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The morning sun woke Sean up first, and he stirred awake causing Timmy to wake up too. Both boys had zoo breath, and made their way to the master bedroom where they stood beside each other and pissed through morning wood. Once again, Timmy`s downward deflected stream was watched by a fascinated audience.

"That is totally weird!" Sean exclaimed. Timmy smiled and said

"You know what I can do, right?"

"No, what?"

"I can piss on your feet even if you're standing behind me!" Timmy crowed, causing Sean to giggle.

"Better watch out!"

Both boys cackled in laughter as Timmy started the shower water. Sean decided to jump in the shower with Timmy, then brush his teeth and get dressed over at his house before they took off on the bikes. Timmy scrubbed Sean with the loofah, and cleaned his boy bits, before Sean returned the favor, soaping up Timmy's member and testicle.


"I hope it's okay with you, but when we get to the park, we'll meet someone who sent me a message the other night."

"Who is it, is that safe?" Sean asked, wondering who Timmy meant.

"I think so, it's a friend of mine's brother. He wants to hang out and stuff. If it`s not looking cool, we can take off."

"How old is he?" Sean asked.

"I think Angie said he was like 14? She's 12, and he`s her brother"

"You're friend's a girl?" Sean gushed, wide eyed.

"Uhh...yeah...I don't know any boys named Angie, Mary Beth!" Timmy said, pinching Sean's nipple and giving him a gentle shove.

"Hey, leave my titties outta this! And don't call me Mary Ann!" Sean protested, as Timmy giggled.

"Mary Beth, not Mary Ann..." Timmy corrected, as the boys began to grapple naked in the shower, giggling and struggling to maintain traction and leverage with all the soap on their bodies and the floor. Timmy grabbed Sean from behind and tickled his ribs while holding his arms so he couldn't retaliate. Giggling turned into squeals and shrieks of laughter as Sean was tickled without letup.

Finally, Timmy lost his grip on his soapy neighbor, and Sean got free. Timmy looked down at Sean's erection.

"Looks like your one eyed wonder snake likes tickling!" Timmy said, as Sean blushed, proud of his protuberance.

"We'll continue this later!" Sean said. "I'm going home to get dressed, back in a minute."

"Okay" Timmy said, putting toothpaste on his brush.


Ten minutes later, Timmy and Sean were wolfing down a couple of Pop Tarts for breakfast and went out to the garage to set about adjusting the bicycles to their statures. Once done, they left and rode down the street and out of the neighborhood.

Very few people were out and about on this Sunday morning, and those that were had already gone to early church services, so traffic was still very light. They rode as the streets began to steepen, and shifted gears to maintain their climb up a long hill that was topped by the park.

Dylan had mentioned a tank, and as they entered the park, Timmy looked around. Pavilions lay scattered in a loose circle along the road, with picnic tables under the trees and grilles on posts. Finally, in the center of the park was one large dome shaped pavilion next to a playground set, and a World War II Sherman tank hull placed so kids could climb on it. They rode up to the tank, and Sean couldn't resist checking it out. He found the hatch on top welded shut, as well as any thing else on the relic that could pinch or crush small fingers had been removed, or welded solid. He seemed disappointed.

"I wonder if there are still dead Germans in there?" Sean said, causing Timmy to crack up.

"Dead Germans in an American tank, fifty years after the war...right!" Timmy said, as Sean looked sheepish. "You know most of the military surplus stuff still around was waiting to be shipped out when the war ended, right? I'll bet this one never left the US."

"Really?" Sean wondered. Timmy nodded,

"Yeah, they were making shit so fast during the war and boom! All of a sudden war's over and they have all this stuff ready to go, and it was never used." Timmy knew this from his history class, which had been covering the war effort from 1939 to 1945.

"Hey, that must be him" Timmy said, looking at a person sitting on a picnic table under the large dome, a bicycle laying on the ground near the table. The person was a slightly built teenage boy with brown hair. He was wearing a tee shirt and cut off jean shorts, athletic socks and sneakers.

Sean and Timmy approached, walking their bicycles to the dome. "Dylan?" Timmy said.

"Hey Timmy, thanks for coming" Dylan said.

