All characters, acts, and places are fictional in this story; any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. This story does not reflect the sexual preference of any of the actors/characters involved. All characters are property of Adam Baran.

This story is based on the short comedy film "Jackpot" 2012 written and directed by Adam Baran. The story follows where the film ended as Jack goes over to Sammy's house to share the porn magazines he found and has a surprising good time with his friend.

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Jack & Sammy's Treasures

Author: James Jenkins


It was a humid summer evening as 14-year-old Jack Hoffman rode his bike over to his friend Sammy's house. Even though his body and half of his face ached after kicking the ass of Billy Hook, the local psycho bullying homophobe. But the sweet reward he gained from his odyssey earlier that afternoon was worth the bloody nose and cut lip he sustained in the struggle. He couldn't have been more thankful for Sammy mentioning the magazines left behind in the dumpster. He couldn't think of a better way to thank his best friend than letting Sammy share in the sexy erotic bounty. Luckily Sammy's parents were out for the night. Jack biked with anticipation ziplining through his body until he reached Sammy's doorstep. After knocking on the door twice, Sammy finally answered it.

"Hey Jack, what's going on?" the short dark-haired gamer kid asked.

The lanky curly-haired brunette Jewish boy grinned in response. "Remember that stash of porno you told me about earlier today?" Jack asked as his fingers gripped the handle of his backpack tight, fingers pulsating over showing off the spoils of his conquest.

"Yeah...what about it?" Sammy asked as his face looked cross not sure where his friend was going with this.

Jack opened the backpack, reached inside and pulled out the "Jackpot" magazine with the mouth-watering image of actor Rick Swayze, the hero who helped him in more ways he never imagined, on the cover.

Sammy's eyes bulged wide and his mouth hung open for nine seconds until he lifted his black eyes up at Jack's smiling face.

"NO WAY!" Sammy exclaimed. " did?" the boy didn't know or think Jack would go out and grab the magazines.

"It wasn't easy, and I kicked Billy Hook's ass just to get away with them alive." Jack's wounds still clear even though he washed his face before coming over.

"Shit you got balls, man..." Sammy remarked as his eyes bore into the half nude image of the smoking male model on the cover. He even licked his lips taken with how gorgeous the guy was. His trance broken when Jack cleared his throat.

"Well are you just gonna gawk at it all night or do you wanna have some fun with these studs?" Jack asked patting a hand on his backpack and winked. "There's more where that came from."

Without another word, Sammy broke out giggling and moved out of the way to allow his friend into the house. The two teens raced upstairs to Sammy's bedroom, both now charged to let their horny young minds run free with help from the treasure Jack had acquired, even if it was something of a dumb idea.

Jack placed his backpack on the bedroom floor, it contained the results of hours of fighting off neighborhood douche bags and outrunning them.

There were about 30 to 40 porn magazines that were in a pristine state - just how the boys liked them. Every magazine had untarnished fresh pages, some of which looked as if they were printed yesterday. Jack and Sammy knew it wouldn't be long before all the pages would get stuck and torn in some places with the smell of stale cum on the paper. The image one they always liked to imagine.

Jack had been spraying his cum over hot guys for years and the record of his masturbating sessions was not lost to Sammy. Most pictures he secretly collected had four loads on them, some as many as six loads of his creamy teen spunk on them.

Once Sammy showed Jack into the bedroom, the Jewish boy began to remove his street clothes. Underneath them I am wearing smooth white socks held up with a dark green pair of briefs, a visible wet spot clear on the left side near the hem. Sammy turned out of view from his friend as he tried to hold back a chuckle as Jack's briefs were barely holding his bulge in.

Soon Jack was fully undressed and standing before Sammy in his hot underwear, Sammy removed the plaid blue-yellow PJ's he had on.

Even Jack had to admit his friend looked fantastic, his somewhat girly figure and black socks were so sexy and the little blue and black briefs only just concealed his cock.

