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Rebecca Revealed: Chapter 1: sukeycox@hotmail.co.uk


Very nervously, I rubbed my hand against her thigh again.  I tried to make it look accidental, as I leaned over for something at the far end of the desk.  As before, I heard the softly whispered moan.  I wasn't sure if she was trying to hide it, or actually wanted me to hear it but there was no doubting it this time, she had definitely responded.  I felt my heartbeat quickening. I wasn't sure if I was kidding myself or not that she was increasing the pressure of her thigh against mine also.  We were all having to sit so closely together around the cramped table, it was hard to tell.  I could feel the seam of her skirt pressing into my tights since her skirt was slightly longer than mine.  I could almost swear she was slowly moving her leg up and down, causing it to rub more against me. I was sure there was something going on. . . I started listening to her breathing, trying to work out if. . .
"Hello Becky?!"
I jumped, spinning my head round to face the speaker.  I smiled, my usual, nervous, "I'm-just-a-dumb-blonde" smile. 
"You have the report of the latest sales promotion, don't you?"
"Oh, yes. . .yes.. . " I replied.  Fuck!  I did, I was sure.  Somewhere.  "Two seconds" I added, Smiling again.  I heard Jacob, my boss, huffing as I started rooting around in my folder.  The lady next to me forgotten, I started rifling through as quickly as I could.  Bollocks, bollocks, bollocks. . .ah, thank fuck, here they were!  I stood up, accidentally toppling the chair backwards and causing it to crash noisily to the ground. Oh buggery-bollocks!  I turned round and pushed my chair back in. With what was left of my dignity and professionalism gone, I simply concentrated on not tripping on the uneven floor in my new heels as I walked to the front. I'd bought a whole new suit especially for this meeting; trying to look the "proper businesswoman", and not the "young lass fae' fife" that I actually was.  It was the first new suit I'd bought since my interview 3 years previously, straight out of Uni.  The credit card company were still laughing at the interest they were going to make, but I had so desperately wanted to make a good impression at my first proper management review meeting.  I'd waited so bloody long to be given any responsibility and I'd fucked it up before I'd even started.  And, a little part of my brain was telling me I had looked a fool in front of the women next to me and that upset me too. . .even though obviously I wasn't actually interested in her in that way!
I passed the file to Jacob, suddenly aware how exposed I felt; everyone was staring at me.   I straighten my skirt and smiled again.  It was a navy blue skirt-suit, and now I was standing in front of at least thirty middle-aged men, the skirt suddenly seemed a few inches too short and the blouse just a little too open. Ever since I'd shot up to nearly 6 foot tall and my DD cup breasts had developed, I'd spent most of my life trying to get people to take me seriously, rather than seeing me a blonde bimbo.  I'd tried dying my hair black, having it cut short, even wearing brown contact lens or really geeky glasses, just to try to escape from the stereotype.  It hadn't made any difference, so in the end I just let it be and stopped fighting it.  You might spend half your day wishing yourself thinner or prettier, but I've found it just meant no one ever sees past it.  And the most frustrating, heartbreaking, down-right soul-destroying part of it all is that I find myself living up to the dumb-blonde stereotype. . .
"Thank you, Becky, excellent delivery work. . . now are you going to actually tell us what it says?"
I hadn't realised I was supposed to present the details also, that was news to me!  I had been involved in the early work, but had no idea how the sales figures had ended up; I'd only been given the reports just before the meeting. Jacob handed me the report and I cleared my throat before starting.  This was going to my chance to prove myself, to finally show I was more than eye candy! And I was amazed that the most sexist, most arrogant, most sleazy of my bosses had given it to me.  I opened the report, and started reading the summary and conclusions.

After only a few minutes, as my heart fell further and further, it became obvious why he had given it to me.  The report was terrible.  The grammar was unreadable, the concepts all messed around and the actual promotion had been a complete failure. The saving grace was the report was so badly written it was almost impossible to tell quite how carelessly we had wasted the company's money.  However, I did the best I could.  I tried to look up from the report and make eye-contact as much as often as I dared. . .which was hard when 95% of the room wasn't looking at my eyes in the first place.  I had thought about trying the trick of imagining your audience naked, but the thought of all those sweaty middle aged men without any clothes had been a major no-no. And, if I'm honest. . .I scared myself by thinking I might actually quite like to imagine one of the people at the table naked after all. 
At one point I looked over at the her.  I hadn't had a chance to see her properly earlier; before the accidental leg stroking, we had only said a cursory "hi".  She was stunning.   Absolutely stunning.  Maybe in her early thirties, long brunette hair and very petite but well shaped figure.  It was the kind of beautiful but intelligent look I'd always wished I could achieve. She flicked her hair to one side and smiled at me.  My heart skipped a beat, and it was a second or two before I composed myself again. I had no idea what was happening. . . I'd never been interested in women before.  Perhaps a year or so of being single was messing with my mind!