"Sure...This is Sean, he's my neighbor. He moved here from New York this summer" Timmy said. The three boys shook each others hands and exchanged "Goodtameetchas"

"New York City?" Dylan asked

"Manhattan, yeah" Sean replied.

"Wow, how are you getting used to Texas?" Dylan wondered.

"It's pretty cool...I'm beginning to really like it here..Still getting used to no taxis and elevators, though" Sean said. Sean and Timmy sat on the table on either side of Dylan and they got to know each other. Dylan was surprised to know that Sean was his age, and like Dylan, in his first year of high school, while Timmy, still 12, was in the 7th grade. Dylan was lighter in build than Timmy, who had begun to fill out and was showing a bit of muscle definition as a benefit of better nutrition and a less stressed lifestyle.

Dylan's father had taken him in for a checkup, and let the doctor know his concerns without Dylan's knowledge. The pediatrician had given Dylan a thorough physical, and although Dylan was lagging in development, he was developing. There were no signs of constitutional delay in Dylan's maturation, and in the physicians' opinion, the course of Dylan's growth would probably be dictated by genetics. It was also his opinion that it might turn out that Dylan would continue to mature slowly, after his peers had stopped growing.

Dylan was now 5 feet four inches tall. The doctor advised Dylan's father that he felt the boy would reach 5 feet 7 inches in height by his 16th birthday, and not to worry too much.

Inspection of Dylan's genitalia revealed small testicles, but larger than the minimum size indicating that puberty had begun. His penis was small, but not unusually so in relation to other patients of similar age, height and weight with smaller than average members. In addition to the normal tests that the lab would run on the sample of Dylan's blood, a testosterone level was ordered. If Dylan's hormone levels were normal, and Dylan and his dad wanted to pursue it, an androgen response test could be run to see if Dylan showed signs of androgen insensitivity, which could interfere with the development of male secondary sexual characteristics. Dylan's father and the doctor agreed to talk more when the lab test results were received.

Sean excused himself and headed for the park restroom, leaving Timmy and Dylan sitting and talking.

"So what's Angie been up to?" Timmy asked.

"Pretty much still hanging with her friends and stuff. I think she's interested in a boy she met after you and her decided to just be friends..."

"Yeah, she talked to me about him...she asked me for advice." Timmy said, and smiled.

"So you knew about that?" Dylan asked.

"Yup...I told her I thought it was great...I wasn't really ready to have a girlfriend, Dylan. I'm not sure I ever will. Me and Angie are friends and she can talk to me about stuff, you know?"

Dylan indeed did know, and he knew that Timmy had told Angie he wasn't totally straight...

"Yeah, I do..." Dylan said. "I'm pretty sure that `never will' goes for me and girls too...I hope I can trust you with that, Timmy."

"How long have you known you're gay?" Timmy asked.

"Can't remember not knowing, if that makes sense." Dylan said.

"It does" Timmy said, reassuring Dylan.

"Are you out?" Timmy asked.

"No Fuckin' way!" Dylan exclaimed.

"It's cool..." Timmy replied. "Just wanted to know how it is"

"Sorry, Er...How about your friend, is he cool?" Dylan asked.

"Sean? Yeah, he's a great guy...He had a bit of a rough time this year...his mom and dad split up, but he's gonna be okay." Timmy said. "He had to leave all his friends behind, must have sucked."

"Sounds like you guys are good friends now." Dylan said.

"Yeah, he's my bud, all right" Timmy replied.

"That must be so cool, to have a friend like that...Dylan commented. Timmy wanted to ask Dylan what he meant by that, but Sean was approaching the dome.

"I almost had to go behind a tree or in a bush! The men's room is all the way on the other side of the park!" Sean carped loudly.

"I was beginning to wonder where the hell you went...maybe you were getting corn-holed in the weeds by a bear or something" Timmy teased. Dylan cracked up and Sean bent over in front of them, wiggling his ass, acting out being shagged

"Ooooh Mister Bear! Don't!...Stop!...Please!...Don't Stop!...Please Don't Stop!" as Timmy and Dylan howled with laughter.

