired, olive skinned woman who was her roommate and best friend. Her lips curled at the sublimely evil little thought. It just might work. "Tess, I might know someone who could help you and preserve your technical virginity. It may be uncomfortable for you, because you are carrying an awful lot of moralistic baggage with you. You could find yourself in some downright embarrassing situations, but you wouldn't be able to quit once you start a session. In fact, you may have to do some things that you find 'dirty', but if you're serious about being trained like the Sultan's virgin concubines, I might know a man who could train you."

Tessa's heart contracted. Knots and butterflies grew in her stomach as she considered what her friend was saying. "What kind of dirty things and who is this man?"

"About the man, I'll only say that he is a trainer of women, and that I regularly submit to his training. As to what he may require of you, I can only guess. You wish to remain technically virgin. He may require you to service him in other ways. You do have more than one hole that can accept a cock, love." She grinned as her friend went scarlet again. "I'm sure he will insist on dressing you and on undressing you as he sees fit. He may punish you for failing to meet his standards by restraining you, spanking you or a combination of the two. But he is absolutely reliable. If he agrees to take you on as a trainee, he will respect your limits and you will leave him each time with your little hymen intact. The only catch is that he may not be willing to take you on with that limitation."

Tessa looked at her friend who was herself starting to look distinctly uncomfortable. "When you, what was your word for it? Oh yes, when you submit to him does he ...?" She was unable to get the words out.

Barb grinned and decided that shock tactics were in order. "Does he fuck me? Yes, Tess, he does, and quite magnificently, too. So, do you want me to put your case to him and see if he will accept your limitations and if he will grant you an interview?"

"Tess, you make this sound like some kind of private school, with tuition and everything, You know I can barely meet expenses now with my scholarship and you paying most of the household bills. I can't afford to pay such a teacher."

Now that the idea of her friend submitting to her Master had taken hold, Barb could not let it go. Born to wealthy parents and possessed of a trust fund that made her wealthy in her own right, she had not stopped to consider her orphan friend's finances when she had started this. "Not to worry, Tess. If Lord William will accept you, I will pay for your lessons as an engagement gift." Tess started to protest and Barb held up her hand for silence. "No arguments. I will pay for it. Now tell me, are you serious about being trained to be a sexy slut behind the bedroom doors or not?" Tess looked at her friend for long moments, almost in shock. Then, barely lifting her head and without looking at her friend, she nodded her acquiescence. "All right, then. I will make the arrangements with the Boyleston Academy tomorrow. You should hear one way or the other about your initial interview by the end of the week." Barb swept out of the room as Tessa sat in stunned silence, considering what she had just agreed to do.

Prologue 2. The Father and Son Reunion

Patrick McDonald sat in his father's throne room and wondered, not for the first time, just what the hell he was doing there. Actually, it was his father's den in the large estate house on Cape Cod, but it was still the place where his father had always reigned over his family. Now his father, Michelene McDonald, sat waiting in his high backed chair by the hearth for his son to explain why he had requested this audience and what he wanted.

Patrick swallowed hard and remembered the incident that had driven him to come to his father for help. That couldn't happen again. He couldn't go through that again. He needed help and this couldn't be any worse than that had been.

"Dad, I need your help. I may have a problem." he paused, searching for the words to describe his problems in the least damning light. There were none. His father's gaze locked on his. "Dad, I'm concerned about sex." His father's eyebrows disappeared into his hairline and he gripped hard on his arm rests. "No, no, not like that. I'm concerned that I am not good enough at it, ... at sex. I had a girl, actually, she was an older woman, maybe thirty or so, the other night. God, Dad, it was a disaster." His voice broke and he looked down at his hands, shaking on the mug of Irish Coffee his father had served him. He had to get it all out. "She laughed at me, Dad. She threw me out of her apartment and laughed at me."

His father sat quietly, letting his son recover his dignity after that emotional confession. For all his apparent adulthood and strength, his tall, handsome red headed son was still gaining the experience needed for full maturity. He was still sufficiently unsure of himself to be badly hurt by such an episode. Michelene well understood the fragility of a still impressionable, twenty three year old male ego. No matter how strong he knew his son to be, Pat's own self confidence was the issue here.

He'd been a fool not to follow his instincts years ago. A caring, mature woman should have been paid to pick the boy's cherry and teach him the ways of a man with a woman, how to pleasure them both to the fullest. His wife, however, had gotten wind of the arrangements and had made his life hell for weeks until he'd finally caved in. And this --- this humiliation of his only son, was the price of that failure to follow through on what he had known to be right. "Tell me, Pat, was this your first time with a woman?" Please, God, don't make it that hard.

Patrick shook his head. "No, I was pretty popular all through high school and college. I've had more than my fair share of girls. Thought I was doing pretty well, too, But this was the first time with a really experienced woman. I thought I was doing well, but she said I didn't do anything right, and that it wasn't worth her time to teach me to treat a real woman properly. Dad, I want to be good at lovemaking, hell, I thought I was really good at lovemaking. I want the woman I'm making love with to enjoy my attentions, especially now." His voice rose with each word.

His father made his decision as he always did - quickly. His son's confidence had been badly shaken. Perhaps it was time to make up for his own failure all those years ago. But it would have to be different. The tender, gentle teaching of the erotic arts he had planned before would not work now. His son would not trust that the woman was being honest with him, that he was in fact pleasuring her. That his son would become a superb lover, Michelene had no doubt. Desire and good genes would see him through. However, his son would have to be challenged, would have to triumph over obstacles during his training so that Patrick would be sure that he had successfully achieved his goal of becoming an expert sex partner.

"Pat, how badly do you want this? How hard are you willing to work and how much are you willing to take to achieve this?" He put a challenging inflection in his voice he was certain that his athletic, competitive son would not be able to resist.

He was right. Patrick's grey eyes flashed; his shoulders and back went ramrod straight in response. "Very badly, Dad, and I'll do whatever it takes." His voice was soft, but intense.

"Excellent. I will make the arrangements today. You must understand that this will not be all fun. In fact, most of it will be strange, embarrassing and very uncomfortable for you. Some of it might even involve some pain, but you have to learn from someone you will come to trust, implicitly, not to be merely humoring you. Once you start one of these training sessions, you will not be allowed to quit until it is completed. And I will be very disappointed if you do not complete the entire course of study. Do you agree to follow the plan that I will set up for you?"

His father's words bothered him. Pain? Embarrassment? What did that mean? Well, the words about trust rang true. He had to know that he had succeeded. He made his decision. "I agree, Father."

His father smiled behind his cup. He had reacted just as expected. A chip off the old block. He'd call Lady Catherine as soon as Pat left. "Excellent. Expect to hear from the Lady Catherine at the Boyleston Academy in the next couple of days for an interview. She is very strict. She will demand that you do things you may not and will not like, but she will also bring out the best in you. Now, you need to be getting back to the city." He shook his son's hand and watched him drive down to the main road. Yes, he'd do what had to be done to repair the harm done to his son. And he'd also make sure that Catherine got the name of the bitch who had done this to Patrick. Michelene McDonald took care of his own. Then he smiled. While he was at it, he'd make an appointment for himself. It had been too long since the last time he'd had his ass warmed by the lovely Catherine.

Prologue 3. The Boyleston Academy

The fireplace in their private apartment blazed as the pair came together at the end of their workday. The woman was a tall, regal ash blonde with piercing green eyes. The man was of medium height, a fraction under six feet tall with brown hair he wore in pigtail, and dark brown eyes. He poured them both brandy from a crystal decanter as they started wind down from the rigors of their day. The scene would be quite like what would be expected in most well-to-do, working couples' homes at this time of day until one noticed the manner of dress of the two,

Lord William Roberts, was resplendent in a black leather coverall affair that criss-crossed his otherwise bare, muscular chest with two four inch wide straps. His trousers were of the same black leather and were held up by the straps acting like suspenders. His outfit was completed by heavy leather biker boots and tight laced leather wrist and forearm gauntlets that covered him from wrist to elbow. From his belt hung handcuffs, a short multi-tailed whip and a rattan cane.

Lady Catherine D'Alambert (originally Cathy Davis) was equally striking in her garb. Thigh high, black leather boots increased her five feet seven inch height to well over six feet. A long line corset-like one piece covered her from an inch above the tops of her boots to just above the top of her dark aureoles. The garment combined to accentuate her trim waist and to present her very shapely breasts to anyone foolish enough to give her a thorough look, since only clients got to see her in such outfits. Full arm gloves covered her from shoulder to fingertip in skin tight leather that connected at her armpit to the leather body suit. A leather skull cap from which a two foot long pony tail of hair protruded and a belt similar to William's completed her ensemble. Handcuffs, a leather paddle and a strap hung from her belt.

The reason for the odd dress is simple; Catherine and William are professional, lifestyle dominants. Together, they owned and operated the Boyleston Academy, a facility for dominance and submission that catered to the very well-to-do in the greater Boston metropolitan area.

Located on Commonwealth Avenue, the Academy consisted of five large, stone and brick town houses in that stylishly elegant neighborhood. All in a single, uninterrupted block, the houses were indistinguishable from the other high-class townhomes on the street. In fact, the houses hid from prying eyes the finest hall of domination sex play in all of New England. All five houses were connected from the inside permitting travel from house to house without going outside.

The outer two houses formed the 'dormitories' and living quarters for the professional staff dominants and submissives who worked at the Academy. The next two inner most houses comprised the open areas of the Academy and the lower intensity training areas. The open areas were where clients changed and connected with their assigned staff member, had a drink or wound down after a session or might transact some business with other like minded individuals in absolute privacy. The low intensity training areas were where interviews with prospective clients were held, where scenes that did not involve heavy props or discipline might take place or where demonstrations and lectures could be held.

The center house was the centerpiece of the Academy; where the "dungeons" were located. Every room in that five story building was outfitted for a variety of D&S, B&D and S&M type games. Just about any scene a client might envision could be accommodated within at least one of those rooms. The only requirement was that the client had to be able to walk away after the scene was over. A client might not sit down for a few days after one of the Academy's Instructresses or Instructors finished with them, but they would walk out under their own power. Staff submissives were always protected by monitors assigned to keep the client from getting carried away. Severe penalties and fines were assessed against staff members who went too far in a session or who did not intervene in time to protect a staff submissive. Removal from staff and blackballing with other reputable establishments could be imposed for repeated failures to protect the customers or staff.

Unlike more public facilities, the Boyleston Academy did allow all varieties of sex on the premises. Sex between staff and clients was acceptable provided that the client was willing to provide medical documentation of good health on a regular basis, provided that condoms and other protective shields were used and provided that both the client and the staff member were agreeable.

Setting down his brandy, William came over behind Catherine and began to loosen the laces on his lover's corset. Although she was an honest twenty four around her waist, the corset necked her down to almost twenty inches. She sighed in near orgasmic pleasure from the release of its iron grip. She sat down and began pulling off the boots, replacing them with a pair of two and a half inch high heeled, orthopedically designed satin slippers. She sometimes wished for the comfort of flats, but she could not wear flat shoes for any length of time anymore. She'd played the fetish game too long and the outlandishly tall heels that were part of her professional persona had shrunk her Achilles tendons. No warm, snuggly bunny slippers for Cathy, she sighed to herself.

She thought fondly of the podiatrist who had diagnosed and treated her problem. She had rewarded that service by freeing his darkest, most secret fantasy. Catherine had turned into the most abject of her foot worshipping clients. She would have to call him tomorrow and get his ass in here for a session. It had been too long since his professional vocation and private avocation had treated her feet to a sublime pedicure and massage. She'd wear her rubber boots tomorrow so that she'd be truly fragrant for the poor boy.

"Who are you planning to torment now, Cat? I've seen that look before. Most recently last night." William grimaced as he sat down in his chair. His ass still stung.

Catherine's eyebrows lifted and a smirk covered her brightly painted lips. "Aw, what's the matter, poor baby, Willy's little bottom still sting from Momma Cathy's strap?" Catherine had originally been trained by William as his slave. Now that she was a full time domme, they 'switched' form time to time with one another. First with one of them as top, then, another, later session with the other taking the dominant role. Last night, she had put William through a grueling session in her favorite dungeon, culminating in a vigorous strapping and an equally vigorous fucking that had left them both drained. He'd taken her best without using the safety code word. He always did, damn him. She had broken under his cane on several occasions, although not recently and only to him. It pleased her to know that he was still feeling the burn of her strap, though.

"Yes, love, I am still feeling it. I do believe I will continue to feel it until the next time it's your turn in the barrel. I think the Eton Room will do nicely for you, then, don't you." That shut her up. She hated English style dominance almost as much as she craved it with William. He was just too damned good with that cane of his.

She cleared her throat. "How was your day? Did you meet with that girl that Barb is offering to fund with us?"

He smiled. "Yes, I did, and a unique challenge she is going to pose for us, too. I almost turned her down when I got the full story, but at the last moment, I couldn't resist." he grinned at the thought.

"Well, don't keep me in suspense, what is so special?"

"She's a virgin and she insists on remaining that way." Catherine choked on a sip of brandy and gave him an incredulous, unbelieving look. He smiled and nodded. "She wants to become sexually proficient, a slut in the bedroom as she herself put it, but she wants to remain technically a virgin. She is getting married next year and she wants to be skilled in bed, but her strict upbringing is inhibiting her from sharing her man's bed to learn how."

Catherine shook her head. "How in hell are you going to do that. I mean, we have submissives who come in and don't want sex, some who don't want penetration, some who won't do oral, but they understand and want the mind games of the scene. She can't even understand what she's asking for. Migod, to want to learn how to be a sexy little slut while staying a virgin? I'd be laughing if I didn't know you were serious."

"It will be a challenge. Tessa is a very vaginal virgin and is very shy. She probably did not even strip during gym in high school. I'm going to have her do all her initial training at least semi-nude. She has a lot of potential, though. Cute as hell and a body that won't quit. She has agreed to almost anything, other than anything that will actually break the hymen. Which is fully intact, by the way. Doc Samualson found that out during the exam. She is willing to learn what I will teach her, any way I want to teach it to her. She has also agreed to our rule that a session ends before she is allowed to leave. So I said, why not. I gave her the training kit, told her to go to the library and what to study, and signed her up for an appointment next week. We'll see how long she holds out, but I will be overseeing this one. If somebody fucks this one up, I want it to be me."

Catherine privately agreed. She had never heard of a virgin coming to a dominant to be trained for the marriage bed. Frankly it seemed ludicrous. "Strange that she should come to us. We are into D&S, not the plain vanilla stuff she seems to be interested in. Whatever was Barb thinking of? Does she have any potential in the scene at all?"

"Everyone has potential, lover, you should know that by now. In Theresa's case, she has the makings of a really fine bottom, maybe a fairly acceptable switch. I think she'll have to go a long ways in overcoming her upbringing before she's ready to do much more than an occasional switch to top. As for Barb, I don't know, but I am going to find out and then, I will deal with our very sneaky Miss Sutton. That randy blonde bitch probably did it so that I would get pissed and a little rougher with her."

"Well I had a different one myself, today. Mike McDonald's son is going to be trained as a lover. Apparently, some yuppie bitch practically traumatized the young man when he tried to make out with her. She laughed at him and he doesn't have much masculine confidence in himself anymore. I'm supposed to put him through the wringer so that he is absolutely certain that I'm not throwing him a 'mercy fuck', I believe his Dad called it. I'm going to enjoy this one. The kid is drop dead gorgeous. I'm positive he has a lot of top potential, too, but I'll need to bust his balls for him for a while, first. He's so uncertain of himself right now, that only learning as a bottom will assure him that he's learned how to please a mature woman."

"Sounds like a plan. Just make sure he does learn and that you don't go too far bottoming him out. Michelene is not someone I want for an enemy. He is too powerful in the local political machine and he knows too much about our operation. He could shut us down in a heartbeat."

Catherine grimaced. "I know. I would have turned him down for that reason if I thought I could. McDonald was too adamant. Anyway, I gave him the starter kit, too, gave him the reading assignment, and told him to be here next Monday. I wish I didn't feel threatened by his father, though. There is something about this kid that gets to me. I could really have some fun with him if I were free to let go."

William sipped at his brandy and considered his lover. He'd have to do something drastic about the nudity of her ring finger one of these days. Good thing he wasn't the jealous type. "Well, don't let go until you are sure what you are dealing with. If that experience was as bad as you've said it was, you will have all you can do just putting him back together again." She nodded her agreement. It sounded as if they both had all they could handle with their new students.

Partnering Chapter 1. Language 101


Pat arrived at the Commonwealth Avenue address fifteen minutes early. The assignment that the woman had given him had been very odd. The book he thought he understood, but those things in the box? Dad had not been kidding when he said it would be strange.

Patrick was ushered through a long hallway (it seemed far too long for the townhouse) to a modern, well appointed office. Odd that it did not have windows. Nothing had been explained to him so he stood in front of the desk, waiting. He noticed that there was only one chair in the room and that was behind the desk. He would not sit there.

Ten minutes late, the woman who had interviewed him swept into the room followed by someone carrying a folding chair. The chair was setup opposite the desk. The woman moved directly to the desk and sat, saying nothing. She was dressed in a stylish business suit in a olive green that suited her coloring. She seemed incredibly tall for a woman until he realized she was wearing unusually tall high heels. Manners learned the hard way in his father's house came to the fore and he waited to be invited to sit. "Sit, sit." she gestured impatiently, her face severe and scowling. "Patrick, you are here because you want to be, at least as far as I understood our last visit. This is your last chance to back out today. When I send you off to be readied for today's session, all doors out of this Academy are locked to you until I release you from instruction. Do you understand that?" Patrick nodded. They had agreed on that aspect of this the last time.

"Very well. I will now explain the rules and some of the whys for the early parts of your instruction. First, what has your father told you about me and about the Academy?

"Only that you were very strict and that the course of study would not be very pleasant, that it would involve doing things I would not necessarily like."

Green eyes locked onto and held grey. "All of that is true, Patrick. First of all, since you do not seem to know, the Academy is a house of domination. Sadomasochism is often confused with pure dominance and submission, but we can do true S&M here, too. You have been sent to me as a trainee. You want to be trained to a superb degree of proficiency in pleasuring a woman. I intend to do that, but I will do it in my own way. I am what is referred to as a dominatrix." Patrick's eyes went round. He had heard of such women and he was not all that sure he wanted anything to do with one. What the hell was his father thinking of?

"I am indeed strict. I can be very severe and when I train you, it will be as a bottom, a submissive. It will be as a slave. You will learn every nuance of female sexuality. You will learn to read her responses and react accordingly. As my submissive, you will become intensely sensitive to the needs and desires of your partner and you will become highly skilled at meeting them. Failures will be dealt with by punishment. You will not enjoy those experiences so I suggest that you keep them to a bare minimum by being exemplary in your studies and in your performance. During instruction sessions, you will do exactly as I direct until the lesson is over on penalty of punishment. We agreed on your limits last time. For the most part, they are acceptable, but some will need to be stretched later in the training. We will discuss that more at the proper time. Now, before we go any further, do you have any last questions?"

Patrick looked at the icily beautiful woman seated across from him. This talk of her kinky lifestyle and punishment, well, it scared the hell out of him. Probably what she intended. He did not know her from Adam, but his Dad did, and his Dad trusted her. That said it all. Only one niggling question remained. "This is not your normal business. I know enough about how I feel to realize that I am a mental and emotional wreck. Are you qualified to deal with that aspect of this?"

Catherine smiled at him for the first time and then caught herself. The kid was quick, she'd have to watch that. "I am a board certified clinical psychologist with a PhD in psychology. I am also trained as, but have never formally worked as, a sex therapist." William had ordered that when she had been his slave. "I am qualified to recognize problems as they occur. If I cannot deal with them, I have access to practicing professionals who can. Anything else?"

Here it was, the point of now return. Patrick swallowed, and shaking his head, "No, ma'am."

"Are you ready and willing to continue into the session I have planned for you today?"

His voice cracked and he swallowed to clear his throat, "Yes, ma'am.'

The woman's demeanor visibly changed, becoming harder, sterner. Patrick had not thought that possible. "Very well. From now on, here at the Academy and when we are alone, I am Lady Catherine and you will always respond to me as 'Milady'. If I don't want that, I will so order it. Do you understand?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"First failing, patty, I said 'from now on'. You have just earned your first disciplinary demerit at the Boyleston Academy. Congratulations." She touched a button on her desk and the door opened to admit a petite young Asian girl, dressed in a nurse's outfit. A very strange nurse's outfit. The oddly shiny white dress suit was so short he could see her garters holding up her white hosiery, and the dress smelled funny, too. He stood at her entry. "Follow this woman's orders explicitly. She will give me a full accounting of your failings. Take your training kit, but leave the book you brought for me to review. You may go."

Catherine felt she needed to get patrick's attention quickly. Everything she had learned about him in the last week said that he was simply too sharp and too inherently dominant for this to work unless she kept him off balance. Her consultations with a client who was a psychologist had confirmed her opinion. She had to keep him down until his natural confidence and strength brought him back all way. She could not make it too easy for him, so she intended that he be very hard, indeed.

Patrick was in a state of shock when the nurse had left him in this room. She had made him strip, take a shower and then lay on an examining table. The next thing he knew, he was restrained hand and foot to the sides of the table. She had then hung something next to him that he recognized from his childhood, an enema bag.

The nurse saw his eyes go wide and had giggled. "Oh, don't worry about that today, that will be later in the course. I just need the water." A bedpan appeared beneath him and the woman had proceeded to shave his cock and balls smooth. He had been unable to resist her ministrations and in spite of himself gotten hard. She had dealt with that with firm slaps that bounced his cock off his lower belly. The shock had shrunk him. A very tight, surgical elastic band at the base of his penis prevented recurrence. She had fitted him with a cage like device that covered his whole pubic region. A mesh cylinder surrounded his dick and made it point down, and then the entire region was covered by another mesh cage that was shaped like the plastic cup he wore when he played football. The device was held in place by something that looked for all the world like a leather jock strap. She had released him and had fitted the waist and ass cheek straps, pulling them tight and then 'clicking' them in place.

She had then led him nude to a room empty of all furniture except for a single chair. The nurse told him he was to kneel in front of the chair and to await the Lady Catherine, then she had left.

Catherine arrived shortly afterwards. She was still in the skirt he'd seen, but she had shed the jacket and had undone her hair to let it fall freely. She sat in the chair and immediately crossed her legs, her left foot extended towards Patrick. She held his book and read a sheet of paper as he waited for it to begin. "Well, patty, you seem to be off to a flying start. Slow in the shower, resisting restraint, developing an erection without permission, resisting depilitation, complaining about your cockcage and laggardly behavior in route to the session. Those are all demerits." She clucked her tongue in mock disappointment.

"For your information, one of the most common mistakes the male makes is paying too much attention to his dick and not enough to his partner. Until I say otherwise, all of your training will be done locked in that cage so you won't have to worry about yourself, only me. Let us begin. You will always greet your Instructress by kneeling, bowing to the floor and then kissing the toe of her foot or shoe. You may proceed."

Patrick stifled a surge of white hot anger and obeyed. At least her shoes were clean. "Well done, patty. Now, open your training box. This part of the training is so that you will know all of the technically correct names for the various parts of the male and female sexual organs. Dick and pussy may be all well and good in their places, but you will need to know the real words for some of the more advanced studies here. The toys you have there are the finest money can buy. I'm sure you have heard of dildoes before, although this is a particularly fine one, complete with lifelike attachments. The female genital model is also of the finest quality. Both are unique in that they are intended to be worn by members of the opposite sex who like to imitate the other." He looked closer at them. In fact, each toy was integral to a flesh colored 'panty' that could be worn like shorts. "I see you understand. A little cosmetic blending and viola, instant pussy. Ever wonder what you'd look like as a girl, patty? For our purposes, for now anyway," and she gave the word 'now' a sinister inflection, "since they are anatomically correct, you can use them for study. There is the added benefit that since I am not going to allow someone as untrained as you near my body, and since your equipment is, ahhh, out of commission, we will use them now for your first exam."

Her tone changed to one of exaggerated, condescending amazement. "You did do well in your selection of a book. Most silly boys bring me 'the Joy of Sex' or some such thing. This book on human physiology is perfect. Now, let's see what you have learned. Acceptable performance is perfection, patty. You receive a demerit for each incorrect answer. Now, with your tongue, lick the labia majora."

Patrick dropped the toy in surprise and stared at the woman. "With... my ... tongue?" He stammered and then remembered to hastily add, "Milady?"

Catherine lifted her thin brows theatrically in response to his question. "Well, patty, you must point out the features in some way. I prefer that you do it with your tongue. It will be good practice for you in the coming lessons." Her voice hardened suddenly, "And that is another demerit, young man. Now, where is the labia majora?"

The session was grueling for Patrick. He had studied carefully, but the questions came fast and furious, and he was certain every question he answered incorrectly was asked again, repeatedly, to run up the total of incorrect answers. Having to lick parts of the male organ also embarrassed him terribly, particularly when Catherine made him suck the thing into his mouth to 'point' to the entire foreskin at once. She had told him that he appeared to have more potential as a cock sucker than as a pussy lapper. "Sure don't want one of the gay male Masters to take over your instruction, patty? It would only take one little phone call." She got the reaction she had wanted - instant rebellion and the awarding of yet another demerit.

When she had worked out all she could from the scene, she stood and made a show of counting. "Let's see, patty, that's 3 demerits for failures to use my title, six for your misbehavior with the nurse, 24 incorrect answers and six instances of rebellious or bad behavior. That's thirty six demerits. A new record for a first timer." She walked around behind him and landed a stinging slap across his ass. He jerked up in shock only to be shoved back to the floor by a high heeled shoe in the back. "That's only a sample of what's in store if you don't get it together, young man. You won't sit for a week if I get really upset." A clicking sound like a clock being wound came from behind him, then he heard her walk over to the door and open it. "May, he's all yours." she returned to Pat. "You're done for the day. Your assignment is to practice licking your pussy twenty minutes a day. May will give you an instructional video. You will also be reexamined for your pitiful performance today.

"I was going to bring you back sooner, but you can't come back for at least three days. That appliance you are wearing has a time lock that I have just set for two hours for every demerit. Next time, it will be four hours. You can pee, provided you sit like a girl to do it, and you can bathe, which I suggest you do to keep it clean. I expect it back undamaged when you return." With that, she left the room.

A soft voice called him back from his confusion. "She wasn't fooling, you know. The lock is set for seventy two hours and will not open until then. In an emergency, you can cut it off, but other than for that reason, don't expect to be permitted to continue here if you do damage the belt." It was the nurse. "Now, come along, and we'll get you cleaned up and out of here."

Standing on knees stiff from kneeling for too long, Patrick followed the woman in the nurse's outfit, wondering if he would continue here, wondering if it was worth this type of humiliation.


William watched his young charge carefully. Hidden cameras monitored everything that went on in training rooms so that the safety of all participants could be assured. Now, he used that camera to watch Theresa. God, but she was one beautiful female. It had been a long time since he'd seen breasts that large and well shaped that did not sag at least a little bit. Hmmm, her nipples are erect. Hope that means she is at least a little excited and not that she's too cold. May had stripped the girl, but he had ordered that Tessa's pubic hair not be shaved, at least for now. The girl was not ready for that. Hell, he did not think she was ready for any of this, but he had to start somehow.

He looked at himself in the mirror. T-shirt, jeans and Reeboks. Not his normal dominant apparel, but if he showed up in full leathers, that gal would head for the hills. No, she'd have enough to deal with just having him in the room while she was wearing only her skin. Well, time to get this show on the road. We'll find out how well May did teaching the girl to greet an Instructor.

Tessa heard the door open and turned to see the man who entered. It was the man who had interviewed her last week and who had just sent her off with that female in the nurse costume. He sat in the chair in front of her and she then recalled the last instructions she had been given. Kneeling, with her knees as wide as possible, she settled her bare bum onto her ankles and bowed gracefully until her forehead touched the floor, her hands extended toward him, palm up. "Very good, Tessa. Your performance has saved May a spanking." She started to rise. "No, hold your position until I tell you to rise. I guess May gets her spanking, after all. Now, Tessa, from now on, my name is Lord William and you will address me as 'milord'. We will start and end each session with your obeisance to me as your Instructor. Do you understand?"

The position was sufficiently uncomfortable that Tess momentarily forgot her embarrassment at being nude. "Yes, milord."

"Excellent. You may rise to your knees. Now, today, I'm going to ensure that you know enough about the male and female sexual organs to become the slut you desire to be. We start with the correct names for the various parts of the male and female sexual organs. That way when I say dick and pussy to you, you can associate that to something that doesn't offend your virginal sensibilities." She blushed at the reference. Good, he needed something to tease her with when the training got too intense. Something that would break the tension for a few seconds. Her embarrassment over being a virgin would do the trick.

"Open your training box. The toys are completely true to life. You will become very familiar and adept at handling both these and other toys, as well as the real things. The genitalia models are of the finest quality. You are too naive to understand why we use them, but the fact that each toy has a flesh colored 'panty' that can be worn like pants should give you a hint. However, they are anatomically correct and you can use them for study and practice. Now we will see how well you have learned your lesson. Show me the clitoris, please."

Relieved to be distracted from the situation she was in, Tess reached for the female model only to be stopped by William. "No, no. You have a perfectly adequate, working version of the female equipment already. I want you to show me on your own body where each of the parts are. I want you to get used to being your pussy touched. Oh, and do make sure you keep that hair out of my way. I need to make sure that you are pointing to the correct parts. Your answer was too slow. That is a demerit. Now where is your clitoris?"