I finished up the report and closed the file.  By this point I was almost physically shaking with trepidation at what to expect.  This work had been a disaster and I'd been made a scapegoat.  Surely I was about to be torn to shreds, even though I'd had next to nothing to do with the actual work. But as I glanced around the table, I saw non-committal nods and smiles from most of the middle-aged men.  And I realised that Jacob's plan hadn't been to make me look silly. . but to exploit me to distract the attention of male section of the audience. . .
"Any questions?" Jacob asked, and almost immediately added, "No? Good".
"I have a question." The voice came from near my empty seat at the table.
She flicked her hair back again, and rose to her feet.  She looked me directly in the eye. 
"Why were the sales so far below what you predicted in the 18-25 year olds?"
I paused for a second.  The honest answer was because we completely fucked up the market research and, speaking as a 25 year old myself, I wouldn't have touched the product with a ten-foot barge pole. . . but before I could think of a better alternative answer, Jacob replied.
"Oh, I don't think it was really all that far from what we thought and . . ."
"It was though, " she interrupted, "it was less than 30% of the predicted value, and that was the key market.  Surely you have to justify that."
Jacob started to talk again, but he was silenced by a very simple raised finger.  It was an almost imperceptible motion, but enough to stop him.  By fuck I wished I had that level of presence and control. 
"I asked Rebecca" 
Jacob glanced over at me, and for the first time, I saw a bit of fear in his eyes.  Well. . . bollocks to him I thought. . .
"Because it was poorly marketed" I replied.  There was a general gasp from around the table, and lots of glances at each other from the masculine contingent.  Honestly was clearly not the norm.  She however, smiled at me, and with another almost un-noticeable motion of her hand, it was clear her intention was "go. . .on, tell me why. . . ". 
"Well. . . our biggest mistake was to do the market research wrong.  Everybody knows that students and young adults want things to be cheap, we've hardly any money and masses of debts, but there's no way on earth we want to appear like that.  The research was only performed one on one, and of course we're going to be interested in a phone that's cheap, especially if it doesn't look it.  But to actually market it as cheap? That destroyed the whole appeal.  If we'd have presented the marketing to the 18-25 year olds, or done in it groups, that peer-pressure would have clear surfaced, but by doing it one-on-one, the feedback was all, incorrectly, positive."
"So why didn't you say that at the time?"
Good question. . . I did, but no one listened to me.  "Well. . . " I started, "Actually, I di. . "
"One second, " Jacob started talking, putting his hand up in front of me in a much less subtle gesture than any of hers, "can I just ask exactly what your involvement in this project is?". His arrogance had clearly recovered and the patronising inflexion was obvious.
She smiled at him.  "I do apologise for not introducing myself.  I'm Sarah McIlvoy, new Vice President of Sales and Marketing"
Holy shit!  That made her at least at least three levels above Jacob (and many more above me) and without a doubt the most senior person in the room. She continued, "It's quite clear to me this hasn't been as successful as you hoped and I think we need to know why.  Mr Jones, I want you prepare a clear and concise report on the actual results", she emphasised the words "clear" and "concise" with her soft Edinburgh accent, "and Miss. . . ." she looked at me and raised her eyebrow.
"Martin, Beck. . . Rebecca Martin"
"O.k. Miss Martin, I would like you to prepare a report on why it wasn't successful, and how you would have done it differently. I would like to see both reports by the end of the week.  I don't any reason to continue this meeting any further, thanks you everybody for your time." She smiled briefly, and then left the room.  Rather shell-shocked, the rest of the room filed out behind her, not saying a word.
As soon as I got back to my desk, I looked up Sarah McIlvoy on the intranet. It was a large open-plan office, but fortunately I was in a corner, and no one overlooked my screen. I was surprised to see she was 37, but her CV was amazing.  She had a Doctorate from Edinburgh University and had worked for most of our major competitors.  Not only was she the first female vice-president we'd ever had, but she was also the youngest VP ever.  As I scrolled down through her bio and CV, her picture remained in the top right hand corner.  The more I read the more impressed and amazed I was.  She was everything I wanted to be and so amazingly attractive also. . . not that I cared. . .obviously.  I was so engrossed in reading, I didn't notice the person approaching my desk until they gave a little cough.  I started straight up into Sarah's face.
"Rebecca, " no-one ever called me Rebecca, I'd been Becky since primary school. . . ", very impressive work today."
"Well. . ." I mumbled, feeling my cheeks start to burn.
"Clear understanding on what the problem was; even though you were put on the spot somewhat". I nodded and to my absolute horror, started to feel my nipples hardening.  "You've been here about 3 years, is that correct?" I nodded again, and clearly looked a little surprised, because she smiled at me and added "I took the liberty of viewing your bio also".  It occurred to me then from where she was standing, she could see my monitor.  It was clearly too late, but I minimized the window quickly.  "I'm surprised you're still at this level" she said, and after a pause, she added ". . .are you?"

