Christmas on the Street 
by: Kewl Dad

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. This story depicts and suggests sexual acts between minors, and of minors and adults, though I have kept it to a minimum. If reading such is offensive to you, or illegal where you reside, read at your risk. What this story is really about is: hope and love and the child that lives inside all of us. It about the enduring human spirit, and it's a reminder that miracles do happen.

This story is the property of Kewl Dad and should not be reproduced or reposted for monetary gain, but feel free to share it with your friends and loved ones. Have a wonderful Holiday. Please share your feelings by emailing me at:

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  Christmas on the Street 

By: Kewl Dad

Wednesday: December 20, 2017

Cody pulled his thin hoodie around his shoulders and kept walking the short distance to the strip where he hung out most evenings. The weather was colder today and he had almost decided to stay in and not go tricking tonight, but his rumbling stomach said he needed to find a John and get some food, or it was going to be a long sleepless night. Not that staying in was that great either. The old warehouse down by the tracks that he shared with several other homeless kids was less than ideal, and even when they built a fire in an old trash can it was chilly at best.

The sky had been grey and threatening all day and it wasn't unusual to have snow this time of year, but so far it had remained dry, even if cold. His worn jeans and thin tee shirt did little to keep his frail 13 year old body warm, but his hope was that soon he would be in some John's warm car or maybe even a motel room.

Johns who rented a motel room were his favorite because often they would leave and let Cody spend the night there. These times were the best, he'd shower and watch cable TV and pig out on snacks and soda from the vending machines, and best of all, he'd be warm and safe, if only for one night.


His life hadn't always been this tough, up until he was 12 he had lived with his mother in another city. His mother had a  good job and they ate regularly and had a warm dry place to live. He'd liked school and was a fairly good student and had lots of friends. He didn't play any organized sports, but he loved baseball and basketball and would often join in impromptu games with his friends on the playground near his house.

Those were good times. Then in one heartbreaking moment his whole world changed. His mother was depositing her check at the bank when two armed robbers walked in and demanded that the teller give them all the money. Everything had gone as planned at first, but one of the robbers, in a moment of nervous panic, fired his weapon and Cody's mother was shot dead.

The robbers had been so distraught that they had exited without the money and were caught several blocks away. Both were charged with attempted robbery and murder and were serving life sentences, but that was little compensation for a child left as an orphan.

At first Cody was placed in foster care, but unfortunately he had the bad luck to be placed in homes that were less than ideal, and he ran away from the first one after only a week. After that it became harder and harder to find a foster family who would take Cody in, so eventually the Child Welfare Department gave up and put Cody in a group home.

Appleton Boys home was a located in a former industrial area on the north side of town, as far away from the decent folk of the town as possible, and looked more like a prison than a home. The home housed over a hundred troubled boys ages 10 to 16, and it was here that Cody learned about sex and just how hard it was to be the new kid.

His first night there he was taken into the shower room and made to strip by three older boys, and once he was naked they had touched his body all over, and as if against his will, he became aroused.

"See he likes it," the zit-faced leader of the three said grinning. His name was Gary and he was 15, but large for his age, and out weighed Cody by thirty pounds and was over a foot taller.

The other two were, Sean age 13, and Doug age 14, but it was Gary that led the way and scared Cody the most. The other two were simply followers and had no doubt at one time been Gary's victims as well.

"What are you gonna do to me?" Cody asked trying not to appear as frightened as he was.

"Oh, nothing much, just gonna have some fun. That's all," Gary said evilly.

"Like uh, what?"

"You'll see, boys hold his arms..."

That night Cody learned just how much pain a person could endure and still live, and as he lay in his bunk nursing his wounds and favoring his sore butt hole he made his plans for escape and revenge. Two more nights in a row Cody was subjected to Gary, Sean, and Doug's sexual advances, but on the fourth night Cody was waiting for them when they came for him after lights out.

He'd spent the whole day planning, and was fully committed to his plan, even if he died while initiating it. Waiting behind the door of the room he shared with three other boys, all younger than him, he went over the plan in his mind one more time and said a prayer, resigning himself to his fate.

In his hand was a ball bat he'd managed to filch from the equipment room. It felt good in his hands and he thought back to all the times he'd used a bat such as this to pound a ball out during the sand lot games he and his friends had played. Now he would use it pound out the monsters who had made his life a living hell since his arrival.

He didn't have to wait long, the boys were teens and always horny, and Cody was fresh meat, but he had no intention of being used by them again.

He could hear them shuffling around in the hall outside even before the door began to swing open, and as it did he could smell their excited teenage odors and it was both arousing and nauseating.

He waited till they were fully inside and the door was closed behind them before he moved, and then springing like a cat he wielded the bat like a demon possessed, his first target the oldest boy and leader of the pack.

Gary cried out as the bat came down on his head and blood flew everywhere, some of it hitting Cody's face. One more whack for good measure, and then he turned his attention to the other two, but  they were already headed toward the door, fleeing for their lives.

The noise had awakened the other boys  in the room, and they began to wail as the watched Cody take the bat  to the other two, no doubt afraid  that they were next.

The bat glanced off Doug's shoulder, but not without breaking his collar bone, but it was enough to slow Cody's murderous assault, and Doug was able to escape. Slipping on some of Gary's blood on the tiled floor, Sean had gone down and was now cowering, his arms held out in defense as he waited for the blows that never came.

Instead Cody took one look at the frightened boy and slid down the wall, bat still in hand, and began to cry. He cried for his mother, for his lost life, for the loss of his innocence, and for what he had done to his bullies, even if they did deserve it.

Doug had returned with a member of the staff who took one look at the situation and called security. Cody was led to the infirmary and once there he was given a good going over, during which time they discovered that he had been penetrated and was bruised with some signs of bleeding. 

The Doctor was used to seeing such things however. After all, boys would be boys, and lacking girls to satisfy their sexual needs, they did the next best thing, turning to each other. It never occurred to him that Cody had been forced to have sex, and no report of abuse was filed.

Instead Cody was put in solitary confinement for a month as punishment for cracking Gary's skull and breaking Doug's shoulder. He had a lot to time to think while he was in solitary and he formulated a new plan, one for escape.

The food was plentiful, if not all that tasty, and he was allowed one hour of exercise a day in a fenced in yard, similar to those used in prisons. He began exercising in his cell (he couldn't think of it as a room even though there were no bars) and put on five pounds of muscle during his confinement. 

When he was finally released he expected Gary or the other two to be gunning for him, but he found out that all three of them were no longer at the home, and apparently the other older boys were afraid of him now. That was fine with Cody and he began to work on his plan of escape in earnest. 

He'd been returned to the same room he'd had before the incident, and though his younger roommates looked at him with interest, they didn't seem to fear  him as much as they had that night.

"Welcome back," the youngest boy, Mark, said smiling shyly.

"Thanks," Cody said smiling back, "You guys miss me?"

The other two shook their heads and he laughed. I wouldn't have hurt you guys, you know that right? It was just those three I wanted to hurt. They...they did some bad stuff to me, they hurt me."

"We know, they tried to hurt Tommy too, but we told on em' and they got sent away."

Tommy was a cute 11 year old blond, blue-eyed boy who was soft and feminine looking.

"I'm glad you did," Cody said giving the boys a nod, "if anyone tries to mess with you guys again, just let me know."

"Okay, thanks Cody."

Cody knew there was a difference between being forced to have sex and wanting to do it, and at 13 he was just beginning to experience some of the changes that going through puberty brought. He was hard more than he was soft, and while in solitary he had masturbated several times a day, mostly out of boredom. His thoughts during those moments of self pleasure didn't really involve anyone, male or female, and were mostly about concentrating on his own swollen member and the pleasure it brought to him.

But there were times when he did think about other boys. If Sean and Doug hadn't been forcing him to have sex, he might very well have found them both sexually attractive, but not Gary. Gary was a troll and no one would ever want him that way.

Sean was slender and like Tommy was blond and blue-eyed, but with a chiseled body and a decent sized dick. Doug was a little softer looking but a nice looking boy with brown hair and big brown eyes. He'd been the gentlest of the three when they'd forced him to have sex, and he wondered if Doug hadn't been in his position at some point in his life.

Gary was rough and uncaring as he drove his fat six inch dick into Cody's small hole, and he often pulled  Cody's hair or choked him while he got his pleasure. Sean was somewhere between the two and his dick was the smallest of the three and seldom caused Cody that much pain.

"Cody," Tommy said patting his leg and bringing him out of his funk, "what did those boys do to you?"

It was the first time anyone had asked and Cody wasn't sure how to answer. Even the staff hadn't asked him why he had gone on a murderous rampage, and he wasn't sure he wanted to talk about it. But if Tommy and the others were to stay safe they needed to know what to look out for. With that in mind Cody gathered the other two to him and began.

When he had finished he looked at the younger boys' faces and wished he had kept his mouth shut. Tears leaked out of Mark and Robert's eyes, but Tommy seemed to be puzzled more than alarmed.

"Why do they do those things?" Tommy asked shyly.

"Uh...I guess cause it feels good, but they shouldn't make anyone do those things if they don't want to."

"But if they liked them...then that's okay?"

"Not if they hurt you," Cody said firmly.

"Okay, I see. But if umm, if two boys want to do that, then it's okay?"

"Yeah, I guess...but I didn't want to do that stuff with them."

"Yeah, I see," Tommy said looking thoughtful.

They were interrupted by the bell signaling dinner and they quickly washed up and filed into the chow hall. Cody's roommates sat with him at lunch though they didn't say much, which was just as well, as the other boys seemed reluctant to get near him. He had quite a reputation by now, and anticipated no more trouble at the home, but that did nothing to change his plans to escape.

After dinner there was time to relax in the common room or game room, but instead Cody went back to the room and fell down on his bed and began reading a book he'd checked out at the small library there. He was so engrossed in the book that he didn't hear the door open or the younger boy approach, and when he finally spoke Cody jumped in surprise.

"Hi Cody."

"Dammit Tommy, you almost scared the pee outa' me. Don't slip up on people like that."

"Sorry," Tommy said looking sad, "Can I...can I talk to you?"

"Sure," Cody said raising to a sitting position to give the younger boy a place to sit, "What's up?"

"Well, I was thinkin' bout what you said about that sex stuff," he said scrunching up his face as if deep in thought, "is it bad if I like touch my wiener?"

"How old are you anyway, 10, 11?"

"11, almost 12,"  Tommy said proudly.

"Oh, okay....well, I'm 13 and um...things are different than when I was 11."

"Like what?" Tommy asked laying a hand on Cody's leg.

"Well, like, dick is a little bigger, and I, some hair down there now."

"Oh, okay, can I see?" Tommy asked innocently.

"No," Cody said quickly, but the look of hurt on Tommy's face caused him to soften, "I mean, it's kind of weird, and besides, what if the others came back?"

"They won't care. Can I tell you a secret?"

"Uh, sure...I guess."