"Well, it's probably a good thing you didn't whip it out and pee behind a tree, Sean..." Timmy said.

"Why's that?" Sean asked.

"Because it's a federal offense to scare wildlife like that!" Timmy cracked "Oooof!" he said as Sean caught him in the ribs with an elbow, and the two began to wrestle, giggling.

"Hang on, Dylan, this will only take a second!" Timmy said, as Dylan got up to get out of the way. Sean put up just the right amount of resistance to keep Timmy busy trying to pin him, and did his best to get some of his own shots in. Both boys giggled as they wrestled and poked and grappled.



`Let's get Dylan!"

The boys turned and pounced on Dylan, who shrieked and tried to run, but it was no use. Timmy easily held Dylan around the waist and lifted him slightly off the ground, taking away his leverage, as Sean tried to tickle their new friend.

"It won't work, I'm not ticklish!" Dylan giggled. Of course, Sean redoubled his efforts, much to Dylan's pleasure. He was relishing not only the physical contact and touching, but the feeling of acceptance and being included came only rarely for Dylan.

"Blow in his ears and tickle his neck" Timmy suggested. Sean tried to no avail. "Never seen that not work before" Timmy said.

"Well, shit" Sean said, and raising his eyebrows in a leer, reached out and cupped Dylan's crotch, causing Dylan to jump even higher than Timmy was lifting him, and utter an impossibly high squeak, which caused all three of them to laugh. Timmy released Dylan as they reacted to Sean's audacity.

Dylan thought this was going much, much better than anticipated.

"But Sir! I'm not that kind of boy!" Dylan emoted, play acting as if totally offended.

"You'd give him all day long to stop that, wouldn't you?" Timmy joked.

"Damn right, I would" Dylan giggled as they sat back down on the picnic table. He became quiet, and thought for a minute before voicing his next question

"So have you guys, you know..."

"Messed around?" Timmy suggested, looking at Sean, who nodded.

"Yeah" Dylan confirmed his curiosity.

"A little, yeah" Sean replied.

"How about you?" Timmy asked.

Dylan shook his head "I was always way too scared to ask anybody to do that."

"Afraid you would get beaten up?" Sean asked.

"Well, that and other stuff..." Dylan admitted.

"We don't beat anybody up, and don't care if your gay...and every guy worries about what his stuff looks me" Timmy said, as Sean giggled and nodded.

"This is true" Sean said in agreement with Timmy, as if they knew some secret...

"Ummm, I'm like really, really small" Dylan admitted. He couldn't believe that he had just said such a thing to two people he had barely met, but he didn't care. It felt liberating to let his secret go. Several seconds of terrible silence ensued...

Sean burst into laughter, followed by Timmy. Dylan didn't know what to make of this reaction, and for an instant thought he had committed the worst miscalculation of his young life, trusting these boys with that which he had never shared with anyone.

"I'm sorry, Dylan...We're not laughing at you, dude" Timmy said, sensing Dylan's discomfort

"I got forty bucks that says that I am smaller than you, seriously." Sean said, holding up his hand, which had all but his pinkie folded into his palm. "Mines like this, dude."

Timmy leaned forward to look Dylan in the eye and nodded. "We all have something we wish was different. It's cool."

Dylan thought about this for a long moment and asked

"So what do you guys normally do after school and on weekends and stuff?"

"Umm, well, Sean lives next door, and his mom is a chief nurse or something, and she works all kinds of hours...So we do homework together, and he spends the nights a lot when his mom works. On weekends we go do stuff with my big brother and his boyfriend, you know, bowling and the batting cages and all kinds of stuff." Timmy said.

"You're big brother's gay?" Dylan asked.

"Yup, him and his boyfriend are in college together" Timmy said. "He's like my other big brother."

"What about your folks? What do they do?" Dylan asked.

"I'm being adopted by my brother's parents" Timmy said, grinning because he knew Dylan would be totally lost by now.

"Huh?" Dylan asked, as Sean started to laugh.

"Okay...stay with me, now..." Timmy related his story to Dylan in a brief overview, as Dylan listened intently. When Timmy got to the part about Dennis and his little brothers, Dylan began to shake his head.

