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Introduction to Masturbation





It was a warm day and Eve was taking her time going home. She had to cross the railroad tracks to reach her home and she went out of her way to walk down to the river and take the trail along the river bank under the bridge. She liked to play in the water and the trail was lined with cottonwood trees. On warm days like this one she could find salamanders in the shallow water.

This was her last year of grammar school. She had just turned twelve-years old in February and had recently started growing pubic hair and had a period. Her mother had sat her down and told her about the changes her body was going through and the dangers of having sex with boys. She knew about sex of course, or at least she thought she did.

Eve was a very pretty sandy haired girl with hazel wyes and a few freckles across her nose but having sex with boys was the farthest thing from her mind. Oh! Boys flirted with her but she didn’t care for them. They were rude and loud. Those were things that just held no interest for her. She had discovered out that her touching her clit afforded her a lot of pleasure. She made a habit of taking long baths where she would heat up the water time and time again until there was no hot water left just so she could play with herself as long as possible. Bed time was another opportunity for her to play with herself for long periods of time. She was thinking about playing with herself now as she followed the trail along the river-bed.

As she was working her way up the path she heard the sound of girls talking. She could tell that the sound was coming from someplace near the trail in front of her. She walked as quietly as she could in the sandy trail following the sound of the voices.

Then she smelled the smoke of cigarettes and she saw footprints in the sand going off the trail and she parted the brush and followed the prints. The voices got loader and she saw movement through the brush. She sought out a tree that she could conceal herself behind and parted some leaves so that she could see into a small clearing under the trees. This sport was hidden from everything above the banks of the riverbed by the trees and the railroad bridge.

There was two girl sitting on their school books next to each other. They were smoking cigarettes as they talked trash to one another. They were discussing other girls they knew. They said things like what a tramp this one was or what a loser another one was. One of the girls Eve recognized as a girl that lived a couple of doors from her home. Her name was Diane. She was fourteen and just about to graduated from junior high school.

Eve watched them finish smoking their cigarettes and put them out by stuffing them into the sandy soil next to them. Then Diane turned to her friend and put her arm around her and kissed her on the mouth. Eve had never seen a girl kiss another girl like that before.

Diane did something else that caused Eve to get a lump in her throat. Her neighbor placed her hand on the other girl’s breast and squeezed it. The other girl grabbed her tit and squeezed it too. When Diane reached down and put her hand between the girl’s legs the girl spread her thighs.


Eve could see right up her dress. Her legs were white and her panties were a pink color. Diane pulled the crotch aside and exposed the girl’s privates. The girl was a bleached blonde but her pubic hair was dark. Diane stuck her finger between the girl’s labia as they kissed and rubbed her vigorously. Eve listened as the girl moaned in the kiss. When Diane pulled her head away the girl was begging her to make her cum. Eventually the girl’s legs stretched out and her toes pointed down and her muscles got tight. Then she relaxed and opened her eyes and kissed Diane sweetly on the mouth.


Diane laid back and pulled her own dress up around her waist. She lifted her butt up and pulled her panties down and over her shoes. Then she lowered her but and spread her legs. The other girl got on her knees between Diane’s legs and bent over. From Eve’s view she was looking at the back of the girl’s butt but there was no mystery about what the girl was doing. She had her face between Diane’s legs and was kissing her pussy. This was something new for Eve. She thought it was nasty but at the same time she had an itch between her own legs that demanded that she play with her own cunt. By the time Diane pushed the girl away Eve found that even the front of her own skirt was moist from her juice. She knew that she could not leave the riverbed until her dress dried.

She remained hidden until the two girls got dressed and light up another cigarette before leaving their hiding place. When she could no longer hear them she worked her way back to the trail and followed them. Sure enough she reached the dead end road in time to see the girl’s part company. They had finished their cigarettes, discarded the butts, kissed one more time and went their separate ways.


Eve kept a close eye on Diane after that. She watched her making out with that other girl several times from her hiding place. Some times Diane would lick the other girl’s pussy and other times she made the girl suck hers. Of course their sex was preceded and followed by cigarettes.

Eve thought they looked so sexy smoking their cigarettes and started sneaking cigarettes from her mother’s packs. At first she coughed when she tried to inhale the smoke like adults did. With time she learned how to inhale the smoke and blow smoke out of her nose and let smoke spill out of her mouth and then inhale it back up her nose. She though she was so clever to learn how to smoke. She practiced holding the cigarettes like Diane and her mother did. One day Diane approached her and asked her if she would like to come over to her house and go swimming in her pool.

Eve was thrilled to be invited to be a friend of her idol. She rushed home and told her mother where she was going to be and changed into her swimming suit. She hated that she only had a one piece suit. But even if she had a two piece suit she didn’t have enough to put into a halter top. She cursed her figure and grabbed a beach towel and rushed down the street to Diane’s house.

Diane’s mother answered the door and smiled at her. She told her that Diane was in the back yard. She followed Eve to the back door and told Diane to have fun. She was going to her bridge club and would probably not be home until late.

