Author: John Sexton
Genre: Harry Potter Slash
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Chapter Five ... The Cottage Encounter

Harry had one Pound and twenty-five p in his pocket, when he finally walked out of the McDonald's restaurant at ten past one. He was no longer hungry, and the food hadn't been too bad.

He wasn't really all that keen on fast food, not that he'd ever seen, let alone eaten, much of it before. But at least it was cheap and filling; Merlin, it was filling!

The sky was already overcast again, and it was quite cool for the end of June. Harry suddenly realised that tomorrow was the first of July, and he'd be sixteen a month from today.

The realisation didn't affect him one way or the other; why should it, he thought bitterly, it wasn't as though there was anyone to share it with.

Okay it did affect him! But he shrugged it off with a shiver, and wished he had some warm clothes. Then Harry remembered the extra clothes he'd stuffed in his book bag, when he'd fled the Dursleys'.

What ever happened to them? Harry wondered absently, he'd not even given them a thought in the turmoil of everything else that had happened. It had only been an extra pair of pants, a T-shirt and a jumper.

"God, I wish I had them all now," he griped darkly.

Nothing looked familiar to Harry, but he kept walking until he reached Pentonville Road. The name rang a bell, but he didn't know why; after all, it wasn't as if he'd been to London that often.

It wasn't until he hit Northdown Street that the penny dropped, because the other side of the intersection was King's Cross Road! He was less than a hundred yards from the station.

Harry couldn't believe he'd walked all that way or come so far from the city last night, or that he'd been so close to King's Cross. He felt uneasy being so close to platform nine and three quarters; it just didn't feel right.

Nevertheless, Harry bit down his anxiety and entered the station anyway.
He had decided, while he was dining at McDonald's, that the first thing he was going to do was 'head' for Victoria Station. He chuckled at the pun.

Victoria had been at the top of Carl's list of beats in Greater London, and Harry was keen to give it a whirl.

Harry wasn't all that familiar with the Underground, but he was relieved to find that it couldn't have been easier. He didn't even have to change trains, as the Victoria line connected both stations.

Before he knew it, he was on the main concourse of Victoria Station and the cottage was just a few yards in front of him.

Carl had explained how to get into the loo without paying the twenty p cover charge, as long as there were no attendants around.

Harry had not told Carl that he'd already worked that out for himself at Tottenham Court. He'd just played ignorance and nodded.

So Harry now did as Carl had told him; he pulled the spikes of the barriers towards him and slipped inside.

The loo was pretty quiet, being a Sunday afternoon. But there was an upside to this, as it meant that there'd be less competition for the best cubicles, which were the last four at the far end of the cottage.

What made these cubicles so popular was that they were more out of the way. But most importantly they were the four that had glory holes.

Harry was fascinated by the idea of sticking his cock through a hole in the wall for some other guy to suck, and he was starting to get hard just thinking about it. However, his enthusiasm took a nosedive very quickly.

Disappointment came with the discovery that all of the cubicles were empty except for, you guessed it, the last four.

But Carl had told him what to do about that too, as it was pretty common, especially in the busier periods. So Harry just stood opposite the four closed cubicle doors and waited.

There was a bit of movement inside the cubicles. Harry could see a couple of the occupants eyeing him through the cracks at the sides of the doors.

He'd only been there a few minutes when one of the cubicle doors opened and an old guy, who looked really disgusting, stuck his head out and looked Harry up and down.

Harry tried to ignore him, but the guy opened the door a little wider and revealed his enormous, gnarled cock.

Far from being turned on, Harry found the old guy repulsive. It wasn't his age that bothered Harry so much, although he certainly would prefer a lad closer to his own age, given a choice. But the old man was simply decrepit.

Harry continued to ignore him. Unfortunately he didn't look as if he would be easily deterred. He continued to ogle at Harry and started to masturbate.

That was all it took for Harry to make a move over to the urinals, out of site of the old pervert. He needed to take a leak anyway.

Harry's timing was perfect, as two men had just entered the loo and made their way to the urinals. Harry would have had to have moved, with their arrival, anyway. It would be far too obvious to be waiting for a cubicle with so many of them vacant.

Neither of the men appealed to Harry. Fortunately, neither of them seemed to be cruising the beat. They finished up at roughly the same time and moved to the hand basins to wash up.

Harry waited till they'd gone then went back to stand opposite the cubicles, but away from the old geezer.

