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Advice for best sleepovers

                                                by Sam The Ham



     That evening, I finished watching the video and decided it was good enough. Seeing that the upload was taking a long time, I headed off to bed. That was more of a euphemism for reading quietly in my bedroom. So far, my son had managed to keep the sleepover confined to his room for the last hour. It surprised me that they did not go downstairs to use the big screen TV. At least, I expected my son to show off the VR. That is what a ten-year-old usually does.

Slowly standing up I made my way upstairs, alone again. Somehow when I became a father, less than a year ago, I had not really anticipated nights like these. For one thing, I had expected to have a partner by now to help share the responsibilities. Somebody who would be better at putting his foot down, but life hadn’t allowed that to happen.

Walking up the stairs I passed my son’s bedroom door. I was about to knock when I heard a small voice. "Let’s see which one of you is bigger."

This was very strange dialogue for a video game? I didn't knock, moved my head closer to hear more, feeling bad about it but doing it anyways.

"Don't you have a ruler in here?"

It took me a second to recognize Leo's voice, the de-facto leader of the little trio behind the door. There was some inaudible talking before Carter finally said, "I found it."

By now I was very intrigued about what was going on and broke one of my little rules. My son's door didn't have a lock on it. So when I grabbed a hold of the door knob, I was able to turn it quickly and push the door open just enough to get a look inside. The brief peak was enough to confirm that something was going on. I pushed the door open the entire way. All three boys were naked. As my eyes scanned the room I noticed an unfamiliar laptop propped up on the dresser.

There was a second or two where nothing happened, like the world had become frozen. Then it was like someone hit fast forward. Each boy scrambled to cover himself. My son reached down and squatted before picking up a shirt on the floor to hold it in front of him. Leo jumped on the bed to put a pillow in front of himself while little Adam, the youngest of the group, burrowed under the covers. I also noticed that the laptop screen suddenly went white.

It seemed I was the last one who was able to do anything and turned my glare onto my son, Carter. "Care to explain."

Carter looked like he wanted to just disappear through the floor. His mouth opened and closed, before he finally ventured. "We weren't doing anything."

"Really, that's possibly the worst lie I've ever heard." I said, walking into the room, fully aware of how uncomfortable that would make all three of them when I approached the laptop to get a better look. There was a simple message on the screen. Session terminated - try again. I stared at the screen for a second and turned around, looking at all three boys at once. I had to take a half a step backwards just so I could see Adam at the corner of my eye.

"Let me guess, you found some totally hot girls online and all you had to do was get naked and they would do the same and blah blah blah. That could have been it, but it also could have been a scam. You're probably getting naked in front of some sixty-year-old overweight man."

With that said, I wasn't really sure what to do next. I could tell them to go to bed or maybe I could call the other boys’ parents, but I didn't really want to have that conversation! So, I opted for reason. "Listen, I understand, you're getting to that age where you want to explore your body and stuff like that. If you were just out here fooling around, I wouldn’t have said a word. This technology though, when you do it online somebody can record it and they can share it. It's not something you should do."

I reached out, disconnected the charger from the laptop and closed it down. "You can have this back tomorrow. I don't know if I'll tell your parents or not yet."

I left the room and carried the laptop into my bedroom with me. It was a little beat up, but didn't look too bad. I was sure whichever one owned it would want it back. Despite what I said, I’d already decided not to tell their parents, figuring I had already told them everything their parents would tell them. Maybe, they would have cut off internet access completely or just ground them. To be honest, having to explain what had happened that evening made me nervous. Not knowing their parents well enough I wasn't sure if there might be some homophonic backlash. Given my orientation it just wasn't worth it.

I sat down in my reading chair and put the laptop on the side table. I really wished I had considered something like this beforehand. I wondered how other parents handled situations like this. Realizing I was getting into one of my thinking spirals where I would just continue to analyze until I got a headache, I consciously stopped myself. My attention turned towards what book I should read. I had a nice collection of fiction and nonfiction in my room and sort of in-between books. Just as I had made my choice there was a knock on the door which caught me off guard. "Come in."

I had expected my son or maybe one of the other boys to try and reclaim the laptop, which was definitely a no-go. Instead, it was all three of them. Carter, my son was fully dressed in his pajamas as was Adam, but Leo was only in his pajama bottoms. They all shuffled in in one group, Carter not looking me in the eye.

"Yes?" I unconsciously draped my arm across the laptop.

"Dad, I'm sorry. It was a bad idea." Carter started.

"Yes, I know it was." I appreciated the apology but had no idea where he was going with this.

Carter nodded. "I, I just wanted you to know it just started out not like we were planning on it. It sort of just happened."

I raised an eyebrow at that. "Your clothes just fell off?"

"No." Carter said, staring extremely interested at the floor.

