Preteen Jackie and Little Kim

"Daddy, will you buy me a baby-doll nightie?" It's Saturday morning and Jackie's just got home.

"What?" Why is my daughter asking me about baby-doll nighties, for Christ's sake? I wouldn't have thought she even knows what a baby-doll nightie is. She's only eleven. I will admit that she's quite intelligent for her age, and reasonably sophisticated, but she's still only a little girl. Why would she be asking about sexy nightwear?

"Sweetheart, why on earth would you want a sexy nightie? There's nothing wrong with the nighties you have."

"They're just boring old flannel. Kim has a baby-doll nightie."

Oh, I get it. Jackie had a sleep over at her friend's house last night and she probably feels upstaged by Kim. I guess she's reached that self conscious age when seeming to be cool is everything and her old flannel nightie definitely ain't cool.

"You mean to tell me her Dad bought her a baby-doll nightie?"

"She bought it herself out of saved up allowance. Please, Daddy, I felt so stupid in mine."

"Well, we'll see." The standard parental evasive answer. "How did your sleepover go?"

"It was fine. Kim and I has a great time. I really like her a lot, she's so cool. We spent the evening on her computer putting some stuff on face book and chatting with some other girls, but then when we got undressed for bed, I felt so embarrassed."

"Because you have white cotton panties? I suppose Kim wears Victoria's Secret."

She giggled. "No, she wears cotton panties and a cotton tank top too. In fact she said I looked quite sexy in my panties and cami top." This is getting interesting. "But then when we got undressed and she put on this nightie that she has, I felt so dumb. It was really cool, Daddy. It was pale blue and you could see right through it. It didn't even cover her butt and it had a tiny pair of panties, like two little triangles with ribbons that tie at the sides. You could see through them as well, and I could see her pee pee. She looked so beautiful but she laughed when I put on my flannel one, so I took it off." I love her use of the little girl word "pee pee." It's so innocent and endearing.

"Does Kim have pubic hair, yet?" My daughter doesn't.

"Just a few tiny hairs, but she's so blonde you can't really see them."

"What did you sleep in?"

"She took pity on me and took the little panties off and let me try them on. We looked at ourselves in the mirror, and we could see our pee pees and our boobs." (She has nipples, but no boobs yet, not for a few months at least.) She's giggling again. "She said that I looked so beautiful and I should ask you to buy me a grown-up nightie. I really like Kim, Daddy, and she likes me a lot too. I know because she kissed me."

"That doesn't necessarily mean anything. I kiss you all the time."

"I don't just mean a peck on the cheek. She kissed me on the lips. It felt kinda different." She's starting to blush. "And then when we were in bed, she put her arms around me and held me in a big hug. She's coming over in a few minutes and I invited her to sleepover here tonight. Is that O.K?"

"Sure, as long as it's O.K. with her dad."

I should tell you about Jackie. She's quite tall for an eleven year old, but still has that slender figure of a little boy, with a flat chest and slender hips. She says her long legs look skinny, but I like them. Her blonde hair is usually in a ponytail, and her face is still that of a child, an unbelievably beautiful little girl who could break your heart. I've met Kim on several occasions, and she's quite pretty too, with short dark hair and big brown eyes, a boyish looking face and the hint of developing breasts.

Jackie is kind of promiscuous, not with boys or anything but she does like to show off. Every chance she gets to show off her panties, or even her naked body, she takes. She thinks nothing of walking around the house without a stitch on. She leaves the bathroom door not only unlocked, but open, so I get to watch her take a pee or often see her lying naked in the tub, or showering and lewdly washing her crotch. She'll sometimes walk in the bathroom while I'm taking a pee, and stare at my dick. On occasions she undresses in the living room, making a provocative display of taking everything off as slowly as she can while I`m staring at her. She tries to act the innocent, but I know she's playing with me. I'm not complaining, I love every minute of it and always give her an encouraging smile.

"So what was this stuff that you put on facebook?"

"She has a web-cam and we did a little dance routine that we made up."

"Wearing Kim's sexy nightie?"

