by Mardee Louise

This is a story involving unusual and adult themes. It is the story of a not very masculine boy who uses his femininity and his anger to become a very assertive young girl. If such offends you, read no further. All standard disclaimers apply.

This is dedicated to all of us who were teased and tormented for our femme ways while in school.

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Neeley dressed very slowly. He felt very good about his whole being. The new phys ed teacher had taught him how to [pitch a softball. She convinced him that although small and slender, he was powerful. Quick reflexes helped. The boys still made him play on the girls' side during recess. Neeley smiled to himself as he recalled how he struck out the best boy batters. Neeley felt more like a tomboy than a boy discovering his dormant athletic prowess.

He was named Daniel but no one ever called him that. It had been shortened to Neeley. He didn't like that when he was very little because it heightened the impression he was a girl. Now at age twelve he saw girls and women as having power and control. He lived with his mother, her friend whom he thought of and called "aunt' and his aunt's daughter.

Neeley knew he was a boy and that he would always be male but he wanted to be a girl in every way other than giving up his genitals which had already become a source of pleasure to him when he was alone. His musical talents were discovered early which to lessons and recitals that kept him form boyish activities. On rainy days Neeley and "cousin" Irene played in the attic playroom or in her room. When they played house Irene was the mommy and Neeley was the little girl. At first he put on her dresses over his boy clothes. One fall day Irene told him to strip completely. Neeley complied. Irene held out white lace edged panties. HE did not take them. Irene held them out and knelt down. Neeley stepped into them. Irene drew them slowly over his thighs and to his waist. He blushed and hardened! So different from his thicker, coarser boy briefs. So different and yet so right!

He sat brushing his chestnut hair. Neeley admired the reflection of the pixie hairstyle he had fashioned. He smiled knowing he could pass as a girl. He pulled the yellow panties over his legs and adjusted his penis in them. He slipped a cotton tanktop undershirt over his head. Wearing a girl's undervest was a clever idea. The lace edging on the shoulder straps would show. Yet this was very much to his purpose.

He pulled on Irene's side zip shorts. The yellow panties wouldn't show through the shorts. Yet when he bent over the or knelt down the yellow hem would show. Just right. An innocent but deliberately seductive exposure! Neeley felt so much a girl. Neeley thought of himself as "she." He would be a girl with a difference.

Neeley rode her bike to the park. She sat on a bench trying innocent yet seductive ways of sitting. There were sidelong glances from older boys and jealous looks from girls. Just right! As he rode back to his neighborhood, satisfaction turned to anger. She had had enough form some of the boys who teased and tormented Neeley for not being a macho jerk like they were. Neeley had learned she was fast and, although slender and petite, strong.

She stayed outside the schoolyard until most of the boys drifted home for lunch. Soon only Billy and his foil Stu were left. Stu was lobbing a tennis ball to Billy who had been furious when Neeley struck him out in gym class. Billy hit the ball to Stu with a stickball bat. Neeley smiled to herself as she rode her bike into the schoolyard. The two boys stopped.

Neeley took a tennis ball form her bike bag and began firing it against the wall. Bill yelled, "Hey look at the faggot trying to play ball." Neeley stopped and smiled. "Oh, hi Billy...or is it Bully?" Bill turned red. He had failed to intimidate Neeley! Stu laughed. "Shut up," raged Billy. You got balls, Neeley ! Talking to a real boy like that" Neeley was pleased. " The angrier he is, the easier he'll be to take," thought Neeley. "What are you going to about it?" Neeley challenged! Bill look concerned. This wasn't going according to his scenario. "You nuts faggot?" Neeley slapped his face hard enough to send hem reeling. "Now do something," she sneered. Yeah, fight like a girl. I'll kill you!" Neeley stepped forward and smashed her fist into his nose as he threw his clumsy punch. Blood poured from Bill's nose.

Neeley caught his hair and pulled his forward. She punched him in his flabby belly knocking the wind form him. Stu fled leaving them alone in the schoolyard. Again Neeley grabbed Bill's hair and shook violently. Bill the bully was crying! Neeley mercilessly swung him by his hair; he fell to the pavement. Neeley straddled him pinning his shoulders to the concrete with her knees. Bill whimpered. "i'm telling." "Oh sure! Tell everyone that Neeley the sissy, Neeley the girl kicked your fat butt!" Neeley laughed as she slapped his face. The rage at the years of torment poured out as Neeley pounded Bill's head against the pavement. SH eased for fear that Bill would need a doctor to fix him up. Neeley was confident that the last remnant of Bill's pride would keep him from telling. "Now to add insult to injury," she said. Neeley pulled the crotch of her shorts aside too show she was wearing panties. She sneered down at Bill. "Remember to stay away from me or I'll really embarrass you. And I'll hurt you like you've never been hurt before!" Neeley sneered down at her broken foe. She relished the panic in his eyes. Neeley slowly released the pressure on his shoulders. AS she got up she dropped all her weight onto one knee and into Bill's stomach. The last of his breath and of his fight went out of him. Neeley stood over him making sure he caught a glimpse of her panty hem under the shorts. Her victim rolled onto his knees, slowly got up and ran away.


