~ by Billy Wright ~

This story draws heavily from my own REAL LIFE EVENTS. (I'm a college student so you'll have to forgive me if I don't upload that often). I'm always open to talk about anything and everything:



There's nothing like the end... Too dramatic? Okay, then: there's nothing like the end of summer. We all get that nauseating feeling when we realize school is approaching again. However, before I started school again, I needed to deal with something else: the end of the summer course.

Last day. After my father left me and my sisters at the fitness center we all took a second before entering. Something was different, as if the air had changed its scent or the wall had been painted a slightly different color. My sisters didn't seem to notice it but I did.

Inside I saw Mahomes almost immediately. He too seemed a little off, not cheerful as always but quiet instead.

"Hey," he greeted me when he saw me, his face turned into an uncomfortable gesture. "And... how are you?"

"I'm fine," I said almost instinctively but then I realized what he meant: After what had happened the day before, when Aidan pushed me naked out of the locker room into the pool area I just got changed and left. Not a word from me. It didn't cross my mind to think that someone was worried for me. "No, really, I'm... fine. I just don't want to talk about it."

I was a little harsh, my words were a little too sharp. Mahomes was just worried, concerned. I should've seen that but this happened years ago and I was nothing but a little kid.

"Okay," he gave me half a smile and stayed next to me.

That day they made us skip our usual classes in favor of getting ready for the final show. The course leaders took us to the auditorium. It was a big space with a double door on one end and the stage on another, with lots of rows of chairs pointing directly at the red curtains.

I haven't mentioned it a lot because, well, it was of no importance to the story but we made a lot of art pieces during the course. I even learned how to nit. That day, as we entered the auditorium, we saw Red and Blue ordering all the art pieces into several shelves, each one with our names. The intention was to create some sort of little museum for our parents to see.

They too must've been worried because as soon as they saw me they both approach me and asked how I was.

"I'm okay," I replied. It was clear that my response hadn't convinced them but they went back to what they were doing.

Now, really, I was okay. I was embarrassed, a lot. But what I wanted was for people to forget it, not for everyone to ask me worriedly how I was. Still, now I can see their intentions and appreciate what they were trying to do.

"Okay, everyone," one of the course leaders called us. "Now, please come with me." He took everyone to the stage on the back of the auditorium. "Today is our last day! I know, it's sad but it is also a very happy moment because we are going to present our gym and dance performance!"

I still don't understand how little kids can get excited by that but they did, they even clapped.

"Your parents were invited to see the show so they will get to see the routine we planed. We even brought a camera to make a video for them and you." The course leader didn't get the reaction he was expecting so he added. "Who wants to be a child star?"

This time all the kids stood up, saying me. Mahomes and I looked at each other. "We are not child stars."

"Starboys," Mahomes grinned. "Boy stars."

"Alright, we also have the starboys," the course leader pointed at us. He clearly had heard us and now was trying to do that cheap thing of trying to make us feel included. Mahomes and I both got red in our faces. "But wait, weren't there three of you? Three starboys? Where's the other one?"

"I'm here," a quiet sound came from the other end of the auditorium

It was then that I saw Aidan. I hadn't even thought about him. It was almost 9:15 am so of course he had already arrived but, it seemed, he was avoiding us.

"There you are!" The course leader sighed in relief. "Go with your friends, go."

Reluctantly, Aidan walked until he was next to us but he didn't say a word. He just stood still, ignoring us.

"Okay, so are you ready star children and star boys?" the course leader tried to hype us. "Let's practice!"


Our gym and dance performance only laster about 30 minutes, it was nothing special but since our parents were scheduled to arrive at 1:00 pm that gave us enough time to have 4 rehearsals and even a lunch break. I wasn't very enthusiastic about doing artwheels and pirouettes in front of a bunch of adults but what could I do? Mahomes, on the other hand, he loved doing carwheels.

At the lunch break, things were a little awkward because Aidan ate by himself. He usually ate with us but he chose to stay away. It was a little silly if you ask me because not only I wasn't mad but if he had chosen totalk to me -and maybe offer a little apology- everything would be normal. Still, Mahomes and I enjoyed each other's company.

After the break, it was 10:30 so we still had plenty of time to rehearse some more. However, this time the course leaders told us to get into costume for the next rehearsal, that way we could be used to them when the final performance arrived.