She laughs. "No, Daddy, we were wearing our dresses." Jackie likes her dresses really short and if she was doing a dance routine, you can bet she was showing a lot of underwear.

"Showing off your panties, I'll bet," I laughed. Just about any activity in her short skirts will expose Jackie's panties. Again, she giggles. "Not too much, kinda like this." She lifts up the hem of her dress to her waist, showing off the lower half of her panties and swayed her hips from side to side. "Kim did a cartwheel so she showed a lot more than me."

"Then I'll have to take a look at it later. Will you show me how to find it on the internet?"

"Only if you'll buy me the baby-doll."

"It's a deal. When Kim gets here, we can go shopping and get back before lunch."

"Daddy, can I tell you something? Promise you won't laugh."

"I promise, sweetheart.
She hesitates, then take the plunge. "I think I have a crush on Kim."

I'm absolutely fucking elated. Bingo! My daughter, into girls. Wow! What a turn -on! Now she won't get knocked up by some spotty faced teenage jerk who won't give a shit about her.

"I thing that's wonderful, darling. Why would I laugh? A lot of people might think that eleven is too young to fall in love, but I don't. I'm happy for you. D'you think that Kim feels the same way about you?"

"I think so. For a long time she's been very close and she hugs me a lot. Last night, when she kissed me, I knew it was something special."

"Does she know, about your crush, I mean?"

"I don't know. Don't say anything, Daddy."

"I won't. You'll find a way to tell her yourself. I think it's marvelous."

On cue, the doorbell rings and Jackie runs to let Kim in. She's wearing a boy's white tank, her nipples faintly visible through the thin cotton, and a pair of cut-off jeans. When I say "cut-off" I mean that whoever cut the legs off the jeans cut about as high as they possibly could. There's very little between her legs, except the vertical seam. Above the cut-offs, low on her hips, I can see the top of her white panties through the tank. We exchange helloes and I invite her to sit on the couch in the living room. I can just see the edge of her panties up the non-existent leg of her shorts. Jackie sits beside her.

"We're going out to buy Jackie a new nightie," I tell her. "You can help her pick one out. She told me she felt bad about her flannel one, so I guess we'd better throw it away." Kim brightens up. "How did she look when she tried on yours?"

"Oh, really naughty," giggles Kim. "You could see everything."

"My daughter's a beautiful girl, aren't you, Jackie?" I see the faint pink of a blush. "She has a lovely slender body, and when I see her getting undressed or in the tub, I think she`s very sexy."

"Jackie!" says Kim in a shocked voice. "You let your dad see you naked?"

"Oh, we don't bother about nudity in this house," she says. Daddy's always hanging out in his undies and I see him getting in and out of the shower."

"And Jackie's not shy about showing herself of in her undies, are your Jackie? You can be a bit of an exhibitionist at times." I'm smiling.

"You know you like to look," she laughs, and briefly parts her knees to offer me a flash of white.

"Come on, sex kittens," I say, "let's go shopping."

* * *

In the department store, the same one where Kim bought her nightie, we're in the lady's sleepwear section, looking at the stuff on the racks. Kim points out a rack full of the kind she bought, but I suggest that Jackie get something a bit different. "Variety is good," I say. "You could even swap back and forth if you like." Kim seems to like that idea. "I'll let you into a little secret," I murmur in her ear. "When Jackie's mom was around, I used to try on her panties. I looked pretty hot." She laughs as she says, "You pervert."

"Oh, look Daddy." Jackie has found a nightie in a bright mauve color, totally see through. She holds it up against her body and it comes down to just below her waist. It has a pair of matching tiny panties. It fastens across the top with two ribbons and is open all the way down to the bottom. I put my hand into the front triangle of the panties, and you could scan my fingerprints through the material, it's so sheer.

"That's hot!" says Kim. "You gotta get that."

"What about a couple of training bras?" I ask. "You're getting to be a big girl now."

Jackie looks over to Kim who doesn't seem too enthusiastic. "Soon, Daddy, soon."