"No way...just out of the blue, it's your dad?"


"Wow...Angie just told me you were like this foster kid living with a guardian." Dylan said.

"Yeah, well, I am, I guess" Timmy said. "

"It's just me and Angie and the folks." Dylan said.

"It's me and mom" Sean contributed. "Mom and Dad split up"

"Sorry to hear that, Sean" Dylan said.

"Want to ride for a while and come back to my house and cool off in the pool?" Timmy asked Dylan.

"Sure...but I don't have anything to wear in the pool" Dylan said.

"Neither do we!" Sean piped up.

"Our pool is like yours..." Timmy said, winking at Dylan. Dylan suddenly got it, and thought this might be an interesting day after all.

The boys rode bikes until late afternoon when they decided that they were hungry. Timmy made a call to Isaac and asked if he had plans for dinner already. After a brief chat, Timmy turned to Dylan and Sean and asked them what kind of pizza they liked. He let Isaac know he would be bringing a new friend over, and ended the call.

"Isaac's going to order it, probably be there just after we get back" Timmy said.

The trip to Timmy's took just about twenty minutes. The hot and sweaty boys left the bikes in the garage and went into the house to drink some ice tea.

"Hey Isaac!" Timmy said.


"You know Angie, right?"


"This is her brother, Dylan. We met him at the park this morning. Dylan, this is my big brother Isaac"

"Hi, Dylan!" Isaac said, shaking the teenagers hand. "Welcome to the zoo!"

"Hi" Dylan said, rather shyly.

"There's plenty of tea, and I'm waiting for the pizza guy." Isaac said. "I hope he's cute." which made Timmy and Sean giggle.

"Better not let Peter hear that!" Sean said.

"Peter rates the pizza boys from 1 to 10, what are you talking about?" Isaac joked.

"I think we're going to hit the pool and cool off for a bit, we rode all day." Timmy said, stripping off his shirt and shoes. "Come on, Dylan, you can leave your clothes in my room." Timmy said, leading his new friend down the hall. The walked in to find Sean naked, his clothes piled on Timmy's bed. Dylan got a good look at Sean's cut boy cock and thin hairless body. Maybe he wouldn't be the smallest of this trio...

"I'll meet you guys out there" Sean said, grabbing a towel and heading to the pool. Timmy slicked off his shorts and undies and stood next to the bed nude. Dylan looked over and whistled

"Man, you're big..." Dylan said reverently.

"Not as big as some friends of mine, Dylan" Timmy said, picking up another towel. Dylan took his shirt off and lowered his cutoffs and underwear. He now stood naked in front of Timmy. His penis did look small in the thick nest of dark pubic hair.

"Well, there it is" Dylan said.

"Come on, Sean's waiting for us" Timmy replied. "We can get back to that later" he said, aiming a wink at Dylan, who smiled in reply.

When they got to the patio, Sean was in the pool. "The water feels great!" he said, watching Dylan climb the ladder, not missing a nanosecond of the show.

"Told you I was small" Dylan said apologetically.

" how big does it get?" Sean asked, coming directly to the point as usual.

"Four and a half, maybe" Dylan answered.

"Still WAY bigger than mine...gimme my forty bucks!" Sean teased.

"Hey! We never shook on that!" Dylan giggled. "And you haven't proved that, either"

"You can't blame me for tryin'!" Sean joked.

"How big is it, Sean?" Dylan asked, turning the discussion around.

"Between three and four, I think. I been measuring it every Sunday night since I been on these shots to make it grow."

"There's shots to make your dick grow?" Dylan asked in surprise.


"It started this summer less than two inches, and now its over three, and I`ve started to grow hair too."

"Man, I wonder if I could get those too." Dylan asked.

"Mom says that they only work if you haven't started to develop on your own...I don't know if they work if you already have hair and stuff like you do."

"So is that what happened to you? Nothing was happening?" Dylan asked.

"Yeah, all the other boys at my old school were getting big dicks and hairy and all that shit and mine wasn't doing nothing." Sean replied.

"I'm glad its working for you...I know how bad that sucks, being the only one that isn't like everyone else."