Unfortunately that did not deter the old bastard, and he was soon standing in the doorway, leering at Harry and whacking his meat like there was no tomorrow.

But Harry was determined to stand his ground, just as Carl had coached him. So he looked at the floor, the ceiling, the walls, dried his hands two or three times under the hand drier and washed them again, until the old fool finally relented and closed the door.

Just a few minutes later Harry hit pay dirt, as one of the toilets flushed; then the old man made his way out of his cubicle and sneered at Harry as he left the cottage without even washing his hands... no surprise there!

"So!..." thought Harry, "this is it!"

Harry walked into the cubicle and closed the door. It was the second from the end and it had large holes in the middle of each wall, on either side of him.

He wiped the seat with some toilet paper then sat down nervously, without unzipping his jeans. Then he sat forward, with his elbows on his knees and his fingers locked together.

Finally he let out his breath, to release the mounting tension. He shivered slightly but only partly because of the cold.

Eventually Harry got up the courage to glance at the glory holes, from one to the other, very briefly. He could see movement in both of them.

He turned his head back to his left but only enough to glance sideways, so it wasn't obvious that he was looking through the hole.

The occupant was sitting just like Harry, with his arms resting on his knees. But as soon as Harry made the slightest move forward, and turned his head to get a better look, the guy leaned back slightly and moved his right hand towards his groin.

Harry held his breath. He watched intently.

The guy began to move his arm, as if he was masturbating. Harry could
not see anything conclusive, but the guy almost certainly was.

Harry never moved his torso, but he did turn his head quickly to the right, and got the fright of his life.

Staring straight back at Harry was a bright blue eye that was pressed right up to the glory hole.

Harry couldn't hide his surprise or alarm.

The eye disappeared in a flash, in response to Harry's reaction.

He wasn't sure what to do at first; but as soon as he recovered from the shock, he relaxed slightly and rationalised that anyone who was bold enough to do that was pretty certain to be `cottaging,' and hardly likely to pose a threat.

Turning back to his left, Harry was relieved to see that the other guy was moving his right arm more overtly now, but still not revealing anything. Harry stayed forward, but unlocked his fingers and moved his own left hand towards his groin, even though he was right handed and his jeans were still zipped.

He began to move his arm in the faintest semblance of tossing himself, and to his delight and relief, this seemed to encourage a more overt response on the other side of the glory hole.

Harry jerked his head back to his right and was not surprised to see the eye back at the hole, only this time it stayed fixed on Harry. That didn't bother Harry at all, and he simply turned back to his left and was delighted to see that the guy had leaned back and was now tossing off quite openly.

He decided to take the bull by the horns, so to speak, and leaned closer to the hole. Unfortunately, Harry was quite disappointed. The chap was not much better than the previous occupant of his cubicle.

Carl had instructed Harry what to do under these circumstances. It had sounded very rude to Harry at first, but Carl had assured him that it was accepted protocol, and it avoided a lot of embarrassment and saved a hell of a lot of time.

So Harry whipped a few sheets of toilet paper out of the dispenser, spat on each end and stuck them over the hole. He still felt a bit of a prat for doing it, but he rationalised that he was saving the guy from getting his hopes up, and saving himself any further embarrassment.

Now Harry directed all his attention to the hole on his right. But it provided him with another shock, because the eye that was now peering at him was not bright blue, but a colour very close to his own... it was brown!

Harry had once met a guy with different coloured eyes, but it was very rare.

Then the penny dropped, and Harry felt like an idiot. He turned towards the glory hole, and leaned forward.

The voyeur retreated, but kept looking through the hole from a distance.

Encouraged by this, Harry leaned closer until he confirmed his suspicions: the lad looking at him was squatting in the centre of the cubicle. His left arm was resting on the knees of the blue eyed voyeur, who was now sitting on the loo.

This stimulated Harry to become even bolder. He brought his right eye up to the glory hole, until his new glasses were almost touching the wall, and he was delighted by what greeted him.

The two lads were in their late teens/early twenties and they were both hot. They smiled at Harry; then the brown-eyed lad leaned forward and stuck his finger through the hole. He hooked it slightly and ran it around the rim, backwards and forwards, in a semi-circular motion.

Carl had told him about this, but Harry figured that he could have worked this one out for himself.

Harry was tempted to stand straight up, unzip his fly and stick his already rock hard cock through the hole. Only two things stopped him...

First, he wasn't completely sure that it would fit; and second, he was nervous, after all he'd never done anything like this before.