"Promise not to tell anyone?"

"I swear," Cody said smiling, not sure what this kid thought was so secret.

"Me and Mark and Robert, well...we do stuff."


"You know, sex stuff? We show our wieners and rub em' and stuff. It feels real good."

"I...well, that's fine, really. It's no big deal. Like I said, as long as you do stuff cause you want to and not cause someone is forcin' ya'."

"Oh no, we like it. All of us like it. It's fun. Did you ever do that stuff with another boy, I mean before those guys made ya'?"

"Well, that's kind of personal," Cody said, not sure if he wanted to answer.

"Oh, sorry," Tommy said looking dejected.

"Yeah, I did. I had a good friend named Wayne and we did some stuff. We both liked it a lot, mom got killed and I had to go to foster care."

"Oh, sorry about your mom and all," Tommy said surprising Cody by hugging him. The boy felt warm and soft and Cody had forgotten how much he missed a gentle touch, one not forced on him.

Hugging Tommy back Cody sucked back tears, "What about you, how'd you wind up here?"

"Oh that," Tommy said sounding sad again, "my dad used to hurt me and they took me away from him. He said...he said I was soft like a girl and probably a fag and he used to whip me when he got drunk. One time he broke my arm and the welfare people took me away."

"Sorry," Cody said hugging the boy again, "that sucks, but why aren't you in a foster home or adopted?"

"Cause no one wants a queer boy in their house," Tommy said sadly.

"You're pretty young to know if you're queer or not."

"I know, trust me, I know. I like boys...I like you," he said blushing.

"I like you too," Cody assured him. 

A noise at the door caused the two to break the hug and soon their two roommates burst through the door laughing and pushing at each other.

"Oh hi guys," Mark said grinning, "Robert and me are gonna go take a shower, you comin' Tommy?"

Looking at Cody with a hopeful look, he said, "Naw, I'll wait and go with Cody."

"So you can check out his dick?" Mark giggled.

"Yeah, I bet he's gots a big one," Robert giggled.

This was the first time Cody had heard his roommates talk that way and it made him wonder what else he had missed during his ordeal with the three bullies.

"Why don't we all go?" Cody suggested, "then you can all see."

That was the beginning. It went from looking, to touching, and eventually the four boys were engaged in sex play almost every evening after lights out. This was a far cry from the forced sex Gary and his buddies had heaped upon him, and he found himself enjoying it more and more and becoming closer to the other boys, especially Tommy.

In a way becoming closer to the other boys was a problem, making it harder to leave when the time came, but he was helpless to do anything about it and just went with  his feelings, especially those toward Tommy,  who he had come to love deeply.

He had been there six months when he was once again sent to a foster home. It had taken careful planning on his part, doing well in school, and staying out of trouble, and being a model resident, and now it was paying off. 

Robert had gone to a foster family a week or so earlier, but Mark and Tommy were still there, and Tommy took his leaving hardest of all.

"I wish I could come with ya'," Tommy said tearfully as he hugged Cody goodbye.

"Me too," Cody said sincerely, "Maybe someday we'll meet again."

"I hope so, but I bet I'll still be right here till I'm old enough to kick out."

"Naw, someone will come along and see what a great kid you are," Cody said giving him a smile.'

"You think there are people who want a gay kid?"

"I know it, just keep hoping and praying."

His new foster parents were Margaret and Thomas Wilson, and in addition to him they they had two other foster children, a brother and sister named Bart and Liddy. The other two kids were black and had been abandoned by their mother when they were six and had been in foster care ever since, and were seasoned and tough. The two made it clear to Cody from the beginning that they were there first and that he was unwelcome, and they treated him accordingly.

Cody didn't care, the Wilson's house was just a stopover on his way to freedom, and within a week he was gone. He's managed to steal fifty dollars from his foster parents, and with his backpack filled with clothes and food he stole away one night and had been on his own ever since.

He was smart enough to leave the city and found himself in a town that had a brisk trade for young boys, and thus became a street hustler. He often wondered why they had given up looking for him so quickly, and was unaware that a body had been found submerged in a lake near his old home, and the remains were assumed to be his. As far as anyone knew, Cody Willis was dead.


It didn't take Cody long to get noticed that wintry December evening, and within an hour he had finished with his first trick of the evening. Fifty dollars richer, but having gotten a brief respite from the weather, he was in an almost cheerful mood as he climbed out of the expensive SUV.

Pulling his hood up to block the cold air he took his place on the corner he frequented and waited, but to his dismay, there were no more tricks to be turned that wintry evening. A little disappointed, but heartened by the money he'd earned from the one John, he hurried to a fast food joint nearby to do some serious refueling.

Ordering two burgers and two orders of fries, a large drink, and two apple pies, Cody found a booth away from the door and sat down to chow out. He was halfway through his first burger when he noticed a man at a table nearby watching him.

He was not alone, with him was another man and a boy who looked to be about Cody's age or a little younger. At first Cody thought the man might be interested in him sexually, but as he continued to study the man covertly he decided the man was just curious.

The other man and the boy had their backs to him and were not aware of the little staring contest the two were having, but eventually the man looked away and Cody went back to his food. He was starting on the second burger when he noticed the three were leaving and he glanced up to get a good look at the other man and boy.

The man was handsome and had what Cody thought of a cut body, with broad shoulders and an obvious six pack, but it was the boy that caught Cody's interest. He was blond and had a cute body,  and was dressed all in black making him look a bit mysterious, but he turned before Cody could get a good look at his face.

He'd gone through a lot since his mom had died and people came and went in his world, but he was sure he'd seen the boy somewhere, he just couldn't remember where. The boy didn't seem to notice Cody at all, and the brief glimpse Cody got of the boy wasn't enough to jog his memory.

Cody watched with interest as the three exited the restaurant and went back to his food. It was a long walk back to the warehouse where he slept, and he was dreading it, so the longer he lingered in the restaurant the better. 

At one point he got up to refill his drink and when he returned to his table a family with two kids had moved into the booth behind his. As Cody started on the first of his pies he glanced at the father who was facing him and suddenly the man smiled at him. 

Cody had a six sense when it came to recognizing when a man was interested in him that way, and licking a bit of apple filling off his lip he smiled back. The man blushed and looked uncomfortable and Cody figured he was probably hard beneath the table, away from the eyes of his wife and two small boys.

He'd been with a lot of married guys on the street. Most married men, especially those with kids, were kinder and gentler and paid well, and Cody treated them accordingly. He felt sorry for them in a way. He knew it couldn't be easy to live two different lives, being a husband and father at home, and then prowling the streets looking for boys to satisfy their deep dark desires.

The man got up at one point to grab some napkins and Cody gave him a good looking over. He was young, maybe 30 or so, and handsome and with a great body, the kind of body Cody enjoyed servicing, and the fact that he had two kids meant he was virile and had a good sexual appetite. His wife was pretty, but not glamorous, with a girl next door kind of face, and a shapely body, and she seemed to be a gentle and loving mother as she interacted with her two boys.

That brought a wave of sadness upon Cody as he remembered his own mother, and for a moment he was lost in his thoughts.

"Are you okay son?"

"Huh?" Cody said looking up to find the young father standing beside his table, "Uh, yeah...thanks."

"Okay," the man said smiling warmly, "you looked a little down there for a minute."

"I'm fine, really...thanks."

"You're welcome," he said joining his family once again.

His wife had looked around to see what was going on and she gave Cody a warm motherly smile that only made Cody feel sadder. Gathering up his trash and the second pie, which was still in it's wrapper, he headed toward the trash can and the exit. He looked back to see the man looking at him longingly and he sighed. If he'd felt better and had more time he was sure he could have lured the man into the bathroom and earned another 20 bucks, but his heart just wasn't in it.

The walk back to the warehouse  was a long and cold one, and by the time he got there he was half frozen. As he slipped in between the loose boards covering a window, he looked around to see if anyone else was there yet. He saw someone had built a fire in the trash barrel and a couple of kids were gathered around it warming their hands.

"Hey," Cody said moving up to join them."

"Hey Cody, this is Grant, he just got here today."

"Hey," Cody said offering his fist to bump, "you hungry Grant?"

"Huh, uh...yeah, I spent the last money I had on some chips earlier today."

"Here," Cody said pulling the apple pie from his pocket and offering it to the boy.

"Thanks," the boy said looking near tears, "uh you want some?" he said looking at the other boy, Phil.

"Naw, I'm good dude, I ate already. Go ahead, might be all the food you have till tomorrow."

Once given the go ahead Grant dug into the pie and quickly woofed it down. Cody wished he had saved one of the burgers for the kid, but he'd make sure he had food tomorrow. That was one thing about the kids on the street, they took care of one another.

"Wanna go over here and talk?" Cody asked the boy after he'd made the pie disappear.

"Uh, sure...okay, thanks for the pie. It was really good."

"You're welcome, we got a good bunch of kids here and we take care of each other, but eventually you're gonna have to pull your own weight, do you know what that means?" Cody said as he guided the boy to the pallet where he slept.

"Uh, you" the boy asked looking small and frightened.

"How old are you Grant?"

"14, almost 15," he said biting his lip nervously.

"You look younger. The tricks like em' young, so you should tell em' you're 12."

"Uh, I don't know if I can do that kind of stuff..." he said looking more like a 12 year old than a young teen, "I like girls, I had a girlfriend back home..."

"What happened at home, why are you here?" Cody asked with interest. Most of the kids who wound up on the street were kids who were kicked out for being gay, or kids who were abused sexually or physically and eventually ran away.

"My mom married this guy who was a real jerk and  he hated me. He did everything he could to make my life miserable, then he called the cops and told them I assaulted him and robbed him," he laughed sadly, "Imagine someone my size beating up a guy who was 6'3" and 260 pounds."

"And the cops believed him?"

"Yeah, you know how it is? They never believe the kid."

"So what happened then?"

"They arrested me and I spent a night in juvie. It was awful," he said in a shaky voice, "No one should ever have to be in a place like that."

"What about your mom? Didn't she take up for you?"

"Sort of, she talked the cops into letting me go and made my step dad drop the charges, and then she sent me to live with my uncle. Only problem is, my Uncle was worse than my step dad. He liked boys and he came on to me the first  night I was there. I managed to avoid him most of the time, but one night he slipped into my room and crawled into bed with me and...and well, I tried to fight him, but he was bigger than me and I finally just gave up," he said sounding ready to cry.

"What did he do?" Cody asked, hoping the getting it all out would help the boy.

"He...he touched me all over...and he...he, he, you know? Sucked me off. I didn't want to get hard, honest, but I couldn't help it. Once I came he got up and left, and that next day when I got up he was gone. I showered and dressed for school and packed my backpack and I left, that was two days ago."

"Damn," Cody said frowning, "that sucks. I'm not gonna lie to ya' kid, the only way we can survive is selling ourselves to guys like your uncle, so maybe this isn't the best place for you."

"I could get a job..." Grant suggested.