They guided us towards three little rooms in the back of the auditorium. One for the girls, one for the boys, and the other was for us, the older boys. And, since Mahomes, Aidan, and I were the only older boys, there was no escaping it, Aidan walked towards us and said something like "hi" before entering the room. One of the group leaders gave us our costumes and left.

For a second there was nothing but silence. Aidan looked at us, he clearly wanted to say something but didn't dare to. I should've said something too but I didn't. Mahomes and I looked at the costumes, horrified. They were these hideous things with blue and green leaves, something like an aqua Peter Pan. We ignored it and put it on.

How delightfully funny that, after all this time avoiding being seen naked, Aidan had to change in front of us on the final day. Mahomes didn't seem to notice the irony but I savored every last drop.

I must admit that I stole a glance or two towards Aidan's body. He wasn't bad looking, not at all. His slender body, black hair, and that mischievous face. I told you that he reminds me of Five from Umbrella Academy, right? Well, he looked like that only... without clothes.

When we were done we got out. Naturally, being the oldest and the fewest of the three groups, we were the first ones out so we went to the stage and sat down.

There's something magical about a stage. If you practice some sport and have competed in it, then you know what I mean. That feeling of excitement, the thrill, the rush when you get out into the field. That feeling is also there when you step into a stage, ready to perform, the light from the spotlights shining on you. I didn't want to perform that silly gym performance but I must admit that I was excited. I had never been at a stage before.

We waited ten minutes, then twenty, then half an hour. We were getting impatient.

The group leaders were going in and out of the back rooms at the auditorium. That's when we noticed something was wrong. So, it turns out that whoever ordered the costumes had made a big mistake with the girl's costumes. I don't remember exactly what it was, I think they were all two sizes smaller than they should've been so most of them didn't fit in them.

The three group leaders started to panic. Some of the girls were crying and the little boys, in their costumes, were getting impatient too. In the end, two of the group leaders left to see if they could fix the costumes while the other took the girls and little boys back to the children's gym three stories up. They told us to come but then -probably because they saw our annoyed faces- Red and Blue asked if we could stay in the auditorium since we were the older boys.

The course leader looked at them, then nodded, relieved. One less thing for him to do. I imagine the group leaders must've been really stressed due to all those emergencies but at that moment I wasn't thinking about them, I was just happy to be there with Red and Blue.

"But take the costumes off," the group leader said. "They can't be dirty for the performance."

Aidan, Mahomes, and I looked at Red and Blue.

"Well, you heard him," Red said. "Get out of those things."

We all went back to our changing room and started to get out of the costumes. I had already taken off my shirt when I noticed that Blue was with Aidan, sitting in a corner of the room, talking to him about something. Blue had a serene look on his face but Aidan couldn't stop looking at me. I dare you to figure out what they were talking about.

I turned around and pretended not to notice but not ten seconds later I felt a slight, shy tap on my shoulder. It was Aidan.

"Hey Billy," he said and then stopped, clearly unsure of himself. He looked at Blue who gave him a warm and understanding nod. Aidan breathed in and out before continuing. "I'm sorry for pushing you yesterday. I shouldn't have done it. Can you please forgive me?"

I was out of words. In front of me, there was Aidan, asking for forgiveness -more forcefully than out of his own will- while the rest of the boys were watching. I looked at Aidan and, without thinking it, I just said what I felt: "I'm not mad. Don't worry, it's okay."

Aidan made half a smile and stayed quiet. I didn't know what was supposed to happen next but clearly, he had already said the lines he was supposed to. Aidan then walked away from me and back into the corner. I kept getting dressed. I had already put on my shirt and taken off the lower part of my costume when I saw Aidan, sitting still with his costume still on.

"What's wrong?" I asked him, careful. "We need to get changed."

"I know," Aidan said but then he looked at Red and Blue. "I'm waiting for them to leave."

I turned at Red and Blue, Mahomes did too. I almost laughed. Aidan wasn't getting changed because of Red and Blue? Really? If someone didn't care about seeing you naked was them, literally. However, I could see that Aidan was serious.

"Dude," Blue leaned agaist the door. "You've seen us naked almost every day since summer started, don't be afraid."

"You said it's not cool to let other women who aren't your mom see you naked," Mahomes argued. "But when we got in the costume you changed with me and Billy without a problem. Why is this different?"

"It just is," Aidan looked away. This time, he didn't look angry but ashamed.

Mahomes walked towards Aidan. "It's not that bad," he said. "I never had used the locker rooms before but when I saw all the boys from the swimming team I saw it wasn't such a big deal. We can undress with you so you won't feel alone."

