||| Khula Darwaza |||
Bittu ki seal tudwayi

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"Raja beta, khaana lagaa diya," the old maid announced opening Bittu's bedroom door, "ab mein jaau?"

"Haan, jao!" Bittu snapped, the old hag never knocked!

"Darwajja bandh kar lo, raja..." she said turning away.

God, he hated that lady, and her 'raja' and 'beta'!

"Kheech ke bandh kar do..." he shouted after her, she just needed to pull it shut, the dumb bitch. Hoping she had heard him, since she was also hard of hearing!

Clad in his tiny, tight denim shorts, shirtless, he had been in his room since ten, after his mom had left... online, lund sehelate huye Twitter pe porn dekh raha tha, aur ab toh pura mood bhi bun chuka tha... but that lady suddenly popping in, unannounced, pura mood hi bigaad diya!

His dad was out of town on work, and mom was out for the day, and he was home alone - alone and bored - because school had just got over, aur ab summer vacation tha... par uska best friend, Virat, was away - visiting grandparents!

Toh akela hii time pass karna tha, aur iss umar me, akele ghar pe - time pass ka matlab... porn.

Phone bed pe phenkte huye Bittu utha aur seedha kidki ke paas gaya... hoping he might just catch a glimpse... shayad dikh jaye, toh hilane me maza aayega.

Shorts ka button toh khula hi tha, ab zip pura neeche karte huye lund nikaal ke haath me le liya...


A couple months earlier a new watchman had joined duty... gaon ka gabru chhora tha, fresh maal, kya mast... bilkul HOT!

Naam tha Surya - jyada umar nahi tha, yehi kuch 19 ya bees ka hoga, not much older than Bittu... achchaa height, mast body, full mard... uniform badan se sata huya reheta tha.

Thoda sanwla, sharp features, clean-shaven, mote-mote lips... aur lund ka ubhaar... uff, nakshaa saaf dikhta tha!

Morning duty hota toh school jaate waqt gate pe baitha dekh jata, aur agar night duty hota, toh when Bittu returned late, after hanging out with friends, he'd be sitting there, near the gate... slumped on the chair, thighs wide apart...

Shooru me toh Bittu khoob dekhta tha, but then the guy must have caught on, staring back at him... and if ever their eyes met, he gave a crooked smile... his hand casually going to his crotch... rubbing the lump!

Bittu ka third floor corner flat tha, building ke rear side pe, aur waha, kone pe, staff (watchmen, drivers etc) ke liye ek bathroom bana huya tha near the boundary wall... bahar ek nal bhi tha, and the whole area was clearly visible from Bittu's bedroom window.

Ek din shaam ko as Bittu stood near the window he saw Surya walk in... he was out after a while and went to the tap, took off his shirt and started splashing his face, arms and chest... lifting his arms to wash under!

Bittu toh already uska body pe mar mita tha, par uss din, shirtless dekh kar uska hosh udd gaya - firm and sinewy, smooth and hairless... the underarms full of dark, course hair...

Aur uss din se jab bhi ghar par hota, toh uss kidki ke paas taktaki lagaye khada reheta, shayad phir se aa jaye... shirt khole...

Aur dikhaa bhi - if the guy had day shift then duty ke baad wapas jaate waqt, and night duty huya toh early morning, after duty, he came - used the bathroom, washed up and left. He also came during duty hours, but only to use the loo.

Kidki ke paas khade, khada lund haath me liye, Bittu yehi sochte huye khoob hilata - ubhaar toh dekha huya hain, par lund kaisa hoga? Khada huya toh kitna lamba aur mota hoga? Jhaat bhi utna hi ghana tha kya, jaise baghlon ke baal?

Wah... waise hilane me kuch aur hi maza tha!


Lund sehelaate huye Bittu ne jhaanka, par bathroom ke paas koi nahi tha... aur tabhi achanak, the room was filled with loud moans: 'Aahhh... harder... harder... yea, fuck me!'

Ab Bittu hamesha hi porn dekhta toh ear plugs lagakar dekhta, taaki sound na ho... and he had just dropped the phone on the bed when he went to the window, he hadn't switch it off, the clip was still playing... but the earphone was still connected, so there should be no sound.

