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Boys in the hood.


This story is not real. It never happened.

All said is fake, you know make believe.



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This is a future event that happened in the year 2376.


The boy is called Rylan. He is 12 years old and has a portal in his bedroom. He can travel back in time but not into the future. So where does Rylan live. He has a special home in the city of Armdramada. The world is not as it was until a time when a comet hit the earth and changed how it looked. The portal was formed when the comet hit earth and after a long time opened a portal into the past for Rylan.


Why was he picked to have a portal is unknown. But Rylan had a special person contact him explaining why he and only he is able to use the portal. It took some time for Rylan to get used to the portal and now has visited different years in the past and has seen things that would feel so different to him. Today Rylan is going to what was called the United States. The city is called New York. When Rylan travels back into time he is given clothing and cash that he will need. Also he can adsorb food that he has never tasted until his first visit back in time. Today he is travelling to the year 2010.



"Oh boy, I feel so great to travel to this new place." Rylan said to himself as he opens the portal door and says the magic word for him to travel to the place and year he wanted. His clothes change to what kids would have worn in the year 2010. He opens a door at the other side of the portal and sees the sun shining. Where he opens the door is a secret. Only he can see the door.



"Oh I better start walking to where I am going to visit." Rylan grins as he heads to the center of New York City and finds where he wants to eat. Ryan has enjoyed eating what is called hot dogs and a boy he met a few days ago told him all about hot dogs and where to get the best dog in New York City.



"Hey there son, what do you want to eat?" The vender asked Rylan. "The biggest hot dog you have there." Rylan replied. In minutes Rylan had his hands full with a foot long hotdog. Dripping with mustard and ketchup Rylan sits down and starts to eat his first ever one foot New York hotdog. A boy sits next to him and look like he's not eaten in a while. Rylan knew about poverty from his travels and has helped a lot of boys his age.



"Are you hungry?" Rylan asked the thin looking boy. The boy nods his head and in a flash Rylan has two more hotdogs and a drink each and hands the food and drink to the boy. In a flash the boy eats his meal and thanks Rylan for the food. "You want to hang out with me as I am new here." Rylan said as he feels his wiener filling up with blood. That told Rylan that he is randy and needs a few loads of cum inside his body. The reason he needs cum is that the portal can do things to Rylan if he doesn't take any cum off a teen boy.



"You want to have me take you around New York City?" Orly said. "Yes, I will pay you and ask some things from you but that will be later on." Rylan grinned. "Hey, if you want me to show you around I will need some cash." Orly remarked. Rylan pulls out a few hundred dollars and asks if that was enough. Orly has not seen so much cash and wonders why this kid has so much cash on him.


"Ok, what would you like to see?" Orly asked Rylan. "What's the best place to see naked boys?" Rylan asked Orly. Orly never been asked that question before and wondered why this kid wants to see naked boys. "Oh wow you want to see naked boys?" Orly gasped. "Yes, that is your deed for now." Rylan grinned. So Orly had to think quickly where naked boys would be found. There is one place where he knew that naked boys would be found there and in a flash he tells Rylan where he can find naked boys.



"Take me to this boy's club and be quick my man." Rylan sniggered. He picked that remark when he visited the 18th century. In 20 minutes using a taxi both boys headed to the inner city boy's club. As both boys were not members they had to fill in cards to enter the club. After paying a $5.00 membership the boys were shown around the club. A swimming pool and a change room is where Rylan wanted to visit next.



"Ok we stop here and check out the naked boys here." Rylan said as he feels his dick starting to fill out. He didn't care if anyone sees that he is hard and boned up. Orly said that the swimming pool has a no swim suit policy so they had to get naked. In a flash Orly and Rylan are naked and Orly sees that Rylan is circumcised like himself. Both boys are the same age and have some blonde pubes above their dicks.



"Oh that's nice." Rylan said as he sees a black boy with a very long foreskin. Orly didn't understand what Rylan is talking about as he just sees a black boy aged around 13 years old and uncut. Both boys then enter the swimming pool seeing around 40 naked boys all different ages and sizes. Rylan feels relief as he swims around the swimming pool. Orly has never been to a place like the boy's club and feels a strange feeling coming from Rylan.



It was then that Rylan began to use his special powers to get some boys to feel his erect dick. He felt so happy being around naked boys. He enjoys having boys feeling his stiffness. "Oh this is a happy place to stay in for some hours." Rylan grinned as he feels his first dick of the day. He can bring a boy to Cumming in one touch. Orly has a feeling that this boy he met a few hours ago is weird or so horny.