Tessa wanted to melt into the floor, but she remembered her goal. Slowly she slipped her hands between her legs and parted the rich, thick thatch of hair to point to her hardening little clitoris. A shock of something almost pleasurable coursed through her as her fingernail brushed the erected bud. William smiled as he saw her shivering response.

At the end of the session, she again made her obeisance. She was shuddering with the humiliation and emotion of the experience. She had exposed, in the most minute detail, her most private feminine secrets to a man she had only known for a few days. He had left her no shred of modesty or dignity. He had even commented on how wet her fingers were getting. At least, he'd allowed her to take the male part of the exam using that dildo thing. She did not have know what she would have done if William had made her use his own penis for her demonstration.

"Very well, Theresa. You have earned a total of 26 demerits, mostly for not getting all of that hair out of my way so that I could see if you had the correct answer. We will have to do something about that." He walked to the door and came back in holding a leather and metal contraption that he started fitting about her shoulders and chest. One of two connected metal rings was set around each of her breasts and pressed tightly against her chest. Thin leather strips connected each of those rings to a smaller ring. The strips were adjusted so that the smaller rings were snugged up tightly around her nipples. A wide strap pulled the entire contraption tight, snapping together around behind her back. It made her feel like she was all nipple. Shoulder straps pulled her breasts abnormally high up on her chest and a snaplink pulled her nipples together. A small metal ball was suspended on a chain from the top of each nipple ring so that the chains rested lightly against her already rigid nipples.

"Your assignment for next week is two fold. You will begin practicing oral sex on the dildo. May will give you an instructional video. You are to watch it every night and you are to practice twenty minutes a day. Secondly, I want you to start masturbating at least twice a day. In the unlikely event you don't know how, May has a tape on that as well. Next week, we will continue your testing, start learning how to properly suck cock and you will entertain me by playing with yourself to an orgasm." He walked to the door, opened it and called for the nurse. "That discipline bra is locked in the back. I will mail the key to you tomorrow morning. With any luck, you will have it off by Wednesday night. May will explain emergency procedures to you. Until next time, that is, if you don't chicken out." She heard him leave the room. Was she alone? Should she stand and leave?

A new voice spoke. It was May, the nurse. "I will explain about the bra. There is an emergency lock release switch on the front of the bra." She pointed to a lever on the small ring connecting the two larger rings on her breasts. "You are to use it if you are hurt, ill or in some way endangered by the presence of the bra. That lever is a one time only switch and it will be obvious that is how the device was removed. If you remove it and you do not have an adequate reason, you will not be allowed to return here. You may rise now. Please follow me and we will get you cleaned up and on your way."

Tessa stood and started to walk after the woman when she stopped in shock. The ball chains bounced gently off her nipples with each step. Every step, every movement she made caused that infernal thing to tease her. May stopped and turned to locate her charge. "I see you've found the disciplinary aspect of that device. It won't harm you, but you may find yourself getting quite excited if you walk too quickly. You might want to stick to sweaters that won't pucker on your nipples till you get the key. Now come along. We have much to do." Sighing, Tessa followed the petite figure, trying to move without too much stimulation."

William and Catherine

"I tell you, Catherine, if I had made May shave that girl, I would have been hard pressed to find anything wrong to assign the demerits for. She must have a photographic memory to go along with that incredible body of hers. And finding a way to discipline her was a trick, too. I am just glad we had that new discipline bra. I can't use a pussy plug on her and she's not trained for anything anal yet. She was so turned on she could hardly sit still, but didn't even realize what was happening to her. This gal has real potential. Wait until you see the tape of her. I almost lost her, though, with the trick of having her use herself as a live model for the exam. I had to back off quickly. If I'd pulled out my cock for her to complete the exam, I think she would have panicked - big time. I would never been able to pull off the 'point with your tongue' trick."

Catherine was sitting in her favorite chair with her eyes closed in a stress relaxation exercise. "Well, I had to do something to knock the legs out from under him. May told me that except for the initial jolt of being bound, he was steadily recovering from the shock I laid on him in the office. I thought being told he was a slave would have kept him open and receptive to suggestion for at least a while. I don't mind telling you I feel like I'm juggling dynamite with McDonald. That kid does not have the slightest natural inclination as a bottom. When his self confidence reasserts itself, and it will, I am going to be hard pressed to control that scene. I have this vision of finding myself over his knee screaming for the protectors."

"Don't worry, Luv, I'll protect you."

She gave him a dirty look. "Who said I wanted to be protected by you? Seriously, though, Pat is a very powerful man. We need to be ready for that eventuality. This is not a regular scene. I am not playing with someone who is into the mindgame here and enjoying my power plays. This is an emotionally charged young man who is being forced into a role that is unnatural for him. Christ, he didn't even have a hardon when I left. He probably won't jerk off when the timer releases him, either. He is too sharp and too angry to accept the rules of this game for long. He is smart, too smart. I had all I could do to get enough demerits to punish him adequately. I don't think I went too far, but I just don't know."

"Want me to be in the monitor room for the next scene?"

She nodded. "I don't know how he'll react to the first pussy eating lesson. I don't think he will respond like one of our regulars. I mean, they get into the scene and get off on the humiliation aspects of it. Pat is too much his father's son with none of the calming effects of his dad's experience. The scene can go one of three ways and two of them are bad."

William grimaced. "If it's any consolation, I don't know how Tess is going to handle that either. She's going to need to see and handle a live cock sooner or later. I'm just not sure I want it to be mine. The thought of someone with a firm grip on that part of me having a major anxiety attack is enough to give me an anxiety attack. With regards to Pat, do you want to back off from the plan? We could give him a less demanding scene and probably still get the same results. I don't want you in danger and if you are right and he doesn't have any interest or inclination for bottoming, you could be hurt if he goes sour."

"My gut says he won't hurt me. He may retaliate in kind and the worst that would happen then is I won't sit down comfortably for a few days." She frowned. "I think we try to stick to the plan. It has the best chance for the quickest turnaround, but I will reserve the right to revisit that decision if the need arises. It is going to be close, though, damnably close. We are pushing very near the edge of his control." She considered the color of the brandy in her snifter. "I just wish I didn't have to be the one pushing."

Partnering Chapter 2 Oral Examinations


Amazing, simply amazing, William mused to himself. His little virgin had taken a step that he thought she would not be ready for until much later in the program. One he expected that she would have had to been 'coerced' into permitting. Her pussy was completely clean shaven. She had decided, based on the demerits he had assessed to remove the cause of the bulk of his findings of failure. She did not look that frightened, and May had said that she had shown no signs of undue discomfort from the discipline bra, so he had to assume she did it freely. Amazing.

Tessa wished he would make some comment about the condition of her pubic mound. She had done it for him. In this wide open kneeling position he demanded of her, he could not help but notice. Had she done the correct thing? She hoped so because it was very strange to feel so bare down there. She had been the first girl in her school to get hair. She was used to having it and now, well, now she felt even more exposed than she had last week.

"Well, Theresa, today we will start with your actual training as a sexual animal. We will start with what is arguably, the single most desired and requested sex act by the male of the human species. Your studies for this week should have given you a thorough grounding in the concept. The technical name is fellatio. More commonly it is referred to as either French style or more crudely, cock sucking. What can you tell me about the general technique from your studies?"

Tessa thought about the tape she had played almost twenty times since she'd gotten it last week. The first time, she had not been able to believe that something that large would go so far into a woman's mouth. She had tried to emulate the woman's performance with the dildo she had and had only been able to get about half of the eight inch device (she had measured it after her first try) into her mouth before she started gagging. Lately, she had been able to get almost six inches of it down. "Well, milord, it seems to really be a combination of things. Initially, the idea seems to be to suck on the penis until it starts to erect, then the tongue is used in the vicinity of the glans and the underseam to tease the erection. Hand manipulation in conjunction with sucking the erect penis in and out of the mouth appears to be the final impetus to orgasm." She smiled at being able to state the process without blushing and stammering.

"All very clinical and consistent with the tape you were told to study. What do you suppose are some of the dangers, particularly to your partner?" Tessa could not see any problems. None of the men in the tape seemed to have any problems. They seemed to spill the semen into the women's faces with remarkable ease and quantity. "Tessa, think, what do you normally put in your mouth? Food, and what do you do with food? You chew it - with.... your....teeth."

"But, but, none of the women in the tape bit the men on their .." Tess felt herself blush.

"No, they did not bite the men on their cocks. Those women are highly skilled, most probably bit their first cock in the back of their boyfriend's car when they were still in training bras. And you just forgot my title." He grinned. She was difficult to assess legit demerits on; he'd take all he could get. "Today, you will get your first supervised cock sucking practice. Instructress Marielle, our staff trainer in charge of female submissives will oversee your practice." A tall woman entered wearing high heeled boots, a very short leather skirt and a leather halter. She carried what appeared to be paddle like the sororities used for pledges, only its business end was also made of leather. Tessa merely stared at her, forgetting everything except the remarkable outfit this woman wore. She heard William chuckle. "You did not make your obeisance to your instructor, Theresa. You owe another demerit. Until she returns you to me, she is now your Instructress."

Hastily, Tess made her deep, kneeling bow. The woman, in an almost gentle voice, told her to rise and follow her. Tess nearly had to jog to keep up. They went into another room down the corridor. Once inside, the Mistress told her to kneel. "You are still new here, so I will not report your laggardly behavior to Lord William, but that is the last boon I will grant you. Your task today is to demonstrate what you have learned from the video and to have your many errors pointed out and corrected. Since none of our Masters want to trust their cocks to such an inept mouth as yours, nor do any of the dominants want to risk their slaves, you will practice on special models designed for that function." She reached into a pouch on her belt and pulled out a bright green pill which she handed to Tess. "Chew this thoroughly. Keep chewing until I tell you that you may swallow." Tessa looked at the pill and hesitated. She looked at the Mistress with real fear in her eyes. Momentarily, the demeanor softened. "Go ahead, girl, and do as I said. It is only a non toxic dye, similar to what your dentist uses to locate and remove plaque. In case no one has told you, no drugs of any kind, and that includes alcohol are allowed in a scene at the Academy. Anyone, client or staff, found to be under the influence of some agent during a scene is immediately and permanently removed from the premises. You need have no worry on that score." The voice hardened. "You only need to worry about the demerits you keep piling up by failing to obey your assigned Instructress! Now chew on that tablet!" Tessa chewed.

After what seemed to be an eternity, she was allowed to swallow the vile tasting thing and rinse her mouth out. It helped a little. The Mistress made her crawl into an adjoining room. In the room were four male mannequins: one standing, one seated and two lying on the floor. All sported anatomically correct erections that were equal in size or larger than the toy she had been using to imitate the women in the movie.

A gently stinging smack on her bottom with the paddle brought Tessa back to reality. "These represent the most common positions the male will assume to receive your oral worship. Seated or standing, so that you will kneel in front of him to accept his cock; and laying down, either with you between his legs, or with you in a free form position that might turn into a sixty nine if you are a very good girl." Tessa wasn't sure what a sixty nine was, but she decided it must be nice. "You will practice in each of the positions today. The cocks you will suck are made of a material that is lifelike in texture so you will get the correct tactile feedback. The material also reacts strongly to contact with the dye staining your teeth. If those dicks come out with green teeth marks, you bit your man's cock. That is not allowed. We will begin with the most submissive position, the Master seated while you worship his cock with your slave slut mouth. Begin."

The session took almost two hours. Thirty minutes on each mannequin. The first one had looked like she had carefully painted it green and chewed on it. She improved with each cock she sucked, although, privately Tessa thought the improvement was probably just as much the dye wearing off as it was improvement in skill level. After each trial, Mistress would dutifully count the number of bite marks and record them on a clipboard. Finally, her jaws aching from the unusual exercise, Tessa was told to follow the Mistress back to Lord William.

Lord William received the clipboard from the Mistress with great ceremony. He took one look at it and snapped at Tessa. "Assume your position of obeisance!" Tessa practically tripped over herself getting into position. "Did you learn nothing from our instructional tapes? By Mistress' count, you would have bitten me over one hundred times, one hundred and twelve to be exact, in the last two hours. That is unacceptable. You will be disciplined. On your hands and knees, head down and crawl over to me."

Tessa did as she was told and suddenly found herself lifted from the floor to end up face down over Lord William's lap. "Each bite is a demerit, Theresa. With your other failings today, that is one hundred twenty demerits. You will be spanked like a little girl who cannot do as she is told. I will spank you for one minute for every ten demerits. Mistress, would you please restrain her hands?"

Marielle clipped two cuffs to Tessa's hands. She then straddled the girl's outstretched arms and attached the cuffs to the back of the belt that she wore. This pulled Tessa's face directly into Marielle's leather clad crotch, nose first. If Marielle had not been wearing the leather panties that matched her skirt, Tessa realized she would have gotten her first pussy eating lesson. A strange tingling started in her own crotch at the thought of doing that to another woman.

William struck with a loud splat sound on her still relaxed buttocks. William maintained a steady pace, working at arousing rather than stinging. His blows were placed so that the pouting pouch of her pussy was teased by errant fingers regularly. Gradually, those fingers came back moist with spendings from the inexperienced, but highly aroused girl.

Tessa's stomach was starting to clutch in excitement, she arched to try and meet each succeeding blow, her nose kept bouncing off the leather shielded crotch of the woman whose very body restrained her own. She started to moan in pleasure, to beg for more, what she did not quite know, but she knew she wanted more. The woman in front of her became a tormenting, teasing mystery to her. Without thought she started to babble. "Mistress, please, let me taste you, between your legs. Please, I won't bite, please, just a taste?"

Amazed, William decided to give her what she wanted and nodded to Marielle. Two snaps released the waist band of the leather g-string and lightly haired pussy now bounced off Tessa's nose in time to William's spanks. Daringly, Tessa buried her tongue into the spicy wetness in front of her, only to have the Mistress arch into her. William was teasing more than spanking now, gauging the excitement level of both women, carefully teasing Tess to the edge of orgasm, but backing off just before she came. Suddenly, Marielle's hands locked onto Tessa's head, holding her, trying to pull her deeper into the core of her cunt. Biting her lips to keep from making any encouraging sounds, Marielle started to orgasm, and William tripped the wire on Tessa causing her to follow the Mistress into climax.

It took several minutes for the two women to recover. Marielle released Tessa's head and William eased her to floor, where she made her obeisance to the two departing dominants. May came in to escort her to the dressing room where cold cream was applied to warm and tingling buttocks.


William watched the scene unfolding on the monitor grimly. Catherine had been correct in her assessment of Patrick's physical development; the kid was a rock. A legitimate six feet two inches tall and 210 pounds of sinewy muscle. Not a body builder, Patrick had the well defined musculature of an endurance athlete. William hoped nothing went wrong with the session as he knew that Pat could do serious damage before he could be brought under control. Just to be safe, he shook the arm of the senior monitor on watch and indicated the monitor he wanted watched.

Catherine was dressed in red latex today. A bright scarlet body suit that molded to her breasts and ass like a second skin. The latex was so thin and so tightly stretched that the dark circles of her nipples and the mound of her pussy hair was immediately visible. Matching heels, gloves and a silvery tiara completed her outfit. She was a fetishist's dream and Patrick did not even seem to notice. For that reason and others, Catherine was not comfortable with today's agenda. A standard lesson with a standard plot line and climax, this scenario normally went quite well and the bottom ended up actively playing and enjoying the game as well as its final 'reward'. However, Pat was not a standard bottom and he was not going to play along.

He was plainly furious at being immediately put back into the cockcage. The barely controlled anger was interfering with the scene and would interfere with her control of it. One thing was clear, Whatever else she did with him or to him, she would not send him home with that device locked on today. In fact, calm, cool, up-for-anything May had told her after dropping Pat off in the session room, that there was no way she wanted to put that on him again after he'd worn it for a post scene discipline period. She would unlock it herself at the end of the day if Catherine even thought about it. Perhaps a slight misdirection would help.

She walked to where Patrick knelt, glaring at her. She gave him a light, stinging smack with her pointer and said in a brisk voice, carefully devoid of last week's sarcasm. "Up, up. Come on, stand up and come to attention. I wish to inspect you." Her quarry stood and came to rigid attention. God, he was so stiff. Steeling herself, she walked around him slowly, looking at him from foot to head. Every once in a while, she would prod him gently with her schoolroom pointer, or she would stroke and squeeze a muscular arm or leg. She moved be hind him and prodded his ass crease to get his attention. Hard muscles clenched at the pointer, holding it in place. Just as she had hoped.

"At ease, patty." Again, his reaction was as she hoped. He assumed the classic military stance with his feet spread and his hands clasped behind his back. The pointer fell to the floor when he relaxed because she no longer held it. In the moment it took him to realize that fact, she had locked both wrists in a pair of handcuffs. Success. For all his promised cooperation, he was too angry for her to have been confident of his willing acquiescence to the bonds. And in his current mood, there was no way she'd complete this scene with him unrestrained.

For a moment, she considered simply leaving him bound and cancelling the scene. The bulging of his arm muscles as he fought the cuffs gave her real concern. He simply could not let go and let her lead him through the mindplay. She was just about to signal for William when she decided that she had to try.

In a light, teasing, breathy voice, she whispered into his ear, "You might as well stop trying. They are police issue. They won't break, but you might, patty. Now be a good boy and relax." She tried to gentle him by lightly stroking his back. She had to reach him. "The cuffs will come off when I say they do, not before. Now, this little game of mine could be fun, if you only let it, or it can be very hard if you fight me. Why don't you try it my way, this week. You will do what I want, eventually, because you can't leave until I say you can, remember? Play my game and you can leave." Still stroking him, she watched him as he visibly tried to control his emotions. God, she had never had to offer a bottom that carrot to let go, before.

His face relaxed, then went blank. "Very well, milady. I'm ready." The dull monotone of his response did not give her much hope. Grimly, she pressed on.

She a attached a leash to the front of his cockcage and pulling the leash over her shoulder looked back at him with a smirk she did not feel. "Follow me, slave." If he wasn't going to play, he'd get the full treatment. Maybe she had read him wrong, after all. Maybe, he was one of those rare bottoms who wanted to be overcome. She didn't think so, but she would see. She sauntered out the door, making sure her hips rolled seductively as she dragged him behind her by his cock.

When they reached the training room, his cock was uncomfortably hard in the cage. He was not immune to her more blatant charms. Maybe that was what was called for.

The room again had four mannequins, this time female, in various poses. One sat in a languid, legs open pose. One stood, one leg precariously uplifted, with a vicious looking high heeled shoe on the raised foot. One was lying down and the other was held off the floor, in a crouching position with the knees near the simulated breasts, the ass just above the ankles. She pulled him over to the standing model and made him kneel in front of it. She then positioned him so that the raised foot rested heel down on his shoulder. The fake pussy was in front of him, another of those anatomically correct toys like the one he was supposed to practice his oral lovemaking on each night.

Catherine tied his leash to a ring in the floor behind the mannequin. He couldn't pull away and he could not go through the dummy. He was trapped, his hands still locked behind him. "This is a very sophisticated training tool, patty. The pussy will secrete a liquid the consistency, flavor and aroma of the real thing. Depending on my mood, the secretion can be clean and light, or it can be like the woman hasn't bathed in a month. Why, I can even give you the experience of slurping out a pussy full of male cum. Simulated, but very realistic tasting, I assure you, although maybe next week I will have May milk you so you can experience the real thing, hmmmm?" Patrick simply stared at the fake vagina in front of him.

Would he ever react? All she wanted was for this to be over, at least her part of it.

"Very well, if you won't play with me, we will just go do it the hard way. Reach up and touch the clitoris with your tongue, you know how to do that at least." Her reference to the prior week's lesson made him flush. Well, that was a reaction. He had to stretch up his torso to reach the goal and the heel pressed uncomfortably into his shoulder as he took the mannequin's weight. Carefully, he touched the rubbery nub with the tip of his tongue. All hell broke loose. Sirens wailed and bells rang. Pat jumped in surprise only to pull up sharply against the leash on the cockcage. The belt and not his cock, took the shock, but it still held him fast.

"An object lesson, patty. Pussy eating should be an art form to the truly exemplary lover of women. The pussy should be explored, tasted delicately, savored by the lover's active, questing tongue. Your hands are restrained so that only your lips and tongue can make love. Oral love is not a sprint to get the woman's pussy wet. It is the most basic, unselfish form of worshiping a woman. The clitoris should be tempted, teased, cajoled out its hiding hood with gentle caresses that promise but never touch the clitoris proper unless you have been given permission to give your woman an orgasm. The exemplary lover wants the recipient of oral worship to be mad with need for orgasm. You want your lover to beg you for her release. Ergo, we have devised this test. If your tongue directly touches the clitoris, the alarm will sound and you will be assessed a demerit. You are to sensuously, lovingly ply your tongue to your lover's pussy. After fifteen minutes, I will grade your technique and move you to the next station. Do you understand your instructions?"

That same dead voice answered. "Yes, Milady."

Enough, she thought, "Begin." Surprisingly, he did. She watched him carefully. He was doing a fairly adequate job. He was not as enthusiastic as a normal client, but she supposed that this was the best she could expect. The alarm went off. He jumped and it went off again. Calmly, she marked down the demerits. She already knew how many he would get, That, too was part of the scenario, but she made a show of keeping track.

They progressed through the remaining stations without further words. Catherine would tug him to the next model, tie his leash in place and tell him to begin. The seated model, languidly accepting the oral efforts of her submissively kneeling lover. The female superior model where Pat was made to lie on his back. The model was lowered onto his mouth so that the mannequin crouched over, sitting on his face. She teased him with the possibility that the mannequin might be able to pass wind onto his face but got no reaction other than single minded absorption in completing the task.

The last station was the critical one for the normally planned climax of the scene. Restrained between the legs of the supine model, his weight was forward on his knees, his ass was raised. Unable to support his upper body with his arms, only his back and mouth held him up. Finally it was over. He started to rise, but a weight pushed him back down, nose first into the fake pussy. Catherine was sitting on his shoulders. Without his arms and without leverage, he was pinned down.

She tried to inject a degree of pleasure into her voice. "You made the alarm go off a hundred and fourteen times, patty. That's one hundred and fourteen demerits. Combined with your other failings, you've earned twelve minutes of corporal punishment." Rising up, she placed her fore leg against his neck and pushed him down. The change in position gave her the leverage and height she needed to wield her paddle on his bondage-presented ass. She metered her blows carefully so that he got one every fifteen seconds or so; modulating the force so that she could keep it up the entire time.

At the end, she checked to make sure she had been hitting him hard enough because she had gotten so little reaction. His ass was bright red from top to bottom and from hip to hip. It had been an unusually strict first corporal treatment. Normally, the planned scene ending - spanking would have been by hand, and sensual rather than strict. Had this been the right decision? Had she finally gotten to him? Was he the type who needed, wanted to be broken down? One look at his face told her he was not. She shivered at the rage she saw. She had to leave. She walked to the door and signaled for the next part of the plan.

A girl entered, dressed in a shortie silk robe. She was a very diminutive blond. Catherine put steel into her voice. "I have decided that you must need extra training, patty. This is Dina. She is my personal body slave. She also doesn't like boys. She likes girls, and she is going to drill you on the finer points, hell, the fundamentals of pussy eating." She turned to the girl. "You have him for an hour. I will send May for him when it's over." She left the room, not able to get out of there quickly enough.

William and Catherine.

"I tell you, Catherine, I regret the fact that I promised that girl would leave her still a virgin. She is a natural. With proper training, she would be a superb professional bottom. She loves it even when it embarrasses the hell out of her. Marielle still doesn't believe she has never eaten pussy before. And the way she reacted to being spanked, it was all I could do to hold her on my lap."

Catherine gave him a sour look. She was still dressed in her latex, which was strange since she preferred to get out of the hot, clingy stuff immediately after a scene. She had been sitting in their den since she had left Pat with Dina over four hours ago. Dina and May had both made their reports on Pat. "Want to trade? I will even throw in two, no four, sessions as your bottom without reciprocation. Your choice of scene and weapons." Her voice sounded defeated.

"That bad, love?"

Her response was emphatic. "That bad. We're not reaching him. If anything, he is closing up more. He is skilled, by the way, Dina was raving about him. Whoever that bitch was who did this to him, she is a vicious liar. He drove Dina nuts for the first forty five minutes then squeezed multiple orgasms out of her. But we aren't getting him to the point where his confidence can be rebuilt. I thought he might be testing me, challenging me, so I gave him a hard beating rather than the spanking I had planned. He won't sit comfortably for the next few days, but you wouldn't know it from listening to the scene. All he gave was an occasional grunt - that's it."

"He succeeded with Dina. Nothing like driving a committed lesbian up the wall to puff up a male ego. I mean, he doesn't know she's really happily bisexual. As far as he's concerned, she purely gay and he still made her cum. That ought to be progress."

"No, May said he told her it was a nice try, but he wasn't buying it for a minute. Said no woman really orgasmed like that. Hell, here Dina is literally begging me to have this kid turned over to her again, and he doesn't believe she was really coming."

William considered his next words before speaking. "You know something else? Guess how many of the clitty alarms were real, direct contact alarms and not just the proximity sensor alarms? Only ten, and eight of those were at the face sitting station. Hell, those are new records for each station and for the whole drill. Not even trainers are that good."

Catherine felt even worse. "But he keeps fighting me and if he continues to fight me like this, the follow on stuff won't work. We can't trust that attitude in whip practice. He'll decide to practice on me and I'm not ready to deal with that much anger wielding a whip."

"What next, then? Do we tell Mike that we can't help the kid? Do we assign a different Instructress?"

Catherine sat quietly and thought. It was tempting to chuck the whole thing. Truthfully, the responsibility of this was far in excess of what she wanted. Having the responsibility for the safety and fantasy fulfillment of her bottoms was more than enough for her. Still... She sighed. "No, I'll keep him. I'm the most qualified to deal with his trauma, and I can't give up on him. The thought of that beautiful male animal's full potential lost to women forever is more than I can bear." She groaned at the thought of what was next. "I'll try one more time. We'll go with lesson three and see how he reacts, but I am definitely going to have him restrained for this one."

Silently, William agreed with her caution, even though, he was no longer sure he agreed with the plan.

Partnering Chapter 3 Getting a Little Behind in their Studies.


She had failed again to adequately guard against teething on the dildoes that Mistress Marielle put her to sucking. She had worked so hard at it, too. She'd watched that silly tape continuously, trying to understand how those women avoided biting the darn things. She'd tried wrapping her lips between the cock and her teeth. She couldn't generate enough suction. She tried sealing with her lips, but stretching her jaws open. Her mouth got tired and she bit even harder. Lord William had been so provoked, he had told Mistress Marielle to see to the rest of her training that day. He even promised to punish the Mistress if Tessa's performance did not radically improve.

That's how she got in this fix. Mistress had told her that there was no way she was going to get punished because Tessa couldn't learn how to suck a dick properly. Marielle had brought in some type of harness that held the fake dicks in its webbing. Tess had originally thought that the harness was like the penis panty she had in her training kit, for wearing around the waist, until she realized it was too small to go around the waist. Mistress had picked up the largest diameter model penis and had fixed it to the harness. Then she had put it onto Tessa's head! It was like a horse's bridle, only the dildo was the bit. Or in this case, the "don't bit" for don't bite this one. The thick instrument forced her jaws wide and made it necessary to breathe through her nose. Once the harness was tight, Mistress adjusted the depth of penetration of the penis gag until Tessa was just able to control her reflex to gag. "If you want to bite dicks, this one will ensure that you get something worth the effort."

She made Tess sit on her knees in the middle of the floor. Straps attached to rings in the floor tied her knees to the floor and spread her thighs to the limit. Tessa's still bare pussy was shiny in the harsh light of the sparsely furnished room. Marielle gently ran the tip of her pointer up the lips of Tessa's puss and nudged the nub of her clit. A shiver of pure fire ran through Tess as the rubber tip massaged her pleasure center. The now damp tip made its way to Tessa's face where Marielle rubbed the scented oils of her charge's arousal onto her upper lip, just below the nose. The girl was breathing harder, moving in time to some music only she heard. God, thought Marielle, what a sensual little beast.

Marielle rapped her pointer lightly across the girl's thighs to get her attention. "Your assignment for this week was to practice your masturbation. Your husband may decide that he wants to be entertained by you demonstrating how sexy you can be when you get yourself off." She sat down in the only chair and crossed her legs imperiously. "Entertain me, slave. You have five minutes to orgasm the first time, and then I wish you to orgasm every ten minutes for the next hour. Every minute you miss the time by will be a demerit. Your time starts .... now!"

The tapes that Tessa had been given had not excited her. The techniques were rough, and when she had tried it on herself, they had often irritated her clit and pussy lips. She had discovered that when she teased herself, fondled herself, touched softly at her breasts, her legs and tummy, she became much more excited, much more quickly. She teased her nipples with the tips of her nails, making them stand erect and proud. She squeezed gently at her breasts and when they started to feel tight, she lifted them in the palms of her hands and offered them to her audience of one. One hand still teasing her breasts and nipples, she snaked the other down to explore her naval and to tickle at her lower abdomen. Her eyes closed and she started fighting for breath. It was so hard to get the full deep breath she needed with that cock in her mouth. Higher her teasing fingers took her until, finally, she began teasing at the reddened lips of her pussy. A muffled squeal sounded around the cock in her mouth as her first spasm hit her and she came hard, fighting the restraints that held her legs in place in her gyrations.

She tried to follow her orders. She really did, but it was so hard to breathe. She fainted just as she reached orgasm the fourth time. She awoke to find herself untied and the cock gag gone. May was beside her, looking in her eyes and talking to her quietly. After giving her a drink, she had conversed with Mistress Marielle in very low tones. Shrugging her shoulders in response to some remark, she had said one final thing that the Mistress had apparently agreed with, then had left.