The sudden and unexpected moanings scared the shit out of Bittu and he spun around... his undone shorts falling down at the sudden movement... his hand still holding his hard, throbbing cock.

There, in his bedroom, near his bed stood the watchman, grinning at him widely... the phone in his hand.

"Kise dhoond raha hain, huh?" he asked.

Bittu stood frozen... the shock, the embarrassment... he simply didn't know what to do - shorts around his ankle, cock in hand... completely naked.

"Tera flat ka darwaza khula tha, awaaz diya par jawab nahi mila, toh andar aa gaya..." the guy said by way of explanation, dropping the phone back on the bed and coming forward.

And even before Bittu could fully recover, the watchman was standing right before him... real close.

"Khoob aankhe phaad-phaad ke toh dekhta hain, aur kidki se bhi jhaankte reheta, jab bhi mein bathroom jata hoon... toh le, aaj mein hi aa gaya, bol, dekhna hain kya?" he smiled, placing his hand over his stuffed crotch.

Bittu remained silent... still in shock.

Surya laughed, "Chal, dikhaa hi deta hoon... tu bhi khoosh, aur me bhi!"

Jaws gaping, Bittu stared back at him - scared... nervous... ashamed - his heart pounding in his throat... but his cock didn't seem to loose its hardness from the shock or shame, in fact, he felt it flex and throb even harder at the young man's words.

He wasn't wearing his uniform, just normal clothes - a plain shirt, and tight jeans - and as Bittu stared on, he began to strip - first his shirt... and then... undoing the button he unzipped his fly... slowly pushing down his jeans... he was wearing nothing underneath!

"Chal, dekh le... aur karle jo karna!" the youth grinned, his hand reaching up to tweak Bittu's left nipple. "Waise maal toh tu mast hain, gora aur chikna... aur nanga toh bilkul first class!"

Desirous, but nervous, Bittu's eyes slowly moved lower... almost popping with disbelief and horror - uss watchman ke thighs ke beech, ghane kaale baalon me se uthta huya woh lamba aur mota lund - maano koi vishaal sa khamba thaa...

And it wasn't even fully hard, just partially erect... and yet - IT WAS ALREADY HUGE!

"Hain na mast?" Surya asked with a laugh, "Tujhe yehi hona tha na? Aaj bana le apna!"

Bittu gulped, eyes wide... feeling his cock twitch and pulse.

"Chal, aa jaa..." the watchman said, grabbing his arm and pulling him towards the bed. He sat down and jerked Bittu's arm, making him fall face first, his ass on the edge of the bed... sticking up high.

"Yaar, tera yeh gaand toh mast hain," Surya laughed, roughly grabbing the soft, smooth buttocks with both hands, squeezing and fondling the pair, "Marwaya kya pehle?"

Bittu could only moan in reply... his heart slamming wildly, his mouth dry.

Surya pulled apart the cheeks and peered in... letting out a whistle as he saw the tiny little pink opening -- tightly clenched shut and totally hairless. "Yaar yeh toh bilkul hi chhota hain, lagta sealpack... mast tight hoga," and then touching it with a finger tip added, "Bol, tudwana hain kya seal?"

Bittu just lay there, silent and shaking... feeling the strong finger probing his untouched little hole... roughly prodding the tight opening.

Surya slapped his ass, "Sala, mera lund takta hain, mera nanga badan dekhte huye mooth marta hain, ab chup kyu, bol, phodon tera seal?"

Bittu groaned in respond... feeling the pressure of the finger trying to force its way inside... enter him.

The young watchman caught his shoulder and pulled him off the bed, throwing him down on the floor, and garbbing the base of that monstrous cock with one hand he waved it at Bittu, "Le, choos ke pura khada kar de, phir karta tera gaand ka subh udghatan!" curling the fingers of his other hand in Bittu's hair as he pulled his face into his crotch...

Bittu had dreamed of sucking cock for years now, but had never done it before... and seeing Surya's massive cock up close, he baulked.

Surya was breathing hard now, in the grip of maddening lust... and his fingers roughly tugged at Bittu's hair guiding his face closer as his other hand holding the cock, rubbed it against the boy's lips, "Chal, munh khol..."