All the boys in the swimming pool feel their wieners filling up with blood and all have a boner now. Even Orly is hard and never knew what happened to him. "Orly, it is time for you to give me that special treat you were asked for." Rylan said as he walks Orly to the change room and gets onto his knees and quickly sucks in Orly's leaking cock. "Yes Orly. I need your cum in me." Rylan said as he licks all around Orly's cut knob and in minutes tastes his first load of the day.



"Oh fuck, that felt so weird." Orly moaned as he finished dumping his load into Rylan's mouth. "Yes, I need to suck in a lot of cum to survive; I can't tell you why as you would not believe me, so I will need a few more loads from you so we need a place to stay for a few days." Rylan said as he feeds his 4 inch dick into Orly's mouth and sends a load of hot teen cum down Rylan's throat. In minutes Orly feels a warm feeling around his body and soon gets a randy feeling all over his body.


"We have to find a hotel that will accommodate us." Orly grinned as he fucked Rylan's mouth. He has never felt so randy until now. "Oh that can be a quick find for a special boy like you Orly." Rylan said as both boys dress and head out of the boy's club. "We have to sort you out first Orly; you need some new clothes and a good haircut." Rylan announced.



In the past Rylan had a feeling that the boys he picks up are not your regular boys. Most are homeless or under a low family wealth. He knew that he would have to get some new clothes for Orly or he might not be allowed to enter the hotel looking like a beggar. "Where can we buy some clothes for you Orly?" Rylan asked him. Orly knew a place where his dad shopped for clothes and told Rylan where to go. A taxi soon dropped the boys to a department store where Rylan quickly grabbed some new clean clothes for Orly and had Orly dress in his new clothes.


Then the boys took off to a restaurant where the boys filled up with an awesome dinner before heading to the hotel where the boys will be staying for the night. Rylan has a credit card ready to use in these hotels and being a gold credit card he could book a room in ease. `Oh wow, that is a special card that only the rich can use." Orly gasped as the hotel manager hands over the boys their door cards.


After walking to their rooms Rylan quickly gets undressed and pulls Orly to the bed. He said to Orly to fuck him and don't say a word until he cum's. Orly has fucked a few friends in the boy's home he stays in from time to time and knew what he had to do. He's been fucked a few times in the past to get some cash. "No lube." Orly said. "No need for it Orly. You will get it in me in a flash." Rylan grinned as he got onto his back and opened his legs ready for Orly to enter him.


Orly sees the red hole opening up and in a flash Orly pokes his 4 inch cut wiener as deep as he could and then starts to move his hips as he fucks his new friend. No words are said until Orly shoots his load and he feels his balls empty as he cums. "Oh fuck, it feels so good in me Orly. You will have to fuck me again soon." Rylan grins. Orly has never felt so good after he has cummed and now he is so worn out he falls asleep. Rylan has to get another few sips of Orly's boy cum and sucks in Orly's hard wiener and in a few minutes feels his body relaxing.



Both boys sleep until the next day and after a night of sex both boys are ready to eat. "Good morning my sweet sexy boy, so are you ready to eat so that I can have more of your cum?" Rylan asked Orly. Orly just nodded his head as Rylan grabs the phone and ordered some breakfast to be sent to their room. After 20 minutes the food arrives and Rylan fills in the card and signs it. In a flash he removes the bath robe and asks Orly to come and join him for breakfast.



"Wow so much food here." Orly gasped seeing loads of bacon, eggs, waffles and loads of different food he has never seen before. "We need a lot of food to fill our balls." Rylan said as he feels Orly's ball sack and gives it a tug. "You are one sexpot." Orly moaned. "Yes I am." Rylan grinned. Both boys eat their fill and then get dressed. "I want to visit the boys club again and grab some extra cum there' you will find a boy for me to suck off.' Rylan told Orly. Rylan handed over a $50 note to Orly to use for payment for a cum.



Orly found a boy who was interested in giving his cum for $50 so in a flash Rylan was sucking the 13 year old boy dry. Rylan enjoyed his taste in the boys cum and thanked the boy for his awesome load. After a few hours swimming the boys left the club and headed to an all you can eat restaurant and ate a load of Chinese food that Rylan had never eaten before. The boys toured more of New York City before returning back to the hotel. This was one of the best nights for sex. Both boys cummed and sucked and fucked their hearts out until it was time for Rylan to return back to his time line. Rylan gave Orly $500 to enjoy and said he loved having Orly as a friend.