"We can leave," said Blue, standing up. "It's alright."

"Well, we have a lot of time," I said out of nowhere. "I can get into the costume again if you want, Aidan," I said standing in just my boxer briefs and t-shirt.

"Yeah, the point is that you are comfortable."

Aidan stayed quiet. He didn't say a word but you could tell just by looking at him that he was considering it. His eyes were moving from me to Mahomes to Red and Blue. We waited for a moment but he didn't seem to be able to make up his mind. Then Red stood up, looked at all of us, and said: "Why don't we play something so you can get comfortable?"

"Like what?" I asked. Aidan was quiet, worried.

"I don't know. We have time, we are the only ones in the auditorium so we could play hide and seek, tag, truth or dare..."

"Truth or dare is for girls," Aidan said defensively almost immediately.

Red and Blue exchanged looks. "Okay, if we are all big boys here then let's ditch the truths all together and just play dare, because you are all teenagers, not kids, right?"

Aidan stayed quiet. He was cornered: we were all boys, and when someone calls you kid you really must do everything in your power to prove that person wrong. At least that was how I felt at 13 and I'm sure Aidan must've felt the same way because he looked at Red, not afraid like before but with a daring look, and nodded.

"Let's play."

We all sat down in a circle. Aidan was still wearing his costume while Mahomes was shirtless and I didn't have my pants on. Red and Blue sat down with us.

"Who goes first?" I asked, getting nervous too.

Red looked at Aidan. "Well, you are the one who wasn't sure if he wanted to play so, why don't you go first?"

Aidan immediately looked at me. "If you really don't mind, then I dare you to get naked."

Those words came off really aggressive, even today I remember how harsh they were, almost like a punch.

"Dude," Blue told him. "You pushed him, naked, out of the changing room, yesterday. Be nice."

Aidan looked at everyone, seeing he wasn't going to get his way this time so then he looked at Red and Blue. "Lick the floor, with your tongue out."

Red laughed with that.

I was nervous, I don't know why. Maybe it's only natural for 13-year-olds to get nervous when playing dares. Red, however, seemed confident, natural, and unafraid.

"Okay," Red stood up before putting himself into a push-up position and, sticking his tongue out, he licked the floor for more inches than necessary.

I looked away, sticking my tongue out in disgust, Mahomes did too.

"Dude, gross," Blue was laughing.

Now it was Red's turn to dare someone. It went for a few rounds like that. Mahomes had to smell the inside of Red's shoe, I had to eat an old granola bar we found on the floor, Blue had to receive a slap from Aidan and, finally, when it was Blue's turn, he said the magic words.

"I dare you to take off your clothes." He wasn't daring me nor Aidan but Mahomes. Maybe he was trying to prove a point because Mahomes didn't seem scared at all.


"Not your underwear."

Mahomes smiled, "Okay, okay, I'll do it but I dare you to take off yours too."

"You can't dare someone who just dared you," Red intervened.

"Well, then I dare you to do it, too" Mahomes corrected, looking at the seventeen-year-old devilishly.

Naturally, Red didn't protest. "Alright."

Red and Mahomes, looking at each other, stood up and both started to remove their clothes. Mahomes had been shirtless all this time but I still couldn't look away as he took off his jeans, socks, and shoes and stayed like that in front of us, in his navy boxer briefs. Red was an entirely different story. I know I had seen him with less before but never outside the locker room and that simple difference made it all more interesting, new, awesome. Red had a really athletic body, you could see the muscles in his arms and abdomen, the strength of his legs, and how broad his back was. When he was in his underwear I couldn't believe what I was looking at, he was wearing something like a speedo but it wasn't a swimming suit, it was underwear. Somehow, that was hotter than looking at him naked.

"So?" Red asked, "it's my turn now, isn't it?" No one said a thing but right then he looked back at Blue. "You know what to do."

Blue got up and, like the others, he started to get undressed. He was not as ripped as Red but he too was clearly athletic. When he took off his shirt I noticed for the first time that he had a birthmark between his belly button and the waistband of his boxers. When he took off his jeans I saw how comfortable he was in just his boxers.

Then, Blue looked at me. Of course. How didn't I see it coming?

I wasn't wearing pants so I was already in my underwear from the waist down so all I did was taking off my shirt. See, being there, in nothing but my underwear with all those guys was... weird, it was more of a bro thing than anything else (for them, at least) but I remember being really excited, enjoying every moment we were like that. This was a secret. Our secret.