Bittu parted his lips and Surya pushed the large head in... stretching the boy's lips, pushing his jaws wide apart... letting out a satisfied grunt.

Saliva flooded Bittu's mouth as another inch of the fat cock pushed inside... making the jawbones creak... and as Surya lurched up, Bittu felt the swollen cockhead touch the begining of his throat!

The watchman rocked his hips, gradually feeding the boy more of his cock... but Bittu's mouth was already stuffed full, and he hadn't even taken a quater of it!

Bittu spluttered, and choked, but Surya was relentless, grunting as he tried to force more of his cock into that warm, moist mouth... one hand still gripping Bittu's hair, while the other held him under his lower jaw... and suddenly he thrust his pelvis, sending the cockhead sliding past his tonsils, right down his throat!

The boy gaged... but Surya didn't budge, holding still... and once the feeling passed, he shoved in another inch...

Bittu couldn't breathe... his lungs screaming for air... he thought he'd pass out when Surya slowly tugged it out of the throat... and as Bittu gulped air, the watchman shoved it back in... begining to slowly fuck his mouth!

They soon set a smooth rhythm... Surya tugging back his cock, Bittu gulping air, and the man shoving it right in...

The cock was fully hard now... impossibly long and unbelievably fat... and even after having it pushed down his throat repeatedly, Bittu was barely able to take half of it!

He didn't know how long Surya fucked his face, but finally he pulled back and out, "Chal, tel hain to le aa, phir tera seal phodta hoon!"

Bittu just lay there on the floor, gasping for air... mind blank, body numb...

"Jaa, le aa," Surya said impatiently, "nahi toh thook se hi kaam chalana padega..."

The very thought of Surya stuffing that huge monster in his ass without lubricating his virgin hole first quickly made Bittu stand up and rush to the bathroom, getting the bottle of coconut oil... handing it to Surya.

"Chal, lait jaa aur uthaa le apna taang!" Surya grinned at him, slowly standing up and opening the cap, his rigid cock pointing high up... throbbing and flexing with lust at the thought of finally breaching the untouched ass hole of the fresh teen boy.

The watchman poured the oil directly over the hole, smearing it with his fingers... shoving in one, and then applied some on his own cock...

"Ab khol apni gaand aur le le andar..." he said, tossing the bottle aside and getting into position between Bittu's widely spread thighs.

Ab agle aadha ghanta kya huya ye shabdon me kaha nahi jayega... par pura tees minute mehanat ke baad jaa kar Bittu ka seal aakhir tooth hi gaya... aur Surya ka vaishi lund pura andar sama gaya!

Wah, kya scene tha woh - Bittu ka wo cheekna, chatpatana... Surya ka ghurrana... dono ka wo siskiya... wo karahna... wo aahen bharna - bas, dekhte hi banta!

Kareeb ek dedh ghanta ghamasaan chudai ke baad Surya ne Bittu ki gaand maal se bharne ke baad apna lund nikaal liya aur paas lait gaya, "Yaar maza aa gaya, ab toh daily hona mujhe, shaam ko aa jana mere room pe, tera bhookh-pyaas sab mita doonga!"

Bittu ka bhi do baar nikal chuka tha... pait aur chaati maal se bilkul bheega pada tha... uska pura shareer numb tha, dimaag bhi numb... aur gaand me jalta huya aag!

Pandhra minute ke baad Surya utha, "Chal, khaana khila, aur uske baad phir chod doonga..." and that's when Bittu saw him pick up his phone - not Bittu's, but his own - and wave it at him, "Aur iss me pura recording kar liya, tera choosne ka bhi, aur gaand marwane ka bhi, poora sound ke saath. Ab daily dekh ke garam kar loonga, aur tu aane ke baad mast chod doonga!"


The soft knock made Bittu look up...

"Beta, what wrong, huh?" Bittu's mom asked opening his bedroom door, "Tabiyat theek hain na? Do dinn se room me hii pade hon, not going out to meet friends?"

"I'm okay, mom..." Bittu replied, lying in bed on his side.

"Kisi se jhagda huya kya?" she asked again.