I picked up my pen, if only to have something to fiddle with whilst I answered. "Well. . . I. . .suppose so. . . " 
"I'll review your appraisals, maybe they are missing something."  I started nibbling at the end of my pen, and realised my panties were actually starting to feel a bit damp. . . and by now my nipples were rock hard.  It was the sort of response I'd had when I first met Joe, my last boyfriend but one, but I couldn't remember ever feeling like this because of a woman. . .
"Thanks. . .I mean thank you" I managed to blurt.
"You're welcome". Sarah smiled at me again; I noticed her eyes flick down briefly, then back up and her smile grew a little, almost sultry with her dark eyes. She turned and walked away; and even I noticed how perfectly shaped her legs and bottom were.  A few seconds later, when she glanced back, I wish it hadn't been so bloody obvious I was watching them. And a few seconds after that, when I checked, I wished something else had been quite so bloody obvious through my bra and blouse. . . 
Three days later, on Friday afternoon, I put my report on her desk.  I had waited until quite late, making sure she was out the office.  I checked her calendar three times to make sure, and as subtly as I could double-checked with the reception she had left. . . "Has she?. . .Oh bother. . .nevermind. . .I'll catch her next week".
Three nights had passed since the meeting her visit to my desk and three very disturbing dreams.  Disturbing. . . but not unpleasant as such. Disturbing. . . but only from the perspective that I was a happily heterosexual single woman.  Definitely disturbing. . .but the most exciting I could ever remember having. . .  And I thought it was best to steer clear of her if I could. Still, I had worked late into the night on the report and made damn sure I'd covered everything.  I was quite proud of it, and I'd even talked one the secretaries into binding it properly for me by passing on one of the umpteen phone numbers I had been given; a rather geeky boy in mail that she had fallen for. . . takes all sorts I suppose.  I shrugged, and the door closed behind me.
"Rebecca, nice to see you."
I turned, and Sarah was standing at the door.  "Please, take a seat " she motioned to a chair round the small meeting table.
I smiled back, and sat down, suddenly very conscious of my dress-down Friday jeans and T-shirt as she was still in a smart suit.  She seemed to read my mind yet again. . .
"Don't worry! I had a meeting, suits essential! I know the Friday dress code." She pulled a chair opposite the table to the side, so the table was no longer between us and sat down.  She crossed her legs and I couldn't help myself glancing; her skirt was nearly as short as the one I had worn the other day. 
"I reviewed you appraisals, and some of your work.  Normally, after about this length of time, I would expect someone to have reached Assistant Grade 2.  I believe you are still Graduate grade?"
"Yes. . . "
"Well, I don't think that's appropriate.  However, your line manager will be unable to promote you more than one grade, you understand that?"
"Yes. . ." but that was one fucking grade more than where I was at the moment!
"I, however, can promote you directly to Senior Marketing Officer"
My mouth dropped open, that was the same level as Jacob. She continued:
"  and will do so, active from. . . ." she looked at her watch. . . " now." She looked up at me, and gave me another of her soul melting smiles. "I've sent through some files I want you to review.  Marketing reports and similar.  I want you to review them for the kind of stupid mistakes you noticed the other day." 
"Thank you. . ." I said, lost for words at the instant promotion. 
"Your welcome, it's no more than you deserved." She stood up, and it clear that was my signal to leave also.  I got as far as the door before she spoke again. 
"Rebecca." I turned round.
"I want you to understand you've earned this promotion on merit and nothing else"
"Of course," I replied
"It's not a favour because of your sex; I'll expect you to do as good a job as anyone else, if not better"
"Yes, I will" I replied again
"I think women can bring something that men often can't, don't you?"
"Well. . .yes. . . " I smiled nervously, licking my lips subconsciously. 
"Good. . .now, I'll expect your comment on those reports first thing on Wednesday morning"
I sat bolt upright in bed, soaked in sweat, breathing heavily.  The memory of the dream slowly faded, but for a few brief moments I could still feel her lips against mine and the gentle but skilful caress of her fingers. . . I lay awake for hours, unable to close my eyes again, let alone get back to sleep. Finally. . .I dropped back to sleep. . . and dreamt of her tongue exploring my whole body, and in bed, my fingers slid between my legs. . .
"Morning Rebecca"
I was still half asleep, having dropped my mobile twice whilst trying to answer it.  The harsh red LED display told me it was 6:24am. 
"I was hoping to pop round and discuss some figures with you.  I apologise for calling so early, but come up at the last minute and it's vital we do this before Monday."  
As soon as my brain registered who it was, I pulled myself up in bed and, almost without thinking, wiped my damp fingers on the sheet.  
"Erm. . .o.k.. . .when?"
"Well. . . "  The doorbell rang.
"One moment, I think my flatmate has locked herself out again." I got to my feet and cursed my stupid flatmate. Jo seemed to forget the purpose of keys every weekend, and it wasn't first time I'd had to let her in at some ungodly time on a Saturday morning.  I lurched to the door, and opened it.
"You stupid fucking tar. . ." I started. . .