"How? No diploma, no ID, plus you're a runaway and the cops are probably looking for you. You'll be lucky if you don't get bagged right away."

"I...I don't know. I guess I didn't think things out too good."

"Okay, tell you what kid, I'm gonna take you under my wing and help ya' get through this."

"O...okay, but how?"

"I'm gonna teach ya' how to hustle safely."

"I guess I ain't got no choice," Grant said sighing, seemingly resigned to his fate, "Will...will it hurt?"

Cody sighed, "I hope not kid, we'll see if we can't keep your ass in tact, but I gotta warn ya', most tricks like to fuck, and a cute kid like you will really get their juices flowing."

"When will we start, uh...doing that stuff?"

"Tomorrow we'll talk some more, and maybe I'll bring you with me when I go downtown and you can see how things work. Some tricks will pay extra for two boys and as long as I keep you with me I can keep you safe."

"Thanks, thanks a lot," Grant said wrapping his arms around himself in an attempt to keep warm.

"You can sleep here with me and we can keep each other warm," Cody said turning down the worn dirty comforter he'd bought at a thrift store his first week on the street.

"Uh, thanks...I ummm...need to pee first,"

"Oh sure, me too. Come on I'll show you where we go."

After peeing, Cody and Grant settled down on the old mattress and Cody pulled the comforter up over them. At first Grant kept to his side of the mattress as if he was afraid to get too close to Cody, but Cody soon put a stop to that.

"Dude, if we're gonna keep each other warm you gotta snuggle up to me. Come on, I'm not gonna molest ya'," he laughed, "I just want your body heat."

"Oh, okay...sure, I'm not worried about that, I just didn't wanna' crowd ya'," Grant said scooting closer.

"That's better," Cody said scooting in the rest of the way and throwing an arm around the shivering teenager, "I know this isn't the best place to be, but it's better than being under a bridge or on a park bench."

"I know, thanks," Grant said actually snuggling in a bit more and seeming to relax a little.

"You're a good looking kid," Cody said nuzzling Grant's ear, and in spite of his promise not to molest the teen, his dick was hard as a rock. 

It had been a long time since he'd been with someone this close to his age, and the attraction was almost too much to ignore. He'd fooled around with a few of the other boys who hung out in the warehouse, but it was just sex, and when it was over, they went their separate ways. This was different, having Grant right there in his bed, and he wondered if he'd be able to keep his promise and keep this on a platonic level.

"Thanks, so are you," Grant said softly, "Is that....?" he said feeling Cody's hard dick against his ass.

"Sorry, you know how it is?" Cody chuckled, "Thing stays hard more than soft, but I promise I won't rape ya'."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," Grant said, then yawning widely he wiggled his butt against Cody's hard cock teasingly.

"Dude, be careful. I can only take so much cock teasing."

"Sorry, uhhh...if I gotta learn that stuff...maybe I should start with someone closer to my size," he said sounding anxious.

"Oh, well...yeah, that might be best, but I don't know if you're ready for that yet."

"I sort of lied...about having a girlfriend and all and I've done some stuff with a boy before."

"Oh, well...most boys do. We're a horny bunch, and curious as hell."

"Yeah, I had a best friend named Chuck and we messed around some. Mostly jacking and ummm..blow jobs, but once he let know, fuck him."

"Dude, you're not helping my hard dick," Cody moaned.

"Sorry, I could...ummm, suck you off I guess."

"Are you sure dude? Cause that would be awesome. Hey, tell you what, why don't we do a 69?"

"69? Oh, yeah...both at the same time, right?"

"Yeah, it's the best. Roll over and pull your pants and underwear down."

Cody lowered his own clothing and spun around to get into position and when he caught sight of Grant's junk he licked his lips in anticipation. The kid might be small for his age, but his junk was right on schedule. He had a nice fat uncut cock that stood straight out from his slender frame and Cody guessed it was at least 6 inches long.

"Nice,"  Cody muttered as he grabbed hold of Grant's hard cock and began to lick all up and down on it, "Ummm...tasty. Uh, cock isn't gonna suck itself," he said reminding Grant of his part of the bargain.

"Oh, sorry...that just felt so good," he mumbled, then he took hold of Cody's slender 5 and a half incher and began sucking like a starved calf.

Their orgasms rushed over them quickly and too soon they were busy swallowing each others sticky boy juices. Grant marveled at how good he felt, at both ends, and realized it had never been this good with his friend back home.

"That was great," Cody said, sitting up and pulling his clothes into place, "You learned well with your friend. Giving a good beejay is important on the street. Sometimes you can divert their attention from you ass if you have a good mouth."

"What's it like, sucking an old guy?" Grant said as he pulled up his clothes and settled back down, this time facing Cody as they talked quietly.

"Well, I'd like to say it's always fun, but it's not. Some guys are okay, but some are smelly, or too hairy, or they can't get it up, and it's a chore to do those kind. Then there are the guys who just want to make us feel good. They want to touch you or kiss you and jerk you or suck you, then when you come they're happy. Those are the best kind, especially if they're not too old, or too hairy."

"What about the ones who...who want to fuck?" Grant asked nervously.

"Well, usually those guys are middle aged or younger and don't have any problem getting it up. Some are married, some have a girlfriend, or at least like women. They're just looking for a nut and a cute smooth boy is as good as a woman to them."

"Does it hurt a lot?"

"The first time can be a shock to the old wazoo, but you get used to it. Fortunately for me I got broke in while I was in a group home. Then I started liking it and me and the boys in my dorm went after it like rabbits, especially this kid named Tommy."

Tommy, he hadn't thought of Tommy in a long time and he felt a little sad. He guessed he sort of loved Tommy and felt responsible for him, but when he got placed in the last foster home he knew the odds of seeing him again were slim, and so he went ahead with his plan to escape.

"Was he your age?"

"Younger, a year younger, but he was a sweet kid. Looked kind of girly, but he had all the right parts and a sweet little ass," Cody said growing hard again.

"You fucked him?" 

"Yeah, he liked it a lot, begged me to. Heck all the guys in the room fucked him and we fucked each other too."

"Were they all gay?"

"Well, I know I am, and Tommy was for sure, but the other two were just horny and there sure weren't any girls around to satisfy them."

"You're ummm gay?"

"Big surprise huh?" Cody laughed.

"Uh, no, I guess I knew that already," Grant said staring into Cody's eyes.

"You okay with that?"

"Yeah, sure, why wouldn't I be? You're nice and what we did was fun. I don't know if I'm gay or not, but I like that stuff...with you."

"Hey, don't go falling for me," Cody joked.

"You ever been in love?" Grant said, not answering directly.

"Yeah, once. At least I think that's what it was," he laughed, "that kid Tommy, he got to me pretty good. I...I miss him a lot. I wonder what happened to him and I worry that without me there to watch out for him someone might have hurt him."

"That's cool, that you loved him. I've never loved anyone, not even my mom. I was closer to my real dad, but he wasn't all that affectionate either. Then when he left my mom and me I never saw him again."

"Sorry, I didn't know my dad, but I had a great mom. got shot in this bank where some guys were robbing it. It was really an accident, but that didn't make it any easier to deal with."

"I'm sorry," Grant said touching Cody's chest tenderly, "I hope I love someone like that someday."

"It will happen, just give it time. You can't plan it, and it happens when you least expect it. It's the best thing you can ever have, but scary too...if you know what I mean. It can hurt too, when the other person doesn't love you back or they die have to leave them."

"That kid Tommy, he was lucky," Grant said looking sleepy, "to have a friend like you."

"Hey, play your cards right and I'll be your friend too," Cody chuckled, "Right now we should get some sleep."

Thursday: December 21, 2017

"This is the corner I hang out on. All the other boys know to steer clear of it. We each have our own spots."

"Oh, so you just stand here and wait till someone comes by?"

Cody spent the next hour or so explaining how to tell if a guy was interested. Everything from the way they slowed down as they drove past, to the facial expressions or hand signals they gave. He also explained how he showed interest on his part using body posture, facial expressions, and of course by grabbing his junk. Grant took in every thing he said with interest, but he still wasn't sure if he was ready to put any of his new knowledge to use.

"Look, there...that white Caddy. It's passed twice, and the guy driving was drooling as he drove past this last time."

"Uh, what should we do?"

"It's up to you, are you ready to get  your dick wet," he joked, "If not we can call it a night. I got enough money to buy dinner tonight, but tomorrow for sure I'll need to make some more."

"I don't want you to spend all your money on me," Grant said frowning, "I guess we could see what he wants to do. Maybe he won't want both of us..."

"Oh, I bet he would. Let's see just how much he wants us."

The next time the car approached, Cody was ready. Taking Grant's hand in his he led him to the curb and then leaned in and nuzzled Grant's ear all for the benefit of the man in the Caddy. As expected the car pulled to the curb and suddenly the window went down on the passenger's side.

"Hi boys, need a ride or anything?" The man said smiling. He was older than Cody liked, but he wasn't fat or gross looking, and Cody was sure he could afford both of them just from the looks of the car.

"Ummm..well, that depends," Cody said leaning in the window and licking his lips seductively, "We're really looking for some fun. Do you like fun?"

"I love fun," the man said, "Get in, we'll drive around and talk. Don't want to be parked  here too long."

Cody opened the door and slid in next to the driver and Grant climbed in the back seat.

"I'm Tom," the man said as they pulled away.

"I'm Zack, my boyfriend is Mark." Cody had discussed them using fake names earlier, but it was still a surprise to Grant, and he hoped he could remember not to let his real name slip.

"Oh, nice to meet you. You're a handsome couple. How old are you boys?"

"Both 12, Cody said quickly, "but we got hair and can shoot," he chuckled.

"Ummm...I like that in a boy," Tom said grabbing at his crotch.

"So, Tom, ever had two boys at once?"

"No, never, but I've always wanted to," Tom said grinning."

"Hundred bucks and we're all yours, but my boyfriend's butt is off limits. That cool?"

"That's cool. I don't top anyway, I'm more of a bottom, but I mostly like oral and kissing, is that cool with you boys?"

"Very cool Tom," Cody said reaching over and rubbing the small lump in the man's pants, causing him to moan lowly. His cock was small, but hard, and Cody figured he had probably turned into a bottom as he grew older and was less able to get it up.

"We can go to my house if that's okay," Tom said after a few minutes, "it's not far and there'll be no one there but us."

Cody suspected the man might be married, and perhaps the wife was away for the Holidays, but he would have preferred  that the man rent a motel so they could remain there after the man was done with them.

"That's fine Tom, will you want us all night or just for a while?"

"Well, umm...I have a spare bedroom if you'd like to spend the night."

Bingo, Cody thought. A hundred bucks and a warm safe place to stay to boot. Tom seemed nice so he figured once the man was satisfied they'd be free to get a good night's sleep. The only thing left to negotiate was food.

"Uh, Tom...I don't meant to be a pain, but me and Mark haven't eaten today and we were gonna go get something after we...uh, you know had some fun."