"No mom," he answered, letting out a slight groan.

"Even at breakfast today..." she paused, still standing near the bedroom door, "um, and yesterday... you seemed so distracted, theek se khaana bhi nahi khaa rahe hon... squirming in you chair, hardly sitting still... I'm worried, beta... you can tell me if something is wrong."

"No, mama..." Bittu sighed, "I'm good..."

"Theek hain, beta..." his mom sighed, adding with a smile, "today I asked the cook to make your favourite alu-jeera... and gajar ka halwa for dessert."

Once Bittu heard the door close, he let out a groan... God, his ass was in agony!

Haan, do dinn se Bittu apne kamre me hii pada raha... chalna toh chhodo, baithna bhi mushkil thaa... his ass throbbing with a dull pain, aur woh chhota sa ched, bilkul sooja huya, pouting out like a doughnut... he couldn't even touch it!

But, bechara, mummy ko kya batata? -- That two days back Surya had fucked him thrice in his own bedroom? That his ass hadn't closed since then, had remained open ever since? That he couldn't sit still... walking was painful... he even had to lie on his side? Kaise bolta ye sab mummy ko?

Par Bittu ka lund do dinn se bilkul tana huya tha... haan, uss dinn ka ghantna soch kar -- flexing and twitching like crazy.

Bittu had thought a lot, about going to Surya's room, even wanted to... par chalne ka kabil nahi tha bechara, toh cycle chalakar uss ke room tak jata kaise?

With a sigh he rolled over on his other side... groaning as he felt the jarring shock deep in his ass.

But his cock gave an urgent flex... and his ass mouth twitched furiously at the memory of Surya...

Do dinn se, since that day, naa toh wo porn dekha thaa aur naa hii hilaya thaa -- too exhausted and drained for it, though his cock kept complaining vigorously, leaking a continuous stream of sticky precum.

With another sigh he rolled over again -- he simply couldn't find a comfortable position, his ass kept throbbing no matter what he did, and his stomach, oh, in constant turmoil... theek se khaaya bhi nahi jaa raha thaa uss se!

He reached into his nightstand drawer... oh God! it was empty!!!

Bittu doston ke saath toh hangout karta, par na toh cigarette (ya weed), aur naa hi beer pita kabhi... uska agar koi nasha thaa toh wo thaa porn dekhte huye hilana, aur chocolate...

He loved chocolate (aside from jerking off), and gorged on them every day!!!

Par do dinn se bahar nahi gaya thaa, toh sara stock khatam ho gaya... ab kya karen? He had to now go and get some. Par bechara jaaye kaise? Pehele neeche jana, aur phir main road pe dukaan tak!

With a groan he sat up, slowly getting off the bed... he was already in his shorts and t-shirt, toh flip-flop pehen liya aur bedroom se nikla...

"Kahan jaa rahe ho, Bittu?" his mom asked, as he reached the front door.

"Neeche, dukaan tak, mummy..."

"Ok, beta," she smiled, seeming happy to see Bittu up and about.

Bittu got off the lift and slowly, painfully walked out... the grounds were empty at that hour of morning, and the old watchman was on duty. But then Bittu already knew that Surya had night shift, and that's why he wanted Bittu to visit him in his room in the evening.

Walking out of the building Bittu found the tree-lined lane quiet and empty, and as he turned towards the main road, Surya stepped out from behind a tree...

"Kyu nahi aaya, huh?" the watchman asked, grabbing his arm.

Bittu looked up at the man, his eyes wide.

"Kyu nahi aaya do dinn, bol?"

Bohut... bohut dard..." Bittu began softly before trailing off, shamed, his cock already rock hard at the sight of Surya, twitching in his shorts!

"Kaha dard hain?" Surya asked, and as Bittu remained silent, totally embarrassed, he repeated, "Kaha dard hain, huh, gaand me?"

Bittu nodded, his face going red with shame.

"Ab toh theek ho gaya na, chal raha hain tu..."

Bittu remained quiet.

"Aaj chaar baje aa jana, samjha?"

Bittu stared back at him... feeling his sore ass hole quake and quiver... the tiny mouth pushing out painfully.