Orly never spotted Rylan again but has a long feeling for him every time he cummed.


Back in his own home Rylan gets back into his own bed and relaxes until his next adventure. His parents are no longer alive and he lives with a robot that looks after him. The world has changed now and robots are now family members that can look after kids with ease. "So you are back young Rylan, how was your trip to the past." The robot said. Yes the robot knew of Rylan's travels. "It was great Jeeves." Rylan grinned as he remembered fucking his new friend. "Good, you are now going to relax as it does take time for you to recover from your travels." Jeeves said.



"I do know that Jeeves." Rylan replied as he sits up and feeds on some amber bread. "Where are you going next Rylan?" Jeeves asked his son. "Oh I have not decided yet, maybe in the 19th century." Rylan remarked. "You better make sure you read on the place you are heading." Jeeves quoted. "I always do Jeeves." Rylan replied as he bites into his amber bread. A few days later Rylan gets ready to visit London where he likes to see uncut boys. He loves tasting what boys have under their dirty foreskins. That is a turn on for him.


Rylan then tells his house robot where he is heading and then opens the portal door and steps inside. In a flash Rylan opens the door and smells the air around him. "It sure smells different here." Rylan said to himself as he walks down a dirty street finding people in a rush. It is 1896 and the rain is pouring down. He finds a place to stay and soon gets ready to find his next boy to suck off. He did find a boarding house that young boys stayed in as it was a poor house. He knew that he would find a few willing boys there to have sex with him as money sure talks.



"Please can you tell me if there is a poor boys house close by?" Rylan asked the front door man of the hotel. "Oh why would you want to find that place young man?" The door man replied. "I am a wealthy teen boy and I want to help a few boys out." Rylan told the man. "Right then, head left at Joiner Street and walk a few blocks until to the main bridge and you will see a white building with red letters on the front, that will be the boy's home." The front door man said as he bowed his hat to Rylan.


Rylan took off whistling as he thought of the boys he would have sex with. He knew that all the boys are not circumcised and all would have their nice foreskins. "Oh man what a hell hole." Rylan said seeing the white brick building. The front of the building had high steel walls. A gate was opened as Rylan asked to enter the building. Inside he sees loads of boys dressed in the same brown looking clothing.



"Yes young man what can I do for you?" The manager of the home said to Rylan. "My name is Rylan and I am here to help some of these boys with a donation, but there is a catch, these boys are to stay with me for a few days in a hotel." Rylan grinned as he held out four silver coins. That soon got the manager's eyes gagging at the sight of the silver coins. "I can see that you are after our best boys for your needs." The manager grinned as he did have a few men paying for some rent boys for some casual sex.


"I am after three boys the same age as me and that is 12 years old, they must be clean and have some nice clothes on, I will want to meet them before I take them to my hotel." Rylan replied as he handed the first silver coin to the manager. In a flash the manager went running to the main part of the bedrooms and quickly grabbed three boys who he knew were into sex. After getting the boys into the best clothes he had set aside for his punters he returned to the front of the home with three boys in tow.



"Holy hell, he's a kid." Tommy said seeing the boy dressed in nice tidy clothes. "Right I don't care who he is as long as he pay for it." Clem said as he adjusted his zipper on his shorts. Zeb the third boy said that he was ready to head out. "Now boys behave and enjoy your time with this boy and do what he asks." Franky said as he waited to be paid the rest of the coins.


In ten minutes all the boys had arrived at the Royal Arms hotel in London England. Rylan told the front door man to allow these boys in and not to say a word about them. Then Rylan handed the front door man a silver coin. That was over two month's wages. "Nice place you are staying in." Tommy said as the boys walked to Rylan's room. "You will be seeing and feeling things you have never felt before so come in and we can have some nice food to eat." Rylan remarked as he closed the door.


On a huge table was a spread of food that the boys had never seen before. Sandwiches, pies and loads of cakes were on show for the three boys. "Can we get started as I am real hungry?" Clem moaned smelling all the food. "You will start after you are all naked." Rylan said as he began to get undressed. The three boys have been naked in front of one another so quickly undressed and waited to be allowed to eat.