We hurry back because Kim's bursting for a pee. "I'm gonna pee my panties," she complains while we wait at a stop light.
"Please, not in the car. Anywhere else, yes, but not here." As we pull up in the driveway, Kim hops out of the car and runs to the front door. I grab the shopping and join her, fumbling for my key. I get the door open and she dashes inside. Jackie and I follow. "She saw me pee my panties once," she says to me. "We were on the school playing field, behind the shed where they store stuff. I just lifted up my skirt and peed right through them."

"Wow, that must have looked pretty hot! I don`t remember you ever telling me about it."

"I was too embarrassed back then. Her eyes were big as saucers. Then I took them off, wrung them out and put them in my pack. I spent the rest of the afternoon with no panties on."

"With everyone looking up your skirt, right?"

She grinned. "Only Kim." Were standing outside the bathroom and Jackie is looking in, watching Kim take a pee. When Kim's finished, she comes out still pulling her panties up. I have brief glimpse of her slit before it's covered up. Then she pull her cut-offs up and the little show is over.

They go into Jackie's bedroom so she can try on her new purchase. Half a minute later they're back out, and my jaw drops. Her new nightie reveals her little nipples, and the front of the garment gapes to show the tiny panties which hide nothing. Her slit is perfectly visible. She might as well be naked, except that this vision is much more of a tease than the naked girl I see so often.

"Kim, why don't you model yours for me, then I can get a photo of both of you." A minute later, Kim reappears dressed just as Jackie had described her earlier. Nothing of Kim is hidden either. She's not embarrassed to show herself off. I get my camera and shoot a dozen pics of them with their arm round each other, and some other intimate poses.

"Time for lunch." I say.

"Let's get dressed," says Jackie.

"Why not stay as we are?" says Kim. "We look so lovely."

"Indeed," I say as I go to fix lunch.

* * *

After we eat I suggest that, given how hot it is, maybe they'd like to swim in the pool. "I don't have my bikini with me," says Kim.

"We don't bother with bikinis here," says Jackie. "Daddy and I always skinny dip. You O.K. with that?"

"Sure," says Kim. "Your dad's seen everything, anyway."

Everything? I think not.

The girls run out into the backyard while I fetch some towels. I get back outside in time to see them both jump into the pool, laughing and splashing. I kneel down at the edge of the pool and call Kim. "Are you O.K. with me skinny dipping?" I ask and she responds, "No sweat, I've seen a lot of naked guys."

I step back, drop my short and boxers, and peel off my T shirt. I sit on the edge of the pool and start to slide in. Kim eyes my cock just before it submerges. "You're bigger than my dad." Maybe she's unaware that my dick is just starting to get hard. I swim around as the girls splash together in the shallow end, playing a game which involves swimming between each others' parted legs, and a lot of embracing. After five minutes or so I climb out of the pool and towel myself off. I push a couple of lounges together and fix the long cushions on them for the girls, and set up another lounge from which I can watch them. From my kitchen I bring out beer and cokes. They come out of the pool, laughing and their sexy little girl bodies glistening with beads of moisture. They towel each other off, and I think I can detect some lingering of hands around the crotch and butt areas, then they lie down side by side, two perfect innocent little angels. It's oppressively hot and we're glad of the shade of my big beach umbrellas. With a towel over my midriff, I doze off, and wake a few minutes later and the girls seem to be asleep. Kim's hand is lying on Jackie's hip and as I watch, Jackie rolls slightly towards Kim, and the fingers rest lightly on her slit. Jackie opens her eyes and sees me watching. A little smile appears on her lips and she parts her legs slightly. Kim's eyes open and I feign sleep before she can see me. When I open my eyes again, they're both lying with their arms around each other and I can hear some whispering. I decide to give them some privacy and go inside. In my room, I take a nap and to my surprise I sleep for a couple of hours. When I wake up I find a note from the girls saying that they've gone to a movie.