So Harry did the first thing that came to mind, because it seemed a relatively safe move. He leaned forward and put his own finger through the hole, and imitated the brown eyed guy's own invitation. His only reservation was that this might not be protocol.

Fortunately for Harry these guys did not take offence in the least. Before he could blink, the brown eyed lad was on his feet, and his cock glided towards the glory hole with practised ease. The guy was quite well hung, about as big as Carl, and his cock was fully erect.

Harry reached up and gingerly took the prick in his hand. It was smooth and thick and had obviously been recently sucked, which came as little surprise. It was so stiff that it was difficult to be sure if it was cut.

He had only ever seen one circumcised cock before, in a very brief encounter with Michael Corner. That had been back in Fourth Year, in the Astronomy Tower, one cold October day. It hadn't been a very satisfying encounter and they had never repeated it. Anyway, at least Harry knew what one looked like.

But this lad's foreskin, if he had one, was pulled back so tight, it really was hard to tell.

Only briefly distracted by this diversion, Harry quickly went down on the lad and was surprised to hear an audible response from the other side. It was only a low moan, but it required little translation.

Harry went down as far as he could, and was quite pleasantly surprised by the sweet smell of the edge of the glory hole. He had automatically assumed that it would have a foul odour, as his preconception was that the entire glory hole thing was pretty gross, despite his preparedness to engage in the practice.

Encourage by this revelation Harry stepped up his deep throating of the fit brown-eyed lad. He was just getting into a rhythm, and the lad's moans were getting just a tad more demonstrative, when they were replaced by fairly animated but quiet whispers.

He kept servicing the lad with relish until he was startled by the sudden withdrawal of the beautiful cock.

Harry immediately put his eye to the hole to see if there was anything wrong. He was stunned by an even larger cock that nearly poked his eye out... well it would have if he hadn't been wearing his glasses.

This monster obviously belonged to the blue-eyed lad, and it too had been sucked, but not for a while, as it was now leaking copious amounts of precum.

That really turned Harry on; he absolutely loved "cock-snot," as Cedric used to call it. He licked it off the fit boy's slit, like it was nectar. It was so sweet, silky smooth and viscous.

Harry savoured every drop, and only when the last remnant had been syphoned off the beautiful cock did Harry launch into a full-blooded assault of the smooth, pulsating mass of flesh.

He was not surprised by the blue-eyed lad's moans, as discrete as they were, because Harry was giving his all. If he could have, Harry would have sucked the lad's balls up through his urethra, he was so turned on.

Once again Harry was taken by surprise when the cock was suddenly withdrawn, only to be replaced almost immediately by the brown-eyed lad's index finger, eagerly reissuing his earlier invitation.

Harry had already undone his jeans while he was sucking the first cock, and by the time he had begun on the blue-eyed lad, his jeans and pants had been around his ankles. So his response was almost instantaneous; he stood up and guided his throbbing cock towards the glory hole.

However, Harry was a little dismayed at the cruel irony that his cock was so big that the hole could barely accommodate his girth. To make matters worse, the hole was a tad too high for comfort. He was so short that he was forced to stand on his toes, to line-up his massive appendage with the hole.

The head of Harry's cock was quite bulbous, compared to others that he had seen. Although his own experience was limited, both Sirius and Carl had commented on the fact that it was an unusual trait.

Apparently most cocks tapered towards the tip of the glans. Both of these lads certainly did, but neither of them had trouble fitting through the hole anyway.

Both Sirius and Carl had seemed to think this feature of Harry's cock was a turn-on. But it now presented Harry with a dilemma, because he was just a tad concerned...

No! Harry was actually quite worried that he might not be able to withdraw his cock once he pushed the rest of it through the hole.

But the horny, young wizard's hormones resolved the issue for him. He was so excited that he threw caution to the wind.

"No surprise there!"

He grinned to himself at the thought, as he pushed forward.

While Harry's thick cock was as hard as rock, its head was comparatively spongy; so, as he slowly pushed forward, his bulbous glans squeezed through the hole.

Then, when he was half way there, one of the lads gripped the head of his cock and pulled the rest of him through fairly forcefully. The effect was that he was soon so rock hard, on the other side of the wall, that he thought his cock was going to burst, and he thought he might be stuck.

Harry was standing on his tiptoes, with his balls pressed hard against the wall. On the other side of the partition, the entire length of his enormous cock was throbbing.