Marielle had helped Tessa to her feet and had walked her over to the chair, making her lay, tummy down over one of the arms, her face resting in the seat of the chair. Her bottom was prominently displayed in this position. Was she going to be spanked again? For all the stinging, it had been dreadfully exciting and the sensations when she had played with her pussy, her bottom still warm and achy from the spanking, had been wonderful.

The Mistress sat beside Tessa's head, and stroked her. Her voice took on a soothing tone. "You were doing so well, Theresa, but you stopped. You only orgasmed four times instead of the required seven. For that failure, we are going to plug you for the first time. Your rectum can be used by a man's penis as well as your vagina or mouth. Part of your training will be to teach you how to accept an erect cock in your little asshole. As your discipline, you will wear a butt plug for three hours every day until you return."

She showed Tessa the object she had in her hand. It was a small conical butt plug, only three inches long and about an inch in diameter at it's widest. It was tapered at the end to ease entry. "It will be easier for you if you relax." She stood and went behind the girl.

Tessa felt something cool and smooth being applied to her bottom. Then, a sudden surge, and something hard was in her bottom. It felt like the time the nurse at the home had given her a suppository to treat a stomach ailment, only this seemed to move in and out, slowly at first, then faster. It left her for a moment only to return with more of the cool slippery stuff. She squealed when the intrusion got thicker all of a sudden and tried to move away, but a stinging slap to her bottom brought her up short. "Stop that. It's just a second finger. Now relax."

The intruder left and was replaced by something that seemed quite cool to her skin, and much more blunt. It began moving into the lubricated depths of her ass, slowly but steadily. Wider and wider her ass stretched and she bit her lip to keep from crying out. Just when she thought she could not hold it in any longer, the stretching stopped and then went away. But the object was still there. She could still feel it in her ass. She felt so, .... so full. Another smack on her bottom, this one playful. "That's it, all done. You are now on your way to being a pretty decent little ass fuck." Tessa blushed, whether over the crudeness of the words or at the excitement she was experiencing she did not know. Marielle told her to follow her. Walking with that thing in her ass was a whole new experience. Then she thought, what if it falls out? While I'm out in public? And again, she blushed. Again, she wasn't exactly sure why.


The bitch had done him in again. May had met him at the entrance, as usual. As she had the previous three times, she had bound him to the examining table, locked his legs into the stirrups and had proceeded to shave him clean. However, this time, she had not locked him into that damnable cage.

It had only been a day or so ago that he'd been able to sit comfortably after the paddling he'd received on his last visit. He had nearly decided to stop coming here. Whatever they were doing, all he was getting out of this was more and more anger. Like last time, after that blonde bitch had beat him, they had turned that silly little female loose with him. What a joke. Real women in his experience did not excite that easily, did not come that hard. It was a setup. Throw the kid a bone after beating him so that he won't tell his Dad what a fuck up he made with this place. Only his pride brought him back. He had been run off by one woman, he wouldn't be run off again, no matter how much he had to take, no matter how much it hurt.

May led him down a much longer corridor than before, nude as always in this place, and opened a thick, heavy door. The room was dark but she had told him to enter and await the arrival of Lady Catherine for today's lesson. No sooner had he entered the room, when two, powerful forms caught him from each side, then let him go and moved away before he could retaliate. The whirring sound of an electric motor had sounded in the darkness. Moments later, there was tension pulling at both of his arms, pulling at him. In mere seconds, he was dragged bodily to the dark interior of the room, his arms pulled inexorably towards a point high above him. When he was directly beneath the tow point of whatever had his arms, the pulling brought him up onto his toes. He could still carry almost all of his body weight by arching on his feet, but when his feet tired the load went onto his arms and wrists. He could avoid cramps by shifting the weight between his arms and feet, but it was still mightily uncomfortable.

Time lost meaning in the darkness. It would be a very long session if he was to be held like this for the length of time that his other sessions had taken. The door opened behind him, but was shut again before he could spin in his bonds to see who it was. With the door shut, the darkness was again absolute. Simultaneously with the click of a switch, he was bathed in a blinding circle of light from in the ceiling, directly above him. The light was a narrow, conical beam, not more then three feet wide at his feet. The light illuminated his body like a spot light so that anyone else in the room could see him, but the brightness of the light made the darkness of the rest of the room even more impenetrable. The room could be filled to capacity, and if no one entered his little circle of light, Patrick would not be able to see anyone.

God, but that was one beautiful male animal. The way his long, lean hard muscled frame gleamed in the spotlight. Catherine observed her victim carefully. She now used that word in her thoughts of this man. He wasn't a client, a submissive, a voluntary slave. He was a victim. First by the woman who had laughed at him, then by his father, and now by her, only she really wanted to help him. This was the last try. Three strikes and you're out, she told herself. If she couldn't get through to him with this scene, she would quit. She could not keep doing things like this to him when it was so obviously nonconsensual. Oh, he had agreed to these scenes, but whether that agreement was because he trusted his father or some other reason, it was definitely not because he wanted to be here. If she failed today, one thing was sure - whatever was required to help him would not be found here at Boyleston Academy.

She had to reach him. She had even modified the scene. The two monitors waiting for him, the forced and severe suspension bondage, the isolation treatment; none of that was part of the normal script for this scene. This time was shock therapy. She would either jar him out of his shell or .... Or what? She did not know. God, but she hated failure. She hadn't failed before with anyone. And she hadn't failed yet with this one.

She moved quietly to a position about four feet from his circle of light. She knew from experience that he couldn't see her with his eyes blinded by light. She stood there for a few more seconds gathering courage, and then flicked a switch on the infrared remote control device on her wrist. The circle of light widened to include her and the intensity dimmed. She stood still, allowing his eyes to clear and to adjust to the dimmer light. She saw it the moment recognition flared in his eyes. She saw it the moment his eyebrows rose on his forehead as he took in her outfit.

God, but she was a beautiful woman, Patrick thought. If he hadn't been on his toes, she would nearly have matched his own height in those impossibly high, impossibly sexy high heels. Her long legs were incased in black, silky, garterless stockings textured with blood red roses up one leg. A black leather affair made of a waist strap and a crotch strap was snug to her hips. A black waspie corset made her waist seem impossibly tiny and her bare, usually red nippled breasts seem impossibly full and round. Her hair was pulled back into a severe, tightly braided coronet around the top of her head. It made his scalp hurt just to look at it. She topped it all off with vividly applied cosmetics and a heavy, potently seductive perfume. Her high cheek bones and lips were an incredible vermillion, her eyes were a kaleidoscope of brilliant blues and greens, outlined in black. She scared the hell out of him.

After giving him time to fully appreciate her, she moved closer to him. Skittishly, he tried to move, to back away. He only got a few inches before he lost his toe hold on the floor and found himself swinging gently back to the center of the circle of light. She smiled at him, that awful, sardonic, evil, beautiful smile that said she was planning something she knew he would not like. She moved right up to him and, going up onto her toes, kissed him gently on his surprise widened lips. She started walking around him, fondling his chest, petting a leg, goosing him from behind.

"You are so beautiful, patty. I do so enjoy looking at you. I just wish you'd relax and play with me. How are you going to learn if you don't relax." Her voice was low, musical, strangely relaxing. Pleading? He had never heard her sound like this before. Her hand went to his groin and he started to harden. Then, she did it to him again. Just when he started to relax, she had put something on him, at the base of his cock.

Quickly, before he could dance away or start moving, Catherine tightened and buckled the ball and cock strap. He was hers, now. Once he was hard, he'd stay hard until she gave him relief. She'd make sure that he earned that relief, but once he'd come for her, in response to her, then, she'd have him where he needed to be. She hoped.

The strap on his cock and balls burned. She was petting him, stroking him, teasing him by brushing her erect nipples against him. He groaned as his dick hardened and his frustration grew. Laughing at him, her eyes sparkling, she leaned up against him, sliding her breasts against him as she lifted herself up to kiss him again; a deep, probing, demanding kiss that he could not stop himself from returning. He tried to follow her lips down as she again receded back down his chest.

She moved away, surveying her handiwork. Good, good, a real, major league hard on. First point to you, Cathy-girl. The cock strap would keep that piece of man meat full and hard. Well, she was going to get him so hard his eyes crossed. She slunk away making sure he got the full benefit of her round firm ass undulating in time to her steps. A click at her wrist, and the cone returned to its smaller diameter, effectively making her invisible once more. Silently she moved behind him, adding the final piece to her costume as she went.

A scuffing sound came from behind him. Something being skidded along the floor. Two hard points pressed into his back as two, teasing hands slid sensuously up his ribs to his chest, stopping to pinch and tease his nipples. Her perfume, subtly mixed with the aroma of fine leather wafted through his darkness heightened senses. Her breath tickled at his ear. "Truly superb lovers, fully arouse their partners, patty. They tease and caress until their lovers can't possibly stand it another second and then they do it some more. Do you know what the worst fate a woman suffers at the hands of the inept lover? Not coming, being left hanging out on the edge, but not quite getting over the top because the man loses his hard on or his interest. You can't come, patty, not till I take that pretty little leather ribbon off you cock. I can tease you and play with you and all that will happen is that you'll get harder. When your body tries to cum, nothing will happen because nothing can get out. Not sperm and not the blood that is filling your poor dickie to bursting."

Her hands kept teasing him, tickling at his nipples, slowly stroking and fondling his erect penis. "Now, patty, you will find out how that feels to a woman." All nerves went on red alert from the change in her voice. Something hard was poking its way into the crease of his ass.

Standing on the platform to match his height, one hand on his cock, and the other on the dildo she had inserted into the locking ring on her leather harness, Catherine started to really smile for the first time. Quickly, she tried to feed it to the hidden rosette of his asshole before he could start to resist and possibly hurt himself. The dildo itself was really an anal probe intended for such games. It was long, nearly six inches, but thin, only about a finger's width in diameter. He had surely had larger fingers up his ass during his annual physicals. It was smooth plastic with a gently ribbed intended to stimulate the nerve endings just inside the anal opening with each stroke. Once she had it fully inserted, she would turn on the vibrator and give his prostate a massage that would really get that dick of his pumped up.

From here on, she was following the normal lesson plan for the scene. She'd pull off the cock strap and force him to orgasm. She'd intentionally take the load in her face so that she could punish him for his 'audacity'. Then she'd use every ounce of skill she possessed to give him a senses-shattering taste of the crop that would get him as hard as a rock again. That, hopefully, would give him something positive for her to build on when he came back. His response to the scene so far, although still involuntary, was the most positive thing she had seen with him. She almost dared to hope.

The thing was in his ass. The bitch was fucking his ass. This is what he got for trusting her. He should have known, now all he could do was hang here and take it, dangling from these chains. The chains! That's it.

Bouncing up with the little spring he could generate with just his toes, Patrick grabbed the actual chains holding his wrist cuffs in each hand. Combining the chains into one grip, he started to hand over hand climb up the chain, his speed of ascent increasing as the amount of slack increased, permitting him to move his hands further apart to climb.

Suddenly, Patrick was taller than she was again and getting even taller still. Her dildo plopped free of his rising ass before she thought to look up and saw him climbing up to the ceiling. Sufficient slack in the chain allowing him now to hook his leg around a loop of the chain and take the load off his arms. Catherine fumbled for the remote control on her wrist, ordering the electric winch in the ceiling to lower Patrick back to where she could get her hands on him! He kept climbing until the winch stopped, all of the chain paid out. Furious, she jumped down to stand below him. "Dammit, Pat, get down here, we are not finished yet."

"You may not be, but I am. I am through with you and your screwy academy of lunatics. This session is over. I want out and I want out, now."

Catherine literally stamped her foot in frustration and anger. She had been so close. Another inch and the vibrator would have hit him where he lived. She had to try and get it back together. "Now come on, patty, you know the scene doesn't end till I say so, and you won't be allowed to leave until the instruction is over. Now come back down so that we can finish what we started. You know you were having a good time. A hardon doesn't lie."

"It does when it is prevented from going down. I'm not going to come down until you hand me the keys to these cuffs and promise me that the scene ends and I can leave."

Crossing her arms, she glared at him, more angry than she had ever been in her life. She was failing. She would fail unless she ... got.... him .... down! "Listen to me, patty, the scene ends when you get back down here and we finish your lesson. Not one minute before."

"Well, get comfortable, bitch, because I'll come down when you meet my requirements or when I pass out from hunger. Not one stinking second sooner."

He was so damnably strong. He could stay up there for hours, maybe days. She might be able to have the monitors get him down, but that would mean she'd lose any chance of maintaining a dominant role with him in the future. That..... male, that damned, infuriating, no good, beautiful male! Her mind spit the last word like a four letter curse word. Nearly mindless in her fury, Catherine grabbed the first thing she saw that she could reach him with at that height, and swung with all her might and no finesse at all.

SSSSSS Thwack! The stinger end of the dressage whip sliced fire across the back of his buttocks. His mind momentarily blanked and he almost lost his grip as pain took him. Another cut, this one making an "X" with the first across his ass. Again and again she struck. There was nowhere he could go, no escape. He tried twisting his torso and body so that his bottom was away from her, but she stalked him, kept coming, kept swinging. The whip sang again, splitting through the crack of his ass to slice into tenderly protected skin and to bite into his asshole. He was unconscious before he completed his scream.

Patrick fell, his fall broken by the tangle of chain about his wrists. He was again hanging by his wrists, his feet back on the floor, his head drooping in insensibility. Catherine's fury did not abate and she forgot her intentions to continue the scene when he came down, to whip him sensually, to make him orgasm under the teasing of a specially applied whipping. Red anger prodded her around behind him as she struck again. His head jerked up as he came out of the stupor. She struck again and was raising the whip to strike again when suddenly, the whip was ripped from her hand. It flew across the room and fell somewhere in the darkness. Something hooked at her foot and she was falling over backwards, somersaulting. Dazedly, she pressed a button on her wrist. Seconds later, the room was bright with lights as three husky monitors came rushing in.


>>Code seven in Room 3-5, Code seven in Room 3-5<< The alarm was broadcast in the living quarters of the Academy. Code seven was an emergency call for off duty monitors to proceed to the location of a scene that was turning dangerous. William went cold as he recognized the location as the room where Catherine was having one last go at young McDonald. Pulling on a pair of jeans for protection more than modesty, William raced to the center house to help his love.

The scene in the room was chaos. Patrick was bound by the hands, his arms raised slightly over his head. Catherine was standing to one side, white as a sheet. On the floor around Pat were three monitors who were either unconscious or semi conscious. Three more monitors were circling him, trying to get one of them behind him to immobilize him. One did get there and moved to lock up the kid so his partners could further restrain him. The man's hands had not even completed their grip, when a backward snap of Pat's head knocked the man into dreamland. The remaining men continued to circle, Pat spun on light feet, up on his toes, to keep them both in his peripheral vision.

Then, William saw his ass. It was already purpling from the fury of Catherine's maddened attack. Blood dripped from several of the many welts swelling on his buttocks. The backs of his thighs similarly showed the ravages of whatever Cat had used on him. My God, what had she done?!!? Another monitor moved in, only to be sent backward by a deceptively beautiful and graceful spinning kick.

"Enough! Back off, all of you. I said that is enough." The monitors moved back, but stayed between Catherine and this violent slave. Patrick drew himself erect and stared down at the shorter dominant male. William smiled. "I'm not fool enough to try and take you, lad, so just calm down. I said it was enough and it is. This scene is over." William turned to the others. "Who has the keys?" Catherine reached into the pocket of her waspie and drew out a key, which she tossed to William. Shear hate radiated from Patrick when he saw her. William saw it, too. "Catherine, go to our rooms. I will be there as soon as I've seen to Pat You, two," he said to the two standing monitors. "Make sure she goes and then make sure she stays." Catherine looked at her lover, shrugged her shoulders and allowed herself to be led away.

William moved slowly to Patrick's side. Stone grey eyes marked every step. William could almost see him calculating distances, tensing his body for the attack once William was within range of that lashing foot. William held his arms up in a sign of surrender. "The scene is over, lad. You have my word. Let me get you out of those chains."

Things happened quickly after Pat was freed. May arrived to take Pat to the room equipped as a clinic. Located in the second house, this was where she took care of those ailments that sometimes accompanied the games played at the Academy. William shook his head. Pat would not be sitting or sleeping anywhere but on his stomach for at least a week. May would have to call one of their physician clients in to deal with this. He had not seen an ass like that in years. The last one he had seen that badly bruised and cut had been the reason he had opened the Academy. So people could play rough and not really get hurt. Pat was really hurt and he had gotten that way at his place. If those cuts became infected .....

Well, he'd have to deal with Michelene later. Now, he had to deal with a senior, experienced top who had just lost control of a scene so badly that she had injured a bottom. Bad news all around. Pat getting more hurts to deal with when he came here for help dealing with other problems. Shit.

Partnering Chapter 4 Curriculum Changes

William and Catherine

William walked up to his private apartments and gestured for the two monitors to leave. On entering, he was immediately accosted by a nearly hysterical Catherine. Her hair was a shambles, the formerly tight braids frayed and loose. Her lipstick had been nearly chewed off, her rouge was smeared and her eye makeup was running down her cheeks in technicolored rivulets, following the tracks of her tears. "How is he?" her voice hoarse with emotion and stress.

"Not good. You cut him up pretty badly. The blisters you caused with the whip burst when you cut him again in the same place. Doc Samualson gave him a mild tranquilizer to get him home and some stronger stuff for the next couple of days. He won't rest without them."

Fear clutched at her anew. "How is he getting home. Surely he isn't driving with the drugs in him."

William gave a harsh bark of laughter. "He couldn't drive anyway - couldn't tolerate sitting on his butt. Dina is taking him home. He's so loopy he didn't argue. She'll stay with him until he can take care of himself. Doc thinks he'll be semi-mobile in four or five days." William raked a hand through his hair and then turned on his lover. "My God, Cathy, just what in the hell were you doing in there? How did it go so far?"

She wilted into a chair and pulled her knees up to her chin. "I don't know. I have been replaying the scene over and over, and I just don't know. Oh, I know when it went sour. Everything was going really, really well. The cock strap was working, he was hard and getting harder. For the first time, I thought we were starting to play with the scene. The instant the anal probe touched his ass, it was over. He told me the only reason he was still hard was the cock restraint. I believe him. Next thing I know, he's climbing the chains like a damned monkey. We exchange words, I get angry - more words, more angry. Then I realized that there was absolutely no way to salvage the scene. I could not get him down without help. I had failed. First time I've ever failed to reach a bottom on some level; first time I've ever failed to make the bottom get off on something we did. Then, something's in my hand and I'm beating the living hell out of him for making me fail. He fell, I kept it up and then, the whip is out of my hands. I still don't know what happened there. I fall backwards, signal for help and you know the rest." A thought occurred to her. "The monitors, how are they?"

"Evidently, he was pretty careful with them. They only have headaches and a few sore jaws. Based on what I saw, he could have hurt them badly, killed them with little or no trouble. Justifiable homicide based on the condition he was in. Self defense, I should think."

Catherine wondered how he would discipline her. Pat's father, although her client, was a powerful man who could make trouble for them. "Have you talked to Michelene?"

William nodded. "He was grateful for our taking care of him. He said that he thought it might be rough for Pat, but he never even thought about the fact that his son earned his first black belt at age ten. He apologized for that. We probably need to add a question about martial arts training to our interview form."

They had been carefully dancing around the issue, so Catherine decided to take the issue head on. "What about me? What do you plan to do about me?" He gave her a quizzical look. She exhaled and said "Are you going to punish me for this? Demote me, take away my privileges of rank?" Her voice got small. "Make me leave?"

He had her in his arms before she could blink. "Hell, no. You know I don't punish you for the real things. You're too good at punishing yourself. Besides, if what happened in the dungeon was real, it would stop being fun. What you and I do with our whips, leathers and restraints is just another way of making love. If I punished you in our dungeon for real, it really would be a perversion. It would be rape. I can't do that to you or to us." Catherine broke down and cried. He held her for a long time, and then, when she had calmed, he took her to bed.

Father and Son Reunion II

In the two days since he had told Dina to lose the pills, he had learned a lot about pain and a lot about Dina. He swore he could take his pulse by counting the throbbing reverberations in his ass. In the four days since the incident, the cuts had closed and were healing nicely. With the exception of one badly placed cut, the chance of an infection had dwindled to near zero. Although Dina let him get away with not taking the pain killers, she remained adamant about the antibiotics that had been prescribed.

Dina surprised him. Away from the Academy, she looked like the All American pixie. She wore jeans, loud T-shirts and grubby sneakers. She was also a college student working towards a degree in mechanical engineering at one of the local schools. She worked at the Academy to pay for the schooling and to safely satisfy her submissive sexual nature. He kept his mind off his bottom by helping her with her math courses. He still refused to believe, however, that she had not been faking her response to him during the oral sex episode at the Academy.

Michelene let himself into the bed room and had the grace to look abashed when his son gave him a hard glare. "Guess you aren't too happy to see me. Blame me for the black and blue ass?"

Pat scowled at him. "Only for part of it. I should have quit the second time. I knew it wasn't working. I only went the third time because you always said that the first two might be lucky and the third is probably the truth of the matter. I can't go back there, Dad. What they want me to do, what they want to do to me, well, it is not right for me."

"Well, if it makes any difference, the basic plan was mine. I figured if you overcame the demands of a very strong, very domineering woman, and then pleasured her in spite of all that, you'd feel successful, victorious. The effects of that bitch would have been erased. I mean, what better way can there be to learn what best pleases a woman than to be trained by one who is in absolute control of you and your body. Simply put, Catherine is the sexiest, strongest woman I know. I thought that if anyone could challenge you, bring out your essential self confidence, she could. Knowing the Academy's initial training regimen, I thought that, although you would not necessarily think it was much fun, you'd eventually get into it. Once you saw that you could pleasure a woman you'd recover. I never thought you'd be so resistant to their games."

"Now just a minute, Dad. Do you know what they asked of me, what they made me do? By the end of the second session, it was all I could do not to smash something so they'd know they had gone too far. I can't believe you thought I'd enjoy that.

His father gave him a lopsided grin. "Why not? I did, and I still do." Pat gaped at his father. "Yes, I have been though everything you have, although I went into it with my eyes open, looking for a new thrill. After your mother died, things quickly got stale. I have been a slave client to the Lady Catherine for the past three years. Typically, I see her at least once or twice every couple of months. She is the best. It is why I chose to submit to her. It's why I asked her to help you."

Silence filled the room, each man trying to think of what to say next. "What now, then, Pat?"

"I don't know, Dad. I don't know if I can go back there again without doing something violent. I'm trying to control the beast, but she hurt me. She hurt me physically and personally. I can't pretend that it did not happen and just go back. I sure as hell don't trust her enough to put myself in her hands again."

"What about, well, ... you know?"

"I don't know about that, either. I did get an erection for a while during that last session. That was one good thing. I don't want to think about it anymore. It is starting to eat me up and I'm not ready for such confrontations. How's things at home?"


>>ring ring<< >>ring ring<< >>click<< "Hello?" A tinny voice answering her call sounded in the earpiece of her car phone.

"Patrick McDonald?" She knew it was, but she needed a few extra seconds to prepare herself for the rejection to come.

"Speaking. Who is this, please?" She heard suspicion is his voice.

"Pat, this is Cathy Davis. Or at least, that is what my driver's license says. My professional name is Catherine D'Alambert."

"Lady Catherine." the voice said with awful finality.

"Yes, Patrick. Lady Catherine. I know I am probably the last person you want to see right now, but I would like to talk to you. I need to talk to you. Could I please have a few minutes of your time? I'll beg if that will make easier for you to say yes."

"Why should your begging have any more effect on me than mine had on you five days ago?"

Keep control, Catherine, don't let him hear how close that one struck to home; how badly that hurts. "Because you are in full possession of your faculties now and I was not. Because maybe you'd like to see me crawl a bit, because maybe you'd enjoy taking a few verbal potshots at me, and maybe, just maybe, because I want to help you more than anyone else in the world." She was pleased at how steady her voice was.

A long silence ensued. Catherine feared she'd lost her man or her connection. Interference crackled in his ear. "Okay, can you come over right now? It's almost time for my pain pill and I'm not good for anything after that." O god, he was still on pills? She was sure he was one of those stupid stoics who wouldn't take pain killers once they were strong enough to push the drugs away. He was still hurting that badly?

"I'll be right over." She hung up and got out of her car. She had called from the parking lot at his condominium complex so he wouldn't have time to change his mind. She did a quick check of her appearance in her car's window. Jeans, green cowl-neck, oversized sweater and platform sandals were combined with only the most subtle of cosmetics and a loose pony tail. It was as close as she could get to girl-next-door non-threatening.

Dina buzzed her in at the lobby, and then let her into his condo. Whispering, Catherine asked when his next pain pill was due.

"Pain pill? He hasn't taken one of those in three days. Damn fool male." He'd lied to her, the sneak. She should have expected it. Dina continued. "He hasn't slept the entire night since, either." Then she grinned. "My math grades have definitely taken a turn for the better, though. When he can't sleep, he calls me in and drills me on my calculus. That man has a lot of top in him, a real natural slave driver. Go on, now, get in there. I'll bring in some tea in a while to break the tension, just in case it gets bad."

Shoo-ed into the lion's den and then offered protective cover by her own private bottom. How the mighty have fallen. She paused in the doorway to look at Pat. He was on his stomach, with his head at the foot of the bed. He was covered from shoulder to hip with a comforter, and from thigh to foot with a blanket. A tent, made of pillows and another blanket kept drafts off his ass but did not tough the still tender skin. "Hello, Patrick." she said in a small voice from the door. His head snapped up in surprise. "I know, I got here quick. How are you?"

His eyebrows rose in mock surprise. "Oh, I'm just wonderful. I can barely walk, can't sit and can't sleep. I have had no privacy for five days. I can't even take a shit in privacy because I can't stand to sit on the seat and because one particularly nasty cut is right on my anus. It has to be cleaned with antiseptic after each time. For god's sake, how do you think I am? I hurt, every minute of the day. Any other bright questions? You should know how I feel, you did it to me."

She entered and drew herself up to her full height, facing him directly. "You have little reason to believe me and even less to trust me, but on my honor, I have never done anything like that before. I will never do anything like that again. Believe it or not, my clients leave my care fully mobile and undamaged. Oh, they may have a tender bottom and some sore muscles, but they leave me completely satisfied and happy with the experience. I am very good at what I do, Patrick. I take great pride in taking care of my clients darkest and most hidden needs in a caring and safe manner."

"How did I get so lucky as to be your one fall from grace?"

She frowned and then looked pointedly at the chair near the bed where Dina sat when he drilled her on her math. He tried to give an indifferent shrug in response to unspoken request. The torso movement pulled at unhealed tissue, making him grimace for control. She sat down. "I was failing with you and I knew it. Your father felt you needed to be challenged, to overcome adversity. We agreed, as did our consulting psychologist. We put you into our standard introductory sequence of scenes, we call them lessons, and from the first minute, it was disastrous."

"You never figured out that it was supposed to be play. We, no, I didn't recognize a very important fact. You weren't there for the pure pleasure of the scene. You weren't the typical client looking for a gentle introduction into submission.

"You never relaxed or even tried to get into the game. You never tried to enjoy the play. Eventually, once you were open to us, the plan was to take you down to a basic level of submission, reinforce your lovemaking techniques in the venue of the sessions and wait for your natural self confidence to reassert itself. The goal was for you to "fight" your way out of the submissive role and get back to how you were. But I just couldn't reach you."

Patrick considered this for a moment. "You mean that paddling I got two weeks ago was introductory level stuff? I can't imagine going to the next levels. Although," he glanced over his shoulder at the tent, "Maybe I already have."

Catherine's temper flared momentarily and she tamped it down. "I've already told you that was unique and a tragic mistake. As for the paddling, that wasn't per script, either. Normally, what we do is a very gentle, very sensual over the knee spanking. Somewhat embarrassing, but that is part of the excitement. All of our women clients and most of the men achieve orgasm during the spanking. Those that don't cum during the actual spanking are brought to orgasm before they leave the session.

"In your case, you were fighting so hard, that I thought you might be one of a rare group who demand that they be overpowered, physically, before they can give up control. I elected to paddle you for that reason. Being perfectly honest, that is as extreme a corporal session as you will see in the day to day operation of the Academy." She shook her head. "You frightened me, because you did not react to the paddling at all. It meant you were either an extreme sort of masochist, which we do not serve at the Academy, or that I had read the situation completely wrong. One look at the rage on your face and I knew that I had messed up, big time.

"Then I modified that last scene, too. I had to get you to relax. I put you into a pretty strict suspension, but kept the game really light. My idea was if it was inevitable, you might just lay back and enjoy it. And it was working. You were getting into it, getting really turned on, and then, you freaked. Maybe I should not have gone on with the anal penetration, but it was in the basic script. Even the most sexually repressed male gets hard as a rock once that tickler hits his prostate, so I figured that would be the case with you and I elected to proceed. Then, you turned into Tarzan on me. I couldn't get you down and I knew that I had lost you completely. I freaked. I don't remember much after that until I lost my grip on the whip and I tripped in surprise."

Patrick snorted. "I kicked your whip out of your hand and I tripped you."

She nodded. "That's what William thought. I wasn't sure. The rest you know. I've taken a leave of absence from work for two reasons. The first is that I have to deal with what I did to you. Work's not much fun right now. I keep flashing back to that scene with you. And Dina needs to go back to school full time, so someone has to take care of you."

"Oh, no, not you. I'll get my father to hire someone. I am not going to tolerate you in my life anymore. Uh Uh, no way."

