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Jan 2022: Michah has donated in honor of author Matt Smith.
Dec 2021: Lawrence LaGhost has written SMUSH.
Dec 2021: Paul has donated in honor of author Douglas DD.
Dec 2021: Harry has donated in honor of author Eric Murphy.
Dec 2021: Wesley has donated in honor of author Rob Armstrong.
Dec 2021: LD Cub has written Southern Chastity.
Nov 2021: Stephen has donated in honor of Mike Simmons.
Nov 2021: James has donated in honor of Buck and Jack.
Nov 2021: Boris Chen has published
Our Cabin in the Hills, My Boyfriend was a Cyborg, A Dish Served Cold, and Man's Best Friends.
Oct 2021: Jack has donated in honor of author Robert Armstrong.
Oct 2021: Thomas has donated in honor of Maxiplus.
Jun 2021: LD Cub has published Manhattan Doms.
Jul 2021: Jim has donated in honor of Vic James.
Jul 2021: David has donated in honor of NPhillyDogg.
Jun 2021: John has donated in honor of Eric Muphy.
Jun 2021: Howard has donated in honor of Drusilla.
Jun 2021: Kyle Weaver has published Slip of the Tongue.
Jun 2021: Trip has donated in honor of CraigP.
May 2021: Thomas Willard has published Lighting Wingman.
May 2021: Max Potter has published Hot Flashes.
Apr 2021: Fox Emerson has published The Hole in the Door.
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