Jerking the teen's arm he once more said, "Chaar baje, bus stand ke paas, samjha?"

Bittu nodded.

"Aur aaj nahi aaya toh mein tere ghar par aa jaunga, aur us dinn jaisa tere hii bistar pe, tujhe chodunga, samjha?

Bittu nodded once more.

"Zyada dard hain kya?" Surya poocha.

"Haan," Bittu nodded.

"Chalna mushkil hain toh bol, tujhe yahi se goad me uthakar, lund pe bithakar le jaunga!" Surya said with a loud laugh, his eyes twinkling.

Face red in shame Bittu quickly lowered his head, his heart slamming at the thought.

"Aa jana, bus stand, chaar baje..." Surya reminded him once more and then walked away.


Bittu paid the driver and got off the auto, it was exactly four...

He was, yes, filled with lust, but also apprehensive -- he wanted to see that cock, hold it in his hand, feel it inside his belly -- and that mere thought had made him come. But his stomach was still in turmoil, his ass still burning, and the once tiny hole, still horribly sore... and since he couldn't ride his cycle (with the pain in his ass), he took an auto

His mother seemed glad when he told her he was going out... to meet friends -- "Have a good time," she had smiled.

Bittu looked around, and there he was, Surya, smiling at him.

"Aa gaya?" he said coming forward, "Chal room pe, tera sara dard duur kar doonga," taking his arm and leading him down a dirty, narrow lane.

Three minutes later Surya ushered Bittu into a single room tenement at the end of a dark alley.

"Chal, utaar le..." he said closing and bolting the door, switching on the tube light.

Bittu stood there, silent and shaking, watching as Surya took off his own clothes, soon naked, his cock massive!

"Kya huya, kapde pehen ke hii gaand marwana hain kya aaj? Ya phir tera kapde phaad ke, tujhe nanga karke, chodna padega?!"

The thought of Surya ripping off his clothes, tearing his shorts and t-shirt made Bittu promptly undress... soon standing naked before the young watchman... his teen cock already hard, and his ass hole wide open in anticipation.

Looking at Bittu, Surya smiled, "Yaar, kya chikna maal hain tu, wah! Aur kya mast gaand, chal, ghoom ja, deekha zara..."

Bittu silently turned around, displaying his smooth ass to the watchman, and heard him let out a laugh, "Yaar, mast rahega agar mein tera sara kapda phaad doon... phir tujhe nanga hii ghar lautna padega! Aur kya pata... tera ye gora, chikna badan, ye mast gaand... shayad road pe hi tera public chudai ho jaye! Raat bhar har aane-jaane wale tujhe bari-bari pelta rahe!"

Bittu shuddered at the though, quickly lowering his eyes in shame, but his cock twitching and jerking like a crazed semaphore in a storm!

"Chal, aa jaa, choos de zara..." Surya commanded, gripping the base of his fat cock and waving it at Bittu."phir karta hoon duur tera dard!"

Bas, aur kya hona thaa... pehele toh Bittu ka munh choda, aur phir gaand... purey teen ghante tak lagataar choda, non-stop! Kya power, kya stamina... kya force! Wah! Bina dekhe naa toh samajh aayegaa, aur naa hii yakeen!

"Yaar, itna cheekh mat..." Surya kept grunting as he fucked that tight hole, covering the boy's mouth with his hand, "itna shor na karr, warna sara mohalla ikattha ho jayega, aur phir haath me lund dhare teri chikni gaand maarne walon ke line lag jayega room ke bahar!"

Pehele toh goad me bithakar, oochaal-oochaal kar choda, phir uthakar kamra bhar phirte huye... aur phir ulta litakar mast choda...aur aakhir me apne kandhon par Bittu ka paer rakh, gaand phailaakar choda. Aur do baar gaand me maal bharne ke baad hi jaa kar shaant huya!

Aur dono ka wo siskiya... wo aahen aur karahna... those grunts and the groans... wo nanga badan kaa thap-thapana, paseene me bheega jism kaa ek doosre par ragadna aur phisalna... wo chikni gaand me andar-bahar hota huya lund sa meetha dhun... uff, binaa suney samajh nahi aayegaa.

