Note: The below story is completely fictional, and does not depict real events. Also note that all the rights to it are reserved to the author, and that it may not be used for any purposes other than reading without his permission.

I Love Girls

[Finding the Tapes]

by Eric Milo Jones (for comments:

One Thursday, just after I had turned twelve, I was searching for something in my parent's room when I found a stack of videos, maybe five of them, with photos of naked women on their covers. I was very curious to see what these videos were all about, and seeing as I was alone at home, I decided to watch them in the living room.
Choosing a video from the pile, which was titled "Clit Rubbers", I put it into the video player and pressed play. After a couple of disclaimers, one of them stating that children under eighteen were not allowed to watch the movie (a disclaimer I obviously ignored), the film began.
At the beginning, there were only muffled moaning sounds as the screen displayed the names of the actors. When the list ended, the sounds stopped, and the screen displayed a beautiful young woman, probably in her early twenties, watering a garden. Her hair was brown, and she was wearing it in a ponytail. As she bended over to do something and then straightened up, she revealed the pink panties under her skirt. After that, she turned off the water, and walked over to a garden chair that was nearby. Laying down on it, she took off her shoes, and then pulled her skirt up, this time fully revealing what was under.
Next, the woman placed her right hand on the panties. She slowly started moving it in circles over them as her left hand moved over to her breasts, which she began rubbing as well. Suddenly, I felt like imitating her moves. As I placed my hand on my panties, I noticed there was a wet spot on them, but didn't think much of it and began rubbing myself as well. All the while, I kept on watching the video, and as she increased the pace, I increased it too.
At some point, the actor took her hand of the panties, and then pushed it under them. She went on with the rubbing for a while, as I did the same, and then pulled her hand back out. Moving the panties aside, she revealed a beautiful shaven pussy, and, spreading her legs wide, began penetrating it with two of her fingers. Imitating her again, I noticed how she rolled the shirt she was wearing over her breasts, which were round and seemingly soft, and began rubbing her nipples. I didn't touch my breasts until that point, but decided to imitate that move too.
A few minutes later, when the woman on the screen was already completely naked, I was still wearing my clothes, though both my pussy and my small breasts were not covered. I suddenly felt my muscles tense, and then they contorted as my hand became very wet all of a sudden. The same thing happened to the woman in the video, and as she put her hand in her mouth to taste the liquid, moaning with pleasure, I did the same. It was hot, and it tasted good.
Soon, the next scene began. It showed a woman in bright green underwear brushing her teeth. After washing her mouth, she turned on the water in the shower, checked that the temperature was right, and then removed what she was wearing to reveal a perfect body, which was made even more attractive by her long blond hair. She began soaping up, and soon reached her pussy, where she began moving her hand in circles, a move which I was already familiar with. I began rubbing myself again.
A few moments later, she leaned backwards on the wall, going on with the rubbing as her body glistened in the water, and placed her free hand on her ass. At first, I wasn't sure why she did it, but when the camera's angle changed, so that I could now see her from the side, I noticed that her middle finger was inside her asshole, moving back and forth. Standing up on the couch and leaning backwards on the wall behind it, I pushed my panties down to my ankles, and placed my hand on my asshole as well.
At first I just rubbed it, because I was afraid that penetrating it would hurt. Soon, the top of my middle finger was inside, and then the whole of it. Going on, I felt my muscles tense again, and my pussy became wetter once more.
Looking down, I saw that a trickle of liquid was going down my pussy, and dripping onto the sofa as it reached its bottom. Suddenly feeling very hot, I pulled my panties back up, not caring that they became soaking wet, and quickly ran off to get something to clean up the mess I had done. Luckily, our sofa was from leather, so it didn't absorb my cum. After I returned the videos to their place, there was no evidence of my masturbation left.

That was my first experience with masturbation, even though I had read about it in the internet before. After telling you about it, I must introduce myself. My name is Michelle, and although the story takes place when I was twelve, I will soon be turning twenty three. I am a redhead, with dark green eyes, and I usually wear my hair in a braid that reaches just above my waist. In fact, I used to wear my hair the same way when I was twelve. As for my face, my nose is relatively small, and my lips are relatively full, though also wide. After creating a mental picture of mine in your head, I will go on with the story.