"He isn't actually...the only one who is different here." Timmy said from the side of the pool where he'd been watching the conversation.

"What do you mean?" Dylan asked. Timmy gave Sean a wink, and said

"Dylan, feel my ball sack." Dylan looked at Timmy with a questioning look on his face, and noticed Sean was smiling. He didn't know what to say or do...he had dreamed of touching Timmy intimately for so long, and now the object of his attraction was inviting him to indulge himself. He gently ran his hand between Timmy's legs, and brushed his scrotum briefly.

"Feel what's inside, Dylan, not just the sack." Timmy suggested. Dylan redoubled his efforts and rolled the solitary testicle in his fingers. He looked at Timmy and said

"I can only feel one, Timmy"

"Now you know a boy with one nut, Dylan"

"What happened to it?" Dylan wondered.

"Born like this...Docs think it never formed in the first place." Timmy replied.

"I've never touched any balls besides my own before now..." Dylan said.

"You never messed around with your friends?" Sean asked.

"I don't, no, I never did that before...Sure as hell think about it a lot, though" Dylan admitted.

Isaac slid the door open and said the pizza was here.. Three naked boys climbed out of the pool and toweled off before going inside to eat.

"So how was the delivery boy?" Timmy asked.

"Maybe a two..." Isaac complained. All three boys made a "yuck" face and burst out laughing.

"Hey you guys...Peter and I are going out to the show...we'll be back around 10 or so. Don't let the prisoners in the basement escape, and make sure you guys are in bed for school in the morning." In other words, boys, don't burn the house down...Timmy knew what he meant.

"What are you going to see?" Sean asked.

"Some airplane disaster movie or something...Peter's been wanting to see it."

"Airplane" Dylan said. "It's very funny."

"You saw it?" Isaac asked. Dylan nodded "Don't say anything! Don't spoil it!" Isaac insisted. He looked at the clock and said "I got to scoot...Great to meet you, Dylan!"

"You too" Dylan said as Isaac grabbed his keys and left.

After the boys finished the pizza, they decided to go back to the pool while the sun was still high at six in the evening.

"How late can you stay, Dylan?" Timmy asked.

"Until just before dark. I got lights" he said, indicating that he could ride safely until dusk.

An hour or so later, the boys began to get bored, and once again, tried to think of something to do.

"Well, it is Sunday night" Sean suggested, looking at Timmy.

"Your place?" Timmy asked.

"Yeah, the tape and camera are in my room" Sean said. Dylan wasn't sure what they were talking about, but assumed he would find out momentarily. "Shall we go? If mom is home sleeping, we have to be quiet." Sean said.

"Okay" Timmy replied.

"I'll go see what's going on" Sean said, and climbed the ladder and went through the gate between the yards naked and wet as Timmy and Dylan watched from the pool.

Sean went in the patio door and checked the house. Melanie was sleeping, having gotten home several hours ago, while the boys were on their ride. Sean's note was not on the kitchen table, so he assumed that she had read his message letting her know he was with Timmy last night and during the day.

He stepped to the patio door and motioned the boys over, and went to the bathroom near his room and got towels for his friends. He stepped back to the patio just as they arrived at the door and made the motion for silence and handed each of them a towel. They dried on the patio outside, before padding silently down the hall to Sean's room. Once inside, they closed the door and Sean handed Timmy his digital camera.

"You know how to use it?" Sean whispered, showing Timmy how to turn the device on, and where the trip button was.

"Got it" Timmy whispered back. Sean laid the seamstress tape on the desk next to the keyboard and whispered.

"Showtime! When I'm ready, take pics of each measurement, right?" Sean whispered.

Timmy nodded.

"Can I help?" Dylan whispered.

"Thought you would never ask!" Sean whispered in reply. "Make me hard"

Dylan sat on the bed and positioned Sean in front of him between his legs, so that he could grip Sean's penis with his right hand. He began to stroke Sean gently with two fingers, pulling the small soft penis into semi-erection in seconds. Sean closed his eyes and muttered

"Oh that's so good, Dylan...yeah...Oh yeah..." he whispered.