I'm wondering how I can extract the most excitement for myself from this budding romance. I want to be a fly on the wall when they go to bed tonight, but on the other hand I don't want to intrude. No sneaking in under cover of darkness, anyway, Jackie always sleeps with the light on. Maybe I can rig up my web cam. I go into Jackie's room and try to figure out how to set up the camera where she won`t see it. The closet's no good, but the air conditioning vent looks promising. On the other side of the wall is my den and it, too, has a vent. In the den, I climb up on my desk, remove the grill from the vent and look in. The vent to Jackie's room is about two feet to my left. I climb down and get the webcam, and reaching into the vent, place the camera so it's looking into her room. On my computer screen I realize that the angle is all wrong so I have to adjust it several times before I get it right. Finally, my camera is covering the bed.

When the girls get back, we have dinner and then, as though one movie weren't enough for one day, they say they want to watch a DVD that Kim has rented. I'm prepared to be bored stiff by Dakota Fanning in "Hound Dog" until I see the scenes of her in her underwear. I stop the film and rewind back so we can watch Dakota in slow motion. Kim and Jackie both think she looks pretty hot, and I guess it'll be the last movie we see her in as a little girl. Like mine, she's growing up.

Around nine, the girls decide to go to bed. This is my moment. They go into Jackie's room, and I'm immediately in my den looking at my monitor. At the edge of the frame I see them undress each other. Kim takes off Jackie's dress and slides her white panties down. I can't hear what they're saying as the room's not wired for sound. Jackie unzips Kim's cut-offs, and pushes her hand inside. There's not much room. Kim's hand is between Jackie's legs and they stand there for a minute or so and I try to see exactly what is going on. Then Kim's cut-offs fall to the floor, Jackie takes off her top and they both fall on to the bed. Now I can see a little better. Jackie is lying on her back and Kim is more or less on top of her, and they're kissing like crazy. Then Kim slides all the way down until she can bury her face between Jackie's thighs. I curse the lack of sound as Kim's head is bobbing up and down and Jackie's hips thrust up to meet her. My cock is rock hard as I enjoy this erotic scene for several minutes, until Jackie suddenly pushes her hips up high, holds for a moment, then collapses back on the bed. Clearly, she's cum.

Kim crawls up the bed and lies beside her. There's a long conversation, with both girls smiling, then Jackie starts to kiss Kim on the neck, then down to her nipples, licking one then the other while Kim rolls her head from side to side, clearly in ecstasy. Then Jackie plants her kisses lower and lower, down to her belly, her body sliding down until she's almost off the bottom of the bed and her face is in Kim's crotch. I stop stroking my cock, lest I cum. I can see the back of Jackie's head moving up and down, but from my angle, I can't actually see her tongue at work, though it obviously is. Kim's hips are now in motion and she's saying something but I can't hear. Then Jackie swings her body round so that they're lying head to tail and I see the most lascivious sixty nine show. It goes on for a long time and I can't really see exactly if either of them has an orgasm, but given the all action, I can't think how not. Two eleven year old little girls are having full blown lesbian sex right in front of their eyes. Then I can hear faint moaning. In their room it must be pretty loud to be penetrating the wall. It goes on, the moans becoming quicker and quicker, and then I see both girls convulse, and it's all over. Jackie gets up and lies down beside Kim and they embrace and kiss.

To my surprise, I feel let down. My little girl has found a lover and grown up. Instinctively I know that I won't be seeing her show off her panties any more, no walking round the house with nothing on, no letting me watch while she takes a pee, or lying in the tub with her legs apart. No more undressing in front of me or lifting her skirt so I can see her panties, no more pulling her panties to one side and displaying her pee pee. I don't think she'll call it a pee pee any more: her pussy, that's the word she'll use, most likely. Never again will she accidentally brush her hand across my hard cock with a girly giggle. She isn't really a little girl any more. I've lost her.

* * *

It's morning, and we're sitting at the breakfast table. "Did you girls sleep O.K.?" They look at each other and smile. "Kim," I say, "You can come and sleep over next weekend if you like. And I think Jackie would like it if you came over each day after school and help her with her homework."

I think she'd like it very much, very much indeed.

The End