"Hello Rebecca.  Nice PJs"
I didn't even have a chance to get dressed before we were at work on the couch.  Sarah handed me a copy of the report, and sitting very close to me, she had started to run through things she didn't feel were quite right.  She had her legs folded up on the couch, very close to me, much more relaxed and less business like than normal.  I felt completely out of my depth, and it was amazingly hard to concentrate as she was so close - I was aware I hadn't showered, and over the divine scent of Sarah expensive perfume, I could detect the tell-tale odour of my dreams.  She was in tight jeans and T-shirt, and even though her breasts were not large, they were perfectly formed in T-shirt bra, just visible through her top.  . . . And why the fuck was I thinking like this!
She reached over to point out something in my report, and her hand brushed my breast.  It was my turn to moan slightly. . .even though I tried not to.  She pulled herself close, so her legs were touching mine and her face only millimetres away.  Still she was intensely discussing the report and seemed oblivious to all the subtle strokes of my legs and breasts as she moved about.  Oh dear God, stop it! I thought as I felt the dampness growing between my legs, and my nipples becoming rock hard again.  Through my naff old pyjamas it would have been obvious how aroused I was. . .even to a man! I had to forget about my dreams and remember this was my boss and it was all in my head. 
Fortunately, I was still able to make some contributions to the report. She was nodding and marking it up with a pen; showing a kind of childish enthusiasm I'd never seen before - she was no longer the hard-nosed business bitch, but more like an excitable school girl.  It was about an hour before we finished, but she seemed genuinely delighted.  She almost leapt off the couch.
"Brilliant! Absolutely Brilliant!"
I stood up, my legs stiff and more than a little self-conscious about my chest and passion patch .  Before I could move, she jumped towards me and gave me a huge hug.  I froze as I felt her body press against mine. . . she was much shorter than me, and I couldn't help but gasp as she buried her face into my neck, feeling her press against my breasts.  I had barely recovered from that when she moved her hands to my head and pulled it down, kissing me firmly on the lips. . . Perhaps it was an automatic reaction to being kissed so forcefully, or to similar kisses from former boyfriends. . .or maybe even my dreams, but I opened my lips, spreading hers also. Our tongues touched. . . 
Perhaps either one of us could have broken off then and laughed it off. . . but we didn't. 
One of her hands slid off my face, gently stroked over my neck and shoulder and I shuddered as it brushed my breast,  purposefully this time.  Her fingers slowly circled the nipple, caressing all around and arousing them like never before.  I have no idea where we would have got to if Jo hadn't walked in. . .
"She's your BOSS!?"
"Not just my boss, she the VP of sales and marketing!"
Wow. . . "   
Jo sat at the dinner table, shaking her head as she munched her cornflakes and vodka.  She screwed up face with every spoonful; but stood by her hangover cure against all comers.  "Wow. . . " she said again. "And would you have?"
"Would I have what?" I replied
"Done it. . . "
"Done what?"
"Slept with her, of course!"
Absolutely not!  I'm straight!", my eye's opened wide and I moved back a little from the table.
"Yes. . . really looked like it from where I was standing. . . "
"Oh fuck off.  This isn't funny. It could cost me my job!"
"How? Looks to me like you're in a good position.  If she tries anything at work. . . you blackmail her"
I threw my hands in the air.  "Oh, be serious Jo! This isn't some petty pub job!  This is a career!"
"Which. . ." Jo fixed me firmly with her gaze and swallowed the disgusting mouthful, "Which. . . I might add. . . was going nowhere until Dr McIlvoy appeared. . ."  She took another mouthful of alcoholic cornflakes. . ."Which. . ." - spraying the foul mixture over the table - "Which you might be able to take further. . . "
I'm just saying. . . sleeping with your boss has been an accepted way for women to get promotion for yaa-hears."
"Oh come on, Jo!  Really?!"
Worked for me. . ." she winked. 
"With Barney?!" I just about threw-up my toast
"Well. . .it was as much a charity fuck as anything else. . . " Jo smiled.  She was, I thought to myself, a real tart.
"All I'm saying is. . .it could be a lot worse." Another mouthful, another wince.
"I can't believe your so calm about this. . . I thought you would go mental, walking in on it.  I'm so embarrassed!"
Jo shrugged. Still munching, she pointed to the ground, gave a thumbs up, and pinched her top.  It was our code for "Been there, done that, got the T-shirt".  Then she smiled at me.
"When!?" I asked, genuinely shocked.  I always knew Jo was a bit more. . . adventurous. . . than me, and the box of toys and tools in her bedroom attained to that (I didn't even know what some of them were for. . . ) but this was news to me.
"A few years back. Remember Katie?"
Yes, I did.  Shy little girl, worked a few days a week at the pub with Jo.  Quite pretty in a plain way. Moved away very suddenly. I stared back at Jo, shocked.
"And Phillipa. . . and Martha. . .and Beth-and-Liz. . . if you see what I mean." She saw my expression. . . "It was a phase.  It passed." She paused. . ."Mostly. . ."