"Let me know when" Timmy whispered. He motioned for Dylan to stop, and took Sean into his mouth and worked saliva over the small hard member as Sean breathed hard in response. Dylan's eyes were wide as he watched Timmy lubricate his friend orally.

"Now rub him, Dylan" Timmy whispered.

Sean felt like his penis would burst...he could swear he had never felt an erection this hard in his life, and after several more moments of Dylan's gentle strokes, whispered

"Okay, ready!" as he took the tape measure and held it across the top of his organ. Timmy snapped two good images of the tape measure and Sean's penis. Sean removed the tape and wrapped it around his shaft at the widest point, which was just behind the circumcision scar. Timmy took two more photos of this angle.

"Hold out a ball, Sean" Timmy whispered. Sean pulled and arranged his scrotum to show the outline of a testicle, and Timmy handed Dylan the tape. Dylan arranged the tape to measure Sean's testicle and Timmy took a picture of that as well. Sean's testicles were now well over an inch long, which is considered the hallmark of start of puberty.

"Awesome" Timmy whispered. Sean logged in to his dairy and transferred the photos and measurements into the database. He was now 3 and inches erect, with a 3 inch circumference. Sean lay back on the bed to Dylan's left who was still sitting, sporting an erection of his own.

"Can I finish you?" Dylan whispered to Sean, who smiled and nodded. Dylan's left hand began stroking and fingering Sean again, and he felt Timmy's touch on his own organ. Dylan spread his legs to make room for Timmy's hand, and reached over to begin working on Timmy's manhood with his right hand. Timmy was standing on Dylan's right, reaching down to finger Dylan's penis, which was in Timmy's complete control at this point. Dylan now looked Timmy over, the object of his interest was at eye level in a well lighted room. Dylan could now see the hooded foreskin and broad cleft glans. He let his hand move down to the base of Timmy's cock and caressed his testicle, spending several minutes on it, before Sean began to wiggle his ass and make quiet moans and panting noises. Dylan let go of Timmy to concentrate on bringing Sean off. Sean was close, and his testicles were pulled up into a tight little mound under his penis. He was breathing deeply and rapidly, and Dylan could see his feet flexing as his toes curled up and down. Suddenly, Sean's head jerked back on the bed, and his pelvis bucked up and down several times as his hands wrapped around Dylan's arm. Dylan felt the barely pubescent penis buck and throb in his fingers, and three small drops of semen bubbled out of Sean's small piss hole and ran down his shaft. Sean lay back as Dylan leaned over to study the semen more closely.

"Hey look, he's getting hair, Timmy" Dylan whispered.

"Yes, I know"

"You can see it?" Sean whispered up to Dylan.

"Oh definitely, yeah.." Dylan replied and nodded. Sean smiled.

Timmy lay on the bed next to Dylan and continued to masturbate his new friend's modest endowment, as Dylan returned the favor. Dylan's finger dwelled on Timmy's hood, and he asked, whispering,

"Timmy, what is this skin on top?" It was clear that Dylan was enjoying it, even if he didn't know what it was.

"My foreskin...I'm not circumcised" Timmy whispered into Dylan's ear.

"Oh...I've never seen a foreskin" Dylan whispered back. "You like that when I mess with it?"

"Don't stop, Mister Bear!" Timmy whispered, making Sean and Dylan crack up.

"Shhhhhh! "

The boys regained their composure and Timmy felt a second hand on Dylan's phallus. He looked over and saw that Sean had rejoined them, and moved down to caress the boy's testicles which were a bit larger than walnuts. Sean gently stroked Dylan's thin shaft, and felt the tightness of the skin. He looked at the smooth reddish glans and prominent circumcision scar about a third of the way down Dylan's shaft. He leaned over and bent the boy's penis up so he could see the bottom side, and saw that there was no trace of a frenum...Dylan had been cut thoroughly and tightly. Dylan for his own part, had been exploring Timmy's organ, and felt all over the smooth pinkish purple glans and saw no opening, or pee slit in the end of the glans like his, or the one he could see on Sean's penis. He felt wetness on his fingers under Timmy's glans, and sat up to look closer.