I was preparing for sleep when I suddenly felt like looking at myself in the mirror. The breasts the women had in the tape I saw earlier that day were quite large, and I wanted to take a look at mine. At first, I stood in front of the mirror and sized up my body, which was currently covered by a set of pink panties and shirt, with a drawing of a teddy bear on it. Turning around, trying to get a similar view of my ass as I got when the woman in the first scene bended over, I noticed that the panties fit it quite tightly, so that there was a small "gorge" going through their middle.
Next, I pulled down my panties a bit, so that I could see my ass without any cover. It was quite round and firm. I was still alone at home, so I didn't bother to lock the door. Pulling the panties back up, I turned around and pulled the shirt over my breasts, then looked at them in the mirror and saw how small they were. In fact, they were probably on the border between A cup and AA. I hadn't begun wearing bras yet, although I knew about bra sizes, so I wasn't quite sure.
After pulling the shirt back down, I lay down on my bed and closed my eyes. I imagined the second woman from the video I saw, and I felt my panties becoming wet. Taking off my clothes, I spread my legs wide, and began rubbing my clit. As I increased the pace, I began rubbing my nipples as well, and lifted my hips from the bed so that I was leaning on my legs. After that, taking my hand off my nipples, I began fingering my ass with it. Close to an orgasm, I began fingering my pussy as well, and soon came. Once again, there was a white liquid trickling down my pussy, and as it reached my asshole, my hand caught up with it. After wiping it off with my hand, I licked it clean, and then dressed myself up again. Then, I went to the bathroom to wash my hands, and returned to my bed to sleep.

The next morning, I went to school as usual. It was quite a bore, but I endured it because I knew that when it ended, I would be having my best friends Gwen and Lisa, which were a year older than me, over for a sleepover.
As our teacher finished droning at the end of the day, I quickly packed up my bag and ran out of the classroom, waiting for Gwen and Lisa next to the classroom they were studying in. As they came out, their arms were crossed and they were giggling at something. For some reason, this turned me on, but I dismissed the feeling, and quickly went over to greet them. We hugged, and then began walking to my house, catching up on the day's events.
"What were you laughing about?" I asked them as we stepped out of the building.
"Mrs. Henderson" Lisa replied. Then, she and Gwen giggled again.
"She bended over to pick up a piece of chalk that she dropped, and Eric shot a rubber band at her ass. She went crazy!" Gwen said in her English accent. At this point, I joined in the laugh. It was, indeed, hilarious. We all hated her, but nobody ever dared to do something like that.
Gwen was in fact short for Gwendolyn, and she had moved to America only a year before. Until then, she grew up in London, but her father had been given a very good job in our town, and they had no choice but to leave England. Her parents didn't like America much, but Gwen liked it a lot.
When we arrived at my home, I was surprised to see the car in the driveway. Going in, I found out that both my parents were at home. Hearing me come in, my mother came over from the kitchen and said hello to my friends and I.
"What are you doing at home?" I asked her.
"My Aunt Rita, Uncle Jack's wife, died today in the morning. She had a heart attack. He wanted us to drive over and help him out with the funeral arrangements." Although they hadn't met for a while, my mom and her Uncle Jack were very close.
"When will you be coming back?"
"On Sunday" my mom replied. I was shocked.
"But mom, Lisa and Gwen's parents won't let them stay over if you're not here!" I said angrily.
"Don't worry" my dad replied this time, coming over from the kitchen as well. "I just got off the phone with them, and they told me that as long as there is somebody nearby to help out if there's trouble, its okay. I talked with Mandy-" Noticing that I didn't know who that was, he stopped for a moment, and then went on. "-Umm... Miss Paulson, and she said that she will be glad to help you out if there are any problems". I relaxed.
"And what about tomorrow?" I asked them, after figuring out that I will be left alone again. My parents, as I knew full well, didn't really like leaving me alone.
"Eve will be coming over to keep an eye on you" my dad said. Eve was my twenty year old sister, and she was studying in a college nearby.
"Okay" I said, "Thanks a lot". I hugged my mom, and then motioned for Lisa and Gwen to follow me to my room.
"Don't forget to behave yourselves" my mother yelled at my back. Turning around, I replied. "We won't."