The two lads were all over his member like a rash, their mouths and hands were competing for whatever flesh they could claim, and Harry had no idea who was doing what. However, despite his anxiety about being stuck, he was in heaven.

The effect of having his cock swelling, with the blood that was trapped by the hole squeezing tightly round the base of his shaft, produced a raft of sensations that Harry had never imagined let alone experienced before.

He almost passed out with sheer delirium as one of the lads gripped his cock tightly, with both hands on his shaft, or so it seemed. At the same time, his mate rolled the palm of his hand over the swollen, blood-engorged glans.

Harry writhed in the paroxysm of an orgasm that was both so imminent yet tantalisingly elusive that he doubted it would ever happen. He had never experienced anything like it, not even remotely.

His reflex was to pull away, but he was stuck tight. The more he pulled back, the more he could feel his cock swell on the other side. He could hear the two lads whispering and giggling in their cubicle, as they teased and tormented Harry's cock until he thought he was going to scream.

How long this went on Harry wasn't really sure. He was lost in the delirium of the experience and overwhelmed by the sensations that were surging through his cock.

The lads worked more frantically on the other side, and Harry swore that his dick must have doubled in diameter, through the sheer pressure that he could feel building, as more and more blood became trapped. He was torn between the agony of the fear that he was in serious trouble and the ecstasy of the sensations that were so sublime that they were almost unbearable.

Suddenly the lads resumed their attack on the head of his cock, which now felt like it was the size of a Bludger. Just as before, one of them wrapped both hands around the entire length of his shaft; or was that three hands?

The other youth rubbed the palm of his hand over the swollen glans, in slow tantalising circular motions, maintaining maximum contact throughout the entire process.

Harry pulled his shirt up over his chest and stuffed it in his mouth to stop from screaming, but he had great difficulty stopping his need to moan.

Just when Harry thought he could stand no more, the palm was withdraw, only to be replaced my one of the lad's mouths. He sucked on the head of Harry's cock as if his life depended on it.

Neither of the fit lads removed their tight grip on his throbbing shaft.

The boys then took turns, each mouth trying to outperform the other. One of them was definitely more adventurous than his mate; he was turning and twisting his mouth around the glans in such a way that it was almost as mind blowing, and deliciously unbearable, as the palm of his hand.

Harry was out of his mind.

Then one of them started with the palm again, and Harry's eyes rolled so far back in his head that he thought they would pop out of his ears. He was being swung between heaven and hell, and he couldn't tell anymore which he preferred.

At last the lads decided to take pity on Harry, and they began to whack him off, sharing the sucking of his knob at the same time.

Just when Harry thought it couldn't get any better, or worse? he felt the sap rise sharply. So sharply that his ejaculation was on him before he realised.

Harry's massive boy cock exploded in a relentless torrent of cum that he thought was never going to stop. It was the most ball-tearing, heart thumping explosion of his sweet succulent juices. He almost wished he was on the other side, swallowing, instead of the greedy lads who were taking turns to guzzle every drop down their hungry throats.

When the cum stopped erupting, Harry could do nothing else but slump in a crumpled heap. But the effect of this, as he dropped his heels towards the floor of the cubicle, was that he was virtually suspended by his cock, which steadfastly refused to yield one fraction of an inch back towards his side of the partition.

That, in turn, caused it to become even more engorged and sensitive.

The end result was that, instead of going slack after he had finally cum, Harry's hard-on was as intense as ever.

Harry couldn't believe it when the boys continued to suck and masturbate him. They continued relentlessly with their mouths and hands, until they had brought Harry back to the edge.

He didn't believe that this was possible, and he had no idea how long they had continued this torment through to a renewed ecstasy.

Then, when Harry was absolutely certain that he could not take another second, they started with the palm again, and Harry thought he was going to cry.

Suddenly Harry experienced a new sensation. He wasn't sure what the lads were doing at first. The head of his cock was engulfed in a soft fleshy warmth, but it didn't feel like either of their mouths. Then, as the warmth suddenly engulfed the entire length of his rock hard appendage, the light dawned...

One of the lads had just managed to spear himself on Harry's engorged flesh, in one smooth motion.

The low moan from the lad confirmed Harry's conclusion.

A few moments of inactivity followed; the horny lad obviously needed to adjust to such a massive invasion of his cavity. But he soon built up a slow smooth motion, as he set about fucking Harry's cock to oblivion.