"Fucking hell. . . "
"Yeah. . . your boss was quite a looker. . . might be using Big Ron and my imagination this evening!" Big Ron was named after a former boyfriend. . .
"That's disgusting Jo!  For fuck's sake. . . " Shaking my head, I got up and left.  Jo was some woman at times.  I heard her laughing as I headed for the shower. But as the water poured over me, I couldn't help picturing all those friends in my head. . . some of them were really pretty.  Images of them with Jo kept flashing into my head.  I tried to ignore them, but they kept coming back. . . and then it was images of them with me. . .kissing my lips, stroking my breasts like Sarah had so fleetingly done.  Licking my breasts. . .sliding their hands between my legs. . . and before long, the fantasies were all brunettes, with what had become a very familiar face. . .
I brought myself to a shuddering climax. . .
Monday morning was tough.  Sarah had left on as good terms as was probably possible, given the circumstances.  Once she'd introduced herself to Jo, she'd thanked me again for my assistance and left; leaving me standing still more than a little shell-shocked.  But at work, news of my promotion had got out, and not everyone was happy for me.  In fact, most people were actively out to get me.  My bin was kicked over, and silly little things like doors not being held open, or kettles purposefully emptied when I went to make my coffee.  Such is the pettiness of offices.
I was working through the reports, trying to ignore it all, when I had a phonecall from the secretary. 
"Hi Becky!"
The secretary was still in a good mood, and I was very popular with her at least.  Turned out the geeky boy from the mail department was hung like a donkey.  Rumour was she was kneeling at her desk because she still couldn't sit down.  
"I've booked your hotel."
"Hotel? What hotel?" I had no idea what she was talking about
"Your hotel, for Wednesday night.  The trip to Paris? To see Harman Bros?"
This was all news to me.  "I'm sorry, Jen, I really don't know what you're talking about". 
"Oh. .. Dr McIlvoy arranged it.  Something about you and her going to do the presentation? I presumed you knew, babe!"
"O.k. . . well, thanks. . ." What the fuck was going on?
"Oh no. . . Thank You! Rob is a stud! We had such a good time on Friday.  First, he took me to. ."
I tuned Jen out.  Jen could talk for Britain and often did.  I knew nothing about this trip, and it was all rather sudden.  It didn't sound to me like my job was on the line afterall.  But perhaps. . .well. . . something was expected other that exceptional work performance after all? Jen phased in for a moment. . .
". . . right up to his balls, Becky! Right up to his balls! I never knew I could take it so deep in there!". . . and then out again.  I think I was actually hoping for more. . . I think I actually wanted it. . . hell, if Jo could sleep with. . .I struggled to even think it. . .if Jo could sleep with other women, maybe I could to?! No, I was being silly. I was one kiss. . . nothing more. I was reading way too much into this.  She was a VP and I was just a lowly worker bee.  Jen came back for a second. . .  
". . . of course, it tasted a bit funny, but what did I expect?"
"Very good Jen. . . " I replied. not really listening.  I caught something about "gagging" and "massive eruption up my ass" and then wished her all the best and hung up.  I was still wondering where this was heading when the report smashed down on my desk, sending my coffee flying.  I started up at Jacob's furious face.
"El Bitch wants you to 'check' this and see if you agree"
I look at the slightly coffee-stained cover and saw it was his report from last week.  "O.k." I nodded. 
Jacob leaned over the desk until he was right in my face.
"You better agree or I will make your life a living fuck hell." He spat the words through clenched teeth.  "She might think you're worth something, but I know otherwise.  Don't get used to this."
He put his hand on one of the reports I was reviewing and slid it through the pool of coffee as he stood up, giving a very fake "I'm sorry" smile. . .
I got to my feet and started trying to clean up the spill with the tissues I kept in my draw.  I got about half of it done before I emptied the box and had to go to the toilets to get some paper towels.  I pulled a handful, and got back to find someone had poured another entire cup of coffee over my desk. . .and chair. . . while I was away.  Bastards!  I started cleaning it up again, trying to ignore the sniggering and not let myself get upset.  Bastards. . .bastards. . . bastards. . .
When I'd cleaned up as best I could I walked defiantly back to the kitchen area and made myself another cup.  Slightly nervous about what I'd find when I came back this time, I tried not to show it when I came back into the open-plan office. As I came round the corner, I could see my desk hadn't been touched again, or at least, I didn't see anything from distance.  Perhaps if I hadn't been looking so intently at my desk, I would have seen the foot. . .
I hit the ground hard, smacking my elbow and knee.  As I had thrown my hands out to steady myself, the scolding coffee flew all over my face and blouse.  I tried to scramble to my feet as quickly as possible, and my skirt ripped. . . Almost everyone was laughing.  The coffee had soaked my top and made me look like a wet-T-shirt entrant; my lacy bra was clearly showing and sods-fucking-law meant it was one that had a decent amount of clevage as well.  I'd broken a bloody heel too.