"There's two problems with that idea. First, do you really want an outsider seeing you in that condition? They will assume you were a willing participant and a pervert. Secondly, your father won't accept calls from you until I tell him to. You're stuck. Dina leaves today, regardless of what you say about me. You need help and I'm your only option. Think about it." She stood up and left the room.

Dina was concerned when she heard how the interview had gone. "I don't think this is a good idea, milady. Suppose he won't accept your help? He is strong enough now to fight you off. He is still prone to infection in that one cut. We could restrain him, but that will only solve the infection problem and he'll never come back once you free him."

Catherine kissed her submissive on the tip of her nose. "I know, love. If I can't reach him by tonight, I'll surrender the field and call in May for the remainder of his convalescence. Now git, before I chase you out of here with a wooden spoon." Dina giggled at the thought, and flushed sexily. She looked up at her Mistress with such longing that Catherine laughed for the first time in days. "Oh, you little slut," the affectionate tone out of keeping with the words, "Get out of here or you won't get spanked for two weeks." That threat got Dina moving. Soon, she was alone with her thoughts and with the man suffering from her mistakes.

A crash in the bedroom, followed by a pained groan audible through the closed door brought Catherine hurrying to Pat's side a couple of hours later. He was sprawled on the floor beside the chair he had evidently used to hold himself upright.

Helping him get his feet under him again was complicated because he still had trouble bending at the hip. Once up, he hobbled back to his bed, and resettled himself in his tent. She watched him carefully and then sat back down beside him. "What were you doing?" He remained silent. "If you ignore me, I will have to assume you went to the toilet and that your butt needs to be treated. Since I know you can physically stop me, I will be forced to call in someone who can knock you out so that I can check. Hard way or easy, Pat. Your choice."

"I had to pee. I don't need to be cleaned." She lifted an eyebrow at him, and he flushed to his red hair. "I promise, okay? As you said, the last thing I want is for someone to see me like this, which will happen if my ass becomes badly infected." He shot her a black look. "I guess I have no choice. I am stuck with you."

"Certainly no choice you will find more pleasant. It's me or the hospital, I'm sad to say." She did not sound all that sad to Pat. "I'll be back in a minute." She returned with a light snack which she set between them on the bed, obviously intending to share it with him. "Ready to talk now?"

"About what?"

"About what originally brought you to your father and to the Academy. Your recovery, remember?"

"So, what about it?" He was not giving an inch. Catherine supposed that, given the condition he was in and who had done it to him, she could understand that. It just made things so much harder when he wouldn't give her an opening.

"So, it is still undone. We didn't accomplish anything but get you and several of my monitors hurt."

Patrick frowned. "I am sorry about that. I did try and pull my kicks, nothing disabling, just what was necessary to keep them off me. I hope I didn't hurt anyone badly. I was not really in full control."

"Nothing serious. A few bruises and sore jaws. Scenes can go sour sometimes. Submissives panic or the dominant misses a cue and help is needed to stabilize the situation. The guys will be more careful the next time they enter a sour scene, so that is some good. I am surprised, though, that you only tripped me when I was the cause."

"I guess you can thank my martial arts training not to use more force than necessary. Also, my father's training not to intentionally harm a woman. I protected myself without harming you." He broke off his speech and gave her a penetrating look. "You still haven't told me what you are really after today."

"I told you the truth. I'm going to get you back on your feet. Think of it as penance. I also want to talk to you about what we do next."

"We aren't going to do anything. I am going to get on with my life. Which will not include you or your damned Academy."

"That's not very clear thinking, Pat. You still need help and we will see that you get it. Okay, we did not go about it correctly before. You are significantly different from your father regardless of what he thinks. You are far more the natural dominant than he is. He works at it in his professional and public life, but in his darkest fantasies, in the place where his soul is free, he comes to me for loving domination. He needs the freedom from choices and decisions he finds in my dungeon. You can't relate to that because that's not your nature. You find no stress relief from the removal of decisions and responsibility. Simply put, you never stopped fighting me for control of the scene. Even when you tried to go along, you still couldn't let go."

"Okay, so what if you're right, where does that mean to me?"

"You should come back and try with us again. New rules. You'll still be training as a submissive, but we'll cut back on the surprises, explain carefully what is planned so that your self protection instincts don't flare up. It's not as exciting a session for a true bottom, but you aren't one. You'll still be restrained, tested, trained and disciplined, but with your full understanding and concurrence each step of the way. One word from you and the scene ends. Our introductory sequence of lessons is so mild, so simple, that the dominant instructing the new client can easily adjust the scene depending on where the client's head is. We don't need safety code words until a client is involved in more advanced scenes. However, in your case, we will give you that bolt hole from now on. You'll still try all the scenes we've planned for you, but we will always honor the stop code and we won't force the scene any further."

"And what if it still doesn't work? What if I can't handle being with you, in particular, or if I can't let go enough to benefit from your training? What if I can't accept the role of bottom for your little games?"

"Then, I will step aside and we will try another Instructress. If necessary, we will have an non-dominant work with you under the supervision of a trained therapist. We do think that our way has the fastest payback. And we want to succeed. We haven't failed before and we don't want to now."

"What's in it for me? Why should I bother with you? In a few days, I walk out of here and I go to my dad. If he won't help me, I go somewhere else. Why should I trust you again?"

"You never trusted me." She fought to keep the bitterness out of her voice. "That's part of our problem. I expected you to trust me like my regular clients do, but I forgot that you really had no reason to. When I went into my Mistress Persona right from the start, you closed up to protect yourself. You were there because your father sent you, not because you wanted to be there or because you trusted me. But to answer your first question, two things. First, successful recovery of your self confidence, your self image and your ability to function a lover again."

She watched his eyes. Nothing, no hint of reaction. Not a glimmer of what he was thinking or what he might do. Okay, time for the big gun. "As part of your instruction, we agree to train you as a dominant in our type of scene. You already have the inclination and the will, but you lack the knowledge and experience necessary to carry off a safe, exciting scene. All of our Academy staff dominants are initially trained as submissives so they understand the entire scene. Bottom line? You complete your training. You get all the way back. Then, as a graduation present, I will give you my ass."

His inhalation was audible, but she shushed him with a finger on his lips. "On the day William says you're ready, we go to that room again, and we lock the door. No monitors, no observation, just you and me." Her voice took on a whispery, dreamy tone. "Think about it, Pat. Think about me dressed or undressed as you order; bound as you direct. What you say goes; whatever you want to do to and with me, however you want to do it."

Her voice changed back to her conversational tone. "It'll be your scene and I'll be on the bottom. You want to give me a safe word, fine. You want to take me to the limits with no safety net? That's fine too. You see, unlike your concern about trusting me, I trust you. You could have hurt me badly that night. You were not even in control of yourself or your emotions, and you still did not hurt me. I am absolutely positive that I will walk out of any scene with you as my top under my own power, having taken no significant hurt. I trust you." Her face was completely clear of any anxiety at all; her voice strong and confident.

"So, that's what's in it for you. Retribution, retaliation or just plain fun. Your decision. If you come back, and if you finish the training to the best of your ability. Well, what do you say?" She realized she was holding her breath, and forced in a lungful of air.

He said nothing. He said nothing for a very long time and it was all she could do not to fidget. "I have to think about it. I don't know if I can go back there." He sighed in confusion. "I just have to think about it." He thought for another moment. "I guess you can stay, if that's what you want. I'd like to be alone now, please.

Catherine stood and walked to the bedroom door. She turned to say something more, but thought better of it. She left without further comment.

Partnering Chapter 5 Cooperative Learning


Tessa awaited her weekly lesson with Lord William bubbling with excitement and more than a little trepidation. Surely, something was going to happen today. As ordered, she had arrived with the butt plug inserted in her ass hole. Her walk from the Mass. Ave. T-Stop to the houses on Commonwealth Avenue had been very carefully done, indeed, her ass clenched tightly around the smooth intruder every step of the way. Also per May's early morning phone orders, she'd worn only her shortest skirt and tallest high heeled shoes. Nothing else below the waist. Visions of that little bullet shaped object shooting out from under her skirt onto the crowded sidewalk, or a rogue gust of wind lifting her skirt had haunted her the entire five block trek to the Academy.

May'd met her at the door. In the dressing room, May had removed the butt plug only to replace it with a larger one. The ease of the new toy's insertion surprised Tess. The unusual exercise of holding the smaller one in her ass while walking must have made the difference. May had completed her charge's preparations by handcuffing her wrists behind her back with fur lined straps, then hobbling Tessa with the same fur lined cuffs at her ankles, connected by a short chain. Her high heels were slipped back on her feet, and off she was led back into the hall. The short, twelve inch hobble chain limited her to very short, mincing steps in her uncomfortably high heeled shoes. Her breasts bounced merrily and the round cheeks of Tessa's fully packed ass rolled around the ass plug with each stride. Sexy, electric chills were slithering up her spine as she entered the training room.

May had helped her get safely down onto her knees. In a teasing whisper, May had promised that Tess would get plenty of practice maneuvering by herself while bound, but for now, they did not want to hazard her getting hurting herself by falling and missing out on the scene.

Alone with her thoughts, Tess welcomed the short respite and tried to regain her composure. The sensation of that plug in her ass as she walked had been making her feel crazy. Could she really orgasm from something in her ass alone?

Lord William walked in, interrupting her musings. She was so surprised by his outfit, she forgot her standard obeisance until his pointed and stern look brought her back to her position and purpose. But it wasn't fair, she had never seen a grown man that way before, only boys and pictures. William was wearing a leather vest, leather chaps, and his boots. Those chaps were intended to be worn over jeans that William was not wearing. In fact, there was nothing covering either William's very muscular ass or his crotch. His cock was free for Tessa to see. If he'd only release her from this damnable nose-to-floor genuflection. Maybe today he would let her do something with a real cock, his cock. She was getting so tired of the drills with the fake ones.

"You may rise up to your knees, Tessa." She did, but not without uncomfortable stress on her stomach and back muscles. This was her first attempt at the obeisance without her arms free. Getting back up was much more difficult without her arms to balance her. Once she was upright on her knees, her eyes went unerringly to William's groin, locking onto the semi erect penis of her Instructor, hanging only inches from her nose.

William grinned at her crossed eyes trying to focus on his dick. She was so damned curious. She wanted to touch him, to explore him so badly, and he denied her that satisfaction. For now, anyway. She was held by the bondage he had specified for her, by the discipline he had developed and nurtured in her over the past weeks, and by the remaining, still-strong inhibitions developed in her early years at the children's home. "What are you looking at so hard, little Tessa? What is it you see?" He kept his voice gentle. She did not need any additional stress today. The lesson itself would be tough enough for her without any verbal domination games.

He reached his hand down and placed the tip of his index finger under her chin. Lifting gently, he forced her gaze to his own eyes. "You want to play with that, don't you, Tessa?" She blushed bright red, but shyly nodded. "Well, if you convince me that you want it badly enough, then I will free you and let you bring me pleasure with your delicate little hands. If you weren't such a naive, inexperienced little slave, I would not have to deny myself other pleasures you could provide. Unfortunately, you never jerked a boyfriend off like other girls, so we must teach you even that small skill. Personally, I would rather enjoy the pleasures of your lovely mouth, so you will have to make my efforts to fill in this glaring hole in your development worth my sacrifice. Without opening your lips, while keeping your knees on the floor, with your hands still restrained behind your back, you may do anything you can think of to worship my cock. Convince me that you want to have your hands free to play with my dick and bring me to climax."

William stood before her unmoving. How could she do anything without her hands or mouth? Well, she'd probably still get punished, but at least she'd get a close look. Tess inched forward on her knees until the cock was so close she could lift it with her nose. She inhaled, catching the fragrance of his musky scent.

Her soft exhalation blew twin jets of warm air across his glans and tickled him. His cock jumped slightly in response. He saw her eyes go wide in recognition. She caught on. Now, her own quick mind and imagination would show her the path to subtlety in sexplay ignored by the porn flicks they'd been feeding her. Unless he missed his guess, she would show him a thing or two in the next few minutes. He steeled himself not to embarrass himself by losing control.

He had responded, involuntarily, to the slight flow of air across his penis from her nose. He was definitely more erect. Maybe she could do other things that would excite him, sexy things, like rubbing against him like a pet seeking her master's hand. Yes, that was it. Cats don't have hands, do they?

She made a rumbling sound in her throat that sounded like a cat, then she began softly, teasingly running her nose and cheeks against his cock from glans to root. She buried her nose into his thick pubic pelt, and used his own hair to tickle the root of his cock. She let her long, dark hair fall on one side of his cock as she rubbed her cheek up and down the other, then she pulled her head away slowly so the long, silken mass slid torturously over the top of his dick. The curling ends fell off him and back against her face. He thought he was going to go mad.

It was working, he was getting harder every second. He was big. As big as anyone she'd seen in those videos, if she was any judge. She 'hmmm'ed to herself as she tried to think of what to do next. Wait a minute, he said keep her lips shut, not that she couldn't use them.

He did not know if he liked the suddenly triumphant look in her eyes as she shuffled even closer to him. She dropped her head and then lifted his almost hard dick up so that the underseam rested lengthwise on the crease of her lips. The contortion she went through to do this was quite a feat all by itself. What the hell was she up to?

Gotcha, she thought triumphantly. Her neck hurt a bit in this position, but unless she missed her guess, she would not be like this long.

What was that sound? Humming, it sounded like humming. My god, what is she doing?!?!

The humming made her lips vibrate lightly against the very sensitive underside of Milord's cock. She slid her lips up and down the length of the now rampantly hard cock. For good measure, she shook her head each time she neared the root so that the tickling mass of her hair would attack his ball sack while she hummed away at her fleshy kazoo.

He had to stop her. He was about to shoot and that was not in the scenario. He grabbed her by that incredible hair and pulled her away from him. Once he was free of her tormenting adulation, he took a couple of deep breaths to recover himself and his control. "Quite adequate, Tessa." God, his voice, it sounded like he'd been running. Had to regain his control.

He walked behind her, and unsnapped the safety snap rings on each wrist cuff, freeing her hands. She continued to hold them back behind her. Nodding at this proper adherence to the protocol of the training room, William walked to his chair and sat. "Your hands are now free. You may use them and only them in the remainder of this exercise. Starting now, you have four minutes to bring me to orgasm. If you don't meet the time limit, you will receive your first taste of the crop."

Tessa scurried over as fast as her knees would carry her. Her first opportunity to hold a man in her hands. She would enjoy this, regardless of the outcome. By now, she expected that the promised punishment would come regardless of how well she did. She had been excited by those experiences, too. She explored him with her hands, squeezing the root gently, cupping and trying to feel each of his round testicles, running her grip up and down the hot, hard length of him. She recalled how sensitive the underside had proved to be and ran a single nail lightly along that seam. She thought she could feel him pulsing in her hands.

William was trying to figure out how he had lost control of this scene. Once this girl was fully trained, she was going to put that fiance of hers into an early grave. It took every ounce of will power he possessed not to orgasm under her soft examination and manipulation of his cock. Good thing there wasn't a clock in this room.

His dick literally flexed in her hands, then thick, hot, white liquid erupted from its slit One, two, three full spurts followed by a couple of smaller ones covered her hands with the thick, viscous stuff. Some of it dripped off her and onto the floor as she watched, fascinated at her first, up-close, male orgasm. Suddenly, she was sent sprawling by a push from his foot.

"Bad girl! You let your Lord's sperm fall onto the floor. That is terrible. Clean it up right now."

Tessa scrambled back to her knees, looking frantically about the room for something to clean with. She turned back to William for direction, finding him was watching her with amusement.

"With your tongue, little Tessa. And while you're at it, clean your hands, too. By the way, you missed your time by over a minute. I think you will be glad you don't have any panties with you today when you go back home. Your little fanny is going to be very tender when we are done today. I suspect that you will find a reason to stand on the subway ride home."

William and Catherine.

William stalked jubilantly back into his apartments and skidded to a stop when he saw Catherine waiting for him. The two lovers moved together, trying to get closer. "You're home." he crowed lifting her into the air and spinning her about, before dropping her back into a clinch. He came back up for air. "Is Pat okay or are you going back?" His voice was hopeful.

"Free at last, lover. Doc said he was safe on his own, now. Pat still prefers to stand, but at least he can sit now. The bruises are healing slowly, but the cuts are no longer dangerous. He can drive his car far enough to go get his own food. He's well enough and strong enough to toss me out on my ear now, and frankly, I have suffered enough humiliation over this. I do not need that final indignity on top of everything else." William understood without asking what she meant. She was a pro, and she had screwed up. Now, she had to use that failure to make herself better. He hoped that Patrick would give her that chance.

"Is he coming back? Did you discuss our offer?" William did not like failing either.

"We discussed that issue my first day there, or rather, I discussed it. He sort of listened. He's thinking about it. It's all he'll say. He won't be fit for any real scening for another couple more weeks anyway; still can't bend very well at the waist. Hopefully, that extra time will help him to distance himself from the worst of his experience with me and to give us another chance." Her eyes were clouded and far away. William could almost see her trying to will that hoped for decision to occur. She shook herself back. "Enough of that. How was your day?"

Time to lighten things up a bit, he thought. He gave her a very conspiratorial smile. "Great. Tessa got her first real hands-on experience today." William went on to give his lover a detailed picture of the session with the Virgin Slave, as Tessa was now known to the rest of the staff. "You should have seen her, Cat. She licked and savored that cum like a gourmet restaurant critic testing the quality of the sauce at a new restaurant. Then, she orgasms while I am dusting her with the crop. I know that the cropping was only a 'tickler' and that I was playing with her pussy and the ass plug the whole time. I also know that we have slaves who regularly cum under the crop, but even those subs don't do it their first time under the crop. Even the kinkiest of our clients are usually too damned scared to do anything other then clench their butts and take it the first time. Damn, but I'm going to have a hard time not taking what she's offering. That is one very hot young lady."

He shook himself to bring himself back to the present and continued. "On the other hand, I had a scene with Barb Sutton today and I finally found out the reason for her so-generous gift of my time to Tessa. I've always thought that this idea was screwy and that there had to be more to it than just a concerned friend helping out her pal. Turns out that the oh-so-compassionate Miss Sutton has the hots for Theresa. Big Time! Threw a few passes at the girl when she first brought Tess in as her roommate. Theresa was so naive, she did not even recognize the lines Barb was using. Really messed with Barb's horny mind. She wanted Tess so bad she couldn't even think straight, but was afraid she'd split permanently if Barb went too far. Then, Tess started talking about getting engaged and Barb is suddenly watching her little chicken getting ready to go play with a rooster.

"The real reason Barb sent her to us because she knows we have that 'Bi-try" lesson in the optional sequence. Barb was going to selflessly offer to do the girl-girl scene with her friend. Just so Tess wouldn't be embarrassed being so intimate with a stranger, don't you know?" He grinned. "I didn't let our little blond, rich bitch cum until she promised to continue to support Tessa's program." His smile became diabolical at the memory of her begging and pleading. "Although right now, I'm having so much fun with Tess, I'd probably work her for free."

"By the way, I also learned something else from little Barbara. Guess who the prospective fiance is?"

Catherine shrugged, not knowing and not really caring. "So tell me. Must be someone we know. One of our clients?"

William gave her his best 'you-ain't-gonna-believe-this' smile. "Your favorite martial arts master and mine. Pat."

"You're making that up. That can't be true." Catherine's voice cracked into a choking squeak in her surprise.

"Nope. I checked the old society columns and found some gossip columns making innuendo. Michelene's son is something of a celebrity in this town."

"My God." Catherine breathed. "He's got to come back, now."

"Yes, I would say so, too. And I think I know how I'm going to keep Tess virginal for her future husband, now."


It was almost one o'clock in the afternoon when May dropped Patrick off in the very same office where he'd first met Lady Catherine. This time there was an additional chair and May told him to make himself comfortable. He'd called yesterday and asked if Catherine would see him today. Now, he was here, again. He'd come full circle. Only now, maybe he was ready to get on with the program.

The door opened and Catherine strode in. Patrick stood in greeting. She was in business dress again. This time a grey slacks with a light pink blouse and matching grey heels. She held out her hand in greeting. Surprised, Patrick took the proffered hand, squeezed it, the made a courtly bow over her hand and kissed it. "Milady Catherine, thank you for seeing me on such short notice." he murmured as he rose back up and released her hand.

Damn, would this kid never stop flustering and surprising her? No, not a kid. He was young, but he was not a kid. Part of the problem was she had kept compartmenting him in her mind as a kid. Then, his reactions to herself and her games always caught her off guard. "Until we finish our chat, Pat, why don't you call me Catherine, or Cathy, if you prefer. We can deal with the issues at hand more directly if we aren't tripping over the rituals. Rituals, I might add, that are subject to your decision to return or not. Please, sit down." She gestured back to the chair he'd been sitting in. "So, Pat, why are you here? Are you going to come back and try again, or is there something else you want to talk about?"

"Did Dina tell you about my father's visit?" Catherine shook her head, and made a mental note to have a talk with that girl. Keeping track of his mental outlook had been as important as taking care of him. She needed that kind of information ahead of time, dammit. "I'm still quite surprised that he submits to you on a regular basis. Both of you told me that but it does not fit my concept of him."

"Your father is a very sensual man, Pat. I enjoy him and I think he enjoys me. Have you come to any conclusions about his admission?"

"After a lot of thinking, I've decided that his needs for your games are not in me. Either I don't need that type of outlet for tension and emotion at this point in my life or I am significantly different in temperament. I believe it's the latter. I don't believe that submitting will ever be the pleasant release from cares that it is for my Dad."

Catherine schooled her features to give no hint of her inner turmoil. Was he going to give her a chance to redeem herself or not? "Very well, Patrick. I understand what you are saying and I even agree with much of it. Where does that leave us? What do you intend to do? Did you come down here today so that you could see my face when you told me to go to hell?"

"No, Catherine, I'm not that vindictive. You were right. I still need to recover. Your offer to help, regardless of who does the helping, made the difference to me. I could tell that you meant it, that my recovery was important to you. I need that kind of support and after careful consideration, I've decided that I can trust you to give it to me. And my Dad obviously trusted you to send me to you in the first place. He still does, by the way. Those reasons alone would have finally brought me back here for another try." Sweet relief poured over Catherine like a cool shower on a hot day. Another chance, she was going to get a second chance.

Pat continued. "The fact that you offered to fulfill one of my all time fantasies did not hurt, either. I have always dreamed of Mastering a beautiful woman, of being able to, well, the phrase I use is 'to own' her." She watched him as his eyes betrayed the thoughts. So, that's the way of it. And I bet I know just who it is you want to own, too. "I want to learn what you can teach me."

Catherine decided to push just a little. "And do you also agree to keeping me on as your Instructress, at least initially?" Please, God, please. She fought to keep from holding her breath, waiting for his reply.

"My Dad said that you are the best. He doesn't use such words lightly. That's what I need, the best, for both my goals."

She released the breath she'd been trying unsuccessfully not to hold. One goal achieved. Now she had to accomplish one more thing. Today was an opportunity not to be missed, but she was uncertain how far or how hard to push it. "When do we start? Now?" God, what if he said no?

He shrugged. "I can, if you want to try something."

"I have something prepared, Pat, on the chance that you would agree to continue. In keeping with my promises to you, I will tell you that this scene will involve some bondage, some forced oral servitude, and some corporal punishment. I think all those aspects are necessary because of the negative repercussions from our last scene. You need to face down those issues in a scene and you need to face me doing them to you. You have to learn that you can trust me during a session, even when I am making you very uncomfortable." He started to interrupt, but she held up a hand for silence. "I know, you seem to trust me now, at least a little bit, but it will be different outside of this room. You and I both have to face the demon I created with you last time and we have to face it together. Can you give me the remainder of the afternoon for this?"

He thought about what she said and then nodded. "I agree. We do need to face this; the sooner the better."

"Very well, Patrick. Two more things. When we meet outside of the Academy, or inside this office, we will be on neutral ground. We will leave Lady Catherine and slave patty outside of these walls and inside the Academy proper. That way, we can have discussions like these without having to deal with those rituals I mentioned earlier." Pat nodded his agreement and waited for her to continue.

"Secondly, I promised you a safety word." she paused momentarily, "Pat, I want you to have only one word, one that ends the session completely. You aren't in this for the scene itself, for what a bottom might see as fun. A word that tells the top 'it is getting too intense, back off a bit, but don't stop completely', doesn't make sense. Therefore, if you say the word 'recovery' at any time during a scene, that session ends right there. I stop whatever is going on and leave unless there is a safety issue involved. May will be in to release you and see to your needs or hurts, and then we will meet in this room immediately to figure out what happened. If you are gagged, I will give you a ball to hold. Drop the ball, and the same thing happens. Do you understand and do you agree?"

Patrick nodded his agreement. "Yes to all of the above." Catherine smiled her approval and pressed the button on her desk. May arrived moments later.

"Prepare him." The brisk tone of command was back. "Have him ready for me in fifteen minutes."

Pat stood looking at himself in the full length mirror on the clinic door. He was nude and bound. At least they hadn't shaved him again. His hands were restrained behind his back with leather wrist cuffs. A new appliance was strapped tightly to his groin. It combined a strap around the root of his cock, like the one Catherine had used on him before, and other attached straps that encircled and separated each of his balls. A heavy metal ring between the two testicle straps was connected to a leash. May had put the leash hand loop into his mouth, telling him to hold it there for Lady Catherine's arrival. Already, he was getting a hardon from the tight cock ring. A full head helmet completed his preparations. The tightly laced, fitted leather helmet covered his entire head and neck except for his eyes, nose and mouth. It was locked to him by means of a wide leather collar that forced him to hold his head up high.

May had left after lacing up the helmet. He guessed he was ready. He hoped he was ready, but what was he ready for?

Partnering Chapter 6 Reexamination


Catherine entered the changing room with a flourish, surprising Pat. This was the first time that she had personally come to fetch him. Usually, May delivered him to Catherine. That was not the only surprise. Catherine was dressed in the same outfit she'd worn during that fateful session. She came for him in the same impossibly tall and sexy high heels, the same black silk stockings with red roses up one leg, and the same black leather waist and crotch strap. This time, however, he did not have to guess at its purpose. Today, that long, thin anal dildo already bobbed gently over her groin. His eyes fixed on the toy, remembering how she had tried to use it before.

She saw his furtive downward glance and grinned saucily at his obvious dismay. Her gloved hand reached up to teasingly caress his cheek before taking the leash from his mouth. She moved closer to him, the nipples of her full breasts digging into his skin. She leaned into him and kissed him deeply. He responded to her erotic power and tried to follow her mouth when she retreated from him when a light tug on his balls brought him up short. She walked behind his back and leaned into him again, letting him feel the dildo probe at the crease of his ass. He went up on tiptoe to try and escape her. Laughing, she followed him, keeping the tip of the dildo lodged just between his ass cheeks. Only her leash on his balls held him rooted in place, unable to flee the intruder at his backside. Teasing fingers slid slowly up his ribs to tease at his breasts and to pinch at his nipples.

Hot breath tickled at the back of his neck and her signature perfume, tinged with fine leather, assailed his senses. Her voice became a husky whisper at his ear. "You saw my little dickie, did you, patty. Feel it back here, ready to open you? Ready to fuck you?" A quick jab of her hips punctuated her last question. She chuckled softly in his ear. "Oh, you'll feel it, all right, soon, my lad, very soon. Maybe not today, maybe not our next time, but I will fuck your tight, pretty boy-ass, patty. All part of the Academy experience, and you know what? You may not want to like it, but you will cum your brains out when I do. You will love me fucking your ass." Her teeth pulled gently on his ear. "That's the ultimate in domination for a man, don't you think? Being made to want, being made to love something you want, really want to hate at the hands of a woman who takes away any choice in the matter."

She clucked her tongue in mock sympathy. "Poor patty. Well, let's go. Everything is ready for you to prove to me that tongue of yours is ready for my personal instruction and use." She moved toward the door with Patrick trying to keep some slack in the leash, but off balance without his arms. She stopped suddenly and he nearly ran into her. She turned and kissed him again, her hand gripping and teasing at his now fully erect cock. She smiled at him, nose to nose. "And don't think for one second that I missed your failure to make your proper obeisance to your Instructress, little man. We will deal with that after you impress me with that quick tongue of yours." One more light squeeze on his dick, and she was off again, leading him down the hall at a trot to keep the tension off his balls. But what was she leading him to?

Catherine felt like crowing. He saw the dildo, felt the dildo; he took the verbal teasing and he did not quit, did not use the code word. That was a risk, but one she had needed to take.

The room she led Pat into seemed to be dark until he realized that the illumination in the room came from red lights. It played funny tricks with colors. The pink anal probe seemed to glow blood red, and the red roses on Catherine's stockings shimmered hypnotically. She looked like some red skinned, shadow shrouded demon out of Dante's Inferno. Abandon hope all ye who enter here. Everything was eerily wrong colored and it took a few moments for his eyes to adjust to the strange illumination.

As his eyes cleared, he became aware of something in the center of the room. It was a woman. Catherine led him toward her. She was laying, face up, on some type of bench. The bench itself was fairly low since she only came up to a little above the tops of Pat's knees. Her arms were tied behind her to the head side legs of the bench; her legs were similarly tied at the foot of the cot, but to the inside of the bench legs. The restraint forced her legs to wrap around the bench, spreading her legs wide apart at the knees. Like Patrick, she was confined to a full face bondage helmet. Long hair of undefinable color flowed from a small hole at the top of the helmet, shimmering crimson in the red light. A ball gag with a breather hole filled her mouth and dark, black lensed glasses hid the rest of her features. Pat wondered if she could see or if the glasses doubled as a blindfold. Then he noticed that the part of the bench that supported her head was not as wide as the rest of the bench. In fact, it was narrower than the breadth of her head.