Now it was my turn. I looked at Aidan.

"No," he replied instantly. "I said no."

"I'm daring you," I insisted. "That means you have to do it."


"You pushed me," I don't know why but I said that, as if somehow that mean he owed me. Now, looking back, I think that was some sort of manipulation combined with social pressure. Yet, it was true. He had pushed me naked outside the locker room. He owed me.

"I..." Aidan was out of arguments, we were all looking at him so, with reluctance, he started to take off his shirt.

You can imagine Five for this scene, but he was slimmer than I had imagined and didn't seem as imposing without a shirt. His legs though, oh, his legs were almost entirely devoid of hair and for some reason, his legs were the most attractive part of him. Then I looked up and found him there, in minimal clothing, looking at us.

"Happy?" He extended his arms to the sides.

I couldn't help but smile. Aidan was wearing white briefs. I don't know how it was for you but a lot of boys, when they are kids, wear briefs but for some reason when you start approaching your teenage years there is some sort of unspoken rule that you have to switch to boxers instead. Maybe that's why Aidan was afraid all this time. Maybe that's why Aidan seemed so surprised when he saw Red's underwear, smaller than his.

"This is so gay," he said, sitting down.

"Gay?" Red asked, confused. "There's nothing more bro than sitting in your underwear with your bros."

Aidan seemed unconvinced. "So you are not gay?"

Red laughed. "No, man. I have a girlfriend."

"Well then..." Aidan draws one of those mischievous smiles of his on his face. "It would really anger you if I dare you to kiss him, in the lips, right?"

Okay, let's stop for a second. First, yeah, Aidan really said that. Maybe not word by word but he did dare Red to kiss Blue on the lips. Now, if this were any other story I would say "so Red turned towards his friend and, putting his hand on the back of his head, he pushed Blue towards him and kissed him on the lips. That was the first time I saw someone use a tongue to kiss someone else." But that's not what happened, I'm afraid (otherwise, I would've had an amazingly lucky childhood). What happened was...

"I told you I'm not gay," Red said, still chill. "And that would be cheating, I can't do that."

"A dare is a dare," Aidan insisted.

"What if I do something else?"

"Like what?"

Red looked at Blue and, out of nowhere, he put his hand in front of Blue's boxers and squeezed his member through the fabric. Blue almost jumped from the surprise and hit Red on the shoulder. Red was laughing.

"Good enough?" He asked Aidan.

"Good enough," Aidan conceded.

We did several dares more. It was a funny but interesting feeling to be spending time like that, only in our underwear. Yeah, I know for some that may not be a big deal, especially when you grew up with like three brothers and a liberal family but for me, who only had two sisters, and for all those of you who also didn't get to live that: it's pretty amazing.

After a while, another interesting bet came. This one was from Aidan towards Mahomes. Aidan looked at the boy and saw an opportunity. "You are always telling me that's okay to get changed with you so... okay, I dare you to go out this room and into the auditorium, naked."

Mahomes turned red. "But the others..."

"There's no one else out there," Aidan said. "You just have to go to the stage, naked, and do two or three parts of our performance, it's less than a minute. Or didn't you said that you wanted to be a star?"

"A boy star," Red smiled.

"A starboy," I corrected. "The Starboy."

Mahomes looked at us in the eyes. Then, without a word, he stood up and walked towards teh door, opened it and peeked outside, making sure the place was really empty. "I'll only do the cartwheels," he ruffled.

"But totally naked," Aidan added.

Mahomes looked at him, said nothing, and pushed his boxer briefs down his legs until stepping out of them, then he opened the door and went running to the center of the stage. We all ran to the door and, picking from the inside saw him there: Mahomes, naked as the day he was born, with his hands extended above his head, his butt squeezed hard, and his member in a semi-boner.

"So, he is the Starboy," I thought.

Mahomes then started doing the part of the performance that involved the cartwheels and it was such a funny sight to see someone naked doing cartwheels. He was there for over thirty seconds. I could swear the door of the auditorium was going to open any second and all the parents would come in to find a 12-year-old boy naked on stage. What a sight that would've been.