"Oh, don't worry about that. I have plenty of food at my house. I'll fix you boys some sandwiches or something. How does that sound?"

"That sounds fan....tastic," Cody laughed, and then leaning over he kissed Tom on the cheek.

Friday: December 22, 2017

"Wake up dude," Cody said nudging Grant gently.

"Uhhh...what time is it?" Grant groaned, "how much did I drink last night?" Tom had offered them a glass of wine with their steak dinner the night before and Grant had willingly accepted, unaware of the effect it might have on his body since he was unaccustomed to drinking alcohol. 

"Not that much dude," Cody laughed, "I take it you aren't used to drinking."

"First time," Grant admitted, "It tasted good, but now I feel awful, and I have a pounding headache."

"Come on, let's go pee and find Tom, maybe he'll spring for breakfast after the good time we showed him last night."

"It wasn't so bad," Grant said softly, "He was nice. I sort of feel sorry for him in a way. He has to pay to have sex, that must suck."

"Yeah, from the looks of the place I'm guessing he has a wife, but she probly' doesn't like sex anymore so he goes out and buys a few hours of fun."

The bedroom where they'd slept was large and cozy and had it's own bathroom where they had showered the night before settling down to sleep. It had been their second shower of the evening, having showered with Tom in the master bath before they retired to the king sized bed in the master bedroom to have fun.

They were still naked as they padded off to the bathroom, and after peeing they washed their faces at the sink and Cody pawed through the medicine cabinet in search of Tylenol for Grant's  headache.

"Mmmm Oxycontin," Cody said palming the almost full bottle of the powerful pain pills.

"What are you doing?" Grant said in shock.

"Do you know what these things sell for?  We can eat for a week on what they'll bring."

"We shouldn't steal from him, he was nice," Grant said looking so forlorn that Cody put the pills back. 

"Okay, okay...I guess you're right. If he'd been a dick though...all bets would have been off."

He finally found what he was looking for, and after making sure Grant had swallowed two of the Tylenol, he led him back to the bedroom where they got dressed in their now clean clothes. Tom had insisted on washing and drying the boys clothes the night before, just one more perk of tricking with an older, decent guy.

Tom was nowhere to be found on the upper floor but as they descended the carpeted stairs they heard noises from the back of the house and smelled the enticing aroma of frying bacon.

"Come on, I think we're gonna get breakfast," Cody said enthusiastically.

"Good morning boys," Tom said looking up from a huge stove where bacon and hash browns were cooking, "How do you like your eggs boys?"

"Anyway is fine," Cody said grinning, "we're not picky."

"Scrambled it is then, with cheese. There's milk or juice or coffee, but I don't suppose you boys are much for coffee," he chuckled.

"Milk," Grant said softly and Tom poured him a glass and looked at Cody questioningly.

"Uh, can I have both?" Cody said grinning.

"Absolutely, as much as you want. Last night was wonderful boys. I want you to know how much I enjoyed myself and I'd like to do it again sometime. Perhaps after the Holidays, so much going on for Christmas and all," he said as he poured Cody's drinks.

"Yeah, big time of the year for us," Cody said sarcastically.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I guess I never really thought about what it must be like for you boys. You do have a place to stay don't you?"

"Oh sure, you know..." Cody said not explaining. He didn't want to bum the guy out and queer any chance of getting with him again.

"Well, have a seat boys, the eggs are almost ready."

Around noon Tom dropped the boys off a block from the warehouse and surprised them by giving them an extra fifty dollars in addition to the hundred he's given them the night before.

"Merry Christmas boys. I know it's not much, but I hope it helps."

"Yeah, thank you, thank you so much," Cody said hugging the man's neck and kissing his cheek, "Any time you want some fun you know where to look Tom. Merry Christmas and thanks."

Tom watched the boys as they walked away and a tear ran down his eyes. He felt bad for the boys, but he knew there wasn't much he could do for them. He'd been with many boys over the years, and although he'd felt something for all of them, these two had really gotten to him. He wondered where they were staying and if they were safe, but in the end he drove away just like all the others, back to his safe and comfortable life.

"Pizza for everyone," Cody said as he and Grant came into the warehouse carrying four large pizzas. As soon as Tom had given him the extra 50 dollars, Cody had known exaclty what he wanted to do, and with Grant's wholehearted approval they had walked to a pizza place nearby and bought the pies.

It was near noon and some of the boys were still asleep but the call for food got them up and moving in a hurry. Cody was happy to share and the other boys were quick to thank him with a hug or a kiss, and Grant realized that Cody was someone even more special than he'd thought.

No one ask about Cody's sudden fortune, since most of the boys didn't discuss their tricks unless it was absolutely necessary. In fact the only tricks that were openly discussed were the bad ones, the ones the other kids needed to avoid. It didn't  happen often, but when it did the boys made sure that everyone knew who the bad Johns were.

"I'm full," Cody said at last, then washing down his last bite with a swig of Gatorade he sighed and patted his tummy.

"Me too, that was good. I think it's really cool that you shared with the others."

"WE shared," Cody reminded him, "the extra fifty came in handy, but we'd have shared anyway, everyone does it. Next time it will be someone else. We stick together on the streets, we're a family."

"You make it sound good in a way," Grant said smiling.

"Yeah, but I'd trade it all for a warm place to stay and someone to love."

"I hope you find that someday," Grant said giving Cody a tender look, "but I'd miss ya'."

"I told you, don't go fallin' for me," Cody laughed.

"I'll try," Grant mumbled.

That night Grant seemed desperate for Cody and they brought each other to orgasm twice before they slept. As Cody lay there in the dark, watching the flickering fire in the trash can a few feet away and holding Grant, he realized that he was developing feeling for the older teen and that worried him. Up until now he'd made it a point to keep distance between himself and the other boys. Oh sure he'd fooled around with them, after all they were horny boys and they all needed release, but this was different. Sex with Grant wasn't just fooling around, it was something completely different, something more intense and serious, and that scared him. Still the boy felt so good in his arms, so warm, so sexy, and Cody finally relaxed and allowed himself to drift off to sleep. 

Saturday: December 23, 2017

The next day was Saturday and  the boys awoke to find a blanket of snow covering the ground outside. It was colder too and both boys shivered in the cold as they took their morning pee.

"Let's walk up to Mickey Dees and have breakfast, I could use a good shit too," Cody said stretching.

"Gross, but okay," Grant laughed. He had loosened up a great deal and was starting to feel more comfortable around Cody, even if he was still a little in awe of him.

Despite the cold the boys found the snow refreshing and an impromptu snowball fight soon broke out between the two.

"You are so dead," Cody laughed after being hit on the side of the head by a wet sloppy snowball.

"Sorry, sorry," Grant laughed, but it didn't stop him from loping another snowball Cody's way in defense.

Eventually they called a truce and as they neared the fast food restaurant they remembered their rumbling stomachs.

"I am going to eat two big breakfasts," Cody said rubbing his hands together in an attempt to warm them some.

"One will be fine for me," Grant said, not wanting to spend any more of their money than necessary. They hadn't tricked since Tom and they'd blown the fifty on pizzas and he wasn't sure when they'd be able to make more.

"Damn, they're busy," Cody said as they pushed inside, "come on, let's get in line before the line gets too long.

The line moved quickly and soon they had their food and drinks in hand, and after stopping for napkins and condiments, they went in search of a table. The place was packed with old folks and families as well as a few workers grabbing some breakfast before braving the cold again, but they finally located a booth near the back that had just opened up.

Sliding in on the far side of the booth Cody unloaded his tray and looked around. He made it a habit of always making sure he was aware of his surrounding, and out of habit he looked for guys who might show some prurient interest in young boys like himself.

"See that old guy with the two old women over there," Cody said low enough that only Grant could hear, "he's eyeballin' us like we're something good to eat, which we are," he giggled.

"Are you sure," Grant said covertly looking at the man, "just looks like someone's grandpa to me."

"Probably is, but he can't go around messin' with his grandkids, so he wishes he he had a boy that was safe."

"I don't know, it's all kind of confusing."

"Yeah, I guess I've become a sort of expert on this stuff. Forget it, just eat," Cody said smiling, "After we eat we'll go to the thrift store and see if we can find some gloves and maybe some warmer coats."

"Uh, can we afford it?"

"Sure, the stuff there is cheap, you'll see," Cody said snarfing down a bite of pancake floating in syrup.

"Okay, whatever you think is fine with me. Uh, Cody...I was wondering, when will we, back to work?"

"Work?" Cody laughed, "Oh yeah, that. Well, depends on if it stops snowing. Not too many tricks out in this weather."

"Oh yeah, I guess I didn't think of that."

"We'll be fine though, and Christmas Day we'll head down to the mission and have a good dinner. They serve turkey and all that stuff and they don't ask no questions. All the street kids go there for Thanksgiving and Christmas."

"Oh, okay...uh, I'd forgotten about Christmas," Grant said sounding sad.

"Yeah, tomorrow is Christmas Eve and Santa Claus will be comin' down the chimney tomorrow night," Cody chuckled.

"Does Santa like boys?" Grant asked straight faced, and then they both broke out laughing causing the other patrons to look their way and smile.

As Cody started on his second Big Breakfast he looked up just in time to see the two men and the boy he'd seen a few days before when he stopped in for lunch. The boy's back was to him, but he still couldn't shake the feeling that he'd seen this particular boy somewhere before.

One of the men gave him a quick look and a nod then ushered the boy into the booth and slid in beside him while the other man sat across from them. There was something about the familiarity the two showed for each other,and the fact that they seemed to always be together, that made Cody think they might be a couple. 

He knew it wasn't unusual these days for gay couples, even two men, to adopt a child and he wondered if this was the case with these three. If so, he envied them, and wished he could find a happy home not only for himself, but all the boys on the street.

"What?" Grant said reading the look on Cody's face.

"That couple over there, I've seen them before...with that boy."

"You think they're...? Grant said, unable to say what he was thinking.

"No, not that. I think the two guys are married or something and that's their son."

"Huh, really? That's cool."

"Yeah, and that kid...he looks so familiar but I can't figure out where I've seen him before."

"Maybe you seen him around town or something."

"Naw, I don't think so, I think I knew him, but...I just can't figure out who he is or where I knew him."

"Why don't you go ask him?" Grant suggested.

"No way, he'd think I was crazy. I'm probably wrong anyway. Hey, want one of my pancakes, I can't eat em' both?"

"Oh, okay...if you're sure."

They lingered as long as possible, but the place was filling up and people were waiting for them to vacate, and so eventually they threw their trash away and left. They'd passed by the booth where the two men and the boy sat, but they were all three busy eating and didn't even look up. For the time being the mystery of the young boy with them would remain unsolved.

The thrift store was located a few blocks away and almost as busy as the McDonalds had been. It was a large store and the homeless shopped there a lot, as well as the lower income families in the area. They were lucky, since there was a special that day, and all items with blue or yellow tags were 25¢.