"Hey there what's wrong with your dick, it's missing the skin?" Zeb asked seeing Rylan's foreskin was missing. "Oh I was not born with that skin covering." Rylan replied as he sat down and began to pick out some sandwiches to eat. The three boys had never seen a cut boy until now and as they ate the three boys were asking if this boy was into boy sex. They would soon find out after their supper.



"Now that hit the right spot." Tommy grinned as he tapped his tummy. "So what are you going to do to us?" Clem asked. "Oh I think you know what I want." Rylan said as he grabbed Zeb and placed him onto the bed. "You all will stand by the bed while I have some fun with Zeb." Rylan smiled as he slowly went down on Zeb's uncut dick and peeled his foreskin back. Rylan then licked around Zeb's wet helmet tasting some funny goo and soon had Zeb gasping as he cummed into Rylan's mouth.


"Now I have never seen anyone suck on the end of a boy's dick until now." Tommy moaned as he stroked his foreskin back over his knob. "Now you Tommy, you and me are going to do the deed." Rylan laughed as he held onto Tommy's foreskin and pulled it back and after nudging his tanned knob next to Tommy's he then closed Tommy's foreskin over Tommy's knob and his own knob. "This is called docking, you use a boy who is not missing his foreskin and you cover your knob with his skin." Rylan said to the other boys.


All the boys are stiff seeing Rylan joined by Tommy's foreskin and asked if it hurt Tommy. "It feels so good, I feel his knob and it's hot." Tommy grinned as Rylan began to jerk both knobs. It took only minutes for Rylan to bring Tommy to a hot cum. The other boys looked on as Rylan slowly pulled his helmet out of Tommy's foreskin and looked on as Rylan then sucked on the end of Tommy's foreskin.



"You are next to have your way with me." Rylan said to Clem as he asked Clem to fuck his ass. Clem has never fucked a man or boy, but has been fucked many times by dirty men. "You want me to fuck you?" Clem said in a husky voice. "Yes, I need it and you will all have your turn by the end of the night." Rylan told the boys. Clem had a fair idea to how to do the deed. In a flash he was balls deep inside Rylan's butt hole and pounding his way to a sexual cum. It was a night of sex that all the boys enjoyed. Each boy had a turn fucking Rylan and Tommy had two turns.


"Tomorrow we do this again, but I will be doing the fucking." Rylan quoted as he took a quick wash in the private bathroom. In the large bed all the boys cuddled up naked with Rylan and soon fell asleep. The next day the sun woke the boys and after peeing the boys dressed and headed out to show Rylan around the town. Breakfast is in a café that is close by the hotel. Since the boys are dressed nicely they are allowed into the café. "Bloody hell, never been in this place before." Clem gasped seeing what was inside.



There was a lot of food on large platters and all of it was clean and in good order. Bread was quickly cut and heaps of thick sliced bacon is quickly grabbed. Hot milk is handed to each boy and they all gulp it down. The owner of the café knew these boys but not Rylan. He handed over a one pound note and told the man to keep the change. "Now I want to know if there is a bath house close by." Rylan asked the boys. "There is but only the rich ever go there." Tommy quoted. "Well we are all going to visit this place." Rylan grinned.


It was a short walk to the private bath house and after tipping the door man all the boys quickly entered the change room and got undressed. As it was a week day there were only a few men with their sons using the bath house. "Now this is a great place to see naked boys." Rylan grinned as he began to stiffen up his dick and that started all the other boys to bone up. The men looked on seeing all the boys with erections.


"You men go and leave us." Rylan said to the men using a direct voice. The men left their sons and headed to the steam room. "You boys are to masturbate and show me how you cum." Rylan said as he used his mind to control the other new boys. In minutes all the boys are stroking their foreskins until one by one they cummed. It was a strange feeling for all the new boys as they had never cummed or masturbated in front of another boy.



This is how Rylan got off. He used his mind control to get boys to jerk off and see how well they could cum. "Now that was a different way to make a boy squirt.' Zeb sniggered as he wiped his leaking foreskin. "Now I want you all to have some sexy fun while your dads are not here so go and gave fun." Rylan said using his mind control. He wanted to see all the boys having sex. Zeb grabbed a boy and told him to open his butt cheeks and wait for him to fuck him. It was a fun two hours of sex. Then Rylan told the boys to get dressed. The boy's fathers returned and dressed and then walked out of the bath house.