Running a finger under Timmy's glans through the cleft, Dylan asked

"Is this where it comes out?" Timmy nodded and breathed "Yessssss...ohh" as his hips squirmed around in reaction to Dylan's fingering. "You're gonna make me cum...ahhh...ohh" Timmy whispered. Dylan continued to finger Timmy's piss slit, as the 12 year old reached his full hardness and length.

"Sean, wanna measure him?" Dylan whispered. Sean bolted up and snatched the tape off the desk and stood between Timmy's knees as Dylan stimulated Timmy's organ. Reaching around Dylan's hand, Sean applied the tape along the upper surface of Timmy's cock and read "Six and a half"

Taping Timmy's girth halfway down the shaft, Sean read the number; "Six and a half" Timmy lay there breathing hard as Dylan continued fingering his slit.

"Fuck, that's a big cock!" Dylan whispered. "It's as big around as it is long!"

"Rub my foreskin with your thumb while you do the finger thing" Timmy whispered. Dylan complied, and Timmy began to pant and breath hard through his nose...he was so close...the familiar feeling of ecstasy and reaching the point of no return came to him, and his testicle drew up close... Suddenly an explosion rocked his body, and he bucked and shook on the bed as a flood of semen rolled out over Dylan's hand and into Timmy's pubes. Timmy lay there, exhausted and elated. "That was intense, Dylan" he whispered.

Sean whispered "I got to get something for Dylan's right back" as he got up and cracked the bedroom door before going through and closing it behind him. He returned in a matter of seconds with a bottle of baby oil, and a wash cloth. Tossing the cloth to Timmy so he could clean up, Sean lay back down on the bed on his side, and poured a few drops of oil onto Dylan's erection. Working the oil in with his fingers, Dylan lay there and cooed "Oh wow, that feels good...yeah" Timmy picked Dylan's hand up, and wiped his cum off of the boy's slender fingers.

Timmy joined Sean, caressing Dylan's modest testicles as Sean rubbed the boy's penis with oily fingers. "Let's measure him too...I got forty bucks on this" Sean whispered, causing Timmy and Dylan to snicker.

"Forty bucks to get you to drop this?" Dylan whispered, smiling and shaking his head.

"I can be bought, sure" Sean joked, adding more oil, and stroking faster.

"How about forty bucks to suck it?" Dylan suggested.

"You injure my honor, Sir! I'd suck it for free!" Sean fired back, and Timmy giggled, almost out loud.

"Really?" Dylan whispered.

"Well, not now, you're all oily and stuff" Sean whispered back.

"Well, whose fault is that?" Dylan whispered, bantering with Sean.

"Shut up and let me work here" Sean said, bending down and giving Dylan a kiss on the forehead. Timmy snickered, and continued to tease Dylan's scrotum, giving it gentle tugs.

Goddamn, did he really just kiss me? Dylan thought. I never had a boy kiss my eyebrows before... He wished this could last forever. He had never done anything sexual with another person, and here he was between two attentive and devoted friends expertly getting him off. His organ had never felt this stiff and large in his own hand. This was definitely different...

In less than a minute more, Dylan was panting and moving around on the bed, and Timmy reached for the tape and measured Dylan's organ. "Five inches even" he whispered. Dylan was shocked...he had never been able to see more than four and a half left to his own efforts. Wrapping the tape, Dylan's girth measured four and one quarter inches. Sean jerked Dylan faster now, and tightened his grip as Dylan got closer. He poured more oil on, and concentrated the motion of his hand at the tip, stimulating the corona until Dylan went over the edge and climaxed. Three thin jets of semen shot out of the organ, which pulsed in Sean's hand several times before the event was over. Sean wiped himself and Dylan off with the washcloth.

Timmy stood up and made motions to keep quiet and follow him back to his house. Once outside, the boys could talk again as they crossed between the yards.

"That was totally awesome...I don't know what to say" Dylan stated.

"First time anyone else has jacked you off?" Timmy asked. Dylan nodded.

Dylan looked over at Sean "So, dude... why did you kiss me?"