They found gloves, scarves, sweatshirts and stocking caps for a quarter, and coats for two dollars apiece. They looked for boots, but there was nothing in their size or price range so they settled for dry socks instead. As they were checking out they noticed a woman in the other line with three kids. She had a hand full of clothes, obviously for the kids, and each child was clutching a 25¢ toy. However, when everything was rang up she found she was a dollar short.

"I'm sorry kids, we'll have to put the toys back," she said sounding near tears.

"No ma'am," Cody said digging a wrinkled dollar bill from his pocket, "Merry Christmas," he said grinning.

The look of gratitude on the woman's face and the happy smiles of the four little ones was all the thanks Cody needed, but his act of kindness did not go unnoticed.

"That was really cool," Grant said when they were outside, "I thought that woman was going to hug you to death," he laughed, "that was really nice of  you."

"Hey, it was your money too," Cody reminded him, "but I didn't think you'd mind. Those kids deserved a toy...we all do."

Then before he could control himself, Grant threw himself into Cody's arms and hugged him, "You're the nicest person I've ever met," he said near tears.

" was no big deal," Cody said blushing, but not pulling away, then patting Grant gently he said, "Uh, I think people are beginning to stare," he laughed.

"Oh yeah," Grant said pulling away, "Sorry, just got carried away."

"No problem, I know I'm irresistible."

"Yeah, you kind of are," Grant said grinning.

"Hey, we should get back before it starts snowing again," Cody said blushing again, "but first we'll stop at that little C-Store over on Front street and get some snacks for later."

They trudged along through the snow, their new warmer clothing making the trek more comfortable than the earlier one, and after stopping for their snacks they headed to the warehouse. When they arrived at last the warehouse was empty and Cody wondered where everyone had gone. It was too early to go tricking, but there was always the mall or the park downtown and many of the boys hung out there trying to pick up a few bucks giving quick blow jobs, or hand jobs.

"We're all alone," Grant said looking around, "What can we do now?" 

Cody laughed, "Oh, I don't know, maybe get naked and fool around."

"Oh, well...I wouldn't mind," Grant said grinning.

"Get over here," Cody said opening his arms, and when Grant swarmed into them he kissed him for the first time on the mouth.

The kiss turned steamy pretty quickly, and as clothes began to come off it heated up even more.  Grant gave no thought to how gay it was to kiss another boy. He'd given in to his baser feeling long ago and couldn't get enough of Cody's lips.

"I'm sorry," Grant said when they came up for air, "I know I wasn't supposed to fall for you, but I can't help it." His voice thick with emotion.

"It's okay, I think I may be falling for you too," Cody said kissing his face, "Only question is, what do we do about it."

"I have an idea," Grant said dropping to his knees and taking Cody's hard cock in his hand.

"I like how you think," Cody moaned.

Later as they lay beneath the covers, their naked bodies pressed together as they recovered from two orgasms, they kissed and talked softly.

"Who needs a Christmas Tree?" Grant said nuzzling Cody's ear, "This is the best Christmas ever."

"Yeah, nothing like a good orgasm to say Merry Christmas," Cody teased.

They dozed but awoke when several of the other boys came in and added fuel to the fire that had burned down some. The other boys knew what was going on with the two and some were envious while others doubted it would last. Friendships came and went on the streets, but while they lasted they were very special. They sought comfort from each other without making commitments, but that didn't mean that they didn't develop feeling for one another.

"You guys naked under there?" One of boys, Terry, a lanky 14 year old giggled.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Cody said grinning.

"Can I join you two?" he teased.

"You're too late, we're already done," Cody said sitting up, "We won't share our bodies, but we'll share our snacks," he said grabbing the bag with the food.

"That's okay, I ate already. I made ten buck blowing a guy in the mall bathroom. Guy was smokin' hot, I'd have done him for free," he laughed.

"We went to Micky Dees and then to the thrift shop. It still snowing?"

"Yeah, like a mother. It's pretty, but cold as hell and bad for business."

"Not many tricks stirring on Christmas anyway," Cody reminded him, "At least we got the Christmas dinner to look forward to."

"Yeah, I can't wait. Turkey and ham...yeah man, that's the best."

Terry wandered off then and Cody and Grant got dressed and stood around the fire for a while to warm up some. When they were warm enough they sat down on the pallet and broke out the snacks. The sodas were plenty cold since Cody had placed them against the wall where it was coldest, and as they drank them they munched on chips and candy bars and beef jerky.

The other boys soon settled down on their pallets, some alone, but most paired up to share body heat or to have sex, and soon it was quiet again.

"All the boys seems pretty nice," Grant observed.

"Yeah, like I said we watch out for each other, and if someone comes long who isn't so nice we run em' off."

"How much money do we have left?" Grant asked softly.

"Um...thirty bucks. That should get us through till Christmas is over. We'll eat good Christmas and the day after if the weather is good we'll go see if we can find a lonely John ...he he."

"Kind of sad, really," Grant observed, "that guys have to pay to keep from being lonely."

"Yeah, but it's good for us. Come on let's go pee. I'm tired and we should get some sleep."

Sunday: December 24, 2017: Christmas Eve

"It quit snowing," Cody said as he rejoined Grant under the covers Christmas Eve morning.

"Ummm...good," Grant mumbled, "do we have to get up?"

"Nope, we can sleep all day if we want, but I'm hungry. I could go get us something if you want to stay here."

"No, I want to stay with you," Grant said rousing some, "Just five more minutes."

Some of the other boys had gone to church that morning, not necessarily because they were that religious, but because it was warm there, and after the services there was often a potluck dinner. Even though the boys had nothing to contribute, no one was turned away. The folks there knew most of the boys by name and treated them as if they belonged, and that kept the boys coming back each week.

They hit the McDonalds again, but it was almost 11 by then and they ordered burgers and fries and apple pies. As they sat down their trays at the same booth they'd eaten at last time, Cody glanced out the window in time to see two men and a boy walking to a blue Dodge Durango. He wasn't sure, but he thought it might be the same three he'd seen twice before, and he figured they must like McDonalds as much as he did.

As the SUV backed out Cody watched as a face appeared at the window behind the driver and he froze. Staring at him with the same shock Cody felt was Tommy. As their eyes met Tommy's eyes flew open wide and he pounded on the window as if to attract Cody's attention.

Cody got up on his knees in the booth and pressed his face against the window, but it was too late and the SUV had already pulled around the building and out onto the street.

"Tommy," Cody said softly, "I knew he looked familiar," he said softly, causing Grant to stare at him with wonder.

"Tommy, the kid from the home?"

"Yeah, I knew he looked familiar. I never saw his face till today though. I...wish I'd done what you said and gone over and talked to him the other day."

"He'll be back," Grant said, but he wasn't sure he wanted that to be true. He was in love with Cody now, and knowing the history those two shared seemed threatening to him.

"I'm glad he has a family now, he don't need me mucking up his life anyways," Cody said staring out the window as if willing the three to come back.

"I bet he'd be happy to see you again," Grant offered, trying to be sympathetic.

Cody shrugged and went back to his food, but he had no appetite for it. He had an empty feeling in his gut and his soul, and food wouldn't fill it. He pushed the uneaten portion of his fries over in front of Grant who looked at him with concern. 

"What's up? You never had trouble finishing your fries before."

"I don't know, maybe I'm just tired or something," Cody said wiping at his eyes which seemed to have teared up suddenly.

"It's that boy, isn't it. You love him, don't you?"

"What? Well, sure we were close, but not like you and me," Cody said giving Grant a tender look, then taking his hand he squeezed it gently, "I guess he just reminds me of old times and what it could be like know, someone wanted us."

"We're too old, least I am," Grant said sighing, "but you might stand a chance...if you went back."

"No, I ain't goin' back ever, and if they catch me I'll just run away again," Cody said becoming agitated.

"You ready to go?" Grant said gently.

"Yeah, but first I gotta go take a dump. Wait here, I'll be back in a flash," Cody said seeming to perk up some.

"Thanks for the news flash," Grant laughed, "When  you're done I'll take one too."

After they'd used the bathroom and freshened up as best they could they headed back to the warehouse. Cody had recovered some and almost back his usual playful self. Grant relaxed some then and bubbled over with joy as he bumped against Cody like a playful puppy.

"I do love you, you know?" Cody said looking serious, "Nothin' is gonna change that."

"I love you too, but I just want you to be happy."

"I want you to be happy too, I want both of us to be happy," Cody said daring to take Grant's hand in his. 

If anyone noticed or cared that two young boys were holding hands they didn't show it. A young couple, a boy and girl, smiled at them as they passed and Cody smiled back. Some people were okay, but there were some that were evil, and he'd met his share of both.

"I am happy, when I'm with you. As long as we're together I'll be fine."

"Hey, it's Christmas we should get each other a gift. How about we take five dollars each and go shopping?"

"Can we afford it?" Grant said frowning.

"Sure, tomorrow we'll get fed really good, and sometimes the people at the shelter even give little gifts like socks and stuff. Come on, it'll be fun. We can go to that dollar store over on Albright and get lots of stuff for our money."

"Okay," Grant said warming to the idea quickly.

The dollar store was booming that day as people took advantage of before Christmas markdowns and the cheap goods they offered there. They split up and would occasionally bump into each other as they shopped the aisles, but they managed to keep their purchases concealed by first picking out a gift bag to put them in.

Cody checked out first and the girl at the register gave him a warm smile. She had a little brother at home  just about his age and she thought he was cute. She also noticed that his clothes were worn and that he smelled a little ripe, and she wondered if he was one of the street kids that hung out nearby. She tried to be extra nice to him and he was polite in return, but her feminine charms were lost on  him.

The two met out front with their gift bags in hand, grins filling their faces. Cody had also bought a few things for the evening festivities, including a two liter bottle of generic pop, chips, cookies, and candy. This brought their cash reserves down to just over 10 dollars, but Cody wasn't worried, he knew there was more money to be made as soon as the Holiday was over.

There were a few boys milling around the warehouse, but most had found better and warmer places to  hang out on this cold Christmas Eve day, and no one had built up the fire as of yet. After doing so Cody and Grand stood around it warming their hands, huddled close together and talking softly.

"Hey, you love birds," Phil chuckled as he joined them at the fire, "You guys gonna come with us to the mission tomorrow for Turkey dinner?"

"Heck yeah, don't leave without us. Me might oversleep," Cody said wiggling an eyebrow comically.

"Hey, maybe I could join you guys sometime," Phil said hopefully.

"Naw, sorry,  me and Grand are sort of together now, if you know what I mean."

"Lucky ducks," Phil said, "wish I could find a boyfriend to keep me warm at night."

"I saw you snuggled up with Billy just last night," Cody laughed.

"Yeah, but he just wants to fuck and then he falls asleep and I'm left to take care of myself."

"What about Mike, he's cute and sexy as hell." Mike was 16 and a real stud, and very popular on the strip.