"Chal, tujhe ghar chhod doon," Surya said after a while, sitting up and looking down at the exhausted twink, "tujhse toh chalna nahi hoga aaj!"

Bittu could barely move... and to stand or walk was nearly impossible... feeling Surya's cum leaking out of his horribly gaping ass with each step... the once tight mouth pouting painfully... the cum gushing out in spurts, smearing his plump cheeks, and rolling down his thighs - it was a horrible feeling, and exhilarating!

Surya led the shivering boy to the small door at the back of the room, opening it...

The door led out to a tiny strip of open space... a toilet in one corner, and a tap... there were three other doors too - obviously three other rooms, with three other tenants!

God, he was stark naked, how could he walk out in the open like that? What if those other people came out? They would see him!!!

"Chal, aa jaa, dho le..." Surya said, tugging at him, seeming unconcerned with their nakedness.

Bittu let out a whimper, his eyes furtively looking around, at the three closed door...

"Oho, ye baat?" Surya laughed, "Yaar, koi nahi hain, sab kaam pe hain, chal aa jaa... dho le jaldi, warna jab wapas ghar jaayega toh sab ko pata chal jayega tu kya kar raha thaa pura shaam!"

Surya led him out and stood him near the tap, cleaning him up with a wet cloth -- wiping off Bittu's dried semen that coated his torso, and his own copious cum that kept leaking out of the devastated ass...

"Maza aa jaayega agar kamre se koi nikle abhi aur dekh le teri yeh gaand!" Surya suddenly laughed as he scrubbed Bittu smooth teen ass, his fingers sliding between the cheeks, reaching deep to poke at the obscenely gaping, swollen orifice, making Bittu groan - with the ache, and renewed lust!

But thankfully for Bittu no one came out... no one saw him naked.

Surya took Bittu on his bike and dropped him off near the building's gate...

"Kal aa jaana, same, chaar baje..." he said as Bittu got off the bike, groaning as his ass throbbed in protest at the movement.

Bittu nodded.

"Agar nakhra kiya, nahi aaya, toh mein aa jaunga, samjha? Aur phir yehi tujhe apna lund pe sawar, bike pe bithakar le jaunga!"

Bittu quickly shook his head.


Over the next two days Bittu went every afternoon, and offered his ass to Surya... who fucked him till the boy couldn't even stand straight; and then dropped him home around eight in the evening.

That Saturday however, as they lay side by side in that tiny room, Bittu's body covered in his own teen spunk, his ass leaking Surya's cum, the watchman suddenly said, "Aaj raat yehii ruk jaa..."

It was already past eight-thirty, later than usual, and Surya had fucked him for over four hours, filling his ass thrice... and now the suggestion startled Bittu.

"Aaj mera day off, duty nahi hain... mast chodunga tujhe, raat bhar, bas ruk jaa tu!"

"Par... gha... ghar..." Bittu mumbled softly, unable to finish the sentence -- suddenly wondering how it would feel, to be fucked all night... would Surya keep him awake all night? Would he wake him up if he fell asleep, and then fuck him? The idea seemed exciting, and he was suddenly desirous of spending a whole night with Surya, have him fuck and fuck and fuck; but it was scary too -- would he even be able to get up and stand again, in the morning?!

"Toh phone kar de naa, bol dost ke paas ruk gaya tu..." Surya suggested, slowly reaching between the boy's thighs, caressing his cock.

And as Bittu moaned in response, his spent cock slowly stirring, Surya said, "Chal, phone kar de, bol de tu dost ke ghar pe hain, aur raat yehi rukey gaa!" his hand releasing the boy cock and slipping in between the thighs, reaching lower...

Bittu remained silent, unsure... feeling the hand reach under, slip between the cum coated cheeks... one finger being roughly shoved deep inside his quaking ass.

"Aahhh..." Bittu moaned, his ass lifting off the floor, grinding into the man's hand... and Surya quickly inserted a second, and then a third finger...

"Chal, phone kar..." Surya whispered, his mouth kissing and nibbling Bittu's shoulder.