"We were just talking at first," Leo said jumping in "Like we originally started looking for girls, but we really couldn't find any. Anyways, we talked a little on skype and it was kind of cool. And well, we sort of you know started asking questions to this guy and he sort of started answering them. It was really nice. I don't think he was recording us."

"What sort of questions?"

Leo shifted a little uncomfortably before smiling and looking right at me. "About girls and guys and stuff like that. Sex stuff." He said and smiled not a shred of embarrassment left in him.

"You guys had sex ed. I remember signing the permission slip." I answered dryly.

Leo rolled his eyes. "Yeah and now we know all about a girls’ monthly cycle. They didn't cover anything except for boys getting erections and if you ignore them they go away."

I opened my mouth but realized I had never actually talked about sex with Carter. I had just assumed the school would cover it. Maybe I had been lying to myself a little since I had received a similar useless education in school. Well at least they told me to put a condom on it. "I'm sure they gave you a chance to ask questions and there's always your parents."

The boys were silent for a moment at that rebuke. Then, to my surprise it was Adam who spoke up. The kid was short, at least a half a head smaller than either of his two friends. He was the type of kid you could easily forget in the back of the car after dropping a few off after soccer practice. I actually had done that to him. All that said I kind of liked him.

"We are sorry. It was just nice having somebody who was happy to talk to us about sex stuff. I mean sometimes we hear the kids talking but it's not like they really know anything."

"What about your parents? Couldn't you ask them?" I said after he fell silent.

"I don't have a dad." Adam peeped, causing me mentally kick myself.

"I don't think my parents even want me to acknowledge I have well you know." Leo said gesturing downwards.

My eyes went to Carter. I waited for an answer, expecting to be hurt by it. He shifted a little nervously but he knew I was expecting it. "I don't want you to think I'm weird."

It had been a year since I had officially adopted him and he was still afraid of opening up to me. Maybe I shouldn't blame him given his history, but still I thought we were on better terms. Then again, it wasn't like I had been very forthcoming with my parents about my questions on the subject. "Carter, you have a life sentence with me." I managed to say after a few seconds. "As hard as it is for you to believe I was once your age, no matter what questions, you can always ask me."

"Does that go for all of us?" Leo chimed in with a little smile.

I looked at the boy. Out of the three, he was the most handsome, with shiny brown hair, piercing eyes and a cocky grin that I wouldn't be surprised to see on TV one day for better or worse. "Yes, that goes for all three of you."

"Great, so when do we get hair?" Leo asked.

I blinked at the question. "They didn't even cover that?"

Leo shrugged. "They said it happens as you get older. They didn't really give us an age."

I nodded. "Well, that's probably because there isn’t an age. It's not like flipping a light switch on. It’s something that gradually happens. Growing up I hit puberty pretty early but I had a friend who didn't hit it until he was fourteen. It really depends on a lot of things from your ethnic background to your health." I paused for a second and then added. "Oh yeah and shaving won't make hair grow faster or thicker. Parents just tell that to their kids because they are embarrassed."

I smiled at their reactions. Their eyes widened and their mouths opened. "Yes, if you’ve ever been embarrassed by your parents, chances are you've done the same to them."

After that, a lot of questions came. Can you have sex without a condom? Does this really happen or that? Can you tell if somebody's had sex? Is it supposed to hurt for a girl the first time? Do girls masturbate? I tried to keep all my answers fairly short, but I was an academic and having an attentive audience make me talk.

As the question started to wind down, it was Adam who took it to the next level. "Can you just tell me if I look normal?"

I blinked at the question not getting it at first. "You look fine."

I had the feeling he was just holding back the urge to roll his eyes. "No, I mean down here, my penis." He said pointing at his crotch.

It took a second to swallow the lump in my throat. "I'm sure if there's something wrong with it, your doctor would have mentioned it by now."

Adam gave me a pleading look. "Please, I just want to know for sure."

Glancing over at the other two I tried to read their expressions. Unfortunately, all I was getting was curiosity from them. Between Adam asking so nicely and the other two seeming not to care I ventured my answer. "Well, if you really want me to, we could do it in private."

"Never mind that," Leo interrupted. "We were all naked before with each other." He said and suddenly pulled his pajama bottoms down. They must have had a weight in them because they just fell to his ankles and he stepped out of them revealing a fairly normal looking penis. Carter, my adopted son, waited about a half a second before dropping his own pants in solidarity. I had not really seen him naked before. His penis looked normal too. My eyes drifted back to Adam, now the only one wearing pants in the trio. He dropped his a bit shyly and I saw why.

Adam's penis was small. Even given his small body size, it looked small on him. His ball sack and soft weenie were about half the size as the other boys. He stood there nervously, one hand clenching near his stomach to hold the shirt up. At least I didn't hear any snickering from the other two.