She felt quite smug. She hadn't thought it would be so easy. Her anger had empowered her. Expressing her need to be a girl had empowered her as well. Her newly realized femininity had allowed her to express her rage. Neeley sat on the ground, her against the wall of the school and allowed the sun to warm her face. She was not being Pollyanna about this. She would still have to assert herself and she could not be a girl all or even most of the time. But asserting herself as girl or boy would be no problem now.

Neeley suddenly realized she was not alone. Terri, a girl about a year older than Neeley stood in front of him. "You were wonderful," she smiled. "That fat shit tried to lift up my skirt on the stairs after lunch yesterday." She was on her knees now and facing Neeley. "I would love to punish him the way you did." Terri leaned forward and kissed Neeley full on the lips. "Neeley laughed. "Is that my reward?"

"No, a downpayment!" Terri laughed knowingly.

Neeley phoned home from the kitchen of Terri's house to let his mom know he wouldn't be home for lunch. Terri made sandwiches. They took them down to the basement rec room and sat listening to music. "My folks won't be home until dinner," Terri announced gratuitously."

Neeley sat playing the upright piano after they had eaten. Terri stood behind her. Terri's hands rested on Neeley's shoulders. They slid down and toyed with his nipples. Neeley squirmed but hoped Terri would continue. "You are wearing a girl's undershirt. That is soooo sexy! When I was watching you fight Bill from behind the fence I thought I caught a glimpse of panties. I know you're wearing girl's shorts." Neeley was nervous. "Please don't make fun of me, Terri. I like girl's stuff I couldn't have beaten up Bill if I didn't feel girlish and dressed like one." "Don't worry Neeley. I like you like this. Most boys are so crude. You understand girls. It's like you're a girl with a prick!" Neeley blushed. He hadn't realized Terri was so sexually provocative and so knowing. Terri pulled Neeley to his feet. She took Neeley's hand and put it to her breast. Neeley was rock hard! Terri undid the buttons of her sleeveless blouse and let it fall to the floor. Again she pulled Neeley's hand to her breast. Neeley played with her nipples through the cotton bra. Soon they face each other clad only in panties. Neeley stared at the shadow of Terri's pubic hair through her baby blue cotton panties. They fondled each other's genitals. A deep kiss with tongues probing gently yet deeply. They dropped to their knees together as they hugged. Terri grasped Neeley's crotch. She took Neeley's penis in her hand. Neeley moaned and exploded in her first orgasm.


Terri and Neeley chatted on the phone every night. They spent time together after school. Terri invited Neeley to her house that Saturday afternoon. Neeley dressed carefully and did his hair as girlishly as possible. That pixie look that suited her so well. Pastel blue nylon panties and dark blue rear zipper shorts. A blouse tied at the waist to reveal her navel completed the ensemble.

A tall, slender girl about Neeley's age was at Terri's. Terri introduced her cousin Shelley who was visiting for the weekend. Terri emphatically said that Shelley and Neeley had so much in common and would get on famously! "Oh!" Terri startled and jumped up as she looked at her watch. "I've got to meet my mom downtown so I can get my hair cut." Neeley was left alone with cousin Shelley who suggested they go upstairs so she could unpack. Shelley led the way. Neeley could see Shelley's shiny pink panties under her flair skirt as she followed her up the stairs. Neeley's own panties were beginning to be stretched by her hardening penis. Neeley was afraid that Shelley would realize she was a boy dressed in girl's playclothes. Neeley took a deep breath.

Shelley placed her other dress on a hanger as Neeley looked on enviously. Shelley's panties and slips lay spread on the bed. Neeley was green with envy over Shelley's dainty feminine things. "Undo my buttons," said Shelley as she turned her back to Neeley. With back still towards Neeley, Shelley slid the dress down her arms, let it fall to the floor and stepped from the sea of petticoats that had formed around her feet as the dress fell. Shelley turned to face Neeley. Shelley was lovely in her pink panties, white lace edged socks and black patent Mary Janes. Neeley resolved silently to ask his/her mom to allow him to increase his wardrobe. Suddenly Shelley took Neeley's hand in hers and guided to her to her pink silken panty crotch. Neeley startled as she felt a penis! No wonder Terri said they had so much in common!

They embraced and kissed holding each other's crotch as they did. Finger tips traced every body part. Neeley kicked her shorts aside as they fell to the carpet. Shelley guided Neeley's mouth to her nipples. Neeley licked instinctively as Shelley massaged Neeley's balls. They moved to 69 position. Tongues traced cockhead rims. Greedy young mouths covered the cockheads as they tasted their first real passion together. Neeley quivered. Legs and arms twitched in spasms of ecstasy. Her cock pumped jet after jet of hot cum into Shelley's eager mouth. Neeley's orgasm subsided as Shelley screamed and filled her mouth with her first taste of hot cum! Neeley greedily swallowed every drop and licked Shelley's cock clean.

They lay next to each other, finger trips entwined as they basked in the relaxed afterglow of their innocent passion. "Oh yes," thought Neeley. "Sooooo much better being a girl."

-The End-

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