"Mike don't like younger boys for some reason. I guess he's been with men so long he can't appreciate us young studs," he laughed.

"Whatever," Cody said rolling his eyes, "I'm sure you'll find someone."

"Yeah, well...I'm going into town and hang around the mall bathrooms, might pick up a few bucks blowing last minute shoppers," he laughed, "see you girls later."

"Buy me a candy cane," Cody said waving him off.

"You got it bro."

"He seems nice, all the boys here seem nice."

"Like I said, we're a family, and we watch out for each other. Phil is a nice kid. His folks tossed him out like yesterday's garbage cause he told em' he was gay. His dad was a preacher or something and couldn't have no gay kid living with him."

"That's awful," Grant said frowning, "Why aren't there people to help kids like us?"

"Some try, but the law makes it hard for them. The folks at the mission are good to us. They feed us and help us get medical care and even clothes, but they have to be careful not to get too involved or the cops will shut them down. It's crazy really."

"When I grow up and get a job and stuff I'm gonna help kids like us every chance I get."

"Yeah, me too. Come on, let's take a little nap," Cody said wiggling his eyebrows again.

"Just a nap?" Grant laughed.

"Well, you know how we horny teenagers are....?"

When they awoke after their love making and nap it was dark outside, and after peeing they decided they were hungry. Breaking out the snacks and two liter of soda they settled down on the pallet and ate slowly as they talked softly about nothing in particular.

"Have you ever been beat up or anything like that?" Grant asked after a while.

"Naw, but I did have a trick once who was kind of rough. He hurt me, but not so much that I had to kick his ass. He was actually a hot looking guy, a college kid, and he liked boy butt more than pussy. He fucked me hard, twice, then gave me a hundred bucks and dropped me off on my corner. I took the rest of the night off and  had a real meal that night, at Denny's."

"I've heard stories about kids getting hurt really bad, even killed, by sickos who picked them up on the street."

"It happens I guess, but I sort of have a six sense about who's cool, and who's not."

"Like Tom?"

"Tom was cool. If we could find guys like Tom all the time our life would be easy. We made money and got a shower, good food, and a warm bed to sleep in. Those are the best times."

"I saw one of the boys smoking last night when I got up to pee and he offered to share. I told him I didn't smoke tobacco and he laughed and said it wasn't tobacco, that it was pot. Do these kids do a lot of drugs?"

"Some do, it's the only way they can cope with this life, but me...I don't touch the stuff, but I do like wine, when I can get it. Sometimes a trick will provide alcohol or drugs if you ask, but I've never even been tempted to try drugs, not even pot."

"I'm glad," Grant said touching Cody's leg gently, "I like you just the way you are, sober."

Cody laughed, "Thanks, I like you that way too. Won't some of my nuts," Cody said holding out a bag of salted peanuts.

"Maybe later," Grant joked feeling between Cody's legs for those nuts, and they both laughed.

"We should exchange our gifts tonight," Cody said once he was full of junk food, "tomorrow we'll be kind of busy all day."

"Okay, I hope you like what I got you," Grant said pulling the gift bag from beneath the covers and handing it to Cody who in turn handed his over to Grant.

"I will, cause you picked it out," Cody said smiling.

They had agreed not to get edibles, since they were buying those separately, and instead had gotten each other hygiene items and a toy, because after all they were boys, and boys liked toys.

Cody's bag held a toothbrush with toothpaste, a hair brush, a bottle of hand lotion, and a Styrofoam glider plane. As Cody pulled each item out his eyes grew wide with joy and wonder.

"Thanks, I can brush my toofies now, and we can find a good use for the lotion," he said suggestively.

Grant's bag almost mirrored the one he had handed Cody, but instead of lotion there was a bottle of cologne and the toy was a spinning top.

"Cool," Grant said rocking up on his knees to hug Cody, "Merry Christmas," he said, them smiling warmly he leaned in and kissed Cody on the lips.

"Ummm...Merry Christmas," Cody said licking a bit of salt off Grant's lips, "Thanks to you it's the best Christmas I've had in a long time."

"Me too, Christmas wasn't a big deal at our house, especially after my mom remarried," Grant confessed. 

"This is nice," Cody said tossing his little glider across the room and then rising to retrieve it.

"Yeah," Grant agreed as he set his top to spinning on the dirty wooden floor, "I haven't had one of these since I was a little kid. I'd forgotten how much fun they were."

When they tired of their toys they hugged once more and walked to the exit to peek outside. The snow had stopped earlier that day, but there was still a soft blanket covering the ground and it sparkled in the moonlight, giving the otherwise dull and drab landscape an ethereal look.

"It's beautiful," Grant said as they stood arm in arm gazing out at the scene before them.

"Yeah, that Santa?" Cody joked as he pointed toward a light in the sky.

"Naw, probably a helicopter," Grant laughed, "I don't think Santa has lights on his sleigh."

"You wanna take a walk, go see the lights down town?" Cody suggested.

"Sure, that sounds cool. I need to walk off the junk we ate anyway."

Hand in hand they strolled down the street, but when they reached the more populated section of the city they broke the hand hold to avoid any awkward situations their display of affection might cause. There were still plenty of people milling around, some still shopping, some coming and going from the many bars and restaurants located there, and all around were the sparkling lights of Christmas.

It was beautiful, but for some reason it did little to lift Cody's spirits. He had been putting on a mask all evening, pretending to be happy for Grant's sake, when inside he felt an emptiness and sadness that almost overwhelmed him. It had all began when he saw Tommy's face at the window and he couldn't put that startled look he gave him out of his mind. Sure,  he supposed, Tommy would be surprised, but the kid had looked as if he had seen a ghost.

Was that it? Did Tommy  think he was dead? He wondered. If so that would explain his look of horror when he saw him staring back through the window of McDonalds. He just had to find him and talk to him, explain what had happened, and find out what was going on with him. He had to know that Tommy was safe and happy, and then he'd be satisfied.

"Cody, you okay?" Grant said noticing Cody's sudden mood swing.

"Yeah, just thinkin' about somethin'."

"That boy, Tommy? You were thinking about him, weren't you?"

"Maybe, a little," Cody admitted.

"You should find him and talk to him," Grant suggested.

"How? I can't spend all day at Mickey Dees waiting for them to show up," he chuckled.

"No, I guess not, but there must be some way of finding him."

"Forget it, if it happens it happens. Come on, let's go down to the square, they gotta' huge Christmas tree there and sometimes there are Carolers."

There were indeed carolers that night, a local youth group, and the young singers faces only made Cody sadder. They were young and fresh, all of them no doubt had families and happy home lives, and suddenly all the injustices of the world seemed to come crashing down on him.

"This is nice," Grant said watching the singers as a feeling of peace and contentment washed over him, just the opposite of what Cody was feeling.

"Yeah, nice," Cody said masking his true feelings.

They stood there for some time listening to the young singers until Cody finally suggested that he show Grant where the mission was where they would be dining the next day. Though reluctant to leave the angelic singers and the beautiful Christmas tree behind, Grant agreed, sensing Cody's need to escape.

The walk was a short one, and though the mission was on a side street, it was still easily accessible and busy that time of night. 

"They have sleeping rooms for the homeless, but you gotta be at least 18 to sleep there. That lets us kids out. They're afraid that the older guys will molest us or something," Cody laughed, "so instead we go out and sell our ass on the street so we can have enough money to eat."

"There should be places just for kids," Grant said frowning.

"Yeah, well maybe when you get all grown up you can start one."

"I might," Grant said stubbornly, "maybe you could help me."

"Yeah, I could do that," Cody said daring to take Grant's hand in his again, "Come on, they might have some hot chocolate left."

After securing a cup of hot chocolate they sat at a table and watched the others come and go, some seeking a place to sleep for the night, others simply in need of a hot cup of coffee or cocoa, or information. 

"Why are there so many homeless people?"

"Different reasons, some are drug addicts or alcoholics. Some lost their jobs or families and just fell on hard times. Once you're on the street, it's hard to get off. As for the kids, most are like us, either from a bad home, or kicked out for being gay. It sucks and not many people care enough to do anything about it. Oh sure there are places like the mission, but not many, and they can only do so much. It takes money to run places like this and most folks don't want to be reminded of us. Except at Christmas I guess people start feeling guilty or something and give money or their time to help out."

"Who runs this place?"

"Some church, but they don't preach to us. There's church if you wanna go, but they don't make it a condition of getting help. They're pretty nice people and they don't ask questions or look down on us. I guess as far as Christian people go they're okay."

"I never went to church much, but I kinda believe in God and stuff. I pray a lot," he laughed softly, "And I sort of asked him to send me someone like you," he said blushing.

"Yeah? Well, I don't know if I'm God gift to anyone, but I'm sure glad he sent you my way," he said daring to reach over and touch Grant's hand. What say we go back to the warehouse and snuggle up? It's gonna be a cold night."

They held hands most of the way back and when they arrived  most of the other boys were there, either gathered around the fire or settled into their beds. Phil was missing and when Cody asked about him someone said he had seen him with some man in a car and not to expect him back for a while.

Cody nodded, hoping Phil found a nice John to spend Christmas with, but he was happy to just be with Grant for the evening.

As things quieted down in the warehouse they could hear the sounds of boys being boys all around them. Soft moans and grunts punctuated the crisp air and soon Cody and Grant's sounds of passion joined theirs. Cody was afire with love for Grant and showed him just how much, twice, before they slept.

Monday, December 25, 2017: Christmas Day

Morning met them with sunshine and warmer temperatures, but not so warm that the snow was in any danger of melting completely. The sun across the snow was almost blinding, but after a morning pee, the boys braved the glare and were soon engaged in a snow ball war.

The laughter of the dozen or so boys filled the crisp morning air, and to an unsuspecting passerby they appeared to be just your average teenage boys enjoying themselves. But to the trained eye, it was evident these were no ordinary boys. These boys were the castoffs of a society too busy or too uncaring to do anything about their plight. These were the boys of the street, and though their stories varied, the main theme was that no one wanted these poor souls and they were left to fend for themselves.

"We should start for the mission," Cody said brushing snow off his coat, "there will be a long line and we want to get there early so we can get a good seat."

Everyone agreed, and after warming their hands at the fire, they began the short trek uptown. Phil joined them somewhere along the way and Cody ran up to greet him happily, glad that his friend was all right and able to join them.

"Hey man, did you score last night?"

"Yeah, made a hundred bucks and didn't have to do nothing really. Guy just wanted a boy in his bed. He fed me last night and this morning and would have kept me all day, but I told him I had plans with my friends."

"Cool, I'm happy for ya. Glad you made it, but you shoulda' took him up on the offer. He might've given you a Christmas present," Cody joked.

"Yeah, well...I'd rather be with my family," Phil said grinning.

"Oh, yeah bro, I get it," Cody said putting an arm around his buddy's neck, then one around Grant's, "The three amigos," he laughed.