Taking my heels off, I started limping back to my desk, trying desperately hard not to cry.  Walking was incredibly painful and I was starting to worry if I had damaged my knee when I felt someone slide their hand round my waist and lift my arm over their shoulder.  They instantly took my weight and it felt a lot better.  I turned and looked up into the face of an incredibly handsome young man.  I said thanks, and he just nodded back, saying it was no problem.
He helped me into my chair, and asked if I was o.k.
"Yes, fine. . . just a little sore" I smiled. 
He must have been no older than 18 or 19.  He seemed familiar, but I couldn't place him. And before I could, he'd already left. I was just grateful to feel someone was still willing to help me. And for a few seconds it distracted me from realising I'd just sat down, in my ripped skirt, on a chair soaked with coffee. As I stood up again, bending forwards, someone wolf-whistled, and I instinctively covered my chest.  Fucking offices. . . 
I packed up my reports and decided to go home.  There was no point in trying to stay.  Buses were pretty regular, when there were no disruptions, but it would still be very uncomfortable (and a bit smelly) in my coffee soaked clothes.  I usually kept spare underwear in my locker (just in case. . .) and some more comfortable shoes, but not clothes.  Fortunately, I had my large coat with me that day, and it had been safely away from the coffee.   I took my spares into the toilets and changed out of the wet clothes, fastening up the studs on my coat completely over my underwear.  I'd done something similar for a boyfriend once, men seemed to like that sort of thing.
In retrospect, I should have seen what happened next coming. . .  I'd almost got out the building when I heard her.
It wasn't loud, or forceful, but it carried.  My heart sank.  I turned around. 
"I'd like to have a word please"
It didn't take long to get to Sarah's office, and once I was ushered in, she motioned for me to sit at her meeting table again.  I was very conscious of my coat, which was long and not the easiest to sit in.  After a little struggle, I managed to get down o.k. though.  Sarah sat opposite me, pulled the chair to the side as she had done before.  She had a navy skirt suit on, and her hair was tied back in ponytail, as it had been on Saturday morning. It all added to her beauty. 
"It's a warm day, take your coat off. . . I think we might be a while" She smiled at me.
"I'm fine, honest" I replied. Trying to change the subject, I added, "Is this about Paris?"
"Sort of. . . Please, take your coat off." Sarah stood again, taking a step towards me and holding out her hand to take my coat. 
"Really, I'm fine. . . I'm actually a bit cold"
Sarah gave a little sigh and, turning away,  stood at the door with her back to me.  "Rebecca. . . when you're in my office, I'd like you to respect my wishes please.  And I've asked you to take. .  your. . . coat. . .off." There was an edge in voice, it was more of an order than a request.  I had no choice to tell her why I couldn't.
"Dr McIlvoy. . . I really can't because. . .well. . .it's hard to explain. . ." and despite myself I gave my "silly-blonde-giggle" and hated myself for it.  "Basically. . ." I started again.
"Firstly, call me Sarah. . . and secondly. . . I know exactly what happened. . . " I heard the lock on the door click, and she turned round slowly. "Take. . . your. . . coat. . . . .off".  She started walking to towards me, sliding her jacket off, folding it neatly in her arms and placing it on her desk very deliberately.  I sat there. . . frozen.
I was still sitting, completed shocked, afraid but also, remarkably, excited when she reached me.  Without breaking stride, she pulled up her skirt slightly and spread her legs round me, sitting on my lap.  Looking me straight in the eyes, her hands behind my head, she leant right up to my ear and whispered. . ."Don't be shy. . .what are you afraid of?"
I could smell her perfume, and instinctively my body was responding.  As she moved away slightly and started unbuttoning my coat, I could feel my dampness and arousal.  My nipples were tingling, and as Sarah exposed my underwear I could see my chest rise and fall.  She pulled the coat apart, and began kissing my neck and chest, gently stroking my hair and face.  I leant back and savoured every kiss. . . firm and passionate and yet not forceful or demanding.  Oh fuck. . . I couldn't believe this was happening. . . or how much I was letting it happen, and enjoying it.
Sarah started unbuttoning her own blouse, revealing her beautifully embroidered white bra.   As she took her blouse off completely, she starting kissing up my neck towards my lips.  Within a few moments, we were kissing again, our tongues pressing together like our bodies.  As Sarah's hands explored my back, she deftly unclipped me. So much easier and smoother than any man had ever managed. I felt my breasts released as every one of Sarah's careful caresses worked to undress me.  Moments later, I felt her chest against mine, skin to skin.  She broke the kiss, and began softly teasing and licking her way down. . . when her tongue touched my nipples, my whole body shook and I couldn't help but gasp. . .oh. . . that was amazing. . . she sucked and licked my whole breast, cupping it in one hand whilst her other explored my exposed skin.  It wasn't long before it found it's way into my panties. . . 