A tug on his leash brought him back to Catherine. She pulled him up to the girl's head. He was positioned so that his knees rested in cushioned hollows built into the widened part of the bench. Her head was between his legs. If she could see, she was getting an up close and personal look as his ass and balls. Pat squatted over the girl to relieve an unexpected downward stress on his balls. He heard two loud clicks. Catherine strolled to the girl's feet and turned to face him. She held the unattached leash in her hands. Pat tried to rise, only to be stopped by sudden, crushing pain in his balls and a grunt of dismay from the woman. He looked between his legs to see what had happened.

The ring separating his stretched balls was connected to a similar ring braided into the woman's hair. When he tried to straighten, he pulled on his testicles and her scalp. His head snapped up accusingly to confront Catherine. She twirled her leash and gave him a smirk at his predicament. "Just a little reminder not to move too far away, patty. Don't want you running off before the test is over." She walked back behind him and gave a firm push btween his shoulderblades. His knees buckled onto the bench cushions and took his weight. He could feel her holding him, providing him a balance point so that he did not fall and hurt himself or the girl. Strangely, that subtle concern for his safety and that of his unknown partner relaxed him, comforted him. He could handle it now. A hand took hold of his dick and laid it out between the eyes and down the nose of the woman. She squirmed in response sending tremors of almost pain through his scrotum.

Catherine's hand rested on his shoulder and stroked him as she whispered to him. "Okay, patty, this is it. Sixty minutes of pussy eating. All you have to do is get this slave off five times. No hands, no stimulation of any other erogenous zones, just tongue, lips and pussy. Of course, if you succeed, she fails her test. She's supposed to be learning to control herself. Whichever one of you fails will be punished. Her instructor and I have a little side bet on the test." She nipped sharply at his earlobe again. "Don't fail, patty. I hate to lose and I won't be the only one to pay forfeit on my little wager."

Pat looked at the woman he was to force to her pleasure. She was beautiful, even in the strange light. Her body was gorgeous, with curves her bondage accentuated. Then he looked at her pussy. It was bare, completely shaved as his groin had been. Then he saw something else - a thin string curling out of the full lips of her cunt. She was menstruating! Pat shot upright, pulling at his groin and her hair. The woman squealed in pain and Pat nearly fainted from the crushing grip on his testicles.

Surprisingly strong, feminine hands gripped his falling torso, holding him upright while he regained control and fought back the pain and nausea of his un-considered movement. "No, not this, I won't do this! Recovmmmmphhh." Leather-gloved fingers pinched his lips closed before he could say the word. He shook his head, trying to free his lips, trying to get out the word that would free him from this. Catherine held on.

"Easy, Pat. Now listen to me." Her voice was soft, cajoling. "We don't accomplish anything here today if you bail out on me before we even start. Now, hear me out and consider what I say carefully. If you want to use your word after that, I will honor it as promised. I will be terribly disappointed in you, but I will honor our agreement. All right?" He nodded as best he could with her fingers holding his lips shut. She knew he'd already made up his mind, but, dammit, she had to try. She took a deep breath. "Okay, first of all, there is absolutely no health risk here. She is perfectly healthy and clean, so there is nothing about this that can hurt you in any way."

She moved to the side of the bench, directly in front of Patrick. "Look at her, patty. Really look at her." Her hand went down to brush the girl's breast and to tweak a full nipple. Patrick felt the girl's moan in his still painful balls. "Look at her breasts, look how hard her nipples are, how tight and erect. Look at her pussy. It is engorged, ready; the lips are full and hot. Her clitoris is erect, demanding, hard. Her body is in hormonal overload. Every aspect of her being is reaffirming her most essential femininity and sexuality. With the possible exception of pregnancy and birth, this is her body's most basic statement of her womanhood."

Catherine moved closer to him, her mouth against the shell of his ear. Her voice dropped to her husky whisper. "Can you match that? Are you masculine enough, male enough, man enough to challenge this much woman, this much female?" Catherine moved from his ear until she was practically nose to nose with Patrick. "Yes, she will smell and taste strong. Yes, it is messy, but it is the essence of her sex, the essence of her. Can you handle it or are you going to wimp out on me?" She stood back from him, expectently, head cocked in challenge, and crossed her arms beneath her breasts. This was the critical point. She would have to honor his code word. If he used it now, he wasn't the only one who would be hurt. For the first time, she became fully aware of the affect on the girl if he rejected her. No, not again, not another fuckup like the last one.

Pat stood there looking at the woman and then at Catherine. Something basic and primitively male was snarling in him, responding to her taunts. His masculine pride was at war with the prejudices of his adolescence. Like many young males, he had no real, first hand experience with this aspect of a woman's body. None of his girlfriends would make love during their period; many would not even see him during their monthly. He had never considered fucking a woman who was flowing. Make oral love to one? He looked at the girl again. She was breathing deeply. Everything about her seemed to scream "woman" and "sex" at the core of his manhood. Even the strong scent emanating form her sex was arousing him.

He shifted his gaze to Catherine. The urge to fling his code word at her was strong. She met his eyes steadily. Her challenge stung him; he had to beat her. And besides, now his curiosity was aroused.

Slowly, he bent his body over hers until he was nose to clit with her venus mound. Not inhaling to hold off the strength of her scent, he ran the tip of his hardened tongue down one swollen lip and up the other. The woman shivered under his ministrations, her movement translated to his painfully sensitive balls. The flavor was strong, a little metallic, sort of coppery, but not offensive. He tentatively took another taste, using his tongue to lift and separate the lips of her pussy. The taste became stronger and her reaction more frantic. He decided he would go for it all, that he would not quit until he had faced the whole of this experience. If it was too much, too gross, well, he would use the safety word and he'd live with that.

Patrick curled the string hanging from her in his tongue and drew it into his mouth. Biting down firmly on the fiber, he pulled back his head, slowly drawing out the tampon from the center of his partner's feminine core. It emerged from her; it's color growing darker with each fraction of an inch uncovered. The bound girl shivered spasmodically as the cloth plug popped free of her pussy's suctiony grip. Patrick's eyes crossed as he tried to look at the limp, dripping tube hanging from his mouth. All he could tell was that the end that had been the furthest inside her looked black in the harsh red light of the room. With a flip of his head, he pitched the tampon at Catherine. He missed and it fell soundlessly to the floor between her legs. He did not see her smirk at his failed effort, nor her smile of victory that followed the smirk.

With a deep breath, he dipped his face to the slight opening in her pussy lips where the tampon had emerged and dug his tongue into it, literally fucking her pussy with his tongue. The coppery taste was deeper, richer now, and flavored with that essential sweetness of aroused woman. She was shivering almost continually now. Her hips tried to buck, to move with him, but she was too tightly bound. He thought he heard gag muted moans and grunts from behind him as he tried to get deeper with his tongue. Moisture pooled and was covering his face and lips. Whether it was her menstrual discharge or her natural juices or both, he did not care. His chin bumped her pubic bone as he overbalanced. The stimulation must have gone directly to her clit as she went rigid, howled and then started jerking spasmodically. Her pussy seemed to suck his tongue deeper into her as he felt her contracting in orgasm.

He was lost. It was the most intimate, erotic experience of his life. He had never in his life aroused a woman so fully before and he felt incredibly powerful. He lost track of where he was, what time it was. All that mattered was the continuing discovery and conquest of this aroused woman in heat. He was literally suctioning the coppery tasting stuff out of her, consuming her feminine essence. He lost track of how often he had brought her to climax. His own arousal increased. In the back of his mind, he became aware of his hardon bouncing off the girl's nose and off the ballgag's ball. He felt the pull of the straps on his balls from his and her movements, but he was so aroused, that the pain only drove him further.

She had just started to come again, when he felt hands grasping at his hips. The poke of something hard hit him between the cheeks of his ass. Before he could recognize what that feeling was, Catherine drove the anal probe home. She seated the dildo fully up his ass in one, smooth thrust. She must have lubricated it while he was occupied with the girl. He tried to pull himself upright, but she prevented that by grabbing his bound wrists and levering them gently upward. She had leverage on her side and was able push his face back to the girl's pussy. Pressing her advantage, she turned on the vibrator. Instantly, both Catherine and Pat felt the pulsing vibrations; Pat on his prostate, Catherine on her clit. Catherine started a gentle fucking motion with her hips; sliding the ridges of the probe past his anal ring, titillating the nerves just inside the asshole. She stroked his body, tickled his male breasts, fondled his hardening nipples. Patrick's restrained cock got even harder, still unable to cum through the restriction of the cockring.

Patrick could not believe the sensations. It was like someone had plugged his entire groin into a light socket. He felt like he was vibrating, instead of that thing in his rectum. It was so intense. He wasn't sure, but he thought it felt good. It seemed to feel so good that he could not tell exactly what he felt. The strap around his cock felt like it was choking him, like it was becoming even tighter. Pressure in his balls built up, aching for release. He buried his face deeper into the crotch of his partner. The flavor was changing, getting milder. Or was he simply getting used to it?

Catherine was almost giddy with relief. Pat's sudden and whole hearted acceptance of the scene allowed her to let go and enjoy the scene, too. The vibrations were getting to her, as well. She was really getting into this. Her passion drugged mind remembered her promise to Pat that he'd get spanked in this session. She did not have her strap or paddle so she made do with her hands. She alternated hand strikes against his ass in time to her thrusts, whacking him on her outstroke. He was pushing back in time to her thrusts, now, trying to meet her. She doubted he even felt her spanks, but she did not care. Pat was enjoying this and he was successfully exciting and satisfying the girl. She was winning.

All three players in the session were straining toward climax. Just before her own orgasm, Catherine reached beneath her and released the catch on Pat's cock ring. With one final thrust, Catherine climax took her. Frantic hip rolls and the vibrations of the probe drove Patrick over the edge. He came, spewing semen all over the nose and lips of the woman beneath him. His shout of pleasure was muffled in the folds of her cunt and sent her spiraling into a final, squealing orgasm.

A few minutes later, Catherine gently extracted her dildo from Pat's ass and released the snapring connecting Pat and the slave girl together. After reattaching the leash to the scrotum ring, she shook Pat awake and helped him to stand. She walked to the door and opened it, Pat following her. May walked in, grinned at Catherine and then moved to the still restrained girl. Once May was in the room to ensure the girl's safety, Catherine towed Pat out of the room, and headed back to the changing room.

After more than an hour in the strangely red-lit room, the white florescent lighting in the changing room nearly blinded Pat. Catherine had released his hands. She shook him again to get his attention. "Remove the other restraints, then shower, dress and wait for May to escort you out. She should be here in about twenty minutes. It was a good session, Pat. I think we made some progress today. Think about it and we'll talk later in the week, okay?" He nodded, and she gave him a caressing pat on his cheek before she left the room.

Pat did a double take when he saw himself in the mirror. He looked like the guest of honor at an axe murder. From beneath his eyes to his pectorals, he was red or red streaked. He could not believe he'd done that. He couldn't believe he'd enjoyed that. Would she let him do that? Would she enjoy that? He hoped so.

After showering and dressing, he was met by May. As they walked out of the changing room, a blindfolded woman was being led back towards the training room by a leather garbed male. Pat saw her out of the corner of his eye and then almost gave himself whiplash spinning to convince himself of what he had seen. May saw him spin to look at the couple, then watched in horror as he reeled dizzily, all the color washed from his face. She hastily moved in to help him to a nearby chair. "It couldn't be, could it?" he muttered, "It just couldn't be."


The Lady Catherine and her male slave had left. After switching the room lights from red to white, May released the girl and rubbed the stiffness out of her limbs. The bondage had not been stringent, but it had been extended. She unbuckled the collar, undid the lacing and removed the bondage helmet and ball gag from Theresa. Sperm dripped down her face from where the man had cum while the woman fucked his ass and he had eaten her out. She was glad Lord William had assured her that the male was completely healthy and clean before the scene. Still, she would not taste his sperm. She wiped the sticky, cooling stuff from her face with her hands. Well, maybe just a little taste, just to see if it is as tasty as Lord William's.

Idly sucking her fingers while May massaged her, Tess reviewed the incredible events of the last hour or so. Theresa still could not believe this had happened. The man had been so turned on. She would never have thought of herself as sexy during her time of the month. She had always considered her monthlies as messy and kind of gross. Cramps often put her in her bed for hours. Well, she sure did not have any cramps now.

She looked down between her legs. The insides of her thighs were red with her discharge. She needed a shower. She grinned and hoped no one would see her and think she had been mistreated. She couldn't remember feeling this good during one of her heavy flow days. She sighed and stretched in pleasant exhaustion. She felt so good, she did not care about her punishment for cumming so often. She grinned again. Maybe she'd get punished and cum some more.

Did men really find women sexy during their periods? Once he'd gotten past the initial surprise, her unknown friend had practically driven her crazy in his enthusiasm.

Would he want to do this with her? Would he enjoy this? She hoped so.

May led her to her changing room. Lord William would deal with her failure next time.

William and Catherine

Catherine's body felt heavy with the after glow of being well loved. She snuggled her sweat slick body closer to William. Why was it always so much more with William? She got lots of good sex in her scenes. Excellent sex from superb, enthusiastic lovers, but none of her clients, male or female, young or old, made her feel as good as simple, old fashioned, missionary position loving with William did. She sighed contently against his chest.

"How's Pat? William asked, pulling her closer.

She frowned. This was not what she wanted to talk about. She wasn't sure she knew what she wanted to discuss across their pillow, but this was not it. "Still in semishock, I think. May has him in one of the dorm rooms and is looking in on him regularly. She thinks he'll be okay in the morning. The shock of seeing that bitch immediately after learning such a disconcerting lesson about his own sexuality would be enough to overload anybody. If he doesn't improve by tomorrow, we'll call in a doc. Dammit, William, he did not need this. He should be thinking about the session, feeling arrogant about driving that girl into sexual nirvana. Instead, his lasting memory of today is going to be of seeing that bitch, again."

"The upside is that now we know who did it to him." May had not recognized the woman in the hallway, but she had recognized the Instructor who had told William who the client was. "Vera Sutton-Daniels - Barb's older sister. A grade B movie detective would twirl his mustache and say 'Ah ha.'. As it is, we can reasonably guess that Vera is also part of Barb's plan to get into her virginal roomie's pants and to keep Pat out of them." William grinned. "At least now we have a final treatment for our young patient."

Angry at the thought of the woman, Catherine felt her fine mood evaporating. "Well, whatever we do to that bitch and her sister can't be bad enough because we don't play that rough. Maybe they'd like a referral to someone else." Catherine's mind whirled as she tried to think of someone strict enough, severe enough and mean enough to give those two what they deserved.

William hugged her again. "No, we don't. But hey, Pat is not a member of our staff, and if he gets a little carried away." William's voice trailed off as he let that thought sink in.

Catherine shook her head. "Won't work. Pat is going to be a hell of a top, but he likes women and is basically a very gentle young man. He couldn't hurt a woman the way those two deserve. I don't think any woman will ever leave his keeping with anything more severe than a very tender bottom. No, he will control his bottoms with the force of his personality and they will feel more 'owned' than if he gave them a thorough going over with a whip."

William wasn't ready to give up. "We'll think of something. We have plenty of time. Pat starts whip training next week. He won't be ready to use one for a while yet. We will find a way to deal with our Ms Sutton's. Trust me, love."

She chuckled in response. "I don't know why, but I always have, Milord, and I probably always will."

Partnering Chapter 7 Warming up to His Studies

Catherine and Patrick

Patrick was resting on the dormitory room bed, brooding in the dark. The blackness matched his mood. The room door opened to admit light, which he did not welcome, followed by Catherine, whom he did. He wanted words with her.

She sat down beside him on the bed. She was dressed as she had been when she'd invited herself into his home to nurse him. Patrick was certain it was not coincidental. "How are you doing?" her tone soft.

"I don't know. I was feeling pretty good about the session. I had been able to perform for a woman again, to please a woman fully again. Then I saw her. It was like a light went out."

"I thought that might be the case. Do you trust me?" It was a strange question, but he considered it and was surprised that he truly did trust her now. He gave a jerky nod. Maybe they really had accomplished a lot earlier in the day. She closed her eyes in relief. "That girl in the scene? We couldn't let her go home tonight. She was too wiped out. You took that girl to the limits, and she enjoyed every minute of it. Don't let that bitch cheat you out of that success."

Her words made sense. He even agreed, mentally. Emotionally, well, that was another story. "That woman," Pat's voice was raspy with emotion. "She's a client here?"

Catherine nodded and reached out to stroke his shoulder soothingly. "A long time regular as it turns out. We're trying to decide what to do about that. She set you up, Pat. She picked you up to turn you down, to ridicule you, to humiliate you. It was a scam. You didn't fail with her because she never gave you a chance."

Patrick's lack of reaction frightened her. Finally he spoke. "How do you know this?"

She shook her head. "I can't tell you that. Not yet, at least, but you said you trust me. Trust me on this, Pat. I am not lying to you." She kept her eyes steady on his, willing him to accept her words.

Another long silence before he spoke again. "When will I be trained as a top? When will I be ready to apply as an instructor here?"

The massaging motion of her hand on his shoulder stopped abruptly. "Oh, no, not that. We exist so that people can play safely. We couldn't let you hurt her in a scene here, even she does deserve it. That's a violation of our basic philosophy. Besides, I know you too well. You could have hurt me and you didn't. You wouldn't be able to really hurt her, either." More's the pity, she thought.

Pat digested that and a slow, evil smile crossed his face. Catherine gaped at the change. "All right. I accept that. A favor, then? Don't do anything about her just yet. I have a glimmer of an idea. It needs a little fleshing out, though."

What was he up to? Catherine did not know, but she decided she'd want to play. Particularly if it meant getting even with Ms Sutton-Daniels.

Patrick took the hand that had be gentling him. He looked up at her over the hand. "What gives, by the way? This isn't my stereotype of the severe, harsh Bitch Mistress."

She shook her head and grinned at him. "Haven't figured that out yet, patty? For the most part, that is just a stereotype. We tend to perpetuate it because it's part of the game. But we do care, deeply. Most of us more than other folks. We care enough to help people experience their darkest dreams. We care enough to show that caring differently than the norm because the people in our care need that it that way. We provide them safety and we take care of their most private fantasies. I care and so does everyone we accept as members of our staff.

"I lost my control and my discipline with you. You challenged my most basic self concept of the unfailing Mistress of the Erotic and it broke me. I am human. It was wrong, but it's done. That doesn't mean I did not care. I cared too much and tried too hard, too fast. The Bitch Mistress will be around when you need her, as bitchy and strict as you need her to be. But so will Catherine, who I hope is becoming your friend."

He sat there, holding her hand for long minutes, just looking at her and through her. Then he kissed her palm. "Thank you, Cathy. I think I understand better, now." He yawned. "Sorry, but I think I'd like to sleep now."

Catherine smiled and kissed him on the forehead before padding out of the room, flushed with her victory over Vera Sutton-Daniels.

William and Catherine

William grinned in genuine amusement at the behavior of his lover. Catherine was nearly unable to sit still in her curiosity. Finally, she broke the silence. "Well, how did he do?"

"I've told you that he is taking to the training incredibly well." She gave him a stern frown and then made a show of looking at his butt and then at the strap dangling from her belt. That effectively reminded him that he still owed her a session with him as the bottom from their last bet. "Okay, okay. He is doing amazingly well. His skill with the crop and the cane are nothing short of amazing. He is almost as good with them as I am and he's not half bad with the whip."

William shook his head in amazement. "I put him on the wax dummy and put balloons on the tits? He laid the whip directly across the balloons, did not break either, but still stuck the stinger in the wax at the ribs. In a scene with a human bottom, it would have dug into the meaty part of the muscle without any damage to the breasts. He says it's the martial arts training. He showed me what he could do with a sword, hitting a watermelon with the sharp blade, but without breaking the skin? Amazing control. He says the principles are the same. Must be. He's further along now than some of our working junior dominants."

"I put one of the senior submissives to him, you know Jennie? The Instructors call her IronAss; they say that she only yells when she wants to. I gave Pat a crop and told her to make her yell without cutting her. I offered Jennie a $1000.00 bonus if she took a dozen without yelling."

"He has this trick of snapping the crop, like a karate blow, where he pulls it away from the ass faster than he hit down with it. Jennie lasted six cuts before she was yelling like a novice, and gave her safety word before the tenth. She couldn't believe that she wasn't cut and bleeding."

Catherine shook her head. This was the guy she had offered her ass to without any safety controls. She hoped she had read him correctly. "How did Pat react?"

"I had to keep him at it once she started yelling. He couldn't believe that was what was expected. I think that he eased up on her once she started yelling, but we will break him of that. All really caring prospective tops react like that initially. You know that. Once he figures out that part of the game, he'll become really popular with some of our more pain oriented clients. But I don't think he'll ever lose it with a client or a personal bottom. He's too controlled; he understands the danger too well. I think that may result from the martial arts training, too."

"Having bottomed in a sour scene may be a big part of that attitude, too."

"Get off that, okay? I don't think that has anything to do with it." William emphasized that with a smile. "You should see him, Catie, he is magic with a cane or crop."

"I'd like to be there for his next live scene, William." She knew this was unusual since by William's rules, whip training was done without audience. Trainees had to give full concentration to the task at hand.

"I'll trade you. I'll let you be there if you release me from the forfeit on our last wager."

Catherine gave him a dirty look. She had been working hard planning that scene. Oh well, the plan would keep and she did want to see Pat work a bottom's bottom. She held out her right hand. "I accept. You have a deal." William accepted and shook her hand with a smile. He'd gotten out of what he'd known was going to be a fairly strict scene. Damn him. "He's doing very well on his oral training, too. I've put him to several of our more femininely inclined staffers and they find him quite adequate. High praise when you consider the sources."

William grinned. "And how is he doing with the Lady Catherine's own personal pussy." William could not believe it, but was Catie blushing?

She cleared her throat. "Very well, although he doesn't know that. I've only personally tested him with him blindfolded." She grimaced. "He's so damn good at finding my triggers that I can't find anything to discipline him for, so I don't "lower" Lady Catherine by letting him see her melting into a satiated puddle at his feet."


He was bound to a bench in the same position as the menstruating girl had been. He was blindfolded. Catherine was working him. He didn't know why she played this blindfolding game, pretending to be someone else, but Pat recognized her perfume by now. He knew that this woman was Catherine. She had put something on his nipples that had pinched. The pinch had turned into a dull, numb ache that was just, there, in the background of his mind.

Hot, wetness enveloped his face, wiry hair tickled at his nose and cheeks, and weight pressed his head into the pillow under his head. Strong thighs squeezed his ears, muffling the woman's voice. "Worship me, patty. Use your cute little tongue for something useful. Make me cum, patty, show me what you've learned."

He'd learned. He had a bag of tricks that had been molded by a variety of beautiful and, he now admitted, caring women. He knew a lot about driving a woman mad, but most of all, he had worked at knowing Catherine. It was his own little rebellion. He would not allow his Mistress to pretend indifference to his ministrations. Maybe that was the reason for her blindfold game.

His tongue snaked out for a quick taste to determine her level of arousal. Hot, sweet, god, she must be giving off steam. She'd be no challenge at all, today. He couldn't string her along, either. She was too close already. He drove his tongue into her core and sealed his lips around her slit. Sliding his tongue in and out, he gently rubbed her pussy lips and clit with the ridged front of his teeth. She shuddered hard and sat harder. Was she trying to take his whole head into her? He lifted up with his head, trying to nudge her off him for a second. When she shifted, he slipped his tongue clear of her pussy to use it, teasingly on the lips and around the extremity of her clitoris. Catherine's strong thighs seized his head in an iron grip as her first contractions hit her. Patrick continued the teasing as she seemed to orgasm without coming down off her high. Another orgasm was followed by yet another. Patrick darted the tip of his tongue and fluttered it up and down the length of the hot, hard bud of her clit.

A scream shook the room, penetrating even the grip of her thighs. She sat down hard again, this time seating his nose up the lava hot depths of her, grinding herself against his tongue and face. Then, she collapsed on top of him.

She did not move for what felt like a long time. Pat became concerned until her felt the soft rhythmic breathing of sleep. Score one for patty, he thought triumphantly.

He felt her stir, then rise back up into her position over him. "Well, you have learned something, patty. I have only one more lesson for you today and then you will go off for your other training." The voice was soft, whispery. What was she up to, now. "Give me your tongue, again, patty."

Pat reached up to find the hairy patch of her Mons. Making love by the Braille method did have its disadvantages. Hair tickled his nose and he followed his tongue up, arching his neck to get the height he needed. Just as his tongue found the still wet center of her, it happened.

It began as a few drops of strong, acridly flavored moisture on his tongue. Before he could figure out what had happened, his mouth was full of sour, acidic liquid that continued to come at him. He tried to move his head, but the furry bomber followed him down. He half spat, half swallowed the mouthful he got and kept his mouth shut afterwards, but the hot, spraying shower continued, drenching his face and the blindfold helmet he wore. The leather of the mask shed the liquid, but the interior of the helmet was lined with a soft felt-like material that became drenched in what he was sure was urine.

The weight was removed from his head and face and he inhaled. All he could smell was the odor of her waters. He opened his mouth to speak, but a leather covered hand covered his mouth. "No, don't say anything, patty. It's over." The whisper was husky and seemed to be laughing. "Lady Catherine will explain this to you later, but there is no need to worry. I am healthy and there is no danger to you. This part of the scene is over so there is no need to use your word. Now, Mistress Marielle will be in to take you to your next session in a moment. Just relax." With that, she was gone.

Patrick and William

Light flooded his eyes as the leather patches snapped into the eyeholes of the helmet were snapped off. All he could see was swirling concentric, multicolored circles. His feet were freed and then his hands. Strong slender fingers gripped his shoulders and helped him into a sitting position. Before he could fully recover, those same hands brought his wrists together behind his back where the >>snick<< of a snap link told he was again restrained. Painful sensation flooded him as the nipple clips were gently removed from his chest.

The first thing he saw was Marielle. She had assisted in his oral training over the past few weeks. She'd made the mistake of challenging him to make her cum and then trying to hide his success from him. The next session with her, he had used every trick he knew and had strung her out like a frozen clothesline. She had made the added error of not binding him. Pat had been able to restrain her hands with his, preventing her from stopping his fun. That session had been worth the strapping that Catherine had given him for not obeying his Instructress.

Marielle was much more careful about restraining him now, but her disciplines always included oral worship.

She snapped a leash onto his collar. "Let's go. You have cane practice for the next fifteen minutes." She led him down the corridor towards what he now knew was the center house. They entered a room where white torso statues stood One was male and one was female; both were anatomically correct. The statues were made of a waxy substance that would adhere to the crop, cane or whip used. When the implement stuck in the wax hard enough to bend when withdrawn, that blow would have cut the skin of a real submissive. Demerits were assessed over the course of training for each cut. Blows to the genitals resulted in immediate failure of the exercise. The only time that William intentionally cut someone was when he worked a demerited trainee. Then they would understand the effect of their mistakes.

Marielle released Pat and handed him a cane. He reached up for the foul smelling mask, but found it locked in place. "Mistress, can we dispense with this? It is really rank."

"No, patty, and that is a demerit for asking. Lady Catherine will deal with that and your mask after you finish your training. Now, one free stroke to get the feel of the cane and then twelve of the best, making an interesting pattern, but without cutting the female slave." The free stroke permitted the user to get used to the cane before the session. Instructors did the same before training a client. Pat's cane bowed slightly when withdrawn from the lined buttocks of the wax statue. Marielle smoothed the line out with a finger before turning back to Pat. "Begin. One demerit for each cutting of the skin."

Pat did not cut the skin. He made weals on the wax, but his katana sword strikes with the cane brought the cane up from the feminine wax ass without bending. Marielle was inspecting his work when William entered the room. William was overseeing this training was because Catherine's presence required an obeisance. That would not do when the pair would double up on a real submissive.

William looked to Marielle. "Well? Is he ready?"

Marielle shook her head in disbelief. "God, yes. Look at the cross pattern of the strikes. Not a cut among them and evenly spaced as you'd please." She stared at Patrick. "This is a game, right? You're a visiting Master that William has brought in to test the staff with, right?"

William laughed. "No, Marielle, he is exactly what he is, a trainee, but by your comment, we can say that he is a very good trainee." To Pat. "Come with me and bring your cane. I have a real test for you." He led Pat to another room, stopping at the door. "Here's the drill, Pat, m'boy. The slave in there is my own personal slut. She is tough, tougher than that last one you made cry out. I have given her a very strong incentive not to cry out. I want you to break her silence in twelve strokes. If you fail, the two of you switch places. If you cut her, if I see the tiniest bit of blood on her ass, I will put you up there and take you to hell. Do you understand?" Patrick did.

They entered a darkened room. In the center of the room, illuminated by a circle of candles stood a woman. She was dressed in black leathers from the top of her head to the tips of her fingers to the tips of her toes. Only her breasts, groin and ass were not covered in glistening black. The catsuit and helmet combination fit her like a second skin, pinching at the parts of her that fell uncovered. Pat walked around his subject, inspecting her. No hair showed. The helmet covered whatever hair she had on her head and her pubis was clean shaven.

She stood rigidly in very strict bondage. Her high heeled boots were locked at the ankles to two posts in the floor, forcing her feet about three feet apart. Her arms were drawn tightly into the ceiling by two pulleys that forced her hands to mirror her feet. Nipple clips were strung with tight, thin wires to hooks on the facing wall, forcing the woman to lean toward the wall, and increasing the stress on her arms.

This was a beautiful woman, tall, slender, with a lovely round ass and full breasts that Pat was sure were perfect when they weren't being sketched off her chest. The outline of her lips around a ball gag was all he could see of her face as black lenses covered her eyes.