It sure was a blast for Rylan, he knew he could control one or two boys but to have six boys in his control had his dick thumping for more sex. `We now return to my hotel room where we will have a feast of food to eat." Rylan said as he called the kitchen to bring chickens and ham for their dinners. A servant arrived seeing the near naked boys on the bed. Rylan quickly handed over some money to the servant and told him not to say a word about what he just seen.


"It's time to eat." Rylan announced as he dropped his shorts and sat next to Zeb, he sure liked what he sees there and as he fiddles with Zeb's foreskin he eats some chicken and wipes his fingers all over Zeb's red helmet. "How do you like your time out of that home?" Rylan asked the boys. "It's different to the times that men takes us out of the home, all we get is a bumful of man cream and a loaf of bread after he's finished with us." Tommy quoted as he finished eating his large slice of ham.



"You will have to learn that man has needs just like me but I will look after you all." Rylan grinned as he supped on Clem's exposed knob. "You sure like our dicks." Zeb moaned as he felt a wet tongue lick his wet sticky pee hole. "I love the taste of your helmets as it sure tastes different to dicks like mine." Rylan announced. Rylan then rubbed Tommy's knob with a piece of ham and then went to town on Tommy's uncut dick.


Rylan could not get enough of uncut boys and loved the taste of foreskins.



After dinner all the boys lay on the bed and fiddled with their dicks. Just slowly moving their foreskins back and forth as Rylan looked on. Then it was time for Rylan to fuck his new friends. He is ready to sperm into their butt holes and give the boys a piece of his sweet juices. One by one he fucked each boy for 20 minutes each pumping out loads of cum. He was ready to fuck Zeb' he was the better looking boy. That night all the boys fucked each other enjoying a night of pure boy sex. Cum flowed that night and all the boys quickly fell asleep after a night of heavenly sex.



As the days rode on the boys soon fell in love with Rylan and asked him to stay but Ryan had to return home. He made sure the boys were well looked after by handing each boy £200 each and told them to get out of the town and head somewhere safe. "Oh fuck I am so worn out." Rylan said to himself as he returned through the portal and headed to his bed. Amber bread is on a plate ready to eat as it's the amber bread that gives Rylan energy.


He slept for a day waking up the next day feeling hungry. His robot Jeeves looked after his son with a load of amber bread and high energy drinks. So Rylan had a friend over for a few days to relax and enjoy his time with his best friend Quin. He would have some friends over and enjoy some fun with friends. Sex is allowed with boys and boys within an age group over 7 years old.


"Hi Rylan nice to see you, I have not seen you for a few weeks now." Quin said as he removed his one piece suit. It has a huge zipper in the front of the suit. He stands naked as he fiddles with his itchy ball sack. "Come here and give me a kiss Quin." Rylan said as he sits on his bed ready to kiss his boyfriend. After a long kiss both boys 69 and suck each other off to a yummy cum.


Jeeves comes in and sees the two boys on the bed fucking and he just moves his arms to put the amber bread onto the table. "Oh son that looks so sexy you fucking Quin." Jeeves sniggers as he walks out of the bedroom. The boys continue to fuck until both boys run out of cum. "Where have you been Rylan, I have missed you." Quin said as he eats some amber bread. "Oh I have been places and meeting up some new friends." Rylan replied.


"I see' well you better not leave me." Quin remarked as he kissed Rylan on the lips. "I will never leave you Quin." Rylan remarked as he sucked on the end of Quin's cut knob. The week went by and Quin left and headed home. He sure missed seeing his boyfriend. Then Rylan decided to head to the year 2080 as he wanted to see a friend there and hook up with Freddy. He met Freddy when he found the boy naked on a beach relaxing on a big towel.


Freddy is one of a few boys that Rylan can visit many times as this is a visit that Rylan is not helping anyone. It also counts as a reward for helping out down and out kids.


"Jeeves I am heading out for a week to see Freddy." Rylan told his robot. "Ok son, I will be here ready for you." Jeeves said as he walked out and headed to his station where he docked with his power station. He powered down and refilled his power cell. Rylan opened the portal and arrived at his special island that is hidden in the islands of Gams. Only special people can stay at this island and his buddy Freddy is always there.



"Freddy are you in here?" Rylan yells as he enters the beach hut. "Oh is that my special friend arriving?" Freddy shouts as he opens his bedroom door in the nude with a boner sticking out. "Oh I see that little Freddy is up.' Rylan giggles. "He's always up." Freddy said as he hugs his friend as its been weeks since he last been in contact with his buddy Rylan. "
"What brings you here?' Freddy said as he sits down in the bamboo chair. His erection has settled down now.
Oh I have been real busy and now I have some time to be with you." Rylan grinned.