Years later, when visiting the fitness center, I replayed that memory in my head as I walked through the auditorium and couldn't help but notice the security cameras above the door, pointing directly at the stage. I don't know if they were there when I was a kid -they did look old, though- but I really, really like the thought that some security guard saw everything. Little young Mahomes running naked on stange. Or, even better, that said security guard recorded the whole thing and there's a tape out there, somewhere where you can see his naked car wheels and several -almost naked- boys seeing him from the door.

When Mahomes got back inside the room his heart was racing and we all started clapping. He was out of breath and even though many would've found that experience horrifying, he was smiling.

"Now is my turn," he said after we all got back in a circle. "My revenge: Aidan, I dare you to jerk off."

"You can't dare the person who dared you," Aidan tried to defend himself but, to our surprise Red said:

"I think we can make an exception here."

Aidan looked at him, horrified. "What? Why?"

Blue played along. "Well, Aidan. You tried to push him out of the changing room. He almost ended up like Billy."

"But I couldn't push him, I only pushed Billy!"

"Okay, okay," Red intervened. "I have an idea. Since you were the one who pushed Billy, we should let Billy decide." Then, out of nowhere, they all looked at me. "So? Can we make an exception?"

I stayed there for several seconds, thinking. What was I thinking about you ask? I honestly don't know because I already knew the answer: "I want to see Aidan jerk off," my smile was so wide. He was so scared. "But you have to finish, okay?"

"He wants you to cum," Red added. Oh, it sounded so naughty when he said it. "You know how to, right?"

"Of course I know how to!" Aidan shouted, offended.

"Well then, please, go ahead."

We all moved against one of the walls and let Aidan sat on the wooden floor, lots of space around him. He really looked cute there wearing nothing but his white briefs. Aidan was a little bit ashamed but he stood up and, looking away, he lowered his underwear until he stepped out of it.

I had seen a lot of people naked that summer but that was the first time I saw Aidan that way and oh God, he looked incredible. No, really, he was the same age as me but he had way more hair than any of us and, to be completely honest, his member was bigger than mine. He was the same size as Blue but not as big as Red. Still, he was bigger than Mahomes and me.

Aidan had seen us naked and, by looking at our faces, I believe he realized he was bigger and that made him more confident although not by a lot.

No one said a thing as he sat down and, slowly, he put his hand around his boyhood. Slowly, really slowly, he started to jerk it. I'm not sure if it was due to shame or if that was what he did when he was in his room but Aidan closed his eyes and started to move faster and faster.

I had never seen someone else masturbating before. Really it's... more awkward than you imagine and a little uncomfortable but the excitement takes all that away and makes you horny just by the mere sight of it.

Aidan let his back lay against old boxes as his left hand started to jerk his boner with an uneven rhythm. His legs started to get more open by the second allowing us a better view of him. I could see not only his boner but also his balls, tight against his shaft, and the little space below his balls that, if you follow it for long enough, you'd find his back entrance.

Aidan didn't last long. I don't know if being naked for the better part of an hour or having us see him affected his time but it wasn't long before his mouth opened to the sky and his entire body stretched in awe as he came all over the wooden floor.

We didn't play long after that, there was no bigger dare, I'm sad to say. After a few minutes, we all heard the door of the auditorium open and we got dressed in a hurry. In the end, the group leaders were able to get the costumes in time and the presentation happened without further incidents.

The pool presentation, where we showed our parents what we had learned, went smoother than that. I could tell my father was genuinely impressed with how good I could swim now, especially how I was able to dive 4 meters into the pool and retrieve a pair of googles.

In the changing rooms, Aidan changed with us. He didn't take a shower but he did let us see him naked with the rest of us.

As I said, we didn't exchange any information to stay in contact and we were only twelve-thirteen so we had no phones (no one should have a phone that young, you should live life, I hate when I see parents giving their 6-year-olds their phones and tablets just to keep them from screaming. Kids shouldn't own phones or tablets, fight me). So... I never saw them again and I have never, at least so far, encounter them randomly on the street so who knows what happened to them.

But, does it matter? Even if I don't see them again, I will always have the memory of our summer together.

How was it? I hope you enjoyed that trip into my memories. Now, yeah, I made up the part where Aidan jerks off in front of everyone but I didn't want to mention it in the story, I wanted you to get excited. In reality 1) Mahomes didn't dared someone to jerk off he only dared someone to get a boner and show it and 2) he didn't dare Aidan, he dared Blue. But, even though it was exciting to see Blue's boner I thought it would be more exciting if imagined Aidan cumming. There, I came clean. Still, it is a pretty good memory for me. If you want to talk, you know where I am:

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