A few minutes later, while we were playing Monopoly, I heard the entrance door close, and I could soon hear the car leaving the driveway. It was already around six, and we finished the game half an hour later.
"That was fun" Lisa said as she lay down on my bed. We were all still wearing the school uniform, which was a blue skirt with a buttoned white shirt. Sitting on the floor, I could see Lisa's panties, and my own panties became a bit wet.
I wasn't sure what had come into me. Girls had never made me horny before, but neither did boys, for that matter. I felt a bit confused by this, but decided to let it go. "When the time comes-" I thought to myself, "-I'll have to deal with this, but not now." Just as I finished this thought, Lisa spoke.
"Why don't we go watch some TV?" she asked. Suddenly, I had an idea. I had thought of telling my friends about masturbation, and had not decided yet if I should, but this provided me with a perfect chance.
"Why not?" I replied, "I've even got a movie you might enjoy seeing." Telling them to go to the living room, I then went into my parent's room as I had done the day before, opened the drawer where they kept the videos, and took out the video that I watched previously. Taking out the tape and leaving the cover on their bed, so as to surprise my friends, I went to the living room, and put the tape inside the video player.
"Press play" I told Gwen, who was already holding the remote control in her hand. I didn't rewind the tape after watching it, and suddenly I figured that it could've been fatal to me. Luckily, my parents didn't watch the video again yet. As the tape began playing, just after the shower scene ended, the screen showed a woman hiking, on her own, along a mountain trail.
"What's this movie about?" Gwen asked as the woman sat down to take a drink from the bottle in her bag.
"Wait and see" I told her, my pussy getting all excited and my panties getting wet. As the woman finished drinking, she put the bottle back in her bag, and then unzipped her pants, pulling them down with her panties, and peed on a bush to her right. Pulling them back up, she lay down on the grass for a few moments, and then started rubbing her tits with her left hand.
"What is she doing?" Lisa asked me curiously. I paused the video.
"Do you know what masturbation is?" I asked, turning towards my friends. They both blushed.
"Well, yeah" Gwen replied shyly, "I've heard about it".
"Me too" Lisa said.
"Well" I went on, "this video shows women masturbating". They were shocked.
"Where did you get it from?" Gwen asked.
"My parent's room."
"But its porn" Lisa said, her voice betraying her panic. "We're not supposed to see porn".
"Don't worry, its fun" I told her. She relaxed a bit.
"Aren't we supposed to watch boys?" Lisa asked.
"Technically, we are. But we can learn how to masturbate from this video" I told them, being as straightforward as I could be. Lisa was panicking again.
"Why would we want to do that?" she asked nervously.
"Well, silly" I said, smiling, "Because its fun".
"How do you know?" Gwen asked me.
"I tried it yesterday. I found this video in the afternoon when I was looking for something, and just imitated what the women were doing" I replied.
"Well, I'm not really sure about this" Gwen said. Lisa, who was practically petrified, nodded in approval. "Should we really be doing this?"
"Yeah! Why shouldn't we be doing something that's fun?" I asked in frustration, seeing that things had not really come out as planned.
"Well..." Gwen hesitated, "I'm in". I looked at Lisa to see if she would do it as well. She was nibbling on her finger, deep in thought.
"I..." she said, "I think I'll join in as well". I smiled.
"Now look" I said, "All you need to do is imitate her movements. If you do that, you'll be doing it just right". Next I suggested that we moved to my parent's room, where we could get naked while watching the video. It seemed to me better than getting naked in the living room.
"Naked?!" Lisa asked, again in shock. "Oh well... I guess that's part of... it" she went on. Removing the tape from the video and getting three towels from the bath room, we went to my parent's room, placed them on the bed, and then put the video in the video player on top of the dresser.
"What do we need the towels for anyway?" Gwen asked me.
"It's so we don't get the bed wet" I replied. My friends looked a bit puzzled, but decided to stop with the questions and go on with the movie. It seemed to me that they were both, despite their prior reluctance, eager to get on with it. "Now" I went on, "Why don't we take off our clothes, so that we stay in only in our undies?" Apparently, agreeing to watch the video removed all inhibitions in them, because they agreed to do it right away.