Standing back on his tip toes, Harry pushed his hips as hard against the wall as he could, and his hips, thighs and toes began to ache. But he did not want the lad to stop his anal assault, despite the agony/ecstasy of the experience.

Eventually Harry discovered that the only way to ease the pain was to reach up and grip the top of the partition.

So there he slumped, suspended by his fingers, his feet off the ground and his cock jammed into a hole so tight that he thought it was going to explode, and inside another hole so pliable that it felt like heaven.

Soon the lad was pounding his arse back against the wall. He was slamming down so hard and fast on the young wizard's cock that the slapping of his arse cheeks and bollocks against the wall was clearly audible.

He could hear the lad's soft low moans, but they were muffled. He was sure that was because the other boy had his mate's cock in his mouth.

Harry imagined the mate standing against the opposite wall, with his hot cock half way down the fucker's throat. Harry was almost fixated on the lucky lad skewered between them, like a pig on a spit. This turned Harry on even more. He was amazed that such arousal was possible.

The lad was banging Harry so hard and fast now, that the partition itself was beginning to reverberate.

Harry was really starting to worry that they were going to be discovered.

Just then, as if to validate Harry's fear, he heard the barrier, followed by loud footsteps.

The lad stopped pounding in a heartbeat; but, rather than withdrawing his arse from Harry's cock, he'd slammed down hard, spearing himself on the massive appendage.

The three of them stopped, and Harry just listened as the new arrival entered one of the other cubicles. Then the barrier went again, twice in quick succession.

Harry was really starting to panic now and his heart was thumping madly.

He recalled Carl saying that some of the cottage attendants could get a bit nosy and aggressive at times. Some would bang on the cubicle doors if they suspected any hanky-panky.

He started imagining all sorts of terrible scenarios, the worst being the two lads bolting, leaving the cubicle door opened with Harry stuck, trapped by his cock wedged in the hole.

Normally, at least in Harry's experience, distractions like that would be enough to kill an erection instantly. But his engorged prick was going nowhere. He was still as hard as at any time in this entire session.

Harry's anxiety eased slightly, when it became pretty clear that the last two visitors were at the urinals. He was actually surprised that there had been such little traffic through the cottage in all the time that he'd been in there.

But Carl had said that, although Victoria was a busy station, mid Sunday afternoon was the safest time of the week, which compensated for the limited opportunity for action. Harry snorted at that recollection; he was certainly getting all the action he could handle.

Although the fit lad, currently skewered by Harry's dick, had stopped humping him, he hadn't stopped teasing Harry's cock.

"His arse muscles must be incredibly powerful," Harry thought.

The lad was using the opportunity to alternately squeezed and relax his hold on Harry. It was quite a turn-on and was making Harry even harder, which he had thought an impossibility.

When the first of the visitors to the loo moved over to the wash basins, the lad began to move again, slowly sliding his arse until Harry's cock was almost fully exposed, then jamming his arse back down in a slow but forceful rhythm. He continued this until all three men had left the loo.

As soon as the barrier closed for the last of them, the lad began pounding his arse so hard against the partition that Harry swore that it was vibrating.

This went on forever, or so it seemed, and Harry doubted that the lad would ever cum. But eventually he did, and Harry could feel the fit lad's arse clench his cock like a vice, as he moaned in the throes of his orgasm.

The warm arse did not release Harry's cock for some time; but, from the lad's breathing, Harry could tell that he was coming down from his climax slowly.

The hot lad was obviously resting his arse against the partition, with Harry completely embedded to the hilt, while he clenched and unclenched his powerful arse muscles in ever slower cycles.

When the lad eventually eased himself off Harry's throbbing cock, it was accompanied by an audible slurp-plop sound that caused both lads to titter in amusement.

Harry was still rock hard, and it was a only a matter of seconds before the lads had swapped roles.

The second fit lad was pressing the soft pliable flesh of his opening against the bulbous head of Harry's wand. Harry wondered which of the two lads had gone first, not that it really mattered.

By this stage of proceedings Harry was aching from head to foot. His thighs and the inside of his groin were the worst, but his shoulders, arms, back and fingers were all alternatively tense or sore. He felt like he was stretched out on a rack. However, as with the entire proceedings to date, he doubted that he would withdraw his cock just now, even if he could.

Again, for just a fleeting moment, he worried that he might be stuck there forever. He imagined himself hanging here for days on end, while a hundred different Gays teased him to orgasm then just left him hanging there for the next lucky lad to come along.

Harry alternated between hanging by his fingers and pushing himself up onto his toes to ease the pressure on his aching joints and muscles.