In her platform heels, she was taller than Pat by a couple of inches. He leaned up to lick at the hint of skin peaking out around the ball. His hand slipped to her venus mound and found it sloppy wet with excitement. "Are you going to scream for me, pretty slave?" A shake of her head answered him. He fondled her and was gratified by the shiver that went up her straining body. "Oh, I think you will. You see, there's this female, that I want to scream. I don't want to hurt her, but I want her to scream for me. I am going to pretend you are her. Do you know how badly I want to hear you yell, little slave? Far more than you want to avoid whatever your Master has promised you." He pulled his hand from her puss, glistening in the candle light with her spendings, and then wiped them on her upper lip, under her nose. "Be strong, little slave. I'm going to win."

Patrick walked behind the woman and then pressed his body into her back. Setting the cane aside, he reached under her ass between her legs with one hand, while he slid the other around her to cup one of the straining breasts. He softly sawed at her slick slit with his hand, collecting more of her lubrication. His index finger slid into the heated depths of her while his other fingers massaged turgid clit. Carefully, he insinuated his thumb into her rectum and began a fucking motion that she started follow involuntarily. His other hand teased at the pinched, stretched nipples, causing little shocks of sensation to shoot from the previous numb ache directly to her increasingly agitated pussy. The woman started to hum, to sing through her gag, the pitch going higher and the volume louder as Pat drove her relentlessly toward climax. A long, keening wail marked her release and she slumped into her bonds, her weight on her wrists and shoulders.

Pat stepped back and picked up his cane. "That doesn't count, you know. She has to yell under the caning." William told him.

Pat smiled. "I know. But she was too excited. She wouldn't have felt it if I'd gone after her with a club, she was so excited. She's not now." He leaned up to the woman's leather covered ears. "Are you, little slave?" His answer was sudden thrashing in the bonds and a muffled yell that might have been "Nooooooo" but that came out "nnnnnmmmpghhnnn".

Pat pressed something into her right hand. "You will have to yell for me, little slave, but you still get the full dozen unless you drop that ball." The woman's hand curled around the ball, making the leather glove on her hand smooth and tight with the strain. "You can't count for me, little slave, so I'll just start now." The first cut fell across both buttocks, dead center and brought a choked "umph" from her. "I won't count that as a yell. You can do much better for me and You will. Here's the second."

The cane sang and struck full across both cheeks, two inches above the first. His first five cuts drew parallel lines at equal intervals up her ass. She moved and grunted, but she did not yell. The second five were nearly vertical, moving right cheek outside, left cheek outside, then inside of each of those. She broke on the tenth cut.

Patrick waited until she clenched in anticipation and brought the crop down to the clinched crack of her ass. She shrieked through the gag; a long, piercing warble that gave no doubt of her capitulation. Patrick stepped back, giving her time to recover. William pointed to the ball still held tightly in the right hand. Patrick merely nodded, saying nothing.

When the cries abated to a few sobs, Patrick moved up to the woman's head again. "You still have two coming, little slave. You still have my little ball in your hand. Drop the ball and this is all over." The head shook, raggedly, but firmly negative. "Okay, sweetheart. Only two more. Ready? Ask for the first by nodding your head so I can see it from behind you. I start when you are ready." He stepped back. The test was no longer his. He had passed. It was now a test for William's slave.

She nodded and he struck instantly. A diagonal cut that crossed the + signs made by the vertical and horizontal cuts. She screamed again, but held the ball. "Ask for the last one, the same way." Patrick ordered. She nodded and the final cut mirrored the previous one. She screamed one last time and hung limp, crying. Patrick set down the cane and moved in to release the nipple clamps, eliciting another squeal from her.

He massaged her breasts and reached up to kiss her around the ball gag. "You did very well, little one, much better than that woman I told you about could ever hope to do. Thank you." With that, he kissed her once more and stepped back to William. May entered then and led him to the showers. He needed one.

"Phew, you stink, Patrick. Whatever happened to you?" May asked.

"Be glad to demonstrate to you anytime, May. Just give me the word." He realized that his hands were free on his departure from the scene. Another first.

William and Catherine

The electric pulleys whirred, releasing the tension on the lines and allowing the woman to relax her arms. William released the locks at her ankles and freed her hands. The collar lock was released and the helmet unlaced. Catherine's hair was sweat matted from the confining mask and her face resembled a raccoon where her make up had run. Her first action on being freed was to move to the mirror and examine her bottom.

Her seat was criss crossed by weals that stood out against the flushed skin of her ass, but there was no blood. "I can't believe it. I feel like my ass is in shreds, but I can see it isn't. You don't cane like that, William and I hate it when you come for me with that thing."

William moved behind her to release the belts and start unlacing the corset part of the catsuit. "Told you he was special. That trick of getting you off first was cute. Who taught him that?"

"Magda. She was so pissed when he got her off orally, she played the old, "I didn't say you could cum" game and blistered him good with that tawse of hers. Damn her and Damn you! I'm not going to sit for days. And I even shaved my cat for this. Do you know how much that is going to itch?"

"You did say you wanted to be here and it was my turn to top you." A grin split his face over his ploy. He had imposed this session as her fair turn under his rule. She'd had to agree.

"Only because you tricked me into giving up my wager win, you sneaky bastard. How am I going to see Pat now? I did the golden shower trick on him so he wouldn't smell anything but pee. I think he can recognize my perfume, and I did not want him knowing he'd done this to me, but I can't see him now. He'll know by the way I move that I've been disciplined."

"May's handling it, love. You've been called away. You can call him up later to discuss the session and to set up your next meeting." Another thought hit him. "How is Tess coming on her training with these toys?"

"She'll never be any good with the crop or cane. Too careful. She does show promise with the paddle, though. Sorority girl as an undergraduate, I guess. Why?"

"Oh, just a little scene I have been working up in my mind. Tell you what. Let's go discuss it more in the Jacuzzi. You can sit on my lap and I'll tell you all about it."

The initial fire of the caning was starting to fade a bit. Catherine started to feel the almost pleasant burn of the caning. "As long as I get to sit on more than just your lap, you beast."

"Catie, would I ever deny you your little pleasures?" He asked in an affronted tone.

"Yes!" she snapped emphatically, "but it's my turn next time, asshole, and I think you should be very careful to be really nice to me for awhile." He laughed and kissed her hard, then scooped her into his arms to carry her to their apartment.

Partnering Chapter 8 Warming up to Her Studies


She felt like a clown. Heck, she looked like a clown. Literally. May had dressed her in a bright blue rubber catsuit that covered her from chin to feet to fingers. At least now she could identify the strange smelling material in May's minidress - it was the same rubber stuff as this thing. It amazed her that this suit had fit her. It looked so tiny when May had held it up for her inspection.

Actually, the cheeks of her ass poked through a hole in the seat, although her vagina was covered. That felt really funny. She was in the training room with one of her sexual parts covered. felt almost as strange as being nude felt that first time. Even though it was covered, though, she was not allowed to forget that center of her femininity. The crotch of the suit had a ridge of tiny rubber cilia that or bristles that split her pussy lips and teased her clit.

The gloves were odd, too. Her fingers from the last knuckle to her nails and her palms were bare. Finally, her nipples poked through two nickel sized holes in the suit's front. Only problem was that her nipples were at least Susan B. Anthony dollar sized, and those holes pinched! The things were rock hard and erect. Tess remembered the pinching and pulling May had needed to pull both nipples, including the aureoles, through those holes. She probably blushed, except that made up as she was, she couldn't tell.

The mask was rubber; a Bozo the Clown face, complete with orange hair. Her real hair was hidden in the mask's skull cap. Her nose and mouth were left uncovered until May had glued a red ball onto her nose, then covered any exposed skin with white grease paint. Her mouth and nipples were painted bright red, matching her nose. Ruffled cowls were added around her neck, ankles and wrists, and exaggeratedly wide white high heels completed her preparations. May had made a great production of leading her to the full length mirror in the changing room, holding her hands in front of Tessa's eyes.

"Ta tata ta ta!" May had mimicked a musical fanfare. "Ladies and Gentleman! I give you the one, the only .." the hands had slipped from her eyes, "Bunn-zo, the Clown." Tess had gaped at the mirror's reflection. She looked absurd. Erotic, too, but mostly, she was absurd. How could she be seen in this? Of course, she didn't have a choice, unless she wanted to quit. Still, it was really hard to feel sexy and desirable when all you wanted to do was laugh at your own reflection. May had smacked her white butt with her palm. "C'mon, Bunn-zo, time for you to do your tricks."

Now she was here, in the training room, feeling more conspicuous and self conscious than she had in weeks. Just when she was starting to get comfortable with her developing persona, they slipped this in on her.

In her time at the Boyleston Academy, she'd begun to accept her sexual submissiveness. She enjoyed having strong men and women tell her what to do, how to behave and even having them punish her for her shortcomings. Sexually, anyway. She was the same as ever at school and with her friends. She wasn't inclined to submit in her regular life, but now, in her fantasies, she reveled in submission.

When she was like this, on display and waiting for her Master, waiting for a session's start, she felt so alive, so aware. Every nerve tingled to the slightest change in her surroundings. Gosh, this suit was hot. She'd bet money she was sweating tracks in the grease paint.

The door opened to admit William and another man. William wore simple leather trousers, a biker jacket and boots. Clothes like that usually meant she wasn't going to get to play with his cock. How disappointing. The other games were fun, particularly Marielle's games (she'd learned that she liked making another woman climax with her tongue), but they weren't as much fun as playing with William's dick. Besides, the care and feeding of a man was what she really had come here to learn.

William settled into his chair. Tessa made her obeisance. Stronger now, she could hold the awkward position for longer periods. She felt quite smug about this facet of her training. She hadn't been disciplined for an obeisance related failing in weeks.

The unknown man was behind her. Something long and hard prodded a breast, lifting a hard nipple. Something poked her ass, teasing her anus. Grimly, she fought to hold position until released by Lord William. A line of fire ignited across both cheeks of her ass, jerking her out of her bow with an undignified squawk of surprise.

"She broke, Milord" a quiet, strange sounding voice behind her said.

"Yes, she did. Most disappointing. Make your bow again, slave, correctly this time." Tess quickly returned her nose to the floor, her hands extended in supplication. "You've shamed me in the eyes of my colleague, Master Donald. We will deal with that later. Now, rise, and we'll see if you can placate his indignation over my patently inadequate training."

The quiet, commanding voice behind her answered William. "I think, Milord, that we must assume the student is at fault and not the teacher." The man moved to stand beside William. He was taller than Lord William, but he did not have the same heavy musculature. He was lean and trim, with the long, sinewy muscles of a runner. He wore a leather hauberk and loincloth, leather sandals and arm shields. A black hood hid his face and muffled his voice. In his hand, he carried the black crop responsible for the stinging fire across her bottom. He reminded Tessa of a Roman gladiator.

"So what shall we do with her, my friend? I find her attire entirely appropriate to her comical performance, but we didn't come here for comedic entertainment."

The gladiator moved back behind her. "Well, that ridiculous outfit covers everything of interest but her ass. It would appear to be too much trouble to get her out of it."

"Her mouth is available." William was politely apologetic. "Not entirely trained, but available. I'm sorry, but her cunt must be left alone. Other than that, whatever you can reach, you can have."

A muffled snort. "I don't know if I could get an erection in a face like that. What about her ass?"

Another resigned sigh. "Virgin, I'm afraid. Oh, she's had some dildo discipline to train her and to prepare the way for fucking, but until now, I haven't felt her ass suitably trained to endanger my cock. Are you certain you won't at least try her mouth? If she should exceed herself and get you hard, then perhaps her ass cherry might be amusing as restitution for her poor behavior."

Tess shivered as they discussed her supposed inadequacies as if she weren't present. Alarm bells rang in her head, their vibrations felt from her mouth to her pussy. Was it going to happen, now? Her first real cock to suck? And then, what? To get that stranger's cock put up her ass? She wished she could see the gladiator's cock but it was hidden by the knee length loin cloth. O god, what if he was bigger than Lord William? The thought of William's cock in her ass was scary. The gladiator's cock was unknown and therefore, even more scary. She shuddered partly in some deeply feminine fear, partly in anticipation.

Had she even agreed to this? She tried to remember. William had promised to keep her technically a virgin. No problem there, her puss was rubber shielded. He'd also promised that nothing would endanger her health. Anyone she saw would be clean and healthy, and that she would suffer no real injury. She trusted William, but she did not know this man. She'd thought she would do these intimate things with William. Now, he was giving her gifts away, to another man.

William must trust the man. She trusted William, didn't she? He promised not to hurt her. She could still use her word, make it stop, couldn't she?

"I guess I'll let her attempt to fellate me. If she gets me hard, I'll do her the favor of opening her ass. If she doesn't, ...., but with your superb training, I'm sure we don't need to worry about that."

William's face became very hard. "No, we won't need to worry about that." He reached out to lift Tessa's chin so that their eyes locked. "Please my friend, little one. The alternative to getting your little white ass fucked is not something you want to consider."

"Face me, little clown." The muffled voice was soft now, and intense. She spun on her knees to face the man her Master had given her to. She gaped in surprise at what she saw. The loin cloth was on the floor. Not as thick as Lord William's, his cock was still larger than the thickest butt plug she'd taken. "Impress me, little clown. Show me the worth of your teacher."

The implied slur against William, galvanized Tess into action. She trusted William, so she would play this out. She scurried over to the gladiator on her knees and almost fell in surprise. Rubber sensation grabbed at her puss and breasts. The movement in the suit made the rubber squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples. Those little rubber bristles slid back and forth across her inflamed clit, sending erotic little sparks into her belly. Steeling herself to control her reaction, she came head to head with his penis.

Fascinating, utterly fascinating. Tessa extended her tongue for her first taste of live penis. Carefully, she traced the outline of the slit with just the lightest touch. It was so soft and warm, maybe just a little salty. She ran her tongue from the tip to the root on the underseam. She felt her man shiver and saw his cock start to harden. She drew back and took the head into her mouth. She simply held it there, letting her tongue explore the nooks and crannies. Remembering that her hands were free, she teased his scrotum and tickled his balls with her nails and fingers.

Firmly gripping his root in her right hand she began to work him in earnest, hand and mouth. The salty flavor got stronger. The cock's softness disappeared. When she pulled off to lick at the head, she saw pre-cum forming at the slit, and the cock becoming rigidly hard in her hands. Impress him, indeed.

She was impressed, too. This cock was about an inch longer than Lord William's; a little smaller in girth, but not by much. Maybe she ought to get him to come in her mouth and protect her ass for a while longer. She went back to work, using every trick she'd learned from the tapes and from the games with toys and William. Her gladiator groaned. Strong hands gripped her head, pulling her off his dick.

The muffled voice sounded raspier. "Make obeisance to your Lord, little clown." That confused Tess. Was the scene over? The gladiator hadn't come yet, but having been reprimanded already for failing to perform that ritual properly, she spun back to William and complied.

From behind her, strong hands gripped hers and pulled them behind her back. A loud >>snick<< told her that the wrist ruffles doubled as cuffs. Her ankles were similarly restrained and a short chain run from her ankles between her legs and breasts to her collar ruffle. She was locked in her obeisance, her round clown nose pushed into the floor. She was lifted and carried to a padded bench and put back onto her knees. A "U" shaped pillow was put under her head, covering her eyes, effectively blindfolding her.

Hands massaged her bottom; grease paint acting like a lubricant. One hand slipped between her legs, fondling the rubber cilia onto her clit. Her pinched nipples were mashed into the soft cushions of the bench. A knot was forming in the pit of her belly as she teased and titillated both by unseen hands and by that infernal suit. Something cool anointed her anus. Something hard, maybe a finger, started tapping at her hole; not hard, just persistently. She tried to relax, but she reflexively clenched to each tap. The tapping stopped, to start again once more of the cool, slippery stuff had been applied. A tickle started inside her ass and she shifted as far back as she could to try and get the tapping to relieve the itch.

She was trying to meet the taps halfway now. The hand on her pussy was making her more excited with each passing second. On one particularly hard back thrust, the finger popped into her ass. It began to fuck her slowly, evenly. She was growling in her throat. Her ass relaxed and another finger joined the first to be joined soon by a third. She was so close, if only the hand on her pussy and the fingers in her ass would push .. just .. a .. little bit .. more, just ..

The hands left her tilting on the precipice. "Noooooooooo" she yelled. She wiggled her bottom as much as her bondage would permit, searching for the lost sensation. Those powerful hands gripped her ass and held her still. Thumbs separated her cheeks and pulled them apart. A thick, blunt object butted against her defenseless asshole. This was it! She knew what was coming, knew she was ready for, knew she wanted it, still she clenched. A stinging slap fired her bottom. "Relax. I'll go slowly, but I am going to fuck your ass." She inhaled, trying the relaxation exercises that helped her take the dildos. She thought she heard the >>pop<< when the head finally slipped into her.

He did not drive into her like the men in the videos did. He kept his cock very still after the initial penetration and let her get used to the strange feeling of something hard and alive up her hienie. A hand came back to massage the clit-tingling rubber tips again. Another had reached under her to tease and pinch her inflamed nipples. Her breath came in short gasps as she strove to increase the sensation, to get over that precipice. Her back arched, trying to seat him deeper. He started to move. Very slow and shallow strokes slid his cock in and out of her ass. The intense feelings seemed to short circuit her brain. Only the orgasm building in her guts mattered. Strange that the women in the videos were always yelling at the men to fuck them, harder, whatever. Tess couldn't have said a word to save her life.

He finally fully seated himself in her and stopped again. She was so full. He couldn't stop now. She was so close. With all the strength she could muster, she clamped down on his cock and shimmied her ass. That did it. He started moving again, faster and deeper now.

And then, it hit her.

If she hadn't been so tightly bound, she would have unseated him. Every muscle in her body contracted and then sprang like an overwound watch. She couldn't keep air in her lungs. She screamed and pulled against the chains holding her.

Everything went black.

Theresa and Catherine

Tessa awoke unbound and unmasked. May was leaning over her with the white grease paint applicator in her hand. "Hold still, silly, I'm almost done and Lady Catherine is waiting for you." May whitened the skin that had been covered by the damned clown mask and then used some black paint on Tessa's brows and eyelids. The bright red on Tessa's mouth, nipples and nails were freshened. With May's help, Tessa sit up on the bench. The neck, ankle and wrist ruffles were gone. So were the overly wide white shoes. May gave her a pair of bright red high heels that were nearer her normal height. A red belt and a red satin cape completed her ensemble. "Let me fix your hair and then you'll be ready for the next scene." May smirked at her. "Maybe you'll enjoy this one as much as getting your pretty little buns fucked, eh, Bunn-zo?"

Tess blushed under the heavy makeup. Her hair was a mare's nest from the skull cap and took a while for May to comb out and ruffle into a lion-like mane. Just as she finished, Catherine walked into the room, dressed in a black leather catsuit, similar to Tessa's, except that Catherine's left her puss bare, not her ass. She carried the strap that Tess now associated with her. (Tess had not enjoyed that scene. That strap hurt!) In her other hand, Catherine carried the paddle Tess had been learning to use.

"Stand up, Girl, let me look at you." Tess rose and stood at attention for Catherine's inspection. "Come to the mirror and look at yourself." Tess did and was surprised again. The catsuit had made her feel foolish just an hour before. Now she looked powerful, dangerous. The white skin and stark makeup made her into a 1930's movie villainess from a Fu Manchu serial. "Come with me, Theresa. I will explain as we go."

Tessa hurried to keep up with Lady Catherine. She wished she could walk as confidently in such extreme high heels. May's thoughtful provision of a pair with only four inch heels, saved Tess from falling on her face while keeping up with the Catherine.

"All right, Tessa, in this lesson, you will be a top, a Mistress, a dominatrix. The young woman we will instruct wants to be forced to perform orally while under strict bondage and while being corrected corporally. You will get to try out your paddle on a real target and our young slave slut will get the full benefit of that ass full of male spunk you're carrying." She watched Tessa's reaction carefully and saw nothing more than a shiver of anticipation. She stopped to look her apprentice in the eyes. "Tell me the truth, Tessa. You've just been through a pretty tough session, that included losing your anal virginity. Are you okay? Can you handle this?"

Her eyes sparkling, Tessa nodded enthusiastically. "Yes, milady. Besides," Her grin was mischievous, "My ass can use a nice soft, soothing tongue licking."

Catherine shook her head. William was right. This girl was hot. Good thing she was a natural bottom and Patrick was such a strong, emerging top. They were naturally compatible, but both Catherine and William believed that occasional switching was a necessary part of D/S committed relationships. Catherine's own first training as a top had begun because William wanted her to be able to dominate him on those rare occasions he wanted to bottom out. She had shown such a flair for it, that she had ultimately become the Academy's top domme. So she and William had each other for that type of give and take. Her heart knew she was now and would always be William's, but she also knew he felt the same way about her. She wanted that for Patrick with this woman of his choice. That meant that Tess had to learn how to carry off the occassional scene as the top. This scene was an opportunity too good to miss. Two birds and all that.

Catherine led her charge into the room and smiled at the restrained, helmeted figure before them. It was a masterpiece of the bondage art. The woman was face up on a low cot, a wide leather strap above her breasts passed and under her arms holding her tightly to the bench. Her knees were hung on a padded bar pulled above her head so that her lower body was lifted off the bench, her ass beautifully presented for strap and paddle.

Straps on the knee bar held her knees wide apart while ankle chains pulled her lower legs at right angles with her thighs. A metal plate was held by strong springs to her ankle straps. Attached to the plate was a pole that ended in a dildo sheathed in the woman's vagina. The dildo had a vertical hilt that pressed sharp little rubber spikes into her clitoris. Her arms were extended to near their limit by wrist cuffs attached to the dildo's support pole. She had to arch her feet or stretch her arms to push against the springs to keep the spikes off her clitoris. This gave her a hard choice. Be like a ballerina, continually 'en pointe' to keep those spikes off her clit. Only this girl was not a dancer and her leg and ankle muscles were not trained for this type of stress. Or push with undevloped arm and pectoral muscles against the strong springs. Eventually, her muscles would cramp, or just give out, and the sharp little teasers would slip into tender pussy flesh.

Tessa stood by, ready to follow her lead. This bondage was far more rigorous than any she had been trained to withstand. The woman wore a skull mask covering her from the top of her head to the her nose. No hair fell below the mask, nor did the eyebrows show in the mask's eye holes. Sparse, pale yellow white hairs surrounded the girth of the thick prick spreading the girl's cunt. How could she breathe in that position?

Catherine went to the girl's feet to lean languidly against the dildo plate on the girl's feet. "Hello, slave slut." A sharp intake of breath answered the increased pressure on the dildo's rubber spikes.

The girl closed her eyes in strain; calf muscles bunched in the effort to lift Catherine's weight in addition to the springs. "G.. Good After...noon, Milady." she rasped out.

"Oh dear. Am I leaning too hard, slave slut? Oh do forgive me." Her tone dripped with feigned sympathy but Tess noticed she held her weight on the bar for several long seconds before bouncing herself off with the springs. She sauntered up to stand on the across the girl's head from Tess. "I brought a guest to help deal with that impudent ass of yours, little bitch. I'd like to introduce Mistress Theresa. She is very talented with the paddle and she loves being orally worshiped. Unfortunately, she prefers to keep undertrained sluts like you away from her pussy. Lucky for you she likes her ass eaten." The girl's had kept attention used on her Instructress up to that point. Her gaze shifted to Tessa who was working very hard at looking stern. Catherine thought that the exotic makeup helped more than Tess knew, but she was trying so hard Catherine nearly chuckled.

Recognition hit the woman on the bench. Her eyes went wide and her mouth opened to say something. Catherine moved to stop the outburst that would ruin everything. She blithely stepped over the girl's head and settled her pussy onto the open mouth. "I, on the other hand," she sighed dramatically, "have the duty to get that inept tongue of yours to some semblance of skill." Catherine's tone changed one of pure evil and malice. "Eat me, bitch, and do it well, or Mistress Theresa will, uhhhmm, encourage you."

Noisy slurpings issued from under Lady Catherine as the slave complied. Tessa strolled back to where she could get a good swing at the girl's bottom. She glanced at the spring rig on the girl's ankles and was surprised to see mechanical stops that prevented the spikes from driving too far into the girl's puss. Did the girl know about that safety factor? How many of the toys that had been used on her had similar safety features?

"Mistress, the bitch is not trying hard enough. Six of your best, please, full across her ass."

Tess remembered her training. She never struck hard enough the first time. She closed her eyes and gave the padded paddle everything she had. >>Splllattt<< A muffled shriek bubbled up from Catherine's crotch. Tess saw the Lady's eyes shut and her lips quiver in response to the vibrations. Tess swung again and again, until she completed the ordered half dozen. The ass in front of her was becoming a shiny pink. She ran an inquisitive finger over the brightest colored area and felt the girl shudder.

Catherine stood and steeled herself. She was not as unaffected as she let on. "Hopeless. Mistress, please sit on the bitch's face for me. I'm going to express my displeasure in a manner she will understand. I should have come at least three times, slut, in the time I gave you. I'm going to touch you up with my strap for that failure. Six strokes per lost orgasm, and six more if you can't eat Mistress Theresa to orgasm while I'm at it. Mistress, your seat." She held out her hand like a Maître D' offering a chair to a patron.

Her mind awhirl, Tess settled her ass onto the girl's face. Too gently, evidently, because Catherine immediately mimed that she was to sit. Tess sat. It felt really funny, her ass cheeks separating about what she knew was the face of a stranger. "Any tongue action yet, Mistress?"

"Not yet, Lady Catherine. The slut seems to be disinterested in my gift."

SSSSThhhwack! The girl jerked and screamed into Tessa's ass. What a unique feeling. "That one doesn't count, slut. Get that tongue busy. I want to hear some serious slurping and some serious Mistress pleasure sounds. Mistress went and got a load of male spunk for you to eat and you had better clean her out. Now!" The strap struck again. The tongue was there, in her ass!

Catherine watched both the slave and her apprentice with a smile. Tessa had obviously picked up on her clues. She was doing all she could to hide any response to the oral assault on her ass. She finished the last of the first eighteen and Tess had managed to keep her silence. "Pitiful, you useless slut, just pitiful. That's a well earned additional half dozen." The slut's ass was bright red now, so Catherine let up on the force a bit. The girl would have a hard enough time sitting for a while.

Tessa was biting her lip to keep from moaning her pleasure, but she did hold out and gave away nothing of what she was feeling to the slave. Excellent. "Enough. I am disgusted. Let's get out of here, Mistress. This slut is not worth our effort."

Catherine made a couple of quick adjustments to the toe plate and dildo bar. When she finished, Tess saw that the girl could no longer reach the plate, but the dildo was just as deep in her as before. Catherine pulled the plate back and let it go. The dildo started sliding in and out of the girl; oscillating under the spring force, driving those rubber spikes into her clit over and over again. "That will keep you busy until I can be bothered to have someone get rid of you. Mistress?" Catherine headed for the door.

Once outside with the door shut, May joined them. "Did you cum in there, Tess?"

Tess shook her head shyly. "No, Milady. I was working too hard not to show how turned on I was that I couldn't let go."

An understanding smile lit features that Tess normally thought of as stern. "That's okay. Hardest part of the business and happens to all dommes in training. Now." Her tone changed back to her 'Mistress in command' voice. "Before you take her off, May, we need to take care of something. Restrain her hands please." Catherine said. May gripped Tessa's hands in surprisingly strong grips and then spun, putting her back to Tess and levering her shoulder into Tessa's armpits. Bending hard at the waist, May succeeded in 'horsing' the taller Tess off her feet, and making her bend at the waist, too.

"You failed to make a proper obeisance to Lord William earlier, Tessa. He has imposed a five stroke penalty with the strap as your discipline. Now be a good girl and take it like a woman. You wouldn't want that slut in the room to know you are being punished."

Taking the strap without yelling was horrible. Tess was certain she'd never sit again. She refused to sit for May to remove the makeup so May gave her the cold cream and let her do it herself. The black paint had run. She looked like a demented raccoon.

Partnering Chapter 9 Discovery Learning


Tess stepped gingerly into the apartment to find Barb laying on her stomach on the floor, watching TV. "Hi Barb. Furniture broken?"

Her blond roommate gave her a dirty look. "No, stupid, I had a rough scene at the Academy." As if you didn't know. You helped do it to me.

"Gee, I know how that goes. I got strapped today myself. Is there room for me on that floor?"

Barb's head spun in surprise. She didn't know. She really didn't know. She'd paddled Barb's ass, and stuck her cum filled ass in Barb's face and she did not know. Well, if she played that rough, maybe Barb wasn't as interested in playing in Tessa's bed as she thought. Dammit. She hadn't sent Tess there to become a Bitch Mistress. And William had made her promise to keep paying for her training on pain of being expelled from the Academy herself. Shit, shit and double shit.

Catherine and William

"Well, I liked that!" Catherine fought hard to put the correct note of acerbic disgust in her voice. Somehow though, bent over the back of an easy chair, her black satin, Victorian Governess skirts thrown over the top of her head, William's spent cock shrinking out her pussy after he'd just fucked her into sublime insensibility, her attempt at a bitchy tone lost something. William had caught her by surprise as she'd returned from dealing with a naughty boy client in the Nursery, and had ravished her. Quite well, too, thank you very much, but she couldn't let him off that easily.

A very satisfied, thoroughly male chuckle answered her. "Yeah, me, too." Soft, wet kisses tickled at the salty nape of her neck beneath her severe hair bun. Catherine started to squirm in spite of herself. Damn the man. Why couldn't she ever resist him? Another chuckle as she felt his erection start to reassert itself. "In fact, my love, I think I'm going to like it again."