"Oh. . . . God. . . ." I moaned as she started circling my clitoris.  He touch was just right, firm enough to drive me wild, soft enough to tease.  I couldn't help but lie my head back and moan. . .and I thought it couldn't get any better. . . until she slowly slid off my lap, knelt on the floor instead, and started kissing and flicking her tongue down my stomach, working towards her hand. . .oh fuck. . . I lifted my bottom slightly as she pulled my panties off completely.  She pushed gently on the inside of my thighs until my legs were as wide and lowered her head to my pussy. . . I leant back even further and closed my eyes. . .
My body shock as her tongue flicked my cunt.  Fast and firm, she teased me, carefully sliding one and then two fingers into my pussy.  I stroked her hair, and my own tits. . . I could have stayed like that for hours. . . gradually working towards the most amazing orgasm, but Sarah had other ideas.  I whimpered as she moved away, but it let me see her chest.  Her breasts were not large, but perfectly formed and pert.  As she stood staring at me, exposed on the chair, she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground.  What I'd assumed were tights were actually stockings, and besides the suspender belt, she wore no other underwear. . . her pussy was neatly shaved. . . and inviting. . .  Still in her heels, she moved to sit on the end of her desk and spread her legs. The invitation was obvious, even to me.   She beckoned me to her. . .
"Come on Rebecca. . . " she said softly.
I stood up, and pushing the coat from shoulders, stepped over to her. Completely naked, I found myself kneeling on the floor, my face just millimetres from her pussy.  The smell of her womanhood was divine. . . but I hesitated, knowing this was someone once done, couldn't be undone.  If I licked her, I would never be the same person I thought I was ever again.  Sarah obviously sensed my fear.
"Come on. . . there's nothing to be afraid on. . ."
"I don't know what to do. " I whispered, almost to myself
Sarah gave a quiet laugh, "Use your imagination. . . "  Gently, she put her hands on my head and pulled it towards her.  I could easily have resisted, she wasn't trying to force me, but I never really tried to stop it.  I openly my lips, instinctively licking them, and kissed.  Sarah moaned. . .it was an exquisite sound.  I kissed again, daring to flick my tongue.  Sarah let out another long low moan. . . I was doing that to her.  I was making this amazing woman moan with delight.  I started kissing and licking faster, delicately sucking on her clit.  The more I did, the more she rewarded me with the sounds of her intense pleasure.  Knowing I was doing something right, and having such an effect on her, made me more confident.  Soon I was touching her pussy too, then sliding my fingers inside her, savouring the taste, smells and sounds of her arousal.  I explored her body with other hand, running it over her legs, her fantastically smooth stomach and taking my turn to play with her nipples. . .
Pleasing her was like a drug.  I wanted to keep going until I made her scream.  Nevermind that this was her office, in the middle of work.  I didn't care who heard, I just wanted to make her cum. I was so disappointed when she lifted my head up, raising me to my feet. She pulled me to her lips and we kissed, her legs wrapped tightly around me.  I kept my fingers teasing her as we pressed our bodies together again. Her hard nipples pressed into my softer, but much larger, boobs.  As my hand was squeezed tightly into her, my fingers were pushed all the way into her cunt, and she put one hand onto my ass to pull me yet closer.  She rocked her hips to push it even further still.  A few seconds later, my head was pressed down to her breasts.  I licked, sucked and lightly bit at her nipples
"Oh yeah. . . mmmmmmmm, yeah. . .
Her breathing increased even more, and she started rubbing hard against me.  It was clearly the build up.  I so desperately wanted to make her cum.  I dropped to my knees and started licking furiously at her cunt again, my fingers in all the way to the knuckle.  Sarah's thighs closed around my head and she started bucking on the table. . . fighting the urge to scream. 
Suddenly, she pushed me away.  She jumped off the desk, and with a real sense of urgency, put her arm around me and swept me onto it.  As I climbed up, most of her papers and stationary were brushed to the floor.  She pressed me down so I lay on my back, legs apart, and quickly she climbed on top of me, pushing her head into my pussy and sucking and licking passionately.  Her juices were virtually dripping into my mouth as I starting devouring her cunt just as eagerly.  The speed and desire had totally overcome me.  All I could think about was making Sarah orgasm.  I stroked her amazing ass, squeezing and pulling her even closer to my tongue.  
Sarah lifted her head off for a second, and I heard her opening one of her desk drawers.  A few second later I felt her push something hard into my hand.  It was a bullet vibrator.  Immediately I pressed it's full length into her pussy. I used a couple of fingers to tease it in and out. . . and to my absolute delight, I felt Sarah pressing one into me also. . .  I had my own, but it had never felt like that when I'd used it myself. I could feel my own climax building. Oh fuck. . she was unbelievable.  I tried to copy what she was doing as best I could.  
Her breathing was so fast and deep, and her whole body was shaking with every lick and suck.  I felt the toy sliding out from me, and she pushed it into my free hand.
"Fuck. ..  oh. . . .god yeah. . . fuck my. . . mmmmm. . . .fuck my ass" she moaned.