"Because I wanted to, silly" Sean stated, as he gave Timmy and Dylan each a peck on the cheek. "Some people like it when I do that...if you don`t want me to, I won`t"

"It's nice...I like it" Dylan said quietly, as the boys filed into Timmy's room and collected their clothing. Dylan had to leave, so as to avoid riding home in the dark, even though he had lights on his bike. He had never ridden at night, and knew his parents would be worried if he wasn't within earshot of the house. He didn't relish the thought of being on restriction, if it meant he might not be able to visit these two friends again. He dressed and said his goodbyes, after leaving his number and screen names with Sean and Timmy.

Dylan was quite pleased at how the day had gone...Sean turned out to be a pleasant bonus in the package, and quite the horndog. Dylan definitely wanted to cultivate special friendships with both boys.


At 8:30 the next morning, Detective Ron Walsh was at his desk, sipping coffee and trading small talk with Wendy Mayer, when his phone rang.

"Metro Detectives, Walsh speaking"

"Hi, Ron, Jefferson in Evidence...Uh, you were lead on the Billings case?"


"I have some PE down here, can it go back to the next of kin? The case shows as closed?"

"Spring cleaning, just in time for Halloween?" Walsh joked. "Yeah, I can take care of that."

The evidence techs were always eager to move stuff out when cases closed, there was never enough room to store it all.

"Great...I need a coffee break about now...I'll run it up to you." Jefferson said.

"Roger that, Thanks" Walsh said as he hung up. Coffee sounded good. He invited Wendy to accompany him for coffee and a Danish... She declined the food, but decided the walk would do her good. She also had something she needed to tell her friend. They sat down at the counter of a corner diner down the block from the squad house, a favorite hangout for detectives, deputies and prosecutors from the building across the street from the police station.

"Ron, I have something to tell you, I wanted you to hear about this first, okay" Wendy began.

"Sure, what's up?"

"I'll finish my accounting degree in December." she said.

"That's awesome, I didn't know you were that close" Walsh replied. He knew Wendy had been going to school for some time, but she hadn't talked that much about it. "Congratulations" he said, raising his coffee cup.

"Umm, you remember one time you told me it was time to give it up when shit stops bothering you the way it should?" she asked.

"Sure, of course" Walsh replied. He had been her mentor and trainer from the day she had joined the detectives, and he had tried to teach her all the important lessons he had learned. Looking out for your own mental health was one of those things.

"I think I've had as much of the sex crimes and child abuse I can handle...I am applying for assignments investigating fraud and finance crimes requiring forensic accounting."

Walsh knew that this meant that Wendy would have to leave Metro Police and go to work for a state or federal agency or larger police department.

"Got any leads or prospects?" he asked.

"No...I just wanted you to know, and if I can ask a favor." She said.

"Sure, you need a personal reference?" he guessed.

"If you feel comfortable giving me one, yes" she confirmed.

"You know that's no problem" he assured her.

"Thanks, buddy. You're the best."

"I know...just let the chief hear that five or ten times, please!" Walsh cracked, giving her a wink. "So, is this just between us for now?" he asked.

"Until something solid happens, probably best to keep it that way, yeah."

"Sure...Thanks for filling me in." Walsh said.


Detective Walsh found a small envelope on his desk when he returned, and figured it had to be what Jefferson had wanted to turn over to him. He opened the flap and poured the contents out on his blotter. A small gold bracelet with a heart shaped charm attached was the only thing in the envelope. Very simple and plain in design, it was obviously not very expensive, but somehow it looked so much more than the sum of its parts. Walsh knew that this is what had attracted little Brandon William's attention that fateful day in the first week of summer, fishing with his grandfather. This tiny object had triggered a series of events that would jail a killer, and reunite a boy with his family, whom may have just as well lived his life never knowing he had one. It was a tiny insignificant item that had changed lives.

He picked up the bracelet and turned the flat little heart shaped charm over. On this side it was plain, but the other side bore an engraved name


Walsh thought about how Timmy would probably feel about having this item. He knew Timmy had been aware of this bracelet having been found, but he had never mentioned it to Walsh, and Walsh had completely forgotten that it had been stored as PE (personal effects) when Tiffany's remains were collected. He put the charm in his pocket. He would make a special stop tonight on his way home. He wrote "Timmy" on his blotter to remind himself.