Whichever of the two fit lads was pounding his arse this time, he was a master. If Harry thought his mate was good, this lad took him to heaven and back half a dozen times at least. For that was the number of times that they had to suspend the pounding of his arse against Harry's cock, while intruders invaded their privacy.

It was at the last of these stoppages that Harry could hold on no longer, for this particular delay involved the entry and exit of at least half a dozen intruders at one time.

Harry simply gave up waiting for the last one to leave, and let go of the partition. But he could not maintain his balance on his toes any longer either. The net effect was something that Harry swore he would never forget till the day he died.

As his entire body weight became suspended by nothing other than his cock, the effect was that the blood, trapped by the partition, caused his cock to swell with a sudden painful surge. It felt to Harry that it had just doubled in girth, and he felt dizzy.

It was clearly not just his imagination either, because the audible moan from the lad currently skewered by him, confirmed it.

Even when Harry managed to pull himself back up onto the partition with his fingers, as the last intruder departed the scene, the lad seemed to be having some difficulty pulling himself off Harry's engorged cock.

Harry felt like his glans was now so swollen that the lad was struggling to get his sphincter to release it.

The lad's somewhat distressed grunts, and the anxious whispers from both lads confirmed as much.

Harry pushed his aching pelvis as hard as he could against the partition, and the lad, sensing this, pushed back down as far against the partition as he could.

That seemed to ease the pressure considerably, and the lad's reaction was clearly one of relief. He began a slow steady fucking motion and was soon pounding the wall as if nothing had happened.

Finally the fit lad slammed his buttocks hard against the wall and grunted as if he had just dropped the biggest turd of his life. His ragged breathing, and the slow clamping down on Harry's still throbbing cock with his vice-like sphincter, signalled the end of the Marathon.

The horny youth eventually extricated himself with an even louder slurping-plopping sound than his mate.

Both he and Harry responded with identical gasps of pure and utter satisfaction and relieved giggles, which had to have been heard by all and sundry. But Harry was beyond caring.

The lads immediately set to work, furiously wanking, sucking and teasing him towards his second orgasm.

Harry swore that his cock was about to explode. Of course that's what it was about to do, but not in the same way that Harry was imagining.

When Harry's cock finally erupted again he was delirious. He could tell that he was releasing an absolute gusher, because of the way the boys were sucking at his glans. The intensity of this orgasm was beyond anything Harry had ever thought possible.

The lads finally relented, and one of them stuck the tip of his finger through the glory hole, just to the side of Harry's urethra, on the underside of his dick. This had the effect of speeding up the release of the blood from his engorged cock, and it gradually began to deflate.

Then one of the lads pulled Harry's cock towards them, and this too helped ease the pressure. He wondered if they had done this to someone else his size before. They certainly seemed to know what they were doing.

Eventually Harry was able to withdraw his cock from the glory hole; his emotional and physical relief was immeasurable.

He slumped back onto the toilet seat and collapsed with exhaustion. His breathing was beyond ragged and his legs, toes, back, shoulders and groin ached like never before. But he knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that he would do it all again in a heartbeat, just not any time today!

On the other side of the partition, Harry could hear the lads tittering and whispering frantically as they dressed.

But Harry simply lay back against the cistern and sighed with utter fatigue, his shirt still bunched up around his chest, his jeans and pants pooled around his ankles, and his cock slowly deflating to a near normal state.

He glanced over to the glory hole and was surprised to see a biro wrapped in toilet paper poking through, wobbling with an invitation to be taken.

Harry accepted the offer and unwrapped the paper to find a message scrawled across it.

"You are one crazy little fucker, hot to trot. We're impressed. How old are you?"

Harry scribbled a quick reply.

"I can't believe what you lads just did to me. Un-fucking-believable! I'm 15. What about you guys?"

He wrapped the paper around the pen and slipped it back through the hole.

While Harry waited for a reply, he dressed himself and sat up straight. Then he leaned forward to peer at the lads, just as the pen and paper was returned to him.

"19 & 20. Wanna meet outside, grab a bite to eat & have a chat?"

Harry scrawled an excited response...

"Sure, I'll follow you."

Harry  waited until they'd both passed through the barrier, then emerged from the cubicle, just as two men entered the loo. He washed his hands, as the men moved to the urinals, then he dried off and made a quick exit.