Catherine gave up the battle. "More than you might think, my love." Her voice was throaty in arousal. Muscles trained by long effort contracted and gripped her lover's cock in a velvet vise. His answering groan of dismay brought a grin of shear devilment to her face. Two could play at ravishment.

Later, in their bed chamber, William unlaced Catherine's corset, kissing each newly uncovered inch of skin. Catherine leaned languidly against their bedpost, basking in the affectionate attentions of her mate. "Not that I mind, William, but to what do I owe this enthusiastic greeting? I mean, I wear my 'Nanny Kate' get-up pretty regularly and I don't remember getting attacked before. Trust me, I would remember."

William finished undoing the corset and lifted it over her head. "The sweet glow of triumph and a healthy dose of voyeur induced hornies."

"You had several scenes today. You could have kept the so-lovely Miss Sutton and gotten your rocks off. Why lie in wait for me?"

William took his lover in his arms and looked her in the eyes. "One, because the triumph was with Patrick. He broke Tess in beautifully and made her climax her very first time, while fucking her ass, no less. That's our triumph, luv. Patrick is back all the way, now, and I wanted to share that with you. Two, I only wanted you, so all my clients left their lessons, quite satisfied, mind you, but satisfied by their own hands."

Unwilling to pursue this subject where it was going, Catherine changed the direction of the conversation. "They both did so well, today. Tess even took her strapping well."

I'll let you off, this time, lover, William thought to himself, but not much longer. "Well, that little teaser was necessary to divert Barb from confronting Tess at home."

Catherine smirked. "Oh, I think the condition of Miss Sutton's ass when Tess got done with it will give her pause, too. Mistress Theresa has more than a little potential with that paddle, although I think she will always prefer to be the bottom."

"Just as well. You were right on about Patrick. He has all the instincts and moves to be a hell of a Master. I think you better get busy with your ass toughening exercises, lover. You are going to be in Room 3-5 with that young man before very long. I think he's about ready for his final exam."

Mixed emotions assailed Catherine. On one hand, pleasure at her ultimate success and joy for Patrick, whom she had come to care for, on his recovery. On the other side of the ledger, was the memory of the caning she'd taken at Patrick's hand coupled with sadness over the impending end of their sessions together. Patrick remained a challenge to top and Catherine thrived on challenges. "How soon?"

"I think we bring him in and set it before him. She has no limits in her contract other than the ones the Academy imposes. She can only stop a scene, she can't veto a scene or an Instructor. It looks like a go."

Catherine grimaced, her hand moving instinctively to rub her bottom. Then had another thought. "Well, that session will take a while to set up. In the meantime, I wanted to remind you that we are coming up on our regular biweekly in the dungeon and it's my turn to wield the whip. And I know just what I want to do, O fearless Master." An evil grin lit her features as she played the scene out in her mind.

He should have been scared witless. The scene was going to be a sonuvabitch. But he wasn't. She loved him too much to hurt him and she was what he had trained her to be: the perfect mate for Lord William of the Boyleston Academy. This was part of it. If she didn't love getting him when it was her turn, they wouldn't be as good together as they were. "Care to give Willie a hint, there, lover?"

Catherine patted him on the cheek. "Of course not, lover. That would spoil half my fun. Now get into bed. My pussy needs some attention."


Patrick awaited Catherine's arrival in the dressing room outfitted in his dominant leathers. That was strange because this was supposed to be his normal session under Catherine's Instruction. Scenes in which Patrick was a top usually involved Instruction with William and were normally separate from his times with the Lady Catherine. He'd worry about that later, though. Just now, Patrick simply felt too good to worry about such things.

His date last night had gone very well. He was sure now that she would say yes when he popped the question. And he would pop the question just as soon as he completed his course of study with William and Catherine. He wanted every last doubt about his lovemaking skills dispensed with before he asked his little love for her final commitment. A grin lit his face as he remembered her ardent response to their necking in his car last night.

He'd been concerned about that, too. A girl brought up by nuns might have a hard time dealing with the more physical aspects of a loving marriage. No problems there. It had been all he could do not to take her in the front seat, however difficult bucket seats might have made that. He could have sworn she had orgasmed, just from their kiss, pet and nibble play. Too bad about the D/S stuff he was learning here. That was probably more than she could handle, at least for now. He'd be patient with his little love, take it slow. Maybe Catherine would have some suggestions on how to proceed. Yeah, he'd ask Cathy.

That happy thought was disrupted by Lady Catherine's entry into the room. She was beautiful as always. The black leather suit looked like it had been applied with a paint brush. Thigh boots and opera gloves covered her limbs in black seduction. A silver tiara glinted in her mane of ashen hair. She carried her strap and a black rattan cane. At her hips, she wore the cock harness again. Patrick had been treated to several more ass fuckings by Catherine since that first successful scene, and with progressively more challenging dildos, but it still was not his favorite scene. And he had never taken anything the size of the cock that bounced at the apex of her thighs today. The toy was only five or six inches long, but it was fully as big around as his own dick. His dismay must have shown on his face. Catherine laughed wickedly and reached down to grip and fondle her dick for his perusal.

"Like my dickie, patty?" her soft, teasing voice taunted. "You can handle it, boy, just remember the little clown. She was an ass virgin and she took you up the back door, and she loved it." She moved behind Pat to let him feel the dildo at his ass while she continued to tease him with her husky whisper. "You know I'd make you love it, too, little patty. No matter how much you think you shouldn't like it, I'm just too good and you would love it."

She strode back in front of him and her voice changed back to the no-nonsense Instructress who had orchestrated his recovery. "It's just sex, Pat, and if it feels good, you should simply enjoy it as the ultimate gift of the higher powers. Just for the record, this isn't for you, although everything I said was true. After we get done, you may wish that my plans had been to fuck your ass with this toy."

"Patrick, you will be a top in this scene, but I want you to follow my lead and do as I ask. Remember what I said. It's sex and if it feels good, then it's okay. If you find you can't continue at any point, I want you to simply leave the room and I will accept that as your safety code. I will be disappointed because no one else will be pressed beyond mutually agreed upon physical limits in this scene." What in god's name did that mean? "I will understand if you quit, but I will be disappointed." She handed him the cane. "The scene involves a couple and I want the man to receive twelve of your best with that cane. Pick your time, I think you'll see when it is appropriate. Other than that, follow my lead and try to have some fun. Okay?"

More confused than ever, Pat nodded, then remembered he wanted to talk to Catherine afterwards. "Milady, could I speak to Cathy for a few minutes after we finish? I have a personal issue and I need some feminine advice." At a loss to determine what that might be, Catherine gave a suitably imperious nod and opened the door to leave.

Pat followed Catherine down the long hallway to the middle house. Once there, she led him down the stairs into the basement. Like most of the older, New England houses, the basement was rock/cement walls and braced with wooden beams. It was dark from too little lighting and somewhat damp and musty from too little ventilation. Unlike other local house basements, this one was filled with working models of equipment from a Medieval torture chamber.

A closer look at those devices would reveal that, like all the equipment at the Academy, safety features had been added. However most clients were too excited and too anxious to notice that the iron maiden had air holes and that the spikes were too short to really cut into their body. Or that the spikes retracted on the slightest resistance. A client who was really into a scene wouldn't see the strain gauges on the rack, or the first aid kits hidden among the cabinets. They, hopefully, would never see the safety monitor video cameras or the 'panic buttons' installed at each station. Patrick's newly trained eyes were starting to notice such things and was pleased that they were there.

Catherine moved briskly to a cell just off the main torture chamber. What Patrick saw in that room brought him up short. In the center of the room was what looked to be a cooking spit with the two clients for the scene tied to it. The spit stood about two and a half feet off the floor so that it could turn freely without either of the bound submissives hitting the floor. Actually, the spit was made of two parallel bars separated by about two feet. The man and woman were tied in a classic 69 with their arms handcuffed behind each other's hips. Their ankles were tied to their thighs and their knees were tied to the outside of the bars.

But the piece de resistance was the very strict combination blindfold and discipline helmet each submissive wore tightly about their heads and necks. Very unique discipline helmets. What was so special about these items was that attached to the mouth hole of each helmet was what looked to be a leather jockstrap. These jocks were buckled tightly around the waist and outside the ass cheeks of the other bottom, forcing the mouth of the helmet wearer into the groin of the jock wearer. The girl had to have the man's cock in her mouth. She couldn't get that tight to him otherwise. Similarly, the man's nose had to be mashed on her pubic bone,

Wide belts were wound about the pair to snug their bodies up as close to each other as possible and for their mutual safety on the spit.

Catherine sauntered over to the bound pair, announcing her presence by a light touch to each of them. She sat on the spit near the man's head. His body was on top of the girl's. She gave Pat a smug grin. "Impressive, eh, Master Donald? I'm quite proud of this lesson as it's my own design. Allow me a little pride and permit me to tell you a few of the more subtle aspects of this little human sculpture." Her hand gripped the waist strap of the girl's jockstrap and pulled sharply. The woman's response was incredible. She bucked against her bonds, bouncing the head buckled to her groin which got a humming, dismayed sound from the man.

"Interesting reaction, eh? Well, before these two got buckled up, I used a feeding tube to force feed a couple of quarts of water, flavored with a very mild herbal diuretic into their tummies. They've been like this for about an hour now so the water and the herbs are making their little pee-pees very uncomfortable. These jockstraps not only hold their noses to the grindstone, but they put steady pressure on their overloaded bladders. So, when I pull, like this," She jerked up on the man's jockstrap. His hips rolled, trying to relieve the pressure, bouncing the girl's head. "I increase that pressure on their overloaded bladders."

She stood and walked over to Pat. "Now, I'm not completely unreasonable. I promised them that the scene would end in two hours or when both of them had orgasmed, whichever came first. If they can hold off peeing in each other's face long enough to meet either of those criteria, I set them free and point them to the nearest bathroom. Isn't that fair, Master?"

"Oh, eminently, Lady Catherine. I do think that the test is a little easy, though. Not to be critical, you understand, but don't you think we should make it just.." Patrick made a whizzing sound with his cane, "a bit more challenging for them?"

That earned a grin of approval from Catherine. There was nothing resembling a smile in her voice. "I said 'fair', Master Donald, I said nothing about being 'nice' or 'easy'. We will definitely make it more challenging for these two." She brought her strap down on the exposed male ass before her. One of her lighter ones for what Pat could tell, but he certainly jumped. If his bladder was that full, the slightest movement must be pure hell. "In fact, I will consider the whole thing a failure if they both don't get to drink some piss today." Her voice became low and evil. "Do you know how hard it is for you to come when you have to piss?" Pat indicated that he did. "Trust me, it isn't any different for a cunt than for a dick. So coming means that both our charges will have relieved themselves first. The only way they win is to go the next hour without pissing."

Pat swished his crop again, this time so the girl could hear and identify the sound. "In that case, Milady, I suggest that we endeavor to make them forget themselves for the next hour. I can think of many ways to provide them with, ahhhmm, other sources of stimulation?"

"Excellent, then, lets begin." She reached up and took a hanging switch and pressed the red button. Instantly, the spit started turning, taking about five seconds to make each full rotation. "That will help mix up their insides a bit. Lets help them a little more, shall we?"

She handed Pat a long, leather paddle and picked one up for herself. She stationed herself at the male ass and offered Pat the female's. When the man's butt reached apogee, she struck. Pat saw that the blow was really more for sound than for effect, and followed suit on his target. For the next couple of minutes, the two tops gleefully paddled the two bottoms as they swung around on their spit. The spanking was really gentle, as such things go, but the two asses were turning a nice shiny pink when Catherine stopped the spit. "Need to check the internal temperature to see if our pullets are getting done, Master."

She dipped her index finger into a tub of lubricant that Pat hadn't noticed before, but was right near the 'spanking stations' and then shoved her finger up the man's ass. He went rigid as the unexpected finger sank to the hilt, squirming as much as he could in his predicament, and making the most god awful sounds into his partner's pussy. Catherine worked her finger around thoroughly, making sure to tickle the prostate before withdrawing and hitting the on switch until the female's ass was on top. "Mine isn't nearly done, Master Donald, how about yours?"

Pat mimicked Catherine's trick, but added his own variation by pressing lightly on her perineum with his thumb. The woman's response was equally satisfying. Catherine restarted the motor and they repeated the activity several times. It occurred to Pat that the purpose was not to spank, but to lubricate their asses. He made sure his submissive got a full load of lubricant.

During a short break with the girl resting on top, Pat noticed the bare feet twitching helplessly against the girl's thighs. "Milady, have you ever been tickled until you wet your pants?" He ran a lazy, lubricant slick, finger down the ridged sole of the girl's foot. The leather groaned as she jerked in response. The man gave a yell of shock. The little bitch must have bitten him. "Better be careful with those teeth little slave," he said in her ear, I think that he might find it hard to hold off filling your mouth with pee if you bite him."

Catherine's look of shock, then mirth pleased Patrick greatly. "I have never lost control of myself, Master Donald. But it might be entertaining to evaluate their control. And I have just the thing to test them with." She left and returned with a pair of ostrich feathers. Handing one to Pat, she positioned herself on the girl's right foot, leaving the left to Patrick.

They attacked her feet with the silky feathers. The girl had to be one of the most ticklish people in the world. The garbled noise that passed for laughter grew in pitch and intensity. She was gasping for air, making sounds that were probably intended to be 'no', but mostly she was giggling and laughing and shaking. Pat slipped a finger up her exposed ass and started fucking her with it. She was going higher, but the pressure of her bladder held her off the peak. She was becoming almost hysterical in her need to pee and climax, when Catherine pulled up sharply on the girl's jockstrap.

That was all she could take. With a heartfelt groan, the floodgates opened. Strong, yellow urine was coming out the nose and ear holes of the man's discipline helmet. Pat hoped he wouldn't drown. Once started, the girl could not stem the flow and she peed for a good thirty seconds before the tide stopped. Angry snarls issued from her pussy, but Catherine looked pleased.

"Well done, Master Donald, one down, one to go. Unfortunately, I know this slave and he is not in the least ticklish. I'm afraid it is the more direct approach with him." She rolled the man to the top of the spit. Patrick decided that this was the time for him to use the cane.

"Well, Milady, I just might have the solution there, too." Without warning, Patrick struck. He remembered the time with the woman in the training room and used the same technique and pattern. The man was straining to free himself, making no end of noise. The vibrations from those noise were having a very definite effect on his partner who was not blocked by her bladder anymore. She was humming her way toward a major orgasm under the man's unwilling oral ministrations.

He held his water for the first eleven strokes. The final cross stroke did him in. When he lost it, the girl came. It was a fairly noisy few minutes. Catherine rolled them onto their sides so they could finish draining then rolled the man back up on top.

"It seems to me, that our little one has cum, but our male friend here hasn't. I'm concerned that he might not. He's a little large and she might not be able to give him a decent sucking the way they are locked so tightly together. So, we'll just have to help him." She stepped directly behind the tied down male and carefully aligned her dildo to his ass. The lubrication was there from the paddling, just as she'd planned. An experienced ass, the male resisted only momentarily, then relaxed and accepted the inevitable. The dildo popped past the initial barrier, then slid in under Catherine's cautious hip thrust. Once she had fully inserted the toy, she began a careful fucking motion, gradually increasing her speed and stroke length until she was sliding the entire dildo in and out on each stroke,

This started getting to the man who tried to meet the strokes. The small, jerky hip movements he could manage were probably helping the girl tease his cock, too. Catherine fucked him slowly for about five minutes when her eyes went closed and her body shuddered in climax. The base had gotten her clit on each stroke, too. Patrick was as hard as a board, himself. Seeing this gorgeous woman dildo fuck that unknown man up his ass was the most exciting thing he'd seen in a long time.

She withdrew her toy and took a deep breath. "I don't seem to be getting his attention, Master Donald. Would you mind continuing? It appears that a larger tool is needed."

Patrick gaped at her in amazement. That's what that little talk in the dressing room had been all about. She wanted him to fuck another man. Patrick was stunned. This was outside the boundaries they had set at the beginning. It was a violation of the agreed upon limits. He started to leave. A sniff at his back stopped him. He turned to see Catherine staring at him. Dammit, it was a promise, a trust and this was outside its bounds.

And she was going to be disappointed in him. Pat didn't even know if he could keep a hardon long enough to get it up the guy's butt. Catherine was going to be disappointed in him. It felt like failing to live up to his big sister's expectations.

Okay, so he'd at least try. If he couldn't get it up, he couldn't get it up. Maybe, if he had some help. Yeah, like the only free mouth in the room.

Catherine watched Patrick's inner battle. Had she gone too far? She had exceeded the limits of their original agreement and she hadn't explained the scene to him as their second agreement dictated. If he left, she had only herself to blame. She saw his demeanor change and he walked over to her with determination in his eyes. Uh oh.

Patrick grabbed Catherine's mane of hair and pulled her to her knees in front of him. "Prepare me, Lady Catherine." She opened her mouth to protest and got a mouthful of cock. "If you wish me to deal with your slave, I must be prepared. Now do it!"

Catherine did it. The bastard had turned the tables on her and taken charge of her scene. She sucked his cock with every bit of skill that fifteen years as a professional hedonist developed. Well, she had told William he'd take over on her one day, but why did it have to be today? William would never let her live it down.

Patrick arrogantly pulled himself free of her mouth once he was hard again. He strode to the man and after centering his cock on the target, closed his eyes and pushed carefully. The ass was still loose from Catherine's treatment and he slid in to the hilt without trouble. He started to fuck the "ass". Pat very carefully did not think of it as "the male's ass", just the "ass". With his eyes closed, it felt the same as the clown's ass, just not as tight. He increased the pace, trying to get it over with. The "ass" was squeezing his dick harder now, Pat heard more noise, felt more movement from the tied pair in front of him. Suddenly, the "ass" gripped him convulsively, spasming and contracting about his cock. The girl squealed around a cock that was once again pumping liquid into her mouth.

It was over. Patrick withdrew from the "ass", still erect. He looked down at his cock that was starting to relax now that the constriction of the anal ring was gone. Maybe he still had much to learn. That had not gone well, for him at least. He would have to talk to Catherine about it. For now, he had to help her finish the scene.

Catherine rolled the twosome onto their sides. She hit the call button for May to come and release these two. She had to get Pat out of here and deal with what had just happened. She had pushed. He had responded and tried, but he was not bisexual. He had not found it erotic to fuck his own sex.

When the spit stopped turning, Pat looked at Catherine standing at the woman's head for a signal of what to do next. She was fiddling with some other button so he dropped his eyes to look at the girl and his blood froze. There, attached to the ear extending from the ear hole in the helmet, was a gold ear ring. It was an heirloom, a one of a kind design. Pat knew that because last night, he had given that ear ring, and the one he was certain was on the other ear, to his almost fiancee, Theresa Donelli. With a howl of anger, he turned and ran from the room. Catherine saw him leave, hit the nearest panic button, and took off after Pat as fast as she could in those thrice damned heels.

Partnering Chapter 10 Confrontation and Commitment

Catherine, Patrick and William.

The monitors caught up with Patrick in the dressing room and only tried to keep him from leaving. None of them was too excited about facing Pat again. Catherine arrived moments later. She cleared the room with an imperious wave, and went over to kneel in front of a very distraught Patrick.

"Patrick, I'm sorry. You should have left the scene. I'm sorry I pressed the Bi-try. It is part of the training sequence and I thought you should experience it. I should not have exceeded the limits of our contract without your prior concurrence. It's just that I thought that if you got into the scene first, got into the excitement, it would be easier for you to let go and enjoy it. I thought that if you had all that time to think about making love to another man, you'd blow it all out of proportion and freak out before you even tried." She reached out to rub his shoulders. Damn, he was freaking. Where the hell was May? "Talk to me, Pat. Dammit, call me a perverted, lying bitch, but talk to me."

A deep, shuddering gasp came from the young man beside her. "That's not it. It was a stinking, lousy trick on your part, and it wasn't much fun, but that isn't it. That girl, the one on the spit. " he lost control and fought to regain it. "She's my fiancee! Or at least, she was going to be once I got the self confidence to ask her." he gasped out. He started laugh a little hysterically, "And you know what? All this time," more half laughs mixed with sobs, "all this time, I've been holding back, respecting her wish to go to our wedding night a virgin. And where do I find her? At a God Damned whore house, sucking some other guy's cock in a kinky sex scene!"

A strong hand reached down to grip Patrick by the shoulder and shake him. "We need to talk, lad." Patrick and Catherine looked up to see a disheveled, nude Lord William. "Come now. Let's go to my rooms and talk. We owe you some explanations and, given what we've accomplished with you here, you owe us an opportunity to explain." He reached down to help the semi lethargic young man to his feet. "And we also deserve better from you than to be called any type of whore house. C'mon. Let's get some brandy. I think this is going to be a long afternoon.

Patrick sat in one of William's den chairs. William, now in his robe, stood by the brick hearth while Catherine took the other chair. Pat took a couple of deep pulls on the generous snifter of brandy Catherine had poured for him, then seemed to recover himself. The whole thing seemed surreal to him. His Tessa, here? His Tessa, playing slave in one of the Academy's kinky scenarios?

William walked over to prop himself gingerly on the arm of Catherine's chair. "Okay, Pat, let's talk a bit." William told Pat about how Tess had come to the Academy, about her desire to become skilled at lovemaking for their wedding night. William told Pat about her training, including the fact that Pat had been the one to deflower her mouth and ass. "She is still a virgin in the technical sense, Pat. She has not made love to anyone that way. She hasn't betrayed you any more than you've betrayed her by coming here. In fact, until today, she hasn't done anything more with any other man than jerk me off."

Pat looked at his mentor. His wording begged the question. "With a man. Does that mean she is working with some of the women here?" William nodded. "Was it Tessa that you had me cane?"

William looked to his lover and she nodded. Catherine spoke up. "No, Pat, it wasn't Tessa you corrected; it was me. It was my ass you caned and my training you broke that day."

"You? Not Tess? Thank God for that." Pat muttered.

"Not that she couldn't have taken it or even gotten some pleasure from it." Catherine put in with some asperity. "You might as well know that Tess is, by inclination, a superb slave. That's one of the reasons we started training you as a top and why we had you work her in training. You were learning to please the other."

"What gave you the right to make that decision for us? Who made you God when I wasn't looking?" His voice was hoarse with the emotion he fought to control. His hands opened and closed reflexively as he tried to remember the exercises he'd learned from his martial arts teachers for controlling anger.

William instinctively stepped between the furious young man and his mate. "She did, Pat, at least for her. I'll show you the contract so you know what her limits are. We've abided by them, too. With you, rightly or wrongly, we took the right. You needed help and we couldn't be sure how you'd react if we put the question to you. We thought that if you were successful with Tess under our supervision where we could help avoid problems, it would give you the confidence you needed to take the next step with her. It seemed like the best thing to do. And it did help you. And you have nothing to worry about when you take her to your bed. She loves your lovemaking."

Pat's face went bright red and he started to stand. William pushed him back into the chair. "There's just a couple more things you need to hear, Pat. About the woman who laughed at you." Pat listened to the entire plot as William and Catherine had reconstructed it. "And that's it. We have no proof, but Barb has all but admitted her part in it. We've taken care of that, too, by the way."

"You've taken care of just everything. Anything else, your most high lordship, sir?" Pat practically bit off each syllable, his tone colored by his anger and hurt.

His patience exhausted, William finally exploded. "Yeah, I've got something to say. Everything that's happened is because somebody cares about you. Tess wants to be perfect for you so she comes here, stays a virgin and trains to be the best, most skilled lover she can be. Cat and I have spent hours working you and working with you because we like you and because we want you to be all that you were and all that you can be. Okay, so maybe the thing with Tess was a mistake. Maybe we should have handled that differently once we figured out her relationship to you, but you benefited from the things we did with you two and so did she. Don't be an ass, Pat. Care for the people who care for you, in whatever way they need that caring. Its the only thing that makes life worth living."

Pat stood again, this time his stance indicating he was ready to fight any attempt to hold him back. William let him go. Catherine hurried to the door to catch him before he left. She reached him just as he reached for the doorknob and put her hand on his arm to get his attention. "Pat?" He turned to face her, his grey eyes black with uncontrolled emotion. "Please call when you've calmed down. Okay?" Pat stared at her for a few seconds, trying to fathom what she wanted. Then, he inhaled deeply, shrugged and finally nodded. "And Pat, Theresa loves you a lot. Don't hurt her. She doesn't deserve that." Another nod and he was out the door. Catherine peaked out to see May leading him back to his clothes.

Catherine turned back to her lover. "Not one of my better efforts. I never thought he'd recognize her in that damned helmet." and she burst into tears.

William gathered her into his arms to comfort her. "Its okay. The scene was fine until he saw it was Tess. I don't think he'll ever play bi again, but hell, most of our clients don't after the initial lesson. Don't worry, sweetheart, he'll be back, once he calms down. He'll see the whole thing more clearly after he's had a chance to think it over. Besides, he'll want Vera."

"How was Tess?"

"A little dazed. She still doesn't know why everything ended so abruptly. I had May tell her the other bottom had a medical emergency. Other than that, she's okay."

"What now, Will?"

Walking her back to her chair, he settled her into his lap. He only grimaced a little when his flaming butt hit the chair. Damn, but that kid was pure hell with that cane. Payback point to you, Cathy m'girl. He cuddled her closer. "We wait, love. We wait."

Patrick and Theresa

The door bell rang in Tessa's apartment. Barb was out, as she was so often these days, so Tess had to answer the door. She groaned as sore leg and thigh muscles indicated their disapproval at being moved. That bondage scene yesterday was the toughest she'd been in to date. Thirty six hours was not enough time to recover. She grinned. It had been exciting, though, even when she'd gotten peed on. Would Patrick play games like that with her when they married?

She looked through the peep hole to see a very disheveled, unshaven Patrick McDonald. She couldn't remember seeing him look like that. She opened the door to let him in. "Hi, Pat. Are you okay?"

"I am now. Hi, babe." He pulled her into his arms and took possession of her mouth with his. As kisses go, this was a brand of ownership, and the newly sensitized and sensual Tess, melted. Then she flamed back up at him, aroused by his claim, until he pulled her back from him. Her passion drugged mind rebelled at this, but Pat held her firmly. Darn, but he was strong. "We need to talk a bit, Tess, and I can't do that and kiss you at the same time."

God, but he looked sexy like that. "Can't we talk later?" Where did that pouty little voice come from?

Pat pushed her gently onto the couch and then sat opposite her in one of the chairs. "Talk now, cuddle and other stuff later."

Still feeling very turned on, Tess patted the couch and gave him her best sultry, 'come hither' look, "You could sit here and talk, couldn't you?" My god, she thought, I'm wheedling!

Pat grinned. It was going to be okay. "No, love, I don't think I'd get any talking done on that couch. Now behave, okay?" She gave him a "well, if I really have to" shrug, and settled back onto the couch, squirming to get comfortable and to get his attention.

Once Tess saw she had Pat's full attention, she very slowly lifted her right leg and slid it over her left, crossing them at the knees. She let her loafer fall off her foot to hang lazily on her toe. Good thing she was wearing shorts, today, but damn, if he was going to show up unannounced, she was going to have to start wearing heels at home. "Okay." Her tone said otherwise, then brightened as she saw the impact of her little ploy. "So, what did you want to talk about."

The moment of truth, Pat thought. "You, me and us. Marriage. Our future together. Kids, grandkids. And the Boyleston Academy, not necessarily in that order."

All color drained from Tessa's face at the mention of the Academy. How did he even know of its existence? Her mouth opened and shut several times, but nothing came out. Finally she made the supreme effort and choked out, "How did you find out?"

"The scene yesterday with Lady Catherine and Master Donald? I'm Donald. And," He pointed to the heirloom earrings she still wore. "I saw those at the end of the scene. I knew you had to be the slave girl with her mouth full. It wasn't the first time with you, but it was the first time I knew it was you."

"Whe... when? The other times, I mean?" She was shaking, now. Patrick was the Master who had made her pee herself all over that other slave? Her easy going, laughing, loving Patrick was that strict, demanding voice who had been haunting her dreams and fantasies ever since??!? This wasn't at all how she had imagined him finding out. She wasn't sure she'd ever thought about him finding out. Was he going to leave her?

Pat moved to her and scooped her into his lap. "Hello, little clown." he said as he sat back down.

Indignation took hold of her, replacing of her fear, "You, it was you? The Gladiator?"

Pat smiled. "Yep. You have a very cute and very sexy little ass, by the way. And the time when some slaveboy came and ate your pussy when you having your period? Slave patty, at your service, ma'am."

Slave patty? She looked up at his face in shock. Why, he was grinning at her like a loon. Whatever he was, Tess decided, he wasn't angry. She relaxed a little and cuddled closer to him. "Why didn't you say anything yesterday?"

"Overdose of macho, I guess. I'm afraid I was not very nice to Catherine and William when I left, either. They tried to explain about you and about why you were there, but I was just too blown away to behave rationally. I spent the night driving around town, just thinking. I'm parked someplace where I ran out of gas or I would have been here sooner. I'm not sure exactly where that someplace is, but its a long walk form there to here, I'm afraid." He was suddenly hugging her so tightly she squeaked in alarm. "I can't believe you did that, that you went to that place and did what you did for me."

"You don't mind? I mean, I still a virgin, but I am a lot more experienced, now. And I really want to be everything you could want in a lover." Her tone became fierce. "I want to be every woman for you."

"Even if what I want is a sexy little slave slut to tease and discipline? I am much more Master Donald than slave patty."