Sammy then showed Jack his collection of magazines which were in a pile and judging by what Jack could see by the covers they were in a similar state to many in his own acquired collection.

Jack excitedly took his own out from the backpack an put them on the bed, Sammy took his and put them bedside Jack's set.

They both climbed onto the bed and began to look at each other's magazines.

The boys spend the 20-30 minutes looking at these wonderful, fresh, hot well-photographed porn mags, occasionally stopping to stroke one another through the thin material of their briefs.

By now the tiny triangles were doing a fantastic job of containing their cocks as they strained to snake out and spew their venom.

Jack teased Sammy's prick out, gradually stroking and wanking it for a couple of minutes, before taking it into his nervous but daring mouth. As he sucked his best friend, Jack heard Sammy moan gently in pleasure.

Meanwhile Sammy reached down and seized hold of Jack's 6" cock and stroked him and eventually they moved round into a 69 position, with Jack's head between Sammy's slender, sock clad legs.

After nine minutes the two sat up and decided to select a picture each that they wanted to splatter with their cum. Jack chose the picture of Rick Swayze whom he had seen, fell for and was helped by earlier, a brunette guy, toned handsome torso fully exposed, no briefs standing tall and facing the camera smiling. So hot with his flirtatious inviting stare.

Sammy chose a picture from Jack's collection, a very hot blonde laying down with his legs raised and his blue briefs pulled around his thighs. The guy, probably 18, had a really sexy expression on his face as he made a kissy-face for the camera.

The teens cleared all the magazines from the bed and place their selected photos close by.

Removing their briefs they knelt facing each other and laid their cocks close together, Sammy wrapped his hand around them both and wanked both of them off. It felt out of this world for Jack as his prick was being rubbed by Sammy's. They swapped and Jack now wanked them off. But naughty Sammy soon pushed him down and started to lick the Jewish boy's cock, before taking the full length in his kissable mouth. The ecstasy of the warm, wet orifice was mind-blowing and for a while Jack just laid back and enjoyed it.

But Jack wanted to taste Sammy again, so they swapped around and Jack knelt between his friend's legs, sliding his mouth slowly over Sammy's undeniably cute cock head and down over the shaft.

The boys sucked, played with and wanked each other for what seemed like hours but they were reaching the point when all guys were unable to hold out for much longer.

Whilst Jack was sucking Sammy, he instantly felt the flirty boy harden in him and Sammy began to thrust gently in the welcoming mouth. Jack became even more excited as he sensed the outcome. Feverishly Jack sucked on Sammy, gently squeezing his balls, urging the boy to fill his mouth with loads of creamy cum. Then the first spurt, Sammy shuddered slightly, then came the second, he was pumping vigorously in his friend and Jack was loving it. Jack's mouth was filling up and he knew the syrup would start to spill out, he reached round for the magazine of his Sammy had chosen and held it under the brunette's chin. Just in time as Jack felt some of Sammy's spunk spill out of his mouth and ran down his chin. The 14-year-old couldn't see, just hoping the picture caught it all. Jack squeezed Sammy's shaft and balls to drain every drop from him. Picking up the magazine, Jack let Sammy's cum run out of his mouth all over the picture.

Putting down his magazine with Sammy's spunk on it Jack then pick his friend's magazine, holding the crouching blonde guy in front of him, Jack grabbed his cock and started pumping it. Just a matter of a few seconds before Jack was spurting all over him, covering the picture with hot white blobs of cum.

After recovering they both get dressed and packed away their magazines. Jack decided to leave his magazine with Sammy's spunk all over it for as long as possible to dry.

When Jack eventually arrived back home, the first thing he did was open the sticky pages. They were quite wet still and had begun to stick together, fortunately they had just stuck in places which looks very good.

The next day the magazine was now completely dry and looking so, so good some lovely, cool stains and some sweat mostly around the edges, where it had begun to glue together. Jack picked up a pen to write Sammy's name on the top of the page to remind him of their next wanking session of the great time they had shared.