"Well I am on my own this week. My parents just left to head to the mainland and left me here with Spencer." Freddy said as he points to his handy man. Spencer is a robotic helper. Has no contact speech just beeps. The robotic helper cooks and cleans and keeps outsiders from entering the hut. "That sounds great' we can fuck all week long then?" Rylan grinned.
"Only you would want to have sex all week." Freddy said. "Well what else can I do here?" Rylan asked. "Go swimming, diving and hunting." Freddy told Rylan.


Rylan sits down and checks Freddy's cut dick seeing that it has grown a few inches since he last seen it. "Want a drink?" Freddy asked his friend. "Would love a drink." Rylan replied. So Freddy got out of his chair and popped his dick into Rylan's mouth and began to fuck in and out of Rylan's mouth. In a few minutes he squirted his load deep into Rylan's mouth and pulled out as he cummed.


"Love your sweet cum, how do you get it so sweet?" Rylan asked Freddy. "I eat a lot of pineapples that makes your cum so sweet." Freddy quoted. "I will have to eat a lot to get my cum to taste that good." Rylan giggled. "Now that you have had your drink it's time for a swim." Freddy announced. The ocean is only a few yards from the beach hut. There are only 5 huts on the beach and all the owners are gay men with teen gay boys living in them. Yes Freddy has two dads.



"So you look better now my friend, I would like a drip of your cum after our swim." Freddy said as he waves to a boy close by. "I wold love to give you some." Rylan chuckled. More naked boys began to enter the ocean and in ten minutes all the boys are fooling around in the water.


A dolphin swims towards the boys and throws a fish and then swims off. It was a game the boys played with the dolphins. "I see that Randy is still playing throw the fish." Rylan laughed. "He loves the boys here and I bet he would love to fuck us all." Freddy quoted. "He better not try and hit me with his fishy dick." Rylan chuckled.


"He's into girls you are not a girl so you will be fine." Freddy said. A robot beeps saying that dinner will be ready soon so the boys head in and take a shower together. "Something smells really good in here." Rylan quoted as he sniffs in the air that soon is filled with what was once called a pizza.


"Element 24 is ready." Freddy said as he sees his servant roll in with a large dish covered with a cosh. "Pizza is it?" Rylan asked as he has eaten a pizza in New York. "It was called that many years ago and I knew you liked eating this stuff so my robot has made one for you." Freddy announced.


"Element 24, wow you are up to your food names I see." Rylan grinned. "Yes, I have been checking the computers and how the food was once made." Freddy remarked as he grabbed a slice of pizza and shoves it into his mouth. "Oh this is so good, thanks to your robot." Rylan said as he eats another slice.


Then after a full belly Rylan and Freddy lie on the big bed naked talking about nothing in general. "So where are you heading next Rylan?" Freddy asked as he did know that Rylan is a portal boy. "To what was called Singapore. There are some boys who live in a slum and need my help." Rylan announced and then went down on Freddy's cut knob sucking all the shaft to Freddy's balls.


"I would love to come and join you sometime." Freddy moaned as he face fucked Rylan's mouth until he cummed. The days flew by for Rylan as he enjoyed his time with Freddy but he needed to head to Singapore as he needs fresh cum to live on. He needs a lot of it.


"Welcome home my sexy son, how was your time with young Freddy?" Jeeves asked his loving son. "He is great Jeeves, he made me pizza." Rylan giggled as Jeeves computes what pizza is. "I see son, so you both fucked and sucked so now you need some top-ups then?" Jeeves asked Rylan.


"Yes I do Jeeves' I am going to what was called Singapore and have some nice Chinese boys to enjoy." Rylan grinned as he sips some of his pre-cum that dribbles out of his pee hole. "Oh yes that is making your juices flowing then?" Jeeves said as he hands his human son a wash cloth ready to wash his bell end.


"Hope to enjoy a few mouthfuls of sweet boy cum." Rylan grinned as he waved his now soft cock around and then walked into his portal and sets his course to Singapore. Summer clothing is picked out and Rylan is handed over some cash and his gold credit card is topped up with some funds.


Then in a flash the portal beams Rylan to the city that was once called Singapore. He arrives just after a storm that hit the city just a few minutes ago. The smell of fresh rain fills Rylan's nose and he soon heads towards the hotel area where he will stay for a week.