"Oh, Pat, I am much more your little clown than Mistress Theresa." She blushed under his searching gaze. "I really do enjoy sexy submission games, you know, the loving bondage, the costumes and even the spankings." She hastened to add. "I'm not that way in my other roles. I mean, I am still a hard charger at school, and in my part time job. I'm not a door mat for anyone."

"Mistress Theresa, huh? So if slave patty wants to come out and play every once and a while?"

"He'll find a ready and willing paddle for his naughty little fanny. I'm still learning the other parts of the games, but I do swing a mean paddle and I have a vivid imagination." She gave not so subtle emphasis to that last statement. Pat had never seen her grin like that. Come to think of it, she reminded him of Catherine when she was about to put one over on him. Oh, but life was going to be so sweet.

"Do you love me, little clown? The forever and ever kind? Enough to wear my ring as a symbol of my ownership of you?" Theresa's response was simple and direct; she held out her left hand and pointed her left ring finger at him. "Marry me, little clown, please." He held out the heirloom ring that matched the ear rings.

"Oh, yes." The ring went on the finger and the pair went on the floor, rolling in each other's arms. Only their tight blue jeans stopped them from anticipating their wedding night.

Later, the initial burst of emotion spent, they cuddled on the couch, just touching, exploring, feeling. "You should have made love to me. I'm ready."

"Nope, not 'till our wedding night, just like we planned. Besides, after my night of self examination, I'm too pooped to do a proper job of it. That's not to say, we can't have repeats of our experiences at the Academy. Like I said, you have a very sexy little bottom and your mouth isn't half bad either, but that membrane stays until you wear my other ring. Besides, I think we will need to undertake a little training program before the wedding. I am confident Lord William and Lady Catherine gave you the basics, but I need to give you advanced lessons in pleasing me."

Tess frowned at this, she didn't like the idea of waiting any longer at all. She'd just have to work on him. Try out her new wings. We'll see who's a virgin on our wedding night. And if he was going to train her, she'd have plenty of opportunity to test his resolve. How long could any man resist a slave girl who adored and wanted him as much as she did? Tess was going to enjoy that battle of the sexes, no matter how it turned out. Another thought hit her. "Pat?" He lifted an eyebrow in answer, too tired from the lack of sleep to do much more. "Why were you at the Academy? Did you go there to learn how to be a Master?"

Might as well get it all out, Patrick, m'lad. "Its a long story, but here goes."

When he'd finished, Tessa's eye's were tear filled and flashing in anger. "She did that? To you? And Barb was involved?" Pat nodded. "I'll kill her. I'll strip her in the street and beat her ass red. I'll mmmph.." Pat silenced her with a finger to her lips.

"I think you already took care of Barb, love. I don't know for sure, but I gather from comments made by William that Mistress Theresa had a paddle session with an unknown female, recently." Unsure of where this was leading and still rather shy about that side of her personality, Tess nodded. "I think Barb knows who did it to her even if you didn't know it was Barb's ass you reddened with your paddle."

Surprised, then pensive, Tess nodded. "It could have been her. The slave's figure was about right, now that you mention it. She didn't show any hair. She wore a mask and her pussy was sh.." Tess broke off, blushing. Patrick chuckled that she still could. Tess plunged on in a rush. "And she's been pretty scarce ever since. But what about that other bitch, the sister? Are we going to let her get away with what she did to you?" Her body language was saying 'no way' in no uncertain terms.

"William and Catherine will help with that. They will let me have a session with her if I want it. Or at least, they were going to until I made an ass of myself yesterday."

"Oh, they'll forgive you. They screwed up more than you did and they know it. They knew what was going on. You didn't. Still, I like them both, even when they make my bottom smart or make me feel like a fool." Tess made a mental note to figure out a way to keep going to the Academy. Maybe she'd always go with Pat so he could be in charge and order her to do things. Like lick pussies. Yeah, she'd have to see to that somehow. "So, what are you going to do to the bitch? Fix her so she can't sit down for a month?"

"Love, I am much more subtle than that. If you say its all right for me to play with her, now that we are fully engaged, I intend to make the punishment fit the crime."

"Absolutely." Tess was practically snarling. "Whatever you do to that bitch can't be bad enough."

"Are you sure? I belong to you as much as you belong to me."

"Do it, Pat. You can't let her get away with that. Afterwards, though, this," she reached down to grab the semi hard mass of his dick in his jeans, "becomes the exclusive property of Tessa and Mistress Theresa, to be used for our pleasure and at our direction." She gave him a sudden, almost painful squeeze in emphasis. "Got that?"

"You bet, love. You bet."


>>Ring<< >>Ring<< >>click<< "555-9876, May speaking. May I help you?"

"Lady Catherine, please, May."

"The Lady is instructing at the moment. If you wish to speak with her, I will set up an appointment at her convenience for you to call. Your name please?"

"May, this is Patrick McDon.."

"Patrick!" the voice reverberated in his ear. "Why the hell didn't you say so. Are you all right? Omigod, don't hang up. Hold on, okay?" The line went on hold. May was glad to hear from him, at any rate. Even if she didn't let him get a word in edgewise.

The connection went live again and he had to hold the receiver away from his ear. "Pat, is it really you? Where the hell are you? Where the hell have you been? We've been looking and calling everywhere for hours. Why the hell haven't you called?" For all her fury, Catherine sounded breathless, as if she had run for the phone.

Pat chuckled at her diatribe. She still cared enough to get mad. It really was going to be all right. All around. He hadn't fucked it up beyond repair. "Yes, its me. I'm at Tessa's. Driving around town just feeling and thinking. Sorry. And this is the first chance I've had to make a call since I made the decision to talk to Tess. I think I got all your questions in order." An splutter of feminine outrage sounded in the earpiece. "Cathy, Tess has agreed to marry me. We've talked everything through and we're going to get married. You were right, after all."

"When you say 'everything', do you mean 'everything'?"

"Everything." the answer was firm and final. "Slave patty, Master Donald, and Vera Sutton-Daniels, and she still said yes."

A crow of triumph greeted his admission. "I'm so glad for you, Pat. I really am sorry about the way it played out at our end. We should have been more careful with you two. We were wrong to handle it the way we did."

"Its okay. Say, I know you're in a scene, but could we come over and talk soon? I want to finish this mess once and for all."

"Come over right now."

"What about your scene, the client?" That didn't sound at all like Catherine to let down a client by ending a lesson early.

A warm chuckle answered him. "Marielle and I have been doing gruesome twosomes today. All my clients have gotten two demanding and somewhat peevish Mistresses for the price of one so I could leave instantly if you called or if we found you. This one is the last one for the day and she'll finish up for me. Come on over. Is Tess coming, too?"

"If you don't mind."

"Of course not. We'll celebrate your engagement. Oh, I just thought of something. You wanted to talk after that last session and we never did, at least about what you had in mind. Want to give me a hint so I can be thinking about it?"

"OBE, Cath, overcome by events. I just wanted some advice about introducing my future, virginal, repressed wife into some dominance and submission games without having her take to the hills in panic. I think you have already taken care of that for me. See ya soon." >>click<<

Patrick and Theresa; Catherine and William.

Empty pizza boxes littered the coffee table in the den. Pat, Tess, Catherine and William sat around the fireplace sipping wine. Tess still caught herself staring at the two dominants who had been training her. They looked so .. so normal. Jeans, sweaters and soft shoes were the order of the day.

Catherine caught Tess staring and laughed softly. "Come now, Tess, did you really think that I spend every hour in leather and latex corsets with six inch high heels?"

Tessa blushed at the direct hit. She nearly stuttered "I, well, I just never thought about it. I don't think I've ever seen you in anything else. Until now, I couldn't imagine you any other way."

Catherine shook her head. "Just because we spend so much time in fantasy doesn't mean we live there. It takes the quiet and normalcy of every day to make the spice of our fantasy time so hot. If you ate chili every day, at every meal, you'd become resistant to the fire in your mouth. Same thing with kinky sex. It takes variety to keep the flavor, to keep the fire in your belly burning hot. You need valleys to fully enjoy the view from the mountain top. You need the soft times, the cuddling, the vanilla sex so you can appreciate the heat of kink. Don't ever let it become routine, Tess."

William entered the conversation. "It's not all or nothing. Too much of either will become boring and will cease to be fun. That's one reason why Cat and I switch and play bottom periodically. It's a challenge, of course, to top a top, but equally, it is different and fun for the one playing bottom. And speaking of bottoms, mine still smarts from your cane yesterday, Pat. You're going to have to teach me to do that kendo thing with it."

Tessa's eyes went wide with shock. "Your bottom? That was you? I peed on you yesterday?"

William grinned. "It was me, little one. It was my turn in the barrel as bottom and Tess decided to pay me back for getting Pat to cane her bottom. It was one of her better scenarios until Pat recognized you and freaked on us."

Tess continued to look at him in amazement. "You really do play like that, both ways I mean?"

"Sure. Enjoy it, too, at least for the most part. Tell you what. Mistress Theresa can come play next time it's the Cat-lady's turn."

"Could I? It would be okay with you Lad, I mean, Cathy?"

Catherine gave a feigned snort of disgust. "Don't ask me. I don't get a say in these things, although Pat might have something to say about his little clown playing at the Academy anymore."

Pat smiled. "As long as I get to watch." Reconsidering his words and remembering William explaining how Catherine had ended up getting caned. "From a neutral site, of course. Speaking of scenes, I owe both of you restitution for my behavior yesterday. I await your pleasure on the subject."

"You mean take you down to the dungeon and take it out of your hide. Not on a bet." William responded. "We never raise one of our toys in anger or in spite. We make love in our rooms. You've heard the saying 'Never go to bed angry'? We say the same thing about our play for the same reason. It ceases to be fun if you associate with real anger or slights. Apology accepted, enough said. Please accept ours for the way you found out about each other." Pat and Tess agreed and thanked them. "Which in a round about way brings us to Ms Sutton-Daniels. What do you plan to do about her, given my limitations on hurting her?"

Patrick's grin was devilish. "Well, now that you mention it, I do have the outline of a plan. Let me run this by you." Of one accord, the foursome moved together and began to plan.

Partnering Chapter 11 Final Exams and Graduation


Physically, she really was a very beautiful woman. Patrick sat quietly in the training room throne contemplating the woman suspended in front of him. She was tall, with the taut, trim body of an aerobics instructor. Her breasts were small, but nicely shaped and well placed on her chest. Her ass was hard, muscular, but still shapely. Long, lithe legs seemed to stretch on forever. Her hair was auburn, but where she had worn it long those months ago, she now wore it in a short cap of curls that followed the graceful shape of her head. She was beautiful; certainly beautiful enough to tempt a young man too unsure of himself to recognize what he had in Theresa.

She was also seriously tied up. Two stout posts, each two feet tall in height, were bolted to the floor about three feet apart. Leather straps at her ankles and just below her knees snugged her calves up tight to the outside of the posts. Her wrists were bound together and raised above her head. There was enough slack so that she wasn't hanging by her wrists, but insufficient slack for her to rest her arms on her head. She looked like a ballet dancer doing a plié or a martial artist assuming a 'horse stance'. The only way she could take pressure off her legs was to relax them, taking the strain on her arms and wrists. The bondage was deceptively strict. A simple leather blindfold was all she wore other than her restraints.

Vera had been like this for about a half hour. William had bound her into this position before telling her that she would be serving a special, visiting Master today. Right now, she did not even know that Patrick was in the room. He had walked in as William had left.

The effort needed to hold the position with her legs was starting to show. Sweat beading on her forehead, she final had needed to relax her leg muscles. Pat noted carefully where her ass ended up in that semi sitting position, supported by her arms. She cocked her head so her ears were toward the door, waiting for the arrival of her Master. Her nostrils flared as she tried to relax under the new strain in her arms.

When it became too much for her to take on her arms any longer, she pulled herself back up onto her legs again with the strength of her arms.

Time to begin the ending of this part of his life, Pat thought. Time start the beginning of the next.

He slid the special hassock behind Vera, adjusting both its position and height based on what he'd seen when she'd relaxed her legs. Vera heard the movement and swiveled her head, trying to sense his position. Pat steadfastly refused to say anything to her, letting the silence increase her anxiety, increase her excitement, increase her susceptibility.

He stepped in front of her and knelt between her straining legs. Unlike Tess and other clients of the Academy, Vera had elected to keep her bush. It was nicely trimmed, and the color proved that she was truly a red head. It had to go. She went rigid at his first touch. He massaged the cream into her pubic mound, working the cream into the hair and teasing her at the same time.

The razor had been kept warm in the water bowl. Pat let her feel the razor before he started to shave. Her leg muscles bulged as she became even more rigid, trying to keep herself from being cut. Her breathing had deepened, but she still had not said a word.

When Pat wiped away the last of the cream with the towel, her legs gave out again and she settled back onto her arms. Until she hit 'it', that is, and then she jerked herself back onto legs that had not recovered yet from the last stint in the horse stance. 'It' was a metal buttplug whose base had been frozen into the block of ice set onto the hassock. The ice kept the metal of the butt plug at below freezing temperature. When Vera's bottom had fallen, the plug had slid between the cheeks of her nice warm ass and must have felt like an electric shock. Pat made a minor adjustment forward on the hassock and raised it an inch or so. Perfect.

Pat dipped his hands into the baby oil he'd brought and began anointing her body with the slippery stuff. He paid particular and meticulous attention to her breasts, pussy and ass. She looked like a flesh colored work of sculpture, glistening in the room's soft light. He stepped behind her, and reached around her to massage at her small round breasts, to tease at the rock hard tips of her nipples, to trace light oily fingers around the sensitive transition from breast to aureole. Vera began arching into him, still not speaking, but unable to prevent the light purrs of pleasure as he played with her. She began to lean into him, but Pat stepped back, keeping contact with her breasts, but denying her the support of his body.

She leaned until she reached the point of no return. Her legs were no longer under her and were too fatigued to support her off balance weight. She slipped inexorably down his chest, making a perfect, one point landing on icy cold dildo. The increased height slid the dildo an inch or so into her baby oil-slick ass. The shock of the frigid toy in the hot depths of her ass broke her discipline and she screamed. She fought her way back off the toy and onto her increasingly weak legs. She was panting now, feeling the burn in every muscle. Pat adjusted the hassock higher still and then moved in behind again, recommencing the massage. His questing, teasing fingers moved lower to tease her tummy, and upper legs. He kneaded at knots to ease her discomfort. He slipped a hand behind her and began massaging her bulging gluteal muscles. He slipped a deft finger from the slit of her pussy back along the perineum and into her ass.

Vera was moaning now, her hips rocking, trying to make love to a nonexistent lover. A particularly wide hip roll overbalanced her again, and she fell backwards, sliding even more of the frosty toy up her outraged poop chute. It took her longer to struggle off the plug this time. Even her toned athletic body had limits, and Patrick was driving her up against them.

Another adjustment to the hassock and Pat moved in front of her and knelt before her. He used his strong fingers to relax the bunched, cramping muscles in her inner thighs and plied his tongue to her now hairless pussy. As hard as she was working, as much effort as she was expending, she was super turned on. Her juices were flowing copiously, and Patrick savored them. He remembered his lessons at the hands of Catherine, Dina, Marielle and Tessa, and he used every trick he knew.

Vera was trying to get him closer, trying to position that maddening tongue where it was most needed, where just the slightest lick, the least pressure would send her spinning into heaven.

It never happened. He always moved on just before she could trigger.

Again she lost her balance and again she slid down, down, down onto the freezing length of the plug. Only this time, she fell all the way, and her ass closed over the wide bulb of the toy and started to seal against the narrow base. Exhausted arms flailed, trying to get off the toy, trying to pull her up onto even more fatigued legs. She succeeded, but it was obvious it was the last time she would do so. Pat pulled the matching plug out of the still warm shaving water and slipped it up her ass. The mild warmth in the now chilled passage made her jerk in response. Pat slipped the ice off the hassock. There was no longer any need for it.

He began his final, all out assault on her senses; teasing, tugging, nipping, licking and fondling. Her body gave out and she slipped back to rest her bottom on the now ice-free hassock. "Please, Master, please." Vera was exhausted, begging for release.

She was literally quivering from both her need and from the unrelenting physical demands she had made of her muscles. Pat continued to tease her orally until she started to become incoherent.

It was time.

"Do you want to come, little Vera?" He whispered his question, denying her the opportunity to recognize him by his voice. Her head came up in surprise at the first sound of his voice.

"Oh yes, please Master, please let me come. Please help me come."

"And do you think I can make you come, little Vera?"

She was gasping, trying to gulp down air, her words were harsh with need, "Oh, yes, Master, I've never been so used, so turned on. Please, please make me come."

"Very well, Slave." With one smooth thrust, Pat entered her. Vera picked up the rhythm of his love making and used what muscular control she had left to pull him deeper into her. Tiny contractions in her pussy signaled the immediacy of her orgasm. Pat jerked off the blindfold and stared into the surprised, wide open eyes. "So, come for me, slave. You can and will come for me." He made one, two, three long hard thrusts into her depths and she went mad.

She slept as much from exhaustion as from the shattering force of her orgasm. When she regained consciousness, she found she was lying on the hassock, her arms released, her legs still tied, but only at the ankles. A semi hard cock rested on the bridge of her nose. Her eyes uncrossed to slide up the attached body to see Patrick's face. He saw the recognition in her eyes. Pat hunkered down to put himself nose to nose with her. "I guess I just proved that I can bring a woman of your experience to her pleasure, Vera." he said very softly. "but, somehow, I didn't seem to get enough out of you to make my own orgasm worthwhile. I was going to piss on you, but you might enjoy that too much and, anyway, I can't seem to work up the interest for anything more to do with you. I think I'll go find a real woman. Look me up if you ever learn how to please a real man properly." Pat stood and left, not looking back at the shocked, panting woman.

Catherine and William

William turned away from the monitor where they had just watched Patrick's sensual conquest and humiliation of Vera Sutton-Daniels. Arousal flared hot in his guts. He was surprised he wasn't breathing fire. Catherine's eyes were still fixed on the scene in the room. Deep, ragged breaths, brightly flushed skin and sparkles of perspiration attested to the intense fire of her own excitement. William took her arm to lead her away from the monitor and out of the room.

Once the emotional spell broke, of one mind, Master and Mistress headed for the seclusion of their own rooms to burn together in the heat of their passions. After entering their rooms, Catherine turned to William, her tone dazed. "I'm not sure I believe what we just saw. No spanking, no toys except those two small ass plugs. Other than that wicked bondage, there was absolutely no rough stuff. Will, he took her apart. It was the most complete and erotic domination of a woman I've ever seen. It was incredible."

William paused before going into the bedroom. "I know. I'm amazed, too." His brow furrowed and his mood became pensive. "Cat, you know what we just saw in there means to you, don't you? He's back, all the way. And he's learned everything about being a top that you and I can teach him. It's time to pay the piper, lass. It's time to offer him Room 3-5."

Catherine stared at William, letting his meaning seep through to her passion dulled wits. He was right. It was a promise, and it was, indeed, time.



Catherine was completely alone. She stood surrounded only by the darkness and deafening silence of her blindfold shrouded world. The same suspension that she had used on Patrick in this room so long ago, now held her. That awful day when she had lost it and had whipped him without the self discipline or the self control she demanded of herself as a truly caring and yes, loving dominatrix.

Catherine had not seen Patrick yet. May had put Catherine into this suspension after escorting her here to Room 3-5. May had told her that Pat felt that Catherine wouldn't need to be taken by surprise to be restrained like he had been. After all, she was here completely of her own free will and with the full knowledge of the possibilities. Direct hit, Pat, she thought.

Surprisingly, Patrick had not called for payment of her little debt immediately after William had 'graduated' him. The two young lovers had been so hot for each other that flames ignited anytime they were together. Tess, acting like the cute little slut she had wanted to be for Patrick, had done her level best to drive Patrick insane with her teasing, trying to get him to forget waiting for their wedding night. She would have succeeded, too, except that Pat, in a flash of rare male brilliance, had up and carried the girl off to Las Vegas, marrying her only a week after the scene with Vera. She'd been there, too. Crying at weddings did not fit with her concept of a domme, but what the hell. It had been lovely. William had given Tess away, and Catherine had stood up for Tess as Maid of Honor. Michelene had stood up for his son as Best Man.

Marriage. Maid, not Matron, of Honor. Catherine decided that she was going to have to do something about William's freedom and soon. It was about time Catherine claimed full ownership of what was rightfully hers.

After Pat and Tessa's wedding, Catherine had sort of hoped that Theresa would veto the one on one scene between Catherine and Patrick. Catherine really did not look forward to another session under Patrick's cane and began counting on newlywed jealousy to save her ass - literally. In fact, when they went away on their wedding trip without Pat mentioning the debt, she had even started to relax a bit. But Tess had absolutely flabbergasted her by sweetly agreeing that Pat had earned his reward and of course she wouldn't feel jealous of him dominating Lady Catherine. Catherine was her best friend. Tess knew that an unpaid debt like this would really bother Cat and she didn't mind sharing just this once.

Huhh!, Catherine thought, some friend. Couldn't she tell that Catherine didn't particularly want to have a share? Of course she did, the little witch. Maybe Patrick would consider letting Catherine play in one of his scenes with Tess. She'd have to ask him.

In any case, here she was, suspended and alone, in Room 3-5, not two days after Pat and Tess returned from their honeymoon. Waiting for whatever Pat cared to do to her and with her. Damn, but just now, she regretted some of the scenes she'd run on Pat. But they'd been for his own good, hadn't they? Surely he understood that now, after marrying Tess and settling with Vera. Yeah, right, Catherine, and you had enjoyed eating broccoli as a kid because your mom said it was for your own good.

The door opened and shut, the air temperature changing slightly as the air in the room exchanged with the air conditioned hallway. Her nipples tightened and crinkled as wisps of cool air flitted by her sweaty breasts. A scent in the air caught her attention. Patrick's cologne, only much stronger than usual. Well, that was at least one purpose of the blindfold: make the other senses more acute, more sensitive. She felt the air move as he silently walked past. One lesson Pat had taken to heart, had learned all too well in fact, was the erotic potential of silence, of how the brain magnifies everything to try and fill in the gaps. It also deprived her of a second sense. He made no sound for her to hear. He made her deaf as well as blind. All she could do was feel.

Strong fingers began kneading at her shoulders, working at muscles that had tightened from her arms being held above her. She nearly groaned in pleasure. Was he starting a 'Vera' scene with her? She didn't exactly like that idea, either, but it might be better than the cane.

Something cool and sweet smelling was on those fingers, being rubbed into her skin. The hands moved down her torso, rubbing, fondling, leaving her only to return with more of the sweet ointment. When he rubbed it into her ass and buttocks, his hands lingered on the sleekly rounded moons of her cheeks. A teasing finger slid up from her pussy into the crease of her ass to toy with her ass hole. The ticklish feeling made her shiver and she involuntarily clenched to try and grip the intruder. The ointment was very slippery and the finger just continued its maddening slide up the crack of her ass to the small of her back. What a peculiar feeling. The moons of her bottom slipped and slid against each other as he continued to rub. God, she was getting hot.

The hands came slowly up her front, rubbing in the oily ointment. She felt his breath on her neck, his arms wrapped around her, his legs against the backs of her thighs. He assiduously avoided her venus mound, sensuously working all around her legs and lower belly. She wanted to scream in frustration. She never should have taught him the value of subtle, indirect titillation. He began to massage the underside of her breasts, lifting their weight and kneading at the underlying muscle tissue. She arched like a cat and her head momentarily came to rest on his. He was working her titts now, gently squeezing and pulling, all around the so-sensitive nipples.

The hands were momentarily gone. When they came back the went directly for the nipples, pinching, twisting gently and smoothing more ointment into the hard tips of her breasts. His hands felt so warm on her nipples and then he left her yet again, still soundless. Why were her nipples still warm and getting warmer?

Warm?? Try hot! The sneaky bastard had massaged a heat rub into her aureoles! They starting stinging mercilessly. They felt huge, bulging, like her breasts were suddenly all nipple. She was concentrating so hard on the unrelenting burn in her nipples she didn't immediately notice that his hands had moved. Not until she giggled, that is.

Feathery fingertips were slipping up and down her ribs to dig into her under arms and then slid back. Her great hidden secret was how terribly ticklish she was and that oily ointment only made the torment worse. He had her laughing hard now, giggling helplessly under his expert touch. She didn't know which sensation was stronger; the burn in her nipples or that maddening tickling.

He kept it up and kept it up, until she was gasping for breath. It seemed like every nerve in her upper body was alive and sending conflicting sensations to her overloading brain. A hand dropped to her groin and began teasing at her clitoris, coaxing it out of its hidey hole. Catherine's control was all but gone. She was completely open to any stimuli, now, ready to orgasm almost as soon as he started, but he stopped too soon.

"Yeeoooowwwcchhh!!!" The squeal was out of her before she could stop it. He'd clamped something to her clit, and it pinched! She felt the sensation of a hanging weight pulling down on her clit, then the weight being fumbled with.

>>click<< >>bbbbuuuuuzzzzz<<.

Catherine came up on her toes, trying to escape the vibrating, pinching thing on her pussy. He must have put one of their new vibrating nipple clamps onto her clit. It was terrible. She was overstimulated. It was much too much direct stimulation for her to be able to orgasm. Her hips rocked spasmodically in a lewd fucking motion that made the little weight swing on her clit, making it even worse.

And he still hadn't made a sound!

>>smmmacckkk<< Something swatted her butt. Again, then again. It was not a harsh implement, thank God. If she had to guess, it was probably one of the multi-ended spanking straps that were designed to sting when the tips hit. All he was doing was gently warming her bottom. In truth, she'd really be getting off on such a sexy spanking if she wasn't already in complete sensory overload. Too much, too much. She couldn't decode what she felt where. The burning, the itchy, ticklish feeling, the vibrating pinch or the spanking - it was like everything was happening everywhere on her body!

Too much, Too Much, Too Much, "..Toooo Muuucchh!!" The last was a scream. "Recovery!!!" She shouted Patrick's safety word. The spanking stopped and the clit clamp was removed. A damp cloth wiped the excess of the burning ointment from her and soft hands gentled her aggravated nerve endings.

A breathy, whispery voice sounded in her ear. "Do you want to come, little one, or do you really want to quit?"

Catherine's brain was starting to work again, and she was horny! "Oh, please, please, let me come." Bastard, she thought. Pat was getting too good at this game. She'd have to ask Mistress Theresa for another shot at slave patty, too. They'd just see how much he likes this kind of teasing when it's his cock instead of her cunt. Damn him. No one but William had ever broken her.

The fingers went back to her pussy, teasing to arouse and satisfy this time. And then, she was filled. With live cock! She couldn't believe Pat was actually fucking her. He was too in love with Tessa, or so Catherine had thought.

She was so close! Just before her orgasm hit her, she found herself being thoroughly and masterfully kissed. She clamped down on the cock with all her strength as the orgasm hit her. It was still too much. Catherine blacked out.

She awoke to find herself freed and resting on the floor. Something was wrong, though, something about what happened just before she orgasmed. Patrick kissed her and.... Wait a minute. Patrick doesn't have a mustache and the kisser did. She jerked herself straight up. A masculine chuckle came from behind her. The blindfold was undone and she spun to see William. It hadn't been Patrick. No wonder he'd been so successful in driving her mad. William knew her better than anyone, including every one of her weaknesses. He'd used every one, too. She gave him a dark glare.

"Pat gave you to me, love. Said I should overwhelm you so you'd listen to me."

"And obviously Tessa, the little sneak, was in on it, too." It was a statement, not a question. "And what am I supposed to listen to?"

William stood and went over to kneel in front of her. "My proposal. Cat, I love you and you love me. No one knows us like we do. Please, marry me."

That was the last thing she expected to hear. But even though it was in line with what she had decided she wanted to do just a little bit earlier, she was still a little put out that she had been broken. She'd let him stew. "I will give it every consideration. Now, if we are done, I have a scene to prepare for tomorrow." With that, she bent over to kiss him and then walked off, leaving William open mouthed on the floor.


It had been two months since Pat and Tessa's marriage. Catherine was still fending off William's daily proposals. It suited her to make the man suffer just a little while longer. Truth to tell, she hadn't figured out any other way to get even. That scene had been a masterpiece. She was going to spend a lifetime trying to match it. The intercom rang.

"Catherine? May here. Tess is here and she'd like to come visit if you have time. You don't have any sessions scheduled, so shall I send her up?"

Catherine agreed and was waiting for Tess when nausea suddenly hit her. Tessa knocked just as she came out of the bathroom, concerned with the increasing frequency of these events.

Tessa hugged Catherine and blurted "I'm going to have a baby, Cathy. That Patrick must have gotten me on the honeymoon." She looked pleased, then grimaced. "He's so damned pleased with himself, though, that it makes me want to spit. Just wait till the next time he wants to be the bottom. I'll ..." Tessa suddenly realized that Catherine was not listening to her. "Cath? Is something wrong?"

"That sneaky, conniving bastard. He knew! He knew that I was off the Pill because of doctor's orders and he didn't use anything when he stood in for Pat. 'Don't worry, Cat. Sure, Cat. I'll use a rubber until you get your new shield.' That bastard!" Tessa was looking at her furious friend in wide eyed amazement.

Catherine strode to the intercom and punched a button. "Lord William." the speaker crackled.

"Lord Shithead, you mean. Get your no good, devious male ass up here right now, you bastard. I have a few things to say to you. now, Billie boy."

Catherine left the room and returned with her strap and a leather paddle which she handed to the still bemused Tess. "Here, you can help. It'll be good practice for when you deal with your own underhanded male." Catherine gave her strap arm a few warm up swings, and then grinned back at Tess. "In the meantime, how would like to be a Matron of Honor, and a Godmother?"