When Harry walked out onto the concourse, he found the lads talking casually, twenty-odd yards away. He was pleasantly surprised by what he saw, and appraised them as he crossed the concourse to link up.

They were both very fit lads.

The blue-eyed boy, Harry guessed, was the twenty-year-old. He was about six foot, and his blond hair was cropped very close, "a number one," Harry thought they called it. He had fair skin, a slightly freckled nose, and he looked like he worked out. He was wearing a Glasgow Rangers top and stretch jeans that left very little to the imagination, revealing powerful thighs and a nice packed lunch. He had a stud in his right ear, and his left eyebrow was pierced as well. His face, Harry thought, was stunning.

The other lad had similarly cropped hair, with a rat's tail that Harry found rather erotic. He was a good two inches taller than his mate, with a darker complexion and a much more powerful physique. His football top was a Newcastle United strip, but instead of jeans he wore a pair of black and white trackie-daks, and Harry wondered if he might be a Geordie. He too had a ring in his right ear, with a diamond stud above it. His olive skin was almost translucent, which made his angelic face seem even more youthful.

"Hi," said the blond with a broad smile, "Tommy," then he jerked his head towards his mate, "Jerry."

Harry could not help grinning, but thankfully didn't get off on the wrong foot by actually snorting a laugh.

However, Jerry caught his reaction, and simply rolled his eyes in mock annoyance, "yeah... don't go there," he quipped.

They were obviously both London lads; their accents were not Cockney, but more refined. Harry thought they could even hail from Surrey.

"Draco," Harry greeted them, breathed a sigh of relief and simply smiled.

"Cute name for a cute lad," chirped Tommy with a broad grin and a lewd twinkle in his bright blue eyes.

"One very fit, very well hung and very horny lad," added Jerry, showing his approval with a salacious widening of his eyes and raised eyebrows.

"You've quite a stonker, Draco... especially for someone so young."

"Thanks," was all Harry could manage, before he thought of something to say, "you lads into football then?"

"Nah," grinned Tommy, "not our cuppa. Nicked these from the mall last week, when the old geezer in the sports store wasn't looking."

"Yeah," Jerry explained, "can't afford this stuff," he indicated their tops, "cost a bloody fortune."

"Besides," Tommy took over from his mate, "gotta get our kit from somewhere."

"Can't be too picky or too careful these days though," Jerry added slyly, "Big Brother is on every bloody corner. Gotta pick your targets."

"Watching us as we speak," added Tommy in disgust, as he flicked his eyes up to a CCTV camera on the ceiling of the concourse, directly above them.

"They'll have `em in the bloody cottages soon," spat Jerry.

"Oh, really," replied Harry, "didn't realise it was that bad."

"Thought we were gunna be stuck there for good, at one stage," said the angelic Jerry, indicating himself and Harry, as he changed the subject.

He ogled at Harry again, with the same wide-eyed expression.

"That was you?" Harry cried, a little awe struck, "Yeah that was a bit hairy," he responded with a shudder. "I kept imagining the bobbies, and maybe even a fireman or two, all trying to pry us apart."

He shook his head and shrugged his shoulders in a gesture of disgust at the thought.

That brought a chuckle from the lads, and Harry relaxed a little more.

"Yeah," Jerry gave another chuckle, "I swear that knob of yours was the size of a bloody football."

"Yeah," Harry agreed, "felt like that from my end too."

"From your end!" Jerry laughed at that, and Harry merely flushed and looked coyly at his own feet.

"I lost my footing, just at that moment," Harry explained as he looked up at the dark haired lad sheepishly, "that bloody hole was too high for me, so I was just hanging there by nothing else but my cock, and... I suppose that's why it swelled up all of a sudden, hurt like hell. I thought my fucking knob was going to explode!"

Harry started to laugh, as the lads went into hysterics.

"I won't forget it in a hurry, I can promise you that!" Harry added.

"No, me neither," laughed Jerry.

"I thought we were all fucked," Tommy chimed in, as he laughed even harder, "expected the attendant to come storming in at any second with the bill in tow." He shook his head in comic disbelief. "Bloody funny now though," he laughed again, "but no harm done."

"Says you," replied Jerry and Harry at precisely the same moment.

The former rubbed his arse and Harry rubbed his groin. Then all three broke into hysterics and almost collapsed on one another.

"Well," cried Jerry.

He threw his arm around Harry's neck and squeezed him in a playful headlock.

"Tommy's right, no harm done, and I wouldn't mind doin' it again, any time you're ready."