The  line was already starting to form when they reached the mission, but Cody only counted ten people in front of them, all of them men, who had no doubt slept nearby the night before to get a good place in line. They were typical of the older homeless crowd, long shaggy hair, beards, and dirty ragged clothes. Some were hung over from the bottle they'd nursed the night before to ward off the loneliness and cold, but some were clear eyed and sober, anxious to be fed and then get back to their solitary life.

At 11 someone unlocked the front door and the line began to move. When the boys finally made it in the door the Heavenly smell of roast turkey, ham, and all the traditional side dishes filled the boys' nostrils, causing them to practically drool.

"Man it smells good in here," Grant said taking a deep breath of the succulent air.

"Yeah, best meal of the year, and they give you a piece of pumpkin and pecan pie too," Phil said looking like a hungry pup.

"With whipped cream," Cody added, "And the people usually give us kids bigger helping too. They feel sorry for us. Some of em' have kids of their own and they don't want to think about a kid going hungry on Christmas."

They'd reached the serving line by then, and as predicted the ladies behind the counter heaped the food on the boys' plates, and when they reached the end of the line they were given an extra piece of pie for later. There were a dozen of the street boys from the warehouse, but they managed to find a table together at the back near the kitchen. As they ate they laughed and joked, just like young boys all over the country were doing at that moment, and for a time they forgot they were homeless and had no family except each other.

They had finished almost all of their food when a man dressed as Santa appeared from somewhere and began to distribute gift bags to those seated. Inside there was an apple, an orange, a comb, a pair of socks, and some hard candy. Simple things, but the boys behaved as if they had received the grandest of gifts.

"Trade ya' my pie for that orange," one boy said to another, and for a while boys were swapping food or gifts.

"This is nice," Grant said grinning, "I think these people really care about us."

"They do, they just can't do as much as they'd like. It costs money and then there's the laws that make it hard for them to do anything without getting too involved."

"Yeah, well...when I get older I'm gonna see if I can do something about that."

"I believe you," Cody said smiling, then suddenly a look of pure shock came over his face as he glanced toward the kitchen door, where a young blond haired boy had just emerged. 

He wore a white apron that was too big for him and in his hand he held a dish cloth, no doubt on his way to clean tables, but when he saw Cody he dropped the rag and his hands went to his mouth as his eyes grew wide with shock. 

Cody was up and out of his chair in a heartbeat as Grant watched with concern, but when he finally saw what Cody had seen he suddenly understood. He watched with wonder as Cody and blond boy came together, throwing themselves at each other as they hugged unashamedly while everyone in the place looked on.

"I thought you were dead," Tommy cried, "they said they found your body in the lake right after you ran away from that Foster home. I was so sad."

"Nope, I been right here ever since I ran away," Cody said shedding a few tears of his own, "You look good, you have a family now, right?"

"Yeah, two dads," Tommy said wiping the tears from his eyes, "Oh Cody, there's so awesome. Who would have thought I'd find parents who are just like me and understand what I feel?"

"That's great. I'm happy for you. Uh, I want you to meet someone," Cody said waving for Grant to come over.

Reluctantly Grand stood and made his way over to where the two stood still loosely hugging, and all eyes were upon him now.

"Tommy this Grant, my boyfriend," he said proudly, "Grant this is Tommy, my little buddy from the group home."

"Hi," Tommy said giving Grant a big hug, "I'm glad you found someone Cody, cause I found someone too. His name is Zack and he's sooo cool."

Grant felt a wave of relief wash over him, at least he wouldn't have to worry about Tommy trying to steal Cody away from him.

"That's great, is he good to you? Cause if he's not I'll have a talk with him," Cody joked.

"Oh Cody, he's wonderful. He treats me like I'm the most important thing in the world. Hey, I want you to meet my dads, they're in the kitchen. Come on, both of ya'," he said tugging at their hands.

The two allowed themselves to be led through a door and into a small but busy kitchen where a half dozen men and women  tended food on a two big stoves and prepared pans of food for the hungry throng outside.

"Daddy," Tommy said rushing over to where two men stood watching the three with interest. 

They were the same two men Cody had observed twice at McDonalds, but this time he looked them over more carefully. What he saw were two men in their late 30's or early 40's. One was lean and well muscled, the other softer looking and a bit heavier, but still quite attractive.

"I'd begun to think Tommy was hallucinating," the man addressed as daddy said smiling, "So this is the famous Cody which my son has spoken so fondly of. It's a pleasure to meet you young man. I'm Jack, Tommy's daddy."

"You too sir," Cody said taking the offered hand and shaking it, "Uh this is my boyfriend Grant," he said darting his eyes to the older teen beside him.

"Hello Grant, nice to meet you as well."

The other man had observed all this with a smile on his face and when he was finally introduced as Tommy's dad, Brian, he shook hands all around as well.

"Let's go back to the office and sit down and talk for a minute boys," Jack suggested, then without waiting for an answer he walked over to where a dark haired woman stood watching the whole scene and spoke to her for a moment before returning.

She nodded and smiled at the group then went back to whatever she had been doing before. Jack led the group past the kitchen and into a small office where he directed the boys to sit on a worn couch along one wall. While Jack took the desk chair behind a chipped particleboard desk, his mate took the chair on the other side, and when they were all settled Jack began.

"Tommy tells me you two were quite close in the group home and that you protected him, for that we are grateful. He also told us that the authorities believed you to be dead. I am assuming the rumors of your death were greatly exaggerated," he chuckled.

Cody was reluctant at first to admit he was a runaway, and technically breaking the law, but with some prompting from Tommy he finally spilled out his story, from beginning to end. Taking Grant's hand in his he explained how they had met, and then coaxed his boyfriend into telling how he came to be there.

"I'm so sorry," Jack said wiping a tear from his eye, "I don't know what's wrong with our society today, we spend more money on dog food than we do on starving children, and we turn a blind eye to the plight of the homeless."

"That's why we started supporting the mission," Brian said, also looking a bit teary eyed, "We're both attorneys and in addition to donating to the mission, we help with legal aid for the homeless,  and volunteer in the kitchen. We're been thinking about starting a program to help the homeless youth of our area, and after meeting you two, I think the time is right."

"I agree Brian, Monday we'll begin making our plans, but right now there's a situation that needs our immediate attention. Tommy why don't you take the boys back out to the kitchen and tell Helen I said to give you guys a glass of milk and some cookies?"

"Okay, daddy," Tommy said, trusting his dads completely to do the right thing. They'd talked about wanting to adopt more children, and what better time than now? And what better children to adopt than Cody and Grant?

Helen didn't bat an eye when Tommy asked for the milk and cookies. She knew Tommy would never lie, and if Jack had sent the boys, that everything was on the up and up. She did insist that they take it out into the dining room, since the kitchen was so crowded, and as they emerged from the kitchen they were greeted by Phil who seemed worried by their disappearance.

"You okay guys?" 

"Yeah, this is my friend Tommy," Cody said, and then he explained what had happened and all he knew so far about the rumors of his death.

"Wow, so legally you don't exist?" Phil said in wonder.

"Yeah, I guess," Cody said handing a cookie to his friend. Observing Cody's generosity, Grant offered Phil one of his cookies which Phil gratefully accepted, "I just hope they're not gonna call Child Welfare or the cops."

"My dads would never do that. I shouldn't say this, but...I bet they're talkin' about fostering you or maybe even adopting you."

"You think so?" Cody said trying not to sound as hopeful as he felt.

"Yeah, they talk about wanting to adopt more kids all the time, and you guys would be perfect. Then we'd be five gay dudes," Tommy laughed.

"Hey, I'm gay too," Phil said grinning, what about making it six gay dudes?"

"I don't know, I'll talk to my dads," Tommy said easily.

"I was only kidding. Hey, I'm happy for you guys," Phil said smiling. If it's okay I'll hang around till you find out what's going on."

"Yeah, I'd like that," Cody said patting his friend affectionately. He was running on pure adrenalin now, psyched by all that  happened, and anxious to find out what the two adults were planning, and he barely tasted the milk or cookies as he numbly consumed them.

Most of the boys from the warehouse were gone by then, but there seemed to be a never ending line coming through the door. The mission would serve until there was no one left, or until they ran out of food, which hardly ever happened, and those who came last would be send out with the leftovers.

"Boys," Jack said as he emerged from the kitchen, "Please come back to the office, we need to talk some more."

Cody couldn't read the look on the man's face, it was pleasant, but neutral, and he figured he was stupid to have gotten his hopes up so high. He figured it would be hard to adopt or even foster a kid who legally didn't exist, and Grant's situation was even worse. He had parents who were probably looking for him, even if only to punish  him for running away.

"I have some good news and some bad news," Jack said once the boys were seated.

Cody glanced at Brian, but could learn nothing from his look either. He supposed as lawyers they were experts at hiding their emotions, but when he looked back at Jack he saw something in his eyes that encouraged him.

"First of all, we've talked it over and if you boys are willing...we'd like to foster you, both of you. Second if things work out we'd like to eventually adopt you. Cody your situation is unique, but not impossible. We can get you reinstated as a living person rather easily, and since you have no relatives to lay claim to you, we can move forward rather quickly."

"But not me, right?" Grant said figuring his was the bad news.

"Grant, I'm afraid I have some bad news for you, but it's probably not what you think," Jack said.

Why can't adults just say what they mean? Grant screamed in his brain, Just say it, I can't be helped.

"I'm afraid your mother and step father...are dead. They were killed in a car accident the same day you ran away. I wasn't sure until I learned your last name and I made a phone call to confirm what I had already figured out. But before you say anything or go blaming yourself, you need to know that they were high on PCP and on their way home from a party. I'm not even sure they knew you were gone at that point. I only know this because Brian and I know the attorney who is representing the other driver, who was gravely injured. Unless there are other relatives who would be willing to care for you, we should have no problem fostering you, and eventually adopting you."

"I guess the only question is: do you boys want us as much as we want you?" Brian said giving them a tender look, "We love Tommy with all our heart and we've talked about wanting more children, so this is not a spur of the moment thing. You just happened to show up in the right place at the right time."

"God sent them," Tommy said grinning, "I prayed for Cody, but I thought he was dead, then here he is."

"So, what do you boys think? If you want to come home with us, tomorrow we'll make a call and square things away with Child Welfare. We're fully licensed to be foster parents and we have plenty of room in our home for you guys."

"I...I don't know what to say," Cody said, looking as if he were in shock.

"Say yes," Tommy said leaning in to hug Cody, "Say you'll be my big brother, both of you."

"I...well, yeah...yeah," he said finally letting the tears flow, "I want to come live with you guys, but only if Grant does too," he said turning his tear filled eyes to his boyfriend.

"I'll be happy anywhere Cody is," Grant said simply, "but will it be a problem, loving each other and being brothers and all?"

"We'll figure things out as we go," Jack said, "believe it or not, we're pretty open-minded when it comes to these things," he chuckled, not mentioning the obvious fact that he was gay and married to Brian.