"Good morning sir I will have your best hotel room you have here." Rylan said to the clerk as he hands over his gold Express card. He has a change in the credit cards so that he can't be followed. The clerk gives a quick look to check that the card is real and then sorts out a room for Rylan.


"Your room is on the 25th floor and it's the royal room.' The clerk said to Rylan. "That's for that, I will be having some guests coming over for a few days so please keep that private." Rylan told the clerk. Money sure talks.


"Now I need to find some sexy Singapore boys to suck off." Rylan said to himself as he heads to the west end of the city and soon finds some local boys playing a game of soccer. "Look what I have found." A young 12 year old boy said as he holds up a leather wallet. It has $20 Singapore dollars in it.


"That will buy some breakfast for us three." Chum said as he looks at the $20 bill. "Yep, found it floating near the river bank." Chu replied. "It will do but we do need to find more cash though." Qing remarked. Then Rylan who has perfect hearing decides to see what he can do for these sexy boys.


"Hi there, I am looking for some help here as I'm new here and could use some help touring this fine city." Rylan said as he waves a $100 Singapore bill around in the air. Chu sees the boy and quickly heads over and said he would look after Rylan.


"Oh yes, he and the rest of us will help out." Qing remarked. Chum is grabbing his balls and said he would help out. "Right then first off I need somewhere to eat so take me to the best eatery around here." Rylan told his new friends. "We go to the farmers market, best place to eat around here." Qing replied.


"Well then take me there." Rylan said as he opens his wallet and hands over a $50 dollar bill to Qing. "We go now." Qing said as the boys head to the farmers market. It was only a ten minute walk from the hotel that Rylan is staying as he soon gets the route of his surroundings.


"Nice smell that's heading this way so the markets are around here then?" Rylan asked Chu. "Oh yes just around the corner." Chu said as Rylan walks into the huge market place and finds the food area and then asks for the best food they serve in here.


"Yes, we go to the best food stall." Quin said as he points to the stall that has flashing lights around the stall. "We sit here and then the server will come." Chum responded. After all the boys give their orders drinks then arrive and Rylan sips on the cool drink.


"I am looking for some special fun while I stay here so are you three into some fun?" Rylan asked his three new friends. "It depends on what fun you are looking for." Quin said as he starts eating his food. "Oh I know you know what I am asking." Rylan said as he gives the three boys a sexy thought and feels them all bone up.


"What the fuck is happing to me?" Chum said in Chinese. "You are feeling my mind and what I want from you for some cash." Rylan replied in Chinese as he did have his translator with him. The portal had provided Rylan the translator. "You speak Chinese?" Quin asked. "I do so are you up for some sexy fun with me?" Rylan said in a lowered voice.


All the boys nodded their heads as their boners went down. "Good so after we have eaten then you all will come with me to my hotel but before we go all of you will get some new clothes as you won't be able to enter the hotel looking like you are with rangy looking clothing you have on." Rylan said as best as he could without offending the boys.


So Rylan quickly finds a local clothes stall and all the boys quickly get undressed and receive new clothes including some new undies. "Now you look like sexy boys that I want to fuck so head this way." Rylan said in Chinese and the boys followed Rylan to his hotel.


The hotel manager is at his working area and sees a white boy with three Singapore boys following behind him and was about to say something when the front desk tells him that the rich white boy is renting the penthouse.


Inside Rylan's room all the boys are quickly told to undress and take a shower. All three boys take a shower together. Then Rylan takes a shower and walks out with an erection that tells the three boys they are going to have some boy sex.


"Nice uncut boys but you Chu are cut like me, nice to see a cut boy." Rylan said as he fondles Chu's cut helmet and then works on the two uncut boy's foreskins. "You like my cut helmet inside your foreskin Quin' I know you will love it?" Rylan said as he stands in front of Quin and rolls his foreskin back and then rubs his cut knob onto Quin's exposed helmet and quickly folds Quin's foreskin over his pink knob.


The other two boys look on as Rylan begins to fuck Quin's foreskin. All the boys gasp as they see Rylan fucking hard and fondling Quin's ball sack. "That looks so fucking good, I want a go next." Chum moaned as he slowly pulls his foreskin back showing off his red cherry looking knob.