He released Harry, but rested his hand lightly on his shoulder.

"But maybe without the wall between us," Jerry added, "waccha reckon, lad?"

Harry raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"Yeah, but not right this minute," he replied, with a slight edge of caution in his voice.

The lads grinned playfully at that.

"What say we get a bite to eat," Tommy suggested as he placed his arm around Harry from the other side, "and we can talk about it? Fancy some KFC?"

"Sorry," Harry apologised, "but I've only got a bit over a Quid."

"No wuckin furries, Draco lad," replied Jerry cheerfully, "our treat."

"Okay, fine," Harry smiled, "more fucking fast food!" he grumbled to himself, but rationalised that he would be totally daft to look a gift horse in the mouth. Food was food, after all.

They made their way up to the food court via the escalators and crossed to the KFC restaurant.

It was Tommy's treat, and he bought a shit load of chicken and chips and other nosh. Harry couldn't get enough of the gravy and mash, he scoffed it down like there was no tomorrow.

"So, where you from, Draco?" asked Jerry around a half-eaten chicken leg.

Harry immediately thought of Ron, with his mouth full of food as he chatted, and he had to fight off another bout of angst; but he was resolute, and focussed on Jerry's question instead.

He had already decided that he had to stick with the truth on this one, because the chance of being caught out was much too high. He could hardly say Scotland, his accent would give him away. While choosing somewhere he'd never even been would be looking for trouble. But he would only admit to Little Whinging if pressed.

Harry also wondered if Jerry's enquiry was an allusion to Harry's apparent ethnicity, but he decided to let that one through to the keeper, for the time-being, at least.

"A little place called Godric's Hollow, near Bristol," he replied.

"You don't have much of a West Country accent," said Tommy.

"No, I moved to Surrey after my parents died in a car crash, when I was only one."

"How long you been in the Big Smoke then?" asked Jerry.

"Not long, just a few days, actually, I came up here when my aunt and uncle kicked me out, after they found out I was Gay."

"Yeah, been there, done that," groused Jerry bitterly, "but it's a whole lot worse when it's your old man and old lady who shit on you, I can tell you."

"Too right," Tommy agreed, "and it's no better when your old lady pisses you off just to keep her boyfriend happy."

"Now that prick was a right cock-sucker," spat Jerry bitterly, "and I don't mean that in a nice way, either," he grinned at Harry, then turned serious once more, "proper nonce he was, a real hard-nut, you know? Tommy had it worse than me I can tell you!"

Harry could not help but think of the twins, with the way that the lads interacted. They didn't finish each other's sentences quite the way the twins did, but they did seem to be very familiar with each other.

"You've known each other for a while then?" Harry asked.

"Went to school together, an' all," said Tommy cheerfully.

"That's why he's Tommy," added Jerry with a grin.

Harry looked confused.

"Well, he started off as Tom," Jerry grinned wickedly, "but once we started hangin' out together, well... nudge, nudge, wink, wink, know what I mean? Wouldn't do, would it?"

"Oh, you mean the cartoon characters?" Harry faked his surprise.

"Don't give me that!" Jerry nudged Harry playfully, "gave yourself away already."

"Sorry," Harry winced, "just trying to be polite." Then he grinned again at the reference. "You do seem to have a problem with that," he observed wryly.

"Nah, not really," said Tommy, "I'd have changed my name if it'd really got up my nose."

Jerry grinned at Harry and he felt relaxed enough to laugh at Tommy's humour.

"So where you been staying then?" asked Jerry seriously.

Harry looked suddenly uncomfortable.

"Parks," he tentatively replied, "slept behind a skip in an alley last night," he added, "got totally legless the night before that, woke up in a park the next morning and some dipshit had nicked everything I owned except this," he held up his book bag, "my specs and the empty fucking bottle!" he spat.

"So where you staying tonight, then?" enquired Tommy.

Harry shrugged morosely, "not the foggiest."

The lads exchanged a look, and arrived at a tacit consensus.

"Well you can doss down with us if you want," Jerry offered. "We're roughing-it down in a squat in Brixton. Nothing fancy mind you, but it's not the dog's breakfast either."

"Only got one mattress between us," Tommy added with a wink, "but I'm sure we can work something out."

"Or in," Jerry laughed, "if you're up for it."

"Not yet... but I will be," Harry replied with a salacious grin.

He wiggled his arse on the seat playfully. Then he licked his lips in eager anticipation.

Things were looking up!