Dutifully, I pushed the shiny wet vibrator against her tight asshole.  At first, it resisted and then suddenly it penetrated and sank in up to the end.  Sarah buried her face in my soaking pussy and starting rubbing all over, whimpering with delight. Her hands clasped tightly around my thighs. As I fucked both her holes with the toys, I kept working my tongue on her clit. . . I could feel her getting closer and closer, I fucked and licked faster and faster. . .until. ..
"OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH. . .. . MMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNN. . . .FUCK!" Her body juddered and writhed as she came. It was the most intense orgasm I'd ever seen, more than anything I had ever had and it lasted for minutes; all the time I kept working.  I don't know if it was one long orgasm, or lots of little ones, but I didn't care.  I just wanted to feel, hear, smell, taste and see her cumming so spectacularly because of my tongue and my fucking.  It was beyond even the most extreme dream or fantasy I had had. It was so intense.  Even when it seems over, she kept twitching and moaning. . . she'd start licking me again, then break off and whimper, spasming as I sucked as her cunt.  I was happy to keep serving her. . .giving her such powerful pleasure. 
Eventually, after longer than I could tell, her breathing levelled.  I felt her hands reach behind her, and she pulled the toy from her ass, giving a little sigh.  Moments later, the second toys was removed also.  I wondered if this was it over. . . but I was so wrong.  It sounded like she sucked the toys clean, then I felt them pressing against my pussy. . . and asshole.  I had never had anal sex before, or even used a toy, but, I'd done a lot of firsts already. . . 
The vibrator slid into my cunt almost immediately, but I felt Sarah pressing quite firmly before my ass yielded.  At first, it was extremely sore, and I felt like I wanted to push it out but very soon the amazing pleasure took over.  Oh fuck. . . I threw my head back on the desk and let Sarah get to work. . .
She fucked me with the toys and her tongue until I had no control over my own body.  Somehow she even managed to rub my tits.  Wave after wave of such indescribable pleasure shook through me, starting between my legs and spreading out.  I realised all the orgasms I'd had with men or toys before now had been nothing.  This was what it should feel like.  I relaxed into it. . and let it sweep over me.  The first climax almost lifted me off the desk; I thrust my hips into the air, pushing Sarah face hard into my pussy.  I had clench my teeth so hard not to scream. . .
Everything after that became a blur.  It was beyond any of my dreams.  I remember cumming over and over again, even managing to bring Sarah there again too. By the end I was exhausted and drained, Sarah and I lay together on the desk, with our head on each other thighs, slowly recovering.  Even then, we were oh so delicately teasing each other, just enough to keep things flowing without being too sensitive.  When Sarah finally moved, and started dressing, only then did I see it was 11pm.   We had been together for over 12 hours! 
Back in reality, I quickly dressed too and realised I'd missed the last bus. And I remembered I only had my underwear and coat. . .
"Don't worry, I'll give you a lift", Sarah said, "it's the least I can do for making you work late."
I sat next to her in the 2 seater sportscar, suddenly feeling very self-conscious and shy.  What had just happened was not. . . Becky.  It was something Becky would most definitely not have done.  Clearly. . .Rebecca was someone different. When Sarah started stroking my leg, I flinched away.  Then apologised. Sarah just nodded. This was very difficult. . .
"What the hell time do you call this?!"  Jo shouted at me, as I quietly closed the door behind me.
"Just don't, o.k.?" I replied. "Just don't".
"It's gone midnight Becky, I'm fucking starving and just about to phone round the hospitals" I had forgotten it had been my evening to cook. Jo rounded on me and started on me again, face-to-face.  "Why didn't you call? Would it have really fucking killed you to have given me a. . . what the hell are you wearing?!"
Almost in a daze, I'd hung my coat up.  Jo's tone changed immediately.
"Are you o.k.?  Becky? Are you o.k.? What happened?"
I told her.  Well, I started to tell her but it took a while.  She led me through to the living room, sat me down on the couch and made me some coffee when I reached the part about being soaked and having to change into my clean underwear.  She sat on the sofa opposite me and I watched her expressions and body language change as I went through my day.  She looked on in amazed delight when I told her about Sarah demanding I take my coat off. I could see her pupils dilating as I described Sarah going down on me, and before long I think Jo was too distracted to realise she was fingering herself beneath her pyjamas.  When I described the 69 on the desk, and the toys, she was almost flat on her back, openly masturbating in front of me, eyes closed.  I think Rebecca surfaced in me again.  Getting off the couch, I slowly slid Jo's bottoms off and demonstrated more directly what I had with Sarah. . .
I woke up late, and blearily looked around for the LCD display on my alarm clock.  It took me a second or two to realise I couldn't see it because this wasn't my bedroom.  Next to me, Jo murmured in her sleep and pulled the blankets back round her naked body.  Oh. . . fuck. . . As my eyes got more used to the semi-light, and my memories returned, I realised last night I'd learnt what a lot of Jo's toys were actually for.  That's another story though . . .