"Yes, I am cumming." Quin gasped as his balls empty and fill his foreskin. Rylan then gets onto his knees and swallows Quin's exposed knob and sucks in all the cum out of Quin's foreskin. Rylan then does Chum and fills his foreskin and then goes down on him and sucks all the hot teen cum. Chu then feels his balls empty as he fucks Rylan's lips and mouth filling Rylan's throat with hot boy cream.


"I am so worn out, I have to have some food and then all of you will fuck me hard." Rylan said as he grabs the house phone and puts in a big order and tells the front desk to quickly send it up to his room. In 15 minutes the food service arrives and Rylan puts on a robe and tells the man where to put the food. The three boys are quickly having another shower to clean up.


"Wow, look at all this food, never seen so much food like this before." Chu gasped as all the boys sat at the table and began to eat Singapore treats. Rylan is ready for his fuck fest and after all have eaten one by one each boy fucks Rylan and fills his butt hole with new fresh cum. His body quickly feeds the cum all over his body and he feels a lot better after he's been fucked.


"Now it's my turn to fuck you all and I will do Chum first and then Chu and finally Quin." Rylan said as he feels his pre-cum slide out of his pee hole ready to lube his first fuck hole. Chum feels his butt hole open wide as Rylan slides his cut helmet inside Chum's butt hole and begins in a flash to fuck his first Singapore boy.


"Yes, nice and slow and you will be rewarded." Rylan grunted as he slid in and out of Chum's hole. The other two boys looked on seeing Chum's face grin every time Rylan pounds his dick hard inside Chum's butt hole. After 10 minutes of fucking Rylan then asks Chu to go onto the bed and in a flash his starts to fuck his second boy love. 20 minutes later he is fucking Quin and feels his balls about to empty his first load of cum.


"That was fun' I loved how you fucked me." Quin moaned as he quickly ran to the toilet to expel all of Rylan's cum. After all the boys took a shower together the boys all then headed to the king sized bed and fell asleep. The next day Rylan asked the boys to take him to an all-boys club.


"You know the local boys club on Axminster drive in the Chinese quarter' that will be the best place to visit." Chu said to his pals. Quin said that they would have to join the club to enter. Rylan said he would fix that problem.


The boys went to the underground railway and rode the train for 15 minutes arriving by the club. Then Rylan used his mind control and told the person running the club that he and his friends are allowed in without joining. Rylan read the man's mind and quickly found that the man loves to fuck boys and Rylan told the man that he knew this and said he would tell the cops if he didn't let these boys into the club.


"That was easy' he sure had a weird look on his face for a few moments." Chum said as the boys walked to the change room. There the boys stripped out of their clothes and headed to the heated pool where Rylan could feel his erection taking effect on all the boys in the pool.


"Oh fuck I am hard and I didn't think about it going hard." Quin gasped as he spotted that all the boys in and out of the pool had a boner. Rylan grinned knowing he was now in control. All the adults are told to leave the pool and wait outside. "All of you boys here will have sex with another boy and make a lot of cum squirt." Rylan said using his mind control.


Seconds later all the boys are having sex with another boy. Chum has a teen boy grab his hard erection and goes down on him licking the inside of his foreskin. Chu is fucking a boy a few years younger and has loads of cums. Quin is fucking a boy older than him and feels his balls empty after he's fucked hard for 10 minutes. Rylan is now sucking his 5th teen boy enjoying the taste of his cum.


It is a fuck fest all around the indoor swimming pool. Boys getting fucked in and out of the pool. Cum is squirting all over the place and Rylan is now on the end of his tenth boy and enjoys his fill of hot boy cum. "All of you can now stop as I have had my fill." Rylan said to all the boys using his mind control again.


The boys didn't know what went on and feel their balls are now empty. Some boys feel like their foreskins are about to drop off. "That was the best ever sex show I have ever seen, how did you do this?" Chum asked Rylan. "Unable to tell you but I know you all enjoyed it." Rylan grinned as he and his new friends head out and walk to the city area where they find a place to eat.


It was now almost dinner time when Rylan tells his friends to head back to his hotel and they all will stay there for the next 5 days and have sex all day. At the end of the week Rylan has had his fill of sex as he and the other boys went to the club one more time and had their way with all the boys there.


"It is time for me to leave and here is your payment for your time.' Rylan said as he hands each boy an envelope filled with cash. Rylan then tells the boys to leave and thanks them for their time. After paying for his hotel room and hands a cash payment to the front desk he heads to the portal door and heads home.


So ends this chapter. I hope you enjoyed it.


Mad Max.