They played in the water for a while before Diane went to the edge of the pool. She lifted herself out of the water and sat on the edge with her feet dangling. She pulled her towel close and pulled a pack of cigarettes out and put one in her mouth and light it with a cheap butane lighter. She inhaled deeply and blew the smoke towards the sky.

As Eve stood in the water next to her Diane asked, “Have you ever rubbed your kitty”?

Eve knew what she was asking and thought about lying but said, “I do sometimes.”

Diane smiled, “It does feel good doesn’t it?”

Eve simple shook her head up and down in answer.

Then Diane shocked her by saying, ‘You know it is not nice to spy on people.”

Eve had no idea that Diane had seen her watching her having sex with her friend. She blushed at being admonished for her spying on them.

Diane said, “Do you want me to show you how to have sex with another girl?’

Diane stood up and held out her hand and pulled the younger girl up and out of the water. They dried off and Diane snuffed out her cigarette in a full ashtray. Eve followed her idol into the house like a puppy dog.

When Diane led her to her bedroom she had Eve sit on her bed for a moment while she untied the top of her two piece suit and expose her 34-C sized breasts. Eve could not take her eyes off of the breasts. They were as white as milk but her areolas were large and as brown as a black woman’s skin that Eve has seen in National Geographic magazines. The nipples were nothing more than indentations like navels.


Then Diane untied the bottom at one hip and then the other. The bottom fell to the floor like a thin dipper. Eve got her first look up close of her idol’s pussy. She had seen her mother’s pussy before. Her mother didn’t try to hide her body from her daughter. So Eve knew that women had hair between their legs. She had even seen her mother shaving her underarms, legs and trimming her pubic bush.

The sight of Diane’s pussy was no surprise to her other than the fact that Diane shaved her pubic hair so that she only had a narrow strip above her crack. It just made it look like her crack went up her body a little farther than her own.

Diane stood there in front of Eve and put one foot on the bed and parted her labia with her fingers to show Eve her pussy. Eve was getting her first look at the inside of a pussy without the use of a mirror. She was able to see just what her clit looked like and see her urethra opening. Her vagina looked like it was almost corrugated and she could control the opening. She was able to stand there and open and close her vagina with muscle control. Diane lewdly stuck her finger into her pussy and finger fucked herself for a moment then pulled her finger out of her cunt and held it under Eve’s nose and let her smell it then she stuck her finger into Eve’s mouth and moved it around until Eve sucked her finger clean. Then she returned her hand to her pussy and started rubbing her clit with the flat of her fingers.

Diane said, “You have to rub your clit like this to get off.”

While she was rubbing her own pussy Diane reached down with her other hand and pulled Eve’s swimming suit aside and rubbed her finger against Eve’s clit. It took a moment before Eve felt the tingling in her clit.

Eve was more interested in watching Diane masturbating herself. For some reason Eve was unable to climax just at this moment. Diane took hold of Eve’s hand and pulled it between her legs. Eve obediently started masturbating Diane until she closed her eyes and started moaning and her cunt got very slippery. Eve wiped off her fingers on the inside of Diane’s thigh. After wards Diane kissed Eve on the mouth just like Eve had seen her doing to the other girl by the river. Finally Eve straightened up her swimsuit and went home.

The next time Eve came over to swim with Diane they played in the water and Diane took off her swimsuit and took off Eve’s too. They masturbated each other in the water. Eve was frightened that Diane’s mother would come home and catch them naked in the pool or some noisy neighbor would peek over the fence and see them and report them to their parents. The thought that they might be caught was enough for her to cum as Diane rubbed her clit.

After that Eve masturbated even more than before. She would do it anytime she was alone long enough to cum. Diane introduced her to other girls and the two of them had oral sex with as many of them as they like.


Eve lost contact with Diane when she went way to collage. She developed her own following of girls to play with while she was in high school and college. It was not until she was in college that one of her female conquests introduced her to the use of dildos. She was one of her political science instructors. They got drunk at a party together and Eve went home with her and then they got naked and into bed together the woman pulled out her strap-on dildo and put it on. She was skillful at the way she fucked Eve. She became her lover and the woman fucked her regularly and even introduced her to anal sex. She learned to like it and if her teacher were fucking her in the asshole she would reach between her legs and masturbate her clitoris.

After graduation Eve got into real-estate and made a good living at it. Having a job that allows Eve to get out of the office anytime she likes is great. She could slip away and find a quiet place and masturbate two or three times a day. Sometimes she would even get a customer that would show an interest in sex with a woman. She even carried an inflatable mattress in the trunk of her car just in case a woman was willing to have sex while they were out looking at a house. She always knew where there was a house with a second floor so that she could enjoy sex with them without people looking in windows without drapes.

The thing is Eve is finding it even more exciting when she sees a young girl that is sneaking out to have a forbidden cigarette. She is debating about confronting one and finding out if she would be interested in a little sex too.

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