"Can you come over and help me out?" Gwen asked me as she tried and didn't manage to unzip her skirt. Her shirt was already off when I came over and pulled the skirt down. My eyes lingered for a moment on her ass, which was absolutely amazing, and then I went on undressing myself. Lying down on the bed, motioning for my friends to do the same, I pressed the play button on the remote.
Although I had seen Gwen and Lisa naked many times before, in the showers at school, seeing them in their underwear made me very aroused. As they watched the screen, I turned my head to look at them.
First, I looked at Gwen, who was on my right. Her black hair, which was shoulder length, was held by a bow on top. She was biting her lower lip while she rubbed her breasts, imitating the woman in the movie. She was wearing black undies, and for the first time, I really looked at her breasts, which I figured were probably a b cup.
Next, I looked at Lisa, who was on my other side. She had red hair, like me, and she held it in a shoulder length ponytail. When not held, it was slightly longer. Her eyes were an amazing bright brown and she too, like Gwen, was biting her lower lip while rubbing her tits. Her undies were red, which made her all the more sexy, and her breasts, I figured, were probably a b cup as well, though slightly larger than Gwen's. Looking down at her panties, I noticed that a bit of red hair was protruding from under them. I was very interested to see what she had down there.
Looking back at the video, I saw that the traveler had already removed her shirt and bra. I decided to remove mine as well, just as Gwen did the same, and began rubbing my breasts. Lisa, on the other hand, left her bra on. All three of us began moaning softly, and a few seconds later, the woman in the video unbuttoned her trousers, and shoved her hand inside. Noticing the rotating movement that I was already familiar with, I shoved my hand into my panties and did the same. Lisa and Gwen, at loss, looked at me for advice. Going on, I told them what to do. "Put your hand under your panties and rub your pus-sy" I said as I felt my muscles tensing and my hand becoming wet. A wet patch formed on my panties, and looking sideways, I could see that Lisa was staring at it.
Gwen, not shy anymore about the whole thing, did as I said. Lisa, still shy, rubbed her pussy over the panties instead. Returning my gaze to the screen, I saw the woman taking off her pants, throwing them aside, and then pushing her panties down to her knees. The camera changed angles, so that it was now looking at her from above, and I could see that she was fingering her pussy. Taking off my panties so that I was completely naked, followed by Gwen and by Lisa, who was reluctant to take off her panties but took off her bra, I began fingering myself. I was already moaning quite loudly.
I could see that Gwen was unsure about it as I looked at her. First, she spread her legs and put her finger inside. Startled by how wet her pussy was, she practically screamed while she took the finger out. After a few moments, she made another attempt to finger herself, and when she didn't recoil, I knew that she had begun fingering herself as well.
Lisa, on the other hand, was already fingering herself in a very high pace when I looked at her. I could already hear her moaning very fast before that. Apparently, she had moved her panties aside to do it, and I could now see that a small amount of hair was covering her pussy, so that I couldn't actually see it. Suddenly, before I returned my gaze to the screen, Lisa's hips lifted off the bed, and as she fell back on to it, she removed her finger and squirted a white liquid onto the towel underneath her. Then, she just lay there, without moving.
Looking at the screen again, I noticed that the woman was moaning so loudly that she was definitely about to orgasm. Increasing my pace and equaling it to Gwen's, we both moaned together all the way to our simultaneous orgasm. As I took my finger out of my pussy, my cum trickled down it, all the way to my asshole, and then on to the towel.
"Can I lick your finger?" I asked Gwen as she removed her finger as well.
"Why?" she asked me, looking at me as if I were crazy.
"I've already tasted my own liquids. I want to know if yours taste the same" I replied. This seemed to make her aroused, because she began rubbing her breasts again and extended her finger. Licking it off, I said "That's good. Want to taste mine?" She nodded.
As she licked my finger off, I began rubbing my tits as well. After she finished, I lay down on the bed again, and we both stopped. "That was fun" Lisa said, slowly getting off the bed and moving her panties back to their normal position. While she picked her clothes up, Gwen and I both watched her ass. The boys thought it was the best ass in school, and now we knew what they meant.
Lisa quickly put her clothes back on. Following suite, Gwen and I also dressed up. Turning off the TV, we went to wash our hands, and then had dinner. My mother had left us, we found out, a large box of pizza.