"Uhhh..." Bittu groaned, his cock now hard at the new sensation of the fingers twirling in his ass... the muscles of his rectum squeezing and tugging at the digits... and without even making a conscious effort his hips began moving... his ass fucking itself on the youth's long fingers!

And as Bittu's ass rose and fell, Surya suddenly tugged out his fingers and rolled away... leaving Bittu all empty and disappointed... making him cry out, looking at the watchman, eyes pleading.

"Chal, pehenle kapde aur jaa..." Surya said standing up, the tone dismissive... his monster once more awake, flexing.

Bittu just lay there on the floor, stunned, staring up at Surya... at his erect cock.

"Hona yeh?" Surya laughed grabbing his cock and waving it at Bittu, "Hona toh phone kar, nahi toh jaa..."

Almost on the verge of tears, Bittu slowly reached for his phone in the pocket of his discarded shorts, and taking it out called his mom... lying to her about staying back at a friend's... before cutting the call and looking up at Surya.

The young watchman smiled, "Shabash, chal, aa jaa aur choos le, phir chodta hoon tujhe!"


At nine thirty Surya dumped his forth load of the evening, finally pulling out, and after a while got up, "Chal, khaana khaate, aur phir wapas aane ke baad teri gaand ka phirse kalyaan kar doonga!"

Surya took him to a tacky little joint further down the lane, right next to the railway tracks, and after the meal brought him back to the room -- the lane dark, and empty -- Surya's hand deep inside Bittu's shorts, squeezing his butt all the way home, continuously whispering, "Yaar, khaane ke baad bada mood ho raha hain, aaj raat teri gaand ka toh mein bhoosa banaunga!" sending a shiver down Bittu's spine - both, the touch and the words.

Surya opened the door and entered, Bittu following...

"Aa gaya dono?" a voice greeted them, startling Bittu.

There, on the mattress, lay a young man, sprawled out... just a gamcha wrapped around his waist. He was the same age as Surya, similar built... earthy good looks... light wheatish, and clean shaven like Surya...

"Kaha tha sara dinn?" Surya asked the man, closing and bolting the door.

"Bas, tujhe mouka de raha thaa," the young man grinned, his eyes fixed on Bittu, almost eating the boy, "Raazi ho gaya tera Bittu?"

"Haan," Surya grinned, passing his arm around the boy's slim waist, "bilkul raazi!"

"Toh aur derr kyu, chal aaja..." the man responded, slowly sitting up, undoing the knot before pulling off his gamcha. "Daily soonaate rehta, video bhi bataya, aaj mein bhi toh dekhu kaisi chikni gaand jugaad kiya hain tu ne!"

Bittu gulped, for the thing between the young man's thighs was HUGE... as if it was Surya's cock's twin!

"Chal, aaja Bittu," Surya said, already naked, "ho ja nanga, aur khol apni gaand!"

Bas, ab aage jo huya, woh toh na hii kehene ka, aur na hii shabdon me bayaan karne ka kissa tha... sirf ankho-dekhi hii samajh aataa... anubhav ho paata...

Uff, kya haseen manzar tha woh... uss raat... uss chhota sa kamra... do tana lund, aur ek kamsiin gaand... bilkul hosh uda dene wala!

Bas, itna samajh lo ke saari raat -- bina soye, bina rookey, bina break liye, wo do vaishi lund Bittu ka munh aur gaand baari-baari khoob choda... khoob maal pilaya... aur phir kareeb subah ke chaar baje, munh dabochkar, Bittu ka sandwich fuck bhi kar dala!

Hai! kya khoob nazara tha wo... wah!

Bhoosa bolo, kachumar bola, bharta bolo... haan, sab bana dala!

And only after that did they finally rest -- the men fully satisfied... the boy totally wasted!!!

Postscript: Ab Bittu bina gaand chudwaye reh nahi pata. Surya ka duty ke hesaab se daily uska room pe chala jata aur khoob gaand marwata, aur Saturday nights and Sundays, dono se hii chudwata. And once school reopened, once he couldn't visit Surya in the mornings if the man had afternoon shift, toh wahi, building ke basement me, cars ke peeche, andhere me hii Surya se apni gaand chudwaa leta -- naa sharm, naa haya, aur naa hii koi darr!

- Samaampt         


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