"I, I well yes I would say it's small, but I'm not an expert. I'm not even sure what size is normal for your age bracket. There are charts you know." I finally trailed off as I realized my words weren't making the situation any better for him.

Adam was looking down dejected. Fortunately, the other two didn't seem to have a problem. "It's probably just because you're short." Carter chimed in.

"Yeah, you are like the smallest kid in the class. I'm sure you'll catch up. Carter's dad even said it depends a lot on different things." Leo said, being much more helpfully than I had been. Of course, that didn't quite last. "Mr. Donald, can you tell us how to suck?"

"What?" I said taken aback.

Leo just shrugged. "I mean I get the general idea but you know, well, you are gay so you might know a little more."

"And why would you want to know that?" I demanded.

"Dad" Carter said in an exasperated tone. "It's not like when you were a kid."

"What isn't?" I said thoroughly confused.

"The guy on Skype was going to tell us how to do it." Adam finally clarified. "It was one of the reasons we were naked."

I looked at each boy individually. Adam just stared back, Leo smiled and Carter looked a little embarrassed. "Do you have any idea how much trouble I would get in if anyone found out I talked about that stuff with you?"

"Nobody will find out," Carter said. "Dad, can you just, you know, you said you would answer our questions!"

He had me there. Okay I could have put my foot down but it would have made me feel hypocritical. I had opened up this dialogue. I couldn’t back out as soon as it became uncomfortable. "There's not that much to it, I mean part of the fun is discovering it for yourself."

"No, part of the fun is getting a good one!" Leo challenged.

Again I couldn't argue. "Well, it's not complicated it's just more about if you are more comfortable doing it or receiving."

"Well, we're here to learn," Leo said before looking over at Carter. "How about you tell me what to do then I'll try it on Carter here."

Carter smiled. "I guess I can try it on you after."

Leo shook his head. "No, you'll do Adam and Adam can do me. That way nobody gets left out." Leo announced as if he was setting up a lineup for a new game.

I was feeling a bit trapped. Things had definitely gone in a different direction than I had imagined which happened to be a pretty good summary for the evening. "Fine, but nobody has to do anything if they don’t want to."

"Of course not." Leo seconded, getting down on his knees. He looked over at me. "How do I start?"

"Well, when you have a willing partner, the first thing you want is get him hard." I muttered. "Just sort of play with his penis for a bit, but be gentle."

Leo gave a quick nod to that. Without hesitation, his hand moved up and started fondling Carter. He lifted up my son's shaft and just moved it around a little like a joystick or whatever those little pads on games of controllers were called nowadays. Apparently, Carter didn't feel anything awkward about this because he was getting hard pretty fast. "Okay, now what?"

"Well, you put it in your mouth. Don't try to put it all in at once or you can gag. Go slowly and make sure your teeth are covered by your lips. You don't want the person to feel teeth when you're giving head." I said slightly satisfied that at least Leo's mouth would be full and he wouldn't talk for a while.

"I got it." Leo said. He opened his mouth and pursed his lips almost comically. I watched in complete amazement as he slowly took my son into his mouth. He swallowed about half the shaft before closing his mouth. His lips clenched around it and even without him talking I could hear him thinking ‘now what?’

"Okay, so you can feel your tongue probably resting on the underside. Just slowly move it around. Don't go too fast. Every guy's a little different, but there's one spot most guys do like. Slide your tongue to the tip of his penis, just on the underside. The skin will feel a little different there." Carter suddenly inhaled sharply and I could tell it wasn't from pain. "That's probably the spot. Just flick your tongue across it."

"Oh, this feels good," Carter announced. "Adam, you have to try this."

"I'm going too." The small boy said and giggled.

The casual atmosphere was very weird, at least to me. The first time I had done this, I was terrified that my grandmother was going to catch me. I wasn't sure if it was better that the three boys didn't see me as an authority figure or was that worse? Still, I got my hint of something going on then. Without touching himself Leo’s dick was standing at attention. I didn't notice it at first because I wasn't really looking, but once I saw it I couldn't unsee it. I wondered if Leo was on my team or was he just excited.

"Don't stay in one spot for too long. Explore a little." I said as I shifted uncomfortably in my chair.

For the next couple of minutes or so I didn't say anything, but Carter was a bit more vocal. "Oh, that's nice. I like that. Wow and over right there." were a few things he said that made little sense to anyone else. Eventually, he started to pump his hips forward. None of the boys had any hair and I wasn't surprised when he reached his dry climax. His hip started moving faster and Leo backed up until Carter exclaimed, "Oh damn!"

I smiled. I wasn't sure why. Maybe it was just because I was sharing an intimate moment that most parents never did. But then I remembered there was a very good reason for that.

Carter took a few seconds to relax. His softening erection slid out of Leo's mouth glistening with spit. It was only a few seconds before Adam who had been silent spoke up. "Okay, I'm next."