"Oh..okay then. My folks," he said wiping his eyes, "I'm sorry they're dead, but I felt like I lost my mom a long time ago, and my step dad, well...I know this sounds awful, but I won't miss him....not at all."

"I understand," Jack said smiling sadly, "Well, our shift is just about up. Why don't you boys go wait for us in the dining room. Is there anything you need to pick up from the place you've been sleeping?"

"Just one thing," Cody said giving Grant a loving look, "my present from Grant."

"Yeah, and mine from Cody," Grant said in complete agreement, "the rest we'll give to the other boys, they don't have much, and what we have will help them out."

"We'll see to it that they have a few things, some food and warm clothing," Brian promised, "tomorrow we'll see to it."

Cody and Grant returned to the dining room, but Phil was nowhere to be seen. Checking outside Cody found the boy huddled against the building anxiously awaiting his return.

"They needed the space for the other people," Phil explained, "So...what happened?"

"They want to foster us and maybe even adopt us," Cody said suppressing his impulse to brag about his good fortune. It would be tough leaving Phil behind. Of all the boys he had grown closest to him and worried about what would happen to him.

"Oh man, that's so awesome," Phil said hugging Cody and patting his back, "So you'll be going home with"

"Yeah, as soon as they're done in the kitchen. We're gonna swing by the warehouse and grab some stuff, the gifts Grant and I gave each other, but you and the guys can have the rest of our stuff."

"Thanks, that's cool. I'm so happy for you guys..." Phil said, finally sounding a little sad.

"I'd take you with us...if it was up to me, but I promise we'll come see ya' and bring ya' stuff. Jack and Brian, that's Tommy's dads, said they wanted to help the kids on the street and I'll make sure you guys get all the help you need. Maybe they can even help you guys find homes."

"Hey, don't worry about us. You just go on and be happy, that's all I want for you."

"Phil..." Cody said hugging the shivering boy tightly, "I promise I won't forget you."

"I know." Phil said pulling away and wiping at his eyes.

"Hey, wait right here, you can ride with us to the warehouse and I can say goodbye to the others too."

"Okay, but hurry. I'm freezing my sweet buns off out here," he laughed.

By the time he joined Grant and Tommy, Jack and Brian were coming out of the kitchen putting on their coats.

"You guys ready?" Jack said smiling.

"Yeah, uh...can we give my friend Phil a ride to the warehouse since we gotta' go there to get our stuff?"

"Absolutely," Brian said slipping a reassuring arm around Cody, "Maybe we can figure out how to help Phil and the others once we see what we're up against."

Phil was quiet at first when introduced to the two men, but by the time they reached the warehouse he had warmed up to them. He liked how they talked to him on his own level and didn't talk down to him or make him feel stupid like most adults did. He was more envious than ever of Cody and Grant's good fortune, but he had no illusion that anything as great as that would ever happen to him.

Cody suggested the adults stay in the SUV while they went inside and the two agreed. They knew the sight of two adults might spook the boys, and that was the last thing they wanted to do.

Inside, a half dozen boys were standing around the fire warming themselves when the four boys emerged through the once boarded up window.

"Hey, who's that...a new kid. Looks pretty fresh, I bet he'll do good on the street," Steve, a 16 year old said practically leering.

"He's not a street kid," Cody said giving Steve a harsh look, "and neither are we now...we're gonna get adopted," he added giving Steve a smile, "and this is our new little brother Tommy."

"No way! When did this happen?"

"Cody gave the group the condensed version of the story as the others listened on, and when he was finished he and Grant were surrounded by the others as hugs and pats were delivered. They were family, and though envious of the two, the others were also happy for them. It was almost every street kid's dream to find a family, or at least someone to love and share their lives with, and Cody and Grant had found both. They were a success story in themselves, and all the others wished them well.

"We just came to get a few things and the rest you guys can divide up. Don't be greedy, okay?" Cody said grinning, "Phil will be the one to divvy things up, he's a good guy so don't give him no grief or I'll come back and kick your sorry asses," he added chuckling.

They retrieved their gift bags and were saying their goodbyes when Tommy finally spoke up. He'd been a bit intimidated at first, but after seeing the other boys and listening to them, and after seeing how they reacted to Cody and Grant's good news, he felt more at ease.

"You guys, my dads are good guys and they want to help you guys. So they're gonna want to come here and talk to you guys. We'll come too, so you'll know it's cool. You can trust them, they're lawyers and they know how to help. Is that okay?"

There was a mumble of consent and Cody explained a bit more about what Tommy was referring to, then  the others escorted them to the waiting SUV, to catch a glimpse of the two men who were promising to help.

The two men exited the vehicle, and after introductions were made, the two assured the boys that they were only there to help, and that they would be back in a day or two to figure out exactly how best to go about that. The boys warmed to them quickly and for once in their lives there was a glimmer of hope.

On the way to their new home Cody and Grant held hands and Tommy clung to Cody as if he were afraid he'd slip away. The trip took about twenty minutes and as they turned into an older neighborhood with tree lined streets they boys chattered excitedly.

"You're gonna love our house, it's sooo cool. We even have a pool, course it's too cold to swim now, but this summer we're gonna have so much fun. My dads even let me swim naked," he giggled.

"Wow, a pool," Cody said, not quite able to wrap his head around what was happening.

"I love to swim," Grant said smiling, "but I think I might want to wear a swimsuit, if it's okay."

"That's cool, but I bet you'll change your mind. Swimming naked is sooo cool."

"Well, here we are boys," Brian said pulling into a wide drive in front of a two story Victorian style house with a wrap around porch and a detached three car garage. 

The house sat smack in the middle of a double lot and the backyard had an 8 foot privacy fence, thus the reason skinny dipping was allowed.

"Wow, oh looks like something out of a fairy tale," Grant exclaimed.

Jack chuckled, "I always wanted a house with a porch. My grand parents had an old farm house with a big porch front and back and I always loved visiting them and sitting on that big ole' porch."

As soon as the Dodge Durango was parked the boys spilled out and waited for the slow poke adults to unlock the front door. Inside, Cody and Grant stared in awe at their surrounding.  A huge Christmas tree adorned with hundreds of lights greeted them as they entered the living room, and three stockings still hung from the mantle over a huge fireplace nearby. There was garland and more lights around the ceiling and even on the stair rails and as they checked out the other rooms there were more decorations and reminders of what time of year it was.

"Wow, you guys really go in for Christmas," Cody said admiring a little tree in the dining room.

"We have always loved the Holidays, and when Tommy came into our lives we realized what had been missing from our lives, and we took things to the next level," Jack chuckled.

"I even have a tree in my room, a little one," Tommy said, "come on, I'll show you."

"Our rooms are upstairs, but my dads' room is downstairs so we have the whole upstairs to ourselves. It was kind of lonely up there, but not anymore," Tommy said excitedly as they climbed the garland lined stairs, "This is my room," he said leading them into a huge bedroom done in bright colors. A full size bed with a colorful quilt held a half dozen stuffed animals and there was a desk with computer, bookcases filled with books and CD's and DVD's, and on top of it a small fiber optic tree pulsed with colorful lights. On one wall was a sliding glass door leading out onto a balcony that overlooked the back yard and the pool below.

"It's huge," Cody said in awe once more, "and nice. I like the colors and the view."

"Come on, I'll show you the room I want you guys to have, it's next door and we'll share a bathroom."

Leading the two through a door and into a spacious bath with separate shower and tub they emerged into a bedroom that was a mirror image of Tommy's, including the sliding glass door and balcony with an equally wonderful view.

"Oh MY GOD!" Grant exclaimed, "This room is just like yours, only not as colorful."

Jack and Brian had arrived by then and they smiled at the boys' reaction, "We furnished it with the basics, a bed, and night stand, and a dresser, but we'll fix it up to suit you two. That is if you want to share a room. If not there are two more bedrooms across the hall with a full bath as well."

"If it's okay..." Cody said looking worried, "we'd like to share a room. We're kind of used to sleeping together."

"That's fine," Jack said, "we're not going to impose any rules on you that are unreasonable, and for now we see no reason why you two can't share a room. There maybe some things we'll need to discuss later when the people from Child Welfare are doing their investigation, but that will be a while."

"Oh, okay..." Cody said figuring the people at CW might not be so keen on two teenage boys sleeping together.

"So what do you boys think? Think you can be happy here with us men?"

"Yes, yes, yes!" was the enthusiastic cry from both of the boys as they hugged their new little brother and then their two new dads.


Jack and Brian Wilson Powell, officially adopted Cody and Grant almost a year later. Cody Wilson Powell, and Grant Wilson Powell, and their little brother Tommy Wilson Powell celebrated along with their dads as well as Phil Edwards, who had been adopted by a traditional family after Jack and Brian had brought to the attention of the community the plight of the homeless street kids.

To date six of the boys from the warehouse had been fostered or adopted, and Brian and Jack's organization, Loving Arms, provided meals, warm clothing, medical care, and legal advice to the boys who still remained. It was bad news for the Johns who took advantage of the boys, but there were always a few boys who still felt the need or desire to sell their bodies for money.

Cody and Grant's love for one another had grown, and though Tommy had changed boyfriends since they had first been reunited, he proclaimed the current boy, Oliver, was his one true love. Cody doubted that, but he was supportive of his little brother no matter what. 

From the ceiling of the room Cody and Grant shared hung the little toy glider Grant had purchased for Cody that first Christmas, and in a glass case on a shelf was the toy top Cody had given Grant. They were inexpensive toys, but they were reminders of the love the two shared and were priceless as far as they were concerned.

"Welcome to the family," Jack said toasting the two with his glass of soda, "Today is a very proud day for Brian and I. We now have three wonderful sons, and because of you three we are making a difference in the lives of the kids still on the street. Our wish is that someday there will be no homeless youth, no boys or girls kicked out of their homes for being gay, no abuse, no hatred, and only love. You two embody all that is good in the youth of today and I salute you. I speak for both of us when I say we love you, all three of you, with all our heart, and we feel fortunate to have you in our lives," he said tearing up.

"Hear, hear," Brian said wiping at his eyes, "To our boys, and all the boys who need someone to love," he said raising his glass.


The End

In the United States alone there are 1.6 million homeless youth. Of those, 40 percent identify as gay, bi, or transgender. Some are victims of abuse, physically and sexually. Some have been kicked out of their homes for revealing their true sexual identity. Society in general does little to help these youth, although there are organizations such as the Trevor Project which offers crisis intervention for LGBTQ youth, Stand up for Kids, and others which are making a difference in the lives of homeless and at risk youth. 

But what's really needed is all of us doing our part to help. At this time of the year, when our thoughts are of family and Peace on Earth and Good Will toward Men, take a moment to find a local organization that directly helps homeless kids, regardless of their race, creed, or sexual orientation, and give generously of you time or money or both. If all of us do our part we can make a difference.

Peace and Love, KD.

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