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May 2021: Thomas Willard has published Lighting Wingmen.
May 2021: Max Potter has published Hot Flashes.
Apr 2021: Fox Emerson has published The Hole in the Door.
Feb 2021: Laura has donated in honor of Ropingtop.
Feb 2021: Robb has donated in honor of Mike Simmons.
Feb 2021: Tyler has donated in honor of Maxwell.
Feb 2021: Blane has donated in honor of Rich.
Feb 2021: Anonymous has donated in honor of Mike Simmons.
Feb 2021: D.K. Daniels has published Dumbstruck.
Jan 2021: Joe has donated in honor of Henry H. Hilliard.
Jan 2021: MC has donated in honor of Keith Yates and Jay.
Jan 2021: Norman has donated in honor of David Lee.
Jan 2021: PR has donated in honor of Eric Murphy.
Dec 2020: Indianapolis has donated in honor of Mike Simmons.
Dec 2020: Daniel has donated in honor of Mikhail Conrad.
Nov 2020: William has donated in honor of Ganymede and the Nifty Archivist.
Nov 2020: Jack has donated in honor of Robert Armstrong.
Nov 2020: Adam has donated in honor of Brenten Fox.
Oct 2020: Ronald has donated in honor of Eric Murphy.
Oct 2020: Jayadi has donated in honor of maxieplus.
Aug 2020: Gerry Taylor has published new books in The Dahran Series.
Aug 2020: Alessio has donated in honor of ownurass.
Aug 2020: Ravi and Blane have made a donation in honor of the Nifty Archivist.
Jul 2020: Colton Aalto has published Lance and Leo.
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