He almost jumped on top of Carter who still had a bit of a dazed look in his eyes. His hand was reaching out when I spoke up. "Wait, if you want to learn different ways of doing things let's not use your hand. Give his balls a kiss."

Carter briefly looked at me and then did as I said. He had to lean his head down a bit and then he started kissing each smooth little ball of his buddy. I felt a wave of guilt overwhelm me then my mind fought it. Why was I feeling guilty? There was nothing wrong with sex. There's nothing wrong with experimenting. So what if I was being a bit more involved? I wasn't forcing them. They just wanted to know. What was wrong with just telling them how?

With a new sense of confidence I spoke again. "The testicles can be sensitive too. You can use your tongue on them as well."

Leo moved in a little closer to get a better look. Then there was a bit of unexpected laughter as Carter pulled away. Leo started to laugh as did Adam.

"His thing poked me in the eye." Carter said laughing.

With Carter's head away I could see Adams little boner sticking straight out. I couldn't be sure but it didn't look like it had gotten that much bigger. I smiled at the situation. "Yeah, that's a hazard I forgot about."

"Thanks, Dad," Carter said in a sarcastic tone. "I didn't realize I needed eye protection."

Even I chuckled at that. "Yes, well, be more aware of your partner next time. Try to get your head down low enough and see if you can get his ball sack in your mouth. That's called teabagging, not that thing you do on video games."

"Only old guys do that anymore," Leo said standing right next to his two friends, his erection still sturdy for anyone to see.

After a few more seconds, when everyone recovered, Carter tried that. He was able to get it all in his mouth, but after a few seconds let it slide out. "That's so weird."

"It felt pretty good!" Adam said.

"Yeah, wait till you see how your dick will feel like." Carter said with a grin, sliding his mouth onto it.

I thought of interrupting telling him there was more they could try, but he was surely going to find out on his own. I had the feeling this wasn't going to be the only time any of them did this with each other.

Adam wasn't only small, but definitely more on the quiet side. He closed his eyes as Carter sucked on his rigid little dick. Being so small Carter was able to get the whole thing in his mouth. He bobbed his head, gobbling up the small erection right down to the bald pubes. The only sign of Adam’s coming orgasm was when he opened his eyes and got a little look on his face. He tilted his head back and squeezed his eyes shut, but otherwise, he climaxed without a sound. Afterwards, he lost his balance and plopped his butt down on the carpeted floor right away.

With Adam already at the right level, Leo stepped forward brandishing his stiffy. "Okay, I'm next."

Adam took a second to realize what he was supposed to do. I spoke up addressing my comment to Leo. "Let Adam do what he wants, don’t force him." Beyond that I didn't have any other advice to give and I'm not sure any of them were in the mood for more anyway.

Adam started sucking Leo's balls which were much bigger than his own before pulling his head away and using his hand to bring the shaft down. If I had to guess I would say he managed to get a third in his mouth before bobbing up and down and letting his tongue explore.

In contrast to Adam, Leo was anything but quiet. He was giving a running commentary of good, good, no, yes, that's good, yeah right there and occasionally just made some sounds. Adam moved his mouth pretty freely and I wondered if he was enjoying it. It's an odd thing to explain how it can be nice to give a blowjob. At least for me it is. I found myself smiling watching the boys enjoy each other’s bodies without any kind of guilt that had bothered me in my early years.

Leo's loud moans pulled me out of my thoughts. The boy had grabbed Adams head and was thrusting in and out. I was just about to tell him to stop when he stepped back. Adam seemed a bit shocked by the last bit and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "That last part wasn’t nice."

I spoke up. "Leo, don't do that unless you worked it out with your partner beforehand."

Leo looked a little confused not sure who he should answer first. "Sorry, I just got carried away."

Adam just shrugged while Carter was embarrassed. I looked at the three one more time before glancing at the clock. More than an hour had passed since I had decided to go to bed.

"Boys, you do have a game in the morning and it's almost ten o’clock." I said.

"Oh yeah, guys I think we need to call it a night." Carter said.

Leo stretched. "Yeah, I'm going to sleep well I think."

Adam chuckled. "Didn't you say you used this as a sleeping aid before?"

Leo gave a half-hearted kick at the boy who was still on the floor. Adam barely even tried to dodge it.

Carter had pulled up his pajama bottoms at some point and Adam got to his feet doing the same. Leo was about to walk out of the room when I called out. "Don't forget your pajama bottoms."

Leo stopped halfway to the door. He laughed nervously and ran back to grab his pajama bottoms. He didn't put them on until he was out of the room. Well, I presumed he put them on. I was left with my own thoughts. Yeah I definitely wasn't going to be dad of the year. At least not from other people's opinions, but in a way I was happy. They would probably mess around more and they might even come to me with more questions. That was certainly better than I had had it. Pushing myself out of the chair I decided to go to bed too.
The End 

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